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Relax at the Ocean Club Resort Turks and Caicos; In Home Care for Your Loved Ones; The Banksy Museum; The Benefits of Second Hand Clothing

7/12/202438 minutes, 25 seconds
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Explore Madison and Mystic, CT with Madison Beach Hotel and the Hilton Mystic and Spark by Hilton; What's Happening at Disney This Summer

Escape to the beach for a romantic getaway at the Madison Beach Hotel in quaint and beautiful Madison, CT.  If planning a family trip this summer or anytime of the year, Mystic, CT is the perfect place to visit with its aquarium, historic village and wonderful restaurants.  Staying at the Hilton Mystic will be the perfect spot to round out your family trip with its wonderful restaurant, dive in movies, indoor pool and other family activities.  Spark by Hilton is a new type of HIlton property that caters to those wanting a full service, comfortable, safe and friendly budget hotel while exploring the destination.  Planning a trip to Disney?    Genevieve Shaw Brown has the latest openings and other activities going on at the Disney parks and properties and in Orlando.
7/7/202443 minutes, 4 seconds
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Get Healthy and Unwind at Hilton Head Health! Jamie Gwen and the Benefits of the Dairy Aisle

6/16/202438 minutes, 19 seconds
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Be Prepared for Hurricane Season; The New Disney Fort Wilderness Resort; PT for Chronic Pain

6/16/202423 minutes, 39 seconds
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Fitness in the Workplace; Legoland California Resort Celebrates 25 Years! Test for Mold Before Selling Your Home

6/16/202432 minutes, 43 seconds
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Parent Coaching with Dr. Marilyn Morris; Medicaid/Chip for Mental Health; Ashley Griffin's "The Opposite of Love"; Living with Schizophrenia

5/24/202438 minutes, 6 seconds
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Tips for the Summer; Cardiovascular Health in Women; Social Media & Mental Health; Frontdoor & Home Maintenance; Women's Wellbeing

5/22/202438 minutes, 8 seconds
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Infertility Awareness; House Trends and Upgrades with Tom Kraeutler; April Love and the Pink Awards; AI for Customer Experience

5/22/202438 minutes, 5 seconds
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Emerson Resort and Spa - A Beautiful Getaway Near NYC

5/22/202439 minutes, 10 seconds
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Impact of Small Businesses; EL-Education and Volunteerism; Sports Nutrition for Kids

5/22/202423 minutes, 31 seconds
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Importance of In Person Business Travel; Fair Health; Breeze Airways; Travel To Belize! Parkinson's Disease

4/22/202438 minutes, 22 seconds
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Distracted Driving with Cellphones; The Importance of AP Classes; PETA Talks Animal Blood Transfusions

4/22/202423 minutes, 24 seconds
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YMCA Healthy Kids Day, The Washing Machine Project

4/22/202412 minutes, 37 seconds
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A Magnificent Getaway : Crystal Springs Resort

Michelle speaks with Michelle Abate, head of marketing at Crystal Springs Resort.  Crystal Springs Resorts' two properties are the Grand Cascades Lodge and Minerals Hotel.  Along the Appalachian Mountain Range and set among three world-class golf courses, Crystal Springs Resort is a destination for families, couples, weddings and girlfriend getaways.   Enjoy the Reflections Spa, the incredible wine cellar and the biosphere pool.   There are activities all day long for the entire family, including rock climbing, axe throwing, building your own stuffed animal and so much more!  The cuisine is outstanding.  Listen to the entire show to hear all you can expect at this one of a kind resort conveniently located in northern New Jersey.  
4/4/202438 minutes, 19 seconds
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Tan France on Family & Shopping! Sustainability Accelerator Program; Veternas History Project; Mold in Your Home; Houdini's Last Handcuffs

Calling Tan France a busy man is an understatement, as the Queer Eye’s fashion expert is also an author, designer, TV host, a father of two young kids, and he just completed a major home renovation. Yet, he still seems to have it all together. How does he do it? Tan France joins Michelle to talk about the new Citi Shop desktop browser extension that finds savings for you. Tan divulges some of his savvy tips for keeping his home and family looking their best, while saving time and money. According to the World Bank, climate-related disasters and natural hazards push 26 million people into poverty each year, putting these populations in need of access to technical, financial and institutional resources to be more resilient in responding to climate change. To help address these issues, IBM has committed to invest $45 million in donations of technology and services over the next five years through the Sustainability Accelerator program. . Justina Nixon-Saintil, IBM Vice President and Chief Impact Officer, discusses with Michelle more details about the Sustainability Accelerator program and Resilient Cities cohort.  Director of the Veterans History Project, Monica Mohindra talks to Michelle about the Women of the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion – with the goal of inspiring more women and minorities to contribute their story to the Veterans History Project or VHP. The 6888th collection tells the story of the only all-African American, all-female unit deployed overseas during WWII. The spring season just started and with it, allergy symptoms are already in bloom! But the source of your family’s coughing, sneezing and headaches may actually be poor indoor air quality. During National Autoimmune Awareness Month also in March, the organic experts at Natural Home Solutions encourage home and business owners to test their indoor air quality to prevent health issues.  Natural Home Solutions Owner Laura Champagne joins Michelle with some very helpful information on detecting and treating mold in your home and what to ask about mold in your child's school.  Siblings Charlie and Cheryl Young bring their childhood fantasies to life in their new historical fiction novel, Houdini’s Last Handcuffs. This book brings the famous magician Harry Houdini to life.  On Halloween, three children—a brother, sister, and their friend—receive an Ouija Board from a family friend. After a séance, the magician Houdini is brought back to life, but not by the séance itself. Houdini needs the children’s help to retrieve his notebook of scientific formulas. However, the formula for his return is flawed. Houdini, the family, and many close friends are part of The Inner Circle, a clandestine group using science, math, and physics for mankind’s good, as opposed to the Outer Circle, which uses them for evil. The notebook contains the formula that everyone wants.  
3/25/202438 minutes, 1 second
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The Diplomat Beach Resort; Hollywood, Florida - An Amazing Family Getaway!

Michelle stayed at the Diplomat Beach Resort over the winter holidays and celebrated NYE there with an amazing balloon drop and party!  The new family suite was amazing and a great place to stay with sweeping views of the beach and intercoastal.  The kids (and adults!) loved the kids club and the restaurants and cafes were top notch!  Michelle speaks with other guests who had similar experiences at the Diplomat. They talk activities, culinary, spa and wellness and the kids club.
3/20/202441 minutes, 50 seconds
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"Everybody Wins" Nominee Gift Bag; A New Type of Investment; Speak Confidently and Clearly with Rachel Hanfling; MS and Pseudobulbar Affect

"Everyone Wins" Nominee Gift Bag continues to garner worldwide attention and spark conversation. Their gifts are famous for being fun, fabulous and unique, and also serve to elevate small businesses, minority-owned brands, female entrepreneurs and companies who give back. Michelle speaks with Lash Fary, the owner of Distinctive Assets, who puts together the bags87 and discusses all of the fun brands in this year's gift bags.Spot bitcoin E-T-F’s – ever heard of them? They’re making the news these days. With the Securities and Exchange Commission approving some to be traded on the major stock exchanges – the flood gates have opened for all investors to more easily include crypto in their portfolios.  John Hoffman, head of Distribution and Partnerships at Grayscale the world’s largest crypto manager, talks with Michelle about why one should be infesting in them.Emmy-nominated Rachel Hanfling is your guide to clear, confident, charismatic speech. A former producer for Oprah and Anderson Cooper, she’s coached clients to become go-to experts, land deals on Shark Tank, sell out on QVC, dominate worldwide speeches, generate explosive sales, nail workplace politics and more. She’s taught at Harvard, internationally, and across the US. Rachel is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin–Madison. She is mom to twin boys and a dog in New York City. To learn more about Rachel, visit  Check out her advice here: is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, a time to shine a light on MS, a disease that affects an estimated 900,000 people in the U.S.Today, we explore a less talked about and often misdiagnosed related condition of MS called Pseudobulbar Affect, or PBA, which may cause sudden, frequent, uncontrollable episodes of crying or laughing in patients with MS. Dr. Mayer Joshua Hasbani, a renowned neurologist, shares insights from his own clinical experience with patients who experience PBA. 
3/12/202442 minutes, 58 seconds
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American Dream: Your Perfect Spring Break! Attorney Brooke Goff Talks Motherhood While Running an Empire; Scientific Wellness

American Dream, in North Jersey, is the perfect place to spend Spring Break with the kids! With activities like Nickolodean Universe, the best indoor amusement park, DreamWorks Waterpark, the largest indoor waterpark, Big Snow, the country's only indoor ski facility, ice skating, and so much more, your kids and you will be entertained for days!March is National Women’s History Month and Brooke Goff, a 37-year old entrepreneur from Connecticut, has already made history by becoming the first female football player at her middle school, becoming the first openly-gay lawyer in her state and opening the first all-female law firm. She joins Michelle to encourage women that you can be pregnant, a mother and still be have a poowerful business.Scientific Wellness is a new approach to healthcare that focuses on using data and technology to prevent diseases as well as promote overall health and wellness. It represents a shift from traditional approaches that primarily focus on treating diseases after they have developed. The goal is to identify the early signs of disease and intervene before symptoms occur, potentially extending the healthy lifespan of individuals. This approach involves collecting and analyzing a wide range of personal data, including genetic information, blood tests and microbiome analysis, with the help of artificial intelligence. Dr. Nathan Price, Chief Scientific Officer for Thorne, joins Michelle to talk about what they offer to help you take control of your health.
3/7/202438 minutes, 7 seconds
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Nikki Salfar Teaches How to Advocate For Your Child; "Dream Me Home," Treatment Becoming More Affordable for Those with Leukemia or Lymphoma

2/22/202438 minutes, 12 seconds
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Stay Golden, Girls! Jayme Sandberg's Total Solar Eclipse: A Stellar Friendship Story

Rachel Winter (Academy Award-nominated producer, Dallas Buyers Club) and Rachel Steinman (mental health advocate) have been best friends for over three decades and just wrote a new book together, Stay Golden, Girls: Friendship is the New Marriage. From friend's celebrating "Galentine's Day" to news stories about women choosing to live with their best friends in "mommunes"... Platonic love and prioritizing friendships is definitely a trending relationship story. Stay Golden, Girls: Friendship is the New Marriage is a gift book, a love letter, and a celebration of the bonds of female friendship formed from laughter, trust, loyalty, and love. It features short inspirational and fun essays along with bright and happy illustrations, pop culture references and celebrity quotes. Perfect for friend’s birthdays, weddings/bridal shower gifts, Mother’s Day and more. When the total solar eclipse of 2017 passed through her hometown, Nebraska mom Jayme Sandberg didn’t think much about it and almost missed one of nature’s most awe-inspiring sights right in her backyard. Fast forward several years later to another chance to see a rare total solar eclipse in the U.S. and Sandberg is not only chasing it, she’s sharing her personal story—along with her popular new children’s picture book—to make sure parents like her and elementary kids across the country take full advantage. Told from the Sun’s perspective as the Moon boldly prepares to block the light of our brightest star, Total Solar Eclipse: A Stellar Friendship Story shows readers how to safely view a total solar eclipse while also demonstrating the unexpected ways we shine working together. With its memory page in the back, the book doubles as a one-size-fits-all souvenir.
2/22/202418 minutes, 1 second
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Family Vacation Ideas; Freedom: New Book : The Enduring Importance of the American Revolution; The Big Ass Bag!

Emily Kaufman joins Michelle to talk about some great family travel ideas, including some of the best all-inclusive resorts. She emphasizes why where you stay can make or break your trip.As the turning point between colonial origins and the free nation of America, the American Revolution holds persisting importance. Backed by the American Revolution Institute of the Society of the Cincinnati, Jack D. Warren, Jr.’s, book Freedom: The Enduring Importance of the American Revolution is a profound look into British America, the Revolutionary War, the birth of a new nation, what freedom truly means, and how the events of the past hold significant importance even in modern society.BAB or Big Ass Bag is a new mobile app that allows you to close ALL of your browser tabs on the internet and put any online item into ONE universal shopping cart (separated by however categories you may need). You can add items to these carts from any online stores such as: JCPenney, Michaels, Nordstrom, Nike, Target etc.! Sharing with friends & family is a breeze as is the checkout process. And you can see everything in ONE place so you can make smart purchasing decisions. Michelle talks with rockstar CEO Jenae Goodin about the app and why every busy mom needs to download it! Older adults (age 65 and over) often shoulder a significant portion of healthcare costs but may not always receive the care they prefer. Shared decision making, which involves patient-clinician discussions to decide on tests, treatment and care, and balances clinical evidence with patients’ preferences and values, shows promise for engaging patients in their healthcare decisions. This month, FAIR Health, with generous support from The John A. Hartford Foundation, launches, a free website that offers tools, educational content and resources to help older adults and family caregivers plan for care relevant to older adults. Nicole Iny is the Executive Director of Grants and Consumer Education at FAIR Health.
2/5/202438 minutes, 1 second
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Tips for Visiting the Doctor with Dr. David Friedman; Brett Larkin Talks Yoga Life; One Million Truths

Dr. David Friedman is the director of heart failure at West Carver Medical in Huntington, NY. He joins Michelle to talk tips for how you can maximize your office visit which often goes by too fast. He also talks AI and sports clearances and how wearables can play an instrumental part in monitoring your health.Brett Larkin, yoga expert, mom, entrepreneur, founder of Uplifted Yoga, and host of the Uplifted Yoga Podcast. Her new book YOGA LIFE: Habits, Poses, and Breathwork to Channel Joy Amidst the Chaos, is out now and offers strategies on how to incorporate an effective yoga practice into even the most chaotic schedule.One Million Truths (OMT),, a science-based initiative dedicated to building solutions to resolve racial conflict by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI), had Phase II of its project lauch on January 16, 2024, the National Day of Racial Healing, beginning with a two-year effort to collect stories from Americans nationwide about the impact of racial and ethnic conflict. The project, originated by Mark Eckhardt, CEO of COMMON, a worldwide organization dedicated to helping organizations solve the world’s most challenging problems, was founded in 2020, at the height of the George Floyd protests. OMT seeks to address the underlying causes of racial and ethnic conflict by answering the critical question, “What’s working to address racial conflict and what isn’t?”
2/5/202438 minutes, 27 seconds
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Sail with Princess Cruises!!

Michelle and her family sailed the Sky Princess over Christmas break and it was the BEST time ever! The kids had a blast in the kids club, Michelle and family thoroughly enjoyed the Enclave and spa, top notch cuisine and the best entertainment! On this show, Michelle talks with some of the key players at Princess Cruises who make your cruising experience so memorable! Hear about the ship Michelle sailed on, the Sky Princess, as well as their newest ship, the Sun Princess launching soon!
2/5/202438 minutes, 19 seconds
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Get Your Health Insurance Now! Visit Lago Mar Beach Resort and Club! What's Next After High School? Open Enrollment is the time for those who don’t have health insurance to find an affordable quality plan. Millions of people lack the peace of mind we get from having health insurance and this is the time for them to take advantage of the excellent coverage and prices available at Select a plan by January 16 for coverage starting February 1. Michelle and her family spent a few days at Lago Mar Beach Resort and Club after the holidays and had such an enjoyable time! This wonderful family friendly resort is the perfect spot for a relaxing retreat while the kids enjoy the beach playground, oversized chess board, basketball, tennis, mini golf, ice cream shop and playing on the beach. Michelle talks with Debbie Banks Snyder, Owner and VP about their versatile suites rooms and all the resort and club has to offer multigenerational families.Autumn Caviness, Director, RealTalk, BigFuture talks to Michelle about the overwhelming feelings for students may deal with trying to figure out what comes next after high school. Every student should be able to access the tools and resources they need to unlock their future. That’s where BigFuture comes in. BigFuture provides free college and career tools to help students choose the best option for them.
1/17/202429 minutes, 10 seconds
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Be Prepared for a Heart Emergency with Dr. Mike; Vegan Options for Health; Avoid Getting and Treatments for the Flu

American Heart Association Volunteer Medical Expert Dr. Mike shares how to be prepared for a heart-related emergency ahead of big family gatherings and holiday parties. He discusses why everyone from 9-99 can learn CPR and how it could save a life in an emergency.Soy, almond, oat, coconut, cashew, hemp, rice, macadamia, rice—vegan milk varieties abound these days, and for good reason. Shoppers who want to help support the growing movement, let mother cows keep their newborn, slash greenhouse gas emissions, and cut out cholesterol are ditching dairy, meaning that supermarkets and even small stores are packing their shelves with a plethora of plant milk choices, and coffee shops are dropping the extra charge for vegan milks—gaining a whole latte love from conscientious consumers. From rich and creamy coffee “creamers” to protein powerhouses for smoothies to delicious dairy-free eggnogs for vegan (or lactose intolerant) families and holiday guests, there’s a plant milk to satisfy any taste craving, dietary or nutritional need. Marissa Price, a social media manager for PETA, discusses how easy it is to find just the perfect vegan milk for your listeners during the holidays and beyond.It’s cold and flu season and staying healthy is top of mind. People often use common cold and flu remedies that purport to suppress symptoms, unaware that the latest science has shown that commonly used over the counter products result in prolonging the sick days and even causing secondary infections. Even the FDA has recently started reexamining previously allowed over the counter ingredients. An FDA advisory committee recently unanimously voted that phenylephrine, a common decongestant saddled with many side effects, is ineffective. The same vigilance is now being applied by the FDA to other active ingredients, which given decades of independent research against are also teetering being delisted. Dr. Nazlie Latefi, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Applied Biological Laboratories, has been on the forefront of cold and flu research decades.
1/7/202423 minutes, 32 seconds
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Charlie Neal and the HBCU; Generative AI for the Environment; The Toy Guy Talks Deals for Last Minute Gifts

12/20/202327 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

Protecting Your Gift Cards; Get On a Health Plan; Get Outside with Jessica Turner; Be a Great Host with Breegan Jane and Lowes!

12/19/202328 minutes, 55 seconds
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Keeping Skin Hydrated; Novavax for Covid Protection; Stitch Fix for the Holidays; Lego Gifts; Teaching Kids About Money; Salvation Army

As temperatures continue to drop outside and heat starts pumping inside, you’ve probably noticed a change in your skin. Body care can be even more challenging when the seasons transition, so it’s helpful to follow guidance from board-certified dermatologists to ensure your daily routine helps combat dry skin.No matter your skin type, it’s beneficial to adjust your body care regimen with the seasons. Stressors like changes in humidity, holiday travel and winter weather can strip the skin of moisture. It’s important to find products that penetrate the skin’s surface to nourish and restore a dry, thirsty skin barrier. Board-Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Cheri Frey shares the most prestigious ingredients in skincare, how you can keep your body moisturized this winter, and how to break the perpetual dry skin cycle and replenish your skin barrier.COVID continues to be a concern for many Americans. If you plan to visit family this holiday season, especially the elderly or people with compromised immune systems, getting an updated COVID vaccine can help protect yourself and those around you. Novavax has an updated COVID-19 vaccine this vaccination season. The vaccine, developed using a well-established technology also used to develop other vaccines, is widely available at a range of retailers, including Costco, CVS Pharmacy, Giant, Publix, Rite Aid and Stop & Shop, as well as in physicians’ offices and through government programs. The company believes that it is important to talk with your doctor or pharmacist about the COVID-19 vaccine option that is best for you and your loved ones. Dr. Bob Walker, senior vice president and chief medical officer at Novavax talks more about why getting a COVID vaccine is still important and the vaccine options available.Whether you’re attending a holiday work party or planning the perfect outfit to meet your significant other’s family for the first time, piecing together holiday looks can be challenging. Help is just a phone call away! Bahar Takhtehchian talks about the launch of Stitch Fix’s holiday party hotline where callers can send in their burning holiday party questions to receive personalized styling tips directly from Stitch Fix’s expert stylists.Toys are more than just fun and games. In fact, experts have found that children can learn a lot from playing. That’s why this holiday season parents should consider giving educational toys that improve motor skills, teach about shapes and symmetry, or inspire family bonding. Parenting expert and TLC Host Amanda Mushro of @LIFEHACKS is teaming with LEGO to discuss the importance of choosing gifts that enrich the lives of children, while also sharing details about a special event for kids ages 9 to 99.It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and for many of us, also the most expensive! With gifts, parties, food and decorations, your holiday shopping list can come with a hefty price tag. But you can use this season as an opportunity to educate kids about finances, too. It’s a great time to start building good money habits that will stick year-round. Matt Gromada, Head of Family Banking at Chase, joins Michelle with tips to help kids and parents start those much-needed money conversations.This holiday season, families across the country are facing increased challenges, but The Salvation Army continues to love and serve nearly 24 million people living in the United States across its 7,000 centers of operation throughout the entire year. The Salvation Army relies on funds from public support to provide food, housing, and other services, and during a typical year, anywhere from 40%-60% of funds raised come directly from public and individual contributions.Through the annual Red Kettle Campaign, which kicks off on Thanksgiving Day, and with the help of generous contributions, The Salvation Army can continue to meet the immediate and long-term needs of millions of individuals and families this holiday season and year-round. Commissioner Kenneth G. Hodder, national commander of The Salvation Army, shares details on the importance of the Red Kettle Campaign, how these resources are needed year-round, and how your support will help your neighbors in need this year and next.
12/6/202344 minutes, 46 seconds
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Hottest Tech Gifts; Working Through Holiday Depression; Avoiding Car Sickness with Mazda

It’s never too early to get a jump start on your holiday shopping, especially when it comes to the gadgets that everyone will want this season. If you have a tech enthusiast on your holiday shopping list, find out the latest must-have items you need to start shopping for! Retail expert Justine Santaniello talks about her top tech gifts for the 2023 holiday season. Justine will showcase gifts that not only feature next-level technology, but also offer unique ways to spend quality time with family and friends through the holiday season and beyond. Clinical depression, also known as major depressive disorder (MDD), is one of the most common mental disorders in the United States. MDD symptoms may include depressed mood, loss of interest or pleasure in daily activities, change in sleep, appetite or weight, diminished concentration, feelings of worthlessness, decreased movement and slowed thoughts, suicidal ideation and/or fatigue or loss of energy. Approximately one-third of adults in the U.S. with MDD may have treatment-resistant depression (TRD) – which means they haven’t responded adequately to two or more antidepressant medications during the same depressive episode.Dr. Chepke, a Board-Certified psychiatrist in Huntersville, North Carolina specializes in treating adult patients with treatment-resistant depression, and discusses the signs and symptoms of challenging-to-treat depression and outline a treatment option for treatment-resistant depression, including SPRAVATO® (esketamine) CIII nasal spray, along with the risks and benefits of taking the medication.Thanksgiving is the busiest travel week of the year when parents face the stress of traffic and sometimes the challenge of dealing with a child who is car sick. Pediatrician and Social Media Star, Dr. Mona Amin, identifies factors that can cause kids to feel queasy while traveling and provide tips for helping little ones avoid car sickness
12/6/202323 minutes, 49 seconds
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Dr. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon's "Move to Millions"; Dr. Kevin Schewe's "Bad Love Tigers"

Honorary PhD and award-winning Inc. 5000 CEO Dr. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon has used her seven-figure coaching enterprise to help hundreds of her clients leverage the Move to Millions® Method and move closer to and beyond the million-dollar mark. In Move to Millions, she shares her paradigm-shifting truths to give business owners the confidence and step-by-step techniques to advance beyond the messy middle and defy the statistics plaguing most small businesses.Part memoir and part methodology, Move to Millions helps entrepreneurs simplify their processes to multiply profits, by breaking down complex topics and illustrating their worth through raw personal anecdotes. Dr. Harmon puts in the work so business owners can be empowered, entertained, and equipped to leave the headaches behind and enjoy everything that truly matters, without compromising on their values in the process.In less than six months on the international screenplay circuit, Bad Love Tigers has already amassed an incredible 300 awards. Dr. Kevin Schewe, is the author of the award-winning Bad Love Tigers original screenplay and joins Michelle to talk about the book, as well as, his other product lines.
11/25/202326 minutes, 26 seconds
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Tips for Getting Kids into Acting; Call the Butterball Hotline! Safe Ride 4 Kids for Holiday Travel; Avoid Car Sickness

Mimi Stuart is the owner of the Children's Acting Academy in NYC and joins Michelle to talk about the history of the academy and her classes and shows for all ages. The winter season is starting soon! She also offers terrific tips if interested in getting your children involved in acting and/or modeling. Check out her program here!Thanksgiving is just a few days away. You’ve made the lists, you’ve invited the family, you’ve done the shopping and now, if you bought a frozen turkey, it’s go time. That means it’s time to take that turkey out of the freezer. Charla Draper, is an expert with the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line, and joins Michelle to discuss when the best time is to defrost the turkey and how best to prepare for is on a mission to save lives and reduce emotional suffering by preventing children from being injured or killed in car crashes, from conception forward. Greg Durocher, CEO of got his start in Child Passenger Safety back in 2000, when he was early in his career as firefighter & paramedic. He has been an instructor of the Child Passenger Technician certification curriculum since 2001 and is still a member of the instructor team in Colorado. His wife, Amie, has been an certified Child Passenger Safety Technician since 2003. Michelle talks to Greg about this wonderful car seat safety device that can be your answer for traveling and not schleping the heavy car seats anymore to the airport!Thanksgiving is the busiest travel week of the year when parents face the stress of traffic and sometimes the challenge of dealing with a child who is car sick. Pediatrician and Social Media Star Dr. Mona Amin talks about factors that can cause kids to feel queasy while traveling and provide tips for helping little ones avoid car sickness.
11/22/202338 minutes, 20 seconds
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Eagle Mountain House and Golf Club; Sporting Good Gifts for the Holidays; "We Don't Want You, Uncle Sam"

An accomplished hospitality executive, Joel Bourassa brings more than 20 years of experience in management, marketing and sales to his new position as general manager. A native of nearby Lincoln, New Hampshire, his career also includes time as Regional Director of Resorts for Vacation Resorts International; General Manager of InnSeason Resorts; and International Director of the Ski New Hampshire Association. Joel talks to Michelle about the history of the property, what one can expect when visiting, activities and things to see in the area, and their plans for the near future.For the family who lives season to season – football, basketball, softball… – one of the most exciting times has just begun: shopping season. The cooling temperatures and holiday décor mean it’s time to lace up those shopping shoes and start checking gifts off your list… But, if shopping isn’t your sport, you may need some coaching – and Lifestyle Expert Kia Malone is here to help! She joined Michelle from DICK’S Sporting Goods in Orlando to talk holiday gift ideas.As the premier Generation Z military figure, Matthew Weiss speaks from his own experience as well as his extensive research into the subject. Weiss sums up the key message of his book: “We must rebuild the value proposition of military service by demonstrating the benefits of the world’s greatest physical social network.” Already reaching #1 in Amazon’s Military Life & Institutions category and #7 in Amazon’s Military Families category, it’s clear that people are fascinated by Weiss’s book. We Don’t Want YOU, Uncle Sam sends a critical message to all generations regarding the evolution of recruiting and the importance of patriotism.
11/5/202338 minutes, 10 seconds
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Best New Baby Bottle: Emulait; Women Small Businesses; Immunocologie For Your Skin

Emulait is the first baby feeding system designed to emulate the experience of breastfeeding. Combining four years of research, seven patented technologies, 3D scanning and FDA-approved medical grade materials, Emulait replicates the mother's breast shape, color, elasticity, texture and feel, creating an unparalleled bottle feeding experience. Founded by serial entrepreneur, Shilo Ben Zeev, after witnessing his wife and daughter struggle with breastfeeding, Emulait seeks to close the gap between breast and bottle for good. Elisabeth Rohm is a big fan and spoke with Michelle about her work with Emulait and what makes it such a great addition for new moms.October is National Women’s Small Business Month, and despite the continued impact of inflation and rising costs of doing business, most women business owners continue to remain optimistic about their business outlooks. A new Bank of America report found that more than three-in-five women entrepreneurs are anticipating revenue growth over the next 12 months, and nearly three-quarters feel equipped to survive a recession. Carol Lee Mitchell, Head of Small Business, Strategy at Bank of America chats with Michelle about the results of their report.For the family who lives season to season – football, basketball, softball… – one of the most exciting times has just begun: shopping season. The cooling temperatures and holiday décor mean it’s time to lace up those shopping shoes and start checking gifts off your list… But, if shopping isn’t your sport, you may need some coaching – and Lifestyle Expert Kia Malone is here to help! She joined Michelle from DICK’S Sporting Goods in Orlando to talk holiday gift ideas.Karen Ballou, a beauty industry veteran, founded Immunocologie, a skincare line that takes a unique approach by supporting the skin's immune system through microbiome balance.Many people are unaware that the skin has its own microbiome, just like the gut. It plays a crucial role in the body's immune system, and Immunocologie is the first skincare line to address this aspect of skin health directly. Michelle talks to Karen about all of the benefits of the product line for keeping the skin and body healthy and radiant.
11/5/202338 minutes, 25 seconds
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Breast Reconstruction Surgery; Drug Take Back Day; Finding Employment with Austism; Getting Your Flu and Covid Vaccines

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Advanced Reconstructive Surgery Alliance (ARSA) will meet for its annual summit and will bring together leading reconstructive surgeons from across the nation to review and share the latest advancements in breast reconstruction and other transformative care initiatives. Breast cancer affects millions of lives every year, and access to state-of-the-art medical technologies in breast reconstruction is essential for the holistic care of patients. Dr. Frank Dellacrose is a founding partner of the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery and St. Charles Surgical Hospital, the first hospital in the world dedicated to breast reconstruction for women affected by breast cancer.Last year over 100,000 Americans died after overdosing on opioids, including prescription pain medications. Rates of prescription drug abuse in the U.S. are alarmingly high, as are the number of accidental poisonings and overdoses due to these drugs. An estimated 16.7 million people used prescription drugs for a non-medical purpose in the last year. Of the non-medical users, nearly 70% obtained their pills from family and friends, a phenomenon known as diversion. Keeping unused, excess prescription pain medications in the home leaves households vulnerable to misuse, accidents and diversion, or the non-medical use of legally prescribed medications.To help fight the crisis, Inmar Intelligence is committed to providing a safe, convenient, and responsible means to dispose of unwanted prescription drugs, while also educating the public about the dangers of keeping unwanted prescription drugs in the home, including the potential for abuse and misuse.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 20% of people with disabilities, including those with autism, are employed – signaling an unemployment crisis for autistic individuals. October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and the emphasis on fostering an inclusive workplace and helping people with autism find employment remains critical.Autism Speaks recently launched Workplace Inclusion NowTM (WIN) 2.0, a workforce development program for employers, job seekers and community stakeholders committed to promoting diversity in hiring, creating an inclusive workplace and helping people on the spectrum find employment. WIN provides online training courses for employees of all backgrounds to raise awareness around neurodiverse thinking and communication styles, compiled and reviewed by a committee of autism experts, autistic adults, job coaches, corporate executives and DEIA leaders.Keith Wargo, CEO of Autism Speaks, discusses the employment crisis facing people with autism as well as resources and strategies for employers and potential employees.Pharmacists are trusted and accessible health care providers. They’re committed to meeting patients’ needs as respiratory illness season approaches and offer CDC-recommended vaccines for flu, RSV, COVID-19 and other common illnesses. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that individuals make plans to get vaccinated early in the fall, before respiratory illness season begins, and ideally by the end of October.·While many providers offer flu shots, CVS Pharmacy and MinuteClinic are good options because they’re conveniently located and have evening and weekend hours.· Patients can quickly and easily make vaccination appointments for themselves or their families at CVS Pharmacy or MinuteClinic by visiting,, the CVS Pharmacy app, or they can walk-in when it’s convenient for them.· Digital scheduling offers the scheduling of multiple patients at once, allowing families, caregivers, and other groups to get vaccinated together. Patients can also schedule multiple vaccinations in one appointment, such as the flu and COVID-19 vaccine.
10/25/202337 minutes, 43 seconds
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The Caribe Royale is the Perfect Hotel for an Orlando Vacation!

Michelle talks with various team members from the beautiful Caribe Royale. Caribe Royale is not only extremely convenient to the Disney properties, but it is also a destination in and of itself with its many restaurants, large pool and waterslide, and many family friendly activities and delicious culinary offerings. This is already a great spot for corporate meetings and family getaways and they are expanding to make it a place for both locals and tourists.
10/21/202338 minutes, 22 seconds
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Beli-Prenatal Vitamin for Men and Women; Lipo/Lepedema; Managing LDL Levels; Preparing For A Workplace Overdose; Capital City Africa Cup

Joni Hanson Davis is the female founder of Kirkland, Washington Femtech company Beli, modernizing reproductive, prenatal, and fertility health based on the latest nutritional science with one small, yet significant act of a daily prenatal vitamin for both men and women. After a long successful career leading Fortune 500 companies and technology startups to IPO, Davis founded Beli in 2018 with a personal mission to address the growing crisis of infertility and modernize the stagnant prenatal vitamin market. The fertility market is a $24B market, and yet prenatal vitamins still haven’t caught up with modern nutritional science. 50% of all infertility can be traced to male infertility and nutrition plays a major role in successful pregnancy outcomes and science led Beli to look deeper at how nutrition plays a vital role in sperm health, launching the first modern male prenatal in 2019. Michelle talks with Joni about why men taking prenatals are just as important for men for a healthy pregnancy. Dr. Thomas Su is a cosmetic surgeon and the owner of ArtLipo Plastic Surgery based in Tampa, Florida. It is a highly regarded clinic providing some of the most advanced liposuction procedures in the world. He has performed awake - only liposuction for over 15 years. He joins Michelle to talk about his practice and lipedema, how it affect women and what can be done for it.Dr. Su is defined by his passion for art since high school. He went on to study human figure drawing, painting, and sculpting in college, resulting in a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. His love for art of the human figure is made apparent in all of his work and is the reason for his high degree of perfectionism when it comes to liposuction.Compared to other cosmetic or plastic surgeons who perform a myriad of different surgeries, Dr. Su concentrates on only liposuction. He has developed advanced skills and a level of expertise that few surgeons doing liposuction can master. Dr. Su is the innovator of the Interactive Lipo Method and Celebrity Arms Sculpting. The Interactive Lipo Method is a culmination of techniques derived from Dr. Su’s background as a figure artist and sculptor.Cardiovascular disease is one of the biggest public health crises of our time and remains a leading public health challenge in the US and globally.1 In fact, someone in the US has a heart attack approximately every 40 seconds. Having a high low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol number – the “bad” cholesterol – can raise your risk of heart attack and stroke. Too much LDL cholesterol can lead to a buildup of fatty deposits, or plaques, inside your arteries. These plaques can narrow arteries and reduce blood flow. If a piece of the plaque breaks free, it might travel into the bloodstream and block a blood vessel to the heart or brain, causing a heart attack or stroke. For people who have had a heart attack or stroke, knowing the connection between high cholesterol and the risk of having another cardiovascular event is vital because taking steps to aim for and maintain a low LDL cholesterol level can reduce their risk of future events. Dr. Eduardo Sanchez serves as Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for Prevention for the American Heart Association. Lorraine Martin, President and CEO, National Safety Council joins Michelle to talk about what can be done to intervene in the workplace when there's been an overdose. Overdoses have emerged as the leading cause of unintentional death in the United States, with opioids involved in a staggering 77% of these incidents. Overdoses can happen anywhere, including the workplace – and the numbers are alarming: workplace overdoses, often linked to opioid misuse, have surged by an astonishing 536% since 2011, cutting across all worker demographics, industries and occupations. At the National Safety Council (NSC), the mission is clear: to save lives from the workplace to anyplace. To fulfill this mission, the Council recently launched the Respond Ready Workplace initiative that focuses on three critical aspects: overdose and naloxone awareness, access and adoption.The Capital City Africa Week Festival and Ghana Week DC, a first-time series of events devoted to the celebration of Ghanaian art, culture, business, tourism, sports and more, is taking place October 9-14, 2023 in Washington, D.C. Hosted by the Ghana Embassy in Washington, D.C., the Ghana Tourism Authority, LIQUID SOUL-DC, Events DC, and D.C. United, the full schedule of events was revealed today, including the “Capital City Africa Cup,” a historic soccer friendly on Saturday, October 14, 2023 at 5:00 PM at Audi Field between Major League Soccer’s most decorated club, D.C. United, and Ghana Premier League champions, Medeama SC.
10/15/202347 minutes, 32 seconds
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Gather the Family at Seesaw's Lodge in VT! Amazon is Hiring... A Lot!

Seesaw's Lodge is the place to go in Vermont for a family bonding getaway! Located in Bromley, VT, there is so much to do in the area including activities for all season. Michelle and her family visited in the summertime and visited the Bromley Adventure Park, Bromley Market, Emerald Lake and went kayaking with Goodie Two Sue's. Seesaw’s Lodge consists of three luxurious cabins and a seven-bedroom Lodge with mountain views, all recently rebuilt with modern comforts in an old-world Vermont setting. The Lodge, formally known as the Ski Loft Residence, includes six spacious suites and an Innkeeper’s quarters, each inspired by a local tree. This rustic retreat has been carefully crafted, incorporating the inn’s rich history and unique character. Michelle talks with one of the owners, Jay Eastman, who recounts the history of the property, which is quite remarkable!Amazon is hiring a lot of employees this season! Amazon will hire full-time, part-time, and seasonal employees in record numbers this year with signing bonuses in select areas. The company plans to hire 250,000 employees throughout the U.S. in full-time, part-time and seasonal roles. Amazon VP of People eXperience and Technology for Global Operations, J. Ofori Agboka, talks about hiring and how the company is hoping higher wages and bonuses up to $3,000 will bring more qualified employees.
10/13/202337 minutes, 23 seconds
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Tru by Hilton; Pet Safety in the Heat; Pelvic Health; Innovative New Headphones

Rachel Bellis, Associate Director of Local Affairs for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals talks with Michelle about how to keep your pet safe in the heat. Many people have no idea of the danger that high temperatures pose for dogs, not realizing that dogs’ skin does not allow them to cool themselves through perspiration as humans can, often have a fur coat that traps heat, and can only pant to try to expel hot air build-up inside them. The danger is extreme in the case of French and Boston bulldogs, pugs, and other breathing-impaired dogs who have shortened noses and shortened windpipes. Older dogs are also particularly susceptible to heat stroke that can kill them. Every day PETA receives reports about dogs, cats, and other animals who have suffered and died of heat-related causes after being left outside or confined to a vehicle, which can become a death trap within minutes for any animal locked inside—even in the shade with the windows cracked. And even just walking a dog on hot pavement can cause permanent injury to their paws. Hiroshi Sakai is the CEO of NTT Sonority, a subsidiary of Japanese telecom behemoth, NTT. NTT has been quietly working on a technology that may become as ubiquitous as sound itself: Personalized Sound Zones (PSZ). With this technology in its embryonic stages, we seek to deliver a sonic embrace to the United States and then, the world: To share the vision of a more-connected society with present and future generations. Michelle talks with Mr. Sakai about how their new headphones can be used while multitasking.
9/24/202338 minutes, 2 seconds
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Love Has A Home at Sticks and Stones Farm

Michelle had the pleasure of visiting and staying at Sticks and Stones Farm in Newtown, CT with her family. On the show, she talks with Bill Donaldon, President and Executive Director of 'Love Has a Home" at Sticks and Stones Farm. They talk about the non profit's mission, the rustic and unique acommodations and all of the events and retreats held on property. It is truly a special property and one in which Michelle was glad she stumbled upon. Great retreat for those visiting NYC or locals who live in the area.
9/24/202337 minutes, 51 seconds
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The Importance of STEM; Instagram's Child Safety Modes; Pelvic Floor Heath, Tailgating Tips

Children and teens across the United States are heading back to the classroom, ready for a brand new school year. While parents may be feeling a sense of relief, it’s also important that they play an active and encouraging role in their kids’ education. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education is an increasingly important part of a student’s curriculum. STEM-related activities and classes offer students engaging, interesting, challenging ways to examine the world around them. But how can parents help foster an interest in STEM with their own kids? Saki Milton, educator and international STEM advocate, joins Michelle to discuss.Back-to-School season is here, and whether your kids are already back in the classroom or soaking up the last few days of summer, this is a transition period for students. Late nights and sleeping in give way to early morning alarms, structured schedules and daily activities. This is the perfect time of year to set new guidelines for social media use. Parents can support their kids by encouraging them to use social media in a positive, supportive way while also setting appropriate boundaries on the amount of time they spend and the content they see. Dayna Geldwert, Head of Global Policy Programs at Instagram, chats with Michelle about how you can have more control over what your children see and do on Instagram.For sports fans, one tradition defines game day more than any other, and that’s tailgating. The true enthusiast knows tailgating is more than a grill and cooler – it’s a lifestyle.When it comes to tailgating, beef is king. A new survey from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff found 73 percent of people prefer beef at a tailgate and 69 percent say a tailgate isn’t complete without beef - but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with just the traditional burgers and dogs. Erica Roby, one of the country’s leading female pitmasters,shares two recipes that show off beef’s versatility and satisfy any sports fan - birria beef street tacos, cooked on a portable flat top griddle, and shepherd pie skillet with ground beef, cooked on the portable pellet smoker.
9/24/202337 minutes, 27 seconds
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The Children's Acting Academy; Easy Dinner Ideas; Car Seat Safety with Britax; Lacross and the 529 College Savings Plan

Mimi Stuart has been acting and entertaining audiences since she was 10 years old, and professionally since she was 15. Mimi performed Off-Broadway as a lead in The Mandela and Guilty Innocence. She has been in almost 20 movies and her voice can be heard on several voice-overs. Mimi started to teach and direct for Monica May at The Children’s Acting Academy in 2000, and became its sole owner four years later. She is thrilled to see her students grow year after year, both artistically and academically. Many students have gone on to study at the four major performing arts high schools in NYC, and to star and appear in Broadway shows.Michelle joins Michelle to talk about the academy and how acting classes can benefit children of all ages.You don’t have to be an entertaining expert or a wiz in the kitchen to serve flavorful, homemade dishes any day of the week! By implementing some cooking hacks, like taking some help from your pantry with toppers and add-ons pre-seasoned with herbs and spices, you can elevate favorites like chicken and rice or taco bowls or make meal prep a breeze. Chef and Entertaining Expert Ceci Carmichael discusses her tips and tricks with Michelle to becoming your own at-home personal chef. She will share easy ways to create delicious, homemade recipes that pack plant-based protein and fiber as well as offer simple cooking hacks and meal prep ideas.September is Baby Safety Month and Michelle is thrilled to have back on the show, Sarah Tilton, the Director of Consumer Advocacy at Britax. Sarah is a renowned authority in child passenger safety and has dedicated her career to the well-being of children. Sarah talks to Michelle about the importance of proper car seat installation and tips for keeping your child safe when it comes to making sure they are in the correct car seat or booster seat for their height and weight. Learn more about Britax and their easy click tight installation process at us.britax.comPaul Rabil, renowned professional lacrosse player, Co-Founder and President of the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) joins Michelle to talk about the increased popularity of the sport and the championship game this weekend.Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) is an American professional field lacrosse league composed of 8 teams featuring the world’s best lacrosse players. The league’s 2023 season has been action packed, with speed, physicality, stiff competition with one-goal games, and SportsCenter Top 10 plays. Founded in 2018 by brothers Mike and Paul Rabil, a legendary lacrosse pro himself, the PLL is on a mission to trailblaze a future of professional sports that is player led and fan focused. The PLL currently operates in a “touring model” but is set to assign teams to home cities later this year, with 26 markets in contention. The cost of college has steadily increased over the last 30 years, and with it, the need for student loans and other forms of financial air that leave students in debt. Kansas State Treasurer, Steven Johnson, talks about how one can start saving now with a 529 Plan and all of the benefits that come with it.
9/24/202342 minutes, 51 seconds
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Get Dressed with Vanessa's Salad Dressings! Car Seat Tips and Safety, Healthy Back to School Ideas

9/10/202338 minutes, 11 seconds
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The Broadway Museum; Medicaid and Chip Coverage for Children; Visit Westchester County; IBM adds AI to Sports

9/10/202335 minutes, 45 seconds
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Dermatologist Michael Cameron and Ellacor; Back to School Tips; Visit Diggerland USA; Metastatic Breast Cancer and Recent Developments

Ellacor is a new technology called fractional micro-coring and is a non-surgical solution for mid-to-lower face wrinkles and excess skin. Dr. Michael Cameron, a board-certified dermatologist with a private practice on the upper west side of Manhattan and an assistant clinical professor at Mount Sinai Health System, has one of the few devices commercially available in New York City. Ellacor is an option for patient who want to avoid surgery but address jowels or your heavy lower face. He talks with Michelle about this and how it compares to other cosmetic options.It’s hard to believe but back-to-school season is already upon us and now is the perfect time to equip your kids with everything they need to take on the new school year. Justine Santaniello, Lifestyle & Parenting Expert, helps alleviate the stress that comes with back-to-school prep and share ways that parents can set their kids up for success at the start of the new school year. Justine will also provide tips on preparing fun lunch and snack ideas, time saving hacks, how to stay organized, and more!Diggerland USA is the only construction theme & water park in the US. Families can drive, ride & operate real machines in a safe, clean and fun gated theme park. During the summer months, guests can splash, soak and slide at The Water Main water park, nestled inside the theme park and included in admission. Children over 36” tall can enjoy most rides in the park with an accompanying adult. Along with over 40+ rides and attractions, the park also offers a full-service arcade, cafes, gift shop with unique merchandise, eating pavilions, cabana rentals and more. The park was started in 2014 by brothers, Ilya and Yan Girlya, who had previously been in the construction industry and wanted to find a way for families to enjoy construction machines and increase awareness in the general field. Michelle talks with Ilya about how unique this park is and what a blast it was for her family!Dr. Mothaffar F. Rimawi is a Professor of Medicine, co-Leader of the Breast Cancer Research Program, and Executive Medical Director of the Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center (DLDCCC) at Baylor College of Medicine. Metastatic breast cancer (mBC) is the most serious form of the disease and occurs when the cancer has spread beyond the breast to other parts of the body, such as the brain, bones, or liver.1 mBC has no cure and takes a life in the United States approximately every 12 minutes, creating an urgent need for treatment proven to extend life while maintaining quality of life. Despite remaining gaps, there have been important advancements in treatment for patients with hormone receptor positive, human epidermal growth factor receptor-2 negative (HR+/HER2-) mBC. For example, KISQALI® (ribociclib), a prescription medicine indicated for HR+/HER2- mBC in combination with endocrine therapy (ET), has consistently demonstrated across three phase III clinical trials a significant benefit in overall survival (OS) – the length of time that patients diagnosed with mBC continue to be alive – while preserving or improving quality of life.
7/31/202341 minutes, 14 seconds
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Carillon Miami Wellness Resort; Living with Ulcerative Colitis; Visit Westchester, NY; Shop Walgreens This Week!

Tammy Pahel is a transformative and strategic Spa, Wellness, Fitness and Retail Executive with 30 years of leadership experience. She has a demonstrated history of shaping high performing cultures for several luxury and global wellness brands. She talks to Michelle about all of the wellness and spa offerings at the beautiful Carillon Miami Wellness Resort. Living with a chronic illness can be incredibly challenging. But for Rosie White, an upcoming 2023 Women’s World Cup commentator and former professional soccer player, she is doing what she can to not let it get in the way of her success. White was diagnosed with a type of inflammatory bowel disease known as ulcerative colitis (UC).2 The immune-mediated disease causes inflammation and ulcers in the large intestine, affecting the colon and rectum.2 UC is a chronic, lifelong condition that can be diagnosed at any age, but usually occurs between the ages of 15 and 30.3 In the U.S., it is estimated that about 600,000-900,000 people have been diagnosed with UC.1 Rosie White and Professor Bincy P. Abraham, M.D., a Texas-based gastroenterologist, are teaming up with Bristol Myers Squibb for its Supporting You With UC campaign, which will provide UC patients with a collection of practical resources, encourage them to speak openly about their symptoms and advocate for themselves to help better manage their disease.Michelle and her family took a road trip to Westchester County, New York. This wonderful region north of NYC is a perfect place for so many family friendly activities, great places to stay and delicious restaurants. Michelle talks with Natash Caputo, Westchester County Director of Tourism and Film. She is a consultative marketing and branding leader with a record of success across traditional and digital marketing channels. She talks about all of the wonder offerings this summer and into the fall and winter with Westchester County.Everyone is feeling the strain of higher inflation and interest rates, lower tax refunds and an uncertain economic outlook --- leaving consumers looking for additional value when they shop. And Walgreens is doing just that with myW Days, a weeklong shopping event where the healthcare retailer is offering myWalgreens members the highest Walgreens Cash rewards earnings opportunities to date. Walgreens is one of the only retailers giving shoppers accelerated reward opportunities, putting cash rewards in consumers’ wallets for future spending. The myW Days event is coming July 23 through July 29 and myWalgreens members can earn unprecedented bonus offers, personalized deals and Walgreens Cash rewards across the entire store. Dave Cooper, Walgreens Regional Vice President, discusses more details about the weeklong shopping event, specifics on ‘myW Days’ deals and rewards offers, and can explain to listeners the benefits of being a myWalgreens member, including how they can join the program for free.
7/31/202338 minutes, 7 seconds
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Dr. Harvey Karp; National Safety Month; The Importance of Imagine Swim Lessons; PenFed Partners with Sabré Cook

Marking a significant advance in infant safety, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given De Novo approval to Happiest Baby’s SNOO Smart Sleeper. This is the first time the FDA has given De Novo approval to a product designed to keep sleeping babies safely positioned on the back. Babies who are positioned to sleep on the back are at a lower risk of SIDS. Amy Schumer, Tia Mowry, Ashton Kutcher, Gigi Hadid, Serena Williams, and Kate Hudson are just a few who have used and praised the SNOO Smart Sleeper. Michelle speaks with Dr. Harvey Karp about how to calm your baby and the great benefits of the SNOO.Lorraine Martin is the President and CEO of the National Safety Council. June was National Safety Month, and with the summer upon us, it’s a good time to talk about what risks we face this time of year. During the next few months, safety issues to pay attention to include: heat-related illness, traffic crashes, overdoses and more. Whether you’re at work, on the road, at home or anywhere in between, it’s important to stay educated on how to identify and prevent risks to your health and wellbeing.As New York City’s premier learn-to-swim school for the last 20 years, Imagine Swimming is committed to instilling a love of the water for life. Safety, of course, comes first, but at Imagine it’s not just about surviving in water, it’s about thriving in it. It’s about fostering a lifelong passion for swimming. They offer lessons for all ages: infants, toddlers, school-aged children, and adults. They also have a competitive swim team, a synchronized swimming team, and offer lap swim and more. Professional Racecar Driver Sabré Cook Joins Forces with PenFed to Help Others Pave a Road Toward Financial Success. The 2023 Porsche Carrera Cup North America Series is one of the preeminent one-make racing series in the world. Drivers go head-to-head in the exact same car and compete at the most iconic motorsport venues across North America. Sabré Cook is the first female driver to compete in the series and is making history as one half of the first female driver and female-owned team pairing to race in Porsche Carrera Cup North America.As a young trailblazer at the top of her game, Sabré has partnered with PenFed Credit Union to create awareness on driving toward financial success. As part of this partnership, PenFed is the Official Credit Union of Sabré Cook Racing and the #37 Porsche Carrera 911 GT3 Cup Car.On June 26, Sabré Cook will be available to discuss her personal career and financial journey, share details on the partnership and how credit unions can help individuals as they navigate their financial journeys.For more information, please visit
7/31/202338 minutes, 2 seconds
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Florida Family Getaway: Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort!

Michelle and her family spent a couple of days at the Margarittaville Hollywood Beach Resort and had a blast! On the show, she talks to the team that makes the resort a perfect spot for family getaways, friend reunions, and basically any reason you have to celebrate and get together!Jennifer Strum, the Director of Marketing. For the past three years, she has been the Director of Marketing at Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort, where she manages the marketing strategy for the highly activated 369-room oceanfront resort, including eight food & beverage outlets, 30,000 sf of meeting space, spa, and active recreation and live entertainment schedule. Before returning to her hotel roots, she was the Sr. Director of Business Development & Arena Promotions at AmericanAirlines Arena for over 17 years, where she successfully booked and marketed the arena, supporting concerts, sporting events, family shows, and special events. Kaine Owens is the General Manager of JWB Prime Steak and Seafood at Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort. Kaine has been the General Manager of JWB Prime Steak and Seafood since January 2022. He brings his extensive dining expertise from Boatyard Restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale, where he served as the Assistant General Manager of the 350-seat restaurant and banquet event space. Kaine was part of the leadership team responsible for leading 100 team members in the marketing, daily restaurant operations, hiring, guest service, and revenue & expense management for the restaurant. Giovanni Falconi is the St. Somewhere Spa Director at Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort. Giovanni Joined Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort as Spa Director in September 2019. Gio is responsible for the daily oversight of St Somewhere Spa, an 11,000 sq foot facility with 11 spa treatment rooms, a fitness center, a salon, and wet facilities such as a steam room and co-ed jacuzzi. With his seventeen years of spa experience, Giovanni spent seven years working on a corporate level with Trilogy Spa Holdings.
7/18/202338 minutes, 10 seconds
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PBS Kids and Screen Time; PETA talks Breathing-Impared Dogs; Milan Kordestani; Dole Foods for Snacking

The national conversation around screentime has continued to boomerang at an alarming rate, and parents’ attitudes continue to shift and change. When the pandemic made it an educational necessity, it provided more openness for what technology can offer our children. But as new technology such as AI is being introduced, some parents have begun retreating again. Sara DeWitt says that now is in fact the time to have a deeper, more open dialogue about positive digital media experiences for young children, and how we can use these tools to form good media habits that can address topics like children’s mental health, school readiness, critical thinking, and ultimately, the importance of human connection. She is the Senior VP and GM for PBS Kids and joins Michelle to talk about how to use screentime wisely for your kids.Colin Henstock is the Investigations Project Manager for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). He talks with Michelle about how to care for breahing - impaired dogs. French and English bulldogs, Boston terriers, pugs, boxers, and other breathing-impaired breeds (BIBs), who are purposefully bred to have severely distorted airways that make it hard for them to breathe and cause them great discomfort and to pant, snort, and wheeze. Milan Kordestani is an entrepreneur, writer, and founder of several companies oriented toward giving individuals control over their own discourse and creation. Michelle talks to him about his new book, " I'm Just Saying: A Guide To Maintaining Civil Discourse in an Increasingly Divided World.Summer is here and snacks have become even more essential to daily routines. Kids are home, families are planning road trips and vacations and there is always a need for a healthy snack. Snacks are a staple of the American diet, making up nearly 22% of adults’ total daily calories, according to recent data from the National Institutes of Health. The trick is to embrace snacking and make smart choices. Most people do not get the recommended number of servings of fruit per day, leaving them without many important nutrients. Snacks like dried fruit can help fill in those gaps. Kimberly Galante, Head of Innovation at Dole, discusses how snacking has become a regular part of the American diet and how people can make healthy choices that are full in flavor and nutrition.
7/7/202338 minutes, 17 seconds
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The Broadway Museum is a Hit! Tech while Traveling; Swim Safely with Imagine Swimming; Preparing Your Home for Summer

The Museum of Broadway opened its doors to the public on November 15, 2022, but Julie Boardman and Diane Nicoletti have been working on the development of the Museum for over 5 years. As part of this immersive and interactive theatrical experience, guests travel through a visual history of Broadway, highlighting groundbreaking moments in a series of exhibits that showcase – and show off – dazzling costumes, props, renderings, rare photos, videos, and more. Some of the exhibits included throughout the timeline showcase props and artifacts from the Broadway productions of Phantom of the Opera, West Side Story, Rent, Company, Cabaret, Hamilton and many more. The Museum also features a “Making Of” exhibit dedicated to the folks behind the scenes on a Broadway production and a special exhibit, The American Theatre as seen by Hirschfeld, curated by David Leopold, Creative Director of The Al Hirschfeld Foundation. Diane joins Michelle to talk all about the amazing new museum in Times Square.America is ready to hit the road. According to a recent report on summer travel, 85% of Americans plan to travel this summer and while most of them plan to stay in the states – nearly ¼ of the country’s travelers plan to leave the country1. As vacationers start packing their bags, experts say one important question to ask is: “Do I have the tech I need for the trip I’m taking?” Travel tech has a packing list of its own. From the latest devices to make your trip more comfortable (for the adults AND the kids), to smart phones that take great pictures and cutting-edge backup power sources, planning ahead reduces stress on the road. Andrew Testa, Verizon’s tech expert, gives tips for tech on the road!As New York City’s premier learn-to-swim school for the last 20 years, Imagine Swimming is committed to instilling a love of the water for life. Safety, of course, comes first, but at Imagine it’s not just about surviving in water, it’s about thriving in it. It’s about fostering a lifelong passion for swimming. They offer lessons for all ages: infants, toddlers, school-aged children, and adults. They also have a competitive swim team, a synchronized swimming team, and offer lap swim and more. Brendan O’Melveny is the Chief Aquatics Officer, Imagine Swimming. He has over 23 years of experience as a swim instructor and is currently the Chief Aquatics Officer at Imagine Swimming in New York City. In 2020 he founded the New York Water Safety Coalition, which promotes drowning prevention legislation across the state. Brendan is frequently featured in local and national media as an Aquatics expert. He has finished nine Ironman triathlons, including the World Championship in Hawaii, and is the proud father of two young swimmers.Summer heat and storms can be unforgiving but it’s not too late to make investments in your home that will keep weather out and energy in. Whether your audience needs seasonal maintenance tips, DIY projects, or ideas how which investments provide the best ROI, the Money Pit team can help during this vital period for home fix-ups. Home Improvement Expert Tom Kraeutlerur brings us up to speed on the latest trends and upgrades, with an emphasis on energy saving, weather protection, and home safety.
6/28/202338 minutes, 13 seconds
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Breathe, Sleep, Thrive; Preserving California's Native Plants; KAIRN: Mates of the Alliance; Smoothie Ideas

Airway health is an important but often overlooked area of medicine, and studies have connected poor airway health to sleep, cognitive, behavioral, and physical problems. Dr. Shereen Lim is breaking new ground in this field with her book Breathe, Sleep, Thrive, a comprehensive guide to breathing and airway development. It covers the issues that can arise from poor airway health to what steps can be taken to prevent and reverse damage, focusing on children’s development in particular. Save Our Water is a statewide, water conservation program created in 2009 by the Association of California Water Agencies and the California Department of Water Resources. The program’s goal is to make water conservation a daily habit among Californians.The 2023 rains brought a record amount of water to the state, but it will take more than a single wet year for California to fully recover from the three driest years ever recorded in state history.Up to 60% of the water Californians use is outdoors - by cutting back on watering in the yard and planting local water-wise plants, residents can conserve water. Luckily there are water-wise landscapes to fit every style and budget. Dr. Jun Band, Executive Director of the California Native Plant Society and landscape architect Kate Hayes shares easy ways we can conserve.KAIRN: Mates of the Alliance by Fionne Foxxe Farraday wins International Impact Book Award in Romance. At the IIBA Awards, books are not judged against competing titles but are reviewed by the judges and experts based on a scoring system that evaluates the quality of the writing and production of the book.In the wake of an alien invasion that has devastated Earth, disaster and destiny align to bring together a human doctor, Daria, and Kairn, the handsome Luperan military officer serving as ambassador for the Galactic Alliance. KAIRN: Mates of the Alliance, the smart and sexy first novel by Fionne Foxxe Farraday weaves together themes of friendship, environmental care, and commitment against the backdrop of a sweeping intergalactic romance.In today’s often hectic lifestyle, it can be hard to find better-for-you options while on the go. Smoothie bowls are an on-trend solution to keep you energized while you tackle the day ahead. Packed with premium ingredients and whole fruits, smoothie bowls can be incredibly nutrient- and protein-dense, especially if they include superfoods like açaí or pitaya, commonly known as dragon fruit.To meet the growing demand for healthier and more satisfying options on-the-go, Smoothie King – the first company to bring smoothies to the masses – launched a new product lineup, the Smoothie Bowl. These bowls are made-to-order and feature fresh ingredients, making them a healthier meal alternative to many fast-food options. All six new Smoothie Bowls contain a daily serving of whole fruits, up to 11 grams of protein and range from 450 - 610 calories, making them a nutritious meal or snack alternative for anyone on the go!This show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network, if you are interested in advertising on this podcast, contact us at
6/17/202337 minutes, 7 seconds
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Visit Mexico Grand Hotels - Cabo San Lucas!

Plan a visit to Los Cabos and get two resort experieces during your trip! Mexico Grand Hotels has two gorgeous properties within its collection of hotels and residences - Hacienda Encantado and Marina Fiesta.Hacienda Encantada brings you the finest Los Cabos luxury experience offering an optional All Inclusive stay, pairing exquisite suites and private villas with superior service, traditional Mexican architecture and breathtaking landscapes.Reconnect body, mind and soul in their wellness spa and temazcal. The hydrotherapy in the spa is unique and a pure treat! Relax your senses with spectacular sea views while lounging by the pool or at the swim-up bar. Indulge in the flavors of the Baja at their restaurants and bars, then explore the Marina Golden Zone with our Dine Out Privileges Plan. Marina Fiesta is in the perfect location to explore all of Cabo San Lucas' water activities and to enjoy the shopping at the marina. WIth the beach inspired suites overlooking the marina, you can enjoy the swim up bar, beautiful spa and the nightlife of the area.For bookings and more information, check out and haciendaencantada.comThis show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network, if you are interested in advertising on this podcast, contact us at
6/8/202338 minutes, 10 seconds
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The NY Kids Club: Preschool, Parties, and Enrichment! Dr. Kevin Schewe's Bad Love Tigers; Honoring Vets and Preventing Suicide

Joy Farina Foskett is the Head of Education at NY Kids Club and NY Preschool in New York City where she uniquely balances responsibilities as an administrator and as a passionate educator. While continuing to dramatically shape the educational development of our students, her daily responsibilities have included curriculum development, mentorship of our teachers, and parent communication, all under her chief obligation of providing high-quality preschool education and enrichment programs to hundreds of children across New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens) through 17 locations. Joy has well developed her professional versatility by interfacing regularly with the NYP/NYKC CEO and management team, our private equity investors, our teachers, and employees at every level within our organization.Joy’s core belief with respect to education is a holistic approach to learning, honoring the whole child, acknowledging all types of learners, and strongly asserting that self-belief can be infectious. The development of each child's confidence, self-esteem, and intrinsic validation is invaluable.Michelle talks with Joy about the unique programming NY Kids Club offers for their preschool and enrichment programs and the fun birthday parties Michelle's kids have had the opportunity to experience multplie times!In less than six months on the international screenplay circuit, Bad Love Tigers has already amassed an incredible 300 awards. Michelle has author Dr. Kevin Schewe back on the show to discuss his second book in the series and what we can expect next! As Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day approach, American Legion National Commander Vincent J. “Jim” Troiola is imploring all Americans to “Be the One” to stop veteran suicide. “The number one issue facing veterans today is suicide. Estimates vary as to how many take their lives each day, but we do know that one is too many. In fact, that’s the number we are focused on. The American Legion wants all Americans to ‘Be the One,’ to save one,” Troiola said. “Veterans served this country, now it’s time to return the favor. We should all be the one to ask veterans how they are doing. To reach out when a veteran is struggling and listen to them when they need to talk. We must destigmatize the act of seeking help. Above all, encourage veterans in crisis to call 988, extension 1. Since 9/11, far more veterans have taken their own lives than were lost to war. Learn how you can help, by visiting”
5/22/202343 minutes, 47 seconds
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Visit the Emerson Resort and Spa in the Catskills!

Michelle took her family to the beautiful Emerson Resort and Spa in the Catskills region of NY and loved every part of the trip! Tune in to hear Michelle speak with Tamara Murray, the Marketing and Sales Director, Christina Burns, the spa manager and Marci Smith, manager for the Shops at Emerson. The shops are so much more than just your typical shops. The resort is also home to the world's largest kalaidoscope! Besides the gorgeous views, the cuisine in top notch and the activities in the area and at the resort will allow you to fill your days with as much or as little as you want to do. Come alone and decompress or bring the family and take. nature hikes and bond over learning a new skill or art project.Visit for more information!
5/18/202338 minutes, 10 seconds
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Dr. Harvey Karp's Snoo; Hero Bread; Milan Koredstani on Maintaining Civil Discourse; Treatment Advances for Metastatic Breast Cancer

Marking a significant advance in infant safety, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given De Novo approval to Happiest Baby’s SNOO Smart Sleeper. This is the first time the FDA has given De Novo approval to a product designed to keep sleeping babies safely positioned on the back. Babies who are positioned to sleep on the back are at a lower risk of SIDS. Amy Schumer, Tia Mowry, Ashton Kutcher, Gigi Hadid, Serena Williams, and Kate Hudson are just a few who have used and praised the SNOO Smart Sleeper. Michelle speaks with Dr. Harvey Karp about how to calm your baby and the great benefits of the SNOO.Due to severe food allergies, Hero Bread Founder Cole Glass has an extremely limited diet. He can’t eat raw fruits, vegetables or nuts, which means he’s limited to protein, fat and carbs. Glass was worried about the health impacts of all the carbohydrate-dense foods he was eating and started searching for a low net carb bread. The problem was, most of the alternative flour products were made from foods he couldn’t eat. So, he decided to bake. Without a culinary background, it took two years of experimentation and 73,000 muffins, but practice paid off and he found the perfect recipe. His bread has zero grams of sugar, 12 grams of protein and only 1 net carb per serving.That journey led him to big-name investors, expansion into quick-service and his latest Series B fundraise (bringing total funding to date to $47.5 million). Hero Bread is also expanding to 2,300 grocery retail stores nationwide. Milan Kordestani, an expert for “Gen Next” (Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha). He is an entrepreneur, writer, and founder of several companies, who is redefining the meaning of success in business. With a focus on building sustainable businesses that drive positive social change at scale, Milan is a three-time founder who wants to encourage solutions beyond his companies through storytelling and narration of civil discourse. Milan is also the author of “I’m Just Saying: A Guide to Maintaining Civil Discourse in an Increasingly Divided World,” (April, 2023 HCI) a straightforward look at the history and art of maintaining courteous communication in an increasingly divided world. In this book, he uses contemporary case studies and personal experience to teach readers how to have constructive conversations by engaging in civil discourse, and provides practical advice and strategies for respect in a divided world.Dr. Mothaffar F. Rimawi is a Professor of Medicine, co-Leader of the Breast Cancer Research Program, and Executive Medical Director of the Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center (DLDCCC) at Baylor College of Medicine. Metastatic breast cancer (mBC) is the most serious form of the disease and occurs when the cancer has spread beyond the breast to other parts of the body, such as the brain, bones, or liver.1 mBC has no cure and takes a life in the United States approximately every 12 minutes, creating an urgent need for treatment proven to extend life while maintaining quality of life. Despite remaining gaps, there have been important advancements in treatment for patients with hormone receptor positive, human epidermal growth factor receptor-2 negative (HR+/HER2-) mBC. For example, KISQALI® (ribociclib), a prescription medicine indicated for HR+/HER2- mBC in combination with endocrine therapy (ET), has consistently demonstrated across three phase III clinical trials a significant benefit in overall survival (OS) – the length of time that patients diagnosed with mBC continue to be alive – while preserving or improving quality of life.
5/7/202338 minutes, 6 seconds
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Importance of Play; Drug Take Back Day; YMCA's Healthy Kids Day: Smoothie King for Healthy Meals

Dr. Tanya Altmann, FAAP, a UCLA-trained pediatrician talks with Michelle about the importance of play. Experts agree, play is an integral component to a child’s development, as it builds important social and emotional skills. According to a recent study, due to COVID, kids are redefining the way they want to play, including seeking a safe space to play and the permission to say YES to play more. Yet where kids see fun and an opportunity to explore, parents can look at the same thing and see dirty surfaces, limiting kids’ freedom to play. This has uncovered a play gap between the way kids want to experience play and how parents are helping to facilitate it. To help close this gap, the FamilyGuard™ Brand is introducing YES, PLAY!, a new initiative that highlights the importance of having a dedicated, clean play space in the home, while giving parents the tools they need to be successful in today’s state of family play. Last year over 100,000 Americans died after overdosing on opioids, including prescription pain medications. Rates of prescription drug abuse in the U.S. are alarmingly high, as are the number of accidental poisonings and overdoses due to these drugs. Ashley Schmidt is the VP of Regulatory and Compliance at Inmar Intelligence and talks about National Prescription Drug Take Back Day, their drug disposal program and how people can get involved locally.When school breaks for summer, many kids want a break from everything! It’s tempting to trade in alarm clocks, homework and gym class for sleeping late, screen time and snacking on sugary summer treats – but it’s obviously not in kids’ best interest, physically or mentally.The Society of Behavioral Medicine reports that physical activity for children between 6 and 9 years old drops by 53% during summer break, resulting in weight gain and bad eating habits. And the lack of stimulation leads to ‘summer learning loss,’ a phenomena where kids lose academic skills, like reading and math.But the struggle to keep kids entertained, engaged and eating well for three months is real for parents! Fortunately, they’re getting an assist. Who better to inspire kids to get off the bench and take a swing at adopting healthier habits than a woman who managed the diets of Chicago Cubs players for a decade?Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Dawn Jackson Blatner, has teamed up with Eggland’s Best to develop a game plan for motivating kids to stay active and eat healthy during their summer break and beyond! And first base is the YMCA’s nationwide Healthy Kids Day® event on April 29th, an opportunity for families to get active, have fun and jumpstart a healthy summer.Kathleen Ashmore is a professional chef and recipe developer. In today’s often hectic lifestyle, it can be hard to find better-for-you options while on the go. Smoothie bowls are an on-trend solution to keep you energized while you tackle the day ahead. Packed with premium ingredients and whole fruits, smoothie bowls can be incredibly nutrient- and protein-dense, especially if they include superfoods like açaí or pitaya, commonly known as dragon fruit.To meet the growing demand for healthier and more satisfying options on-the-go, Smoothie King – the first company to bring smoothies to the masses – launched a new product lineup, the Smoothie Bowl.
5/7/202338 minutes, 26 seconds
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Tru by Hilton-A New Fun Hilton Experience; Magnolia Bakery for Your Child's Next Event! Peta's Take on Horse Drawn Carriages in Central Park

Michelle talks with Andrew Harp, Brand Leader of Tru by Hilton about her experience at their Hershey, PA location. Michelle took her family to Hershey, Pennsylvania, decided to stay at one of Hilton's newest brands, and found it to be the perfect hotels for families! Andrew Harp oversees the fastest hotel brand to launch in industry history. In his role, Andrew is responsible for Tru by Hilton’s brand strategy, driving growth and development, building and sustaining guest loyalty as well as overall performance and brand culture. Harp is a seasoned hospitality leader with nearly 20 years of experience, starting his career with ONIX Hospitality, a hotel owner and operator in the Mid-Atlantic Region where he oversaw the Operations, Revenue Management and Sales & Marketing of a six-hotel portfolio working with Hilton, Marriott and Choice brands. During his time with ONIX, Harp helped open three hotels including two Hampton by Hilton properties.He graduated from the University of Delaware with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Finance and graduated from the University of West Chester Pennsylvania with an MBA.Michelle talks Magnolia Bakery with Bobbie Lloyd! Since joining the Magnolia Bakery family in 2006, Bobbie Lloyd has played an integral role in expanding the iconic bakery brand from its original location in New York City’s West Village to locations worldwide, and has continuously sought and developed new avenues for brand growth. As the company’s C.E.O.Bobbie is keen to identify new channels that will enhance the Magnolia Bakery experience in person and online. As Chief Baking Officer, Bobbie brings the homemade essence of Magnolia Bakery to customers through the creation of new products and the perfection of old classic American dessert favorites. In October of 2020, Bobbie released her first cookbook, The Magnolia Bakery Handbook: A Complete Guide for the Home Baker.It’s 2023, but horse-drawn carriages are still on the streets of New York, Charleston, and some other tourism spots. But if visitors knew the cruelty behind the nostalgia, they’d never get taken for a ride: These horses are forced to pound the pavement in all weather extremes, dragging heavy loads, dodging cars, and inhaling exhaust fumes. Many horses forced to pull carriages end up with painful and debilitating ailments affecting their hooves and legs, which were made for soft, grassy areas, not city streets. Luckily, animal-free options for touring a city are abound, from pedicabs and rickshaws to segways and scooters and even vintage-style electric carriages, and kind people in cities across the country are rallying together to demand an end to the horse-drawn carriage industry. PETA 's Director of Outreach Ashley Byrne discusses with Michelle how this industry fights all welfare reforms and how listeners can support efforts to ban horse-drawn carriages in their own communities.
4/21/202331 minutes, 39 seconds
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Author and Therapist Wendy Behary: "Disarming the Narcissist"

With 30 years of professional experience and advanced level certifications, Wendy Behary is the founder and director of The Cognitive Therapy Center of New Jersey and The Schema Therapy Institutes of NJ-NYC-DC. She has been treating clients, training professionals and supervising psychotherapists for more than 20 years. Wendy was on the faculty of the Cognitive Therapy Center and Schema Therapy Institute of New York (until the Institutes merged in 2012), where she trained and worked with Dr. Jeffrey Young since 1989. She is a founding fellow and consulting supervisor for The Academy of Cognitive Therapy (Aaron T. Beck’s Institute). Wendy served as the President of the Executive Board of the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST) from 2010-2014 and served as the Training and Certification Coordinator for the ISST Executive Board from 2008-2010. She is currently the chair of the Schema Therapy Development Programs Sub-Committee for the ISST.Wendy Behary has co-authored several chapters and articles on Schema Therapy and Cognitive Therapy. She is the author of an international bestselling book, "Disarming the Narcissist...” translated in 15 languages. The Third Edition was recently released. Wendy has a specialty in treating narcissists and the people who live with and deal with them. As an author and subject matter expert on narcissism, she is a contributing chapter author of several chapters on schema therapy for narcissism for professional readers. She lectures both nationally and internationally to professional and general audiences on schema therapy, narcissism, interpersonal relationships, anger, and dealing with difficult people. She receives consistent high praise for her clear and articulate teaching style and her ability to bring the therapy to life through dramatic demonstrations of client interactions in the treatment room.
4/21/202338 minutes, 14 seconds
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The Gorgeous Historical Mohonk Mountain House

Michelle visits the Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY and speaks to those most involved in making it the wellness, family friendly haven it is.Formerly Vice President and General Manager, Eric Gullickson was promoted to President of Mohonk Mountain House in 2018. Involved with Mohonk Mountain House in various capacities since his teenage years, Gullickson first joined the managerial team at Mohonk in 2010 as Director of Hotel Operations. Gullickson has also served as part of Mohonk’s Board of Directors and previously held careers in journalism and public relations for over 10 years. Gullickson is a graduate of SUNY New Paltz and holds graduate certificates from New York University and the Cornell School of Hospitality Administration.Nina Smiley, Director of Mindfulness Programming graduated from Vassar College and earned a doctoral degree in psychology from Princeton University. She is co-author of The Three Minute Meditator (translated into 7 languages), Mindfulness in Nature, and MetaPhysical Fitness. Nina taught psychology at the University of Maryland and directed public relations at the American Psychological Association. She has studied mindfulness with Jack Kornfield (founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center), Sharon Salzberg (co-founder of Insight Meditation Society), and others. Nina is on the advisory board of the Breath-Body-Mind Foundation. Nina delights in sharing insights about meditation and wellness. Nina’s work has been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine; Real Simple; Shape; Self; Huffington Post; InStyle; Organic Spa; Spafinder; Family Circle; Prevention; and The New York Times.Margaret Lora, Spa Director at Mohonk Mountain House, oversees operations for the newly refreshed Spa at Mohonk Mountain House, focusing on current and upcoming wellness trends. With over 15 years of experience managing spas across the country, Margaret aims to create one-of-a-kind experiences for guests, utilizing the resort’s beautiful natural setting and incorporating environmentally-friendly practices and green initiatives. Prior to joining Mohonk, Margaret was National Director of Operations and Sales at the acclaimed spa brand Exhale, where she helped the brand earn over 75 awards during her nine-year tenure.
4/6/202338 minutes, 17 seconds
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Frozen Food Ideas For Busy Moms; Equity for Women in Corporate America; My Maril; IBM's Work with the Clean Water Shortage

For people constantly on the go or for parents juggling multiple responsibilities, finding a work-life balance can be tricky. A recent survey revealed that almost all Americans (94%) look for food options with a longer shelf life so it’s available for cooking convenience – and at least once a week, frozen foods have bailed out almost four in five (77%) parents during last-minute “what’s for dinner” conversations. TV Chef and Personality Jamie Gwen gives us some great ideas!With Black History Month in February and Women’s History Month underway in March, the issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace remain at the forefront of the national conversation. Today, more women are breaking through to the top of the leadership ranks. These hard-won achievements are overshadowed by the fact that women remain acutely underrepresented in the middle management tiers, jeopardizing the prospects for a healthy pipeline of future women leaders. Kitty Chaney Reed is the Culture and Inclusion Officer at IBM. She talks with Michelle about what IBM is doing for women.The movie star, the singer, the sex symbol, the so-called “dumb blonde” – all things that Marilyn Monroe is known as, and yet her story goes far beyond that. How did she build her career in Hollywood? Who was she close to – her family, her friends, her lovers – and who was really there for her? Was a successful young woman’s life cut short by suicide, or is there more to the story? Most importantly, who really was Marilyn Monroe? My Maril: Marilyn Monroe, Ronald Reagan, Hollywood, and Me reveals the intimate details of the star’s life and the environment of Hollywood and the United States at the peak of Marilyn Monroe’s career. Michelle talks with NY Times best selling author ay Margolis.According to the World Health Organization, the lack of consistent access to clean water is a major problem for two billion people that live in countries experiencing intense water stress. Half of the global population, or 4.2 billion people, lack safely managed sanitation services. In fact, the gap between global water supply and demand is projected to reach 40% by 2030 if current practices continue. Michael Jacobs is the Sustainabiliy and Social Innovation Leader, for IBM Corporate Social Responsibility.
3/28/202337 minutes, 52 seconds
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The Carillon Miami Wellness Resort; Lash Fary's Distinctive Assets Oscar Gift Bag; National Highway Traffic Safety

The Carillon Miami Wellness Resort is at the forefront of the wellness industry, boasting an impressive list of cutting-edge treatments to jump start your “new you” ethos. From touchless wellness treatments to anti-aging and preventative health programs, to extensive fitness offerings and pool and beach access, the property sets the tone for wellness standards across the country and is perfect for a new year renewal. Tammy Pahel, VP of Spa and Welness Operations for Carillon Miami Wellness Resort joins Michelle to talk about all the resort has to offer.Distinctive Assets, the LA-based entertainment marketing company credited with transforming celebrity gifting into a pop culture phenomenon, will yet again be independently producing their legendary “Everyone Wins” Nominee Gift Bags, which have become the most buzzed-about swag in history! This year’s top acting and directing nominees including Austin Butler, Colin Farrell, Cate Blanchett, Ana de Armas, Michelle Williams, Michelle Yeoh, Judd Hirsch, Angela Bassett, Jamie Lee Curtis, Todd Field and Steven Spielberg will be treated to a six-figure gift bag intended to pamper, delight, surprise and inspire…regardless of whether or not they take home that iconic gold statue. Lash Fary, founder of Distinctive Assets, joins Michelle to discuss what is in this year's "Everyone Wins" Gift Bag.Dr. Stephen Ridella, Director, Office of Defects Investigation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, joins Michelle to talk about why it's important to stay on top of safety recalls on your vehicle. As we prepare for Daylight Saving Time on March 12, 2023, many Americans are reminded to conduct simple safety checks around the home, such as changing the batteries in their smoke detectors and furnace filters. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) continues its effort to ‘spring forward’ to safety by encouraging consumers to check their vehicles for safety recalls twice a year—timed conveniently with the beginning and end of Daylight Saving Time. During the annual Vehicle Safety Recalls Week, drivers are urged to utilize NHTSA’s free VIN lookup tool on and the SaferCar app.
3/18/202338 minutes, 23 seconds
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The Very Hungry Caterpillar; Vegan Options for Eggs; Visit Nova Scotia

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show is playing at the DR2 Theatre, off-Broadway at 101 East 15th Street at Union Square. The show is produced by Rockefeller Productions, which also has presented Disney’s Winnie The Pooh: The New Musical Stage Adaptation (in NYC and now on a national tour—and soon to open in London next month) and Sesame Street: The Musical (in NYC and soon to return off Broadway). The spectacular puppets are designed and created by the Rockefeller Studios in Long Island City. Michelle talks with Jonathan Rockefeller all about this and his other shows.Outbreaks of avian flu saw nearly 58 million birds destroyed in the U.S. alone in the last year and these “bird culls” are driving up the price of eggs, leaving shoppers in search of inexpensive solutions. But how many people know they can still have the taste they enjoy but skip the eggs altogether in favor of healthy vegan foods that won’t cost extra—or cost animals their lives? Versatile silken tofu transforms into a breakfast scramble, mashed banana binds in baking, and aquafaba—the liquid in canned garbanzo beans—whips up into an elegant meringue. All these options are 100% cholesterol-free and avoid all the cruelty of today’s farms, and as a bonus, they won’t risk causing an outbreak of bird flu in anyone’s backyard. PETA spokesperson Marissa Price discusses these “vegan upgrades” and how to use them.Neil Hodge is the Travel Media Representative for Tourism New Brunswick. He chats with Michelle about New Brunswick in Atlantic Canada. The area offers a collection of road trip routes for travelers looking for adventure this season. With the current exchange rate and a convenient close to home location, Atlantic Canada offers an affordable way for Americans to travel internationally. He shares his favorite destinations and places to stay.
3/15/202337 minutes, 50 seconds
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The Londonderry Inn - Hershey, PA; IBM and STEM Skilling; Camelback Resort - Poconos; Camp for Future Veterinarians

3/10/202338 minutes, 37 seconds
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The House of Pietro Simone; The Gazillion Bubble Show; Great Wolf Lodge; Instagram's New Features

Italian skincare guru and beauty disruptor Pietro Simone talks with Michelle about choosing the best services and products for one's skin. His skincare treatments are unique and effective and he shares his tips for taking care of your skin no matter where you are in a routine.His very first US flagship clinic in New York City is on Spring Street in SoHo andcalled, The House of Pietro Simone. For years the CEO and Founder of Pietro Simone Skincare has offered services to a tight crowd in London at his Beauty Concept Store and although his products are available at five-star resorts in the states such as Meadowwood Napa Valley and the Four Seasons Nashville, this new space will allow devotees of the line to get services directly from the founder himself – something which hasn’t been possible in the states until now. Located at 145 Spring Street in SoHo, it features three treatment rooms, (one room has a chakra light system on the table and the clinic will host ANNICCA, a visiting therapist who comes monthly and specializes in energy work and crystal therapy) a beauty lounge and communal workspace for keeping up with life in between services. For the past 15 years, Gazillion Bubble Show has dazzled bubble lovers of all ages with its spectacular display of special effects, laser lighting and interactive performances - all in the name of bubbles. The show is 75 mins of art, science and bubble fun, with mind-blowing bubble magic The Bubble Show has established itself as the longest running Off-Broadway Family sensation - created by Fan Yang and carried on by his children - Deni and Melody - and his brother, Jano. Michelle speaks with Deni about the current show and where it's touring next.VP of Commuications for Great Wolf Lodge, Jason Lasecki, joins Michelle to discuss all that Great Wolf Lodge has to offer families around the country. This amazing resort is a one stop shop for tons of family fun. From the indoor waterpark to the MagiQuest, great family dining options along with bowling, mini golf, and many many more activities, Michelle's family had so much fun at the Poconos property!Dayna Geldwert, Head of Global Policy Programs at Instagram, shares details about ‘Quiet Mode’ and how to use this new feature. She also discusses with Michelle multiple settings that have been updated to help manage time, provide additional parental controls and assist in controlling the content you see.
2/21/202338 minutes, 5 seconds
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Adison Smith wins the Duck Defender Award! ADHD in Children and Adults; Pilot Flying J for Roadtrippers

Weber County mom and autistic woman Adison Smith has received the inaugural Duck Defender Award from Duck Defenders, an international project of animal welfare charity Humane Long Island. The Duck Defender Award is the top accolade bestowed by the charity and is awarded to only those making the most significant progress for waterfowl advocacy and rescue in North America. Adison talks to Michelle about her work with her rescue, Wasatch Wanderers Animal Rescue, and what it's like to raise a two year old as a recently diagnosed autistic mom.Dr. Arthur Bregman and Linda Curley talk about how ADHD affects relationships. Going on a road trip? Be sure to stop at a Pilot Flying J on your way!
2/9/202338 minutes, 29 seconds
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Breast Cancer Awareness; Detecting RSV; Healthy Bedding; Blood Shortages

This was the week of Covid with the kids, so we have two segments worth listening to again!Segment 1 is a repeat of a segment we ran in October. Breast cancer awareness is so important, so this interview is worth repeating so we think about it more than just in October! Respiratory viruses in young children have many parents extremely concerned of late. Is it a cold? The flu? Covid? Or respiratory syncytial virus, also known as RSV, which causes common cold symptoms, but can also cause airway inflammation? Although anyone can get RSV, premature infants and patients under the age of two are most vulnerable to severe breathing problems due to their smaller airways. Dr. Jennifer Sonney, president of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, shares important information about the symptoms of RSV, who it affects most, and what people can do if diagnosed with RSV or how to prevent RSV.Looking for healthier bedding? Naturepedic is the brand you want to check out. Arin Schultz is the director and joins me to talk about the benefits and why what you sleep on is so important.While some aspects of life have returned to normal since the height of COVID-19, the blood donation rate has not, leading to more frequent supply shortages. Vitalant’s blood donor base has dropped by about 20% since 2019 and the nonprofit organization has also experienced a severe drop in blood donations from business blood drives as many people now work remotely. Cliff Numark is the Senior Vice President for Vitalant, the nation’s largest nonprofit, independent, blood donation organization and talks with Michelle about how we can help the shortage.
2/2/202337 minutes, 58 seconds
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Wonderland Dreams NYC; Caring For Your Dog; Renowned Hypnotist Helps Make It A "Damp January"

Michelle talks with Alexa Meade, the artist behind "Wonderland Dreams" in NYC. Her immersersive art exhibit brings to life the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Fall down the rabbit hole into a world of secret rose gardens, mad tea parties, in a living gallery that puts you inside the artwork. Here about Alexa's background, what she was doing before becoming an artist and her many talents and how she's worked with well known companies around the world.Are you a dog owner? Rachel Bellis, PETA’s Associate Director of Local Affairs, discusses why the best way to housetrain a puppy is through consistency and compassion, with regular outings throughout the day and praise for “going” outside. She talks about the best ways to give a dog a happy, healthy life is by spending quality time with them, and providing plenty of exercise, interactive toys, companionship, listen to and respect who they are, and make sure their home is a safe place, with fragile and toxic items kept out of reach.Georgia Foster talks to Michelle about Dry January. However, instead of putting so much pressure on oneself to make it a dry January, she prefers a damp January. Georgia is a world-renowned Clinical Hypnotherapist. Georgia is known as the ‘Go To’ expert regarding the human psyche when it comes to all things related to food or alcohol. Georgia has written many books and developed a number of self-help programs about self-esteem, anxiety, emotional overeating and drinking. Her book titled, “Drink Less in 7 Days" is a best-seller and has helped thousands of people from all corners of the globe. Georgia has been featured regularly in media outlets such as: Good Housekeeping, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Body+Soul, Psychology Magazine, The Daily Mail and more. Her unique and highly successful approach helps people achieve their goals of cutting back, but not entirely eliminating alcohol consumption. It is Georgia's education in how the human brain and psyche work that has enabled her to teach people how to successfully train their minds to live healthier lives.
1/28/202338 minutes, 12 seconds
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The American Birkebeiner is Back! Winter Beauty Tips; Joe Hart's "Take Command;" AI for Cardiovascular Disease

The American Birkebeiner (Birkie) is an annual cross-country ski marathon located in Hayward, Wisconsin that people from all over the country participate in. The Birkie is made up of several events in addition to the 51K and 55K Birkie marathon races and the 24K Kortelopet race (the second largest ski race in North America). It spans 50 kilometers from Cable, WI to Hayward, WI for Skaters, and 55K for Classic Skiers. In 2020, skiers from 49 States and 27 countries participated.This year, the Birkie will take place the week of February 22 – 26, 2023. In addition to the annual Birkie event, the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation provides year-round, healthy, active lifestyle events for thousands of adventurous spirits of all ages and abilities. Ben Popp is with Michelle to talk all about it!Winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin and hair. Between all the chapped and cracked skin, and frizzy or damaged hair, this is the time of year to pay extra attention to self-care and beauty routines. Beauty & Fashion Expert, Emily L. Foley is here with a few tips to help us look and feel our best during the colder months. Joe Hart is the President and CEO at Dale Carnegie Training, the most experienced training organization in the world, celebrating 110 years since its founding with operations in over 75 countries and having provided training to tens of millions of people globally. Hart regularly has his writings appear on Newsweek,, and Rolling Stone, a popular speaker, and co-author of the upcoming book, “TAKE COMMAND: Find your INNER STRENGTH, BUILD ENDURING RELATIONSHIPS, and LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT” released January 10th, 2023 with Simon and Schuster. The book is inspired by the iconic best seller “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and named after the Top 50 ranked Leadership and Management Podcast Joe hosts, “Take Command: A Dale Carnegie Podcast,” which has included guests ranging from Fortune 500 CEOs to Hall of Fame athletes and fast growing company CEOs. Joe talks to Michelle about how to take command of your own life.Cardiologists at Northwestern Medicine are using AI to identify patients with advanced heart failure who require specialized care, including those who might need ventricular assistance devices or transplant. Heart failure is a common, costly condition affecting over 6 million U.S. adults. That’s about 1 in 250 people. When a patient reaches advanced heart failure, medications no longer work. That’s why it’s vital to catch the problem early.The Center for Artificial Intelligence at the Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute oversees an expansive research and clinical AI program targeting cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Faraz Ahmad is a cardiologist and associalte director of Northwestern Medicine Bluhm Cardiovascular Institiue's Center for Artificial Intelligence. He talks to Michelle about what Northwestern Medicine is doing to help patients.
1/15/202338 minutes, 6 seconds
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Should Kids Make New Year's Resolutions? Visit Bryant Park in NYC; Pelvic Floor Health; The Story Of Humanity

Dr. Ryan Loss is the executive director for Connecticut Behavioral Health. He talks with Michelle about whether or not kids should make New Years resolutions. Also, the importance that as parents we not put too much pressure on ourselves to make big changes. What do we need to do to be the best parents we can for our children?John Zeitoun is the Partnerships and Events Manager at Bryant Park Corporation / 34th Street Partnership. He is strategic marketing and communications professional with over 9 years of experience. He chats with Michelle about all that is happening this season at Bryant Park in the middle of New York City. The Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park has activities for the entire family!Ms. Harm-Ernandes has been a physical therapist for over 38 years and began specializing in Women’s Health over 26 years ago. Heather Florio is the second-generation owner of Desert Harvest and has been an integral part of its operations since 1993. They join Michelle to talk about the importance of pelvic health. Whether you are young or old, pregnant or postpartum, pelvic physical therapy can be a great addition for any woman.In the far future, alien scholars from a nearby galaxy discover Earth: a beautiful planet with the ruins and records of an ancient, global civilization. What would they say about humanity? What might they see influenced this ape from the very beginning, and thereby set the trajectory of their history? What would a post-mortem examination reveal about the causes of their demise? In his revealing new book, The Story of Humanity: Ecology & Consequence, scholar Ishi Nobu uses this objective viewpoint to frame his natural history of humanity.
1/7/202338 minutes, 10 seconds
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AKC National Championships; Staying Warm with Vegan Clothing Options; Increasing Prescription Drug Costs

Whether your New Year’s Day is filled with sleeping in, listening to “Auld Lang Syne” or preparing pork and sauerkraut, there’s another tradition you may not want to miss this year: the 2022 American Kennel Club (AKC) National Championship broadcast. The event is taking place December 17-18 at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center and will be broadcast on Jan. 1 on ABC at 2PM ET. Extensive live coverage on will be available starting Dec. 13.Today, more shoppers than ever are concerned about animal welfare and the environment, with a reported 73% of Gen Z considering themselves animal rights activists. PETA's investigations show the mistreatments of animals for wool and cashmere. Ashley Byrne is the Director of Outreach for Peta and talks about beautiful vegan clothing options.Michelle took a trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania with her family for winter break. She talks with Quinn Bryner, the head of PR for Hershey Entertainment and Resorts from the destination. They chat all about the fun things to do in Hershey, including the amusement park, fabulous restaurants, the Hershey hotels and spas, Zoo America, The Hershey Story, and more. Hear what's in store for 2023!One thing most Americans can agree on is that the cost of prescription drugs has become too high. According to a recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, nearly a third of consumers are unable to take medication as prescribed due to cost. Non-adherence leads to preventable hospitalizations, preventable deaths and amounts to 16%, or $500 billion, of the entire U.S. healthcare spend every year. In an effort to address this systemic problem, TranspareRx has launched the Cuverd app and website to finally bring price transparency and savings to all Americans, including both insured and uninsured people. Through its proprietary technology, Cuverd takes the mystery out of determining the lowest purchase price per medication for each unique patient.
1/7/202337 minutes, 53 seconds
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Climb - the Documentary; Human Trafficking; Mental Health First Aid; Goodwill and the Job Market

During the holidays, we’re all looking for that feeling of hope and inspiration. Enter Climb - a heartwarming documentary about a triathlete’s inspirational journey back from a near-death accident. Neil Myers is an amateur triathlete – sometimes competing in individual triathlons (where he completes all three - swim, bike and running portions), and sometimes as part of a relay team as their cyclist. Four years ago, at the age of 61, Neil and his relay team had just won the biggest race of their life, the NYC Triathlon. Four weeks later - he was fighting for his life in the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital ICU. Neil joins Michelle to share his story and his new documentary.Human trafficking is a serious and complex problem that affects millions across the globe, including right here in the United States. For over a decade, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Blue Campaign has been committed to increasing awareness on the issue to combat and ultimately end human trafficking. Brandi Bynum, DHS Blue Campaign Program Manager, talks about the prevalence of human trafficking in the U.S. and how to recognize and report suspected trafficking.
1/7/202338 minutes, 10 seconds
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How to Avoid Counterfeit Products; Skyscanner's Trends; Camelback Resort and Indoor Waterpark; Stress Levels and Our Gut Health

Kathi Vidal, Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property/Director of the US Patent and Trademark Office and Paul DelPonte, Executive Director of National Crime Prevention Council, join Michelle to talk about how to shop safely this holiday season.The holiday hustle and bustle are in full swing as shoppers search for this year’s best steals and deals. The good news, discounts are expected to hit record highs for popular categories such as electronics, computers, and toys according to Adobe’s online-shopping forecast. However, scammers are looking to take advantage of American consumers as fears of a looming recession increase, and people tighten their purse strings leading up to the Holidays. These criminals are on the prowl both online and off looking to entice consumers with even lower-cost price tags attached to dangerous counterfeit products.According to a new study by Skyscanner, Savvy US travelers have taken pride in being adventurous at heart with more than 3/4s saying they consider themselves spontaneous.Laura Lindsey joins Michelle to talk about this and other travel trends.Molly Coneybeer is Camelback Resort’s director of marketing and she joins Michelle to talk about this really fun family property in the Poconos. Ski season is here and they have a lot planned for the winter when it comes to ski and winter activities. Camelback is a great family destination with an indoor waterpark, Aquatopia, and arcade.Research shows there is a strong two-way connection between the gut and the brain. Psychological factors can affect a person’s gut health, and a person’s gut symptoms or condition can also affect their psychological health and well-being. This can spell trouble during the holidays because sugary treats, fatty dishes and excessive alcohol are in abundance and can cause digestive trouble, making a person miserable. Katherine Tomasino, PhD, is the co-director of the Behavioral Medicine for Digestive Health Program at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago and talks with Michelle about the brain gut connection.
12/12/202238 minutes, 7 seconds
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Flavor Temptations; Bluey comes to NY! Cooking Pal Makes Your Life Easy; Open Enrollment with Cigna

12/7/202238 minutes, 4 seconds
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Pregnant? Get a Doula! Winter Beauty Tips; Gift Ideas w/Doordash; WWII Museum; Xrai Software; Best Toy Gifts!

12/7/202238 minutes, 2 seconds
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Healthy Skin Tips; Resistance to Antibiotics; Gift Ideas; Yellowstone National Park; IBM's Apprenticeship

Recent research suggests that what you snack on may reduce wrinkles – and more. A study from UC-Davis found that postmenopausal women who ate 2 ounces of almonds a day had a 16% reduction in wrinkle severity and a 20% reduction in uneven skin tone. A different study from UCLA looked at young Asian women who snacked on 1.5 ounces of almonds daily. It found an improvement in their skin’s resistance to UVB rays - the main source of skin damage from sun exposure. Shereen Pavlides, Best-Selling Cookbook Author and Food Influencerand Dr. Naana Boayke, Board-Certified Dermatologist discuss.What if the medicines you take stopped working? That’s a reality for a lot of people as superbugs are making medications ineffective. If you don’t believe this, speak to the parent whose child is dealing with their third ear infection in months and has tried multiple antibiotics. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) – when germs like bacteria and fungi defeat the drugs designed to kill them – continues to be a public health threat, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Fred Tenover, VP for Scientific Affairs at Cepheid talks to Michelle about how we can do out part to prevent this from happening. The gift giving season has officially begun! However, it can be quite the challenge to find the perfect gift for all the special people in our lives. From tools for the craft loving DIYer to appliances that will elevate the home entertainer’s next party, this season brings unique gadgets that are sure to delight their recipient. In this satellite interview, lifestyle expert Josh McBride shares his top picks on the hottest gadgets this holiday season!Robin Hoover is the Executive Director of Yellowstone Country Montana Tourism Region. She and Michelle talk about the park, our trip and more importantly that the surrounding area and gateway towns are open and ready for business for tourists. IBM established their Apprenticeship Program five years ago this month. The program provides an entry point into IBM for candidates with relevant skills who may not have a traditional four-year degree – this skills-first approach is part of the IBM “New Collar” initiative. The program is registered with the U.S. Department of Labor and allows apprentices to earn a paycheck while they build skills for various strategic roles.
11/21/202240 minutes, 38 seconds
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The Devil's Calling; Mozilla Firefox to Protect Your Kid's Privacy; Conspiracy U; 2023 Realty Trends

Michael Kelley, author of The Lost Theory and The Devil's Calling, fell in love with literature and creative writing while at the University of Pennsylvania. He put this passion to the side during a lengthy career on Wall Street, where he worked as a lawyer, built an international business, and founded his own investment management firm. He joins MIchelle to talk about his new sci-fi novel.Tis the season. Kids will be getting new computers, phones, iPads and games over the holidays and they’ll be spending their winter break online. Today’s children are growing up in an era of groundbreaking technology. And, let’s face it. It can be hard for parents, even privacy-aware and tech savvy moms and dads, to stay ahead of the game and keep their children safe online. Cathy Pedrayes, is an author and safety content creator, known as Tik Tok’s “Mom Friend” with more than 2.5 million followers on the platform, joins Michelle to talk about how to keep your kids safe online and on their apps.Lawrence Yun talks about the current state of the real estate market. Buying a home is the most expensive financial decision one will make and he gives tips and insights into the current market.
11/20/202238 minutes, 13 seconds
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Amazon's Holiday Kids Gift Book is Out! Avoid Drowsy Driving; Visit Yellowstone National Park; Choosing A Medicare Healthcare Plan

Carmen Ordoñez is a Lifestyle Expert, TV Host & Founder of Lifestyle Blog “Viva Fashion” and joins Michelle to talk about Amazon's Holiday Kids Gift Book. From toys to devices to apparel to sports equipment and beyond, Amazon offers the best 2022 holiday gift ideas for anyone who loves to have fun and play. Amazon’s 5th annual Holiday Kids Gift Book, arriving in mailboxes this month, features over 600 toys and gifts, including new products and beloved favorites at every price point. Browse the book to find delightful items from brands like Crayola, Disney, Fisher-Price, LEGO, Radio Flyer and National Geographic, as well as from small businesses like Magna-Tiles, MEandMine, Thames & Kosmos and TeeTurtle. As Daylight Saving Time ends, Vice President of Research and Scientific Affairs at the National Sleep Foundation, Joeseph Dzierzewski PhD, Discusses the Important Role Sleep Plays on Health, and Tips to Prevent Falling Asleep at the Wheel.Mike Logodny is the owner of Montana Yellowstone Tours and joins Michelle to talk about her recent trip to Yellowstone National Park. They entered the park in Gardiner, Montana and explored a vast array of wildlife. Yellowstone National Park is back open for all to visit on their own, but having a guide is priceless, as they know exactly where to go to see wolves, bears, elk, bison, etc. in the wild.The Medicare Annual Election Period runs through Dec. 7 and is the time when millions of Medicare eligible individuals will select their health plan for the coming year.Stephanie Muckey with Humana and JJ Montanaro with USAA are joining us to share important information for eligible individuals, including Veterans, to consider as they evaluate Medicare plan options.
11/8/202238 minutes, 11 seconds
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The Importance of Self Care; UAP and Genesis 2 Project; Pelvic Floor Health; Heart Heath For You and Your Kids

Whether you’re working from home or heading into the office, the demands of daily life can be very taxing on your body which is why it pays to take care of it. Regular massages, stretches and facials are integral components of whole-body wellness to help keep your body working. Incorporating self-care rituals into your everyday routine is key to. Beth Stiller is the CEO of Massage Envy and talks about the importance of self care and how to access it.Following its groundbreaking announcement of the first scientifically-authenticated documentation of unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) in 2020, Genesis 2 Project LLCÔ (G2P) has continued their empirical investigations of UAP recordings. Their ever-amassing data collection and ensuing scientific findings have already begun to transform our understanding of physics and opened important discussions with U.S. Government (USG) personnel on the implications of such technologies for our national security.Dr. JC van Velkinburgh PhD- Former Los Alamos National Lab Bio physicist and Debra LaPrevotte – Former FBI Special Agent and Forensic Scientist join Michelle to discuss.Ms. Harm-Ernandes has been a physical therapist for over 38 years and began specializing in Women’s Health over 26 years ago. Heather Florio is the second-generation owner of Desert Harvest and has been an integral part of its operations since 1993. They join Michelle to talk about the importance of pelvic health. Whether you are young or old, pregnant or postpartum, pelvic physical therapy can be a great addition for any woman.The FDA recently expanded use for the LINQ II™ insertable cardiac monitor (ICM) to patients ages 2 years and older who have heart rhythm issues. About one-third the size of a AAA battery, the long-term, continuous heart monitor is now available to thousands of children who experience infrequent symptoms that may be a result of underlying heart rhythm abnormalities, including syncope and atrial fibrillation. Heart Patient and Parent Kymberli Petronio joins Michelle to talk about her own experience.
11/8/202238 minutes, 2 seconds
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Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Dense Breasts; Prostate Health; Naturepedic's Awesome Organic Bedding For Adults; Obesity in Black Women

In October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), many women schedule annual mammograms as a result of the national spotlight on breast health and breast cancer risk. But what happens if a mammogram identifies dense breast tissue? Nearly half of women aged 40 and over who have mammograms are told they have dense breasts, which can increase risk of breast cancer. For women with the densest breasts, the risk for breast cancer can be four to six times higher than women with the least dense breasts. Dr. Pamela Habib; Head of US Medical Affairs, Bayer Radiology and Dr. David Schacht; Breast Radiologist at Northwestern’s Lynne Sage Breast Center at Prentice Women's Hospital join Michelle to talk about the importance of screenings and what it means for women with dense breasts.By age 60, half of men suffer from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), also known as enlarged prostate. The common condition causes patients to experience difficultly starting and stopping urination, feeling a frequent or urgent need to pee, and being unable to completely empty their bladder.Rezūm™ Water Vapor Therapy is a non-surgical treatment for men 50 years or older that can be performed in a doctor’s office. Dr. Rahul Mehan from the East Valley Urology Center of Arizona talks about signs and symptoms of an enlarged prostate and new treatments available.Arin Schultz is director at Naturepedic. Naturepedic makes organic bedding for babies, kids and adults. So often we want what's best for our kids, but do we think about the type of bed we are sleeping on? Arin talk about the benefits of organic mattresses and the different products from Naturepedic. If you head to their website and use promocode PASSPORT15, you'll receive 15% off the entire website! www.naturepedic.comKhaliah Ali is a healthcare advocate, activist, designer, author and daughter of former professional boxer Muhammad Ali. She discusses how the Black community has been disproportionately affected by obesity, social risk factors of obesity among Black American women and what appropriate interventions look like.
10/30/202238 minutes
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The Importance of a Home Inspection; Delicious Pasta Meals; Organic Naturepedic Mattresses for Kids; Second Chance Shopping Deals

Schaefer Inspection Service is family-owned and operated by Bruce and Jill Schaefer. Bruce Schaefer founded Schaefer Inspection Service in Connecticut, with his father Marvin Schaefer, in 1982. As a team, they are committed to providing a service that offers attentive, well-trained inspectors and useful, accurate information. Jill and Bruce join Michelle to talk about why a home inspection is so important and what to look for with your home inspector.October marks National Pasta Month, a month-long celebration of pasta. There’s no better way to kick off the fall-season that with the launch of National Pasta Month and the fall pasta trends that go with it. Chef Rosario del Nero shares delicious pasta recipes!Arin Schultz, director at Naturepedic, is back to talk about the health benefits of a Naturepedic mattress. What materials should be looking for and which to avoid when it comes to our kid's health and sleep. Naturepedic makes some great mattresses for kids. Head to and use promo code Passport15 to get 15% off the entire site!As the effects of inflation continue, many Americans are feeling that their dollar doesn’t stretch as far as it once did. However, kids grow out of clothes quickly, daily necessities need to be purchased and old furniture still needs to be replaced. Amy Goodman, lifestyle expert, shares why the new trend of shopping second chance items can save Americans a ton of money, as well as have a positive impact on the environment. This is not the same thing as thrifting and is made possible by the $700 billion problem of returns in retail.
10/20/202238 minutes, 12 seconds
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Take Online or In Person Music Classes; Choosing Healthy Bedding for You and Your Kids; Enhancing Your Wifi

Bloomingdale offers a diverse set of learning options for the Fall 2022 Back to School season, including in-person and virtual private music lessons, youth group classes, music ensembles, and early childhood classes. The school offers lessons and classes 7 days a week for over 20 instruments for every type of student at all skill levels. Noelle Barbera, Director of External Affairs, Bloomingdale School of Music joins Michelle to talk about all you can take advantage of for you and your child virtually and in person.Chef Jamie Foy from Cooking Pal is back to discuss how the all in one cooking machine, Multo, can help you do the other things you need to focus on for your family while the Multo prepares meals for you and your family. And you can save $250 on Multo today! Listeners will get Rosle Bowl worth $130 and Free Cooking Class worth $120 everything with MultoJust click: and use the coupon code MULTOPPM9’ As parents, we all want the best for our kids and what they sleep on should be on the top of the list of what's important to their health. Michelle chats with the director at Naturepedic, Arin Schultz about what makes a mattress safe for you and your children. What ingredients are healthy and which you should avoid. Naturepedic makes many different types of mattresses to suit your child's growing body and this week they talk about the options for babies.Use promo code PASSPORT15 to get 15% off the entire site! Did you know your internet experience could be slowed down if your wifi router is near a microwave, a fish tank, or mirror? Simple tips and tricks can maximize the speed and performance of your home network which, in turn can save you and your family time and money. In this interview, Tech Expert Ashley Renne educates us on the ins and outs of internet speeds and how to fully utilize your connectivity.
10/18/202237 minutes, 52 seconds
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Babyganic's Pootraits; Cooking Pal's Chef Jamie Foy; Lulu Miller's Terrestrials Podcast; The New Covid Vaccine

Diaper duty doesn’t always go to plan. In fact, more than 50% of parents find changing time to be a source of anxiety and stress, with 9 out of 10 parents claiming they frequently experience a diaper-related disaster at changing time. Nicole and Victor Arroyo join Michelle to talk about Babyganic's new Pootraits campaign and how the poop anxiety is real!Chef Jamie Foy is back to talk about the amazing Multo by Cooking Pal. He gives tips for feeding even the pickiest of eaters! And now save $250 with their Back to School package! Listeners to Passport Mommy will get a Rosle Bowl worth $130 and a free cooking class worth $120! Just use promo code MULTOPPM9 at checkout! Just click Use the coupon code MULTOPPM9NPR Radiolab host, Peabody Award-winning science journalist & queer mother of two, Lulu Miller is changing the way we engage with nature. Her new podcast Terrestrials which launched today September 22, will explore why the inhabitants and phenomena of the natural world are stranger than we think…While the series radiates joy and playfulness for both kids & adults, it also touches on poignant human experiences like grief, fear, family, and disability.The BA.2 subvariant of Omicron has become the most common strain of COVID-19 in the United States. Like the Omicron variant, this new subvariant spreads rapidly. Even though symptoms are often less severe than the earlier versions of the virus, severe illness, hospitalizations, and deaths are possible, especially among the unvaccinated. Dr. Sayo Weihs, clinical lead pharmacist in antimicrobial stewardship and infectious disease at University Health in Kansas City, Missouri and talks to Michelle about what we need to know for new booster.
9/29/202239 minutes, 25 seconds
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Feeding Kids A Healthy Diet; Multo Makes Healthy Eating Easy! Dr. Bregman Talks Blended Families; Rail Safety

America continues to fight a childhood obesity epidemic, and at the same time, nutrient shortages are impacting our children. Many children, and especially teenagers are falling short on key nutrients found in animal proteins such as iron and vitamins B6 and B12. Parents need to be armed with information and resources to be sure their kids receive the nutrients they need to develop strong minds and bodies this school year. Shalene McNeill, PhD, RD is a nutrition scientist and registered dietitian who has studied healthy, sustainable diets for more than 20 years and joins Michelle to talk about tips to keep kids healthy. Chef Jamie Foy is back to talk about the all in one cooking machine that will make cooking a breeze and get your family back to the kitchen table together! The Multo is an all in one cooking machine by Cooking Pal and will be your new best friend! You an multitask while the machine cooks for you! As a dad, Jamie knows how important it is to feed your kids well and get the family together! *** And Passport Mommy listeners get $250 off on their Back to School Package today!! You will get a Rosle Bowl worth $130 and a free cooking class for the Multo worth $120! Just use promocode MULTOPPM9 at checkout! Just click Use the coupon code MULTOPPM9***Dr. Arthur Bregman and Linda Corley talk blended families and what it's like for the kids and parents and how to make it a healthy and smooth transition.Will Miller talks about preventing rail tragedies during rail safety week. Will is the public safety director for Norfolk Southern and talks about the #STOPTrackTragedies campaign.
9/20/202238 minutes, 29 seconds
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Entrepreneur Sara Parthasarathy of Flavor Temptations; Preventing GERD; Chef Jamie Foy and Your New Best Friend - Cooking Pal

Sara Parthasarathy started Flavor Temptations with her husband Partha Sabniviss. It is a pre-packaged Indian Spice kit company that started with the goal of introducing families with small children to ethnic foods early and making it easier for home chefs to prepare Indian cuisine. They have now expanded into working with 50 school districts to include Indian foods in their cafeterias. It’s estimated that up to a third of Americans suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and a significant number of people aren’t even aware they have the condition. Dr. John Pandolfino is the Chief of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at Northwestern Medicine and joins Michelle to discuss ways we can prevent and treat GERD.Chef Jamie Foy chats with Michelle all about the amazing Multo by Cooking Pal. This will be your new best friend in the kitchen! The Multo does it all so you can prepare amazing meals for your children without slaving away in the kitchen. It's great for the mom who needs to multitask. *** And Passport Mommy listeners get $250 off on their Back to School Package today!! You will get a Rosle Bowl worth $130 and a free cooking class for the Multo worth $120! Just use promocode MULTOPPM9 at checkout! Just click Use the coupon code MULTOPPM9***
9/16/202238 minutes, 26 seconds
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Be Prepared for Hurricane Season; Public Welfare Foundation; Dr. Bregman talks ADHD; Roadtripping Tips with Pilot Flying J

9/8/202238 minutes, 24 seconds
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Visit LEGOLAND New York Resort; Video Tutoring with Pearson+ Channels ; Mental Health First Aid; Cotton Incorporated

Matt Besterman is the Public Relations Manager at LEGOLAND® New York Resort. He talks to Michelle about all the things there are to do at the park this fall and throughout the season. LEGOLAND New York Resort is the ultimate LEGO theme park destination for kids age 2-12 and their families, celebrating its first full season in Goshen, NY, just 60 miles from NYC. The park and hotel make for a great two day visit! Johnny Betancourt is co-founder of a company that has helped more than two million students improve their learning outcomes through video tutoring. Now he’s teamed up with the leading textbook publisher to bring books and video together in time for Back to School.Dr. Bregman and Linda Corley address Mental Health First Aid with their guest this week. How do you spot someone in a metal health crisis and what to do about it.Director of Corporate Strategy and Insights for Cotton Incorporated, Melissa Bastos talks about how consumers' perspectives on inflation shape their back to school shopping plans. In addition, she shares details on what to do with old, out-grown clothing to keep it out of landfills.
9/1/202238 minutes, 15 seconds
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Spend the Fall at the Surfside Hotel in Lordship; Visit Montana and Yellowstone Park; Blended Families; Vegan Lunch Options for Kids

The Surfside Hotel in Lordship, Stratford, CT is a phenomenal place to visit during the summer and into the fall and winter time. Kristin Leahy, Emma Simonsen, and Jason Schechtman join Michelle to talk about the family bond that comes from a mother and daughter working together. They also chat about all the great features, ammenities and activities at the Surfside Hotel.In mid-June, record rains and melting snow caused flooding, rockslides, and mudslides within Yellowstone National Park and south-central Montana leading to park closures. However, if you’re one of the millions of travelers planning a visit to the national park this year, don’t cancel your plans just yet! Division Administrator of the Office of Tourism and Business Development, Jenny Pelej, shares how the National Park Service has facilitated the park’s reopening for visitors.Dr. Bregman and Linda Corley talk about blended families and how to make them work for you and your kids. Faith Robinson; Senior Strategist at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), talks about all of the vegan options available for your child's lunchbox as they head back to school.
8/25/202238 minutes, 16 seconds
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Preventing Childhood Drowning with NDPA; What to Know Before Digging; The Sandwich Generation; STEM w/ Phil Cook

Dr. Adam Katchmarchi of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance joins Michelle to talk about ways to prevent childhood drownings. Sarah Magruder Lyle is the President & CEO of Common Ground Alliance (CGA)An omnibus survey conducted by Common Ground Alliance (CGA) in March 2022 found that 49% of homeowners who planned to dig this year did not intend to contact 811 to have underground utility lines marked beforehand. She will talk about what you need to do before digging.Phil Cook is a chemistry teacher and TikTok star. He talks to Michelle about the importance of STEM products including the Pilot Pen.
8/19/202238 minutes, 10 seconds
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Brattleboro, Vermont - A Great Family Vacation!

Stephanie Bonin is a mother of two and former Executive Director of the Downtown Brattleboro Alliance. She chats with Michelle about all there is to do in Brattleboro for visiting families, especially during the summer and upcoming fall season.Bethany Kriger-Thies is a mother of four, co-founder/co-creator of Everywhere Philosophy, and published author of essays, short stories, and poetry; former staff writer for several online publications including Nickelodeon, and The Huffington Post and regular contributor to her local, independent newspaper. She raves about why living in Brattleboro is such a great place to raise children, and how to experience it like a local year-round.
8/9/202242 minutes, 28 seconds
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Kimba William's Kushae; Glamping for Families; Keeping Family Safe with Selective Insurance; Vegan Lunches for Kids

Kimba Williams is the CEO/Co-Founder of Kushae. A black-owned, women-led feminine wellness brand, she talks about being a Mom and Entrepreneur; why it was important to her to create non-toxic wellness products for women; also her passion and drive to dismantle the stigmas and barriers women face in speaking about their feminine health and wellness.Shelly Gallagher is the Vice President, Personal Lines, Selective Insurance and joins Michelle to talk about how to keep your family home safe while away. The U.S. Travel Association expects Americans to spend $95 billion on travel this year and new research from Selective Insurance, conducted online by The Harris Poll among over 1,400 U.S. homeowners, indicates that 44% of U.S. homeowners plan to take a vacation that is a week or longer between July-Dec 2022. While homeowners might focus their efforts on planning their most memorable summer vacations, it is equally as important to plan how to best keep their homes and properties safe and secure while away.Faith Robinson is the Senior Strategist at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and talks about how we can prepare our children's lunch in a healthy and mindful way.Young people care about animals; more and more kids are deciding to go vegan by ditching meat, eggs and dairy. Luckily, thanks to new cookbooks, websites and social media accounts that focus on raising vegan kids, it’s easier than ever to pack lunchboxes with tasty vegan takes on traditional favorites.
8/4/202236 minutes, 58 seconds
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Rye Playland; Bad Love Tigers; The Importance of a Good Home Inspection; DoorDash for Busy Moms

Since opening in 1928, Rye Playland has developed into an iconic attraction and a summer staple for families across the entire NYC Metro area. Listen to what we can expect today and in the future as Michelle talks with General Manager of Rye Playland, Ernie Blundell.Kevin Schewe's "Bad Love Tigers" wins best screenplay at London Classic Film Festival. It is a feel good, action-adventure, sci-fi blend of "Stand By Me" meets "Raiders of the Lost Ark" or "Back to the Future" meets "Goonies."David Sherwood is the founder and CEO of Sherwood Inspection Services, LLC. He joins Michelle to talk about the most common items to fail in a home, what to look for in an inspection company and what questions to ask owners before buying a home. Find out why a home inspection is such an important part of the home buying process. If you are in the Connecticut or Massachusetts area, you can book an inspection at Are you a busy mom looking to save money? Check out Michelle's interview with Ereka Vetrini. She is a lifestyle expert and mom of two and talks about why DoorDash is so helpful for those looking to save money this summer on food and essential summer products.
7/26/202238 minutes, 13 seconds
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KAIRN: Mates of the Alliance; DiscOasis in Central Park! Flamethrower; Surviving the Second Tier

KAIRN: Mates of the Alliance by Fionne Foxxe Farraday wins International Impact Book Award in Romance. At the IIBA Awards, books are not judged against competing titles but are reviewed by the judges and experts based on a scoring system that evaluates the quality of the writing and production of the book. Michelle talks with Fionne about how background and what made her write this book.Annie McGrath is an executive producer of The DiscOasis and at Constellation Immersive she is VP of Production & Development. She joins Michelle to talk about the amazing DiscOasis now set up in Central Park at Wollman Rink. Whether local or visiting, this is a must do!Dr. Bryan Mark Rigg introduces his book, "Flamethrower." The last World War II recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor (MOH), Hershel “Woody” Williams, will receive another of the greatest honors granted an individual by the United States Government. Williams, who passed away at the age of 98 on June 29, 2022, will lie in honor at the U.S. Capitol.Imagine a world where coercion, control, surveillance, and manipulation reign. Where imbalance of power makes exploitation easy and where those at the bottom of the heap sacrifice everything to make a profit for those at the top. M.K. Lever's knockout debut work of fiction, Surviving the Second Tier, weaves these issues and themes throughout a new fictional dystopia to display the real world truths that face athletes in the college athletic system.
7/20/202238 minutes, 5 seconds
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Teen Launches Unstoppable Protective Gear; Candytopia; Omni Hotel Providence RI; How to Save While Traveling

Unstoppable Protective Gear was founded by Taylor Ryan to address the lack of appropriate protective products available to serve women and girls participating in sports. Fresh from the success of a recent presale event at the Hirshberg Foundation's Tour de Pier in Manhattan Beach, Calif., Unstoppable Protective Gear is now available to all athletes via the UPG website.Candytopia is a must visit if heading to Manhattan with the kiddos. But be prepared for a massive sugar high and make sure your little ones don't try to eat the incredible art and sculptures (like mine did!)My kids and I visited the Omni Providence Hotel and had a blast! For those in search of the spirit of the city, Omni Providence Hotel is within reach of all the best that Providence has to offer. With a premier downtown location, you are within walking distance of the city's main college campuses including Brown University, Providence College and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), plus historic attractions, gourmet restaurants, upscale shopping, entertainment and more. The hotel is connected to the Rhode Island Convention Center, Dunkin’ Donuts Center and Providence Place Mall, making it the ideal destination for business and pleasure.Travel Expert Brian Kelly, Founder of The Points Guy, will be available to discuss how to save - whether you are hitting the road or flying abroad - and discuss savvy ways to beat summer travel inflation.
7/14/202238 minutes, 50 seconds
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Teach Your Kids How to Ride with Guardian Bikes; 21st Century Male; Super Nature Hair Care

Hailey De Souza from Guardian Bikes joins Michelle on the show to talk about the amazing benefits of teaching your child to ride on a Guardian Bike. Michelle's own child shocked her when she rode away on her two wheeler without training wheels. Learn why and how this can happen with the proper bike.Dr. Judson Brandeis joins Michelle to talk about his new book, "The 21st Century Male." Sixty board-certified doctors and men’s health experts offer advice and insider secrets that men over 35 need to recover and maintain their physical, mental, and sexual health to feel great, look good, and have better intimacy.Beauty and Lifestyle Expert, Jeannette Kaplun, explains how she is harnessing the power of nature by switching to natural hair products and give you the inside scoop on what ingredients to look for when shopping the shampoo aisle. She also shares her top hair habits to incorporate your routine for great hair days ahead!
7/6/202238 minutes, 18 seconds
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Jamie Gwen Talks Dairy; Glamping at Camp Fimfo; Talking to Children about School Shootings with Dr. B; PETA's Free The Animals

6/29/202238 minutes
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Visit Curacao and the Mangrove Beach Corendon Curacao All-Inclusive Resort!

Michelle recently visited the Mangrove Beach Corendon Curacao All-Inclusive Resort, Curio by Hilton. She talks with Miguel Gonzalez Perret-Gentil about the offerings at the property and all the beautiful country of Curacao has to offer.
6/27/202238 minutes, 6 seconds
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UVCeed for Disinfecting for Travel; Visit Loudoun County, Mental Health First Aid with Dr. B; Goodwill Industries; Melanoma Prevention

6/24/202243 minutes, 29 seconds
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UVCeed - A Parent's Best Friend! Charter Schools; Hoarding and Relationships; America Saves Week

UVCeed introduced the world’s safest and smartest mobile UV light sanitizer that is up to 99.9 percent effective at killing germs, bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19 in seconds. Michelle talks with co-founder Justin Beyers about why it was developed and how it works. Veney is the Senior Vice President of Communications & Marketing at the National Alliance for Public Charter School. Public charter schools are an important part of the American education landscape serving 3.6 million students — two-thirds of whom are from low-income, Black or Hispanic communities. Nearly 65% of all charter schools are single-site community-based schools, and the U.S. Department of Education's proposed regulations on federal Charter Schools Program funds threatens new schools like this. Debbie explains.Dr. Arthur Bregman and Linda Corley are back to talk about hoarding and how it can affect you and your relationships. Even with a hit show detailing the disorder and tons of special reports addressing it, hoarding remains an untold secret for approximately 1 out of 20 people. By now it’s well known that hoarders end up with an extremely messy house, sometimes with unhygienic consequences. It can be embarrassing to admit. As hoarding gets more severe, it becomes difficult to live a normal life where friends and family can come over to visit. And a sufferer may even lose their home.Erin McCullen is the head of deposit products at Bank of America. America Saves Week is in full swing, and Bank of America is encouraging people around the country to make a commitment to save at According to a recent Bank of America survey, nearly half (40%) of Americans resolved to build up their savings in 2022. Now is the moment and there’s never been a better time to examine your savings behavior and commit to a healthy financial future.
6/10/202238 minutes, 27 seconds
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Mohegan Sun: More Than Just a Casino, Quadramune for Immunity, ADHD with Dr. B and Linda Corley, My Free Pharmacy

Michelle went to Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT for her birthday with the kids and everyone had a blast! She talks with Kevin. about all of the family friendly activities at the resort (huge arcade and awesome pool!) the many dining options, spa and entertainment. Dr. Leonard Farber joins Michelle to talk about the immune boosting supplement, Quadramune. He explains the ingredients in the product and why he believes so strongly in it for helping to build immunity.Dr. Arthur Bregman and Linda Corley are back with the Breakdown with Dr. B. This week, they discuss ADHD. The ABC's of ADD - Chances are you know someone who suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder even though they may not even know it themselves. That's because ADD is highly undiagnosed in adults which is unfortunate since the management of the disorder is very manageable. Dr. Bregman, who has years of diagnosing and treating Attention Deficit Disorder from a very holistic point of view gives his take on ADD, the symptoms and why the disorder is highly underdiagnosed in the United States. Doug Behrens, CEO, MyFreePharmacy, brings to light a new way to get your prescription drugs. My Free Pharmacy is a great alternative to not spending so much on your medications each year. Those without insurance can still get their prescriptions at a very affordable rate. Those who have insurance may still find this is the way to go!
5/22/202238 minutes, 13 seconds
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Kid Characters for Parties; Peta's Teachkind; The Brain Gut Connection with Dr. Bregman and Linda Corley; Heatstroke Prevention in Kids

Dave Sabsels is the owner and operator of Kids Characters for Parties. He is a small business owner who talks about what inspired him to start his business and how he has grown it. He brings tons of smiles to children's faces all over Connecticut and parts of New York!Lisbet Chiriboga, the Program Manager of TeachKind at PETA, discusses their accomplishments, the groundbreaking research showing that students thrive academically when compassion for animals is in the curriculum, and how TeachKind’s lessons help students reject all forms of violence and bullying.As doctors and scientists discover more about the digestive system's connection to our minds, the findings are changing medicine’s understanding of the links between digestion, mood, health and even the way we think. Dr. B. and intergrative medical doctor Federico Martinez of Healthpark Medical Center in South Florida discuss the communication between these two brains and how a healthy brain creates a healthy gut and visa versa.Dr. Steven Cliff joins Michelle to talk about heatstroke. With spring temperatures rising and the dog days of summer just around the corner, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is warning families about the dangers of vehicular heatstroke and leaving children in hot cars. Outside of crashes, heatstroke is the number one vehicle-related killer of children under the age of 14 in the United States.
5/14/202238 minutes, 20 seconds
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Great Learning Piano: Donner DDP-80; Visit North Carolina! The Breakdown w/ Dr. B: Blended Families; Gapsquare and Pay Inequity

David Przygoda speaks to Michelle about the new Donner DDP-80. It is a great piano for those learning to play the piano. Great on space and comes with an app with free lessons from instructors at Berkley!Wit Tuttell is the executive director of Visit NC. He talks about some small towns great for visiting. They are partnering with Airbnb for some great giveaways to get you to North Carolina!Blended Family Bliss - Blended families often offer a well-rounded and rich experience for many moms, dads and children. But let's face it, not every family ends up like the Brady Bunch! Doing the homework, laying down rules, understanding boundaries and practicing patience is a good place to start. Dr. B. talks to licensed psychologists Dr. Joel Platter and Dr. Cathy Allsman as they run through useful tips on how to successfully blend a family into happily ever after.According to 322 employers responding to XpertHR’s 2022 Survey on Pay Equity, senior management is one root cause of the existence of pay inequities at companies. The survey indicated an opportunity to address policies and procedures that could achieve pay equity. Human Resources practitioners are leaning on tech tools like Gapsquare to review pay analytics to close wage gaps within their own organizations. Dr. Zara Nanu; CEO/Co-Founder of Gapsquare and chats with Michelle about this pay inequity.
5/4/202237 minutes, 49 seconds
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Garden for Wildlife; Why You Should Still Get Vaccinated; Types of Depression with Dr. B; Video Chat for Those on the Spectrum

5/2/202238 minutes, 12 seconds
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What To Know About Your Well Water; A Girl's Guide To Puberty and Periods; How to Get A Good Night's Rest with Dr. B; Benefits of Eggs

Matthew Bednarz is the VP for CT Basement Systems Radon and is a WQA Certified Master Water Specialist. He talks about how to test and for what to test your water when doing a home inspection. He is a full service radon, well pump and water treatment expert. www.connecticutradon.comDr. Marni Sommer shares her new book, 'A Girl's Guide to Puberty and Periods." It is a body- positive illustrated book that helps girls ages 9-14 understand what to expect about puberty and everything that goes with it.Dr. Arthur Bregman and Linda Corley talk about how to get a good night's rest and why it's so important for your health. If you'd like to schedule a virtual psychiatry visit with Dr. Bregman, head to www.bregmanmd.comEmily Metz; President and CEO of the American Egg Board shares the joys of finding a beautifully decorated egg on Easter morning, enjoying a brunch board with loved ones, or snacking on a colorful sweet treat as winter weather becomes spring sunshine. At the center of it all is one thing – eggs.
4/26/202238 minutes, 14 seconds
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Avoiding Distracted Driving; Devon Duckpin Bowling (CT) for Parties; Practicing Gratitude with Dr. B and Linda Corley; The Sun Relaunched

David Pesi is the agency development specialist at The General. He offers tips for avoiding distracted driving. He talks about the impact it has on one's safety and wallet.Local to CT: Michelle features business owner, Arnaldo Gomes of Devon Duckpin Bowling in Devon, CT. She chats with him about why he started the business. Not only is he saving for his kids' college, but his children also play an integral role in making sure all runs smoothly. Great spot for a kid's birthday party, corporate get together, family party, etc.A Daily Dose of Gratefulness - Practicing gratefulness every day is one of the most important things you can do for your mind, body and soul. Studies show that people who practice being thankful are more likely to live longer, love stronger and in general enrich their lives in numerous ways. Dr. B. breaks down the science behind gratefulness and explains why it's important to practice every day of your life.The New York Sun, one of America’s historic newspapers, relaunched recently as an online daily with national and international coverage and an aim to help restore public trust in the press. Dovid Efune, Publisher and Chairman of the historic New York Sun newspaper, chats with Michelle about what we can expect with the relaunch.
4/13/202238 minutes, 15 seconds
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David Chesky's Mice War; Plant Based Beauty Products; The Sandwich Generation with Dr. B and Linda Corley; The Continental

As part of major effort to teach young children, especially in these turbulent times, about the absurdity of war and the futility of violence, "The Mice War, " a heartfelt animated feature film created by Grammy-nominated composer and lyricist David Chesky, is now available for viewing on Amazon: cosmetics to personal care products, sustainable, plant-based biology solutions are the way of the future. Michael A. Carr is the President and Chief Executive Officer, Calyxt and Dr. Travis Frey is the chief technology officer. Calyxt, a plant-based synthetic biotechnology company, is taking a new strategic direction focused on engineering synthetic biology solutions.Dr. Arthur Bregman and Linda Corley are back with the "Breakdown with Dr. B." This week they speak about the Sandwich Generation. It's not easy to be a caregiver. Worry, stress and sleepless nights are a common occurrence for the one who is caring for the sick and the elderly. The stress is compounded for the "sandwich generation" which describes a generation of young- to middle-aged adults who are “sandwiched” between caring for their aging parents, while also raising their own children. Dr. B. talks with Psychologist Teddy Tarr about navigating through finances and overseeing medical care while not forgetting to take care of yourself while juggling various generations that rely on your attention.“The Continental”, a new quarterly literary review, features the best writings of Central Europe and North America for a U.S. market. The writings explore hot button topics such as prejudice and faith. Sandor Jaszberenyi, editor in chief of “The Continental”. Sandor is also a war correspondent who is traveling for this interview to the U.S. from the Ukraine front lines.
4/4/202238 minutes, 11 seconds
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Equinox Golf Resort and Spa; Legendary "Everyone Wins" Nominee Swag Bag; Going Back to the Office with Dr. B; Loving Akhilesh

Are you looking for an amazing spring getaway? Check out the Equinox Golf Resort and Spa in beautiful Manchester, VT. GM Robert Booth and Michelle chat about the history of the resort as well as the spa, culinary options and family activities at and around the resort.Lash Fary is the guru behind Distinctive Assets and the legendary "Everyone Wins" Nominee Gift Bag. He joins Michelle to talk about what the nominees at this year's Oscars received in their incredible swag bag. Dr. Arthur Bregman and Linda Corley are back with the Breakdown with Dr. B. This week, they are talking about how it feels to go back into the office as many companies are starting to meet in person again. The pandemic has definitely changed the way people work and many are struggling with leaving their kids and going back to the office. If you'd like to connect with Dr. B, check out bregmanmd.comLoving Akhilesh - Reflections of Parenting a Child with Severe Learning Disabilities, is a heartwarming account of a mother's care of her son with severe learning disabilities. Michelle talks with Dhanalakshmi Kadari and Dr. Srilekhini Kadari, mother and daughter, who broke the international world book of records for the most number of plays of a parental podcast on learning disabilities.
3/29/202238 minutes, 12 seconds
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Traveling to Halifax; Sexuality and the Disabled; Mindfulness with Dr. B and Linda Corley; Kidney Disease

Pam Wamback is the media relations specialist for Nova Scotia and talks about all there is to do there in the spring. Amazing cuisine and family friendly activities.Judith Newman is described as one of the most successful freelance writers today. She is also a mother and an author. She is now writing for the "Continental." Her latest work is about the way we view the sexuality of those who are disabled.In "The Breakdown with Dr. B," Dr. Arthur Bregman and Linda Corley chat about mindfulness. Life Coach Samantha Ray joins Linda and Dr. B to chat about how to achieve mindfulness in our lives each day to realign our energy.Dr. Adam Weinstein is the chief medical information officer for DaVita Kidney Care. He talks signs of the disease and what to do if diagnosed.
3/23/202237 minutes, 19 seconds
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Parents as Teachers; Jamie Gwen Loves Frozen Food; Talking Divorce on the Breakdown with Dr. B; Sleep Better with Mute

Parents as Teachers's President and CEO, Constance Gully, joins Michelle to talk about raising young kids during the age of COVID. Since 1984, PAT has provided support for parents of very young children who need help with everything from recognizing developmental milestones and accessing resources to effectively advocating for their kids as they enter the school system.Jamie Gwen is a chef and television personality and talks about the benefits of frozen food - especially for busy moms who want to make healthy meals for their children. Dr Arthur Bregman and Linda Corley from "The Breakdown with Dr. B" discuss the right time to end a marriage. How to know if you should throw in the towel or work through the challenging times. Reach out to Dr. Bregman's office if you would to schedule an appointment!( 305) 740-3340. bregmanmd.comAre you or your partnering snoring? Dr. Michael Breus is "the sleep doctor" and offers you tips on how to minimize the freight train in your bedroom and breathe easier. Check out
3/12/202237 minutes, 50 seconds
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Vrbo's 2022 Trend Report and Early Bookers; PETA Promotes Adoption; Talking To Your Kids About War with Dr. B; Importance of Testing Hearing

Allison Kwong from Vrbo, Vacation Rentals By Owner, joins Michelle to talk about the 2022 Trend Report. She shares where people are going and who is influencing the travel. She also highlights that many are booking their trips a lot earlier than they used to. Visit to book your next vacation or download the app! PETA's Rachel Bellis advocates for adopting your next pet as opposed to getting it from a breeder or shop. She also chats about what goes into welcoming a pet into your family. This week kicks off the new series, "The Breakdown with Dr. B." featuring Dr. Arthur Bregman and Linda Corley. They will address topics that affect parents and their children each week. This week they breakdown how to talk to your children about war. You can also check out their podcast for past topics and reach out to the Bregman Medical Group to schedule an appointment for you or your family.March 3 is World Hearing Day, and this year, there's a big change coming to the marketplace related to hearing health and access to hearing aids. Dr. Thomas Powers is the founder of Powers Consulting and Katie Carr is the President of the Hearing Industries Association. They talk about the advancements in hearing aids and the risks of ignoring your hearing loss.
3/5/202238 minutes, 9 seconds
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Vrbo's 2022 Trend Report; IL Divo's New Album and Tour; Scott Shay's Conspiracy U; America Saves Week

Michelle speaks to VRBO's Allison Kwong about their latest 2022 Trend Report including where parents are traveling to with their children.Il Divo, the multi-national classical crossover vocal group joins Michelle to talk about their new album, "For Once In My Life: A Celebration of Motown" and their upcoming tour. They also pay tribute to their friend and partner, Carlos Marin.Scott Shay won a Gold Literary Titan Book Award for this controversial book, "Conspiracy U: A Case Study." He uses his experiences from attending Northwestern University in the 1970s to explore the ancient and modern variations of Jewish hatred and Anti-Zionism.Erin McCullen is the head of deposit products at Bank of America.America Saves Week is in full swing, and Bank of America is encouraging people around the country to make a commitment to save at
3/2/202238 minutes, 40 seconds
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Six The Musical; A Girl's Guide To Periods and Puberty; Happiest Baby's Lexi Montée

Samantha Pauly is Katherine Howard in the hit Broadway musical, Six. She joins Michelle to talk about the show's run in NYC as well as the national tour that is about to kick off. "The SIX wives of Henry VIII take the mic to remix five hundred years of historical heartbreak into an exuberant celebration of 21st century girl power!"Dr. Marni Sommer shares her new book, 'A Girl's Guide to Puberty and Periods." It is a body- positive illustrated book that helps girls ages 9-14 understand what to expect about puberty and everything that goes with it.Lexi Montée is the head of marketing for Dr. Harvey Karp's "Happiest Baby," which includes his books, videos and the Snoo, which Lexi named! She is also the daughter of Dr. Karp. Hear all about her experience as a new mom and how it impacts her work with "Happiest Baby."
2/19/202233 minutes, 32 seconds
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Get Away with Vrbo! Congenital Heart Disease in Babies; The 21st Century Male; Gabby's Dollhouse

Alison Kwong, Senior Public Relations Manager for Vrbo, talks with Michelle about the 2022 travel trends. vrbo.comJonathan Chen, MD, Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery in the Cardiac Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) talks about congenital heart disease in babies and how it can be corrected in the womb.Dr. Judson Brandeis joins Michelle to talk about his new book, "The 21st Century Male." Sixty board-certified doctors and men’s health experts offer advice and insider secrets that men over 35 need to recover and maintain their physical, mental, and sexual health to feel great, look good, and have better intimacyGabby's Dollhouse is a new series for kids on Netflix. Michelle talks with Laila Lockhart Kraner – “Gabby” in Gabby’s Dollhouse and Traci Paige Johnson - Executive Producer, Gabby’s Dollhouse about the new show that explores the idea that it's ok to make mistakes!
2/11/202239 minutes, 5 seconds
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Visit the Palm Beaches! Best Masks for Young Kids and Adults; Vegan Fashion

Lindsey Wiegmann is the director of Public Relations for Discover The Palm Beaches, the tourism marketing agency for Palm Beach County. She talks with Michelle about all there is to do for families in the Palm Beaches. No better time to visit than now!Josh Helmich is the co founder and investment partner for Green Supply. He talks with Michelle about the differences between KN95, N95 and some of the other masks on the market. Green Supply also sells great masks for your little ones!Dr. Laura Shields is the manager of corporate responsibility for PETA and chats about the future of fashion using vegan materials.
1/28/202238 minutes, 8 seconds
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Dive in with Pura Vida Divers! Winter Fun in NYC; Travel Easily with BabyQuip; Social Isolation and the Effect on Seniors

Michelle talks with the owner of Pura Vida Divers in Riviera Beach, Florida. Hear the story behind opening the scuba diving shop and how to get young kids involved early and give them the love of the water! www.puravidadivers.comJohn Zeitoun is the Partnerships and Events Manager at Bryant Park Corporation/34th Street Partnership. He talks with Michelle about all that is happening at Bryant Park this winter including the Bank of America Winter Village.Fran Maier is the Founder and CEO of BabyQuip, a baby gear rental company that allows you to rent anything you need while on vacation. Save yourself the time and energy of dragging all your gear with you on your next trip! www.babyquip.comDr. Lee Lindquist talks about the detrimental affects of social isolation on seniors.
1/15/202237 minutes, 49 seconds
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Last Minute Gift Ideas; PETA's Thoughts on the New NIH Director; Home Makeovers for the Homeless; Economic Growth in the New Year

12/18/202137 minutes, 1 second
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Women and the Financial Services Industry; Holiday Shopping Tips; Making Meals a Memory; Keeping Kids Safe in the Car with Console Vault

Amy Jensen Wolff, CFP, CDFA Founder, Financial advisor, AJW Financial, a Cetera Organization, talks why women are great candidates for working in the financial services community. Nicole Lapin, NY Times Best Selling Author of Rich Bitch, Boss Bitch and Becoming Super Woman, shares tips for holiday shopping. Daniel Zawisza and Chris Kozak are co-founders of the recipe sharing app Dishtory. They offer great ideas on how to make meals a memory this holiday season. Capture those recipes with audio and/or video of your loved one.Scott Bonvissuto is the co-founder and President of Sales and Marketing of Console Vault, the original in vehicle safe. He talks about how to keep your children safe while embarking on road trips.
12/11/202138 minutes, 28 seconds
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The Wilkes Insurrection; Aline and the Blue Bottle; A Solution for Interstitial Cystitis; End of Life Planning

Robbie Bach is best known for leading the team that brought Xbox to life. He is now celebrating the 20th anniversary of Xbox and celebrating the release of his new book, The Wilkes Insurrection.Carolina Ugaz-Moran is the author of Aline and the Blue Bottle, a wonderful coming of age book. She is first time author shares how she has used her science background in her writing.Heather Florio talks about Interstitial Cystitis and why so many women suffer from it but it often goes undiagnosed. She is the founder of Desert Harvest and has an aloe vera product that helps women manage IC.A new survey shows that it took a pandemic for 44.5 million Americans to finally discuss financial, health, and legal plans with their families. Alison Carnie is director of Trust Services and Chief Administration Officer of the Edward Jones Trust Company and discusses the important topics that need to be addressed.
12/4/202137 minutes, 53 seconds
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Kenny Down's "The Mirror, The Window and the Wall;" Winter Wellness Tips; Nadia Davis' "Home Is Within You;" Staying Safe with Tech

Kenny Down is author of "The Mirror, The Window and the Wall" and talks about the life changing power of finding your true self.Terra Wellington is a wellness lifestyle contributor and gives tips for keeping healthy this upcoming winter.Nadia Davis is author of Home Is Within You. In this deeply personal memoir, Nadia Davis addresses her three sons with brutal honesty, hope, and strength, revealing both her childhood and adult traumas that led to issues with addiction and dysfunctional relationships, as well as to discuss transformational healing, spirituality, intensive trauma therapy, chronic pain management, healthy co-parenting and intimacy, preventing learned toxic masculinity, and more.Crystal Pichon, Chief Executive Officer at The Safety Place, shares great gift ideas for keeping you and your kids safe. 
11/27/202138 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

Medicare Open Enrollment; Infertility and the ProteX Solution; Hottest Tech Gifts This Holiday Season

Dr. Meena Seshamani is the director of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and shares important information for open enrollment.Clinics like Reproductive Medicine Institute (RMI) in Chicago, Columbia University in NYC, the Texas Tech Physicians of Amarillo and several others are part of the first batch in the country to offer a new non-invasive solution called ProteX that allows men to collect their specimens at home. Diana Peninger is the CEO of Reproductive Solutions and chats about how it works to help more couples get pregnant.Tech Expert, Andrea Smith, talks about the hottest tech trends and gifts for the holiday season.
11/23/202137 minutes, 26 seconds
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RZA Talks Plant Grants; Maximize Financial Rewards for Holiday Shopping; Danny Jordan and the Capables; Be Road Trip Ready

Hip Hop Icon RZA talks about Plant Grants, a multi-year program that promotes plant-based eating.Gabrielle Flowers Rader and John Sellers give tips for stacking rewards to make the most out of holiday shopping this season.Danny Jordan is the author of Rae's First Day, the premiere story in the Capables book series. He is an advocate for inclusion and accurate representation of disability in the media.Brian Moody, executive editor for Autotrader, shares tips on how to stay safe on the road this holiday season.
11/13/202137 minutes, 49 seconds
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"Rural By Choice;" Accessing Affordable Insulin; Suddenly Single: Susan Warner; A Summer Classic: The Bew White Story, Holiday Shopping

Erik Osberg joins Michelle to talk about a new docuseries, "Rural By Choice." It explores the benefits of creating a life you don't need to escape from. ruralbychoiceotc.comAndy Vicari is the senior director, Diabetes, U.S Insulin brand at Lilly Diabetes and speaks about how patients who use Lilly insulin can access their monthly prescription for just $35.Susan Warner is suddenly single! She joins Michelle to talk death and sex! She is an educator, wife and mother. She has suffered profound loss with the death of her son and husband but talks about how she got through it all and what life is like dating at an older age.William Bew White III joins Michelle to talk about his life written by Christopher Taunton in the the book, 'A Summer Classic: The Bew White Story." He is the founder of Summer Classics, a "premier manufacturer of modern outdoor furniture crafted for a lifetime of livable luxury."Shop for the holidays while supporting St. Judes Children's Hospital! Learn how from Carmen Ordonez
11/6/202152 minutes, 37 seconds
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The Conjuring House Halloween Event; New Testing for Breast Cancer; Loews Philadelphia Hotel; Benefits for Veterans

Susan Slaughter and Andrea Perron join Michelle to talk about "The Conjuring House: A Homecoming." It will be an epic Halloween livestream event!Solomon Moshkevich is the GM of Oncology for Natera and talks about the genetic and cell-free DNA testing available for breast cancer care.Michelle and her two kids visited the Loews Philadelphia Hotel and had a blast! Learn about the history, upcoming events and amenities with Hans Ritten, the managing director.Ed Sandrick is the Director of Veterans Channel for Humana and shares what you need to know about the Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Researching Plan annual enrollment period.
10/29/202137 minutes, 32 seconds
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RSV Awareness Month; Celebrating Pharmacists During Covid; Women Business Owners Navigating the Current Landscape; Trip to Sesame Place

10/22/202132 minutes, 16 seconds
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Stephanie Oswald Talks Travel; Medicare Advantage with Humana; Family Fall Safety Checks

10/16/202123 minutes, 14 seconds
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Dr. Christopher Lee's Performance Conversations; The Importance of Covid-19 Vaccine; Customer Experience in Post Pandemic World

10/9/202123 minutes, 5 seconds
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Italian Cuisine, Organic Beauty Products, Princess Parties, and Innovations in Cardiac Care!

Chef Rosario Del Nero joins the show to discuss everything from fine Italian cuisine to owning and running his restaurant "The Apple Orchid" with his wife Constance.Monique Rodriguez, CEO of Mielle Organics, talks about why she started the brand and the phenomenal growth it's seen over the past few years. www.mielleorganics.comVictoria Paige is the founder of Bibbity Bobbity Princess Parties and provides children's entertainment for your child's birthday virtually during the pandemic to anywhere in the world! When the pandemic is over, she is based in Toronto and will also provide in person parties! Her Valentine's princess party features Elsa, Anna, Ariel and Muranda. www.bibbitybobbityprincessparties.comDr. Jonathan Chen, chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery in the Cardiac Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, shares the innovations in cardiac care and how it can save and improve lives of thousands of children worldwide! HEART.CHOP.EDU
10/2/202139 minutes, 8 seconds
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Baby Shark in Theaters! Operation Lifesaver; Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Pinkfong's Babyshark is coming to theaters on October 9 and 10th and Kate Bost and Adam Shaw are here to tell us all about what we can expect! Merens is the spokesperson for New York State Operation Lifesaver. It's a chapter of the national organization, a nonprofit devoted to teaching the public about train safety. Learn about the importance of early detection when it comes to prostate cancer from Dr. Ian Thompson, Texas Urology Group.
9/24/202123 minutes, 3 seconds
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Early Signs of Disabilities & N.O.T.E; Chef Alex Seidel Talks Beef; Christopher Gilbert's The Noble Edge; Roxè's New Music Video

Amanda Morin and Maria Moser share the impact the pandemic had on children going back to school. Understood created Take N.O.T.E, an initiative developed and launched in partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics, to provide families with the tools to identify early signs f learning disabilities and ADHD.Alex Seidel, Chef and James Beard Foundation Best Chef Award Recipient talks all about the great dishes you can make with beef and the role it plays in sustainable eating.Christopher Gilbert is the author of Noble Edge. He is a senior international ethics consultant and popular keynote speaker. nobleconsulting.comRoxè released his first video for breakout song "Jesus: Kingdom of Love" and talks all about the no hate no violence campaign.
9/18/202136 minutes, 45 seconds
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Dance Therapy for MS; Train Safety; Dr. Ken Redcross And How To Prevent Heartburn

Courtney Platt is a dancer and choreographer living with MS. She talks about the Harmony Initiative and how music therapy can help people with MS manage their symptoms.Phil Merens is the spokesperson for NY Operation Lifesaver. He talks about how to stay safe around railroad crossings.Dr. Ken Redcross, owner of Redcross Concierge, is here to talk about how to prevent and treat heartburn caused by foods and stress naturally. He is a western and eastern trained physician who brings to the show a lot of great insight for maintaining your health and wellness.
9/11/202132 minutes, 38 seconds
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Importance of FICO Scores; Real Estate During Covid; Teaching Kids Financial Responsibility

9/3/202126 minutes, 47 seconds
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The Importance of Covid Vaccines; Latest Diamond Trends; Zarina's 123 Baby Box ; Technology Keeping Kids Safe

Dr. Otis Gowdy chats about how the Delta variant is affecting your community and why you need to get vaccinated now.Valerie Greenberg is live from the floor of Couture in Las Vegas. She shares the latest diamond trends.Zarina Bahadur is the founder of 123 Baby Box. She developed this subscription box to help busy moms get all the things they need for their young child to thrive - and also includes a surprise for mom! https://123babybox.comCrystal Pichon is a children's safety expert and CEO of the Safety Place. She talks about how technology can keep kids safe.
8/28/202138 minutes, 9 seconds
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Ben Levin's "In The Hole;" AI and Heart Disease; UFOs; Author Kevin Schewe's Bad Love; IBM's Digital Training ProgramUFO

Ben Levin is an autistic teenage who has been in love with stories ever since he was a little boy and is the author of multiple books, including the breakout novel, "In the Hole." Dr. James Thomas, director of the Center for Heart Valve Disease and Academic Affairs at the Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute at Northwestern Medicine, talks about how AI is helping the management of cardiovascular disease. Dr. JC van Velkinburgh and Debra LaPrevotte talk Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon EvidenceKevin Schewe is the author of the Bad Love Book Series and a board-certified cancer specialist who has been in the private practice of radiation oncology for over 34 years. Check out his newest novel, Bad Love Medicine. Justina Nixon is the IBM VP and Global Head, Corporate Social Responsibility. She talks about her digital training program, Skills Build. It offers over 1,000 online courses.
8/16/202148 minutes, 26 seconds
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Regan P. Watts and his Brushalot Tooth Fairy Kit!

Hear Regan's story behind the Brushalot Tooth Fairy Kit!
8/7/202117 minutes, 33 seconds
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Successful Post-Pandemic Retirement Tips; Mental Illness Rates in North Carolina

Alison Carnie, Principal and Chief Administrative Officer of the Edwards Jones Trust Company, highlights the study that shows silver linings from the pandemic.Paula Bird, VP of Behavioral Health Services at Novant Health, talks about the mental illness increase in North Carolina from the pandemic.
7/31/202112 minutes, 28 seconds
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Pelvic Floor Disorders; Annessa Chumbley Talks Healthy Family Recipes

Dr. Kimberly Kenton talks pelvic floor disorders and what women can do to treat them. Registered dietitian Annessa Chumbley, with RDTV, has some easy and delicious snack ideas and shortcuts the whole family will love! https://annessard.comDr. Amanda Olson is a pelvic health physical therapist & President of Intimate Rose. At Intimate Rose, she creates tools to empower people to solve sensitive health issues.
7/28/202132 minutes, 19 seconds
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Joovy's Partnership with National Park Foundation; Four Year Old Friend Drama

Sarah Gardner is the director of marketing for Joovy. She talks about Joovy's partnership the National Park Foundation and the importance of teaching our children about the importance of taking care of the environment. Stevenson, comic, dad and owner of the NY Beer and Brewery Tour, talks with Michelle about her daughter's experience with other four year olds in her class and camp. How to teach them to stand up for themselves and interact with others.
7/17/202137 minutes, 25 seconds
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Dr. Ryan Loss Talks Anxiety in Kids and Adults; Gohenry Teaches Kids About Money; Managing Your Weight for Good Health

Dr. Ryan Loss, psychologist and executive director of Connecticut Behavioral Health, talks about how anxiety can affect both kids and adults; people you may never know could be struggling with it. www.ctbehavioralhealth.comDean Brauer is the founder of gohenry, an app with a debit card that allows kids to learn all about spending and other aspects of managing money. www.gohenry.comFatima Cody Stanford, MD, MPH, MPA, MBA, FAAP, FACP, FAHA, FAMWA, FTOS is an obesity medicine physician scientist at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School. She talks about how obesity can affect ones health.
7/9/202137 minutes, 42 seconds
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Kids and Maternal Photography with Ashley Neilsen; Norman McCombs' Novel " A Reason to Be" Grilling Tips with Chef Josh Capon

Ashley Neilsen talks about her beautiful photography - how she got started, her favorite subjects to capture and her life as a military wife. Check out her amazing work here: and and critically acclaimed White House National Medal of Technology and Innovation winner, Norman McCombs tells the semi-autobiographical story of Douglas McCombs in "A Reason To Be."Josh Capon, Celebrity Chef and Restaurateur, talks summer grilling tips!
7/2/202137 minutes, 49 seconds
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Jellystone Park at Birchwood Acres; Running A Facebook Group; Hormone Intelligence; The Importance of 529 Plans

Jennifer Ditoro is the senior resort manager for The Jellystone Park at Birchwood Acres. We talk about our recent stay at the resort and all of the things my kids and we absolutely loved!Dasha Kennedy discusses her facebook group, Broke Black Girls and how facebook groups in general are great for business owners and those looking to start a social community.Dr. Aviva Romm talks about her new book, "Hormone Intelligence: The Complete Guide to Calming Hormone Chaos and Restoring Your Body's Natural Blueprint for Wellbeing." Steve Rueschhoff joins Passport Mommy to talk about the importance of 529 Plans.
6/24/202137 minutes, 40 seconds
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Profit from Your Blog; What's in the Dairy Aisle; Todd Parr's Inspirational Children's Books; Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Siobhan Alvarez is the founder of Motherhood and Mimosas and the executive director of the Atlanta Autism Consortium. She teaches how we can profit from our blog and shares tips for traveling with young ones. Chef Jamie Gwen chats about the dairy aisle and gives inspiring tips for cooking with dairy and dairy alternatives.Author and Illustrator Todd Parr chats all about his wonderful children's books and their great messages and lessons for kids of all ages!Joseph Latino is a bed bug expert and president of Allergy Technologies. He shares tips about preventing bed bugs in multi-occupant dwelling environments.
6/11/202137 minutes, 14 seconds
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Back to Work? How's Your Pet Doing? GenYouth Talks Teens and Covid; Cycling and Bike Safety w/ Kate Macarelli; Child Cancer Survivors

5/28/202137 minutes, 45 seconds
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Importance of Home Inspections; SkyBlossom, the film; Jellystone Park Camp Resorts; Mental Health and Medicaid

Thomas Allen, owner of Compass Property Inspections, joins us to talk about what new home owners should ask when doing a home inspection. What's important especially when you have children living in the home. www.compasspi-ct.comRichard Liu makes his directorial debut with the groundbreaking documentary, Sky Blossom, which brings to together Latino, Black, Native, Asian and White Families. Trent Hershenson, VP of Marketing for Jellystone Park Camp Resorts, shares the results of a survey detailing what kids and moms want to do – and NOT do – this year while traveling. He also talks about the fun activities at Jellystone Park Camp Resorts and why it makes for a terrific family vacation. Doug Olsen shares the importance of a child's mental health. May is mental health awareness month and he highlights why families should apply for Medicaid and CHIP if they qualify.
5/22/202137 minutes, 52 seconds
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Bookish Broads, The Montessori Baby, Camp Hollywoof!

Lauren Marino is the author of Bookish Broads. She talks about the impact women authors have made throughout history.Junnifa Uzodike is the author of The Montessori Baby: A Parent's Guide to Nurturing Your Baby With Love, Respect, and Understanding. She helps new parents find the support and peace they crave for their baby's first year. Heidi Spiegel is the founder of Camp Hollywoof, a completely immersive camp experience for you and your pup! Enjoy a weekend away at Club Getaway in Kent, Connecticut and also enjoy all of the activities the camp has to offer in addition to all of the special events planned for your dog - the star of the weekend.
5/7/202137 minutes, 51 seconds
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Younger Actors Star in Drawn Closer, PTA and the Pandemic, Perry School NYC, Sleep Apnea

Candy Wilder, middle school drama teacher of Thurman White Middle School of the Performing Arts and Ava Betancourt, star of Drawn Closer, talk about the Drawn Closer project.Leslie Boggs is the president of the national PTA. She talks about the PTA For Your Child campaign.Dawn Lesley Stewart chats with Michelle about her private NYC preschool, the Perry School and her online program, Think Tank.Dr. Fariha Abbasi-Feinberg is a practicing sleep medicine physician with Millennium Physician Group in Fort Myers, FL. She gives tips for those live with sleep apnea.
4/30/202137 minutes, 45 seconds
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Cleaning Naturally with Lemi Shine; Women Leaving the Workforce; Marshall and Michelle's Potty Talk

Lemi Shine CEO and father, Curtis Eggemeyer talks about "Better for You" cleaning products and how you can clean without chemicals. Kitty Chaney Reed, VP of Enterprise Operations at IBM and Co-Author of IBM's Women, Leadership and Missed Opportunities study, talks about why women are leaving the workforceDebby Carreau is the founder and CEO of Inspired PR and is a YPO Member. She talks about how employers can hire and retain women in the workplace.
4/16/202137 minutes, 49 seconds
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Tips for Home Buying, Spring Cleaning and Spring Travel + Positive Parenting - Can We Really Do It?

AJ Barkley, Neighborhood Lending Executive at Bank of America, talks about the bidding wars, rising home prices and limited inventory. She offers tips and advice for first time home buyers and the grants available for those looking to purchase a home.Martin Amado is a lifestyle and design expert and offers tips for spring cleaning - decluttering and getting the outside of your home looking nice for the warmer weather. www.betterstuffforlife.comMarshall Stevenson, comic, dad and owner of the NY Beer and Brewery Tour, joins Michelle to talk about an article he read about positive parenting and the best way to talk to our children. Can parents realistically do what's suggested and will it make a difference? Amy Goodman, lifestyle expert, has suggestions for covid safe spring getaways!!
4/2/202138 minutes, 4 seconds
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Icecream Emergency! Spring Into a Healthier You, The Rugged Entrepreneur, Finding Vaccination Sites

Are you looking for a great idea for a birthday party, school or corporate event? Have yo thought about opening your own mom friendly franchise that will bring smiles wherever you go? Listen to my interview with Debra Arrato, founder of Icecream Emergency, a mobile icecream catering business. Hear her story and learn how you can own your very own icecream bus! www.icecreamemergency.comKatherine Brooking is a nationally recognized dietician and nutrition advocate. She shares tips for boosting your immune system and de-stressing as we head into Spring. www.betterstuffforlife.comScott Andrew is the author of The Rugged Entrepreneur, What Every Disruptive Business Leader Should Know. He and his wife Daphne have started and sold 30 businesses and teaches others entrepreneurs how to succeed in their businesses. Nick Frenzer is the implementation executive at Epic and talks about how you can find a Covid-19 vaccination site and why it's so important for everyone to get vaccinated.
3/26/202137 minutes, 47 seconds
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Eat Better, Hypnosis for Calmer Parenting, Children's Literacy and Mind Gym for Your Business

March is National Nutrition Month and Amy Goodson, Registered Dietician, shares really helpful tips for getting our kids to eat healthier. She also shares some fun facts about certain foods you probably didn't know! www.amygoodsonrd.comAuthor and former football star, Malcolm Mitchell, shares his love of reading and provides tips and resources for parents and teachers to keep kids from falling behind during this critical learning window. www.coxcampus.orgIrin and Jake Rubin are the founders of MamaZen. MamaZen is a mindfulness app that uses a combination of meditation, hypnotherapy and mindfulness to help ease the stress, fatigue, burnout and anxiety of parenting. The app houses over 150 brief audio sessions (5-15 min) covering common topics among moms - stress, anxiety, frustration, anger, guilt, health and diet, stage of childhood, and more. Dr. Janet Ahn is the Chief Behavioral Science Officer for MindGymMindGym, a pioneer in workplace management, uses the latest psychology and behavioral science to transform how people think, feel, and behave to improve the performance of companies and the lives of people who work in them. MindGym works with major corporations including Microsoft, MetLife, Southwest, Audi, and over half the S&P 100.
3/23/202138 minutes, 2 seconds
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Smart Money Mamas with Chelsea Brennan

This is an episode you don't want to miss! Chelsea Brennan is the founder of Smart Money Mamas and the Motivated Mama Society and offers great advice for smart investing and what you should have in place for your family should something happen.
3/11/202137 minutes, 59 seconds
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Your FICO Score, Charter Schools, Perry School and Think Tank, and Kidney Health

Lynette Khalfani Cox teaches us about our FICO score - what it means and how it can affect your ability to purchase and qualify for leases/mortgages. www.scoreabetterfuture.comGwen Samuel is the president and founder of the CT Parents Union. She talks about the importance of charter schools and the #GetSchooled campaign. www.charterswork.comDawn Lesley Stewart talks about her private preschool in the West Village of NYC, Perry School. Her online program, Think Tank, has also been instrumental in helping little minds learn nationwide! www.perryschool.comDaVita and the America Diabetes Association partner to raise awareness on Kidney health and Diabetes during national kidney month. and
3/6/202137 minutes, 49 seconds
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TakeLessons (like guitar and piano!) and Get Things Done Now! IBM Talks Tech and Retail

Brad McCrory is the VP of Revenue and Marketing at TakeLessons. He joins Michelle to talk about the amazing TakeLessons website and app which allows parents and kids to take any number of lessons in subjects from piano, guitar, acting to tutoring subjects and ESL. Haller, Global Lead for the IBM Consumer Center of Competency, talks about the future of retail and how technology is improving E-Commerce and In Store Experiences.Rachel Bowman is the founder of Just Getting Things Done. She talks about simplifying your life so you don't stress over things like laundry. She also shares tips for getting your kids out the door in the morning with the least amount of aggravation. Feeling stuck and can't get through your "to do" list? Check out her website,
2/26/202138 minutes, 4 seconds
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Supporting Your Body w/ Garden of Life: From Conception to Your Child's Teen Years

Garden of Life Educators Amber Lynn Vitale and Paul Freeman join Michelle to talk about the health needs of a woman and her children from the time she is pregnant until they are teens. Also, learn what your partner and children can do to support their health and wellbeing. PLUS, listen for GIVEAWAY details! You could win a gift basket filled with Garden of Life products to support the special pregnant mama in your life! Head to my instagram page to enter! to see all of their organic, non-gmo supplements, vitamins, and minerals! Also get recipe ideas and read their blog articles!
2/19/202138 minutes, 11 seconds
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Animal Love on VDay! The Woman Behind Mielle Organics; Princess Parties for Kids! Innovations in Children's Cardiac Care

Ashley Byrne, associate director of PETA, joins Michelle for Valentine's Day to talk about how animals show love to one another and how their fidelity compares to that of humans! www.peta.orgMonique Rodriguez, CEO of Mielle Organics, talks about why she started the brand and the phenomenal growth it's seen over the past few years. www.mielleorganics.comVictoria Paige is the founder of Bibbity Bobbity Princess Parties and provides children's entertainment for your child's birthday virtually during the pandemic to anywhere in the world! When the pandemic is over, she is based in Toronto and will also provide in person parties! Her Valentine's princess party features Elsa, Anna, Ariel and Muranda. www.bibbitybobbityprincessparties.comDr. Jonathan Chen, chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery in the Cardiac Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, shares the innovations in cardiac care and how it can save and improve lives of thousands of children worldwide! HEART.CHOP.EDU
2/12/202138 minutes, 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

Kelli Hurley's Birth Story and Balancing Work/Motherhood; Valentine's Day Spending Tips

Motivational Mamma, Kelli Hurley, opens up about her work/life balance and how she maintains a career she loves as a top executive while being the best mom to her 6 year old daughter and newborn baby girl. She shares her birth story with us as well - her planning, what her hopes were for a home birth, and what it ultimately was. @kellihurley5 on instagram!
2/4/202137 minutes, 48 seconds
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It's Puzzle Day! Your Health and Brain Injuries; Marketing Your Business; Wonderbread Turns 100!

The Devotedly Daddy, Clark Nesselrodt, talks about National Puzzle Day and why puzzles are so beneficial for a child's development. www.devotelydaddy.comDr. Huma Haider, Founder and CEO of the National Brain Injury Institute, talks about the causes and diagnosing of brain injuries. www.nationalbii.comAshley Smith is the brand manager of Wonder and Flower Floods and shares Wonderbread's 100 anniversary initiative to bring the "Wonder of Science to Students Across the Country." www.wonderbread.comObehi Remi-John, founder of Aurora Èyà, shares her marketing tips for those looking to get their businesses seen by more people. She's also a mom and talks about how she balances work and her young children. @auroraeya on Instagram & Facebook
1/28/202137 minutes, 58 seconds
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"Completely Me" + Was Your Mom Emotionally Unavailable? You Can Break The Cycle For Your Kids!

Author, Educator and Disability Advocate, Dr. Justine Green, joins Michelle to talk about her motivation behind writing the children's book, "Completely Me." She is an amazing woman with an amazing life story! This book should be on every child's bookshelf! Get her book wherever books are sold! Amelia Mora Mars is a mom of 10, psychotherapist and founder of Mom Connections. She works with women to help them be the best moms they can be to their children despite being raised by an emotionally unavailable mother. Her facebook group, ReMotheringTribe, provides a wonderful support group for women., Facebook groups: Momof10Coach and ReMothering Tribe. Connect with her on instagram at Mom Connections.
1/21/202138 minutes, 1 second
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Get To Sleep! + Talking to Your Kids About What's Happening in Washington + Fetal Surgery + How to Spend Wisely + Food Allergies

Martha Lewis is a sleep consultant to health-conscious, high achievers who want to sleep but can't. Sound like you? Listen in! You can find her at: and in her facebook groups, Sleep and Insomnia Help for Adults and Complete Sleep Solutions.Dr. Scott Adzick; Surgeon in Chief at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, talks about how fetal surgery can save and improve the lives of thousands of children worldwide during birth defects awareness month. www.fetalsurgery.chop.eduDr. Ryan Loss, clinical psychologist and executive director of Connecticut Behavioral Health, shares tips with how to talk to your kids about everything that is happening in Washington. He also offers advice on how to talk to young children about some sensitive topics. www.ctbehavioralhealth.comLifestyle Expert and Bank of America Spokesperson, Gabrielle Flowers Rader, gives advice for how to spend wisely while buying your children everything they need (and want) this winter. Bank of America currently has 3% cash back credit card. Lisa Gable, CEO of FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education) joins Michelle to talk about how FARE is transforming the future of food allergy through innovative initiatives that will lead to improved treatment and prevention strategies.
1/15/202138 minutes, 9 seconds
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Get Your Business Started! Mean Girls on the Playground; New Year, New You!

Stephanie Yelin, founder of Stronger Like, inc. joins Michelle to chat about how she formed her business within just a few months during the pandemic after her wedding was canceled twice. She talks about how she figured out her plan and tips and tricks she learned for social media engagement. Instagram: @strongerlike.incMarshall Stevenson, founder of the NY Beer and Brewery Tour, dad and comic, and Michelle chat about what's new in their 4 and almost 4 year old daughter's lives, mean girls on the playground and being really silly with each other. www.tourguidesofny.comLifestyle Expert, Amanda Mushro offers tips for kicking off the new year with your resolutions and sticking to them! Sponsored by Facebook Groups, Facebook Marketplace, Vasayo
1/9/202138 minutes
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Sweet Gifts and Fitness Goals to Burn Them Off plus "Best of" Segments

Neil Edley, founder of Sugar Plum Chocolates, joins Michelle to talk about the female owned business and all of the delicious treats you can send to someone you love (or to yourself :). They have some great gifts for Valentine's Day! www.sugar-plum.comJeff Zweifel is the COO for Life Time and talks about how you can achieve your health and fitness goals in 2021 with Life Time's virtual offerings."Best of" with Marshall Stevenson, comic and dad and owner of the NY Beer and Brewery Tour. Michelle and Marshall talk about the toddler potties and all they can be used for. Michelle also chats with about their new health kit that comes with the standard DNA kit.
1/2/202139 minutes, 6 seconds
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Financial Tips for the New Year; Health 101 (MAC Lung Disease); Resolutions with Garden of Life

Set financial goals with Jocelyn Lane, Regional president of Montana for First Interstate Bank. Learn the signs and symptoms of MAC Lung Disease with Dr. Gwen Huitt. ARIKAYCE.comAmber Lynn Vitale, educator with Garden of Life, wraps up the series, "From Ordinary to EXTRAordinary: How Moms Impact a Family's Health," with resolutions for the New Year. How we as moms can take care of ourselves mentally and physically. 25% off until 12/31/20 - promocode: passportommy /
12/24/202038 minutes, 8 seconds
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Staying Healthy During Cold/Flu Season; Luxury Vehicles for 2021; Self Care with Garden of Life

Dr. Ken Redcross gives us tips for staying healthy during this cold and flu season, including ways to incorporate homeopathic medications like Boiron.Micah Muzio, Managing Editor, Video at Kelley Blue Book, gives us a roundup of the latest in luxury vehicles on the market - just in case you miss your auto show fix this year! Powered by Genesis, Acura, Bentley and LincolnAmber Lynn Vitale, educator with Garden of Life, talks about how to put you, the Mom, first when it comes to your health and well being. 25% off all GOL products until 12/31/20! Promocode: passportmommy
12/18/202039 minutes, 22 seconds
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Hacks for Holiday Survival, Avoid Online Scams with Facebook, Conquer Holiday Stress with Garden of Life

Lifestyle Expert Ceci Carmichael offers tips for surviving the holidays and food and drinks that will make them even brighter! Powered by Vasayo, H3 Wines, Egglife. www.betterstuffforlife.comSarah Schiff, Product Manager with Business Integrity at Facebook, talks about how to avoid online scams. of Life educator, Amber Lynn Vitale, gives great tips and product suggestions for tackling the sugar and carb cravings! Only a few more weeks for 25% off their entire website! Promocode: passportmommy
12/11/202037 minutes, 42 seconds
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Holiday Gifting and Meal Ideas; Keep Your Family and Neighbors Safe w/ Ring, Combat Carbohydrate and Sugar Cravings w/ Garden of Life

Consumer Trends Expert Andrew Krasny Shares Unique Gift Ideas That Will Bring a Smile to Everyone on Your List. Sponsored by GoPro, Turtle Beach, Roccat.Amy Goodson is a registred dietician and certified specialist in sports dietetics. She gives us some great meal ideas for the holidays. Sponsored by the National Cattleman's Beef Association. www.beefitswhatsfordinner.comCrystal Cruz shares ways you can keep your family and neighborhood safe with the Ring Doorbell and the Neighborhood App. www.ring.comMartin Amado shares some more gift ideas for the holiday season. Amber Lynn Vitale, educator for Garden of Life, talks to us about how we can keep our carb and sugar cravings in check during the holidays. Garden of Life is also partnering with Passport Mommy to offer you 25% off their entire website until the end of the year! Promocode: passportmommy at checkout!
12/4/202053 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Mompreneur Shana Shay; Avoidable Blindness with Orbis; The Benefits of Sleep and Rest with Garden of Life

Mompreneur Shana Cinquegrana, aka Shana Shay, talks all about balancing her business and motherhood. She is an amazing graphic designer and does a lot of portrait work - a perfect gift for the holidays! www.shanashay.comDr. Hunter Cherwek, global ophthalmologist and Vice President of Clinical Services for Orbis, shares tips for avoiding blindness. Orbis is a global nonprofit that mentors, trains, and inspires eye care professionals in areas with the greatest need using cutting-edge technology and innovation. Its Flying Eye Hospital is a mobile teaching hospital with an operating room, recovery room and classroom on board, taking ophthalmic training to eye care teams. www.orbis.orgAmber Lynn Vitale, educator with Garden of Life, talks about why sleep and rest are so important when it comes to your health, especially around the holidays when we can all be stressed. 25% off the entire Garden of Life website until the end of the year! promocode: passportmommy
11/27/202038 minutes, 1 second
Episode Artwork

Vrbo's 2021 Trend Report; Reduce Holiday Stress with Garden of Life! Benefits of Non Dairy Milk, Medicare Open Enrollment; Living with COPD

Vrbo's Melanie Fish talks about their 2021 trend report. Find out the types of trips people are booking and where they're going! www.vrbo.comAmber Lynn Vitale is back with tips for how to reduce stress and over eating during the holidays. Plus, get 25% off the entire Garden of Life website until the end of the year! Promocode: passportmommy. Give the gift of health to you and your friends/family!! www.gardenoflife.comAlicia Aguayo, Senior Manager of PETA Latino, talks with Michelle about the benefits of dairy-free products both for the environment and your health. www.peta.orgShannon Adams, Medicare Advantage Expert and Head of Customer Experience at Cigna, shares tips for choosing a plan that's right for you or your family during open enrollment. Thomas C. Corbridge, a GSK medical expert is joined by Jan and Justin, a COPD patient and a caregiver, to discuss what it's like to live with COPD and how those with the disease are the affected the greatest by Covid-19 and what you can do for yourself and those you love. COPD Patient (Jan)COPD Caregiver (Justin)
11/20/202048 minutes, 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

Stress free Holidays; Women Helping Women; Recycling Day Tips, Stay Strong and Healthy with Garden of Life!

Brooke Parkhurst, author and lifestyle expert, talks about ways to go into the holidays prepared and stress free. Sponsored by, Ace Hardware, Weber, and PenFed. www.betterstuffforlife.comRasheeda Liberty, is the 25th International Grand Basileus and President of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority. It's their 98th anniversary and she shares all they have and continue to do for women around the world. www.sgrho1922.orgJeremy Walters is the Sustainability Ambassador for Republic Services. He talks about the importance of recycling and tips for doing it properly. November 15 is America Recycles Day!www.republicservices.comAmber Lynn Vitale, educator for Garden of Life, is back to summarize all we've talked about in the past ten weeks, including our kids and our immunity, beauty hacks and supplements and tips that can help with minimizing stress. Head to Garden of Life's website now for 25% off every single product! Promocode: passportmommy at checkout!
11/14/202043 minutes, 33 seconds
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Health Hacks for Our Aging Parents with Garden of Life (plus 25% off promocode!); Diversity in Media, Goodwill Helping Veterans

Amber Lynn Vitale joins me this week to talk about the health of our aging parents and what we can do to enhance their wellbeing. We have also partnered to offer you 25% off the entire website of organic, non-gmo and real food supplements, vitamins and minerals! Just enter promocode passportmommy at checkout. Good until the end of the year! Morgan, Multicultural Media Correspondents Association (MMCA) President, joins Michelle to talk about diversity in media and who they are honoring this year at their annual Multicultural Media Correspondents Association Dinner and Symposium. This year it will be virtual which gives us the opportunity to be part of it. www.mmcadc.orgDavid Preston, President and CEO of Goodwill Industries International, highlights all the great work they do for veterans and their families looking for jobs when they go back into the workforce.
11/6/202037 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

Guard My Vote!!

Going out to vote in the next few days? Check out this interview with Robb Brown, founder of the new innovative app called Guard My Vote!
11/2/20204 minutes, 28 seconds
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Destress! More Covid Tests with BioIQ; "I am Black" Campaign; , Your Immunity with Garden of Life

PASSPORTMOMMY PROMO!!! I have partnered with Garden of Life to offer you 25% off their entire website!!! Just enter promocode 'passportmommy' at checkout!!! www.gardenoflife.comMassage Envy CEO Beth Stiller talks about ways we can destress and what Massage Envy is doing to keep its clients healthy while giving them the self care they need. www.massageenvy.comSean Slovenski is the CEO of BioIQ and shares the incredible work the company does to increase the number of Covid-19 tests that can be done in a day as well as speed up turnaround time. www.bioiq.comPatricia Brantley is the CEO of Friendship Public Charter School in Washington DC and shares with us the importance of charter schools and the I am Black Campaign. www.charterswork.comAmber Lynn Vitale is back from Garden of Life to share hacks to our health! AND I have partnered with them to offer 25% off their entire website until the end of the year! Just enter promocode passportmommy at checkout!!!
10/31/202043 minutes, 58 seconds
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Goat Therapy! Stay Healthy During the Holidays, Beauty Hacks with Garden of Life

Michelle paid a visit to Bradley Mountain Farm and absolutely loved her goat yoga experience! Terri Battaglia, Farm Event Leader, for Bradley Mountain Farm in Southington, CT, talks about the benefits of spending some snuggle time with goats, goat yoga and all of the other wonderful activities the farm offers to children and adults of all ages! They have a really cute Halloween event coming up! www.bradleymountainfarm.comDr. Khalilah Gates, Pulmonary and Critical Care Specialist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, chats about how to keep you and your family healthy during the holidays, beginning with Halloween. Lynn Vitale, educator for Garden of Life, is back to talk beauty! The beauty we all strive for inside and out! Garden of Life has some amazing products to help you reduce our stress and support us as we age! Amber offers incredible beauty hacks we can all use no matter our age!
10/24/202039 minutes, 15 seconds
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Virtual Preschool with Think Tank! Distance Learning Series with Virginia Union University; Your Husband's Health with Garden of Life

Dawn Leslie Stewart is the founder of the Perry School located in the West Village neighborhood of NYC and created Think Tank in 2008. It's a unique learning system that teaches reading, mathematics, and a knowledge program through some group online academic instruction and one-on-one sessions. Now it's available online for anyone in the world! www.perryschool.comDr. Terrell Strayhorn is the provost for research, innovation and graduate education for Virginia Union University. He joins Michelle to talk about the launch of VUU Global, a new distance learning venture, bringing the "HBCU Experience" to the cloud. It will kick off with a presidential lecture series with Roland Martin on October 21. www.vuu.eduAmber Lynn Vitale, educator with Garden of Life, joins Michelle to give tips for our husband's health. What can we do to keep our husbands healthy so they can be the best possible husbands and fathers emotionally and physically? Tune in to hear this very informative and fun conversation!
10/17/202040 minutes, 49 seconds
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Vrbo Celebrates 25 Years! The Importance of a 529, Enhancing Your Child's and Your Immunity with Garden of Life!

Vrbo, the g-to for families who want to travel better together and reconnect with loved ones, is celebrating 25 years! Lish Kennedy, the VP of Global Brand Marketing, joins Michelle to talk about what they are doing to celebrate, including giving away 25 stays at some of its all-time favorite vacation homes!! and Burke, Principal in tailored solutions for Edward Jones, talks about the importance of investing in 529 accounts for your children. of Life educator, Amber Vitale, is back for round two of discussions about our kid's immunity! There is so much we can do to help keep their immune systems up this season and she's hear to discuss all of her great mom hacks for that!
10/10/202039 minutes, 21 seconds
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Dr. Sheila Robinson and The 15th Annual Diversity Women's Business Leadership Conference

I was made aware of this incredible conference tomorrow, so I wanted to get this interview to you asap so you could jump on board and attend the conference tomorrow and Friday! Listen to this amazing woman!
10/7/20207 minutes, 29 seconds
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Go Travel with Vrbo! Women's Health with Dr. Alyssa Dweck; Raise Your Child's Immunity with Garden of Life

Vrbo's travel expert, Melanie Fish, shares top destinations currently for travel around the United States. She also shares the benefits of staying in a vacation rental home and how to navigate the Vrbo website and app. This is a great site for those looking to getaway now and for those who have flexible schedules and want to work from another location. www.vrbo.comDr. Alyssa Dweck offers advice on how to take care of your women's health concerns during a pandemic through telehealth visits. She also talks about common infections and solutions for treatment. www.drdweck.comAmber Lynn Vitale, educator for Garden of Life, is back to chat about our family's immunity. It's almost flu season coupled with Covid and she is here to offer some tips for keeping your kid's immune system functioning at its best! In case you didn't know this already, I'm a HUGE Garden of Life fan! Go check out their website for fun recipes, articles and products!
10/3/202042 minutes, 25 seconds
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Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month, Kids and Medicaid/Chip, Kids Immunity with Garden of Life

Dr. Sonye Danoff talks about the signs and symptoms of Pulmonary Fibrosis. AboutPF.orgDr. Doug Olsen, Chief Medical Officer for Medicaid/CHIP, talks about the importance for students to have health coverage and how to enroll. InsureKidsNow.govAmber Lynn Vitale, Educator for Garden of Life, shares hacks for immune support for our kids and the rest of our family. Check out for amazing recipes, tips and products to help your immune system stay strong this season and always!
9/25/202042 minutes, 2 seconds
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Learn About Your DNA, Hair Coloring Tips, Taking Mommy Time with Garden of Life

Ancestry Health powered by NGS is a powerful new saliva test that allows you to gain knowledge about your health risks based on your DNA. Dr. Sarah South shares how it all works and how we can gain this knowledge through Ancestry Health powered by NGS. Thompson, a master colorist, gives us tips on how we can use Sally Beauty products to color our hair at home. If you're like me and worried about the outcome, check out this segment! www.sallybeauty.comAmber Lynn Vitale, educator with Garden of Life, discusses how to take mommy time even with the kids at home all day. and As moms we also need to keep our energy up and keep our physical and mental state in top shape.
9/19/202040 minutes, 25 seconds
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Going Back to Preschool, Get Outside with Joovy, Healthy Hacks for Moms

Marshall Stevenson, comic and owner of the NY Beer and Brewery Tour, and Michelle share their thoughts about their preschoolers going back to school. Joovy's Sarah Gardner discusses what it's like to work with her spouse as partners in the business as well as their partnership with the National Park Foundation. www.joovy.comMichelle introduces the new series, "From Ordinary to Extraordinary: How Moms Impact a Family's Health. In the first of many episodes, Amber Lynn Vitale, an educator for Garden of Life, discusses how we as moms take on the world and shares healthy hacks to help us keep everyone in our family happy and healthy.
9/12/202048 minutes, 35 seconds
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Roadtripping with Loni Unser, Back to School with Dr. Loss, Testing for Covid When Going Into Work, Advances in Pediatric Cancer Treatment

Racing star Loni Unser offers safety tips for your next roadtrip. Dr. Rhonda Meadows from Ayin Health Solutions talks about how to make sure you are negative for Covid-19 before going into work. Dr. Ryan Loss is a clinical psychologist from Connecticut Behavioral Health shares with us what we can do to address the feelings we may be having with the new school year. Dr. Anne Reily is a pediatric oncologist at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and talks about how pediatric cancer treatment has changed over the last decade.
9/6/202036 minutes, 59 seconds
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Great New Corona Children's Book, Think Tank Preschool From Home, Corona and Flu Season

Jill Rosensweig wrote a great new children's book about the coronavirus! It's inspiring and perfect for even when there is no pandemic! Dawn Lesley Stewart talks about her highly coveted NYC preschool and how you can sign up online this year! Hear Dr. Benjamin Singer talk about tips for when flu season and the pandemic coincide.
8/28/202038 minutes, 3 seconds
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Navigating "Back to School" During Pandemic; Biking to school, School Culture and Victoria Rowell's New TV Show

Ericka Sóuter, a nationally recognized voice in the realm of parenting news talks to us about how Messenger Kids from Facebook can help with learning and connecting to friends. Ron Berger, Chief Academic Officer, for EL Education discusses the importance of social-emotional learning and healing as a critical foundation for academic success. Katie Macarelli, a cycling enthusiast, works with Topeak and shares ideas for biking and walking to school as an alternative to the bus or car. Victoria Rowell chats about her new show on AMC Networks, "Trash Verses Treasure."
8/22/202038 minutes, 23 seconds
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Enrich Your Children with Music Together!

Susan Darrow, CEO of Music Together Worldwide, talks about the importance of music in a child's life from the time they are a baby. Michelle has had her own children enrolled in the program for almost three years since they were six months old and shares her own experience, seeing her children grow in so many ways from the research based classes, both virtually and in person.
8/12/202038 minutes, 6 seconds
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VRBO - The "Flexcation," IBM Recognizes 100 Top Hospitals, Michelle Uses Potty Training Toilet, Ancestry Health's New DNA Test

Melanie Fish, Vrbo's travel expert, talks with Michelle about the Flexcation and why more families can take advantage of amazing vacation home rentals now while working and schooling at home. IBM Recognizes the Top 100 Hospitals, Marshall and Michelle get off topic and talk toddler potties and why they are so helpful during this time. Ancestry launches Ancestry Health powered by Next Generation Sequencing to help you learn about your risks for certain diseases.
8/7/202040 minutes, 37 seconds
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Camp TV, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Family Connections and PETA

Melinda Toporoff, series producer and writer of public television's virtual day camp series, Camp TV, talks about this great new series for kids missing their summer camps this year. Ellen Doherty is the Chief Creative Officer for Fred Roger's Productions. She shares the exciting news that Season 5 of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood kicks off August 17 with a special episode in response to COVID-19. Krista Zuccheri is the Chief Operating Officer of Family Connections and she shares how meaningful and important the work of this non profit is. Learn how you can get involved! Emily Trunnell PhD - Research Associate and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Liaison for PETA, talks about the move to eliminate animals from biomedical research.
7/30/202039 minutes, 1 second
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How Covid-19 Is Affecting Our Sleep; College Board Scholarships; Nature's Bounty Promotes Summer Wellness

7/24/202039 minutes, 7 seconds
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The Child Proof Coach - Jay Martel

Jay Martel, the "Child Proof Coach" teaches us what to expect when we're protecting! Learn why it's so important to child proof your house. He gives tips and solutions for making sure your home is safe for your little ones.
7/15/202039 minutes, 7 seconds
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Dr. Daliah and Michelle Chat About The Covid-19 Issues On Every Parent's Mind/What To Do If Your Kid Walks In On You and Your Partner!

Dr. Daliah Wachs is a nationally syndicated radio host on the GCN Network, a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician and Author. Check out her new book, "The Art of the Boo Boo" on Amazon!
6/24/202039 minutes, 7 seconds
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Toddler Topics, Why You Should Eat After 7pm and USPS National Dog Bite Awareness Week

Michelle and Marshall talk Diversity, Social Distancing and other toddler topics. Joel Marion, Author of "Always Eat After 7PM" explains why our bodies still burn calories if we eat after 7PM. Chris Johnson, USPS Program Manager for Safety Awareness, gives us tips for keeping their workers and our children safe from dog attacks.
6/19/202039 minutes, 7 seconds
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Positive Parenting with Debbie Godfrey

Debbie Godrey is the founder of She talks to me about how to get the best results from your children while parenting in a way that makes them feel loved and builds their confidence.
6/4/202039 minutes, 4 seconds
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Keeping Your Small Business Thriving, Bebé Voyage - Traveling During the Pandemic

Russell Brunson, best selling author and CEO of $100M software company ClickFunnels, talks about how to keep your small business alive during the pandemic. Juliet Perrachon, co-founder of Bebé Voyage, joins Michelle to talk travel and what it's going to look like for her family over the next few months. Check out her community of travelers and their children from around the world!
6/4/202039 minutes, 3 seconds
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Etsy Business Owner Shares Her Story, How to Have a Healthy Home, You Can Help Fight Covid-19

Rachael Loomis owns the Etsy business, "Guys and Ties" and talks about how she started the business and what she's doing now in addition to her cute bow ties. Caroline Blazovsky, "The Healthy Home Expert," gives really helpful tips on ensuring the environment inside your home is the safest it can be. Juan Hindo oversees IBM's corporate social responsibility initiatives and talks to us about the World Community Grid and how you can help fight Covid-19.
5/28/202039 minutes, 5 seconds
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Bike Safety with Topeak's Katie Macarelli, 7 ate 9's cute apparel, IBM Honors Women in AI

Now that the weather is nice and people are out riding their bikes, Katie Macarelli talks about Topeak and how you can best take care of your bike. She also gives tips for teaching your child how to learn to bike. Michelle features Tessa Tessa Krippaehne, and her business, 7 ate 9, the apparel company making really cute quarantine, birthday and holiday clothes for kids, men and women. Ritika Gunnar from IBM talks about their recognition of women in the artificial intelligence field.
5/20/202041 minutes, 48 seconds
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Toddler Topics with Marshall, Visiting the Dentist During Covid-19 and How Medicaid Can Help You During This Time

5/15/202039 minutes, 7 seconds
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Public Service Recognition Week: Supplies for Success, Gary Sinise Foundation, Whose the Fun Parent?

It's Public Service Recognition Week and Michelle highlights some amazing individuals and organizations including Mindy Richenstein, founder of Supplies for Success and The Gary Sinise Foundation and Cooper Tires. Jessica Egerton, director of development for Cooper Tires and Elizabeth Fields, Chief Operating Office of the Gary Sinise Foundation, talk about how they work together to bring first responders reliable tires for their heroic work. Marshall Stevenson, dad and founder of "The New York Beer and Brewery Tour" debate about which parent and their roles is perceived as more fun. by the kids.
5/8/202039 minutes, 4 seconds
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Livermore Valley, Finding Jobs During Pandemic, The Importance of Play, PayActiv Helps You Get Paid Quicker

Heather McGrail leads her family winery, McGrail Vineyards and Winery, in historic Livermore Valley, one of the oldest wine regions in California. She talks about the beautiful region and her winery. Chief People Officer of Career Builder, Michelle Armer, gives advice on how to still find jobs during this time. Adrienne Appell, Senior Director of Strategic Communications, The Toy Association talks about the importance of getting the kids off the couch and engaged in play. Safwan Shah, Co-Founder & CEO, PayActiv, talks about how they can help you get paid quicker.
5/1/202039 minutes, 3 seconds
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How Kids Can Stay Active at Home with Coach and PE Teacher Kevin Flynn, Marshall and Michelle Talk Toddler Memories, Taking AP Exams at Home

Kevin Flynn, PE Teacher and Coach, talks about his You Tube channel that is helping his students in the South Bronx stay active while at home. Marshall Stevenson, comic, dad and founder of the New York Beer and Brewery Tour, chat about how their kids are reacting to Covid-19 and about the incredible memories of toddlers. Lauri Benton, Senior Director, Counselor Engagement for the College Board, tells us how students can still prepare for and take the AP Exams from home.
4/24/202038 minutes, 50 seconds
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Lincoln Center at Home, Tiger King Tips the Legal Iceberg, Tips for Being Home During Pandemic, CareSTL Health Needs Supplies

Daniel Wallace, Senior Program Manager for Lincoln Center Education, tells us about all of the wonderful programs for adults and children that can be found online at as part of Lincoln Center at Home. Jeff Kerr, General Counsel to PETA shares what PETA talks to us about the underworld of wild and exotic animal exhibitors. Allison Winoker, Behavioral Health Care Manager at CareFirst in Maryland, helps us understand and gives tips for the many emotions and issues we may be dealing with staying at home during the pandemic. Angela Clabon, CEO of CareSTL Health in St. Louis shares the challenges her community is facing with lack of supplies for healthcare workers as well as single moms who have to go out in public with their children to get the bare necessities.
4/15/202040 minutes, 16 seconds
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Dr. Ryan Loss Talks About Work Life Balance During Pandemic, Chris Randall Takes Porch-Ritz and Mandy Hale, RN talks Kidney Health

Dr. Ryan Loss is a licensed psychologist and Director of Connecticut Behavior Health and talks about how we can strike a work life balance with your kids and partner during the Coronavirus pandemic. Chris Randall is a photographer based in New Haven and launched Porch-Ritz, pictures of families on their porches. He tells us why this and the arts are great to get us through these times. Mandy Hale, RN and Vice President of Nursing, DaVita Kidney Care chats about the important of Kidney Health, as March was National Kidney Month.
4/8/202038 minutes, 37 seconds
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YOTTOY for Learning and Bonding, Tracking the Coronavirus, PBS Kids Helps Educate, Recycling Dos and Dont's

This week's show: Kate Clark, founder of YOTTOY, talks about how the books, soft toys are perfect for broadening a child's world and for providing intergenerational connections. Looking to keep up with the Coronavirus numbers in your neighborhood? Download the Weather Channel app. IBM recently launched a new, interactive "incidents map" to offer up-to-date information in your county. Sara DeWitt, vice president of PBS Kids Digital talks about all of the programming and educational materials available on their website and app to help parents teach their children. Are you recycling correctly? Jeremy Walters, Sustainability ambassador for Republic Services, breaks down the dos and dont's.
4/7/202039 minutes, 3 seconds
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Self Care While Quarantined with Kids, How Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Can Help Teach Kids About COVID-19 , Avoiding Home Repair Scams

Elena Duque, beauty, travel and lifestyle expert, talks to us about how to practice self care while at home with the kids all day during the COVID-19 pandemic. Chris Loggins, senior producer of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood joins Michelle to talk about how some of the episodes can help teach our children about germs and other topics related to what's going on at the moment. Frank Scafidi is the public affars director of NICB and speaks with us about how to avoid home repair scams.
3/28/202038 minutes, 51 seconds
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Facebook's Response to COVID-19 and Michelle and Marshall Talk About Their New Normals

Kang-Xing Jin, Head of Health for Facebook, talks about the steps they are taking to get the most current and accurate information to the public about the Coronavirus pandemic. Michelle and Marshall talk about how the COVID-19 is affecting their families in NYC and Connecticut.
3/21/202038 minutes, 54 seconds
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Innovative Brands Featured at the 2020 Toy Fair

Check out Michelle's interviews with some of the toy industry's top innovative brands including Endless Games, Griddly Games, MasterPieces, Celestial Buddies and Party Animal. Michelle also talks about the convertible stroller wagon from Radio Flyer.
3/13/202038 minutes, 29 seconds
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Home Buying Advice, Food Allergies, Planning for Retirement, Keeping Skin Healthy

AJ Barkley, senior VP of Neighborhood Lending for Bank of America, shares advice for home buying. Lisa Gable, CEO, FARE, talks about food allergies in children. Jean Chatzky, financial editor of NBC’s “Today Show” explains the M.U.G. Initiative and offers other financial advice for women. Diana Morrison, Senior Manager of Service Development and Innovation at Massage Envy talks about their new facial series for those with acne.
3/6/202039 minutes, 7 seconds
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Michelle Broadcasts from The 2020 International Toy Fair

Michelle visits the 2020 International Toy Fair at the Javits Center in New York City .and interviews some of the hottest brands/brands with great stories behind them.
2/27/202039 minutes, 7 seconds
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Flathead Lake Lodge, Sebring, FL and PETA's New Initiatives

Chase Averill from the Flathead Lake Lodge in Montana shares the history of the ranch and all there is to do. Casey Hartt, Marketing Consultant for Visit Sebring, talks about all of the wonderful things there are to do in the area for families. Dan Mathews, Senior VP, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, talks about vegan fashion and their old campaign.
2/20/202039 minutes, 5 seconds
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Toddler Topics with Marshall, Epilepsy Management

Michelle and Marshall talk about the why, why, why stage as well as Michelle’s recent experience with her pediatrician. Dr. James Wheless also talks about how one can manage their epilepsy.
2/12/202039 minutes, 4 seconds
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Food and Fertility, Baby/Toddler Sleep Tips, Your Relationship with Money

Dr. Neal Barnard talks about his book, Your Body in Balance, and how what you eat balances your hormones, improving diabetes, infertility and metabolic disorders. Alison Bevan, The Sleepytime Coach, addresses some sleep challenges for your baby or toddler. Nela Richardson, investment strategist with Edward Jones, talks about your relationship with money.
2/6/202039 minutes, 7 seconds
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Quorn's Plant Based Foods, A New Look for the SATs, Carnival Cruise Line, National Scorecard

Carnival Cruise Line's brand ambassador, John Heald, talks all about Carnival's newest ship as well as the cuisine and activities onboard. Priscilla Rodriguez tells us the SATs are not what they used to be and offers a free online training for the test. Ben Susssna, Head of Marketing at Quorn Foods USA, explains the benefits of going meatless and their latest boneless meatless wings. Christina Riley, EL Education Director of Curriculum Design, talks about how their program can help the "Nation's Scorecard."
2/1/202037 minutes, 49 seconds
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Homeopathic Remedies for the Winter, Toddler Topics

Pharmacist Christophe Merville is the director of education and pharmacy development at Boiron. He shares with us options for staying healthy this winter season through homeopathic medicine. Marshall Stevenson joins Michelle for toddler topics.
1/23/202039 minutes, 5 seconds
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My Gym, Toddler Topics and Fetal Surgery

Amy Brenner, owner of My Gym in Fairfield and Orange, CT, talks about the benefits of gym for young kids and how she built her business. Scott Adzick, M.D. Surgeon-In-Chief at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, talks about how fetal surgery can help improve the outcomes of some birth defects. Standup comic and father Marshall Stevenson and Michelle discuss the latest adventures with their toddlers.
1/17/202039 minutes, 5 seconds
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Toddler Topics with Marshall Stevenson

Marshall joins Michelle to chat about his trip to Italy with his three year old. Michelle talks about her recent sleep challenges with her daughter.
1/10/202039 minutes, 7 seconds
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A Mompreneur's Pajamas for Peace, A Scholarship for Childhood Cancer Survivors, Choosing the Right SUV for You, The Gifts People Value

Chan Francis talks about why she started Pajamas for Peace and what the organization does for those in need. James Bell, director of corporate communications for Kia Motors America, offers tips for figuring out which SUV is right for your family. Eric Christophersen, VP of Strategic Philanthropy and Community Relations for Northwestern Mutual, chats about the scholarship they have for childhood cancer survivors and their families. Dr. George Newman, associate professor of marketing and management at Yale School of Management, shares his insight as to the type of gifts people find most meaningful for the holidays.
12/14/201939 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Addie Gundry Talks Baby Food, Toddler Topics, Closing the Digital Divide

Addie Gundry has worked with some of the top chefs in the business and she's hear to talk baby food making! Marshall Stevenson joins Michelle to talk toddler topics - the silliest things that make kids have tantrums, babysitters and more. Michelle talks with Steven Mesnick about satellite internet and how it's bridging the digital divide.
12/6/201939 minutes, 5 seconds
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Kids Yoga Gone Awry; Balancing Motherhood and Broadcasting

Michelle chats about the challenges she faces as a mom and her very unrelaxing experience of taking her daughter to kids yoga. She also talks with fellow talk show host, Laura Smith, about her new show and how she has balanced motherhood and her broadcasting career.
11/22/201939 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Getaway to Vivo Resorts and S.W. Basics Skin Products

Looking for a relaxing getaway with a kids club? Natalie Skokan gives us a glimpse of what awaits! Adina Grigore, founder of SW Basics, shared why skincare can be simple, natural and very effective.
11/16/201939 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Fall and Winter Getaways with Travelzoo's Gabe Saglie

Gabe Saglie, senior editor of Travelzoo, talks all about fall and winter getaway ideas, Ireland's Halloween tradition, and the new vegan menu throughout the Disney parks
11/8/201939 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Toddler Topics with Marshall Stevenson

Michelle and Marshall talk potty training, the Big Apple Circus and more!
11/1/201939 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Cool baby shows and innovative products: Lincoln Center Kids, Naturepedic, Whiz Rider

Peg Schuler Armstrong from Lincoln Center Kids talks about their current show for babies, Nest, and their entire season. Barry Cik, founder of the organic mattress brand, Naturepedic, offers tips on what parents should look for when purchasing a crib mattress. Live in an urban area or traveling soon? Listen to Dani Schlaepfer's product, WhizRider.
10/25/201938 minutes
Episode Artwork

Two Incredible Women Entrepreneurs!

Courtney Harrow from "Five Little Monkeys" talks about why the right mattress is so important for kids and what to look for when purchasing one. Adina Grigore, founder of the skincare line, SW Basics, which uses 5 ingredients or less in each product, chats with us about why that type of makeup is so important. Both women talk about their journey to becoming successful business women.
10/18/201939 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Baby Soothe, Great Schools, Halloween Ideas

Guests this week: Lauren Piccirillo, mom and inventor of Baby Soothe, the infant massager, chats about how she got started and the benefits of massage with Tranquilo’s Baby Soothe. Jon Deene from Great Schools talks all about how you can use the website to find the school right for your family. Martin Amado gives us ideas for Halloween using Pumpkinmasters.
10/10/201939 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Ultimate New Mom's Cookbook, A Family Trip to the Rocking Horse Ranch

Aurora Satler, author of the "Ultimate New Mom's Cookbook" talks about how to get creative with easy recipes from the time you're pregnant to feeding your growing children. Steve Turk is the owner of the "Rocking Horse Ranch" in Highland, NY and chats with Michelle about its history, Michelle's wonderful experience at the ranch and plans for their future. Marshall's back with toddler topics!
10/5/201939 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Baby Says Shoes, KeeKee's Big Adventures

Baby Says Founder, Angela Yeakim, shares her amazing story of motherhood balanced with health struggles and starting a business. Here all about the shoes for newborns that older siblings and moms can write on! Shannon Jones is the author of the children's series, KeeKee's Big Adventures and podcast host talks all about international family travel.
9/27/201939 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Luke Bryan's "Here's to the Farmer" Tour, Teaching Children about the Digital Space, Toddler Topics

Collin Robinson, National PTA Board Member talks about how they are working with parents to teach kids how to navigate the digital space. Ray Kerins from Bayer talks about the "Here's to the Farmer tour with Luke Bryan. Toddler Topics with Marshall Stevenson including a chat about Michelle's wild child on vacation at the Rocking Horse Ranch when she doesn't nap and the debate about toddler eating habits.
9/20/201939 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

Chiropractic Care in the Third Trimester and for Your Children; How to Keep Spice in Your Marriage After Kids

Dr. Peter Braglia from True Health Chiropractic in Stratford, CT. talks about the benefits of chiropractic care in the third trimester and for your children. Bill Carmody is an executive leadership coach and chats about how to keep the spice alive after kids. Want to pick his brain on how to become a coach yourself or for help in your career or figuring out where to go next with it? for a free hour coaching session!
9/13/201939 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bee and You, Family Friendly Travel in Boston, Toddler Topics

Dr. Asli Tanugur Samanci is the CEO and Founder of BEE & YOU, an innovativeprovider of natural BEE products. She talks about the health benefits for children of all ages and adults. Marshall Stevenson joins Michelle for toddler topics.
9/6/201939 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

History and Fun at Lyman Orchards, Car Buying Tips, Toddler Topics with Marshall

John Lyman III of Lyman Orchards talks about the rich history of The orchard that has been around since the 1700s. It’s a great family friendly destination today. James Bell from Kia Motors offers car buying tips. Marshall Stevenson and Michelle talk toddler topics.
8/31/201939 minutes
Episode Artwork

WebUndies! Academic Performance & Student Health; Toddler Topics

Partner of, Terry Hunsinger, talks about the online business she runs with her sister while balancing motherhood. Dr. Cara James chats about the link between healthy students and their academics. Marshall Stevenson and Michelle talk toddler topics - what they are both going through at the moment with their little ones.
8/21/201939 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Why Board Game Cafes Are Awesome For Your Kids; How to Avoid Show Biz Scams

Neil Goldberg recently switched careers from long time sports producer for NY1 News to owner of the Main Street Board Game Cafe in Huntington Village, Long Island. He talks all about how powerful, educational and fun playing board games can be for adults and children. He also shares how he made such an amazing switch in careers in a short amount of time.Aaron Marcus is an accomplished actor and commercial model with over 30 years experience. He talks about how to get your child involved in the business and also how to avoid scams.
8/16/201939 minutes, 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bella Baby Photography, Dawn Goldberg - Mom and Entrepreneur

Emily Swift and Holly Todd from Bella Baby Photography talk about how to make the most of your fresh 48 hospital photos. They also chat about their Bella Life photo shoots for those pictures after you leave the hospital. Dawn Goldberg is an amazing mom and entrepreneur. She shares how and why she started her electrologist business and why Rodan and Fields is such a great business opportunity for moms.
8/10/201939 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

All About Your V, Terrible Twos, Your Breastfeeding Rights

Dr. Alyssa Dweck talks about how to take care of your V while prego. Marshall and Michelle talk about the terrible twos and how each of their daughters are acting. RN, Nurse Midwife and Lactation Consultant , Shari Criso, talks about our rights as a nursing mom in and out of the workplace.
8/2/201939 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Grace Filled Parenting

Kara Carrera talks about grace filled parenting and how to raise a creative engaged child at home and while traveling.
7/26/201939 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Travel with toddlers; The legendary Quassy Amusement Park in CT!!

Michelle and Marshall talk about traveling with little ones and having a second child. Ron Gustafson, director of marketing and public relations for Quassy Amusement and Waterpark, talks about the legendary park, and Is Raising the Minimum Wage Maybe not a good idea for family businesses?
7/18/201939 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

The new Honda Passport, Hamax Bike Gear, Family friendly hotels in Boston

Guests this week include Jessica Pawl (Honda); Christy Loy (GM, Aloft & Element Hotels); and Kim Grotzke (Hamax USA). In the market for a new SUV that doubles as a great family vehicle and perfect for off roading? Check out what Jessica has to say about the Honda Passport, the newest vehicle in Honda's lineup. Thinking about taking a roadtrip this summer? It can be a challenge finding great family friendly places to stay. Christy Loy talks about two great properties in Boston. The weather is nice and it's great to get out on the bike with your little one. Kim Grotzke shares what makes Hamas' bike seats and trailers so great for parents and children!
7/12/201939 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Michelle and Marshall talk potty training, daycare drop offs and other toddler topics!

Michelle hangs out with her good friend Marshall, talking about potty training, daycare drop offs, toddler eating habits, and all the fun things new parents share.
7/5/201939 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Back from Maternity Leave! Music and Kids with KHS America, Animal Packers

Michelle talks to Derek Frank from KHS America about the importance of music education in a child's life and how KHS has played such an integral role. Debra Kallinikos, founder of "Animal Packers," talks about how she came up with the animal backpacks and her inspiration for doing so.
6/28/201939 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

MATERNITY LEAVE SHOW! NY Kids Club, Giftcard Girlfriend, Evenflo Gold

From May 5 comes one of Michele's favorite recent shows:Alina Diebold (the NY Kids Club) talks about the importance of play and enrichment classes in toddlers; Shelley Hunter the "Gift Card Girlfriend" gives us some Mother's and Father's Day gift ideas. Amber Stepper, VP Marketing for Evenflo, offers advice on how to choose the best carseat.
6/15/201935 minutes, 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

Animal Friendly Vacations with John Di Leonardo

Michelle is still on maternity break, so here's a favorite show from April 28. Also, listen to Michelle's interview with PETA's John Di Leonardo about kid-friendly, animal-friendly vacations (at the 32:13 mark).
6/7/201938 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

MICHELLE IS ON MATERNITY LEAVE! Best-of show from April 20-21

It's Michele's second week with her new son! We're giving her a rest and bringing you one of her favorite shows, recorded April 21, 2019.
5/31/201939 minutes, 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

MATERNITY LEAVE: Best-of Show from April 14, 2019

Michelle has a new baby boy! While mother and child get off to a good start, enjoy this encore podcast from April 13-14, 2019.
5/21/201934 minutes, 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

MATERNITY BREAK - "Best Of" Show from April 6-7, 2019

Caroline Christenson talks about the benefits of a maternity belly band and why she invented hers which also has shoulder and groin straps. Comic and dad Marshall Stevenson and I talk about what it's like leaving your baby alone with the parents for their first overnight.
5/17/201931 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Honda CR-V, Vagina Pop-Up Book, Classic Kids Photography, Giving Back to First Responders

Guests Include: Jessica Pawl oversees PR for Honda in the eastern U.S. and talks about why the CR-V has been aa top choice in its class for 22 years. Kristin Lilla is Newbraska's only AASECT certified sex therapist and talks about her new Vagina pop up which appears in her book, Vaginas and Periods 101. Julie Floyd is the founder of Classic Kids Photography with studios across the U.S. She is also a mom and world traveler. She shares her inspiring story and talks about what makes her studios produce such quality photos and keepsakes. Jessica Egerton, brand development for Cooper Tires, talks about the support they give to first responders and the Gary Sinise Foundation.
5/10/201937 minutes, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

NY Kids Club, Giftcard Girlfriend, Evenflo Gold

Alina Diebold talks about the importance of play and enrichment classes in toddlers and the many programs the NY Kids Club offers. Shelley Hunter the "Gift Card Girlfriend" gives us some Mother's and Father's Day gift ideas. Amber Stepper, VP Marketing for Evenflo, talks about their new Gold line of products and offers advice on how to choose the best carseat.
5/2/201935 minutes, 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Benefits of a Doula, Childbirth Photography; Hot Toddler Topics with Marshall

Guests include Doula and Child Birth Educator, Ashley Minahan, Baby and Family Photographer, Shea Wordell and NY Comic Marshall Stevenson
4/26/201939 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Cold Bee Gone! EC Knox's Stylish Diaper Bag

Joyce Dales, inventor of Cold Bee Gone talks about how to fight colds naturally. Broadway star and father of two, Gavin Lodge and his company EC Knox, designed a really stylish and useful diaper bag!
4/26/201941 minutes, 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

Moving Tips with NY Nomads, Green Cleaning with Reds Gone Green, Talking Daycare with Comic and Dad, Marshall Stevenson

Guests include Olga Stankovich of New York Nomads; Kasey Ciesiensky of Red's Gone Green; and Comic and Dad, Marshall Stevenson.
4/12/201934 minutes, 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Lexus for Families, Vacation Photos and Tips, Babyproofing a Home with Style, 529 Savings App

Guests: Jon Heriford (Ass't General Manager, Lexus Eastern Area)Nicole Alexander (Siren Betty Design), Kollene Carlsson (Owner Photographer, Blonde Cow Photography) andKsenia Yudina (founder, UNest)
3/28/201938 minutes, 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

The College Admission Scandal; Schleich Toys, Baby & Toddler Sleep Tips, Egg Controversy

Guests include Richard Watts (author "Entitlemania"); Chris Swalm (Marketing Communications Manager for Schleich Toys); Carolyn Harvey (Baby & Toddler Sleep Expert and Brand Ambassador for Baby Magic), Dad and Comic, Marshall Stevenson
3/21/201938 minutes, 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Cher Show with Ashley Blair Fitzgerald; TGC Toys with Kelly Elwood

On Broadway with Ashley Blair Fitgerald; TGC Toys with Kelly Elwood/
3/15/201931 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Baby Bellyband, Leaving Kids For Their First Overnight

Caroline Christenson talks about the benefits of a maternity belly band and why she invented hers which also has shoulder and groin straps. Comic and dad, Marshall Stevenson, and I talk about what it's like leaving your baby alone with the parents for their first overnight.
3/7/201931 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

Suburban Jungle, Patch's Cool Ford Experience, Shira - children's performer and international recording artist

Allison Bernstein, founder of Suburban Jungle tells us how she helps families choose the right suburb for them when moving out of the city. Lindsey & Patch Hurty share six year old Patch's cool collection and the memorable experience he had at the Ford headquarters. Shira Averbuch is an international performer and songwriter and talks about the benefits of starting children with music early on as well as her own journey as a performer.
2/28/201932 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

Lamaze Intimates, Bone Marrow Transplants, Magnetic Me, "Waitress"

Nicole Foos from Lamaze Intimates shares information on their maternity and nursing product line. Lisa Manheim's son is going through a bone marrow transplant and talks about the ease of donation and how you can become a kind stranger. Lauren Levy chat about her clothing line for babies and toddlers, Magnetic Me and why it's making it easy for parents to dress their kids. Nadia DiGiallonardo (musical director of the Broadway show "Waitress") shares how she has balanced motherhood and Broadway and chats about the powerful show that relates to anyone married or pregnant/with kids.
2/22/201938 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

Lion Country Safari, Taking Care of Kids When You're Sick, Lido Beach Resort, Babies and Heart Disease

Haley Passeser talks about all the fun that can be had at Lion Country Safari in West Palm Beach; John Haviaras, GM of Lido Beach Resort, talks with Michelle about her amazing visit with her daughter. Marshall Stevenson, comic and dad, is sick at home with the flu and talks about what it's like to take care of a toddler when you are the one sick. Dr Matthew GIllespie, attending cardiologist in the Cardiac Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, talks about Innovations in cardiac care for babies.
2/14/201937 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sarasota, The Resort at Longboat Key Club, Elite Family Care

Michelle had a wonderful mommy and me getaway to Sarasota with her 22 month old and spoke with a few people who make the destination and its resorts so special. Britney Guertin, Communications and Content Manager for Visit Sarasota County, talks with Michelle about all of the wonderful things to see and do in Sarasota whether traveling as a couple or family. Danielle White and Jeff Mayers, director of spa and GM of The Resort at Longboat Key Club, chat with Michelle about her stay at the property, including their fitness, spa, tennis, golf, cuisine, gorgeous beaches and upcoming renovations. Michelle could not have experienced so much at the resort if it wasn't for Elite Family Care. Debra Fortosis, founder, talks about how her company helps vacationing families with sitters as well as giving locals nanny placements and senior companion care.
2/8/201938 minutes, 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Willow Breast Pump, Kidmoto, Judging Parents, Safe Air Travel for Kids

Naomi Kelman, founder and CEO of Willow Breastpump discusses how it is revolutionizing pumping or women. Nelson Nigel, founder and CEO of KidMoto, chats about how getting to and from the airport with kids is made so much easier and safe. Marshall Stevenson, dad and comic, asks if it's ever ok to judge other parents. Charlie Fussner, Business Unit Manager for AmSafe introduces us to the only FAA approved harness for toddlers and kids on airplanes.
2/2/201937 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Road Tripping, Pelvic Floor Health, Fetal Surgery, AP Classes

Peter Greenberg joins me to talk about some of his favorite road trips and tips for parents traveling with kids. Leah Stewart, founder of Live Life Pilates, shares advice for a healthy pelvic floor during and after pregnancy and how one can use pilates to achieve this. Scott Adzick, M.D. Surgeon-In-Chief at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, discusses how fetal surgery helps correct many defects while still in the womb, and Terry Redican, AP Vice President, The College Board, tells us why AP classes are so important for those in high school.
1/26/201940 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

Vacation Rentals By Owner, Hands on Hoops, Juggling Motherhood with Jen Slaw, Benefits of Eggs

Guests include Stephanie Fish from VRBO differentiating the facts and myths of vacation rental homes, Michael Deutsch (Hands on Hoops) talks about the benefits of basketball on toddlers and young kids. Jen Slaw, motivational speaker, professional juggler and mother, chats with Michelle about how she focuses on and incorporates both Motherhood and her career as a corporate motivational speaker, Dr Mickey Rubin, executive director of the Egg Nutrition Center talks about the benefits of eggs for the fetus, mom and growing children.
1/11/201936 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

VRBO: Vacations for 2019; Marshall's New Year; Honda's Family Vehicles

Melanie Fish from VRBO joins Michelle to talk about great family vacation ideas for 2019 and how best to travel. Michelle's friend Marshall Stevenson, owner of NY Beer and Brewery Tour, laments about his New Year's celebration or lack thereof with a two year old. Chris Naughton, Northeast Regional Manager, Honda Public Relations, educates us on the best family vehicles, including the Honda Pilot, Odyssey and CRV. Michelle talks with him about her experience testing the Pilot and Odyssey.
1/5/201932 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

Vacation Rentals with VRBO, NYE at Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay, Healthy Meals Delivered, Mompowerment

Melanie Fish from VRBO talks about how awesome vacation rentals are for families. Nicole Viennea, marketing and communications manager from the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Gold Resort, Spa and Marina introduces us to a family friendly resort with lots of activities and a great spa for mom. Suzanne Brown from Mompowerment talks about how to balance Motherhood and Work. Laureen Asseo, founder of Fresh 'n Lean offers a new way for moms to serve healthy meals with very little prep.
12/22/201838 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

VRBO for Easy Family Travel, HALO and Baby Safety, PSAT Prep, Bank of America's Cultural Programs

Melanie Fish, HomeAway and VRBO's travel expert talks about why staying in a vacation rental home is so great when you have a family and for just overall savings and convenience. We chat with Aaron Lemon- Strauss, Executive Director, College and Career Access, The College Board, about why it's so important to prep for the PSAT/NMSQT and how to easily do so. Tricia Weinhold, the director of marketing for HALO Innovations, fills us in on baby sleep safety and reveals some of HALO's newer sleepsacks and an innovative sleep system that helps prevent SIDS. Rena De Sisto, Global Arts and Culture Executive, explains how Bank of America is contributing largely to keeping arts and culture programs funded and how families can affordably attend museums and events.
12/15/201837 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

Loving Babyganics, the Motherhood Deck, Yoga and Pilates with Kristin McGee, Mom Wellness

GUESTS: Mary O'Brien - Regional Marketing Manager for Babyganics; Justine Haemmerli - founder of Girls Gone Happy and the Motherhood Deck; Kristin McGee - celebrity yoga and Pilates instructor; and Clara Rey - Women's empowerment and wellness coach.
12/8/201838 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

Working Moms, Broadway Moms, Pilates and MUTU for Pregnancy and Postpartum, Buckle Me Baby Coats

Anne Marie Leamy from the morning show on 95.5 PLJ in NYC and host of the podcast, Running On Cofffee and Cocktails, talks about what it's like to be a hard working momma. Julie Reider, starring in the Broadway hit, "Come From Away," talks about what it's like balancing 5 roles in the show and motherhood. Erin DeLucia-Benson, founder of Erin DeLucia Benson Pilates and Holistic Health, talks about the importance of Pilates and the MUTU system during and after pregnancy and how to safely incorporate both. She debunks some of the myths around doing pilates while pregnant. Dalia Rizk, mompreneur and inventor of the Buckle Me Baby Coats talks about her coat that can be safely worn while your child is in their carseat, eliminating the need to take on and off the coat as you get in and out of the car.
12/1/201839 minutes, 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

Fun holiday gifts for the kids, presents for toddlers, women choosing homes over men

Guests: Patricia Gates of Dynacraft BSC talks all about the hottest holiday toys for the little ones; Marshall Stevenson and Michelle chat about what kids really need when it comes to clothes and toys. Cathy Cummings of Bank of America says more single women are choosing to buy a home over getting married.
11/23/201838 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

Two Broadway Stars, Travelzoo's Gift Guide and Kids and Music

Stage and Screen star Sutton Foster talks about her role with the 15th annual Christmas with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Broadway and television star, Kristen Sieh, who plays Iris in "The Band's Visit" discusses her role as a new mom in the show. Senior Editor of Travelzoo, Gabe Saglie, introduces us to their holiday travel guide, where to splurge and where to save this holiday season. Cristina Rodriguez, Coors Light Líder of the Year; President and Co-Founder, Mind & Melody, Inc. talks about how important music is for young kids and the elderly.
11/16/201836 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

Your First Family Vehicle, Hip Dysplasia, Make My Belly Fit

Dr. Charles Price talks about the signs of and how to prevent and correct hip dysplasia. Dan Fuoco from Suburban Collection talk tips on choosing your first family vehicle. Ben McHugh is the founder of "Make My Belly Fit," a cool product that expands the size of your winter coat during pregnancy. Owner of NY Beer and Brewery Tours and super dad, Marshall Stevenson, talks about the pressures of enrolling toddlers in so many programs.
11/10/201838 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

(Rebroadcast of Oct 6-7) Postpartum Health and Wellness and more!

Marianne Perez de Fransius from Bébé Voyage, with tips for traveling nationally and internationally. Shanalee Sharboneau, children's author of the "My Family Loves Me" series, chats about her inspiration for writing the books ; Laura Arndt; founder of the Matriarc App for postnatal fitness and wellness discusses how important exercise and other wellness practices are after giving birth. Dr. Carey August talks about the importance of and advances in breast cancer screening.
11/3/201839 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Benefits of a Doula, Family Ski Trips, Reveal Ideas

Michelle chats with Julie Rosen; who she used when she needed a doula and lactation consultant. Shannon Bridger owns Confetti and Twine and talks reveal ideas and birthday prep for kids parties. Nicole Feliciano, CEO of Mom Trends Media, discusses the upcoming ski season and the best time and places to get out on the slopes with the family. Jodi Grant and Audrey Hutchinson talk about the importance of Lights On Afterschool.
10/26/201837 minutes, 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

Great Sex, The Boobie Box, Easy Healthy Cooking, Pressure of Enrolling Toddlers in Activities

Michelle talks to Dr Steven Snyder, author of 'Love Worth Making: How to Have Ridiculously Great Sex in a Long-Lasting Relationship' about how couples can keep the spark alive and still have great intimacy, even as new exhausted parents. Amanda Sucert, founder of "The Boobie Box" discusses nursing tips for women and how the Boobie Box helps women sample various products to aid in successful nursing. Anasatsia Sharova, founder of "Happy Bellyfish," online cooking classes for foodies, talks about the importance of healthy nutrition while pregnant and for your growing child. Marshall Stevenson, owner of NY Beer and Brewery Tour, comic and awesome dad, and I talk about the pressures of enrolling your toddler in so many programs.
10/19/201839 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

"Why Are Women Frustrated With Today's Men?", "Dear Evan Hansen," Holiday Shopping Trends

Host Michelle Jerson welcomes author Elliot Katz; market strategist Katherine Bruce; Parent and Life Coach, Teodora Pavkovic and Dr. Donnica Moore. Why are women today frustrated with today's men? Elliot Katz, author of Being the Strong Man A Woman Wants: Timeless wisdom on being a man talks about the dynamic between men and women today . Katherine Bruce, Manager, Market Insights in the Corporate Strategy and Program Metrics Department of Cotton Incorporated, talks about holiday shopping and how consumers plan to spend this holiday season. Michelle shares her experience seeing Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway and talks to Parent and Life Coach, Teodora Pavkovic, about anxiety in children and the psycho-emotional impact of technology use. Dr. Donnica Moore talks about a health issue that effects many women but not many like to talk about.
10/10/201838 minutes, 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

How to Travel with the Littles, Postpartum Health and Wellness and more!

Host Michelle Jerson talks with Marianne Perez de Fransius from Bébé Voyage about tips for traveling nationally and internationally with young one, Shanalee Sharboneau, children's author of the "My Family Loves Me" series, chats about her inspiration for writing the books ; Laura Arndt; founder of the Matriarc App for postnatal fitness and wellness discusses how important exercise and other wellness practices are after giving birth. Dr. Carey August talks about the importance of and advances in breast cancer screening.
10/5/201839 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Advice for Mompreneurs; Fall Travel Tips from Travelzoo; Maximizing Credit Card Points; Saving for College

Michelle talks with Kristi Gorinas, Mompreneaur and founder of the Go With Me Chair, Defendables and more. She helps women make their business idea a reality. Lee Abbamonte, the youngest person to visit the youngest person to visit every country in the world plus the North & South Poles, talks to us about his choice of credit card for maximizing travel rewards. Gabe Saglie, senior editor of Travelzoo discusses fall travel tips, shoulder season deals and talks about the destinations that are hot right now. Gus Cavalcanti, financial advisor, gives us some tips for saving for our child's college education.
9/30/201839 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Treating Diastasis Recti, Airport Concierge Services and Transportation, Woodloch Lodge, Women and Small Businesses

Michelle talks with diastasis recti expert Julie Tupler about how to avoid and treat an ab separation during pregnancy. Adam Parken from Blacklane introduces listeners to their international transportation services and new airport VIP services to help families. Rory O'Fee, from the Woodloch Resort, talks with Michelle about her experience at the resort and all of the great family activities and its history. Sharon Miller, head of small business at Bank of America, discusses women and how they can get started with a business.
9/23/201839 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Club Med - A Great Family Getaway, A Dad's View on Parenting, Housewives in the City

Michelle chats with Joseph Nuñez, from Club Med North America, about Club Med Sandpiper Bay. She recently visited the resort with her 17 month old and had the best time. Marshall Stevenson, owner of the NY Beer and Brewery Tour and overall great dad, talks about his view on parenting in the NYC. Andrea Koury talks about her company, Housewives in the City, and what it's like raising a 10 year old and a 5 month old.
9/16/201840 minutes, 58 seconds