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Passive Income with Giovanni Rigters

English, Finance, 1 season, 15 episodes, 3 hours, 4 minutes
I talk about making passive income online and personal finance. Follow my channel to get notified on the latest episodes.
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Day in the Life of an Investor | Value Investing

I discuss what I do throughout the day as a value investor. *Free - My #1 Investing Audiobook
2/19/202311 minutes, 5 seconds
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I Am Affirmations for Success, Motivation, Happiness, Inspiration - Listen Every Morning | CeoGio

Listen to affirmations every day to stimulate your subconscious and achieve your goals. *Free - My #1 Investing Audiobook
2/11/20239 minutes, 58 seconds
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Money Affirmations - Attract Wealth and Riches (Everyday Motivation!) | CeoGio

Become successful, rich, and wealthy. Visualize your wealth with these money affirmations while listening to some chill beats. *Free - My #1 Investing Audiobook
2/9/20239 minutes, 55 seconds
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#1 Dividend Stock to Buy This Year for Passive Income

Boost your residual income with this trusted monthly dividend stock. *Free - My #1 Investing Audiobook
12/14/202210 minutes
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Top 4 Dividend ETFs & Index Funds for Residual Income // Vanguard

Let's delve into the best dividend index funds and ETFs to create passive income. *Free - My #1 Investing Audiobook
11/20/202213 minutes, 54 seconds
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5 Best Dividend Stocks to Buy for Passive Income

The top 5 dividend stocks if you are looking to make residual income and build wealth. *Free - My #1 Investing Audiobook
11/13/202211 minutes, 54 seconds
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Passive Income: Make Money through Stock Investing

Let's start making money and build wealth in the stock market. *Free - My #1 Investing Audiobook
10/27/202218 minutes, 24 seconds
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Become a Bitcoin Millionaire? Let's Find Out // Make Money Online (Cryptocurrency Edition)

Many investors believe that they can buy cryptocurrency today and become a millionaire tomorrow. More than likely this will not happen to you, but there is a small percentage of crypto investors who will become rich of their purchasing decisions.
9/11/20225 minutes, 59 seconds
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Earn Passive Income with Cryptocurrencies // Easy Side Hustles (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano)

Many people don't know that you can make passive income with your crypto. Staking and earning interest are the two main ways to earn passive income with cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, Litecoin and more altcoin allow you to stake. When you stake your coins, you lock up your crypto in the network. In return you get paid coins in that particular crypto. Binance, Coinbase, Exodus, Daedalus, etc are some platforms you can use to start staking your coins.
9/9/20229 minutes, 11 seconds
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Day Trading for Beginners & Dummies // Investing Basics 101

Day trading is the art of buying and selling based on trends, indicators and patterns. The best traders are able to use their knowledge, instincts and a full-proof system to cash in on their trades. *Free - My #1 Investing Audiobook
9/7/202222 minutes, 47 seconds
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Dramatically Boost Your Credit Score // Credit Card Edition

I use credit cards to raise my credit score. Credit cards are one of the easiest ways to raise your credit. However, it is easy to make mistakes if you are not aware of how to utilize these credit cards the correct way. Today, I'll cover how I use credit cards the correct way which will help you increase your credit score. I'll also talk about the site you visit to look at your credit reports.
9/5/20224 minutes, 27 seconds
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Create Wealth by Getting that Money: Income Tips for Beginners

Let’s talk about money management for beginners. Any topic about personal finance will include budget planning, how to save money and how to track it. So what you need to know is how you’re making money, how you are spending it, best ways to save it and the best way to invest your hard earned money. Sites such as mint and personal capital make managing, tracking and budgeting your money a lot easier to handle. Same goes for Quickbooks if you are a small business owner or have multiple sources of income. *Free - My #1 Investing Audiobook
9/4/202215 minutes, 15 seconds
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Make Money, Get Rich: Personal Finance for Beginners & Dummies

If you are passive income or are planning to make money online then you need to have personal finance at the top of your list. Follow my money management tips to never go broke. *Free - My #1 Investing Audiobook
9/2/202214 minutes, 15 seconds
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Passive Income | How I Made $48,000 | Make Money While You Sleep (Smart Side Hustle Ideas)

I reveal another consistent passive income source. This is one I've been making money with since 2019. *Free - My #1 Investing Audiobook
8/31/20229 minutes, 50 seconds
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Easy Passive Income: $779/month Side Hustle No One Talks About (Make Money Online)

Let's talk about a passive income source that no one is talking about. It's one that I've making money with since 2018. When I look at passive income, it needs to be consistently making me money and I want it to be hands-off. I also give out the secrets to how I have been able to around $800-$1000 a month with this income source. *Free - My #1 Investing Audiobook
8/29/202217 minutes, 54 seconds