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Parenting Paused presses PAUSE on those shame inducing parenting failures. It presses PLAY on your inner wisdom and the ability to be the parent you want to be. Join Leslie Potter, mother and founder of Purejoy Parenting, as she shares her personal experiences as well as works with other moms and dads in real time to show you the step-by-step process to turn your parenting around.
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What is Conscious Parenting?

Discovering conscious parenting is a journey of self-awareness and compassion. It's not about being perfect all the time, but rather being conscious of what's going on inside of you and supporting your child in doing the same. Listen in to explore the possibilities of conscious parenting. Becoming more aware of your actions and reactions, supports creating a more loving and understanding home for yourself and your children. 
04/07/20237 minutes 46 seconds
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Ep. 159 Examining Our Conditioning

Are you a student of Parenting? If you are here, you probably had an inspiration to research "how to parent". Maybe you wanted to do things differently from your parents. Maybe you found that what you were doing was not working. Maybe after all the conscious parenting books, podcasts, lectures... you still perceive that the way you parent isn't "working". Do you hear the internal judgment there? In this week's Parenting Paused podcast, you will explore the secret sauce... kindness to self! What would it be like to be kind to yourself when you just don't know?
09/01/20236 minutes 22 seconds
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Ep. 120 Parenting Through the Heart

Our culture highly values knowledge and intelligence.  Approaching parenting from a headspace creates a division that launches you out of the present moment with your child.  Tune into this week's episode to hear what Leslie has to say about what it's like to parent through the heart.  Purejoy is getting ready for the fourth Purejoy Parent Coach Certification training to begin in June 2022. If you're curious to become a coach- visit  www.
11/04/20227 minutes 7 seconds
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Ep. 113 The Purejoy View

Growing up in your home you took on a certain view…often it was your caregiver's view of the world. Since you were young you saw the world the way your caregivers did. Even though as you grew your view changed and often times was counter to your caregivers, when you get emotionally triggered your early view arises.  Tune into this week's episode to hear more about Purejoy as a view and check out how you see the world, and what view you might be working from. 
14/02/20229 minutes 24 seconds
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Ep. 87 Reading Your Child's Instruction Manual

Do you ever think your child didn’t come with an instruction manual? Well, what if they did and yet you aren’t interested in reading it? Why would this be?  In my experience, my parenting manual (conscious loving mother) often gave contradictory instructions to her innate knowing and instructions. Determined to follow mine I often felt like I was trying to put a round peg in a square hole. It was painful for both.  Tune into this episode to deepen in how you can start reading your child's instruction manual.
17/08/20218 minutes 18 seconds
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Ep. - 23 It Can Be Scary To Connect With Your Child

Nick and Remy sought me out determined to find a way to connect with their teen in a loving way. Their traditional methods were driving a wedge between them and their daughter. As they turned back in focusing on relationship they courageously took responsibility for their part in the dynamic reconnecting with their daughter in a powerful way. 
02/12/201825 minutes 22 seconds
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Ep. 22 - Walking On Eggshells With Your Kid

Nina joins me to share how trapped she felt by her son's needs. As she began to understand how to set healthy personal boundaries she began to honor herself and miraculously it made room for her son to show up in a new way.
18/11/201823 minutes 49 seconds
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Ep. - 21 Embarrassed In Public By Your Child’s Behavior?

Maryrose shares how she began to recognize her repressed material as it began to awaken in her relationship with her child. Especially in public, she was surprised by her reactions and slowly began to turn inside to attend to her intense feelings. Being a people pleaser she began to see how she oriented towards other adults perceptions instead of showing up for her son.
30/10/201827 minutes 54 seconds
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Ep. - 20 Room For Mistakes

Kate found herself challenged by her precocious son and perceived him as the enemy. She found herself conflicted between wanting to raise her son to be strong and stand up for himself and yet not to her. Listen in as she talks about making room for mistakes in her parenting.
14/10/201828 minutes 37 seconds
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Ep. - 19 I need to CONTROL my child, Don't I?

Gillian worked hard to create a conscious loving environment for her girls to thrive and yet her fear of letting go of control was overwhelming. As she began to meet her fear with kindness her relationship with her daughters began to shift in magical ways.
30/09/201833 minutes 10 seconds
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Ep. - 18 How Being Raised In An Authoritarian Family Can Affect Your Parenting

Nisansala was raised in a more traditional authoritarian home so she found herself falling into old familiar patterns in her parenting which reminded her of early childhood. In her desire to be more conscious she found herself challenging her background and finding out her feelings were ok and not something to repress and keep inside. 
10/09/201829 minutes 55 seconds
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EP.17 - Feeling Like A Failure As A Mom

Sonali tried every technique she could to get her sons aggressive behavior in check and yet it always failed. Join us to hear her quest to find a way to connect with her son which led her to a surprising connection with herself.
24/08/201828 minutes 16 seconds
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Ep.16 - When Behavior Crosses The Line

Listen in as Teresa shares her challenging journey of understanding and taking responsibility for her part in the dynamic with her children. When their behavior crossed the line she found all her traditional parenting techniques flew out the window and the only way through was to turn inside putting her oxygen mask on first. 
12/08/201823 minutes 55 seconds
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Ep.15 - Parenting A Precocious Child Who Breaks The Rules

Robin had a HUGE fantasy she could change her history by being a conscious loving mom.  What she didn't expect were the intense feelings which arose when her son wouldn't conform. Little did she know she would be looking in the mirror and facing into her early childhood and all the behaviors which triggered her early pain.  
29/07/201832 minutes 29 seconds
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Ep.14 - Parenting Through The Portal Of Trauma

Robyn wanted to be a mom as young as a teen and found her way to be one through adopting her son as a single mom. As she faced into the loss of her fantasy of everything being lollipops and unicorns she learned to navigate through a rocky terrain as she had to face into her own trauma which was triggered by her sons.
14/07/201828 minutes 21 seconds
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Ep.13 - Staying Present With The Overwhelming Expressions Of A Sensitive Child

No matter what Lisa did to "fix" the problem of her daughter's sensitivity it only got worse.  When she felt responsible for her daughter's experience she beat herself up for not being able to hear her cry.  Listen in as she shares her experience of slowly beginning to hear the call of her hidden sensitivity, rocking her world and the way she parents.  
08/07/201826 minutes 13 seconds
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Ep.12 - How To See, Hear And Validate Your Child

In this episode, Mei shares how challenging her early childhood was being raised in a traditional punitive home. Even though she had a desire to create a safe home for her son to express his feelings she found herself acting out her early strategies of control and punishment.
01/07/201826 minutes 18 seconds
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Ep. 11 - Big Feelings And The Shadow Side Of Conscious Parenting

Olivia had learned about attachment parenting and done a lot of therapy and wanted to give her children the "perfect" secure attachment.  What she didn't expect was to feel so angry and reactive instead of loving and kind. 
24/06/201822 minutes 51 seconds
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Ep.10 - I'm So Lonely And No One Knows

Amy Beth shares her journey of becoming a first time mom at 46 years old raising her daughter on her own.  As she faced into the lonliness and challenge of doing it alone she just wanted to get it "right" which led her to try and change her daughter's behavior so she could feel OK.
16/06/201822 minutes 41 seconds
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Ep.9 - I Never Thought I'd Have An Angry Child

Angelina shares her powerful story of opening to how much fear and judgment she had about screwing up her kids.  The more she tried to control her son the angrier he became and began to act out aggressively towards everyone in the family.  As she began to find a refuge where she could SafeSeat, compassion and love became her friend.  
11/06/201820 minutes 13 seconds
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Ep.8 - I Always Wanted To Be The Perfect Mother

Lindsey shares her raw journey of how her perfectionism was not working for anyone in her family.  Listen in as she faces her fear of being a failure and begins to learn to offer unconditional kindness to her old conditioning around parenting
02/06/201824 minutes 31 seconds
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Ep.5 - The Gift Of Having An Aggressive Child

Leah shares her profound journey in raising herself and finding the key to her son's aggressive behavior was turning inward to claim her own power.  She offers moms with aggressive kids a new view which supports them in seeing the “gift” of the child however they present
07/05/201822 minutes 40 seconds
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Ep.4 - An Inside View To Parenting The Purejoy Way

In this powerful interview, Chris shares his 6-year journey living the Purejoy Parenting model.  His experiences and insights are both inspiring and offer an inside view of how powerful turning inward is to create a safe emotional home.
07/05/201831 minutes 51 seconds
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Ep.3 - Growing Yourself Up As You Parent Teens And Young Adults

Listen in to how Tracy and Brian shifted their parenting style to support their daughters as they struggled through illness and depression. There is light at the end of the tunnel. 
07/05/201839 minutes 52 seconds
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Ep.2 - Seeing Your Child Through New Eyes

Kat shares her miraculous story of shifting how she perceived herself and her son which led to a whole new way of relating. Experience her joy as she looks back and sees how far she has come. 
07/05/201826 minutes 8 seconds