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Paper Radio: AM: Non-fiction

English, Personal stories, 1 season, 8 episodes, 1 hour, 13 minutes
It's reserved for real things — true stories, micro-histories, and queries into the character of the mercurial southern islands.
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Changes Again

When we talk about the difference between hearing and listening, or between looking and seeing, what is that actual difference? Is it about recognising, and matching something with what you already know, or starting clean and building a picture? Is it possible to move from recognition to reimagining? Meet Roger. He lives his life surrounded […]
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Have We Met?

What do actor Brad Pitt, neuroscientist Oliver Sacks and science commentator Dr Karl Kruszelnicki have in common? Let’s just say: you might not know it if you saw it. Sonja Dechian looks into what’s really in the eye, or the mind, of the beholder.
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A Shortage of Santas

Surviving a trip to the shopping centre at Christmas time is enough to test the patience of a saint. Imagine, then, the annual suffering of your local Santa Claus. Take a trip behind the tinsel to hear a true account of what it takes to be a gifted man in red. There’s much more to the jolly man than a ho […]
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In a time of repetition and assertion, repetition and assertion, questions have become rhetorical and answers unrelated. The pioneers of this practice? The residents of the fourth estate – and yes, Australian politics. At the end of a microphone, hesitation takes on the quality of uncertainty. But the power of rhetoric is far more insidious.
10/29/20141 minute, 22 seconds
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Noise to a Minimum

Once the home of the ubiquitous KEEP QUIET sign and the archetypal shushers, libraries now serve as repurposed meeting places, infotech zones, and speakeasies. The contemporary hum of incidental noise we make in libraries is considered acceptable, unavoidable, and sometimes even outwardly encouraged – the paper rustle, the machine whirr, the echoing cough. In the […]
8/14/20147 minutes, 20 seconds
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The Isolation-Solitude-Confinement-Happiness-Freedom Domain

A day spa isn’t the first place you’d expect to find a think tank, and yet it’s here that Toby Fehily finds himself stepping into a darkened capsule filled with warm, salty water. With the lid tightly shut, Toby comes to his senses – in a most senseless way.
7/9/201410 minutes, 17 seconds
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The Cosmic Frequency

Before the likes of Skype and Twitter, curious people built and operated amateur ‘ham’ radios in order to connect with other curious people around the world. The Cosmic Frequency tells the story of Maggie Iaquinto, an American-born Australian who forged a unique relationship with the Russian cosmonauts aboard the space station Mir.
7/7/201135 minutes, 10 seconds
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Tone Deaf

In his ongoing wrestling match with the Cantonese language, Benjamin Law charts his attempts to master his family’s mother tongue. Tone Deaf is an extract from Benjamin Law’s book The Family Law, published by Black Inc. Fine out more about the book here; it’s since been adapted for TV, too! Please note: this podcast contains […]
6/14/201019 minutes, 9 seconds