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English, Religion, 2 seasons, 56 episodes, 1 day, 1 hour, 55 minutes
A raw and authentic outlook from a Artist that knows God's purpose is bigger than we could ever imagine. Audrey Bailey is the owner and artist behind Brush and Barley where she strives to intertwine her faith with worship through creating, mental health advocacy, into her passion of art. As a business owner, Christian, Wife and a mother of two Audrey not only wants to share entrepreneurship but also the things behind the scenes the audience never sees. Here we break the barrier and have open and real conversations about anything and everything that feel needs to be heard without fear. Your purpose is there just waiting for you to tap in and give the faith. We want to discuss those raw topics in seasons of life that may be holding you back, and we also want to discuss the successes that come when you say no to fear. If you are ready to tap into that calling and purpose you know God has for you, or if you feel a little broken and sometimes feels like you are not worthy of that purpose please come hang out. We want you to leave her ready to conquer fear and achieve that purpose, with Jesus and us on your side. "And he took my broken pieces, and he painted them" - Audrey Bailey
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New Year, Same You

Happy New Year, friend!  Everything you might need is here.
12/28/202118 minutes, 48 seconds
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I turned down a major book deal: Blessing or Distraction?

Hi, friend. Join me for this episode today as we discuss how can we have discernment knowing the difference between blessings or distractions in our life. I'm talking about something that I haven't talked much about before - a book deal that came on the table for me and why I ultimately turned it down. Thanks for being here and taking the time to listen! Everything you might need is here.  
12/21/202119 minutes, 30 seconds
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"Our Daily Bread" with Nikka Horschig

Hi, friend! Today, my friend Nikka and I discuss the devotional we are currently going through together called "New Morning Mercies" by Paul David Tripp. Tune in as we hear from Nikka on how this devotional has shifted her alone time with the Lord and why she is passionate about sharing it with others. 12/18 - "New Morning Mercies" Devotionals releasing with my creative twist! Keep your eyes peeled for more info about this on Instagram! Everything you might need is here.
12/14/202129 minutes, 56 seconds
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(Season 3) Calling Out Your Trauma: Then Comes Healing

Hello, friends! Welcome to the first episode of Season 3! I am so excited for this fresh, new season. We are going to be talking more about mental health and Jesus than ever before. Life update: I've moved into a studio! You may have seen the progress and move on Instagram and TikTok. Tune in to this episode as I give some updates, talk about the journey of healing through unspoken trauma, and be super vulnerable with you. Did you hear? My Procreate Course is back and is open through December 10th! Sign up and receive the rest of the year free in my new B&B community on Facebook! The new membership will open officially in the new year! Shop 70% off select items in my Etsy shop! Everything else is here!
12/7/202125 minutes, 21 seconds
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Following that inner compass, we will talk soon!

12/8/202014 minutes, 20 seconds
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How to find your Enneagram number

SIGN UP FOR THE ENNEAGRAM AND ART COURSE HERE This course is only open December 1st - 3rd!  Amazon List for Enneagram resources
12/1/202023 minutes, 22 seconds
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Room at the Table Part 4

Audrey answers more of your questions on Part 3 of the Room at the Table series     PREORDER My New Journal - Deep Waters Follow me on Instagram: @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop
11/24/202024 minutes, 51 seconds
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Intentionality on Instagram

A lot of times when we have a business Instagram page, we feel the pressure to constantly post, engage, and repeat. However, intentionality and purpose behind what you do are going to help you avoid that negative “I HAVE to post” thought spiral. Audrey speaks on how she allows herself breaks from posting, dealing with the algorithm, the importance of quality over quantity, and tangible tips for staying intentional.   Follow me on Instagram: @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop  Grab my NEW Journal here! Mini Instagram Course
11/10/202018 minutes, 46 seconds
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My Journal ‘Deep Waters’ is OUT!

This short but sweet episode has all the details on Audrey's new journal, Deep Waters: Peaceful Encouragement for the Anxious Heart! Audrey talks about the making of the journal, where the inspiration came from, how she got involved with Dayspring, and more!  Order a copy of the journal HERE! Follow me on Instagram @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop
11/2/202012 minutes, 5 seconds
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How to Launch a Successful Online Course

Audrey offers helpful and applicable tips to help you strategize the launch of your course and how to turn it into a success, with some behind-the-scenes of why her Procreate course performed so well. I want you to feel confident in promoting your online course, how to make sure it stands out, and get people excited for your launch! If you’re thinking about the passive income route or even creating a full-blown online course, this episode is for you!   Follow me on Instagram: @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop 
10/27/202020 minutes, 18 seconds
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Room at the Table Part 3

Audrey answers more of your questions on Part 3 of the Room at the Table series! This episode covers: How can I explain to people that I don’t give out certain information about my product-based business without coming across in a negative way? What advice do you have for those feeling discouraged about having a small following on their Instagram page? How do you balance being professional and personable in your business?  Am I unprofessional if I delete or block someone on Instagram? If you want to hear your question answered on Part 4, head to my website and scroll halfway down on the homepage to the Room at the Table section, and fill out the form!    PREORDER My New Journal - Deep Waters Follow me on Instagram: @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop
10/20/202020 minutes, 14 seconds
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Let’s Talk Community Over Competition

Audrey talks all about the concept of “Community over Competition” and what it looks like in the world of digital artists and creators. Building up the community doesn’t necessarily mean giving out free information, so you’re going to hear what it actually is and what it’s not - including the boundaries that come with it.  Get the Cohesive Aesthetic Instagram Mini Course! Follow me on Instagram: @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop
10/13/202020 minutes, 33 seconds
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3 Underrated Apps That I Use Everyday

The biggest question Audrey gets in her Instagram DMs: "How do you edit your videos, your Procreate course, and your photos?" You might be surprised to hear that she used her phone to do ALL of it. In this episode, Audrey reveals the three apps she can't live without when it comes to creating content for her Instagram and courses! Tune in to hear what they are. Join the Procreate Waitlist! Follow me on Instagram: @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop
10/6/202017 minutes, 55 seconds
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My Tips for Productivity

If you’ve ever asked, “Why is everyone more disciplined than I am?” this episode is for you! Audrey shares about her own struggles with being productive as a mom and a business owner, as well as the tips that have helped her change this over the last year. We all have seasons where we struggle with productivity and whether you’re a mom, a business owner, or both, these tips are to help you stay on top of it and feel more organized! Follow me on Instagram @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop  Instagram Feed Mini Course
9/29/202021 minutes, 4 seconds
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Room at the Table Part 2

In this Episode of Room at the Table, Audrey answers questions from followers related to growing your audience as a small Instagram page, when it’s appropriate and inappropriate to use others’ work commercially, and advice for finding your purpose in your own digital art business.  Want to hear your question on the next Room at the Table episode? Head to the website to submit and make sure you tune into other episodes to keep learning and growing from these conversations on Painted Pieces! Follow me on Instagram: @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop Brush and Barley
9/22/202021 minutes, 58 seconds
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The Cozy Minimalist with Myquillyn Smith

How do we create a home we love living in without the pressure of it looking perfect? I sit down to chat with Myquillyn Smith, the creator behind @thenestor on Instagram! She describes her style as “cozy minimalist” and she talks all about her thoughts on minimalism, her hosting mindset, and using the senses to dictate your home decor. Myquillyn also just released her new book, Welcome Home, so be sure to grab a copy before you decorate for the holidays!   Myquillyn’s new book - Welcome Home Follow Myquillyn on Instagram @thenester Follow me on Instagram @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop
9/15/202022 minutes, 9 seconds
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The Lowdown on Collaborating with Cami Jones

Cami Jones of @camireneejones is back on the Painted Pieces podcast to talk all about collaborations - more specifically, what they are and how to get the right ones that fit your business. If you follow us both on Instagram, you know that Cami and I do collaborations often and we see the benefit of them for business if you do them with genuine intentions. Tune in to hear the Dos and Don’ts you need to know for collaborations!  Follow Cami on Instagram @camireneejones Follow me on Instagram @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop
9/8/202032 minutes, 19 seconds
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Instagram DM Etiquette for Creatives with Ashton Brye (Part 2)

We’re back with Part 2 of my conversation with Ashton Brye of @ashton.creates and this time we discuss the Instagram etiquette, whether that’s with DMs, comments, sharing work, tips for growing your artist page - the basics that some artists don’t want to admit. We’re coming from a place of education and wanting to share with you how to respect artists online and keep the community an enjoyable experience for everyone! If you missed Part 1, be sure to go back and listen to Episode 15 - The Art of Copycats with Ashton Brye (Part 1) Follow me on Instagram: @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop 
9/1/202056 minutes, 22 seconds
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The Freedom of Saying "No"

Why “no” is not a bad word. It can actually be a very freeing word! This can hold you back in your business if you’re not careful. You don’t have to say no to everything - just the right things that aren’t going to serve you. Tune in to hear Audrey share three tips on why and how you should say ‘no’ to help you figure out what steps you can take to better fulfill your purpose and pivot your business in the direction it’s meant to go.  Follow me on Instagram: @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop 
8/25/202022 minutes, 34 seconds
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Room at the Table Part 1: Creative to Creative

This is the first episode of the Room at the Table series! Audrey gets tons of questions daily, whether it’s about podcasting, the creative field, Brush and Barley, on and on. This new series will open up this virtual table per say, to come sit at and ask questions. If you want to ask a question, go to Audrey’s website to send one through the contact sheet, or share with her on Instagram! Follow me on Instagram: @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop  Brush and Barley Website
8/18/202020 minutes, 39 seconds
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Love Sees Color with Angel Rose

This episode is a discussion with mama and YouTuber, Angel Rose. Her IGTV called “Love Sees Color” blew up on Instagram and I had to have her on the show to talk about motherhood, why “I don’t see color” can be harmful when discussing racial issues, and how we can talk about racism with our children and show them how to love unconditionally.   Follow Angel Rose @helloangelrose Follow me on Instagram: @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop 
8/11/202022 minutes, 30 seconds
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Empowering the Mom with Jessie Ereddia

Today we’re talking to Jessie Ereddia, host of the Mom Empowered Podcast and an empowerment coach for Christian mothers. We have an open and organic conversation around postpartum mental health. Jessie shares her personal story with emotional struggles, transitioning into motherhood, and how this experience led her to wanting to help other moms. Follow Jessie on Instagram: @jessieereddia Follow me on Instagram: @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop
8/4/202034 minutes, 18 seconds
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The Art of Copycats with Ashton Brye (Part 1)

In the creative world, you’ll notice that copying work is a very real problem - and it just doesn’t happen to big accounts on Instagram. Ashton (of @ashton.creates) and I discuss what it feels like when this happens, and we solely want to educate so other artists know how to address it. This episode comes from a place of love and the only way we can keep this from happening is to talk about it. This is Part 1, all about copying and inspiration on social media.  Follow Ashton on Instagram @ashton.creates Follow me on Instagram @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop
7/28/202034 minutes, 7 seconds
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She Persisted with Sadie Sutton

Sadie Sutton of the She Persisted podcast joins me today to talk about her mental health journey through all sorts of therapy settings, including residential treatment, and how she started sharing her story. Sadie and I connected through our struggles and we talk about how our mental illness brought us both closer to Jesus, and how God wants her to use her story to help others through similar struggles. This is the first episode on mental health for the Paint Pieces podcast and Sadie was the perfect person to interview for it!  Follow Sadie on Instagram: @shepersistedpodcast Follow me on Instagram: @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop
7/21/202030 minutes, 21 seconds
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Art Can Speak Up with Dani Coke

This episode is an interview with Danielle Coke of @ohhappydani on Instagram! Dani shares her story of how she got started with her art, her passion for artivism, her experience with white influencers misusing her work, posting with integrity, and her faith walk. Tune in to hear an honest discussion with an artist on a mission to inspire loving God and loving others well. Follow Dani on Instagram @ohhappydani Follow me on Instagram @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop 
7/14/202034 minutes, 8 seconds
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3 Tips for a Cohesive Instagram Feed

If you’re trying to grow your business, blog, or brand, having a cohesive Instagram feed helps you become recognizable to your audience. Everybody has a desire to have their own voice and, especially if you’re on instagram, that can speak through a cohesive feed. In this episode, I give you three tips for creating an Instagram feed you can be proud of and reflects your personality on the screen.  Follow me on Instagram: @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop Presets I use:
7/7/202021 minutes, 56 seconds
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Battling Imposter Syndrome and Comparison

This episode is all about comparison and imposter syndrome. It seems so easy for us to let others steal our joy every time we get on Instagram and fall down the rabbit hole of scrolling - yet we are so hesitant to take the unconditional love and grace our Father lays upon us. Why? Tune in to hear some encouragement around not feeling like you’re doing enough or feeling like a fraud in this world.    Follow me on Instagram: @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop
6/30/202024 minutes, 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

Going Viral with Ashton Whitmoyer-Ober of @enneagramashton

Ever wonder what it’s like to go viral? In this episode, I interviewed Ashton Whitmoyer-Ober of @enneagramashton about her story and how she got to where she is today - and what it’s like to have your content go viral on Instagram. As an outsider looking in, you might think it’s all bliss and fun, but Ashton and I get real about the pressure to show up, the not-so-nice comments we receive, and what keeps us going. Follow Ashton on Instagram: @enneagramashton Follow me on Instagram: @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop 
6/23/202034 minutes, 2 seconds
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How to Run a Successful Digital Biz (And an Etsy Rundown)

You asked, I answered! This episode is all about the behind-the-scenes of running a digital-based business. Many of you want to share your art with the world, while still being able to make a living. It’s going to be hard work, but this is possible and it’s right at your fingertips. I get real honest about what goes into products that are worthy of passive income for the long term, the pros and cons of digital, and how selling digital products works versus selling physical products. I also share what I love about Etsy and the pros and cons of their platform as well. Follow me on Instagram: @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop 
6/16/202043 minutes, 37 seconds
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Finding Peace in the Journey with Hannah Carroll

In this episode, Audrey interviews Hannah Carroll, the artist behind Willow and Company. Hannah crafts beautiful hand-painted bibles, mugs, sweatshirts, and stickers with inspirational words to bring joy to your day. But more importantly, you can tell that all of her work is driven by her faith and serving the Lord. Hannah talks about how she deals with comparison in her work, her thoughts on juggling motherhood and business, and how she stays intentional with sharing her faith on Instagram - plus some advice on taking a leap of faith in fulfilling your purpose.   Follow Hannah on Instagram @_willowandcompany_ Hannah’s Website Follow me on Instagram: @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop 
6/2/202034 minutes, 33 seconds
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How to Worship Through Creating

When you hear “worship through creating” you might wonder what exactly that means. For me, this means worshipping God by using talents, hobbies, and skills God has given you and making beautiful things with it. God gave us these talents, and what better way to use them than to use them in His name? Worship through creating is not just about creating what I want to create. It’s about bringing him into the narrative and the creation itself.    On the newest episode of the Painted Pieces Podcast, I share why worship through creating is so important to me, and if you are looking to start worshipping through art, tune in to hear the steps I take to make sure I’m getting God’s word in full and also listening to His voice as I bring a creation to life.    Follow Callie Ammons on Instagram: @callieammons Follow me on Instagram: @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop
5/19/202034 minutes, 36 seconds
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Choosing Jesus in a Fallen World with Nikka Horschig

In today’s episode of the Painted Pieces Podcast, I am joined by my incredible friend, Nikka Horschig to talk about choosing Jesus in a fallen world. Nikka shares how she packed up her family and moved them out of their dream home in Texas on a whim to NW Arkansas, knowing that the Holy Spirit was leading them the entire way. She has a huge heart for youth ministry, and even more so for young women in Christ. You’ll hear just how passionate she is about leading them to follow Jesus in this crazy, broken world and give them the message of their identity in Him.    Follow Nikka on Instagram: @nikkahorsching @whitetailtents Follow me on Instagram: @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop   
5/5/202034 minutes, 45 seconds
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Chanel Perfume and Self-Worth

Have you ever held your self-worth up against a material object?  I know I have, and I dive deep into that story in today’s episode.  We all have things in our life that make us feel good, that are maybe slightly materialistic. We know they won’t fix our problems, yet we lean into them as a way to feel good about ourselves - sometimes too much. And let’s just say that Chanel perfume became more than just a little liquid in a bottle for me.  I hope this story inspires you if you’re struggling with materialism, or simply focusing on the wrong things, and serves as a reminder of where your self-worth and purpose truly comes from.   Follow me on Instagram: @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop   
4/21/202030 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

Being an Introvert in the Public Eye

This topic is very near to my heart, and I’ve also seen a lot more about it on social media. Not necessarily because it’s a trend, but people are more willing to take the term “introvert” and make it something positive. Still, there’s a lot of stigma around introverts: We’re a bore, we’re too shy, we don’t have ambition. When really, we can be big dreamers with a lot of motivation in life. In this episode, I talk about: How I approached my account going viral unexpectedly Why “just do it” and “change your mindset” can be dangerous messages Finding the root cause/trigger of your social anxiety Using introvertedness as an excuse And more! If you too are an introvert, you might find encouragement in this, knowing that you’re not alone. And all you extroverts out there can better understand your introvert friends!    Follow me on Instagram: @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop
4/7/202034 minutes, 41 seconds
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Enneagram For Dummies with Callie Ammons

Familiar with the Enneagram, but confused about what it actually does for us? Never heard of it at all? You’re not alone! I brought my sweet friend Callie Ammons on to the podcast to help unravel all the questions and misconceptions around this popular personality test. Callie is a certified Enneagram coach and hosts her very own podcast, “Living Enneagram.” She’s incredible at helping people utilize the Enneagram as a tool, and teaching on how to be more intentional in your life and your walk with God.  Callie explains to us what the Enneagram is and how to use it to your benefit, how it’s different from other personality tests, how to figure out your Enneagram type/number, and so much more!   Follow Callie on Instagram: @callieammons Follow me on Instagram: @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop
4/7/202032 minutes, 53 seconds
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Working for the Kingdom with Cami Jones

Cami Jones is a woman who wears all the hats and does so in such an admirable way. If you follow her on Instagram at @asouthernframeofmind, you know how wonderful and inspiring her page is. There, she intertwines her faith, motherhood, and owning a business, as well as shots of her beautiful home décor.  Cami has become such a sweet friend of mine through social media and does such an amazing job of keeping Christ in the center of all aspects of her life. In this episode, we talk about the struggles and the triumphs of motherhood, and what it looks like when God is working in us through our businesses.    Cami’s Website  Follow me on Instagram: @brushandbarley My Etsy Shop 
4/7/202034 minutes, 22 seconds