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English, Leisure/Hobby/Lifestyle, 9 seasons, 243 episodes, 20 hours, 35 minutes
I play games on roblox and post singing! also i do whatever i want My Roblox username is cokieyfun! Contact me on Currently at 150k plays! you are my favorite ragers Feel free to follow me so you can join me in game! the cover is by violet tysm! Join my Roblox group, “Staying Cool Robloxians!”
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my Japan experience! (roblox + irl) VP🚨

hey ragers! join me today in this short episode where we explore japan as we know it in roblox, and then look at all the cool pictures! (tons of dogs) im sorry i didn’t post for a while, i got sick and then once i was better i was all the way in Japan. i hope you guys didn’t miss me too much! 😍 probably not finishing the QNA 😭 ————————————————————— Send me a voice message:
4/9/20232 minutes, 46 seconds
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i’m sick.

yeah that’s why I can’t post. listen to the ep if ur confused! <33
12/8/202242 seconds
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|VIDEO PODCAST| A-Z Internet Aesthetics/Cores: What is Angel core?

Did you catch the code? Send me a voice message:
3/12/20224 minutes, 9 seconds
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Video podcast with Artify! (FACE REVEALS?!?!😨)

Hope you enjoyed this video podcast, as I got early access! Please go check out Artify right now, and send me a right here:;
12/10/20213 minutes, 55 seconds