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English, Social, 2 seasons, 34 episodes, 19 hours 56 minutes
Welcome to OOTB; a Kenyan-made podcast by Hope Nabalayo. Here you are free to express your inner-most thoughts fearlessly and doubtlessly without succumbing to any societal approval. I believe we can have some sort of impact on one another and there's only one way to find out really...simply be you, stay true, and don't lock yourself in...please come out, OUT OF THE BOX! Join me every Friday on your favorite podcast streaming platform...that's wassup!
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OMG Just 6 Months Left!!! || OOTB Daily Ep 11

Heyyyy Thanks a bunch for listening! Can you imagine we only got six months left of 2022. Craaazzyyy.. That leaves it up to us, and only us, to decide whether or not we are gonna make it or break it. What side are you on? XO
30/06/20223 minutes 5 seconds
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Music is so healing! || OOTB Daily Ep 10

Hey loves! Thanks for clicking play on this episode. This is just a little something I have to say about the healing power of music. XO
29/06/20223 minutes 3 seconds
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Take It Easy Honey :) || OOTB Daily Ep 9

Hey hun, Gosh I hope you're keeping warm...cuz this cold isn't here to play!! In today's episode I share three quick tips on how to take it easy on ourselves with everything we got going on. I hope you find them helpful! PS/ OOTB Daily brings you episodes every weekday from 8AM EAT!!
23/06/20225 minutes 17 seconds
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Could We Not Give That Unsolicited POV?! || OOTB Daily Ep 8

Heyyyy thereee Thanks so much for tuning in! How annoying is it when someone gives you that unwanted opinion or piece of advice? I mean, it might be from a good place but most of the times, we really don't need it and that makes it come out as disrespectful and even insulting in some scenarios. In this episode I talk about the role we can play as givers and recipients of the said opinions and how to navigate such situations. If you found this insightful I would really appreciate you sharing it with a friend or two hehe! PS/ OOTB Daily brings you new episodes every weekday from 8AM EAT! You cannot miss out on this one!
22/06/202214 minutes 28 seconds
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That Platonic Typa Love || OOTB Daily Episode 7

Heyyyyy Of course, I gotta thank you for clicking play. Lmao I think this is our shortest episode yet haha. I mean, how can I talk much about platonic love when the best way to learn about it is experience it?! Schedule that coffee date with your bestie today! You won't regret it! I would really appreciate you sharing this episode if you enjoyed it xoxoxoxo PS/ OOTB Daily brings you new episodes every weekday from 8AM EAT!
21/06/20227 minutes 35 seconds
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Keep Doing You Sweetie!!! || OOTB Daily Ep 6

Heyyy sweetie! Haha the title is definitely giviiinngggg! Thanks for listening to this episode btw. Have you ever felt like you are doing a bit too much for wayyy too little? Yup! This episode is for you! I talk about my own experience with the same and how I battle the discouragement that consequently comes with the feeling. How do you go about the situation? You could hmu on Instagram @hopenabalyo...let's chat! PS/ OOTB Daily brings you new episodes every weekday from 8AM EAT...defff worth your time! I appreciate you!
20/06/202210 minutes 29 seconds
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Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive & Believe It Can Achieve || OOTB Daily Ep 4

Hey guys Thanks for clicking play on this episode. Let's start by giving Napoleon Hill credit for our title today. That's right, your mind is that powerful! Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are thinking of the most impossible scenarios? It's strange how we gradually invite these thigs to actually happen in our lives the more we fixate on them. How about filtering our thoughts and choosing to focus on the more positive things to be? I know I know that sounds difficult, but it definitely is not impossible!  In this episode I get a bit personal on my own experience with the same and share a trick to evade all the crazy thoughts that go through our minds. I hope you find it insightful. Of course, if it's something you think would have a positive impact on a friend, or a friend of a friend, I would really appreciate the share! You're the best. #OOTB Daily brings you new episodes every weekday from 8am EAT.
16/06/202212 minutes 7 seconds
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You Better Start Romanticizing Your Life! || OOTB Daily Ep 3

Hey there! How's the going? I'm so glad you could join me for today's chitchat. In this episode, I talk about romanticizing life and allowing ourselves to live happily in each moment of every day. I know it sounds insane, but it's completely okay to pretend your life is a movie sometimes (or all the time) To add to that, I mention factors that might hinder one from being able to romanticize life and give examples of how I practice the same in my life that are easily adoptable. I hope you enjoy this episode, if so, don't hesitate to share it with a friend or two. You absolutely rock! #OOTBdaily brings you new episodes every weekday from 8am EAT! You can't miss out on this!
15/06/202221 minutes 5 seconds
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Self-Love VS Self-Responsibility || OOTB Daily Ep 2

Hey youuuu!  Thanks for clicking play, it means the world to me. In today's episode I talk about the relation between self-loving and being self-responsible. What stands out the most is the added value being self-responsible or accountable adds to one's self-love. I share some personal experiences that have brought me to this realisation including how one of my morning's went completely haywire thanks to that damn alarm! Hahaha! Has this episode had any positive impact on you or broadened your perspective in some way? If so, who knows how much more it could do to your neighbour if you shared it! #ootbdaily brings you new episodes every weekday from 8AM EAT! You can't miss out on this!
14/06/202218 minutes 14 seconds
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Optimising Your Digital Environment || OOTB Daily Ep 1

Hey youuu! Thanks for giving this episode a listen. Your digital space is as influential on you as your physical space since it makes up your environment in one way or another. Have you ever been in a situation where it pulls you down rather than building you as it technically should!? Tell me about it! We all go through these crazy episodes from time to time and I 'm here to let you know that that is absolutely alright. In this episode, I get personal as I share my digital dilemma specifically with my favourite app, Instagram and how I have been dealing with the situation. I hope you find this episode insightful, and if so, don't slack sharing it with a friend or two. I'd highly appreciate that! PS/ #ootbdaily brings you short and sweet episodes 5/7 days a week! How cool?!
13/06/202216 minutes 40 seconds
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One From The Archives! What Is Feminism? SN 2 || EP 7

Hey there! Thank you for tuning in. Today, Kate Mumbi joins us once again for an amazing conversation where we focus on debunking certain myths and misconceptions around feminism in attempts of truly undersatnding the casue. Hoping you enjoy the episode 😊 Tag us on Instagram @ootbpodcast to let us know you're listening Subscribe to our website on to stay updated on recent episodes and new blog posts!
29/10/202128 minutes 22 seconds
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In Attempts Of Being There For Ourselves! SN 1 || EP 2

Heeyyy! So glad that you tuned in! In today's episode I talk about how and why we need to be there for ourselves, breaking the whole process down into a strategy. I also give a personal example of how I have intentionally tried to apply the same in my life just recently. I hope you resonate with the topic as much as I do. And once again, thank you!
05/02/202122 minutes 38 seconds