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Operation Morning Light

English, History, 1 seasons, 9 episodes, 5 hours 20 minutes
"Best Podcasts of 2022" - Financial Times On a January night in 1978, a white light burned through the sub-Arctic sky. It was Cosmos 954, a nuclear-powered Soviet espionage satellite that had malfunctioned and fallen to earth. As the satellite disintegrated, it scattered dangerously radioactive debris across the vast traditional lands of the Dene, Métis, and Inuit in the Northwest Territories of Canada. Operation Morning Light tells the story of the Cosmos 954 disaster, its impact on the land, and the resilience of the communities in the debris field. Operation Morning Light is hosted by Dëneze Nakehk'o, a Denesuline and Dehcho Dene father from Denendeh. It is produced by Aliya Pabani, and written by Michael LaPointe and Dëneze Nakehk'o. Cover art and design by Jeana Sullivan. The story editor is Matt Willis, and Thomas Curry is the managing producer. Scoring and sound-design by Alice Boyd. For Imperative Entertainment, the executive producer is Jason Hoch, and for Vespucci, the executive producers are Daniel Turcan, Johnny Galvin, and Michael LaPointe.
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The Eagle | Chapter 7

The people affected by Cosmos 954 try to hold the authorities accountable for the changes to the land and the people, but answers to how to overcome these challenges will have to be found elsewhere. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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