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English, Hip-Hop Rap, 1 season, 20 episodes, 7 hours, 29 minutes
Denley ( (Hallowed Articles (, Yellow Year ( and K'in Sventa ( (True Indigo ( showcase 'indie' Electronic and Hip-Hop with an emphasis on the Bay Area.
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Episode 100: Denley Hosts

Denley hosts the 100th and final (for a while) episode of Opal Heights. Thank you to DJ4AM and K'in Sventa for cohosting with me. Thank you…
10/18/20202 hours
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Episode 99: WADE08 Hosts

WADE08 hosts Episode 99 of Opal Heights Born in Hayward California on March 15th, 1996, WADE08 is a bay native who's stagename derives from the fact…
10/11/20201 hour, 41 minutes
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Episode 98: Aaron Harbour Tribute

Episode 98 is a tribute to Aaron Harbour.  He is the host of “Timber” on KGPC Radio , and directs Et al. Gallery  with his wife Jackie,…
10/4/20201 hour, 52 minutes
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Episode 97: Solidarity Records and Bored Stiff Tribute

Bored Stiff (aka B.S. or The Stiff) was formed in 1992 in the Fillmore / Lower Haight Street area of San Francisco. Its members include Equipto,…
9/27/20201 hour, 56 minutes
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Episode 96: Khemmeta Tribute

Khem Myrick aka Khemmeta has been rapping and producing in the Bay Area since the late nineties. He was part of a Richmond, CA collective called…
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Episode 95: Roche Hosts

Tonight for Episode 95, Roche brings us a mix of his originals, edits and remixes. Ben Winans aka Roche has been releasing electronic music for over…
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Episode 94: Lo-Fiction Tribute

Tonight for Episode 94 of Opal Heights, Denley pays tribute to Lo-Fiction , a collective that consisted of NimSins , Eighty9s , Keese Sama , Sela…
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Episode 93: Denley and Matt Bloom Host

Matt Bloom (77 Rise Recordings) joins Denley for Episode 93 of Opal Heights 1 "mornin coffee"  gahn (Soundcloud) [Self-Released] 2 "Au Gratin"  JAY3M (Soundcloud) [Self-Released] 3…
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Episode 92: K'in Sventa Hosts

K'in Sventa hosts Episode 92 of Opal Heights
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Tom Baugh aka Crested has been making music in the Bay Area for about 20 years.  He is 1/2 of Latent Sea with our host Denley…
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Episode 90: Denley Hosts

1 "White Owls 4 Nite Owls"  LIGHTBULB & DJ EONS ONE (Album: LIGHTBULB VS. THE CRATE GOBLINS) [Megakut Records] 2 "Cuttin Up Leaves 4 Breakfast"  Stefen…
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Episode 89: Denley Hosts

1 "How Long" Arula (Album: How Long - Single) [Self-Released] 2 "The Sadness Destroyer (feat. Yuko Araki)" Yobkiss (Album: The Remains of a Gone Optimism (MR-084))…
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Episode 88: K'in Sventa Hosts

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Episode 87: Denley Hosts

"Gate 2"  neal donovan (Album: Gate) [Self-Released] "Infinite Wave"  The Beat Broker (Album: Back to Business) [Bear Funk] "Inner Lights"  Shiny Objects (Album: Intermittent Soul" [Om…
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Episode 86: K'in Sventa Hosts

K'in Sventa brings us another all vinyl mix for Episode 86 of Opal Heights!
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Episode 85: Denley Hosts

1 "wavs crashing" Wolf Langis (Unreleased) N/A 2 "everything's fine, I guess" OneWerd everything's fine, I guess. Self-Released 3 "2_20_13 it time" DAFOP BLACK HIS STORY N/A 4 "Plain Sight" Matt Bloom Left…
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Episode 84: K'in Sventa Hosts

An all vinyl mix from K'in Sventa
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1 " everything's fine, I guess " OneWerd (Album: everything's fine, I guess.) [Self-Released] 2 " Viva Tirado " KEV (Soundcloud) [N/A] 3 " Pretty Baby"…
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Episode 82: Denley Hosts

1 "crux multa" nox (Album: Living Pearl) [Label: NNA Tapes] 2 "Holding a Dreamer's Hand and Other Meaningful Achievements" Lavender (Album: Mystique Youth) [Jacktone Records] 3 "Ganga"…
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Episode 81: K'in Sventa Hosts (All Vinyl: Jazz, Folk, Soul)

K'in Sventa blesses us with an all vinyl Jazz, Folk and Soul show for Episode 81 of Opal Heights "Move Your Hand" - Lonnie Smith "Mama…