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Only an Excuse Podcast

English, Sports, 1 season, 7 episodes, 2 hours, 53 minutes
Scotland's premier football comedy team put on their shooting boots for a kick at the national obsession.
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Bazza Ferguson

Only An Excuse? celebrates Rangers legend Barry Ferguson. A comedy kickabout through his career as Chick Young ushers "Bazza" through the doors of Chico’s Hall of Fame.
2/4/202127 minutes, 49 seconds
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Rambo McInally

Alan “Rambo” McInally is inducted into the Hall of Fame via Bayern with Munich at Bayern in Germany. Featuring a parade of fussballing icons voiced by Jonathan Watson.
1/28/202128 minutes, 45 seconds
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Sou-ness! Sou-ness!

A host of famous footballing voices, provided by Jonathan Watson, welcome Graeme Souness into Chico’s Hall of Fame. A comedy interview with one of Scotland's hardest footballers.
1/21/202127 minutes, 5 seconds
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The Law Man

Only An Excuse? lionises the legendary Law Man. An irreverent back-heel down memory lane in the company of Denis Law, as played by Jonathan Watson.
1/14/202129 minutes, 35 seconds
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King Kenny

Another illustrious inductee enters the Only An Excuse? Hall of Fame as Chick Young interviews footballing royalty, “King” Kenny Dalglish, on his life and career.
1/7/202128 minutes, 55 seconds
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Sir Fergie

Only An Excuse? welcomes the first footballing legend into Chico’s Hall of Fame. A comedy retrospective of Sir Alex Ferguson, brought to life by Jonathan Watson.
12/31/202029 minutes, 45 seconds
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Welcome to Only an Excuse: Chico's Hall of Fame

Comedy, nostalgia, tall tales and magical moments from Scottish fitba. Host “Chico Young” celebrates the Gods of our Game. Every icon inducted voiced by Jonathan Watson.
12/22/20201 minute, 21 seconds