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English, Comedy, 2 seasons, 21 episodes, 19 hours 37 minutes
shameless besties susie stellar & sidney summers explore what it means to be naked, immortalized, and thriving on the world wide web with some of the brightest stars in adult entertainment ⭐️
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Season two trauma is a wrap! the babes set various records straight such as herpes slander, toxic pseudo celebrity exes, the ripple effects of the shark attack years later and the threat mechanic’s clown behavior.
25/12/202349 minutes 47 seconds
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Snakechanneler Stephanie Ulrich brings in her snakey Shesha & BLOWS OUR FRICKING MINDS. We talk about billionaires, orgies, billionaire orgies, snake bussy (snussy) and what it's like to be pretty damn psychic.
07/12/20231 hour 13 minutes 17 seconds
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LENA PAUL is off the market

The mystical legend and top 10 hub goddess Lena Paul emerges from hiding to share some BIG news about nuptials and procreation with the gorls. We cover a lot of ground, from psychedelics to “consensual cannibalism." Everyone comment “congratulations lena!” if you’re a real one :)
30/11/20231 hour 14 minutes 26 seconds
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ALEX JONES -- no, not that one

Ten-year industry vet and BDB (big d*ck b*astard) Alex Jones busts it wide open and leaves his whole load on the court in this horny, tea-filled ep ☕️ He discusses banging moms from Craigslist, making a girl cry when he lost his virginity, and the dark side of big weewee privilege that no one wants you to know.
23/11/20231 hour 8 seconds
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TikTok magnate Ari Kytsya blesses the stu to tell us about her start in a content house (surviving human trafficking), staying grounded in Seattle, and shit sliming herself in the Maldives.
16/11/202353 minutes 29 seconds
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Rising adult starlet Holly Day spills LOADS of hot tea on break ups, attracting wealthy men, and her stint on dating reality tv.
27/10/202355 minutes 58 seconds
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The girls get real about danger in the industry, and share lived horror stories and how their new boundaries are protecting them from working with bad dudes in the future. heaven pov is discussed. CONTENT WARNING
19/10/20231 hour 17 minutes 52 seconds
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KING NOIR wants to detoxify masculinity

King Noire demonstrates his line of toys and sits down to talk with the girls about all things fetish and safety. Stellar opens up about being assaulted at work, and the three of them discuss trauma prevention in the content industry.
12/10/20231 hour 9 minutes 28 seconds
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VIOLET MEYERS is alive & well

The wildly angelic Violet Meyers graces the stu to teach the girls how real hentai fans get down. They talk about her big break moment, sloppy toppy, fan fux, boundaries & deep fakes*~
05/10/20231 hour 6 minutes 38 seconds
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Hilarious comedian and friend of the show, Brad Williams, sits down with the girls to discuss similarities of our industries, threesomes, Netflix specials, and why his ass is so nice.
30/09/20231 hour 17 minutes 11 seconds
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RICKY (petty) JOHNSON reveals himself...

Ricky Johnson aka Ricky Behavior lets it all hang out w the girlies this week and talks all things adult industry... while stirring up some controversy lol lets just say we had to edit this one for legal reasons 👀
20/04/202348 minutes 49 seconds
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Sage the Flame

The hot and hilarious Sage the flame gets us talking about how crucial authenticity is in orn, how we feel about working with straight girls, and how we have navigate our queerness in the industry. Oh and how to not succumb to grind culture in the online industry!
06/03/202351 minutes 39 seconds
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The gorls talk fist fights, hooking up in church, step step nephews, and colonizing Mars.
10/02/202331 minutes 58 seconds
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ROXIE SINNER & the body count list

Sexy ass Roxie Sinner joins to talk icks, shrimp dicks, booty eating, and the ideal foursome situation.
12/01/202351 minutes 11 seconds