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Once Upon a Time in Zombieville Podcast

English, Children-Kids, 1 season, 30 episodes, 5 hours, 15 minutes
Something strange is going on in the local mine. Sam and Jamie investigate ... Award-winning sci-fi adventure for 9-12 year-olds.
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Episode 10: Can You Handle The Truth?

Buckstop continues to rage against nature, getting ready to launch his global attack - World War Tree! Will our heroes be able to stop him in time?
2/17/202015 minutes, 15 seconds
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Episode 9: The Trial

Jamie and Sam find themselves facing the Squirrel King and his gang of angry animals. Will they be cracked open like a box of nuts? Or can they persuade them to join forces to beat Buckstop?
2/17/202012 minutes, 17 seconds
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Episode 8: The Worst Kind Of Homework

With Buckstop having let slip where their parents are, Jamie and Sam make their way into the mine. Where they realise they can use the space ship’s time travelling powers to outwit the guards.
2/17/202012 minutes, 27 seconds
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Episode 7: A Gran’s Gotta Do What A Gran’s Gotta Do

Jamie and Sam return to find the spaceship, only to find they’re surrounded. On the ground, and overhead too. But Granny’s armed and dangerous with her skooshy skoosher zombie soaker…
2/17/202014 minutes, 58 seconds
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Episode 6: Tai Chi And Omega 3

Our heroes touch down in Scotland and are on their way to Jamie’s uncle and aunt. But Buckstop and Smillie are on to them…
2/17/202012 minutes, 51 seconds
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Episode 5: Sneaky Good

Last time Jamie and Sam went back to school to find that everything was crazy. Mrs Singh chased them and they ended up in the woods with some curious creatures. Surely nothing bad at all will happen to them there?
2/17/202012 minutes, 21 seconds
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Episode 4: Into The Woods

Mikey Buckstop is Mayor. Voom Buckstop is Ruler of the World! Our heroes, the world’s most wanted criminals, are now hiding among the trash – literally! And what’s happening with the animals? They don’t seem happy…
2/17/202011 minutes, 32 seconds
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Episode 3: The World’s Most Wanted

When Jamie and Sam asked the aliens to help them against big bad Buckstop, they laughed. So now they’re returning to Planet Earth to take him on themselves … but they quickly discover things have changed. A lot!
2/17/202010 minutes, 57 seconds
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Episode 2: Entertainment Purposes Only

Our heroes make their escape from those nasty old aliens with their gargling gnomes and go in search of food, only to find themselves on another planet where things are even weirder.
2/17/202011 minutes, 40 seconds
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Episode 1: The Generation Gap

Welcome back to our ordinary everyday story of two kids in a battle to save the world. We join them trapped in an alien spaceship, while down below, their hometown and everyone they know are being turned into zombies by billionaire baddie Voom Buckstop.
2/17/202013 minutes, 20 seconds
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Episode 10: The Storm

Chief Anderson demonstrates the effects of ‘Zombie Juice’ to a room full of government officials, meanwhile Buckstop and Mikey head out into the stormy night armed with water blasters filled with yellow liquid, ready to cause havoc on the town!
11/10/201911 minutes, 58 seconds
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Episode 9: Where Did What Go?

Dr Smillie fights squirrels over zombie juice while Colonel Jones discovers… no UFO in the the Swenson Farm barn! Meanwhile Jamie wonders where Granny McSporran has disappeared to.
11/10/20198 minutes, 53 seconds
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Episode 8: You’ve Got To Do What You’re Told

Colonel Jones, Jamie and Sam notice that Granny is missing and alert the authorities, meanwhile, deep underground the mysterious super government set the wheels in motion to to force Sam’s Dad to find the UFO. Later, Sam and Jamie make a new friend… in the woods!
11/10/201912 minutes, 46 seconds
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Episode 7: Leave It To Me

As the mysterious spy guys continue their pursuit of Jamie & Sam, Granny McSporran arrives to save our young heroes and speedily gets them to safety. They arrive at Gunnar Swenson’s farm to get some blue space juice from the secretly hidden UFO. Granny McSporran drives the kids back to Sam’s house where Sam’s Dad, Colonel Jones, is in no mood to hear their nonsense about UFO’s and Zombies! Granny decides to take matters into her own hands but get more than she bargains for…
11/10/201911 minutes, 54 seconds
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Episode 6: Everybody Is Kung-Fu Fighting

Buckstop and Smillie hatch a plan to permanently silence Jim and Abbey while the mysterious spy guys pay Jamie and Sam and visit at school. After Buckstop convinces Police Chief Anderson to release Jim and Abbey from jail, his plan takes shape nicely!
11/10/201910 minutes, 22 seconds
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Episode 5: Important Lessons

Sam’s Dad, Colonel Jones, turns up and is not happy with his daughter’s behaviour! He agrees to take Sam, Jamie and Granny back to Jamie’s house while things calm down. On the way home, they notice more animals acting really weird. A herd of deer standing in a row by the side of the road as if they are waiting to cross safely. The animals of Zombieville are learning! The next day at school, Sam and Jamie are confronted by the mysterious “G-Men” and make a run for it! Meanwhile, across town at Buckstop Mansion, Voom and Dr Smillie are plotting their next move.
11/10/201910 minutes, 38 seconds
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Episode 4: Big Trouble

After Jim McSporran is taken away by the Police, Jamie and his Granny decide to get help from Sam and Dr Abbey. Just before they leave, Granny McSporran notices something strange in the back garden… a fox copying her movements! Things are getting weird in Zombieville. Meanwhile, over at Sam’s house, Sam and Dr Abbey are dealing with their own uninvited guests. As the zombies (and zombie squirrels) break into Sam’s house, Chief Anderson turns up just in time with some blue liquid! But it’s not an entirely welcome visit for Dr Abbey who also gets taken away by the Police! The mysterious men (known as G-Men) turn up in Zombieville and overhear Chief Anderson and news reporter, Kelly Lee, talking about spaceships and people going crazy!
11/10/201911 minutes, 30 seconds
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Episode 3: Mom’s The Word

Jamie, Jim and Granny McSporran have to fight off zombies trying to break in through the back window while mysterious men in a secret underground base plan a visit to Zombieville in an attempt to find and cover up the crashed UFO. Jamie tries to convince his Granny that the UFO is real and that the yellow liquid Buckstop harnessed from it really does turn people into Zombies. After Buckstop points the finger at Jim McSporran, accusing him of stealing “specialist engineering equipment” and causing the “accident”, Jim is taken away by the Police!
11/10/201910 minutes, 35 seconds
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Episode 2: Fatherly Advice

When confronted by the media, Voom Buckstop blames Jim McSporran for the alleged accident at the mine, which everybody now believes was the cause of the zombie outbreak. Dr Smillie devises a new plan to turn everyone into zombie slaves while Jamie and his Dad get a surprise visitor!
11/10/201911 minutes, 6 seconds
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Episode 1: The White Lie

The award winning family podcast series is back for season 2! Sam & Jamie are forced to crash land their UFO straight into Gunnar Swenson’s pumpkin patch. With a little help they are able to hide the spaceship in an old barn. After ‘de-zombifying’ Police Chief Anderson, they are forced to tell a little white lie in order to help save the residents of Zombieville who were turned into zombie slaves by evil Voom Buckstop.
11/10/201910 minutes, 35 seconds
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Series 2 - Coming Soon

Get ready for the exciting new series of Once Upon a Time in Zombieville.
11/7/20192 minutes, 3 seconds
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Episode 8: The Unknown

A spaceship? In the mine? The source of Buckstop's power to zombify is revealed ... as Jamie and his gang make their escape.
11/17/20179 minutes, 48 seconds
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Episode 7: The Fear

After a subterranean chase, Jamie and Sam find themselves face to face with the source of the mysterious zombie-juice ...
11/13/20178 minutes, 43 seconds
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Episode 6: RUN!!!!!

Buckstop's goons, and a classful of zombiefied schoolchildren, chase Jamie and Sam across town. And those squirrels are back.
11/10/201710 minutes, 31 seconds
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Episode 5: Zombies Everywhere!!

Is that a lemonade truck parked outside the school? Or something way more dangerous? Sam and Jamie escape Dr Smillie's trap, but will they be in time to save their classmates ...?
11/6/20179 minutes, 25 seconds
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Episode 4: This Means War!

A zombiefied squirrel? And a zombiefied police chief? The weirdness is spreading ... Meanwhile, Dr Smillie tries to lure Jamie and Sam into a trap.
11/3/20179 minutes, 13 seconds
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Episode 3: Everything is Not Fine

Mine-owner Voom Buckstop reassures the crowd all is well, but Jamie's dad has still not returned home. And later Buckstop unknowingly lets slip his evil plan over the airwaves ...
10/31/20178 minutes, 40 seconds
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Episode 2: The Dark

Jamie and Sam hear an explosion coming from the mine, and run to help. It seems no-one's been hurt, but one of the mineworkers is acting decidedly ... weird.
10/31/20178 minutes, 53 seconds
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Episode 1: The Bullies

On the first day at his new school, Jamie is befriended by Sam, and harassed by the school bully. Local billionaire Voom Buckstop makes an unwelcome appearance in class.
10/31/20178 minutes, 52 seconds
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Welcome to Once Upon A Time In Zombieville

There’s a strange glowing liquid which affects those who touch it… and there are zombies.
10/26/20171 minute, 52 seconds