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English, Finance, 1 season, 90 episodes, 1 day, 5 hours, 48 minutes
Each episode of “On Aon” will feature people, solutions, innovations and news that define Aon’s unique culture. Delve into our global firm through conversations between colleagues.
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Better Being Series: Are You Taking Care of Your Digital Wellbeing?

In today’s fast paced world, employees and employers alike are struggling to balance between being productive while also staying healthy. In today’s Better Being episode, host and Aon’s Chief Wellbeing Officer, Rachel Fellowes, is joined by Amy Blankson, Co-founder & Chief Evangelist at Digital Wellness Institute, for a conversation about digital wellbeing in the modern workplace and how to maintain a healthy tech-life balance. [3:11] Defining digital wellbeing and why Amy decided to set up the Digital Wellness Institute[5:10] Insights on the impact of hybrid working on digital wellbeing after COVID-19[6:53] The challenges of hyper-responsible tech use in high performing adults[7:54] Maximizing a digital balance to maximize productivity and satisfaction in the workforce[11:01] Sources of burnout and the importance of setting digital boundariesAdditional Resources:Aon’s websiteBetter Being Series Dives into Women’s HealthRachel Fellowes LinkedInAon’s Workplace WellbeingAon’s 2022-2023 Global Wellbeing SurveyAmy Blankson Resources:LinkedIn profileWebsiteDigital Wellness Institute websiteDigital Wellness DayTweetables:“Digital wellbeing is the opportunity that we have to maximize the benefits of technology while mitigating the harms that come along with it.” — Amy Blankson“83 percent of employees are now turning to employers looking for help navigating tech-life balance.” — Amy Blankson“It’s very hard to step off the treadmill when the entire world is on it together.” — Amy Blankson“As technology continues to advance, it becomes even more important that we as adults develop a sense of digital balance.” — Amy Blankson“It’s not just that you’ve been sitting at a desk all day. It’s that your brain is trying to manage so many things at once, and that can be exhausting.” — Amy Blankson“We have the capacity as adults and leaders to make some very small micro changes in our lives that will help us move to a state of flourishing.” — Amy Blankson
6/11/202418 minutes, 41 seconds
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Better Being Series Dives into Women’s Health

Aon studies show that 83 percent of companies now have a wellbeing strategy in place and prioritize employee health. In today’s Better Being episode, host and Aon’s Chief Wellbeing Officer, Rachel Fellowes, is joined by Orthopedic Sports Surgeon and Founder and CEO of Precision Longevity, Dr. Vonda Wright, MD, MS, for a discussion on women’s health – specifically, menopause. They explore the importance of bringing both men and women into the conversation about the impact of menopause on a woman’s physical and mental health as well as careers.[3:35] Insights into the effects of menopause on mental and physical health and careers[10:18] Statistics about the workforce impact of menopause and perimenopause[11:15] Leading research on improved menopausal health[17:06] Strategies to include healthy patterns in the workplace[20:14] Incorporating innovative health initiatives into a company's wellbeing agendaAdditional Resources:Aon’s websiteRachel Fellowes LinkedInAon’s Workplace WellbeingAon’s 2022-2023 Global Wellbeing SurveyDr. Vonda Wright Resources:WebsiteLinkedIn ProfileInstagramHOT For Your Health PodcastTweetables:“We’re not only talking about the physical health of a woman. We’re talking about the mental health of a woman, and we’re also talking about the career of a woman.” — Dr. Vonda Wright“Our charge is not only to understand this but to provide a way for women in their peak to thrive.” — Dr. Vonda Wright“This is not a woman’s conversation. This is a population conversation.” — Dr. Vonda Wright“Great businesses will be interested in the health of their employees.” — Dr. Vonda Wright“Fertility is not the only part of a woman’s health that needs supporting.” — Dr. Vonda Wright“Reinvesting profits into this critical portion of our workforce is not only the right thing to do from a human standpoint, it’s a good business use case.” — Dr. Vonda Wright
5/14/202424 minutes, 19 seconds
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Special Edition: Aon’s 2024 Client Trends Report

Businesses today face unprecedented volatility and complexity driven by profound transitions – or megatrends – across Trade, Technology, Weather and Workforce. In this episode, Aon President Eric Andersen speaks with Aon’s Lambros Lambrou, CEO of Human Capital, and Andy Marcell, CEO of Risk Capital, about the megatrends highlighted in Aon’s 2024 Client Trends Report and opportunities for business leaders to take action on interconnected risk and people issues.[0:33] Four megatrends that are shaping business decision making[1:45] Trade and technology insights from Aon’s 2024 Client Trends Report[2:44] Changing weather and workforce trends from the report[3:51] How clients are addressing trends through a Risk Capital and Human Capital lens[5:30] Aon’s approach to accelerating solutions for clientsAdditional Resources:Aon’s websiteAon’s 2024 Client Trends ReportAon Unveils Client Trends Report Highlighting Interconnected Risk And People IssuesAon’s 2023/2024 Global Risk Management SurveySpecial Edition: Aon CEO Greg Case on 2024 and Evolving to Serve ClientsTweetables:“More important is the interconnectivity of industry around the world and how we navigate that on behalf of our clients.” — Andy Marcell“Employers have started addressing wellbeing very differently.” — Lambros Lambrou“Seeing ‘attracting and retaining talent’ rise to the number four global risk that companies face was extremely telling in how our thinking has evolved on traditional risk topics.”— Lambros Lambrou“We’re actively addressing people risk with our clients in a much more connected way across our integrated Human Capital and Risk Capital capabilities.” — Lambros Lambrou“It is very apparent the C-suite decision making will need to be informed by both risk and human analytics as we look to protect their people and grow their businesses.” — Andy Marcell
5/2/20248 minutes, 54 seconds
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Preparing for Evolving Cyber Exposures

Increasing regulations, cyber attacks and AI persist as a constantly evolving landscape that companies must approach proactively. Host and Chief Broking Officer, Aon’s Cyber Solutions Team, Matt Chmel, sits down with Karrieann Couture, cyber and E&O claims leader, Aon’s Cyber Solutions Team, for a discussion about the evolving cyber exposures and the regulatory landscape.[1:40] An overview of the evolving regulatory environment[4:20] Proactive governance and procedures to increase protection[7:17] The impact of AI and machine learning on underwriting[11:39] Key takeaways for regulatory actionsAdditional Resources:Aon’s websiteU.S. Cyber Insurance: Market Trends and OpportunitiesAon Cyber Security & Risk SolutionsAon Cyber Resilience Capability OverviewTweetables:“We can see the significant impact that cyber attacks have on public companies, whether it’s their operations, finances, or their reputation.” — Karrieann Couture“Allegations around utilizing information without having permission are in early stages, and it will be very interesting to see how the law plays out there.” — Karrieann Couture“Cyber risk is changing as technology is changing, and we have to stay on top of it.” — Karrieann Couture
4/30/202415 minutes, 48 seconds
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Insights into Construction and Building Resilient Economies

The construction industry is adapting to a variety of stresses and pressures and working to increase resilience and sustainability in a changing climate. Host and Aon’s Chief Commercial Officer of Global Construction and Infrastructure, Tariq Taherbhai, is joined by Aon’s Global Industry Specialty Leader, Construction and Infrastructure, James MacNeal, to discuss today's global construction industry. [2:02] A high-level overview of today’s global construction industry[4:22] Key renewable energy and energy transition construction projects[7:46] Addressing inflation, workforce shortages and geopolitical factors[10:55] Diversification of risk capital as an essential component in construction projects[14:30] The role of the risk capital market in addressing client needsNote: This episode was recorded on March 21st. The Baltimore Bridge incident is not included in the discussion.Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteAon’s Global Risk Management SurveyAon’s Global Construction and InfrastructureInflation Reduction Act of 2022Chips and Science Act of 2022Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021Tweetables:“Crucially, [clients] are now asking the question, ‘What else do I need to do in the design construction operation of this asset to make it more resilient in the face of this changing climate?’.” — James MacNeal“The failure to attract and retain talent and workforce shortages are featured in the top six concerns of our industry clients.” — James MacNeal“It’s really important that construction clients and their brokers increasingly explore other options for risk transfer.  You can’t just rely on the traditional construction market anymore.” — James MacNeal
4/16/202417 minutes, 48 seconds
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Understanding Pay Transparency Regulations

Around the world, governments are introducing regulations to ensure fair payment for every employee. But the transition from basic regulatory compliance to sustainable pay transparency solutions remains a challenge. Host and Aon’s Head of Talent Solutions, North America, Brooke Green, welcomes Aon’s Head of Rewards and Career Advisory, North America, Kelly Voss, for a conversation about advancing pay equity and transparency. [2:42] Terms and concepts surrounding pay transparency[4:52] Historical events that shaped pay expectations[9:37] Transitioning from compliance to a culture of transparency[11:12] Three prongs of an effective pay transparency culture[14:35] First steps to lasting changeAdditional Resources:Aon’s websitePay Transparency ConsultingPay Equity ConsultingUnderstanding and Preparing for the Rise in Pay TransparencyFive Big Human Resources Trends to Watch in 2024Webinar: The Five Top HR Trends to Watch for in 2024Mastering Pay Transparency to Bridge the Gender Wage DivideTweetables:“This is not about compliance. It’s about the workforce and who our workforce and future is, and it’s about talent.” — Kelly Voss“As an organization, decide which of these foundational pieces you’re going to start with because there isn’t one right answer for every organization.” — Kelly Voss“If you start to think about this and plan accordingly, we’ll all be in good shape. It’s just a matter of taking that first step.” — Kelly Voss
4/9/202415 minutes, 57 seconds
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Focusing on Aon’s 2023 Impact Report

Resilience and growth are dependent on business leaders taking action to respond to pressing global challenges and opportunities. In this episode, Aon’s Laura Wanlass, partner, Human Capital Solutions, is joined by Leslie Follmer, head of Investor Relations and ESG, for a look at Aon’s 2023 Impact Report. [1:40] What ESG means to Aon’s 3x3 Plan[3:42] Three key takeaways from this year’s report[5:31] Insights into Aon’s Sustainability Network[6:24] Examples of environmental sustainability grantsAdditional Resources:Aon’s websiteAon's 2023 Impact ReportInsurance Insider: Aon’s 3x3 plan positions firm to deliver a 'big set of answers' to clientsOn Aon Insights: What Does ‘ESG’ Really Mean?Ep 49: On Aon's ESG Impact with Leslie FollmerAon’s 2022 ESG Impact ReportSpecial Edition: Aon CEO Greg Case on 2024 and Evolving to Serve ClientsTweetables:“When you think about what’s in ESG, those risks match right up against risk capital and human capital.” — Leslie Follmer“We really do have core capabilities here to help our clients think about ESG risks in ways that help them make better decisions.” — Leslie Follmer“Aon colleagues are joining together with the support of these environmental sustainability grants to drive local impact on environmental causes.” — Leslie Follmer
3/25/20249 minutes, 2 seconds
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What Climate Risk Means for the Future of Responsible Investing

Navigating the broad landscape of climate-related investment risks and opportunities has never been more critical. For a discussion on decarbonization, responsible investing and tactics for greater resilience, host and Aon’s Partner, Non-Profit Solutions Leader, Chair of U.S. Investment Committee, Heather Myers, welcomes Daniel Ingram, partner, head of Responsible Investment, North America, and Tim Manuel, partner, head of Responsible Investment, UK.  [1:44] Key questions that define the meaning of decarbonizing for investors[5:40] Identifying the motivation behind the steps needed in decarbonizing efforts[10:54] Various investor approaches to decarbonizing[15:37] Action and integration flow from the motivational belief that change is possible[19:22] First steps to building a climate-resilient investment portfolioAdditional Resources:Aon’s websiteHow is Climate Change Affecting the Investment Landscape?Aon’s Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Manager Ratings: 3 Questions with Daniel IngramImpact Investing is Hard: Here’s How to do it WellResponsible InvestingAon’s Impact ReportTweetables:“As a globally diversified investor, your portfolio will look like, to some degree, the global economy.” — Tim Manuel“For investors that want to maintain diversification, their own decarbonization goals and whether they will meet those goals, are inextricably linked to the decarbonization process in the wider economy.” — Tim Manuel“Investors can’t decarbonize in a vacuum.” — Tim Manuel“Investors really need some help determining what, if anything, decarbonizing means for them, what actions they might want to take, if any, and why.” — Daniel Ingram“Trying to understand what’s motivating your investors is really part of determining what decarbonizing means for you.” — Daniel Ingram“No one person is going to solve climate change.  It requires everyone to do their part globally.” — Daniel Ingram© 2024 Aon plc. All rights reserved.The opinions referenced are as of the date of publication and are subject to change due to changes in the market or economic conditions and may not necessarily come to pass. Information contained herein is for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. Investment advice and consulting services provided by Aon Investments USA Inc. (Aon Investments). The information contained herein is given as of the date hereof and does not purport to give information as of any other date. The delivery at any time shall not, under any circumstances, create any implication that there has been a change in the information set forth herein since the date hereof or any obligation to update or provide amendments hereto.This document is not intended to provide, and shall not be relied upon for, accounting, legal or tax advice or investment recommendations. Any accounting, legal, or taxation position described in this presentation is a general statement and shall only be used as a guide. It does not constitute accounting, legal, and tax advice and is based on Aon Investments’ understanding of current laws and interpretation.Diversification does not ensure a profit nor does it protect against loss of principal. Diversification among investment options and asset classes may help to reduce overall volatility.This document is intended for general information purposes only and should not be construed as advice or opinions on any specific facts or circumstances. The comments in this summary are based upon Aon Investments’ preliminary analysis of publicly available information. The content of this document is made available on an “as is” basis, without warranty of any kind. Aon Investments disclaims any legal liability to any person or organization for loss or damage caused by or resulting from any reliance placed on that content. Aon Investments reserves all rights to the content of this document. No part of this document may be reproduced, stored, or transmitted by any means without the express written consent of Aon Investments.Aon Investments USA Inc. is a federally registered investment advisor with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Aon Investments USA Inc. is also registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission as a commodity pool operator and a commodity trading advisor and is a member of the National Futures Association. The Aon Investments USA Inc. ADV Form Part 2A disclosure statement is available upon written request to:Aon Investments USA Inc.  200 E. Randolph Street Suite 700 Chicago, IL 60601 ATTN: Aon Investments Compliance
3/6/202425 minutes, 53 seconds
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What Climate Risk Means for the Future of Responsible Investing

Navigating the broad landscape of climate-related investment risks and opportunities has never been more critical. For a discussion on decarbonization, responsible investing and tactics for greater resilience, host and Aon’s Partner, Non-Profit Solutions Leader, Chair of U.S. Investment Committee, Heather Myers, welcomes Daniel Ingram, partner, head of Responsible Investment, North America, and Tim Manuel, partner, head of Responsible Investment, UK.   [1:44] Key questions that define the meaning of decarbonizing for investors[5:40] Identifying the motivation behind the steps needed in decarbonizing efforts[10:54] Various investor approaches to decarbonizing[15:37] Action and integration flow from the motivational belief that change is possible[19:22] First steps to building a climate-resilient investment portfolioAdditional Resources:Aon’s websiteHow is Climate Change Affecting the Investment Landscape? Aon’s Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Manager Ratings: 3 Questions with Daniel Ingram Impact Investing is Hard: Here’s How to do it Well Responsible Investing Aon’s Impact ReportTweetables:“As a globally diversified investor, your portfolio will look like, to some degree, the global economy.” — Tim Manuel“For investors that want to maintain diversification, their own decarbonization goals and whether they will meet those goals, are inextricably linked to the decarbonization process in the wider economy.” — Tim Manuel“Investors can’t decarbonize in a vacuum.” — Tim Manuel“Investors really need some help determining what, if anything, decarbonizing means for them, what actions they might want to take, if any, and why.” — Daniel Ingram“Trying to understand what’s motivating your investors is really part of determining what decarbonizing means for you.” — Daniel Ingram“No one person is going to solve climate change.  It requires everyone to do their part globally.” — Daniel Ingram
3/5/202425 minutes, 53 seconds
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Insights from Aon’s latest Climate and Catastrophe Insight Report

Aon’s 2024 Climate and Catastrophe Insight Report analyzes the financial and human impacts of last year’s weather and natural disasters. Host and Aon’s Chief Marketing Officer, Reinsurance Solutions, Alexandra Lewis, invites Michal Lörinc, head of Catastrophe Insight, to  share his knowledge on 2023’s natural catastrophes and the strategies needed to support those impacted.[1:02] Statistics on the impacts of 2023 damage compared to previous years[4:17] A definition and explanation of the increasing protection gap[9:21] Recommendations for resilience tactics in response to catastrophic weather trends[10:10] Practical measurements to mitigate rising perils such as heatwaves[12:31] Key findings of Aon’s 2024 Climate and Catastrophe InsightAdditional Resources:Aon’s websiteAon’s 2024 Climate and Catastrophe InsightOn Aon Episode 47: On Aon's Insights on Navigating and Preparing for Catastrophes with Michal Lörinc and Dominic ProbynTweetables:“I’ve talked about financial drivers of disasters, but we can’t forget about the human impact.” — Michal Lörinc“Considering human fatalities, 2023 was the deadliest since 2010.” — Michal Lörinc“The main reason that losses are increasing over time is the growth of exposure in population growth in vulnerable areas.” — Michal Lörinc
2/20/202415 minutes, 28 seconds
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Special Edition: Aon CEO Greg Case on 2024 and Evolving to Serve Clients

In this special episode of the “On Aon” podcast, host Andy Weitz, Aon’s Chief Marketing Officer, welcomes Aon CEO Greg Case for a conversation about what 2024 holds for our colleagues and clients. They also discuss insights into the critical themes of Risk Capital and Human Capital and how Aon’s 3x3 Plan will drive the firm’s commitment to go further, faster over the next three years.[1:44] Megatrends in 2024 across trade, technology, weather and workforce[6:36] Further evolving as firm to serve client need[9:12] Aon’s 3x3 Plan to go further, faster on the firm’s Aon United strategy[11:55] Investing in Aon Business Services to drive greater relevance with clients[16:31] Developing new products to help better serve clients[18:45] Serving the middle market with more capabilityAdditional Resources:Aon’s websiteAon Further Accelerates Aon United StrategyInsurance Insider: Aon’s 3x3 plan positions firm to deliver a 'big set of answers' to clientsInsurance Insider: Taking Aon and making it... even more AonInsurance Insider: Aon United acceleration project ‘fundamentally different’ to earlier effortsAon’s Property Risk AnalyzerAon To Acquire NFP, A Leading Middle-Market Provider Of Risk, Benefits, Wealth And Retirement Plan Advisory SolutionsAon’s ​​Cyber Quotient (CyQu) EvaluationAon Expands Climate Risk Advisory Across Risk Capital To Serve Clients With More Integrated SolutionsAon Insights: Delivering an Integrated Business and People Strategy for the Future of InsuranceOn Aon Episode 48: On Aon's Game Plan for Switching from Defense to Offense in Managing Risk with Greg CaseTweetables:“No question our world is more volatile in every respect and that volatility is driven by a series of transitions across trade, technology, weather and workforce…which have changed the stakes in the battle for relevant with clients.” - Greg Case “Clients are looking for a set of trusted advisors who can help them rethink how they take a more holistic view towards Risk Capital...They also want an advisor who can deliver integrated solutions that consider the connection between traditional health & benefits, employee retirement planning and broad-based talent strategies – it's really one issue, it’s how you optimize your Human Capital.“ - Greg Case “For Aon, this means creating innovative new solutions that address these emerging risk and people challenges, accelerating the use of predictive analytics to deliver new insights and unlock access to new forms of capital and focusing on the growing demand for integrated solutions that tackle risk and people challenges together.” - Greg Case “Our Aon United strategy has helped us keep pace with [client] expectations, but the reality is we need to go further, faster – which is the rationale for the 3x3 Plan we rolled out last year.” - Greg Case  “Bringing together Reinsurance and Commercial Risk data and analytics we are creating a new suite of tools, starting with our Property Risk Analyzer, that deliver insights to clients in real time related to their risk profile, which will allow them to better interact with markets, assess their position and take action.” - Greg Case “When we look at the opportunity with NFP, it’s not about building something bigger – it's about building something better.” - Greg Case “The investment in Aon Business Services through our 3x3 Plan is helping our firm realize the opportunity to innovate on behalf of clients to create very specific product offerings for the middle market.” - Greg Case “If you think about one of our future colleagues at NFP, they will have the chance to do exactly what they’re doing today, but with more capability to bring to their clients.” - Greg Case
2/6/202423 minutes, 53 seconds
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On Aon Discusses the Rising Risks of Human Capital with Joe Peiser and Lambros Lambrou

The 2023 Aon Global Risk Management Survey (GRMS) asked nearly 3,000 business leaders around the world about their approach toward risk, as well as the steps they are taking to manage them. Host and Aon’s Chief Executive Officer, Commercial Risk, Joe Peiser, welcomes Lambros Lambrou, chief executive officer, Human Capital, for a discussion on the survey results and the rising risk of human capital, climate, cyber risk and AI. [:21] Characteristics, key topics and demographics of the GRMS[1:09] Challenges around attracting and retaining talent[4:04] Quantifying the risks of attracting and retaining talent[6:20] The impacts of climate as a key consideration in risk mitigation plans[8:35] Insights into the severity of cyber threats to an organization[10:12] Current and future risks and concerns of AIAdditional Resources:Aon’s websiteAon’s Global Risk Management SurveyFortune: AI was not even in the top 20 business risks in a ‘shocking’ survey of nearly 3,000 corporate leadersInside P&C: Cyber risk, BI remain top risks for carriers: AonTweetables:“These results provide key insights into the business leader’s mind and the steps they are taking to manage them.” — Joe Peiser“Human capital issues are no longer just a people problem.” — Joe Peiser“Human capital issues are a key business risk that can hamper innovation and business development.” — Lambros Lambrou“Most CEOs now have talent strategies as one of their top priorities today.” — Lambros Lambrou“We expect human capital to increase in ranking in future surveys.” — Lambros Lambrou“More than ever, there is greater awareness around the connectivity between an organization’s risk and people strategy and the implications that they can impact business performance.” — Lambros Lambrou“There is still a significant gap between risk awareness and risk preparedness.” — Lambros Lambrou
1/23/202412 minutes, 19 seconds
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On Aon’s Dive into the Rapidly Evolving Renewables Industry

The renewables industry is an evolving and dynamic sector — and the insurance sector plays a key role in mitigating risk and unlocking capital. Host and Aon’s Global Head of Climate Strategy, Richard Dudley, is joined by Global Head Renewable Energy, Guido Benz, and Renewable Energy Leader, EMEA, Mark Potter, for a discussion on the forces shaping the renewables industry. [3:41] Advice for starting a career in the reinsurance industry[4:56] Key challenges when investing in renewables[10:21] What the next big trend in regulation is[13:05] Which sectors are succeeding[16:17] What’s next for the industry[20:31] Aon’s efforts to drive growth and development in renewablesAdditional Resources:Aon’s websiteWith an Industry Focus, ESG Risks and Opportunities Can Vary GreatlyBuilding a Resilient Workforce That Steers Organizational Success | An Outlook Across IndustriesCutting Supply Chains: How to Achieve More Reward with Less Risk Reducing Finance Risks in a Fast-Moving Wind Energy MarketTweetables:“All of these aspects drive volatility and create challenges to the sector as well as opportunities.” — Guido Benz“We’re at a transition point where that needs to be reassessed again… to make sure that we meet the goals that we’re setting for ourselves.” — Mark Potter“There’s a lot of things to factor in for developers and a lot of types of risk and exposures that they’re managing.” — Mark Potter“Government bodies have a key role to play to really help facilitate this transition.” — Guido Benz“The business case around renewables is still very, very strong.” — Mark Potter
1/9/202429 minutes, 2 seconds
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65: On Aon’s Look at the Rise and Risk of Weight Loss Medications

The sharp rise in interest in weight loss medications presents both solutions and challenges for leaders in the healthcare space. Host and Aon’s Senior Vice President, National Pharmacy Practice Leader, Tracy Spencer, is joined by Michael Manolakis, Aon’s senior vice president, clinical innovation leader, National Pharmacy Practice, for a look at the current and future state of pharmacy challenges faced by plan sponsors in relation to the treatments, known as GLP-1s.[2:10] Distinguishing characteristics and challenges of GLP-1s[7:18] Balancing the fairness of coverage with the inappropriate utilization of drugs[11:30] Quality control and safety concerns in light of demands[18:05] ROI considerations for long term investment gains[19:26] Holistic fairness and equity of coverage in these patient support elements[26:15] A high level summary of considerations for employersAdditional Resources:Aon’s websiteAon’s Pharmacy Solutions LinkedInAon’s Pharmacy Benefit Consulting Aon’s Rx CoalitionTweetables:“Employers, over the course of last year, have been wrestling with and raising some very challenging questions about how to manage these drugs.” — Michael Manolakis“The impact of unofficial celebrity endorsements via social media has been astonishing.” — Michael Manolakis“These are really challenging questions here about how we treat obesity and how we think about obesity in comparison to other disease states.” — Michael Manolakis“Employers need to be thinking about cost, the prevalence of the condition, and fairness from a cost management perspective.” — Michael Manolakis
12/19/202329 minutes, 32 seconds
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On Aon Insights: Biodiversity and Institutional Investments

While climate risk is an ongoing concern for organizations and individuals, the impact of biodiversity is often missing from the conversation. In this episode, host and chief marketing officer, Reinsurance Solutions, Alexandra Lewis, is joined by UK Investment Partner at Aon, Jennifer O’Neill, for insights into the critical role that biodiversity plays in planning for the future. [1:02] The critical role of biodiversity in planning for the future[2:35] Institutional investment as a key strategy to protect biodiversity[3:35] Complexities presented in measuring the success of investments[5:00] An action list for institutions to prioritize biodiversity in investment[6:05] A recap of biodiversity, climate and institutional investmentsAdditional Resources:Aon’s websiteTackling Climate Change by Investing in BiodiversityClimate Change and the Threat to Water SecurityA Guide to Preparing for Greater Climate Disclosure in 2023Using Parametric Insurance to Match Capital to Climate RiskOn Aon Insights Season 2, Episode 1: What Does “ESG” Really Mean?On Aon Insights Season 2, Episode 2: Climate Science Through Academic CollaborationOn Aon Insights Season 2, Episode 3: Climate and Supply ChainOn Aon Insights Season 2, Episode 4: The Role of Insurance in Climate PlansTweetables:“Thinking about ways that capital allocation decisions and decisions about where to invest and specifically what to invest in, and really understanding how that then has an impact, both from a climate perspective and also from a biodiversity perspective is really key.” — Jennifer O’Neill“Investors need to be thinking about this now so that they’re not left behind.” — Jennifer O’Neill“We are really talking at a pivotal time for making decisions today rather than deferring those decisions for the future and looking to park those until such time as we have perfect data.” — Jennifer O’Neill“It's important that investors really think about this now and begin to understand not only what they can do, but also what their current position is so that they can determine what actions might look like for them.” — Jennifer O’Neill
12/12/20237 minutes, 58 seconds
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64: On Aon’s Better Being Series - Part 6: The World Wellbeing Movement with Rachel Fellowes and Sarah Cunningham

Companies around the world are already seeing the benefits of increasing their focus on mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. But macro-level momentum surrounding wellbeing still has a long way to go. In the sixth episode of our Better Being series, host and Aon’s Chief Wellbeing Officer, Rachel Fellowes, is joined by Managing Director of the World Wellbeing Movement, Sarah Cunningham, to discuss why it’s so important that wellbeing strategies and company culture need to align, the wellbeing workplace paradox and the work of the World Wellbeing Movement.[6:55] The purpose and vision of the World Wellbeing Movement[11:44] The importance of measuring four key dimensions of employee wellbeing[16:12] Combating the workplace wellbeing paradox [21:28] Evidence that wellbeing has a positive impact on company performance[25:46] Increasing the momentum surrounding wellbeing[30:55] The potential future impact of the World Wellbeing MovementAdditional Resources:Aon’s websiteAon’s 2022-2023 Global Wellbeing SurveyOn Aon’s Better Being Series - Part 3: Measuring Wellbeing with Rachel Fellowes and Nic MarksSarah Cunningham’s LinkedInWorking on Wellbeing PodcastWorld Wellbeing MovementWorld Wellbeing Movement on LinkedInTweetables:“I observed over a 25-year career that the world of work was becoming a more stressful place at a macro-level.” — Sarah Cunningham“If I could make one single change tomorrow, it would be that employers measure not only how employees are feeling using comparable science-based metrics but also measure why people feel the way they do.” — Sarah Cunningham“You cannot treat wellbeing in isolation. Your wellbeing benefits have to be aligned with your company culture.” — Sarah Cunningham
12/5/202335 minutes, 57 seconds
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Special Edition: On Aon Looks Ahead to COP28 with Eric Andersen

The changing climate creates both significant risks and exciting opportunities for Aon clients. In this special edition of On Aon, Aon President Eric Andersen joins host and Aon’s Global Head of Policy and Public Affairs, Bridget Gainer, to discuss the opportunities for progress at the COP28 Conference and how Aon is helping clients mitigate climate risk. [2:08] Two major areas of climate risks and opportunities for clients[4:45] Motivators behind developing risk capital innovation at Aon[5:21] Aon’s strategy for employing technology while addressing climate[7:15] Key differences of today’s risks from past challenges[15:08] Strategies for supporting clients in transition[16:42] Aon’s vision of success following COP28Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteAbout COP28 ConferenceAon At COP28: What To ExpectAon: Climate Change and SustainabilityOn Aon Insights: The Role of Insurance in Climate PlansOn Aon Insights: Climate and Supply ChainTweetables:“The innovation that is happening within our own industry is pretty significant and is really going to put our own clients in a better position.” — Eric Andersen“We first have to start with the resilience aspect and protect against the physical risk change.” — Eric Andersen“We need to build confidence in our industry and the role that we can play in dealing with the resilience issues of today.” — Eric Andersen
11/30/202319 minutes, 43 seconds
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On Aon Insights: The Role of Insurance in Climate Plans

Insurance plays an integral role in creating climate resilience and while new technologies may be critical for the future, they may represent new risks. Advanced planning for the likelihood of natural disasters and other events can help organizations weather the storms. In this episode, host and chief marketing officer, Reinsurance Solutions, Alexandra Lewis, is joined by North America leader for Aon’s Climate team, Natalia Moudrak, for insights into the role of insurance in creating climate resilience. [1:01] How insurance plays a critical role in addressing the challenges of climate [2:09] The role of Aon’s Energy Transition Group [2:50] Strategies  to prepare for developing technologies  [4:28] Why reducing carbon dioxide emissions is an important tool that must be used with caution [6:42] Tactics to help organizations better prepare for future climate risks [8:10] A recap of climate risk, insurance, and resilienceAdditional Resources:Decarbonizing Your Business: Finding the Right Insurance and StrategyMaking Better Decisions on the Journey to Net-ZeroCatastrophes and Coverage: What 2022 Can Teach Us About Climate RiskOn Aon Insights Season 2, Episode 1: What Does “ESG” Really Mean?On Aon Insights Season 2, Episode 2: Climate Science Through Academic CollaborationOn Aon Insights Season 2, Episode 3: Climate and Supply ChainAon’s websiteTweetables:“The toll from natural disasters is not just economical, it's social and environmental. The insurance industry is on the forefront of this challenge and has been for decades.”  — Natalia Moudrak“It is so important to think of ways where we can combine risk engineering and finance acumen and also work collaboratively across public and private sectors to optimize risk transfer and project financing solutions.” — Natalia Moudrak“For companies to grow and scale and to attract the financing to do so, it's so important to understand and to convey to potential investors the dollars and cents value of their IP assets.” — Natalia Moudrak“It's important to recognize that climate change is real, it's happening and it's not going to go away as a function of time.” — Natalia Moudrak“To limit the negative impacts of climate change, clients need to think about what they can do today to better prepare and withstand the impacts of extreme weather events.” — Natalia Moudrak
11/28/20239 minutes, 11 seconds
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63: On Aon’s View of Technology Impacting the Future of Health and Benefits

HR leaders are considering how new and emerging capabilities, like AI, will transform benefits, personalization, and access to care and treatment. Host and Aon’s Senior Vice President, Healthcare Industry Vertical, Sheena Singh, is joined by Aon’s Global Analytics and Actuarial Leader, Health Solutions, Doug Melton, for a discussion on the impact of technology on the future of health and benefits.[1:44] Three facets of Doug’s passion for optimizing employee health[3:28] Defining new technologies and their impact on healthcare[6:48] Key differences between new technology and traditional analytic approaches[8:53] The value of healthcare technology advancements for employers[11:50] Aon’s collaborative strategies for utilizing these technologies to support clients[13:51] Ensuring data security while maximizing technology benefitsAdditional Resources:Aon’s websiteHow Technology Will Transform Employee Benefits in the Next Five Years How Data and Analytics Can Optimize HR ProgramsFour Ways to Increase the ROI of Your Benefits Strategy With TechnologyTweetables:“The new technologies matter for the employer because they should make the employee experience better.” — Doug Melton“Aon is helping our clients' employees with innovative solutions depending on what their needs are.” — Doug Melton“We’re tackling this new learning together and applying it to other clients who have the same situation.” — Doug Melton“[Data security] is a top priority and area of focus for us at all times.” — Doug Melton
11/21/202318 minutes, 29 seconds
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On Aon Insights: Climate and Supply Chain

Climate is a major risk amplifier for supply chains and building resilience into the supply chain should be a priority now and in the future. On this episode of the On Aon Insights podcast, host and Aon’s Chief Marketing Officer, Reinsurance Solutions, Alexandra Lewis, is joined by Aon’s Global Head of Climate Risk Consulting, William Bruce. They discuss how supply chains and climate risk are increasingly linked together and what strategies can be used to make supply chains more resilient in the face of climate risk.[1:00] The intersection of climate risk and supply chains[2:39] The need for organization changes when considering climate risk[3:55] Why resilience is key to success in all aspects of the supply chain[5:33] Steps to identify and increase supply chain resilience[6:15] Strengthen supply chains by including climate as a key factor[6:54] A recap of climate risk and supply chain strategiesAdditional Resources:El Niño and the Storm Brewing in Supply ChainsThe Climate Crisis is Driving Supply Chains to AdaptESG Data: How Businesses Can Use Data to Gain an EdgeOn Aon Insights Season 2, Episode 1: What Does “ESG” Really Mean?On Aon Insights Season 2, Episode 2: Climate Science Through Academic CollaborationAon’s websiteTweetables:“Climate, when we think about it from a physical risk and from a transition risk perspective and all the other considerations, whether it's reputation or legal liability or anything like that, is an ever-evolving constant.” — William Bruce“We're never going to fully fix [climate] and it's always going to evolve and it's always going to change.” — William Bruce“Climate is a factor that is going to decrease and it's going to increase some of the existing risks that have already been identified.” — William Bruce“Assessing a supply chain’s exposure is the first step in building resilience.” — William Bruce
11/14/20238 minutes
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62: On Aon’s Better Being Series - Part 5: Mental Health at Work and the Importance of Creating Kinder Cultures with Rachel Fellowes and David Beeney

While companies around the world increase their focus on mental health in the workplace, the stigma surrounding mental health continues to challenge leaders and employees alike. In the fifth episode of our Better Being series, host and Aon’s Chief Wellbeing Officer, Rachel Fellowes, is joined by mental health consultant and founder of Breaking the Silence, David Beeney, for a conversation about mental health and why creating a kinder work culture is so important.[3:04] David’s personal experience with mental health and his focus on helping employers create a kinder workplace  [6:04] David’s unique perspective on his career and mission[7:21] Defining and overcoming the stigma around mental health in the workplace[15:24] Practical tips for engaging with greater kindness[22:22] Gender role statistics and stigmas[25:47] A five year look at the future of wellbeing in the workplace[27:24] David’s key takeaways and advice for improving workplace kindnessAdditional Resources:This epsiode contains sensitive topics surrounding mental health, resources are available below. Aon’s websiteAon’s 2022-2023 Global Wellbeing SurveyRachel Fellowes LinkedInBetter Up Mental Health BlogDavid Beeney ResourcesBreaking The Silence WebsiteLinkedInUK Mental Health Support/ContactsSamaritans.orgThe Calm ZoneMind.orgTommy’sChild Bereavement UKUS Mental Health Support/ContactsMental Health First AidChildhood Bereavement USTweetables:“My life changed for the better when I first outed myself about my mental health.” — David Beeney“We don’t know how to talk about mental health without fear.” — David Beeney“Unless you create a kind culture in the workplace, you will never optimize performance from your people.” — David Beeney“When you create a kinder culture at work, your best people are less likely to leave.” — David Beeney“The language we use around the workplace is very important in creating a kinder culture.” — David Beeney“If you don’t create a culture where people feel safe to put their hand up and say ‘I need help,’ all this effort will go to waste.” — David Beeney“Where we share vulnerability, we inspire people.” — David Beeney
11/7/202331 minutes
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On Aon Insights: Climate Science Through Academic Collaboration

Amid the volatility of climate risk, research with academic institutions may help provide better data and clearer pictures for organizations looking to understand their exposure. On this episode of the On Aon Insights podcast, host and Aon’s chief marketing officer, Reinsurance Solutions, Alexandra Lewis, is joined by Aon’s global head of Climate Risk Advisory, Liz Henderson, for a discussion on the value of collaborating with academic institutions to further our understanding of the impact of climate on how we live and work. [1:00] The value of partnering with academic institutions when improving climate risks[3:07] Insights into the increasing losses associated with climate change[4:48] Crafting a robust data prediction program[6:20] Strategies that use the knowledge gained from academic research partnerships[8:06] A summary of climate risk insights and strategiesAdditional Resources:Decarbonizing Your BusinessEl Nino and the Storm Brewing in Supply ChainsOn Aon Insights Season 2, Episode 1: What Does “ESG” Really Mean?Aon’s websiteTweetables:“We're trying to help our clients understand when you're doing forecasting in this active area of research, that there isn't really one right answer.”  — Liz Henderson“You have to have an end-to-end kind of risk program that helps you understand the data going into the different models, the methodologies that they take, the data that's coming out, and the sources of volatility that the models don't account for at all.” — Liz Henderson“Over time, the tools we have will get much better and much more refined, to predict that kind of medium and long-term planning.”  — Liz Henderson“What does the climate risk program actually need to look like to account for all of that uncertainty that's there?” — Liz Henderson
10/31/202310 minutes, 23 seconds
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On Aon Insights: What Does ‘ESG’ Really Mean?

ESG has become a top business priority in recent years, but fully understanding it in today’s volatile world is a complicated task. The second season of the “On Aon Insights” podcast series explores the world of climate and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues. In this episode, host and Aon’s chief marketing officer, Reinsurance Solutions, Alexandra Lewis, is joined by Aon’s head of ESG and Human Sustainability, Laura Wanlass, for a discussion on how to better understand the role of ESG in company decision-making.[1:20] The complicated task of defining ESG[2:12] The three elements that make up ESG[3:14] Maintaining a focus on ESG in a volatile market[4:38] Responding to political pushback and stakeholder expectationsAdditional Resources:Aon’s websiteEpisode 49: On Aon's ESG Impact with Leslie FollmerESG Data: How Businesses Can Use Data to Gain an EdgeTweetables:“Oftentimes instead of saying, ‘What is environmental and social governance and what does it mean to the company?’ it's more like, what's material to your company and to your stakeholders?” — Laura Wanlass“You have to really sit back and look at who you are as a company, what industries or markets do you operate within to set your strategy and to know what you want to do on the risk side and the opportunity side of ESG.” — Laura Wanlass“But on the governance side, I would say, especially if you're public, there's some pretty universal things that are expected in terms of board governance.” — Laura Wanlass“Employees really care [about ESG], and that's not going to go away.” — Laura Wanlass
10/17/20237 minutes, 27 seconds
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61: On Aon’s Training Managers for the Future of Work with Charlotte Schaller

Current workplace trends have put intense pressure on managers to engage and retain high-caliber talent while navigating constant change. This week’s host and Director of Communications for Aon Business Services, David Allard, is joined by Partner and Aon’s Head of Assessments in the UK, Talent Solutions, Charlotte Schaller, for a look into training and reskilling managers so that they are prepared to meet the rapidly evolving demands of the workplace. [1:57] Recent trends and events impacting the training and reskilling of managers[4:38] Evolving demands for training in technology, diversity and hybrid work[6:28] Tactics for forward-thinking management training exercises[11:06] Building a culture of learning within an organization[13:28] Charlotte’s approach to wellbeingAdditional Resources:Aon’s websiteAon Insights: How AI Will Impact Human Capital in the Technology, Media and Communications IndustryOn Aon Insights: Resilience Across IndustriesOn Aon Insights: Building Belonging in the WorkplaceOn Aon Insights: Training the Manager for the Future of WorkTweetables:“There is a clear trend showing that the manager role has evolved.” — Charlotte Schaller“As the workplace becomes more diverse and inclusive, managers will need to exhibit higher EQ — emotional intelligence.” — Charlotte Schaller“[Training and retraining] has to be a personalized journey. It’s not going to be a one-size-fits-all.” — Charlotte Schaller“When managers participate in training and demonstrate their commitment to learning, they set a positive example to their teams.” — Charlotte Schaller“Employees will feel more valued when they see their organization investing in their professional growth.” — Charlotte Schaller
10/10/202315 minutes, 32 seconds
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60: On Aon’s Intersection of Talent and Cyber for Banks with Chris Blain and Spencer Lynch

With the increasing frequency of cyber events, risk management and security is a complex, multi-faceted challenge for banks around the globe. The task of keeping up with changing technologies while attracting and retaining talent who can mitigate cyber security risk has reached unprecedented levels. This week’s host and Partner in Aon’s Talent Solutions, Peter Keuls, is joined by Partner in Aon’s Talent Solutions, Chris Blain, and Aon’s Head of Cyber Solutions in the UK, Spencer Lynch, for a discussion about the intersection of talent and cyber security for financial institutions.[3:03] The latest trends that are raising the cyber security stakes for banks[11:54] Recent talent recruitment adjustments made by banks[13:43] Tactics for assessing organizational vulnerabilities and strengthening protections[18:00] Monitoring bank investments in cyber risk mitigation[23:40] Advice for effectively managing organizational-level cyber security efforts and talentAdditional Resources:Aon’s websiteAon’s 2023 Cyber Resilience ReportOn Aon Episode 58: On Aon’s Approach to Helping Organizations Build Cyber Resilience with Joe Martinez and David DamatoOn Aon Episode 42: On Aon’s Innovative Approach to Cyber Resilience with Nitai Mandhyan and Scott SwansonTweetables:“As we see more cyber attacks and more breaches, banks are grappling with trying to ensure that they retain their people with those skills and try to attract that talent as well.” — Chris Blain“The majority of cases that we see start with a person; it’s a people problem, usually not a technology problem.” — Spencer Lynch“The level of investment around cyber for the typical bank is enormous… and it’s very important that they get the cost balance right.” — Chris Blain“Cyber security is a business problem, not a technology problem.” — Spencer Lynch
9/26/202329 minutes, 21 seconds
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59: On Aon’s Better Being Series - Part 4: Managing Loss and Grief with Rachel Fellowes and Julia Samuel

Grief is rarely discussed at work, yet it affects all of us at some point. In the fourth episode of our Better Being Series, host and Aon’s Chief Wellbeing Officer, Rachel Fellowes, is joined by psychotherapist, author and podcaster Julia Samuel for a discussion about the impact of grief in the workplace. Together, they discuss ways managers can support their grieving team members, the power of leaning into collective grief and resources to help anyone experiencing or supporting others through the grieving process. [2:08] Julia’s personal experience with grief and how it shaped her professional life[5:02] Defining grief and loss in both life and death[7:07] The individual and universal aspects of the grieving process[12:13] The role of work and structure in managing grief[21:36] The value of compiling resources to help with the grieving process[22:43] Collective grief as it affects the individual and a group[28:25] Additional resources to help support anyone through times of griefAdditional Resources:Aon’s websiteAon’s Human Sustainability Index (HSI)Rachel Fellowes LinkedInJulia Samuel’s Additional Resources:Julia Samuel’s websiteAbout Julia Samuel InstagramGrief Works: Self Care & Love appTherapy Works podcastJulia Samuel’s Books:This Too Shall Pass: Stories of Change, Crisis and Hopeful BeginningsEvery Family Has a Story: How We Inherit Love and LossGrief Works: Stories of Life, Death and SurvivingTweetables:“In our family, we talked about everything that didn’t matter and, it turns out, nothing that did matter. And that shaped me profoundly.” — Julia Samuel“We need to understand what grief is so that we’re able to manage ourselves when it does happen to us.” — Julia Samuel“Work and structure is actually a really useful and important part of how we manage grief.” — Julia Samuel“In collective grief, it is very important to allow our differences.” — Julia Samuel“When someone dies, the thing that matters to us and supports us the most is the love of others.” — Julia Samuel“Grief often feels like fear and a sense of overwhelm… and the thing that most helps with that is exercise.” — Julia Samuel
9/12/202332 minutes, 24 seconds
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58: On Aon’s Approach to Helping Organizations Build Cyber Resilience with Joe Martinez and David Damato

Cyber threats are constantly evolving, posing challenges to businesses. In this episode of On Aon, Aon’s Global Chief Trust Officer, Cyber Solutions, Kate Kuehn, is joined by Aon’s Chief Security Officer, Joe Martinez, and Aon’s Chief Information Security Officer, David Damato, for a conversation about the findings and takeaways of Aon’s 2023 Cyber Resilience Report. Together, they examine the importance of addressing global trends, including supply chain resiliency, critical attack factors and risk management needs, as well as tactics for educating leaders and organizations on how to manage cyber risk from the C-suite. [1:16] Joe Martinez and David Damato highlight what inspires them in their cyber security roles [5:15] The value of cyber resilience in a constantly changing environment [7:42] A holistic approach to cyber security that results in engineered resilience [9:37] Collaborations in leadership that will support cyber resilience [12:10] Educating board of directors about the potentially catastrophic impact of cyber attacks [15:25] Approaching a culture that is protected against insider threat [19:45] Key takeaways in preparing for cyber attacks[24:45] The critical differences between risk and threatAdditional Resources:Aon’s websiteAon’s 2023 Cyber Resilience ReportAon’s Global Risk Management Survey 2021Aon Insights: Buyer-Friendly Cyber and E&O Market: How to Take AdvantageTweetables:“In cyber security, things are always different and always new.” — Joe Martinez“In what other field can you track criminals globally and defend against their tactics?” — David Damato“If we’re engineering resilience systems correctly, they are resilient. They’re meant to withstand failures from a security perspective as well.” — David Damato“You can’t hide your way out of risks. You must always have a plan.” — Joe Martinez“Practicing cyber resilience does help to sharpen your response and your ability to be on point in managing these scenarios.” — Joe Martinez“Understanding your business is the first key to managing cyber resiliency.” — David Damato
8/29/202329 minutes, 47 seconds
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On Aon Insights: Resilience Across Industries

Different industries approach workforce resilience in different ways, and both the technology and finance industries have seen the increased demand for workforce resilience in recent years. Organizations that embrace making connections and adopting a whole-business approach to workforce resilience are able to attract and retain talent, respond to change and create a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.This episode of the “On Aon Insights” podcast series features host Sheena Singh, senior vice president in Aon’s healthcare industry vertical, and expert Ishita Goel, director in Aon’s Talent Solutions. Together, they explore the journey of workforce resilience in these two industries, including how to approach the transformative power of AI and the tactics that result in the greatest impact in workforce resilience plans.[1:15] How varying priorities affect an industry’s approach to workforce resilience[3:05] Key strategies the tech industry can take from the financial industry regarding workforce resilience[4:44] Examples of the importance of workforce resilience in the tech industry[5:40] Effective responses to the increasing demand to build a resilient workforce[7:06] A summary of workforce resilience in different industriesAdditional Resources:Aon Insights: Workforce Resilience The One Brief: What Does a Resilient Workforce Look Like? On Aon Insights Ep 1: Workforce Resilience as a Concept On Aon Insights Ep 2: Reskilling and Upskilling Talent On Aon Insights Ep 3: Training the Manager for the Future of Work On Aon Insights Ep 4: Building Belonging in the Workforce Aon’s websiteTweetables:“For all organizations, the ability to be able to consistently drive growth while taking into consideration the nuances of the changing external dynamics, the workforce compositions, how and where to attract talent from, the different kind of challenges that organizations are facing today, it's important for them to continue to focus on building workforce resilience. It's not one action to be taken at a particular point in time, but a series of actions.” — Ishita GoelThe technology industry until last year was the employees’ choice as the place to work; however, they have started to understand the complexity of building workforce resilience.” — Ishita Goel“We’ll start to see upskilling and reskilling of the workforce becoming extremely important with talent pools shrinking and this war for talent so that organizations can continue to build on workforce resilience.” — Ishita Goel“Workforce resilience is not one thing or an end state. It's a journey to build resilience, agility and belonging to withstand change, navigate that change and build sufficient belonging for employees to repeat the process of change.” — Ishita Goel
8/7/20238 minutes, 18 seconds
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57: On Aon’s Better Being Series - Part 3: Measuring Wellbeing with Rachel Fellowes and Nic Marks

The happiness and wellbeing of team members is critical to the success of any organization. But many leaders struggle to know how to measure wellbeing in ways that provide insights and inspire change. In the third episode of the Better Being Series, host and Aon’s Chief Wellbeing Officer, Rachel Fellowes, is joined by Nic Marks, The Happiness Expert, CEO and founder of Friday Pulse, for a conversation about happiness data and why measuring wellbeing in organizations is a critical first step to improving it. [2:20] The genesis of Nic’s interest in happiness and wellbeing. [5:00] The desire to achieve happiness is a global one. [7:17] Key distinctions between individual and collective happiness. [9:28] Metrics that provide insights into individual and group happiness and wellbeing. [13:01] The expected ROI on team happiness and success. [14:53] Advice for leaders who want to increase their team’s happiness. [20:40] Nic reveals his vision for a future filled with happiness. [23:26] Advice for leaders who are seeking increased wellbeing for their team.Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteAon’s Human Sustainability Index (HSI)Rachel Fellowes on LinkedInOn Aon’s Better Being Series – Part 1: Human Sustainability with Rachel Fellowes and Lisa StevensOn Aon’s Better Being Series - Part 2: Physical Wellbeing and Resilience with Rachel Fellowes and Daniel ScottAdditional resources from Nic Marks:LinkedInFriday PulseFriday OneNic Marks’ WebsiteThe Happy Planet IndexThe Happy Planet Ted TalkTweetables:“We are born into this world designed for relationships.” — Nic Marks“Great teams are both happy and successful.” — Nic Marks“Bringing together a team to work on a common goal and project is really important. The human side of it is really important.” — Nic Marks“If you measure weekly team happiness, you’ve got a metric you can talk about every week.” — Nic Marks“Ironically, happiness is more engaging than engagement because it’s more appealing to people.” — Nic Marks“Value is not only financial, it’s about the wellbeing of the population of the people and the planet and future generations.” — Nic Marks
7/31/202325 minutes, 24 seconds
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On Aon Insights: Building Belonging in the Workplace

Today, companies know that helping employees feel their best benefits the overall health of the organization. A sense of belonging allows people to feel connected in the workplace. This episode of the “On Aon Insights” podcast series features host Sheena Singh, senior vice president in Aon’s healthcare industry vertical, and expert Suzanne Courtney, associate partner for Aon's Talent Solutions in EMEA. Together, they highlight the critical role that a sense of belonging plays in individual health and wellbeing and how an increased focus on belonging benefits both workforce resilience and business performance. [1:13] How a sense of belonging increases connectivity in the workplace[2:25] Research highlights the importance of a strong sense of belonging[2:55] Overcoming the challenges of building belonging into company culture[3:55] Inclusive recruiting and eliminating bias can be supported with AI assistance[5:01] First steps for cultivating a culture of belonging[5:55] A summary of building greater belonging in the workplace Additional Resources:Aon Insights: Belonging at Work: How Employers can Strengthen DE&I Aon Insights: Workforce Resilience Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) in the Workplace On Aon Insights Ep 1: Workforce Resilience as a Concept On Aon Insights Ep 2: Reskilling and Upskilling Talent On Aon Insights Ep 3: Training the Manager for the Future of Work Aon’s websiteTweetables:“Belonging is all about the individual, that no matter who you are, your characteristics, your life stage, that you feel included, that you feel valued, that you feel like people are listening to you, that you are important.” — Suzanne Courtney“Culture is often the hardest thing to change in a business, so they need time to implement it and also look at any cultural obstacles or accelerators to make it as successful as possible.” — Suzanne Courtney“With staffing challenges, a focus on belonging can also help companies with retaining current talent and recruiting new.” — Sheena Singh“If we know whether people are wired for belonging, it can actually help us build more resilience in the workplace.” — Suzanne Courtney
7/24/20236 minutes, 57 seconds
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56: On Aon’s View on Improving Retirement Outcomes with Byron Beebe, Rick Jones and Tony Pugh

Retirement plans are continually evolving as businesses look for ways to help employees close retirement savings gaps. Many companies are turning to multiemployer plans to maximize resources, minimize liability and offer retirement solutions that have not been traditionally available. This week’s host and Aon’s Head of U.S. Retirement, Jennifer Brasher, welcomes a team of Aon experts for a look at strategies that can potentially improve retirement outcomes and increase retirement savings by up to two years of additional retirement income. Global Chief Commercial Officer, Wealth Solutions, Byron Beebe; Head of Aon PEP (U.S.), Wealth Solutions, Rick Jones and Defined Contribution Solution Leader, EMEA, Tony Pugh, share their insights and advice regarding the benefits and impact of multiemployer plans. [1:52] Career advice and the inspiring elements of their profession. [4:44] Global trends among defined contribution and multiemployer plans. [10:56] The impact of the current market on retirement outcomes. [16:06] Addressing the internal challenges of transitioning to a multiemployer plan.[20:33] Evaluation standards for determining which plan is best. [25:38] Long-term impacts of multiemployer plans on retirement benefits and participants. Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteThe Aon Pooled Employer Plan: An Inflation FighterFive Reasons to Consider a Pooled Employer Plan as Part of Your 401(k) Benefits StrategyIs a Pooled Employer Plan Right for Your Organization?Why Pooled Retirement Plans are Changing the 401(k) MarketAon Pooled Employer Plan Reaches $1 Billion in U.S. Plan Assets and CommitmentsTweetables:“All the work we do every day by building better DC solutions for our clients actually translates into real benefits and better future lives.” — Tony Pugh “As clients further outsource responsibilities, we give them the options they need, and the bandwidth is created for them to focus on their core business.” — Rick Jones“Think about what you want to control. You can still control those things when you join a multiemployer arrangement.” — Byron Beebe“When you’re doing this evaluation, it isn’t just about cost.” — Byron Beebe“This will only improve outcomes for individual retirees and improve American businesses.” — Rick Jones
7/17/202330 minutes, 50 seconds
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On Aon Insights: Training the Manager for the Future of Work

Reskilling and upskilling are critical in helping people adapt to the changing workplace. But how does that translate to the role of a manager? In the third episode of the “On Aon Insights” podcast series, series host Sheena Singh, senior vice president in Aon’s healthcare industry vertical, explores the evolving needs of the workforce and how managers must manage people differently than before. Charlotte Schaller, partner and head of assessment in the UK for Aon’s Talent Solutions, offers insights into the role a manager plays while adapting to remote and hybrid work, tactics for navigating current workforce trends and advice for how managers can support employees on a daily basis. [1:16] Trends that are increasing the complexity of the manager’s role.[2:05] The value of expanding management’s engagement with employees.[2:45] The key to finding and keeping talent and building a resilient workforce.[3:37] Overcoming resistance to and challenges of upskilling and reskilling.[4:51] Tactics for approaching careers for managers and employees.[6:07] A summary of upskilling and reskilling for managers.Additional Resources:How Reskilling and Upskilling Can Help Close Future Skills GapsThe Great Resignation? Retaining Talent in a Job-Hopping WorldAon Insights: Workforce ResilienceOn Aon Insights Ep 1: Workforce Resilience as a ConceptOn Aon Insights Ep 2: Reskilling and Upskilling TalentAon’s websiteTweetables:“It’s really important that organizations embrace a personalized learning journey for each person where possible.” — Charlotte Schaller“There's been this shift in terms of directing others versus instructing others. The manager's role, it's more around being a champion of learning versus instructing others.” — Charlotte Schaller“When managers see their own leaders adapting their management style and creating safe spaces to learn and grow, they’re more likely to look at learning as an exciting opportunity.” — Sheena Singh
7/10/20237 minutes, 8 seconds
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On Aon Insights: Reskilling and Upskilling Talent

In the second episode of the “On Aon Insights” podcast series, series host Sheena Singh, senior vice president in Aon’s healthcare industry vertical, explores the fundamental changes in today’s workplace and the importance of adapting to remain both relevant and resilient. While both pose unique challenges, reskilling and upskilling are essential components of organizational growth, and employers that make learning new skills part of their culture also make themselves more resilient. Sheena highlights the expertise of Tarandeep Singh, global head of assessments for Aon’s Talent Solutions (formerly Human Capital Solutions), who shares his insights on the importance of reskilling and upskilling, the role AI will play in future learning and what employers can expect when increasing their focus on these areas.[1:25] The pressure to close skill gaps in 2023.[2:32] Increasing skill levels also increases resilience and success.[3:10] Defining upskilling and reskilling.[5:00] Challenges associated with the demanding task of reskilling.[6:08] The opportunities and risks of AI in reskilling.[7:19] The importance of a top-down focus on company culture.[8:34] A summary of upskilling and reskilling insights.Additional Resources:How Reskilling and Upskilling Can Help Close Future Skills GapsThe Great Resignation? Retaining Talent in a Job-Hopping WorldNavigating the Future of Work with AI50 percent of all employees would need reskilling by 2025Jobs held by women are at greater risk of elimination due to technological advances than those held by menAon Insights: Workforce ResilienceOn Aon Insights Ep 1: Workforce Resilience as a ConceptAon’s websiteTweetables:“What is resilience? As Aon defines it, it is persistence, it's adaptability to change while at the same time maintaining composure, calmness, emotional stability and learning new skills. — Tarandeep Singh“Reskilling requires organizations to behave very differently in future state than probably upskilling does.” — Tarandeep Singh“If one wants to drive a culture which is inbuilt with learning, then it needs to be part of individual leaders’ and managers' goals as well.” — Tarandeep Singh
6/26/20239 minutes, 49 seconds
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55: On Aon’s Better Being Series - Part 2: Physical Wellbeing and Resilience with Rachel Fellowes and Daniel Scott

Resilience has a major impact on mental health, productivity, agility and sense of belonging, which is why the Better Being series aims to address the actions we can take to build both team and individual resilience. In this second episode of the Better Being series, host and Aon’s Chief Wellbeing Officer, Rachel Fellowes, is joined by former Aon Partnerships Marketing Intern and now NFL Indianapolis Colts Safety, Daniel Scott, for a conversation about physical wellbeing and resilience. Together, they discuss the importance of focusing on your physical and physiological health, the value of intentional rest and practical tips for developing a stronger mindset. [1:55] Introducing Daniel Scott and his journey to the NFL.*[3:46] Daniel’s approach to each of the three layers of wellbeing as an athlete.[7:53] The value of rest in achieving optimal performance.[11:00] Practical physical health tips and habits, including intentional recovery.[24:48] Daniel’s advice for building resiliency and a stronger mindset.*Please note, this episode was recorded prior to the NFL draft and before Daniel Scott’s signing with the Indianapolis Colts.Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteEpisode 51: On Aon’s Better Being Series – Part 1: Human Sustainability with Rachel Fellowes and Lisa StevensAon’s Human Sustainability Index (HSI)Daniel Scott's social media handles: LinkedIn, Twitter, InstagramIndianapolis Colts Website:Colts select California safety Daniel Scott with No. 158 pick in 2023 NFL DraftColts RosterTweetables:“In order to reach any of my goals, I have to stay as healthy as possible for as many days as possible.” — Daniel Scott“You need to have a team around you that can help you with being resilient.” — Daniel Scott“When I think of resiliency, I think of having a warrior mindset.” — Daniel Scott
6/20/202327 minutes, 46 seconds
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On Aon Insights: Workforce Resilience as a Concept

The new “On Aon Insights” podcast series aims to take a deep dive into the issues that matter to the world’s business leaders. From traditional areas like managing volatility, retirement and health to new challenges like Environmental, Social and Governance factors and technological and digital disruption, this series will bring together Aon thought leaders, industry subject matter experts and senior business professionals to offer clarity and confidence to make better decisions. Sheena Singh, senior vice president in Aon’s healthcare industry vertical, offers a first look at what to expect in season one and upcoming episodes, including insights into workforce resilience and the challenges of helping employees reach their full potential. She highlights the expertise of Stephanie DeLorm, new solutions development leader for Aon’s Health Solutions for multinationals segment, regarding workforce resilience, including holistic tactics and strategies for a more successful long-term approach. [:10] Introducing the “On Aon Insights” podcast series.[1:47] Defining workforce resilience in today’s demanding environment.[3:02] Successful workforce resilience requires a holistic approach.[4:05] The importance of evaluating what works now and what will in the future.[5:13] A summary of workforce resilience insights.Additional Resources:Mental Health Plays a Crucial Role in Building a Resilient WorkforceQuiet Quitting and Burnout: Why it’s Essential to Focus on Wellbeing in a RecessionCOVID-19 Has Permanently Changed the Way We Think About WellbeingESG Data: How Businesses can use Data to Gain an EdgeDE&I in Benefits Plans: A Global PerspectiveAon Insights: Workforce ResilienceAon’s websiteTweetables:“When we think about resiliency, it's really around bouncing back. And when we think about agility, it's bouncing forward.” — Stephanie DeLorm“If you can create high-performing teams that are happy and healthy and engaged, that’s going to drive business performance.” — Stephanie DeLorm“Focusing on what matters most to employees and investing in transparent employee communications is really important.” — Stephanie DeLorm
6/12/20236 minutes, 14 seconds
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54: On Aon’s Navigating Volatile Markets as an Institutional Investor with Bryan Ward and Heather Myers

Institutional investors in today’s market face a host of unprecedented challenges in managing their investment programs. Organizations are seeking ways to effectively govern and implement their strategies, but how can they better understand the opportunities and risks as well? In this episode of the “On Aon” podcast, host and Aon’s Senior Partner and Global CIO, Russ Ivinjack, welcomes Aon’s Senior Partner and U.S. Head of Solutions and Sales Bryan Ward and Aon’s Senior Partner and Non-Profit Solutions Leader Heather Myers for a discussion about navigating volatile markets. They also examine the role of the Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO). [1:58] Heather and Bryan each highlight their roles and responsibilities at Aon. [4:20] Major challenges currently facing institutional investors. [6:54] The benefits and difficulties of the evolving role of investment consultants. [9:01] Appreciation of the role of an OCIO in non-profit organizations. [10:41] Strategies for better understanding risk exposures and identifying potential areas for increased diversification. [13:30] Opportunities for a broader market focus and improvements in the near future. Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteRetirement and Investment Insights--North America   The Optimal Outsourced Chief Investment OfficerThe One Brief: An OCIO Can be the Answer in Volatile TimesTweetables:“We need to work really closely with our clients in order to understand their level of risk tolerance.” — Heather Myers“As we go through periods with a lot of uncertainty and economic stress in the system, you get a lot of regulatory and legislative impacts to the markets too.” — Bryan Ward“The investment industry has not gotten any easier. It’s so much more complex than it was even a decade ago.” — Heather Myers“We’re dealing with a market environment right now that many have not experienced before.” — Bryan Ward“Where there are risks, there are opportunities.” — Heather Myers
6/5/202321 minutes, 37 seconds
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53: On Aon’s RIMS 2023 Reflections with Jennifer Santiago

More than ever before, the world is looking to the risk management community for strategies to ease disruption. Risk management society (RIMS) members and risk managers from around the globe recently gathered at the 2023 RISKWORLD Conference to connect and share solutions. On this episode of the “On Aon” podcast, host and Aon’s head of Commercial Risk Solutions, North America, Joe Peiser, sits down with Jennifer Santiago, president of RIMS, to discuss insights from this year’s annual RISKWORLD Conference. Together, Jennifer and Joe discuss the energy at the conference, tools that support the insurance industry’s response to increased volatility and risk, and new and innovative ways that risk managers are addressing workplace shortages and talent retention. [1:30] Jennifer’s most memorable moment of the 2023 RISKWORLD Conference. [4:53] Risk managers are proving they are ready for a new way of finding solutions. [6:57] The value of bringing risk managers into the C-suite. [10:27] Tools that support the insurance industry’s response to increased volatility and risk. [13:35] Insights into RIMS’ and Aon’s work together and innovation from the client’s perspective. [17:05] How is RIMS addressing cyber risks, data breaches and workplace shortages? [20:18] Jennifer reveals her favorite non-work-related activities. Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteThe Wall Street Journal: The Morning Risk Report: Natural Disasters, Geopolitics Confront Execs at This Year’s RiskworldRisk & Insurance: Aon’s Joe Peiser on How Better Use of Data and Parametrics Can Help Carriers Bridge the Protection GapThe Insurer TV: Aon’s Lambrou: Frustrated Clients Look to Differentiate Themselves in Challenging Cat MarketInsider Engage: On Location at RIMS 2023: Joe Peiser, Commercial Risk Leader for North America, AonRISKWORLD 2023Tweetables:“There is this momentum around the industry post-COVID that is just incredible.” — Jennifer Santiago“To me, the broker-client-customer relationship is super critical and valuable.” — Jennifer Santiago“Certain things can be replaced by machines and AI, but we really need talent.” — Jennifer Santiago
5/22/202322 minutes, 29 seconds
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52: On Aon’s Methodology to Predict Employee Performance for the LPGA with Michael Burke and Blake Henderson

As pressure and competition continue to mount for businesses globally, attracting and retaining the right talent remains a top priority. How can leaders make the right recruitment and promotion decisions to future-proof their business? On this episode of the “On Aon” podcast, host and Aon’s Global Partnerships Leader, Taylor Strick, is joined by Aon’s CEO of Human Capital Solutions, Michael Burke, and LPGA Senior Director of Athlete Policy and Development, Blake Henderson, for a conversation about players’ personality traits, future potential and how high-performing employees can help increase an organization’s resilience – based on findings from Aon’s recent Epson Tour and LPGA Tour study. [2:12] The Aon and LPGA Tour partnership and the Aon Risk Reward Challenge. [3:50] How the idea of Aon and Epson Tour working together off the golf course came to life. [6:12] The key components of supporting athletes’ data-driven strengths. [7:33] Aon’s assessments can help businesses across industries identify their potential for success. [10:41] The value of taking a quantitative approach to making better workforce decisions. [12:00] Leveraging the results from the study and connecting to the athlete development program.[15:10] How this program helped to increase the LPGA’s resilience. [17:06] Business insights from the LPGA’s innovative approach. [20:33] Blake’s perspective on women's professional golf happenings and upcoming events.Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteAon’s PGA and LPGA Tour PartnershipAon Risk Reward ChallengeForbes: Professional Golf’s Equality PushFortune: Building a resilient workforce: What the LPGA has learned can apply to all businesses and organizationsAon’s Adaptive Employee Personality TestOn Aon Ep 24: On Aon’s Commitment to Gender Equity in Sports with Mollie Marcoux Samaan and Hannah GreenTweetables:“It’s a really great opportunity for our players that really speaks to Aon’s commitment to equity.” — Blake Henderson“Motivating a team where you know everyone intimately is very different for a large organization but there are many things each can learn from one another.” — Michael Burke“This helps to connect all of our associated programs and resources within our athlete development program.” — Blake Henderson“This program is helping our players get the most out of their talents and abilities.” — Blake Henderson“A data-driven approach to understand, develop, attract, retain, maintain and sustain a workforce is really important, and making better decisions around that can have a profound impact on an organization and the individuals within that organization.” — Michael Burke
5/8/202322 minutes, 34 seconds
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51: On Aon’s Better Being Series – Part 1: Human Sustainability with Rachel Fellowes and Lisa Stevens

Only 30 percent of employees identify as resilient in the workplace, which has a huge impact on productivity, mental health, agility and sense of belonging. In this episode of the “On Aon podcast,” host and Aon’s Chief Wellbeing Officer, Rachel Fellowes, kicks off the Better Being series, which is focused on the actions we can all take to build and support resilience in the workplace. Rachel is joined by Aon’s Chief People Officer and Global Head of Human Capital Solutions, Lisa Stevens, to discuss the Human Sustainability Index (HSI) and key insights into Aon’s efforts into increased resilience for both colleagues and clients. [1:37] Lisa highlights her professional and personal life[4:12] The language of resilience and what it means at Aon[6:15] The market response to organizational resilience[9:16] Key points of Aon’s wellbeing strategy for colleagues and the HSI[16:49] Rachel’s insights into the eight pathways of the HSI[19:44] Lisa’s experience with leaning on her community through grief[23:05] Lisa shares a glimpse of the next episode of the Better Being seriesAdditional Resources:Aon’s websiteOn Aon Ep 50: On Aon's 2022-2023 Global Wellbeing Survey with Stephanie PronkAon Human Sustainability Index (HSI)Aon’s Webinar (UK and EMEA): Do You Know How Resilient Your Workforce Is? Building Your Wellbeing Baseline For 2023Aon’s Webinar (North America): How Resilient Is Your Workforce?Aon’s 2022 - 2023 Global Wellbeing SurveyAon’s Insights: Get Ready for the Top 5 HR Trends in 2023Tweetables:“This is about personal sustainability and human sustainability and collectively coming together with team resilience.” — Lisa Stevens“As leaders and managers, what are we doing to enable resilience?” — Lisa Stevens“We are so complex as human beings…and at Aon, we are trying to figure this all out together.” — Lisa Stevens
4/24/202324 minutes, 43 seconds
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50: On Aon's 2022-2023 Global Wellbeing Survey with Stephanie Pronk

In the 50th episode of the “On Aon” podcast, host and Aon’s Senior Vice President, National Healthcare Industry Practice, Sheena Singh, is joined by Aon’s Senior Vice President, National Health Transformation Team Leader, Stephanie Pronk. The episode, which marks the two-year anniversary launch of the "On Aon" podcast, features an in-depth conversation about Aon’s 2022-2023 Global Wellbeing Survey.[1:10] Stephanie’s inspiring work in helping employers improve population health and wellbeing.[2:35] The focus and measurements of Aon’s 2022-2023 Global Wellbeing Survey. [5:05] 46 countries and 27 languages are represented in the survey. [7:03] Defining the five dimensions of wellbeing as a priority in the context of the survey. [9:45] The benefits of a holistic wellbeing strategy in attracting and retaining talent. [13:01] What were the findings on the impact of wellbeing on business performance? [18:30] Stephanie reveals the surprising findings from the survey. [21:27] How does Stephanie make wellbeing a priority in her workday? Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteAon’s 2022-2023 Global Wellbeing SurveyCompanies are Overlooking ‘People Risk’ in Inflationary, Recessionary EnvironmentOn Aon Ep. 46: On Aon’s Approach to Helping Clients Navigate DE&I in the Workplace with Dr. Avneet KaurAon’s 2022 Global DE&I SurveyTweetables:“We are focusing on the performance of both the individual and the organization.” — Stephanie Pronk“Wellbeing can play a very vital role not only in the people management of an organization but also the business performance aspect.” — Stephanie Pronk“We need to think a little bit differently about how we’ve been doing things in the past and bring them to the forefront in terms of where we need to go in the future.” — Stephanie Pronk“As we go forward, we have to meet the needs of the business, and we have to meet the needs of the people.” — Stephanie Pronk
4/11/202323 minutes, 58 seconds
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49: On Aon's ESG Impact with Leslie Follmer

On this week’s episode of the On Aon podcast, host and Aon’s Head of Corporate Governance and ESG Advisory Laura Wanlass is joined by Aon’s Head of Investor Relations and ESG Leslie Follmer for a conversation about the firm’s 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Impact Report. They discuss the need for strong goals and embedding ESG in the firm’s culture and emphasize the importance of having a firm-wide strategy that contains ESG elements.[1:50] Leslie explains her Investor Relations and ESG roles at Aon.[4:55] How does Aon define ESG?[8:10] Setting goals and providing context to stakeholders is key in Aon’s strategy.[9:50] Embedding ESG into the culture of the firm.[11:48] Examples of how Aon operationalizes sustainability for clients and colleagues.[15:10] What are investors curious about when it comes to Aon and ESG?[18:24] Leslie shares a book recommendation and Laura reveals her energy-conscious weekend plans.Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteAon’s 2022 ESG Impact ReportESG Data: How Businesses can use Data to Gain an EdgeOn Aon Ep. 48: On Aon's Game Plan for Switching from Defense to Offense in Managing Risk with Greg CaseTweetables:“Ultimately, these issues and opportunities around people and the environment are really essential elements of our strategy.” — Leslie Follmer“Master your people strategy and you’ve probably already made good progress toward having a good ESG profile.” — Laura Wanlass
3/27/202321 minutes, 4 seconds
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48: On Aon's Game Plan for Switching from Defense to Offense in Managing Risk with Greg Case

On this week’s episode of the On Aon podcast, Aon’s Chief Marketing Officer Andy Weitz is joined by Aon’s CEO Greg Case for a discussion about themes impacting the firm, clients and colleagues. They also explore the risks leaders will continue to face in 2023 and how Aon is helping turn those risks into opportunities. [1:05] Looking back on how Aon has evolved since last year.[3:35] Managing decision fatigue while moving forward.[5:09] Three key steps to help Aon’s clients transition from defense to offense when managing risk.[8:03] Specific examples of how Aon is helping organizations mitigate climate change impacts and risks.[11:45] Maintaining resilience through talent acquisition and retention challenges.[19:10] Key opportunities for Aon in 2023.[21:36] Greg shares inspiration from his favorite historical figures.Additional Resources:Aon’s WebsiteOn Aon Ep. 21: On Aon’s Conversation with CEO Greg CaseAon’s 2022 Executive Risk SurveyNew Aon Research Shows Prepared Leaders Embrace Risk And Make Better Decisions During Economic UncertaintyAon: Global Insured Losses From Natural Disasters Exceeded $130 Billion In 2022, Driven By Second-Costliest Event On Record2023 Weather, Climate and Catastrophe InsightOn Aon Ep. 47: On Aon's Insights on Navigating and Preparing for Catastrophes with Michal Lörinc and Dominic Probyn2022-2023 Global Wellbeing SurveyThe One Brief: Greg Case: How Business Leaders Are Preparing for the “Great Volatility”Tweetables:“Every decision we make is becoming more and more important.” — Greg Case“Climate challenges are not a possibility. They’re here and now.” — Greg Case“Resilience and transition alone are not enough.” — Greg Case“You have to tailor your approach to support your colleagues in the best way possible to drive strategy going forward.” — Greg Case“We’ve never had a more substantial opportunity to help our clients succeed than we do today.” — Greg Case
3/13/202326 minutes, 31 seconds
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47: On Aon's Insights on Navigating and Preparing for Catastrophes with Michal Lörinc and Dominic Probyn

With over $330 billion in damage from natural disasters in 2022, direct economic losses from weather events last year were remarkable. This week’s host and Aon’s Chief Marketing Officer, Reinsurance Solutions, Alexandra Lewis, is joined by Aon’s Head of Catastrophe Insight, Reinsurance Solutions, Michal Lörinc, and Aon’s Head of Climate Strategy, Dominic Probyn, for a discussion about the findings from Aon’s 2023 Weather, Climate and Catastrophe Insight and what Aon is doing to help organizations make better decisions, manage volatility and enhance global resilience against climate-related risks. [2:47] Steps to making a positive impact on climate today.[4:02] Surprising trends and lessons learned from Aon’s 2023 Weather, Climate and Catastrophe Insight.[8:54] How Aon manages significant amounts of climate data.[10:33] The role and mission of Aon’s new Climate team.[12:34] Where companies can effectively start mitigating climate risks.[17:56] The key role of the insurance industry in the climate transition.[20:14] Dominic and Michal reveal their preferred pastimes.Additional Resources:Aon’s Weather, Climate and Catastrophe Insight Aon: Global Insured Losses From Natural Disasters Exceeded $130 Billion In 2022, Driven By Second-Costliest Event On RecordReuters: Natural disasters caused $313 bln economic loss in 2022 - AonAon’s websiteTweetables:“It only takes one storm to completely change the statistics.” — Michal Lörinc“Every job is a climate job.” — Dominic Probyn“Climate change is about much more than just physical risk. The transition itself brings forth many challenges.” — Dominic Probyn“Setting and executing a climate change strategy is a transformational task for many of our clients.” — Dominic Probyn
2/27/202322 minutes, 33 seconds
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46: On Aon’s Approach to Helping Clients Navigate DE&I in the Workplace with Dr. Avneet Kaur

From benefits and training to compensation and talent development, organizations around the globe are striving to embed diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) into their offerings and policies. This week’s host and Senior Vice President, Chief Broking Officer and National Leader of Growth and Client Engagement for Health Solutions at Aon, Joey Raheb, welcomes Aon’s Head of Advisory and Specialty Practice for EMEA Health Solutions, Dr. Avneet Kaur, for a conversation on DE&I in the workplace and what Aon’s 2022 Global DE&I Survey uncovered about how effective DE&I efforts are and where they still need to improve.[2:16] Career advice for a younger Dr. Kaur[3:16] An overview of the findings from Aon’s 2022 Global DE&I Survey[5:45] The three key components of the survey’s structure[15:44] Unique findings from the survey based on geography[20:15] Dr. Kaur’s latest book recommendationAdditional Resources:Aon’s 2022 Global DE&I SurveyGlobal Aon Survey Shows Positive Correlation Between Employee Engagement And Diversity, Equity And Inclusion PoliciesUnleash: D,E&I policies must include older workersHR Dive: Highly engaged companies have broader DEI programs, study saysAon website
2/13/202321 minutes, 56 seconds
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45: On Aon's 2022 Executive Risk Survey with Lambros Lambrou and Lori Goltermann

Aon’s 2022 Executive Risk Survey includes insights from over 800 CEOs and provides an in-depth look at business leaders’ view on risk. This week’s host and Aon’s President Eric Andersen is joined by Aon’s CEO of Commercial Risk Solutions, Lambros Lambrou, and Aon’s CEO of Enterprise Clients, Lori Goltermann, for a conversation about the findings of the survey, a potential recession and how leaders can best prepare for the interconnected risks of today, as well as those on the horizon. [1:38] Leaders that inspire Lambros and Lori. [4:00] Top Executive Risk Survey takeaways for managing risk as we enter 2023. [8:13] Three components of effective climate change management. [10:43] How prepared leaders are focusing their investments on climate change.[14:25] Understanding the interconnectivity of risks.[19:15] How Aon is helping clients make better risk management decisions in 2023.[25:15] The last book that Lori read and Lambros’ typical morning routine. Additional Resources:Aon’s 2022 Executive Risk SurveyForbes: Sustainability In Times Of Volatility - What Aon’s 2022 Executive Risk Survey Means For Your BusinessOn Aon Podcast Episode 39: On Aon’s View on Challenging Economic Times – Part One with Eric Andersen and Leslie FollmerThe One Brief: Greg Case: How Business Leaders Are Preparing for the “Great Volatility”Aon’s websiteTweetables:“Embracing risk in uncertain times is the only option.” — Lambros Lambrou“Addressing risk isn’t a choice, it’s a matter of survival.” — Lambros Lambrou“Risk management is a real differentiator and competitive advantage when navigated appropriately.” — Lori Goltermann“Climate is a good example of where we see prepared leaders continuing to focus their investments over the long term.” — Lambros Lambrou“The commitments that we’re making to transparency and disclosure are so much deeper today than it ever has been before.” — Lori Goltermann
1/30/202328 minutes, 23 seconds
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44: On Aon’s Spotlight on Inclusion and Diversity with Jamal Evans and Austin Raymond

Episode 44: On Aon’s Spotlight on Inclusion and Diversity with Jamal Evans and Austin RaymondTogether We Can Be The Dream. Welcome to a new podcast series, brought to you by Aon and Liberty Mutual. On Aon brings you the first in this podcast series, centering on the inclusion and diversity perceptions, promises and practices in corporate America. This week’s host, Insurance Business’ recent America’s 2022 Rising Star Award recipient and Director of External Engagement at Spencer Educational Foundation Tandeka Nomvete, welcomes Jamal Evans, Temple University senior majoring in Risk Management and Insurance and Austin Raymond, senior at the Honors College at Towson University majoring in mathematics with an emphasis in Actuarial Science and Risk Management. Together, they discuss some of Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous quotes as they apply in the setting of preparing for the interview, internship and employment process in the risk management industry. [1:27] Introducing Jamal and Austin and their impressive resumes. [4:53] “Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.” [6:37] Preparing for the job interview process and creating a tailored approach to each company. [9:47] Techniques for approaching interview questions confidently. [13:32] “I still have a dream.” Handling rejection in ways that can still benefit your future efforts. [14:47] Lessons learned from a disadvantaged interview. [19:29] “If you can’t fly, run.” Moving forward regardless of the obstacles in your way.Find more episodes of Together We Can Be The Dream here.Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteLife at Aon CareersTweetables:“My philosophy about interviews is that they are a two-way process, so I spend a lot of my time actually learning about the company.” — Jamal Evans“Your network is a great tool to leverage when you are in the interview process.” — Jamal Evans“I’ve had to prepare for each of my interviews a little differently based on the type of company that it was.” — Austin Raymond“Make sure the company you interview with is a good fit for you and that they are able to meet your needs deeper than just somewhere to work.”— Jamal Evans“If I see someone that looks like me at higher levels, what the company is telling me without telling me is that there is space for me to grow into those higher leadership positions.” — Tandeka Nomvete“When something doesn’t go well in an interview, take the time to reflect on your performance, identify what went wrong, and brainstorm what you can do differently the next time.” — Austin Raymond 
1/17/202321 minutes, 26 seconds
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43: On Aon’s Dive into the Life Sciences Industry with Meaghan Piscitelli and Lars Sørensen

This week’s host and Aon’s North America Chief Operating Officer Kevin Johnson is joined by Partner and Co-Lead, Global Life Sciences Vertical, Aon, Meaghan Piscitelli and Co-Lead, Global Life Sciences Vertical, Aon, Lars Sørensen for a conversation about the various ways Aon is helping companies within the life sciences sector become more resilient and agile as they navigate volatile market conditions. They also discuss how companies can use this period of economic uncertainty to continue to innovate for their clients. [2:21] Meaghan and Lars reveal what they enjoy most about their roles at Aon. [4:40] The three major challenges facing the life sciences sector. [8:24] The potential impact of cyber threats in life sciences. [12:41] The challenges of attracting and retaining talent in life sciences. [14:14] Actions and opportunities for companies  to drive innovation and increase resiliency. [22:09] Meaghan and Lars reflect on Aon’s future impact on the life sciences industry.Additional Resources:Aon Industry InsightsWhat’s Ahead for Life Sciences? These Five Trends Are Shaping the IndustryAon’s 2021 Global Risk Management Survey Aon’s websiteTweetables:“Volatility is one of the few constants in the life sciences industry.” — Meaghan Piscitelli“Having a disruption in production in life sciences is really very costly compared to other industries.” — Lars Sørensen“Companies now more than ever really need to work to build a resilient workforce in order to grow and thrive.” — Meaghan Piscitelli
12/12/202223 minutes, 32 seconds
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42: On Aon’s Innovative Approach to Cyber Resilience with Nitai Mandhyan and Scott Swanson

As cyber attacks become increasingly more sophisticated and costly, organizations will face new challenges in mitigating their cyber risks. This week, host and Engagement Management Leader for Cyber Solutions, Stroz Friedberg, an Aon company, Rachel Ratcliff, is joined by Aon’s Managing Director, Cyber Solutions, Nitai Mandhyan, and Aon’s Practice Leader, Cyber Solutions, Scott Swanson, for a conversation about how organizations can withstand and respond to potential cyber risks. They discuss the importance of developing a cyber resilience strategy and participating in regular adversary simulation exercises to help build resistance to cyber attacks. [1:32] Staying passionate about the dynamic field of cyber security[3:26] What makes cyber security so important today[4:41] The macro and micro implications of cyber security[6:21] Key tactics to developing cyber resilience[8:55] Adversary simulation — what it is and what it offers organizations [11:56] The learnings that an adversary simulation provides [13:28] The value of adversary simulation data for companies[16:46] Scott’s and Nitai’s hidden skillsAdditional Resources:On Aon’s Cyber Threat Hunt with Samantha Billy and Jonathan RajewskiE&O and Cyber Market Review – Midyear 2022Stroz Friedberg Incident Response, Named A Leader In The Forrester Wave™: Cybersecurity Incident Response Services, Q1 2022 ReportAon’s 2021 Global Risk Management SurveyMaking Better Decisions in Uncertain Times: Aon’s 2022 Executive Risk SurveyAon’s websiteTweetables:“Cyber security is such a dynamic field, no two days are alike.” — Nitai Mandhyan“Cyber attacks are so much more frequent now - they are targeted, sophisticated and extremely expensive for our clients.” — Nitai Mandhyan“Cyber security needs to be driven right through the core of an organization.” — Scott Swanson“Resiliency goes hand in hand with cyber security.” — Scott Swanson“Given the current threat landscape, I really don’t see why every organization isn’t considering regular adversary simulation exercises to enhance their cyber resistance and resilience.” — Scott Swanson
11/21/202219 minutes, 27 seconds
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41: On Aon’s View on Challenging Economic Times – Part Three with Brooke Green, Kim Hurst and Jennifer Brasher

Over the course of three weeks, we’ll hear from Aon colleagues on how economic challenges are impacting all solutions, clients and colleagues in a special edition takeover of the “On Aon” podcast. This week, host and Aon’s U.S. President, Charles Philpott, welcomes Head of Human Capital Solutions, North America, Brooke Green; Large Market Segment Leader for Health Solutions, North America, Kim Hurst and Head of U.S. Retirement, Jennifer Brasher; to discuss the challenges that HR leaders are facing given increased economic volatility.  [2:39] The key challenges that today’s economy has caused HR leaders. [4:53] The unexpected ripple effect that economic volatility has on the market at large. [7:29] The main factors causing change in the retirement landscape.[10:30] HR considerations as we enter 2023. [12:54] How Aon is supporting clients in these uncertain times.[15:32] Ideas to help employees think about saving for retirement. [21:26] Jennifer, Brooke and Kim share one word to inspire HR managers navigating these challenging times.  Additional Resources: New Aon Research Shows Prepared Leaders Embrace Risk And Make Better Decisions During Economic Uncertainty Inflation is Influencing Business Risk Management — Take Steps to Mitigate its Impact  Aon 2021 Global Wellbeing Survey 38: On Aon’s Balancing of Inflation and Employee Benefits with Dave Guilmette 39: On Aon’s View on Challenging Economic Times – Part One with Eric Andersen and Leslie Follmer 40: On Aon’s View on Challenging Economic Times – Part Two with Joe Peiser Aon’s website Tweetables:“What we know from previous recessions is that companies start to take a look at what and who they’re spending money on.” — Brooke Green“More and more employers are asking their employees what they value.” — Kim Hurst“Employer communication and education is key to get employee savings to the right amount for retirement.” — Jennifer Brashe
11/14/202222 minutes, 26 seconds
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40: On Aon’s View on Challenging Economic Times – Part Two with Joe Peiser

Over the course of three weeks, we’ll hear from Aon colleagues on how economic challenges are impacting all solutions, clients and colleagues in a special edition takeover of the “On Aon” podcast. This week, Aon’s U.S. President, Charles Philpott, and Aon’s North America Commercial Risk Leader, Joe Peiser, discuss insights from risk markets and clients, and what risk managers should be thinking about when facing increased economic volatility.[2:00] The impact of the economic landscape on insurers[5:35] The main client concerns in the face of inflation[9:32] Steps risk managers can take to mitigate losses[13:53] Actions for the future of key lines of insurance[20:15] The impact of natural disasters on the market forecast[29:14] Joe’s and Charles’ optimistic look at the end of 2022Additional Resources:New Aon Research Shows Prepared Leaders Embrace Risk And Make Better Decisions During Economic UncertaintyAon's Global Market Insights Report Q2 2022Making Better Decisions in Uncertain Times: Aon’s 2022 Executive Risk SurveyInflation is Influencing Business Risk Management — Take Steps to Mitigate its Impact Aon’s websiteTweetables:“For insurance companies, rising interest rates, in the long run, is a good thing. But in the short run, it’s a problem.” — Joe Peiser“It’s time for experienced risk managers to take a more holistic approach to their risk financing program.” — Joe Peiser“It’s a great time to be in our business and a great time to be a risk manager.” — Joe Peiser
11/7/202232 minutes, 31 seconds
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39: On Aon’s View on Challenging Economic Times – Part One with Eric Andersen and Leslie Follmer

Over the next three weeks, we’ll hear from Aon colleagues on how economic challenges are impacting all solutions, clients and colleagues in a special edition weekly takeover of the “On Aon” podcast. This week, Aon’s President, Eric Andersen, and Aon’s Head of Investor Relations and ESG, Leslie Follmer, sit down with host and Aon’s North America CEO, Jennifer Bell, for a conversation about the challenges that organizations are facing given increased economic volatility. [2:20] Volatility in 2022 and key market indicators [5:03] Reasons for and results of slowing growth expectations [6:45] Aon’s strategy for rising inflation [11:30] Indicators of recession and Aon’s response [17:30] Client solutions and innovative efforts [21:37] Leslie and Eric’s optimistic outlook for the end of 2022 Additional Resources:New Aon Research Shows Prepared Leaders Embrace Risk And Make Better Decisions During Economic UncertaintyMaking Better Decisions in Uncertain Times: Aon’s 2022 Executive Risk SurveyIncreasing Inflation: Key Considerations for Employers Looking to Provide Better SupportThe Impact of Inflation on Employee Benefits and Considerations for BusinessesInflation is Influencing Business Risk Management — Take Steps to Mitigate its Impact Aon’s websiteTweetables:“We’ve gone from really strong growth around the world last year to a market this year where you’ve got growth expectations slowing down a lot.” — Leslie Follmer“The topic of inflation is such a real-world topic in terms of its impact on our clients, our colleagues and our business decisions.” — Eric Andersen“There is so much happening in our business, we want to make sure we’re investing in the future.” — Eric Andersen
10/31/202224 minutes, 24 seconds
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38: On Aon’s Balancing of Inflation and Employee Benefits with Dave Guilmette

As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, the health and wellbeing of employees is top of mind for employers, with many looking for ways to enhance their benefits programs. With inflation and rising costs, employers are faced with the challenge of balancing those costs and employee wellbeing. On episode 38, host and Aon’s Senior Vice President, Chief Broking Officer and National Leader, Growth and Client Engagement, Joey Raheb, sits down with Aon’s Chief Executive Officer, Health Solutions, Dave Guilmette, for a conversation about the impact of inflation on employee benefits. [1:46] The impact of the pandemic on the employment market and benefits.[5:26] Transitioning from benefits as an expense to an investment. [10:10] Inflation’s impact on employee benefits. [11:51] Tactics for balancing healthcare inflation with employee wellbeing. [17:06] Supporting employees in the face of rising business costs. [20:46] Dave’s optimistic view of Aon’s future.Additional Resources:2021 Global Wellbeing Survey2022 Global Medical Trend Rates ReportInflation is Influencing Business Risk Management — Take Steps to Mitigate its ImpactQ&A: As Inflation Surges, New Business Strategies EmergeAon’s websiteTweetables:“We’re seeing from employers a very strong level of interest around the resiliency of their workforce.” — Dave Guilmette“We have a significant and serious affordability gap in healthcare.” — Dave Guilmette“Retain what’s working, potentially even invest in those parts, and start to take out the parts that are not working.” — Dave Guilmette
10/10/202225 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

37: On Aon’s Cyber Threat Hunt with Samantha Billy and Jonathan Rajewski

Cyber incidents are becoming more frequent, targeted, sophisticated and costly, with a projected $10.5 trillion annual global cost by 2025. To better understand the evolution of cyber attacks and their impact on organizations, host and Engagement Management Leader for Cyber Solutions, Stroz Friedberg, an Aon company, Rachel Ratcliff welcomes Aon’s North American Head of Incident Response and Digital Forensics Incident Response Practice Leader for Stroz Friedberg, an Aon company, Jonathan Rajewski and Aon’s VP and U.S. Broking Growth Leader for Aon’s Cyber Solutions, Samantha Billy, for a conversation about the what, when and why of the proactive approach to this costly problem — cyber threat hunting. [1:26] Samantha and Jonathan highlight their responsibilities at Aon. [2:47] The evolution of cyber attacks and their impact on organizations. [5:15] How the changing threat landscape has impacted the cyber insurance marketplace. [7:29] What is a threat hunt and when should organizations consider conducting one? [11:51] How can threat hunting work to achieve cyber resilience? [17:42] The impact of threat hunts on insurance coverage and renewals.[19:15] Achieving cyber resilience starts with proactive efforts. Additional Resources:E&O and Cyber Market Review – Midyear 2022Threat Hunting For COVID-19: Leveraging Threat Intelligence To Drive Cyber Security DefensesStroz Friedberg Incident Response Named A Leader In The Forrester Wave™: Cybersecurity Incident Response Services, Q1 2022 ReportAon Completes Acquisition Of Risk Management Firm Stroz FriedbergAon’s websiteTweetables:“Cyber attacks continue to not only evolve, but they’re becoming more frequent, targeted, sophisticated and costly for organizations of all sizes.” — Jonathan Rajewski“Threat actors have evolved, and they have very sophisticated techniques. They’ve grown and scaled their operations to be able to impact global organizations.” — Jonathan Rajewski“The landscape has changed the cyber insurance marketplace to be much more hardened.” — Samantha Billy“Cyber threat hunting is a great instrument for organizations to use to demonstrate if their existing cyber resilience is actually working.” — Jonathan Rajewski“Threat hunting is one of the best tools that can minimize a company’s exposure from top to bottom.” — Samantha Billy“Cyber resilience is a culture.” — Samantha Billy
9/26/202225 minutes, 26 seconds
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36: On Aon’s Check-In on Wellbeing with Rachel Fellowes and Lucy Bousfield

Wellbeing has become an increasingly important topic for businesses to address, but many may not understand what wellbeing actually means for employees. The thoughtful message of wellbeing to both employees and future talent is more important to address now than ever before.This week’s host, Nicole Presperin, Aon’s head of global growth strategies and planning, Reinsurance Solutions, is joined by Rachel Fellowes, Aon’s chief wellbeing officer, and Lucy Bousfield, Aon’s head of global talent acquisition, for a conversation about wellbeing at Aon and how the firm is addressing the wellbeing needs of colleagues.[1:55] Rachel and Lucy highlight their roles in wellbeing initiatives at Aon.[4:28] Defining the layers and language of wellbeing.[10:00] Aon initiatives that prioritize wellbeing.[14:35] The importance of setting and honoring boundaries.[16:45] Tips for managers to shift the mindset around wellbeing.[20:10] Considerations for enhancing team and leadership wellbeing.[23:05] Sharing the sustainable wellbeing message with everyone.[24:25] A look into Rachel and Lucy’s wellbeing practices.Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteRachel Fellowes Named Aon’s Chief Wellbeing OfficerAon Health and Wellbeing ResourcesOn Aon Podcast Episode 26: On Aon’s Approach to Wellbeing With Anthony Scattone and Kelli ClarkHR Executive: Meet Aon’s first chief wellbeing officerTweetables:“How can we help our Aon colleagues, and their families, really consider their wellbeing through their Aon life?” — Rachel Fellowes“Wellbeing is now becoming a real key candidate driver.” — Lucy Bousfield“The strength of your wellbeing strategy can really deliver that message out to candidates and colleagues.” — Lucy Bousfield“We need to think about better understanding the human experience and orienting all of our resources accordingly.” — Rachel Fellowes
9/12/202226 minutes, 58 seconds
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35: On Aon’s Serving up Solutions for the Food, Agribusiness and Beverage World with Ciara Jackson

In face of growing impacts and risks caused by climate change, as well as rising population projections, the food, agribusiness and beverage industry has to innovate to ensure it’s addressing these emerging challenges. To help understand the work that Aon is doing to help clients in the global food, agribusiness, and beverage industry make better decisions and address new risks, host Shelly Brown, Aon's Diversity Solutions leader, is joined by Ciara Jackson, food, agribusiness and beverage enterprise client leader. Together they examine the impact that supply chains, inflation, climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic and a host of other factors have on this industry. [1:28] A look at the future of the food, agribusiness and beverage industry.[2:17] The impact of supply chains, inflation and climate change on the industry.[6:13] The role that Aon plays in helping clients make better decisions.[8:33] Transformational risk within the ESG conversation.[12:23] The power of uniting together for a common goal to solve big problems together.[14:03] Ciara’s hidden talent coaching a popular Irish sport.[15:18] Ciara’s advice to anyone that is considering a career with Aon.Additional Resources:Industry Insights Food, Agribusiness and BeverageInflation’s Impact: A Closer Look at Three IndustriesQ2 2022 Global Market Insights ReportAon Insights: Food, Agribusiness and BeverageAon Insights: The Russia-Ukraine Conflict Will Have a Major and Long-Lasting Impact on Global Food SupplyThe Aon One Brief: Beyond Logistics: Product Recall Risks and How to Avoid ThemAon’s websiteTweetables:“The industry is in the process of having to fundamentally change the production system and to increase productivity at the same time.” — Ciara Jackson“In this industry, it’s all about supply chain.” — Ciara Jackson“A lot of our clients are getting concerned about security of supplies and the affordability of those supplies as well.” — Ciara Jackson“We’re all working together to try and solve this immense challenge that our clients are facing.” — Ciara Jackson
8/29/202215 minutes, 40 seconds
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34: On Aon's Winning Moment and Better Decisions in Sport with Scottie Scheffler

On this special edition episode of On Aon, we hear from host Andy Weitz, Aon’s chief marketing officer, as he chats with PGA TOUR professional and this year’s Aon Risk Reward Challenge Champion, Scottie Scheffler. Together, they discuss how better information and better advice led to Scottie’s success on the TOUR this year. [0:26] An overview of the Aon Risk Reward Challenge. [1:40] Scottie’s impressive victories and his thoughts on his winning season. [2:45] How Scottie and Ted Scott prepare to perform in a high-level environment together. [4:50] What has propelled Scottie to his next-level success this season? [8:10] What mindset does Scottie have when he is doing well in a personal best round? [9:16] Scottie reveals his techniques for calming down after a bad shot. [10:25] How does Scottie’s balance of risk and reward vary by event?[11:52] The impact that Scottie aims to have on those whom he inspires. [13:21] A look at the future of golf and how it is continually evolving. [14:56] Scottie’s advice for improving your short game. Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteScottie Scheffler Wins The Aon Risk Reward Challenge And $1 Million PrizeAon’s Risk Reward Challenge Recognized For Providing Equal Opportunity To PGA And LPGA Tour MembersAon Risk Reward ChallengeAon Announces First-Of-Its-Kind, Season-Long Golf Competition In Partnership With PGA TOUR And LPGA
8/16/202217 minutes, 40 seconds
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33: On Aon’s Advice for Clients During Hurricane Season With Jill Dalton and Michael Panfil

Hurricane season is here, and Aon is proactively working to ensure that clients are prepared for the impacts these storms could have on their businesses. This week’s host, Aon’s SVP for Health Solutions, Healthcare Industry Vertical, Sheena Singh, is joined by Managing Director of Aon's U.S. Property Risk Consulting Group, Jill Dalton, and Aon’s Global Practice Leader of Property Risk Control and Engineering, Michael Panfil, for a conversation about how they’re advising clients in the face of this year’s hurricane season and how their advice is changing with the effects of climate change. [1:19] An overview of trends in this year’s hurricane season.  [4:14] The biggest risk that hurricane season poses to Aon clients. [5:40] The intensity of storm development has become a major concern in recent years. [6:32] Non-physical risks and impacts of hurricanes on organizations. [9:58] Advising clients during hurricane season in the face of climate change. [12:25] Understanding the hazards of current and future threats. [14:51] Michael and Jill each share how they spend time outside of the workplace. Additional Resources:Hurricane and Natural Catastrophe Planning and Response Site2021 Weather, Climate and Catastrophe Insight Report Tech Radio: Catastrophe analysis with Aon’s Steve BowenGlobal Catastrophe Recap: 1H 2022Tackling Climate ChangeSign up for Weekly Cat AlertsAon’s websiteTweetables:“With our clients, we are doing our best to assess both river and flash flood exposures.” — Michael Panfil“I think what's something that's got us a bit concerned lately is how quickly and differently storms are developing and intensifying than we've seen in the last few years.”— Jill Dalton“The impact of hurricanes is felt at work and at home.” — Michael Panfil“Being prepared today is the best way to deal with this stuff when it happens tomorrow.” — Michael Panfil
8/1/202216 minutes, 19 seconds
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32: On Aon’s ESG Impact Report with Leslie Follmer and Lisa Stevens

Aon’s 2021 ESG Impact Report highlights the many ways Aon continues to advance its ESG strategy, capabilities and solutions to enable better decisions that help build a better world. This week’s host, Aon’s Chief Marketing Officer, Andy Weitz, joins Aon’s Head of Investor Relations and ESG Leslie Follmer and Aon’s Chief People Officer and Head of Global Human Capital Solutions Lisa Stevens for a conversation about the report and Aon’s ESG initiatives.This episode was recorded live on June 8, in front of a live virtual audience, during Aon’s Global Impact Week. A special thank you to all colleagues who tuned in live to watch! [1:46] What is included in the 2021 ESG Impact Report? [3:33] Lisa highlights some standout moments in social impact at Aon. [6:50] Insights into Aon’s approach to environmental impact. [10:50] Opportunities for colleagues to partner with Aon to have a meaningful impact.[14:02] We are all responsible for telling the Aon story and for ownership of our ESG strategy. [16:43] The multidimensional challenges of ESG risks. [19:10] Leslie, Lisa and Andy each reveal how they spend their time when not at work. Additional Resources:Aon’s website2021 ESG Impact ReportBetter Decisions For A Better World: Aon’s 2021 ESG Impact ReportAon Announces the Aon United Growth Ownership Plan For ColleaguesHR Executive: Meet Aon’s first chief wellbeing officer’Tweetables:“What we’re doing with ESG isn’t what we do on the side, it’s absolutely embedded in how we operate.” — Leslie Follmer“We’re giving people a lot of opportunities to manage their own footprint because that’s incredibly important to colleagues.” — Leslie Follmer“There is so much value that people bring when we collectively come together.” — Lisa Stevens“No one has to be an expert in everything, but we all have the responsibility to figure out how we all connect to get answers and greater value.” — Lisa Stevens“The way we win is to win together, and the strategy we have around the Aon story does that.” — Lisa Stevens
7/5/202224 minutes, 27 seconds
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31: On Aon’s Vision for Digital Transformation with James Platt

This year marks 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II reign, Queen of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Commonwealth. This exciting milestone brings the chance to reflect on how life would've been very different in 1952, especially as we think about technology, and the progress it has made. Together, host Alexandra Lewis and Aon’s Chief Operating Officer James Platt discuss how far technology has advanced since Queen Elizabeth first took the throne. They also talk about how Aon is prioritizing innovation and digitization to help support clients and colleagues, as well as how Aon is building its technology operations to help support innovation at a larger scale. [2:20] While the smartphone has certainly revolutionized our life, James tells us that the Nespresso coffee machine is one of his favorite technological advancements.[2:39] Has the world of business kept pace with the consumer sector when it comes to technology?[4:14] James and Alexandra discuss how Aon has added applied technology and digitization in a way that serves colleagues and clients.[4:51] How Aon Business Services builds shared operations and technology capabilities across the firm for both colleagues and clients.[6:04] How does Aon help accelerate innovation on a larger scale? Alexandra and James discuss GRIP, the Global Risk Insight Platform.[10:03] How has Aon helped colleagues and clients get more comfortable and confident in working with artificial intelligence?[12:11] James talks about how he sees technology and data modeling help make predictions and recommendations in the future.Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteAon completes acquisition of CoverWallet, the leading digital insurance platform for small and medium-sized businessesAon’s James Platt On How Data Can Drive Business GrowthThe One Brief: The Details of Data: Using Technology for Better AnalysisTweetables:“If asked to say what the technology is that I really believe will transform how we operate and how many other financial service firms will operate? It’s really artificial intelligence and machine learning.” - James Platt“There’s a huge amount more we can do, but we’ve made some real progress.” - James Platt“We’re bringing fantastic people and brilliant data tools together to really make an impact for our clients. As the world evolves, we see new risks emerging and new ways of working at the same time.” - James Platt
6/13/202216 minutes, 9 seconds
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30: On Aon's Review of the Talent Landscape With Marinus van Driel

Employee retention has become a matter of critical focus in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, as the Great Resignation continues to impact every industry. With insights into key elements that build a workforce for the future and how Aon is advising clients on supporting more resilient and agile employees, today’s guest understands that being Aon United is more important today than ever before. Innovative solutions to skills shortages, effective rescaling and more valuable employee propositions are all part of the work of Aon’s Human Capital Strategy Lead Marinus van Driel.  He has joined this week’s host, Aon’s North America Chief Operations Officer Kevin Johnson, to discuss employee retention and the results from Aon's 2022 Global HR Pulse Survey. [1:30] Dreaming about the best elements of Aon’s Human Capital practices.[2:40] Three key elements that build a workforce for the future.[6:08] Aon’s steps to reimagining a more agile workforce.[8:25] Megatrends in skills that are driving employee retention.[11:04] Emerging best practices among clients.[12:35] Key findings from Aon’s Global HR Pulse Survey.[15:49] Marinus reflects on what excites him most about his Aon career.Additional Resources:Aon's 2022 Global HR Pulse SurveyVideo: How Are Companies Addressing the Great Resignation?Four Strategies to Win and Retain Talent Amid the Great ResignationLinkedIn Article around the Great ResignationReflecting on the Biggest HR Challenges of 2021 and Looking Ahead to 2022Aon’s websiteTweetables:“Employee resilience is more important now than ever before.” — Marinus van Driel“Every day we’re having conversations with clients about supporting their employees in better ways.” — Marinus van Driel“Our goal is to address any of our client’s biggest challenges in relation to retaining talent.” — Marinus van Driel
5/31/202217 minutes, 58 seconds
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29: On Aon’s Approach to Innovation with Jillian Slyfield

In 2021, Jillian Slyfield was appointed Aon’s Chief Innovation Officer to further build the firm’s Innovation at Scale strategy and help address growing unmet client needs around increased volatility, access to capital, underserved markets and resilient workforces. Today, she’s reflecting on her time in the role so far and how innovation continues to be a core component of the Aon United Blueprint.This week’s host, Aon Senior Vice President, Health Solutions, Joey Raheb is joined by Jillian for a conversation highlighting the ways that the firm is working to overcome the challenges of a volatile global market and what the future of innovation at Aon looks like. [2:54] Insights into Aon’s Chief Innovation Officer role.[6:45] What does innovation mean at Aon today?[8:25] Overcoming current challenges in the insurance industry.[12:45] Highlighting the future of innovation at Aon.[14:20] Jillian’s tips for anyone who wants to join the Aon team.Additional Resources:Aon appoints Jillian Slyfield as Chief Innovation OfficerSilicon Republic: Aon’s chief innovation officer wants to tackle ‘complex’ challenges with techJillian recently spoke at Future Human. Silicon Republic shared highlights from session.Aon’s websiteTweetables:“We’ve really established this track record of capabilities and solutions inside of Aon.” — Jillian Slyfield“There’s no shortage of great ideas at Aon.” — Jillian Slyfield“The volatility in our market and what’s happening in the world today requires all hands on deck.” — Jillian Slyfield“Innovation is more relevant now than ever before.” — Jillian Slyfield
5/16/202215 minutes, 36 seconds
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28: On Aon’s Pro Bono Work with Peter Banick

Aon’s Global Pro Bono Initiative, launched in 2014, is part of the firm’s commitment to making an impact around the world using the skills and experience of its people. As part of this initiative, in 2021, nine colleagues from Aon’s Law and Compliance team assisted with the Jim Crow Juries Project – a project dedicated to rectifying a set of criminal justice rules created by earlier jury practices in Louisiana formed during slavery. This week’s host, Aon’s Head of Colleague Experience, North America, Andrea O’Leary welcomes Aon’s Global Law and Compliance Leader, Reinsurance Solutions, Peter Banick, for a conversation highlighting the Jim Crow Juries Project’s history as well as other Aon pro bono efforts and accomplishments. [2:19] How Aon’s pro bono team determines which causes to support[3:40] Historical insights into Aon’s contributions to the Jim Crow Juries Project[10:32] Aon’s inspiring role in the project[17:30] Highlights of Aon’s “Celebrate: Pro Bono and Social Responsibility Program”[19:50] The vision behind Aon’s non-profit advisory practice and skills-based volunteering[23:18] What Peter wishes more colleagues understood about Aon’s pro bono work and how others can get involvedAdditional Resources:2021 U.S. Insurance Awards: Aon, Community Outreach Project of the Year (Pro Bono and Volunteer)Aon’s chief innovation officer wants to tackle ‘complex’ challenges with techJim Crow Juries: The Promise of Justice Initiative Aon’s websiteTweetables:“This isn’t about us individually as lawyers, it’s about what we can do as a department to support this effort.” — Peter Banick“This program has been a truly united and global effort at Aon.” — Peter Banick“We aim to provide the best value we can to those who need it most….and the best way we can do that is in an Aon United manner.” — Peter Banick
5/2/202224 minutes, 59 seconds
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27: On Aon's Strategy for Attracting Fresh Talent with Ben Evans and Juawana Allen

Aon’s Early Careers programs provide unique opportunities for learning, growing and working in a collaborative environment. From internships to the Aon Apprenticeship program, Aon’s Early Careers programs offer students the chance to explore career opportunities and gain real-life professional experience and on-the-job learning. To highlight some of the benefits of these programs, including professional networking and personal development, this week’s host, Aon’s Diversity Solutions Director Robert Simpson is joined by Aon Reinsurance Specialist Juawana Allen and Aon Associate Investment Consultant Ben Evans for a look at their experiences as a part of Aon’s Early Careers programs and the impact it has had on their careers and lives. [2:23] Juawana and Ben reflect on the community at Aon and the global nature of the firm. [6:31] Unique opportunities that come with Aon’s Apprenticeship program. [8:23] Building professional networks and personal relationships. [12:14] The impact of Aon’s Early Careers programs outside of the office. [18:23] Surprising aspects and benefits of these programs. [23:52] How these bright colleagues spend their time at the end of a good day at work. Additional Resources:Aon Summer Internship ProgramAon Apprenticeship ProgramLaunch: Aon’s Early Career Program“On Aon” Episode 22: On Aon’s Diverse Talent Initiative with Meghan Parrilla and Josh WilliamsAon’s websiteTweetables:“Having the opportunity to grow in a place where people are rooting for your development truly gave me the courage and motivation that it took to complete the program.” — Juawana Allen“You’re able not only to build professional networks in the business but personal relationships with those who you will progress through the business
4/18/202226 minutes, 23 seconds
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26: On Aon’s Approach to Wellbeing With Anthony Scattone and Kelli Clark

The past two years have been a challenge for everyone, not just physically, but also mentally. Many people’s lives look a lot different than they did two years ago, increasing the need for mental health support and assistance. To highlight some of the programs and benefits that Aon has implemented to promote colleagues’ mental health and wellbeing, this week’s host, Diversity Solutions Senior Leader of Global Spend Management Shelly Brown welcomes Chief Culture Officer Kelli Clark and Deputy Chief People Officer Anthony Scattone. Together, they discuss best practices for supporting colleagues in a virtual environment and some of the benefits of Aon’s multi-dimensional wellbeing programs. [2:01] How Anthony and Kelli are coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, two years in.[5:32] Evolving team management in a virtual workplace.[8:09] The role of flexibility and personal connections in supporting your team.[12:55] Aon’s multi-dimensional wellbeing programs.[14:48] Global holidays, physical wellbeing benefits and Mental Health first aid.[17:45] Highlights of Aon’s financial wellbeing program.[19:16] Aon’s Global United in Kindness Challenge.Additional Resources:2021 Global Wellbeing SurveyEp 6: On Aon’s 2021 Global Wellbeing Survey with Stephanie PronkThe Rising ResilientThe One Brief: The Pandemic Has Left Us All Burned-Out — Here’s How Employers Can HelpThe One Brief: Why Workforce Wellbeing is Vital to Company PerformanceAon’s websiteTweetables:“Pandemic or not, a priority is driving and establishing connections across the team.” — Kelli Clark“Real people connections… are an overall contribution to our sense of wellbeing.” — Anthony Scattone“To a greater and greater extent, we recognize the importance of the emotional and mental health aspect of employee wellbeing.” — Anthony Scattone
4/4/202223 minutes, 48 seconds
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25: On Aon's Roadmap to Managing Inflation with Franco Di Lucca

Many people are dealing with levels of inflation that they have never experienced before. However, in some countries, inflation has been a way of life for years. To explore the realities of what living in an inflationary economy is like, this week’s host, Aon’s Chief Operating Officer James Platt is joined by CEO of Aon’s South Cone, Franco Di Lucca. Franco discusses how inflation is a normal phenomenon in Argentina and shares six key steps for managing high levels of inflation. [1:10] The aims of the newly appointed regions of Aon LATAM. [3:50] Franco’s expertise in inflation. [4:49] Everyday realities in an inflationary environment. [7:18] Franco’s successful de-risking business strategy. [10:00] How does inflation affect Aon clients and how can we help them? [13:57] Six key steps to managing a business in an inflationary environment.Additional Resources:The One Brief: 2021’s Top 10 Risks: The Pandemic Shines a Spotlight on Interconnected RisksAon’s websiteTweetables:“We are trying to take advantage of all of the skills we have in different countries.” — Franco Di Lucca“The best thing you can do today is to be clear and honest with your clients.” — Franco Di Lucca“You need to be faster than inflation. If you’re ahead of inflation, you’re doing good.” — Franco Di Lucca
3/21/202222 minutes, 20 seconds
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24: On Aon’s Commitment to Gender Equity in Sports with Mollie Marcoux Samaan and Hannah Green

The Aon Risk Reward Challenge is a unique, season-long competition across the PGA TOUR and LPGA Tour that highlights the game’s best players while celebrating the achievements of both men and women. On this special episode of the “On Aon” podcast, Aon’s Chief Executive Officer, North America, Jennifer Bell has an important conversation with Mollie Marcoux Samaan, commissioner, LPGA Tour, and Hannah Green, LPGA Tour professional and 2021 Aon Risk Reward Challenge winner, about gender equity in sports and how Aon’s Risk Reward Challenge is bringing attention to this issue.[1:31] Highlights of the Aon Risk Reward Challenge[3:00] Hannah’s plan for the million-dollar prize money[3:56] Aon’s inspiring focus on inclusion and gender equity in sports[6:57] Data points that call attention to the disparity between genders in sports[9:20] Changes that need to take place in the world of women's sports[12:01] Looking ahead to the 2022 Aon Risk Reward Challenge and all that is on the horizon for the LPGA Additional Resources: Aon’s Risk Reward ChallengeHannah Green Wins The LPGA Tour Aon Risk Reward Challenge And $1 Million PrizeLPGA's Carlota Ciganda Joins Brooks Koepka As Inaugural Winner Of The Aon Risk Reward Challenge And Takes Home $1 Million PrizeAon Announces First-Of-Its-Kind, Season-Long Golf Competition In Partnership With PGA TOUR And LPGAAon’s Risk Reward Challenge Recognized For Providing Equal Opportunity To PGA And LPGA Tour MembersAon’s website Tweetables:“Sometimes in sports it’s just accepted that women will get paid less, and Aon has really stepped up and asked why?” — Mollie Marcoux Samaan “It’s really nice that Aon has stepped up and finally made a move in helping all of us women.” — Hannah Green “What are other things that we can do to provide great opportunities for these remarkable athletes and get people changing their mindset?” — Mollie Marcoux Samaan
3/7/202213 minutes, 51 seconds
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23: On Aon’s Strategy for Helping Clients Prepare for Catastrophes with Eric Andersen

Natural disasters are increasing in frequency and severity. Aon’s 2021 Weather, Climate and Catastrophe Insight Report evaluated how these disruptive events are resulting in global economic losses and outlined how leaders can address and assess these risks.To walk us through what businesses can do to build resilience and prepare for the inevitable impact of catastrophes, Aon’s President, Eric Andersen, has a discussion with host Alexandra Lewis about how Aon is working to protect and enrich lives around the world against the threats of extreme weather and natural catastrophes. They discuss Aon’s work to mitigate the impact of catastrophic events and the key findings from Aon’s 2021 Weather, Climate and Catastrophe Insight Report. [1:28] The key catastrophic events that have shaped Eric’s career focus.[3:20] The value of Aon’s report to clients.[4:42] Which findings from the report were the most surprising?[6:24] What can businesses do to protect themselves against catastrophic events?[8:15] The next key steps on Aon’s innovation agenda.[9:45] Tips for finding roles and building a meaningful career with Aon.[11:15] How Eric spends his limited free time.Additional Resources:Climate Change is Also Having an Impact on Everyday Health and Wellbeing - The One BriefAon: $343 Billion In Global Weather-, Catastrophe-Related Economic Losses Reported In 2021, Up From $297 Billion In 2020Aon’s 2021 Weather, Climate and Catastrophe Insight ReportEp 10: On Aon's Analysis of Climate and Catastrophic Events with Meteorologist Steve BowenEmployment Opportunities at AonAon’s websiteTweetables:“People tend to downplay the risk or the significance of natural disasters and climate issues.” — Eric Andersen“The goal with a report like this is to give our clients information that they can act on.” — Eric Andersen“Clients are looking to us to help them think through how to manage all the aspects of climate risk or any real impact to their business.” — Eric Andersen
2/21/202212 minutes, 29 seconds
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22: On Aon’s Diverse Talent Initiative with Meghan Parrilla and Josh Williams

Aon’s Diverse Talent Initiative was created to diversify the candidate pool during the recruitment process. As part of this initiative, Aon is working with six universities, five of which are Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), to create new opportunities and programs for students. Most recently, Aon, Brooklyn College’s Murray Koppelman School of Business and The Spencer Educational Foundation announced they will develop a series of cutting-edge risk management courses and programs at the undergraduate level to better prepare students for a career in risk management, insurance, finance and other professions. For an insider perspective on the impact of this initiative, host Kevin Johnson, Aon’s North America Growth Enablement Leader, is joined by Meghan Parrilla, Aon’s VP, Global Early Careers – Growth and Partnerships, and Josh Williams, Aon’s Early Careers Diversity and Partnership Lead. They discuss the highlights of Aon’s Diverse Talent Initiative and the effect it will have not only on Aon and the participating schools, but on the community at large. [1:40] Meghan and Josh each share what excites them most about their roles at Aon. [3:08] The role that Aon’s Diverse Talent Initiative plays in strengthening relationships with HBCUs. [5:45] What was the inspiration behind Aon’s Diverse Talent Initiative? [7:44] How Aon identified the six colleagues and universities for this initiative. [8:58] The opportunity with Brooklyn College and The Spencer Educational Foundation. [11:51] The impact of this collaborative program, including tuition awards, on Aon and on the community at large. [14:50] Josh shares his favorite non-work activity and Meghan reveals her morning must-haves.Additional Resources:Diversity & Inclusion at AonAon Early CareersAon, Brooklyn College And Spencer Educational Foundation Launch Efforts To Support Diversity In BusinessInside P&C: Aon partners with Brooklyn College to promote diversity in businessBrooklyn Daily Eagle: New Academic Programs Offer ScholarshipsAon’s websiteTweetables:“We’re forming partnerships and genuine relationships on a level that is much deeper than we usually do.” — Meghan Parrilla “To see these relationships grow with each campus that we’re involved with has been so rewarding.” — Josh Williams“We have had some amazing engagement from our colleagues and it’s so great to see them really get behind and care about it.” — Meghan Parrilla “This is really a collaborative partnership and we’ve seen this opportunity to impact students' lives beyond just the academic and career opportunities.” — Meghan Parrilla “We want to be able to impact the communities behind these universities as well as meet students at a place where they can succeed.” — Josh Williams
2/7/202216 minutes, 38 seconds
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21: On Aon’s Conversation with CEO Greg Case

We are joined this week by Aon CEO Greg Case, who shares his thoughts on how Aon is heading into 2022 with more momentum than ever before. Greg discusses how the firm has expanded its ability to help clients and innovate at scale to address their emerging needs in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. Greg dives into the importance of inclusive people leadership and how creating an environment that fosters accountability and transparency is crucial to the success of Aon. He shares why he is inspired by Aon colleagues coming together to support each other during the COVID-19 pandemic and notes how this only proves the concept of Aon United – working together as one firm to shape decisions for the better and drive sustainable growth.[2:01] Greg shares a few of his biggest takeaways as the CEO of Aon. [4:08] What is Aon United, and why can it help us tackle the idea of “momentum never sleeps”? [7:00] With such an uncertain 2020 and 2021, why is Greg excited for what 2022 will bring? What does he look forward to in 2022 and beyond? [10:05] Greg shares how Aon is well positioned to help clients in 2022 and beyond, with greater opportunity, momentum and passion . [10:42] Why is inclusive people leadership so vital to the success of the firm? [14:02] What are the most important things our firm should be focused on to better serve our clients in 2022, as clients face more volatility and risk than ever before? [20:28] Greg discusses how distributed problems require integrated solutions. [22:07] What are some of the personal and professional takeaways Greg has come upon throughout the pandemic? Additional Resources:The One BriefAon United BlueprintOverview of Aon client needsAon’s websiteTweetables:“Momentum never sleeps.” - Greg“You’ve got to be actively leading, working together and supporting each other to strengthen the firm, or your firm doesn't grow.” - Greg “Leading organizations foster and nurture individual development and excellence, but they also celebrate collective achievement in so many ways.” - Greg “Aon is in the business of better decisions. We’re literally helping clients address a very complex world and make better decisions because we can provide insight and guidance that no one else can to support their businesses.” - Greg“We see the power of inclusion; we see what it can mean for us.” - Greg 
1/24/202228 minutes, 29 seconds
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20: On Aon's 2022 Predictions Featuring Global Risk Experts

As we look ahead to 2022, we asked several colleagues at Aon what trends clients should be thinking about heading into the New Year. From the importance of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations, to heightened climate change impacts and cybersecurity risk, the final episode of 2021 offers some predictions for the new year and guidance on how to prepare for what is to come. [:36] Christine Williams, Global Financial Lines and Professional Services Leader for Aon’s Commercial Risk Solutions, on the importance of prioritizing cybersecurity in the new year.  [2:14] Jennifer Richards, Head of Aon Australia, shares how ESG positioning is crucial for companies in 2022.[4:08] Proactive planning can influence companies’ talent pipelines and corporate resilience, according to Violetta Ostafin, Global Chief Operating Officer, Health Solutions. [6:03] Rory Moloney, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Strategic Client Advisory for Aon’s Large Account Segment, shares how this year’s Global Risk Management Survey is impacting the trends that he’s keeping an eye on in 2022. [8:08] Steve Bowen, Managing Director and Head of Catastrophe Insight, and Christina Hopper, President, Aon Affinity Consumer Solutions Group, are helping clients brace for the impacts of climate change in 2022. Additional Resources:2021 Global Risk Management Survey2021 Cyber Security Risk ReportThe One BriefAon’s websiteTweetables:“We do anticipate a more stable marketplace in 2022 for our clients, with the exception of cyber.” — Christine Williams“ESG is presenting enormous challenges, as well as opportunities, for those who can get it right.” — Jennifer Richards“I expect to continue to see runway in relevance as employers look at how to best shape the right programs, benefits and support options for their employees.” — Violetta Ostafin“It’s really important to look at the holistic corporate portfolio, new and old, and make better decisions based on the information you have.” — Rory Moloney“It’s highly likely that we’ll continue to see more of these very unusual types of weather events, which are leading to even greater levels of damage than we’ve seen before in the past.” — Steve Bowen“The short answer is that for 2022, we expect an extension of the trend we saw in 2021, and that is that insurance continues to become more relevant to more individuals than it has in the recent past.” — Christina Hopper
12/27/202113 minutes, 34 seconds
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19: On Aon’s 2021 Global Risk Management Survey with Rory Moloney

The results of Aon’s Global Risk Management Survey showcase the main risks that businesses are facing today. This year’s results highlighted the interconnectivity of risk, and the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had across all threats. With more reliance on technology than ever before, cyber risk reached its highest rank since the inception of the survey, as the #1 concern among risk managers. The findings of this survey not only shed light on the risks that are top of mind, but also how Aon can help clients address and mitigate them. In this episode of “On Aon,” host and Senior Vice President, Health Solutions Joey Raheb welcomes Chief Operating Officer and Head of Strategic Client Advisory for Aon’s Large Account Segment Rory Moloney for a look at the results of the study and the impact it has on Aon.   How the Global Risk Management Survey is conducted and what it has helped Aon uncover. [:55] Why is cyber at the top of the survey findings this year? [5:28] The biggest surprises in the results of this year’s survey. [8:25] Key considerations regarding the future of ESG and climate change. [10:23]How does Aon work to support clients with partially insurable or uninsurable risks? [13:05]The ripple effects from the pandemic are clear in the findings of this survey. [17:30]Rory’s favorite (non-pandemic) pastime. [20:18]Additional Resources:2021 Global Risk Management Survey2021 Global Risk Management Survey Press Release2021 CEO Better Decisions ResearchAon’s websiteTweetables:“This survey has helped shape our Aon United approach to helping clients manage those connected risks.” — Rory Moloney“What you don’t want to do is wait until you have enough events so that you understand the risk.” — Rory Moloney“The ripple effect of the pandemic has been both direct and indirect and it’s shaping our concerns of the future.” — Rory Moloney
12/13/202121 minutes, 23 seconds
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18: On Aon’s ESG Focus with Leslie Follmer

Organizations around the world are increasingly focusing on the impact of environmental, social and governance issues, commonly called ESG. At its core, ESG is all about risk. From climate change and supply chain to reputation and brand, ESG topics are central to executive and board-level discussions at every firm. Historically, ESG was a lens through which socially conscious investors could evaluate investment opportunities. Today, more and more firms are considering environmental, social and governance risks, opportunities, impact and stakeholders in their daily operations. In this episode of “On Aon,” host Andrea O’Leary, Chief People Officer for Enterprise Clients and Innovation, is joined by Aon’s Head of Investor Relations and ESG Leslie Follmer for a discussion about Aon’s approach to ESG, as well as how broader ESG trends are shaping Aon’s work with clients, counseling better decisions.Leslie’s professional inspiration comes from the people she interacts with daily. [:58] Defining ESG and its importance and impact at Aon. [2:46] Aon’s current firm-wide strategies regarding environmental, social and corporate governance. [6:05] Aon’s commitment to net-zero emissions by 2030 is a keystone of our environmental efforts, but how exactly are we working to achieve it? [9:25] The success of the social aspect of Aon’s ESG efforts can be seen through the lens of our clients, our culture and our investors. [11:03]Details regarding Aon’s corporate governance efforts. [12:52]How exactly ESG fits in as one of the five pillars of the Global Inclusive Leadership Council. [14:11] Leslie’s main aims in her role leading ESG at Aon. [16:58]What insider tip would Leslie offer to anyone who is looking to join Aon? [19:22]Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteAon’s 2020 Impact ReportESG intersects with our client work and company culture. For continued listening, check out our past episodes on our climate commitment (ep. 1), our inclusion and diversity efforts (4), climate and catastrophic events (10), and our apprenticeship program (16).Global Special Report: Helping Organizations Chart a Course to The New BetterTweetables:“ESG is ultimately about risk.” — Leslie Follmer“If you’re really thinking about ESG in the right way, it really impacts what your company is doing across your strategy.” — Leslie Follmer“If you take care of your people, they take care of your clients, and that takes care of your business.” — Leslie Follmer“The ESG commitment is not just about what we’re saying, it’s about what we’re doing.” — Leslie Follmer
11/30/202120 minutes, 57 seconds
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17: On Aon’s M&A and Transaction Solutions with Alistair Lester

Merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions are increasing – in frequency and complexity, according to Aon’s M&A C-Suite report and insights. Dealmakers have rarely experienced a period like this; each quarter since late 2020 seems to set new records in terms of global deal value or volume, as recovery in M&A activity from the lows of the COVID-19 pandemic continues. In this episode of “On Aon,” host Julia Olivares, Head of Internal Communications, Aon Australia, is joined by Aon’s Global Co-CEO of M&A and Transactions Solutions Alistair Lester for a discussion about Aon's M&A and Transaction Solutions and Aon’s recent report. Together they review the key values and risks associated with M&A, the main factors that have contributed to the growing complexities in the M&A space and how the ways in which dealmakers define and calculate “value” have evolved. Alistair highlights the key values and risks of M&A, including background on Aon’s due diligence practice and building insurance instruments. [1:06]The three main factors that have contributed to the growing complexities in the M&A space. [4:35]Rethinking M&A starts with a focus on value for clients.  [6:44]Key takeaways from the recent M&A C-suite study regarding ESG and digitalization. [9:24]The widespread and long-lasting impact of COVID-19 on the M&A landscape. [14:11]Surprising transactions in recent M&A activity. [17:41]A look at what is coming up next for Alistair at Aon. [19:28]Additional Resources:Don’t miss the full M&A C-Suite series, and press release.Find more M&A and Transaction Solutions insights here.ICYMI, episode 8 featured Lewis Lee, CEO of Aon’s Intellectual Property Solutions, discussing intellectual property valuation. Listen here.Aon’s websiteTweetables:“We’re bringing the huge capital of the insurance industry to bear in a slightly different context by deploying insurance instruments in M&A deals.” — Alistair Lester“These are issues that are affecting policies, whether they’re doing a multi-billion-dollar transaction or a single figure, million-dollar transaction.”  — Alistair Lester“We believe ESG due diligence will become as important as financial due diligence in the very near future.” — Alistair Lester
11/15/202121 minutes, 38 seconds
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16: On Aon’s Recipe for Building a Resilient Workforce with Dawn Spreeman-Heine and Marc Armstrong

What does it take to find and attract the next generation of talent? In a world where talent is distributed equally across the board but opportunities aren’t, Aon is working hard to bring the greatest talent into the company (and the broader workforce) with their award-winning apprenticeship program. In this episode of “On Aon,” host Alexandra Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer, Reinsurance, welcomes Marc Armstrong, Managing Principal and Dawn Spreeman-Heine, Managing Director of Commercial Risk for a conversation about the ways that corporate apprenticeships can expand access to incredible talent and create family-sustaining careers that strengthen our communities. They cover ways to build a resilient workforce and the power of apprentices in boosting diversity and attracting and retaining quality talent. Marc highlights the importance of Aon apprenticeships in an increasingly difficult talent acquisition and retention world. [1:16] The expansion of the Aon U.S. Apprenticeship Program to six additional cities. [4:00] What benefits and training can new apprentices expect from this widely successful program? [5:52] Aon’s work to increase awareness of and interest in the apprentice program – and what other employers can do. [7:10] How this effective talent strategy creates great opportunities in cities around the country. [9:45] Key benefits for the employers who take advantage of the program. [11:32]The impact of the apprentice program on Dawn’s professional and personal life. [13:04]The satisfaction of bringing this program to Marc’s hometown and the lessons he’s learning from the apprentices. [14:01] Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteMore information: for potential Aon apprentices and employers interested in launching an apprenticeship program.In 2021, Aon launched programs in Houston, New York, Northern California, Minnesota, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.Aon was recently named to Fortune’s Change the World List for its apprenticeship program, and won a 2021 TARGETjobs National Graduate Recruitment Award for a similar program in the UK.Tweetables:“We know that when we have a more diverse group of colleagues sitting around the table working on client problems, we come up with better solutions.” — Marc Armstrong“The return on this investment has proven to be well worth it.” — Dawn Spreeman-Heine“This program is a game changer for our apprentices.” — Marc Armstrong“Talent is equally distributed throughout the population but opportunities are not.” — Marc Armstrong“I’m full of optimism and hope, and I’m going to attribute much of that to this program.” — Dawn Spreeman-Heine
11/1/202116 minutes, 32 seconds
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15: On Aon’s Focus on Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health with Shekhar Saxena

Depression is the top cause for ill health around the world, and yet mental health rarely receives the attention and support that is needed to improve wellness. Aon is working to change that. In this special episode of “On Aon,” host Lisa Stevens, Chief People Officer and Head of Global Human Capital Solutions at Aon, is joined by Shekhar Saxena, Professor of Global Mental Health at Harvard, to discuss how we talk about mental health in the workplace, how to be on the lookout for those in need and more. Saxena is a psychiatrist by training, and he spent several decades at the World Health Organization and authored more than 300 academic papers. They discuss the importance of focusing on mental health, the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on mental health around the world, the responsibility that organizations have to provide a mentally healthy and safe environment for their employees and how organizations can help and support employees who are struggling to maintain their mental health. Saxena’s professional journey in the practice and science of global mental health.  [1:36] “Mental health is health” -- why you need to keep your mental health healthy. [4:02]Every organization should be focusing on the mental health of their employees. [6:14]How can we increase and improve conversations about mental health? [7:08] Early signs of declining mental health in yourself and your colleagues. [10:48] Three strategies to improve mental health and decrease burnout. [14:20]Insights into the future of the workplace and mental health. [18:40] Aon’s newly revealed values and activity to support mental health in the workplace. [22:35]Additional Resources:Learn more about Shekhar Saxena below, and read through his research and material here Learn more about One Mind at Work“Depression: let’s talk” says WHO, as depression tops list of causes of ill healthAon’s 2020 Health Survey explores the impact of COVID-19 on employee wellbeing, and how employers can support their people. And in case you missed it, check out “On Aon” episode 6, focused on Aon’s 2021 Global Wellbeing SurveyAon’s The One Brief: The Impact of Mental and Emotional Health on Employee WellbeingLooking for more? The Well One app provides Health & Wellbeing Resources to support individual and employee healthAon’s websiteMore on Shekhar Saxena:Shekhar Saxena is the Visiting Professor of Global Mental Health at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.A psychiatrist by training, he was in the faculty of AIIMS, New Delhi before he joined the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1998. From 2010 to 2018, he was the Director of the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse at the WHO. Author of more than 300 academic papers, he was an editor of the Lancet Commission on Global Mental Health and Sustainable Development in 2018. His expertise includes providing evidence-based advice and technical assistance to policy makers, businesses and civil society on mental health promotion and prevention and management of mental, developmental, neurological and substance use disorders and suicide prevention.More on Lisa Stevens:Lisa Stevens is Aon’s Chief People Officer (CPO) and Head of Global Human Capital Solutions. As CPO, she is responsible for creating, implementing and leading the strategies that empower Aon’s 50,000 colleagues serving clients in over 120 countries to fully align with the client-centric Aon United mission. Stevens leverages her ability to deliver business results as she leads the People Organization, including culture & change, talent, rewards and diversity, equity & inclusion strategies and their global functions. Reporting to the CEO, Stevens plays a critical role in overseeing the coaching and executive talent development and succession planning strategies for Aon. In addition to her CPO role, Stevens leads Aon’s Global Human Capital Solutions, which provides clients with a powerful mix of data, analytics and advice to help them make better workforce decisions. With 2,000 colleagues across 30 countries, the team includes Rewards, Talent Assessment, Corporate Governance, Environmental, Social and Governance consulting and performance & analytics practices. Stevens joined Aon in 2018 as Executive Vice President of Aon United Operations, where she led the Delivering Aon United strategy and adoption to accelerate client value creation and drive growth by increasing collaboration across geographies and solution lines.Her leadership objective is for colleagues around the world to be inspired by the Aon United mission, committed to professional development and work as a unified global team to build and be a part of a firm that consistently delivers great outcomes for clients, and even greater impact in the communities we serve around the world.Tweetables:“Especially during the COVID-19 time, I am very interested in seeing to it that organizations do better for the mental health of their employees and staff.” — Shekhar Saxena“Mental health has to be very clearly differentiated from mental illness and disorders.” — Shekhar Saxena“We should create an environment… where we can talk freely about our own mental health and emotional wellbeing.” — Shekhar Saxena“Be kind to others while being kind to yourself.” — Shekhar Saxena“Organizations have a responsibility to provide a mentally healthy environment.” — Shekhar Saxena
10/18/202123 minutes, 51 seconds
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14: On Aon’s Brand Story and Purpose with Kelli Clark and Stuart Green

What motivates Aon colleagues to show up for their clients every day? Why do we do what we do and what do we deliver to our stakeholders? How do we bring solutions to life for our clients? The answers to these big questions can be found in the exciting recent announcements that galvanize around Aon’s strategic future. In this episode of “On Aon,” host  Fernanda Joaquim welcomes Aon’s Chief Culture Officer Kelli Clark and Global Head of Brand Stuart Green for a conversation about Aon’s efforts to shape decisions for the better to protect and enrich the lives of people around the world. They discuss Aon’s longstanding tradition of excellence, recent changes and exciting announcements about ways that Aon is working to elevate the purpose, proposition and people shaping Aon's brand experience. If Aon didn’t exist, would it need to be created? [1:46] Articulating the value that Aon offers its clients. [4:01]The three-step process that aims to maximize the colleague experience at Aon. [5:10]The origin story of Aon’s values illustrates what motivates our colleagues. [6:26] What is a brand? + the evolving visual identity of Aon’s global presence. [9:37] Celebrating and signaling this shift with fellow colleagues. [12:13] Amidst exciting announcements, the underlying essence of Aon hasn’t changed. [14:57]Focusing on your people is the right path to choose. [17:01] Stuart’s hidden (“terrible”) skill and Kelli’s grounding purpose in every day. [17:58] Additional Resources:Aon’s website, featuring the new brandLearn more about Aon’s purpose and values here: Who we areWatch our Aon Story videoReport: Helping Organizations Chart a Course for the New BetterDive into our recent survey of 800 global C-Suite leaders, “A New Approach to Volatility: The Importance of Making Better Decisions.”More on the Aon United Growth Ownership Plan for colleaguesTweetables:“In many ways the relevance of Aon should be stronger than ever.” — Stuart Green“Our colleagues are passionate about serving clients.” — Kelli Clark“We aim to present Aon to the world in a way that amplifies our purpose and proposition.” — Stuart Green“It’s incredible to see how far we’ve come… but we’re really only at the beginning as we continue this evolution.” — Kelli Clark
10/4/202119 minutes, 44 seconds
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13: SPECIAL EDITION: On Aon’s Nicklaus-Jacklin Award with Bones Mackay and Paul McGinley

There is no golfing event quite as significant and unique as the Ryder Cup. From the unusual team selection to Aon’s awarding of the inaugural Nicklaus-Jacklin Award, this event is highly anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed around the world. In this special edition of “On Aon,” Aon’s CEO of EMEA, Eduardo Dávila, welcomes two special guests: Aon Ambassador, former PGA TOUR and U.S. Ryder Cup Team caddie and NBC Sports Commentator Jim “Bones” Mackay, as well as Irish professional golfer and Ryder Cup former Team member and Past Captain Paul McGinley. They talk about sportsmanship, partnership, making better decisions and the Ryder Cup—happening this week at Whistling Straits. Paul and Bones detail their experiences with the Ryder Cup. [:55]The significance of the Nicklaus-Jacklin Award presented by Aon. [3:05]Key differences between the Ryder Cup and other major golfing events. [7:03]Insights into the player-caddie relationship in this unique competition. [8:43]The impact that data and analytics have on team selections and other considerations. [10:51]“Always remember to make the big thing the big thing.” [14:30]Mealtimes, bedtimes and other cultural differences between U.S. and European teams. [15:12]Ryder Cup predictions from the world’s most renowned caddie. [17:23]Factors that might give the European team the advantage at this year’s Ryder Cup. [19:43]About the Nicklaus-Jacklin Award:The Nicklaus-Jacklin Award presented by Aon commemorates the famous Nicklaus-Jacklin Ryder Cup ‘concession’ in 1969. The award recognizes a player from both the U.S. and European Ryder Cup teams who best embodies the spirit of the Ryder Cup and better decision-making. Recipients of the inaugural award will be selected by a committee consisting of Jack Nicklaus, Tony Jacklin, other past European and U.S. Ryder Cup Captains, representatives from Sky and NBC Sports and Carlo Clavarino, Executive Chairman, International, Aon. Learn more.Additional Resources:History of the Sept. 20, 1969 concession.More information on: Jack Nicklaus, Tony Jacklin, Bones Mackay and Paul McGinleyAnd meet Eduardo Dávila, CEO of EMEA at Aon.Aon also sponsors the Aon Risk Reward Challenge, a season-long competition across the PGA and LPGA Tours that highlights golf’s best strategic decision makers. Learn more about Aon’s golf partnerships.Aon’s websiteTweetables:“I’ve got nothing but really good experiences and memories of my Ryder Cup career.” — Paul McGinley“My one goal was to caddie in a Ryder Cup.” — Bones Mackay“It’s easy to go down rabbit holes and look for marginal gains…but we mustn’t lose sight of what the big factors are.” — Paul McGinley“At Aon we try to caddie for our clients. We are trying to advise them and be the trusted advisor that they will follow.” — Eduardo Dávila
9/20/202123 minutes, 23 seconds
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12: On Aon's Work Helping Businesses Navigate COVID-19 with Chief Medical Officer Dr. Neal Mills

Companies today are faced with the staggering task of developing return-to-office plans while navigating the ever-changing threat of COVID-19. What are the right return-to-office policies regarding vaccination requirements and in-person work exemptions that will best ensure the safety of the community at large? To help understand these evolving guidelines, on this episode of “On Aon,” host Andrea O'Leary, Aon’s Senior Director of Culture and Change, welcomes Aon’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Neal Mills. They discuss the challenges and possibilities that are still facing all of us as businesses respond to the latest developments in the COVID-19 pandemic.What about his business and health profession most inspires Neal? [1:19]Key considerations when returning to the office in today’s uncertain pandemic environment. [2:07]How are companies enforcing return-to-office policies, if at all? [6:12]The ever-changing and cascading decisions that employers are tasked with making. [9:28]What are the important things to know about COVID-19 right now? [11:12]Insight regarding vaccine boosters. [13:45]Neal offers his best guess on when the pandemic will actually end. [16:00]Neal reveals his next big global project at Aon. [18:35]Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteCOVID-19 Pulse Survey: U.S. Vaccination TrendsCOVID Isn’t Gone: What Employers Need to Know About the Delta VariantAon Webinar: Tactical and Logistical Planning for COVID-19 VaccinationsLooking for more from Dr. Mills? He shared insights on The One Brief about Delta and other COVID-19 variants. Dr. Mills and many other Aon clinicians have also played integral roles in the global Work, Travel and Convene coalitions.See Dr. Mill’s recent media coverage in Fortune, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Business Journals, CNBC Make It and CBS News.Tweetables:“This pandemic situation is so dynamic. There is so much information changing and it’s all happening in real time.” — Dr. Neal Mills“We need to be more vigilant right now than we have ever been.” — Dr. Neal Mills“The work and innovation that is going to come out of this collaboration is going to be staggering.” — Dr. Neal Mills
9/6/202120 minutes, 49 seconds
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11: On Aon's Pandemic Puppies and Other Consumer Trends with Christina Hopper

From canceled once-in-a-lifetime vacations to bringing home a furry new family member, the COVID-19 pandemic presented an unprecedented need for Aon to protect what matters most. At Aon Affinity, this meant diving deep into the shifting needs of consumer clients and providing products and solutions when they were needed most. On this episode of “On Aon,” host Sheena Singh, Senior Vice President for Aon’s National Healthcare Industry Vertical in Health Solutions, is joined by Christina Hopper, President of the Consumer Solutions Group within Aon Affinity, for a conversation about consumer trends over the past two years. They cover pets, travel, TikTok, pandemic parenting, shifting to a remote work environment, weddings—and the coverage Aon offers consumers through Aon Affinity.The encouraging career advice that Christina would give herself if she were entering the workplace today. [:55]What products and services are offered by Aon Affinity? [2:38]The changing needs of clients in light of the pandemic and subsequent product changes at Aon Affinity. [5:23] Surprising trends around pandemic puppies and pet insurance. [9:35] Which industries were most impacted by the pandemic and will take the longest to recover? [14:00] Some emerging pandemic trends just might be here to stay. [15:42]Christina’s once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience her family. [17:34] Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteAon AffinityInterview: Beth Godlin, President of Aon Affinity’s Travel PracticeTweetables:“We have to get very deep and specialized into the industries that we support.” — Christina Hopper“We think deeply about the industries and our customers and then we build the products they need.” — Christina Hopper“It’s clear that people want to protect what they cherish.” — Christina Hopper“COVID-19 was a lesson in not knowing what we didn’t know, but knowing we want to be protected when that next thing happens.” — Christina Hopper
8/23/202119 minutes, 24 seconds
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10: On Aon's Analysis of Climate and Catastrophic Events with Meteorologist Steve Bowen

Hurricanes and polar vortexes and drought, oh my. In 2020 alone, global natural disasters caused more than $268 billion in economic damage. Aon is constantly working to prepare clients for catastrophic weather events and the impact of climate change. On this episode of “On Aon,” host Maria Harshbarger, Health Solutions Chief Client Officer at Aon, is joined by Aon’s Head of Catastrophe Insight, Steve Bowen, for a conversation about extreme weather events and helping clients prepare for long-tail risks.The force of nature that attracted Steve to the field of meteorology. [1:10] How do meteorologists begin the process of predicting catastrophic weather events?  [2:32] The effect that changes in weather patterns have on client relationships. [4:42] Helping clients prepare for the impact of climate change starts with effective communication. [6:47] Why do we view disasters in a different light now than we did in the past? [9:18] Steve recalls his favorite concert from his favorite band. [12:45] Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteNOAA: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationWhat can we learn from 2020’s natural catastrophes? Access the latest Global Catastrophe Recaps from the Aon team here.Learn more about Steve and his role in his “I’m From Aon” feature video.As Aon’s unofficial Chief Meteorologist, Steve frequently speaks with media about catastrophic weather events. See past materials on: floods, derechos, hailstorms, wildfires, climate change and, well, 2020.A podcast veteran, Steve was a guest on the Weather Geeks podcast in 2019.Meteorology and Metallica tweets @SteveBowenWxTweetables:“The weather is critical for basically everything that we do.” — Steve Bowen “It’s becoming more and more obvious that climate change is having a real impact on day-to-day weather events.” — Steve Bowen “The climate change train has really started to roll and it’s not going to be stopping once it’s going down the tracks.” — Steve Bowen 
8/9/202115 minutes, 45 seconds
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9: On Aon’s Approach to Cyber Risk with Christian Hoffman

As cyber ransomware attacks soar (they increased 485 percent in 2020), only 31 percent of organizations report having adequate business resilience measures in place to deal with ransomware threats, according to Aon data. No segment or industry is immune from these attacks, which makes the work of navigating and mitigating cyber risk more important than ever. Cyber insurance products have become a key component of insurance portfolios, growing to a $7 billion global industry and taking the need for Aon’s expertise to critical levels. In this episode of “On Aon,” Joey Raheb, Senior Vice President of Health Solutions & Large Market Sales Leader, is joined by Christian Hoffman, CEO of Aon's Cyber Solutions, North America, for a conversation about the evolution of cyber risk over the past 20 years. They discuss what organizations need to be focusing on today and unpack the findings from Aon’s recently released 2021 Cyber Security Risk Report.Christian recalls the unsettling events that led to his work in the field of cyber risk. [0:55] A look at all that has changed in cyber risk over the last 20 years. [3:52] The evolution of the focus on cyber security from the C-suite down. [6:25]The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the cyber risk landscape. [7:29] Key findings from Aon’s 2021 Cyber Security Risk Report. [9:44] What is preventing organizations from taking the next needed step toward increased security? [12:25] Main considerations when approaching greater cyber security. [14:45] Christian shares what gets him up and moving in the mornings. [15:58]Additional Resources:Aon’s Cyber SolutionsAon’s 2021 Cyber Security Risk ReportCyQu: Cyber Quotient Evaluation from AonThe Insurer: Combatting cybercrime requires consequences, capital and collaboration – contributed editorial from Aon’s Catherine Mulligan and James TrainorMulligan and Trainor also dove in deeper in a video interview with The InsurerAon’s websiteTweetables:“The cyber insurance product is now such a key component of our clients’ insurance portfolios.” — Christian Hoffman“All departments need to be connected and collaborating around the topic of cyber security.” — Christian Hoffman“There is still tremendous work and enhancement and maturity for organizations in the cyber security space.” — Christian Hoffman“Taking a holistic approach and aligning stakeholders ultimately will provide the best results for organizations.” — Christian Hoffman
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8: On Aon’s Intellectual Property Solutions with Lewis Lee

Over the last 40 years, the global economy has evolved to one that values and prioritizes innovation. Intangible assets today account for 90% of the S&P 500's total market value, up from 17% in 1975. Every business today views innovation as critical, and so now the question for companies is how do you optimize conversion of that innovation into an asset class that can then be leveraged to make companies more valuable? Enter intellectual property.On this episode of “On Aon,” host Sheena Singh speaks with Lewis Lee, CEO of Aon’s Intellectual Property Solutions about Aon's ground-breaking work identifying, valuing and protecting intellectual property (IP)—and finding ways to convert that IP into non-dilutive capital.Lewis shares the inspiring mission of his work with innovation and intellectual property. [1:00]What is the value of understanding and unlocking the potential of a company’s IP portfolio? [4:40]The key connection between innovation and intellectual property. [7:20]Strategic steps companies need to take to articulate their IP value. [9:49]Aon knows how to help clients monetize their IP value. [12:35]Creating solutions that keep up with the constantly increasing speed of innovation. [15:02]How is Aon focusing on inclusion and diversity in the inventor and market space? [16:51]Lewis shares the market disruptor that he wants to have a hand in inventing. [20:00]Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteAn overview of Aon’s IP Solutions and IP Liability InsuranceInsights and thought leadership content from Aon's IP Solutions teamBusiness Insider: How Aon is redefining the value of intellectual propertyDeanna Emery, a Lead Data Scientist at Aon, shares more information on Aon’s work building out diversity solutions for inventors and creatorsPress release: Aon's New Quality of Intellectual Property Solution Helps Companies Realize Full Value of their IP PortfolioTweetables:“We live in an incredible economy that is innovation-driven.” — Lewis Lee“Today every business is under disruption because of the technology revolution, and that’s great.” — Lewis Lee“IP is the real classification of how you take innovation and make it into something tangible.” — Lewis Lee“The more diverse your inventorship teams are, the better the assets you have coming out the other side.” — Lewis Lee
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7: On Aon’s Public Sector Partnership with Joe Monaghan

Governments around the world are becoming increasingly aware of the power of partnering with private sector companies such as Aon to combat pandemics, climate change, cyber attacks and more. On this episode of “On Aon,” host Alex Lewis welcomes Aon’s Public Sector Partnership CEO Joe Monaghan for a discussion about the critical value of joining private and public sector forces to make a real impact. Joe shares a high-level view of the opportunities that these partnerships create as well as the key to Aon’s successful delivery of their most innovative initiatives. Joe shares the inspiring work that Aon is doing to make the world a better place. [1:02]Lessons learned from collaborations between government and the private sector. [2:48]The impressive impact these collaborations have on governments and their communities. [5:33]The two keys to Aon’s successful delivery of these initiatives. [8:03]Overcoming the obstacles that prevent making the most of these opportunities. [10:12]How is Aon creating innovative solutions that make dollars — and sense — for the government? [14:00]Joe’s tips for keeping cool when the work gets hard. [15:27]Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteHear Joe in another Aon podcast, Aon’s “Public Affairs Update.”The Insurer: Public bodies’ insurance interest spikes as Covid-19 bites budgetsPublic Sector Partnership Pandemic Fraud VideoMore on Aon’s Public Sector Partnership and Aon’s Public Sector Solutions pageTweetables:“My biggest inspiration is the opportunities that we have here at Aon.” — Joe Monaghan“We’re thinking very critically about how we can develop new tools and new solutions to create impact on behalf of governments.” — Joe Monaghan“One of the critical elements in terms of finding solutions here is finding ways to align all the incentives.” — Joe Monaghan“We’re working as an insurance industry to help the government analyze the cost benefit in a way that is meaningful and credible.” — Joe Monaghan
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6: On Aon’s 2021 Global Wellbeing Survey with Stephanie Pronk

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, one topic has been front and center in the minds of many employers — the mental health and wellbeing of employees. Employee wellbeing is key to business performance, and maintaining it needs to be a critical component of company DNA. On this episode of “On Aon,” host Nico Page, Global Program Manager for Aon Business Services, and Aon’s Senior Vice President of Commercial Risk and Health Solutions Stephanie Pronk, delve into Aon’s 2021 Global Wellbeing Survey.  Stephanie shares her personal approach to wellbeing and stress reduction at work. [1:06] Does employee wellbeing affect company performance? [2:21] Business success metrics and predictive analytics used in Aon’s wellbeing survey. [3:43]Effective mitigation strategies to maintain wellbeing and business performance. [7:05] A successful wellbeing strategy starts with these two key points. [10:21]The evolution of the workplace and employee support as a result of COVID-19. [12:18]Three areas of employee wellbeing that employers need to focus on moving forward. [15:55]Stephanie shares her professional challenges and triumphs. [18:11]The surprising rural hobby that keeps Stephanie active. [20:03]Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteAon’s 2021 Global Wellbeing Survey“The Benefits of Psychological Safety at Work, and How to Foster It” “Aon: Survey finds direct connection between employee well-being, business performance”Tweetables:“If you have leadership support and a strategy in place, it will lead to high wellbeing performance that will lead to business outcomes.” — Stephanie Pronk“Wellbeing is more than a program. It’s a people and performance strategy.” — Stephanie Pronk“There are a lot of opportunities here for employers to focus on the healthy living aspect that will keep all of us productive and performing.” — Stephanie Pronk
6/14/202122 minutes, 44 seconds
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5: On Aon’s Innovative COVID-19 Vaccine Shipment Solution with Lee Meyrick

In the race against time to vaccinate the world’s population, Aon has been working on an innovative industry collaboration that is making a positive impact on the biggest global health crisis of our time. On this episode of “On Aon,” host Maria Harshbarger, Chief Client Officer at Aon, is joined by Aon’s Co-Leader of Global Specialties and CEO of Global Marine Lee Meyrick for a conversation about Aon’s work to ensure the safe delivery of global COVID-19 vaccine shipments. Lee’s take on the successful vaccination rollout in England. [1:29] His tasteful hidden talent. [2:59]How Aon is using cargo insurance and advanced technology to protect the vaccines. [3:50]The impressive collaboration necessary to deliver 10 billion vaccines worldwide. [6:20] How did technology enable this fast-paced vaccine delivery? [9:45]The positive impact that improved risk management has had on vaccine delivery efforts. [12:39]Details regarding Aon’s plan to donate 100% of 2021 revenue from the solution to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund within the WHO Foundation. [13:50] Additional Resources:Aon’s websitePress release: Aon Launches Innovative Industry Collaboration to Protect Global COVID-19 Vaccine ShipmentsPress release: Aon's New Vaccine Supply Chain Solution to Benefit Response Fund for the World Health OrganizationMore on the COVID-19 Solidarity Response FundTweetables:“We just wanted to ensure that the successful rollout of the vaccines wasn’t hampered due to insurance.” — Lee Meyrick“Everybody stepped up and really wanted to get involved. They wanted to be able to do the right thing in the rollout of the vaccine.” — Lee Meyrick“We really want to be part of the ongoing effort to bring vaccines to as many people as possible.” — Lee Meyrick
6/1/202115 minutes, 7 seconds
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4: On Aon’s Inclusion and Diversity Efforts with Jennifer Bell and Eduardo Dávila

For Aon to do its best work on behalf of clients, colleagues must be able to work, express, be and live in a way that is true to themselves. With that in mind, in 2020 Aon formed the Global Inclusive Leadership Council (GILC). One year after the establishment of the Council, GILC Co-Chairs Jennifer Bell and Eduardo Dávila join the latest episode of the “On Aon” podcast for a conversation about the present state and future plans for inclusion and diversity (I&D) at Aon. Andrea O'Leary, Senior Director, Culture and Change at Aon and herself a member of GILC, hosts.What inspires the co-chairs of Aon’s Global Inclusive Leadership Council? [1:27]Highlighting business resource groups (BRGs) and Aon’s GILC as champions for inclusion and diversity. [3:27]Five pillars that are embedding inclusion and diversity into Aon’s culture. [6:09]Current and upcoming efforts of various BRGs in advancing the work of the GILC. [8:55]GILC accomplishments and highly inspiring efforts. [14:01]Actionable steps anyone can take to be an I&D ally. [16:32]Would you like to dance? [19:49]Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteInclusion and Diversity at AonMore information on the Global Inclusive Leadership CouncilHR Director media coverage: “Role models are essential to change perceptions” Tweetables:“When you think about what we’re trying to accomplish as a firm, it really revolves around action and impact.” — Jennifer Bell“We are working together to make Aon an even more inclusive and diverse place of work.” — Eduardo Dávila“Inclusion and diversity are at the heart of our mission and what we’re trying to accomplish.” — Eduardo Dávila“We’re connecting to the GILC globally to continue to collaborate, partner and accelerate where we want to be as a firm.” — Jennifer Bell“Make intentional connections by getting involved in at least one BRG today.” — Eduardo Dávila
5/17/202120 minutes, 59 seconds
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3: On Aon’s Grey Swan Analysis with Jason Disborough

Defining Grey Swan events such as the Covid-19 pandemic. [2:11]How cognitive biases influence the ways businesses view research and data. [6:48]The impact of Grey Swan events and crises on a company’s financial performance. [8:38]Five key focus areas that determine whether a business will weather a Grey Swan event or not. [10:33]The critical role of organizational resilience during Grey Swan events. [13:05]The most important question on this podcast. [19:50]Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteRespecting the Grey Swan compiled by Pentland AnalyticsMentioned on the episode:2007 book The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable by Narssim Nicholas Taleb2015 TED Talk “The next outbreak? We’re not ready” by Bill GatesTweetables:“The vast majority of these scenarios are Grey Swan events. The companies knew they could potentially occur, they just weren’t prepared for them” — Jason Disborough“If you’ve had a major crisis and you don’t get it right, the impact that can have on your organization and shareholder value can be immense.” — Jason Disborough“The way to build organizational resilience through these Grey Swan scenarios is with practice.” — Jason Disborough“There is a future and it’s potentially bright if we work our way through this in the most responsible and positive way.” — Jason Disborough
5/3/202120 minutes, 51 seconds
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2: On Aon’s Resiliency with Marinus van Driel

Resiliency is one of today’s hottest topics, and rightly so in today’s constantly changing landscape. Today’s “On Aon” episode features host Alexandra Lewis and Aon’s Managing Director within the Talent, Rewards and Performance practice Marinus van Driel.  Together they examine what resiliency means, why it is more essential now than ever before, and steps you can take to improve resiliency going forward. The importance of resiliency in today’s uncertain workplace. [1:08]Key strategies for increasing personal and professional resilience. [2:45]Shifting trends toward more effective and efficient work environments. [5:26]Striking the balance between effective ways of working and organization wellbeing. [7:34]Tips for staying motivated and energized on a personal level. [9:03] Marinus shares his post-pandemic travel plans. [11:40] Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteAon’s Human Capital Solutions pageThe Rising Resilient, including a whitepaper and self-assessmentAdditional whitepapers on the future of work and remote working:Accelerate Your Workforce into the Future Defining How and Where People Should Work Tweetables:“Resiliency comes down to a simple concept — the ability to bounce back amid adversity and to provide the baseline conditions for helping people thrive in the long run.” — Marinus van Driel“How can we continue doing the things that we were doing really great in the past, but how can we do it in a new way and maintain our organization’s cultures?” — Marinus van Driel“It’s critical to make sure that folks keep on doing well, and that organizations keep doing well by doing good for their people.” — Marinus van Driel
4/19/202114 minutes, 24 seconds
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1: On Aon’s Climate Commitment with Bridget Gainer

“On Aon” is a new podcast featuring conversations between colleagues about current happenings and key topics at Aon. Our first episode features host Maria Harshbarger and Aon’s Global Head of Public Policy Bridget Gainer as they delve into Aon’s ambitious 2030 climate commitment. As a leader in the risk industry, Aon is committed to addressing climate risks now. Maria and Bridget examine the increasing importance of focusing on climate change in today’s environment and what it will take for Aon to reach the ambitious goal of being Net-Zero by 2030.The importance of focusing on climate change now. [1:17]  An overview of Aon’s 2030 climate commitment and its subsequent impact on the environment. [2:53] Steps that will aid in achieving Aon’s goal of reducing its carbon footprint. [4:55] Opportunities for a mindset shift that will bring greater results. [7:57] What is the impact of this initiative on Aon clients? [9:31] Bridget’s passion project is increasing possibilities and making a lasting difference at Aon. [13:55] The hidden skill that has greatly benefitted Bridget’s career. [16:45]   Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteAon’s 2020 Impact ReportCEO Letter from Greg CaseMore details on Aon reducing its carbon footprintMore on Aon’s Work, Travel, Convene coalitionsGlobal Special Report: Helping Organizations Chart a Course to The New BetterMore on Aon’s Apprenticeship ProgramTweetables:“We’re incorporating more ideas and more perspectives in a way that builds our relationships with each other and potentially helps us solve big problems.” — Bridget Gainer“This is an opportunity for clients to tap into Aon’s innovation across the board.” — Bridget Gainer“We are able to lead by example across the country to show what is possible when you are willing to open your mind and change your habits.” — Bridget Gainer
4/8/202118 minutes
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