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English, Education, 2 seasons, 13 episodes, 2 hours, 11 minutes
Featuring Olderhood Life transition experts Bill Storie and Robin Trimingham. The Olderhood Online Radio brings you lifestyle, personal development, money management and health information and tips in our casual style developed after several years of television and radio shows. Each week we chat about topics of interest and respond to questions you have sent us.
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OOR S2 EP11 - Changing as you age

It is with age that we realize how much we’ve changed. If change is inevitable, Robin begs the question, why not change with intention?
2/7/202010 minutes, 38 seconds
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OOR S2 EP10 - Habits and Routines - are they serving you or sinking you?

Over time, the habits and routines we create become comfortable. But, in taking a closer look, are they really serving you? Or are they sinking you?
2/7/20209 minutes, 39 seconds
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OOR S2 EP9 - I can't stick to my Budget

When it comes to our spending, we should be asking, what is my budget? If we don’t know, or if it won’t stick, it’s time to revisit, and take control.
2/7/202010 minutes, 48 seconds
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OOR S2 EP8 - Setting Yourself Up For Success

We all carry positive and negative thoughts. But, which ones are you feeding? Robin has us questioning if we’re really setting ourselves up for success.
2/1/20209 minutes, 53 seconds
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We all want results, but we all want them now. Amoti provides us with practical tools for developing discipline, and gets us thinking, what are you training for?
2/1/20208 minutes, 50 seconds
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OOR S2 EP6 - Gather With Gratitude

Stuck in a cycle of pursuing “more”? Take a listen as Robin reveals how to appreciate what we have, through gathering with gratitude.
1/20/20209 minutes, 57 seconds
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OOR S2 EP5 - How Much Money Do I Need To Retire

If you’re wondering, “How much money do I need to retire?” you’re asking the wrong question. Bill looks at changing the question, and explains why, in retirement, cash is king.
1/20/202010 minutes, 20 seconds
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OOR S2 EP4 - Can't There From Here

Feeling a disconnect between the goals you’ve set and your ability to achieve them? Amoti examines our road to success, and why sometimes, you just can’t get there from here.
1/20/20209 minutes, 51 seconds
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OOR S2 EP2 - Freedom to Learn

The desire to learn never leaves us. As we get older, we find new things to explore and accept that even if we fail to properly understand the subject, we want to strive to do better.
1/10/202010 minutes, 13 seconds
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OOR S2 EP3 - Gather with Gratitude

There are so many things in life we should be grateful for yet many times we seem to ignore the good and focus on the bad. Making every effort to accept the good things changes our lifestyle completely.
1/10/20209 minutes, 57 seconds
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OOR S2 EP1 - Should I take Early Retirement?

As we approach retirement, we sometimes consider taking it earlier. While financial issues are probably uppermost in people’s minds, there are many other factors to be considered. Listen to Bill share some thoughts.
1/9/202010 minutes, 14 seconds