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Old Wisdom, New Insights

English, Education, 3 seasons, 40 episodes, 5 hours, 58 minutes
This podcast provides you with inspirational ancient wisdom that still applies today. We share stories of our ancestors and explain in-depth the meanings behind those savvy and motivating quotes. We dig deep so that you'll know exactly how to use it! Let the old wisdom guide your way!
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Bonus episode: The key to running a country is to first enrich the people

In the traditional Chinese philosophy of governance, the people are considered the foundation of the country. Only when the people prosper can the country prosper. This is classic Chinese wisdom and has become part of the governance philosophy of the Chinese government in modern times. Miyun, a northeastern suburb of Beijing, has over 300 years of beekeeping history, and modern techniques are taking the industry to new heights. Along with CGTN host Liu Xin and Canadian Majid Ghorbani, an associate professor at China Europe International Business School, let's explore the modern implications of this ancient wisdom for Miyun's beekeepers, as they embark on a journey to common prosperity.
7/17/20234 minutes, 48 seconds
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Bonus episode:As long as the fundamental principles are upheld, all work will fall into place

This saying captures the logic behind China's political system today and explains why the country can accomplish megaprojects like the South-to-North Water Diversion Project. In this bonus episode, CGTN host Liu Xin and former Belgian Ambassador to China Patrick Nijs visit the middle route of the project and meet Liang Yu, secretary of the Party committee, Qushou Branch Company, China South-to-North Water Diversion Middle Route Corporation Limited. Together they explore the essential meaning of this classic quote.
7/17/20235 minutes, 17 seconds
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A significant master in Chinese history Part 3

China has had a "people-centered philosophy" for a very long time. In prehistorical times, it was believed that a huge man named Pangu created the universe. It was also believed that a woman named Nvwa created humans. Later, different generations have expressed the idea that "people are the foundation of a country." For example, there's a saying "国以民为本,社稷亦为民而立," written by our friend Zhu Xi. Listen to the episode and find out more.
10/28/20219 minutes, 28 seconds