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Offline, The Podcast: Honest Conversations About True Self & Conscious Success Cover
Offline, The Podcast: Honest Conversations About True Self & Conscious Success Profile

Offline, The Podcast: Honest Conversations About True Self & Conscious Success

English, Health / Medicine, 9 seasons, 118 episodes, 5 days 3 hours 30 minutes
Hosted by award-winning Australian journalist Alison Rice, Offline is a series of honest conversations with the people behind our favourite Instagram accounts, and the teachers who help us on our way. Together, Alison and her guests get real about life on the other side of the filter and explore the often confronting concept of true self. For behind-the-scenes photos, videos, and Offline announcements, follow @offlinethepodcast on Instagram.
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2 things to know before asking for more money.

Dearest you. Whether or not your boss approves your pay rise request can feel personal, but I'd like to offer you a reframe and also the advice that will put you in the strongest position to get paid what your contribution is worth.Welcome to a brand-new episode format where I take the questions I get asked the most as a conscious career and business mentor, and offer my advice in a short but value-packed episode of Offline, The Podcast.How do I ask my boss for more money without getting them offside? What if they say no, will it be weird after that?I hope my advice helps you or someone you love that deserves more than they're currently getting. Alison xoare you seeking a soft &amp; steady career or business mentor? make contact:Instagram: @<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target
24/02/202419 minutes 43 seconds
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Checking in with Jasmine Dowling.

Dearest you.This episode was recorded live at Sundays Offline, Brisbane on November 11, 2023. Jasmine and I catch up on what we've both moved through in the four years between honest conversations. We explore the lessons life has offered us and Jasmine shares some very good news. We hope you adore our chat and that you feel like you are right there in the room with us.&nbsp;I’d love to send my sincerest thanks to:&nbsp;Cass and Newstead Studios for hosting Offline once again in your beautiful creative spaceMy cherished co-creator Kymberly Louise for your effortless and calm event management style. You are literally the reason I could just roll in and do my thing&nbsp;<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" targe
27/01/20241 hour 33 minutes 25 seconds
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You can do it. You can work for yourself.

Dearest you. Goodbye Girl Boss. The new era of entrepreneurship is here and it's service-led, life-giving and seasonal.We are not here to work more than we live or to be contained to a rigid 9-5 schedule that leaves us very little free time to follow our bliss.&nbsp;We are here to experience everything our one, big life has to offer and to contribute to the evolution of all things along the way.&nbsp;The system we've been conditioned to subscribe to simply can't support our fullness and our wholeness. It can't move with the natural and intrinsic seasons and cycles that exist within a diverse and expressed life.So it's time to build our own system. It's time to believe in our innate resourcefulness and our ability to successfully work for ourselves.I hope you say yes. Alison
02/12/202348 minutes 15 seconds