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English, Comedy, 1 season, 1 episode, 36 minutes
Two best buds - Pat and Adam - get together every two weeks to discuss current events, strange occurrences, movies, games, sports... really any subject that happens to come up. They're not perfect, rarely polite, and enjoy the occasional beer, but hopefully it all culminates in bringing a bit of comedic relief to your day. Enjoy!
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Episode 34 - New Beginnings, Text Talk, and two sides of the Chive

After a slight delay the Off Topic is back, but with a bit of a twist! Pat mourns the loss of another dear brother of the podcast. Yes, it is true. Our dear friend and OTP pioneer Matt is no longer with us. But do not dismay my dear friends! For at the Off Topic Podcast we will let nothing stand in the way of your mild to moderate entertainment! This week we discuss the best terms for drunk, the ups and downs of text message communication, and the ever horrifying social media phenomenon known as the "selfie"... To be sure, things get a little bit off topic. We hope you enjoy ladies and gents! Send us any feedback on twitter @TheOffTopic and have great week!
10/7/201336 minutes, 31 seconds