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English, Education, 3 seasons, 18 episodes, 10 hours 58 minutes
Welcome to Off The Clock, hosted at the University of Oregon. We believe that the best ideas happen off the clock, working with people who want you to succeed. We're excited you're here!
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S1 E16 | Our SOJC Journey

Today we talked with a VERY SPECIAL guest! More like, our immaculate podcast crew. In this podcast, Miles Gabaeff, Noah Mayers, and Elizabeth Loera explore numerous life topics as SOJC students. Thank you so much for tuning in! Follow us on Instagram @afterhoursuo
10/04/202133 minutes 27 seconds
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S1 E15 | Allen Hall Advertising

Today we talked with two directors from Allen Hall Advertising about life as an SOJC student, and the agency itself. Shoutout to our co-hosts, Noah Mayers and Miles Gabaeff for their hard work on this podcast; and a special shoutout to our incredible copywriter for bringing in todays guests. Thank you for tuning in! And don't forget to apply to be an AfterHours intern before February 19. 
07/02/202127 minutes 46 seconds
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Today we talked with SOJC seniors Ameer Safadi, Mercedes Wright, and Shyann Montgomery. They are key members of the National Association of Black Journalists chapter at the University of Oregon. Shoutout to our co-hosts, Noah Mayers and Miles Gabaeff for their hard work on this podcast. Thank you for tuning in.
17/01/202132 minutes 30 seconds
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S1 E13 | TakingUpSpace

Today we talked with Gustavo Ramirez, and Lizzy Lane from the SOJC club, TakingUpSpace. The community-centered club is the only space for BIPOC students in Advertising at the SOJC. The clubs mission is to empower BIPOC junior talent by hosting weekly zoom workshops, and spreading the message to take up space in predominately white spaces. Because, at the end of the day you belong and are worthy of writing your own story. Please don't hesitate to reach out to TakingUpSpace for some cool creative shit, and a chill environment -AfterHours 
08/11/202037 minutes 44 seconds