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Off Mic, with Michael Puente

English, News, 1 season, 20 episodes, 16 hours, 39 minutes
A weekly local news show addressing issues in Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland. Hosted by Michael Puente.
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Thank You For Listening

Friday, April 1, 2022 marked our final ‘Off Mic’ show for Lakeshore Public Radio. I started this show about three years ago. Over the years I’ve had a lot of fun and gave me the opportunity to try new things. The show ‘Off Mic’ was an opportunity for me to go beyond the local reporting I do on WBEZ and it’s been a joy and a lot of hard work behind the scenes to put together a weekly show. Thank
4/6/202250 minutes, 40 seconds
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Off Mic: March 18, 2022

School choice has been around for nearly two decades in Indiana. Is it working the way it should? What else can be done to improve the system? Cesar Roman of the Institute for Quality Education, based in Indianapolis, gives us some answers.
3/18/202233 minutes, 38 seconds
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Off Mic: March 11, 2022

Michael Puente talks first generation college in NWI, he gets the latest on Ukraine, and Chicago sports.
3/11/202250 minutes, 26 seconds
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Off Mic, Friday, February 25, 2022

One innovative program in Chicago is working hard to boost minority diversity among the ranks in fire safety members. The world condemns the Russian invasion into Ukraine. Will sanctions really deter President Vladimir Putin?
2/28/202254 minutes, 50 seconds
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Representation Matters: Getting More Latinos in the Statehouse

The Region took a big hit with Snowmageddon 2022! As Latino communities grow across the Hoosier state, there’s a push to get more representation at the Statehouse and how are the latest COVID-19 trends affecting the northwest Indiana economy.
2/4/202247 minutes, 52 seconds
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Off Mic: Is the indictment of the Lake County sheriff a 'political witch hunt'?

A homicide took place outside of an East Chicago bar early on Christmas morning. Police are trying to find clues to the homicide Could a recent raid be tied to politics? . Also talk about another local political soap opera regarding the Lake County Sheriff’s office has many chiming in with their thoughts. All of this on Off Mic…
1/14/202248 minutes, 7 seconds
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Off Mic: Lake County Sheriff Indicted

The Lake County sheriff has been indicted on resisting law enforcement charges, understanding the legal defense…Pro Se and Gary’s Welcoming City ordinance stands.
1/7/202251 minutes, 44 seconds
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Off Mic: What's in the $1.2 T Infrastructure Bill for NWI

Today on Off Mic: Money, money and more money is coming to Indiana as well as the rest of the country as part of the president’s $1.2 Trillion investing into infrastructure bill. We’ll speak to one Lake County lawmaker who was there for the signing. And we get an update on one safety net hospital in East Chicago. We’ll replay a conversation about economic development and food insecurity in northwest Indiana. All of this on Off Mic…
11/19/202148 minutes, 10 seconds
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Off Mic: St. Catherine's Hospital is an anchor in the community

Today on Off Mic ....
11/16/202148 minutes, 10 seconds
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Off Mic: Indiana Recruits Chicago Police Officers

Today on Off Mic: We revisit the conversation about northwest Indiana police departments trying to lure Chicago police officers across the state line. This is happening as Chicago police are at odds with the city over a vaccine mandate. We hear from a local sheriff who is hiring Chicago police officers. We talk to the new president of the Lake County Bar Association and what makes his appointment mean in terms of history. And the fallout of the Chicago Blackhawks sexual assault scandal continues to grow. We hear from a reporter who has been covering the scandal. All this on Off Mic.
10/29/202148 minutes, 56 seconds
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Off Mic: No Vaccine, No Pay

Today on Off Mic …An Indiana senator recruits Chicago Police officers to apply for law enforcement jobs in Northwest Indiana. Is that a good move? And – no fooling around – we hear about an upcoming comedy show. And move over Bulls – there’s a new basketball champion in town. And we wrap up the show giving you a fresher course on Dia de los Muertos …. All this on Off Mic.
10/22/202151 minutes, 28 seconds
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Off Mic: Remembering Together Band’s Guatemotzin Wareagle

Today on Off Mic: October is a time we celebrate Hispanic and Native American culture, the coming of fall and Halloween but it’s also a time for serious issues like domestic violence and preventing it. We talk to one Indiana State representative who views domestic violence as a public health crisis, including right here in Northwest Indiana. We get an update on the DACA program and why there are long delays for those needing to renew their status to work and to live freely. And we wrap up Hispanic heritage month by remembering the life of a Latino trailblazer in Northwest Indiana’s musical history and anyone who has gone to a music festival or wedding knows the music of “Together.” But for the man who started it, that’s just the beginning.
10/15/202152 minutes, 10 seconds
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Off Mic: The History of Hispanics and the GOP

Today On Off Mic: Latinx are traditionally Democrats but a sizable percentage vote Republican. We talk with the author of a book who chronicles the history of Hispanics and the GOP, from Nixon to Trump. And, it is true? Are da Bears heading to da burbs? We'll talk about how Chicago hopes to keep their beloved Bears in the city. And, we'll find out what are the chances of the White Sox going deep in the playoffs. All this on Off Mic.
10/1/20211 hour, 1 minute, 36 seconds
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Off Mic: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Today on Off Mic: We talk about the controversy over a 9-11 parade float in Valparaiso last week and more issues of potential bias happening in that city. We talk to to a motivational speaker about being positive and authentic. And it’s Hispanic Heritage Month. We talk about the issues and get a jump start on the month. All this on Off Mic.
9/17/202150 minutes, 33 seconds
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Off Mic: The Stigma Around Mental Health...Let's Talk About it!

Today on “Off Mic” with guest host Post-Tribune columnist Jerry Davich we’ll take a look at the broader picture behind all the “We’re Hiring” signs at local businesses, with insights from an economics professor at IUN about the ongoing "great reassessment of work,” as it’s called.
9/3/202149 minutes, 21 seconds
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Off Mic: Confronting the Opioid Crisis in NWI

Today on Off Mic with guest host Michael Gonzalez: We’ll take a quick look at the proposed $26 Billion settlement between several pharmaceutical companies and 15 states, including Indiana. We also have a glimpse at what the opioid crisis means for police in one local community. The opioid crisis may have some unintended effects for chronic pain sufferers, as we’ll hear from one guest. We’ll also talk with a local parent following a years-long ordeal as she watched her son struggle with side effects of a number of different prescription drugs, including psychotropic drugs. What do we look for and how do we help our loved ones who need help navigate a complicated mental health system? We’ll also visit with a psychiatrist and author who says we’ve become a “quick fix culture” and offers direction on making sure we get the proper care for mental health issues. And we finish off with a look at this year’s Gary International Black Film Festival. All of this coming up on “Off Mic.”
8/13/202145 minutes, 7 seconds
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Off Mic: Celebrating athletics in the Region as the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games wind down

Today on Off Mic with guest host Michael Gonzalez: We’re celebrating athletics as the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games wind down. We’ll hear about the late, great Dianne Durham, of Gary, the first African-American Senior National Gymnastics Champion and how she paved the way for many of the superstar athletes we see today. Along with the 2020 Olympics, 2021 has become the year of seeing sports psychology in action. What does it mean and what should we make of it? Gary has a long history in professional and amateur boxing. We’ll talk with one of the Steel City’s boxing world champions, “Merciless” Mary McGee. And, if the Olympic Games inspire you to do more, you’re not alone. We’ll talk about how the international sports celebration inspires our local athletes, especially in running and karate, one of the new sports to the Olympics. All of this coming up on Off Mic.
8/6/202148 minutes, 48 seconds
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Off Mic: Two Northwest Indiana Women Trying to Boost Vaccination Rates

Today on Off Mic: Gary native Clifford Johnson has been nominated to become the next U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Indiana. We talk about what his selection may mean and talk to two people who know him well. And if covid infections are going up, why then aren’t more people getting vaccinated? We talk to two ladies who are trying to boost vaccine rates in NWI. And there is continued unrest in Cuba, we talk to someone who knows the country well and gives us his thoughts about U.S. involvement. And, we talk to Lake County's prosecutors on the latest Indiana laws that will assistant in prosecuting criminals. All this on Off Mic...
7/30/202152 minutes, 35 seconds
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Off Mic: A New Cuban Crisis and the U.S. Role

There is continued unrest in Cuba.
7/26/202153 minutes, 43 seconds
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Off Mic: New State Laws Aid County Prosecutors

Today on Off Mic: July is the month when new laws take effect in Indiana. This month, several new laws have kicked in to aid county prosecutors. Laws that close loopholes for drug dealers, new protections for statues that some may want to topple, going after catalytic converter thieves and their buyers and domestic abusers. But - data -- is the big one that will allow prosecutors to go after digital data easier to solve crimes. We also talk to the organizers of a youth baseball team in Gary that’s trying to raise funds to head to a state tournament. And -- what’s in store for the second half of the Major League Baseball season? And, will the Olympics actually happen? We’ll find out. All this on Off Mic.
7/16/202151 minutes, 18 seconds