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Indonesian, Finance, 1 seasons, 3 episodes, 27 minutes
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Manage your time biar gak gagal sukses

Kutipan from 1. Zivanna letisha with topic “be the ceo of your own time” 2. Ernest prakasa,with topic “ cognitive flexibility 3. Bagong & Ali, with topic Sukses gagal (biar lo gak) gagal sukses
20/03/202011 minutes 21 seconds
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Work hard

Kutipan 3 insiprator: 1. Adjie santosoputro with mindfulness at work 2. Alexander sreiwijono dengan bahan bakar dibalik kesuksesan 3. Silvia halim dengan leading with courage to solving problem
19/03/20209 minutes 27 seconds
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19/03/20206 minutes 58 seconds