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English, Arts, 1 seasons, 5 episodes, 4 hours 17 minutes
OBMC life in the office, off duty, and everything in between.
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Motherhood in Brunei's Creative Ecosystem

A Mother’s Day Special for all hardworking mothers out there! Being a working mother, in general, isn’t easy as the workforce can be demanding with its fast-paced environment, tight deadlines, office politics, commitments, and having to balance that while taking care of the little ones. In this episode, we put the spotlight on Mothers in the Creative Industry as they are often overshadowed or unheard of. Joining us are 4 mothers from the creative ecosystem: Mariah Zaharaa (a full time Managing Director), Maziyah Yussof (Teacher by day, Virtual Artist by night), Amal Nabilah (an all-rounder, Creative Producer) along with Rasyidah Samah (Maternal Mental Health Support advocate), to discuss the struggles, graces, and motherhood in the creative world.
29/05/20231 hour 1 minute 18 seconds
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Odd-talk: Anime & Cartoon

We can assure you we are not otaku or weebs. Let’s chill and talk with the anime fans of Oddbox! Odd-Talk is a segment where the team settles down from our busy schedules to talk about our interests. As Chainsaw Man is a big hit recently in the Japanese animation industry, one of us just couldn’t stop talking about it – let's bring this genre to the table. Get to know the team’s first anime growing up, their experience, what they would recommend to the normies, and more!
01/05/20231 hour 5 minutes 30 seconds
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Indigo (Spooky Month Special)

The word "Indigo" is mainly used in Indonesia to describe a person with a supernatural ability to sense what most people can't. In Brunei's culture, people who has this innate ability is often called as someone having "mata batin". This is also infamously called as the "third eye".In today's episode, we've brought in someone who has this supernatural ability to talk about their personal encounters. Now what differs her story from other people with similar ability is that we did not expect this topic would also involve a cult!
03/11/202226 minutes 15 seconds