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English, Social, 1 seasons, 165 episodes, 1 day 12 hours 22 minutes
Objectively Incowrecked is a weekly Caribbean podcast that challenges conventional views and beliefs. The show explores topics ranging from sexuality to democracy; education; religion and the status quo all through the eyes of my guests and I.
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118 Trafficking the Music ft Charnelle

Music, history, being the eldest of your parents children, life and adventure, and umm being shipped off to Timbuktu with no clothes; no topic is off limits in this conversation between an Aries and a Scorpio in a small home studio in Bird Rock.
11/04/20231 hour 38 minutes
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048_1Xtra_Crazy Penalties ft Suelika

Suelika talks about a loss of a coworker, her son facing violence, breakups and taking on the weight of these events like an empathy.
04/04/202323 minutes 13 seconds
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047_1Xtra_Minimalistic Clout ft Nekirah

Nekirah talks about her Experiences with Fashion and Consumerism during her pageant tenure while trying to keep up a minimalist lifestyle.
04/04/202314 minutes 46 seconds
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117 Elevated Solutions, Earthykal Farms ft Lionel Stevens

Originally Recorded June 2022. Today We venture out of the Studio to just outside of Sandy Point on Earthical Farms owned by the inspiring Lionel Stevens. Lionel has very big Ideas on how to reform farming and ensuring better community integration for ensured food security and economic agricultural progress. All explained in a way anyone can understand which is a skill in and of itself.
28/03/20231 hour 3 minutes 15 seconds
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116 Highly Fashionable Writing ft Suelika Creque

The History of Fashion and Modeling in St Kitts is just the tip of the Iceberg for my multitalented guest. Suelika joins me in Studio to talk about journalism, pre facebook blogging and motherhood, as we converse about growth and development spanning a little over 20 years.
21/03/20231 hour 35 minutes 34 seconds
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115 The International Brokenheart Healing Center ft Tracy Wattley

Tracy joins me on the show to talk about relationships and more so breakups, friendships with an ex and mouthful more.
14/03/20231 hour 18 minutes 22 seconds
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114 Demands of an Edu-preneur ft Micheleina Charles-Hazelle

Micheleina joins me in studio for serious look at the lack of care for our teachers and educators in the federation of St Kitts-Nevis, becoming an education advocate and entreprenuer, growing up a millennial and so much more.
07/03/20231 hour 35 minutes 10 seconds
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113 Nice for What ft BTS Roland

Devaughn BTS Roland joins me today to talk about his production brand and some insight into his intense persona and self confidence.
28/02/20231 hour 34 minutes 11 seconds
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112 Insta Masculine Filter ft HearHeNuh!

Would you take her back if she cheated on you? Atiba and Olonzo (HearHeNuh! Podcast) join today to talk about world issues, social media spying, government greed, hard relationship questions and communication. Armed with different degrees of empathy, you are sure to keep engaged in the info and perspective packed episode.
21/02/20231 hour 54 minutes 15 seconds
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111 Queen, Crown and Country ft Nekirah Nicholls

We're are back on the day of Love. Today our guest is none other than Nekirah Nicholls (Winner of the 2021-2022 Ms St Kitts-Nevis National Carnival Queen Pageant, Current Ms Jaycees Winner). Nekirah walks us through her triumphant journey in Pageantry while touching on trauma, finances, health and public perception.
14/02/20231 hour 32 minutes 38 seconds
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110 Beat the Pain with Pleasure ft Aliya Ismail

Aliya Ismail joins me this episode to share her insight as a therapist on topics of relationships, culture, mental health and colonialism.
11/10/20221 hour 3 minutes 57 seconds
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109 Skin Decisions ft Shariena 'Shyne' Mills

The Magnificent Shyne Mills joins me in Studio to talk candidly about friend zones, Nevis trips and skin care tips for the males.
01/06/20221 hour 14 minutes 12 seconds
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108 Leaping Barefoot ft Genieve Hanley

Genieve is an amazing soul, a woman who turns her passions into career opportunities. Today we discuss her travel blog, the 'Will'ing slap, Leap and the opportunities for dance; and finding balance
05/04/20221 hour 16 minutes 30 seconds
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107 A Certain Piece of Meat ft Clilia Davis

Clilia joins me on the show to speak openly about here dating experience in Taiwan, we discuss love in the modern era, the male-female dynamic and many other customary social oversights.
29/03/20221 hour 43 minutes 1 second
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106 G.O.A.L.S. You Win or you Learn ft Tivanna Wharton

The brilliant and beautiful Tivanna Wharton joins me in the Studio to talk about the mark that her and her team are leaving on not just their community but the Island on a whole with their GOALS (Get Out And Learn Soccer) Academy.
23/03/202259 minutes 14 seconds
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105 Taboo but I hate Funerals ft Merv-Ann Thompson

Merv-Ann joins me in studio for the first episode of the 4th Season of Objectively Incowrecked. We talk about a shared dislike for Funerals as well as some social programming that weighs on our community, we also talk about her up and coming show Taboo Talks which will be discussing these topics in great length and without a Filter.
15/03/20221 hour 9 minutes 25 seconds
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104 The Weight of Miscarriage ft Jihan Williams

Jihan is back on the show to discuss her new book: "Lifting the Weight of Miscarriage: Healing Insights on Pregnancy Loss for Sufferers and the People Around Us" Jihan Speaks openly about her experience and also some helpful tips with dealing with loved ones experiencing similar traumatic situations.
02/11/20211 hour 19 minutes 31 seconds
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103 Covid Patients ICU ft Dr Dejon Maloney

Many thanks to Dr Dejon Maloney for joining the show to speak very openly about his first hand medical experience with covid patients at the Capital Regional Medical Center in Tallahassee, Florida. From being infected with the disease to caring for patients in the ICU, the good doctor walks us through some experiences and the hurt experienced by families when it's just too late.
26/10/20211 hour 31 minutes 5 seconds
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102 Music Matters ft Venelle Powell

8 feet 6 and 1/2 inches of personality, Venelle Powell joins me on the show to talk about Money, Music, her talented 18 person dream team and the Creative industry in Nevis and the wider federation.
19/10/20211 hour 50 minutes 3 seconds
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101 I have a great Body [of work] ft Jay Black

Creativity, Photography teamwork, Getting into Trouble, Hip Hop, Gorilla Marketing, Set backs and a ton laughs; Jonathan Brown aka Jay Black joins me in the studio today to simply have a conversation about Life. It was a pleasure sitting with such a talented friend talking about Photography, Video and Audio.
12/10/20211 hour 25 minutes 29 seconds
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100 History of Small Island Education ft Mrs Victoria O'flaherty

Today I speak with former Director of the National Archives, Mrs Victoria 'Vicky' O'flaherty about the evolution of education in St Kitts-Nevis. We look all the way back to the Kalinago (caribs) and the Lokono (Arawaks); colonial slavery and discover how education eventually became more accessible over hundreds of years.
14/09/20211 hour 14 minutes 52 seconds
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099 Mask Up and Lets Talk Money ft MJ Byron

MJ joins me to discuss the current spikes in Covid19 cases, CPL with no Music, Steel Pan and Business. We discuss ideas for the creative industry and making the best of the situation lately.
07/09/20211 hour 31 minutes 10 seconds
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098 Introspective Commentary ft Jacynthia Teshiera

Jacynthia and I have a discussion about absentee fathers, careers versus jobs, taking responsibility for ones action, meshing cultures and some dangers of profiling.
17/08/20211 hour 51 minutes 34 seconds
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097 Movies, Media and Spies ft Gavin Belle

What happens when you put 2 movie enthusiasts (nerds) behind the mic? Pandemonium... Sometimes lol Gavin Belle(the spy) joins me on the program to talk about media production in St Kitts-Nevis and well MOVIES! Gavin and I have been working on a movie and media review podcast called 'Mango Meter Reviews' hosted on his platform over at the Pelican Media Group (fb and instagram).
10/08/20211 hour 12 minutes 55 seconds
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096 Kids, Marriage And Taboo Knowledge Ft 'The Richards'

Meet 'The Richards': by day their children work together to democratically change their minds; at night they have the discussions on their popular Sex and Relationship Vlog. Cliff and Jenn join me on the podcast to share their interesting family dynamic, the story of their first date, their incredible culture of communication as well as thoughts on present day marriage.
27/07/20211 hour 42 minutes 16 seconds
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095 I have a Pardna that needs Help ft EK

Maurice 'EK' Flanders and I discuss his perspectives on vaccination policy; first hand accounts of people of the population hit hardest by the economic downtown and our Cultures lack of Empathy for those who are struggling the most.
20/07/20211 hour 29 minutes 38 seconds
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094 The 14 Day Diagnosis ft Stephan Joseph

Stephan Joseph, a man of many talents, sits with me to discuss his ideas on our current covid-vaccination situation; efficient ways to utilize both human and infrastructural assets; Fear based PR and the ongoing segregation within our twin island federation. We also touch on his growing family and his strengthened desire to help create a better community.
13/07/20211 hour 56 minutes 24 seconds
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093 Freeze Yourself ft Leslie 'Sugar Bowl' Morton

Today I get to speak to Leslie 'Sugar Bowl' Morton, an Incredibly popular Kittitian personality who has an incredible reach through radio, television, music and the stage. Sugar Bowl talks to me about his humble beginnings, inspiring so many people and some costs popularity has had on his life and his family.
29/06/20211 hour 18 minutes 26 seconds
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092 The Prime Minister is Trending ft Kareem 'LL' Herbert

Kareem 'LL' joins me from Nevis via the Phone line to lightly touch on the current covid restrictions. More importantly, we delve into the local music industry and the opportunities that exist if creators take advantage of social media, especially in the current covid climate.
22/06/20211 hour 32 minutes 2 seconds
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091 Art and Autism ft Daryl Grant

Daryl is an Artist and Photographer from St Kitts who just happens to be on the Autism Spectrum. Today we talk about his experiences with Autism; his challenges and also how he copes day to day.
15/06/20211 hour 18 minutes 15 seconds
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090 Vital Vocation with a side of Vaccination ft Precious Mills

Precious Mills, General Secretary at the St Kitts and Nevis Trades and Labour Union, joins me on the podcast to talk about her organization and the help they offer workers in the Federation. We also touch on healthy work practices, hustle culture and the incredible push for vaccinations by the government and private sector.
08/06/20211 hour 18 minutes 48 seconds
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089 Some Motherly Advice ft Hyacinth Smith

From Cell Phone distancing, anger issues, relationships, child abuse to marriage; today I share honest thoughts with my incredible mother, Hyacinth Smith (Church Deacon and Assistant Nurse Manager).
01/06/20211 hour 49 minutes 17 seconds
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088 Investing In Mental Health ft Tracey Wattley and Davin Francis

SPECIAL EPISODE Today I sit down with Tracey and Davin and depart from the regular format to discuss questions about mental health and our cultural approach to mental Illness and counseling.
06/10/202044 minutes 59 seconds
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087 Run Come Talk to Me ft IDeli Napi

iDeli Napi (aka my very amazingly talented friend Delrose) joined me in the studio to talk about her solo debut smash hit 'Run Come', Social Media, the artist's curse, gratitude, types of hair, Nicktoons and pure fun. Just press play.
15/09/20201 hour 31 minutes 2 seconds
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086 The Best-testimony ft Enoete Inanga

Enoete Inanga is in the Studio today talking about his experiences with police harassment in Chicago, his track and field career, University and his incredible path to the creation of his new Social Media Platform: Bestimony. A platform used exclusively for sharing positivity throughout the global community.
28/07/20201 hour 32 minutes 13 seconds
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085 So we Blame the Victims? ft Naeemah Hazelle

Naeemah and I go about discussing why predators persist in our community and dig alot deeper into our own traumas and victim associated shame.
21/07/20201 hour 37 minutes 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

084 Public Pirahna, Protected Pedophilia ft Sherrade Stewart-Benn

My good friend Sherry is the guest of this weeks show. We touch on serious topics like growing up with corporal punishment, maternal support, child rearing, pedophilia in our community, Jada Pinkett-Smith's entanglement, colonial caribbean conditioning and how it keeps us from moving forward as a united caribbean community.
14/07/20201 hour 28 minutes 39 seconds
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083 The Joys of 2020 ft Mimi Armstrong

Mimi and I sit and discuss 2020 so far, broken dreams and lessons learned.
08/07/20201 hour 41 minutes 45 seconds
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082 PACE Yourself ft Amali Armony

For years SKN has been in need of a body/organization that represents the arts and entertainment industry, Amali Armony joins me to talk about a new initiative: Professional Association for Creativity & Entertainment (PACE) that might just be the entity that answers the call for that very need.
30/06/20201 hour 13 minutes 53 seconds
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081 Breaking a Cheating Heart ft Patrice Ofre

Patrice and I delve deep into the subject of infidelity and relationships in this episode. The life and marriage coach shares her experiences as well as some of the lessons and patterns she's learned from her clients.
23/06/20201 hour 58 minutes 9 seconds
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080 Zoom, Schools and Counseling ft Nadia Rawlins

How are the school children coping with the social distancing protocols? How are guidance counsellors doing counseling sessions with their students? Nadia Rawlins, Guidance Counsellor, joins me in studio to discuss the school system and the many hurdles that have to be over come before students get back to class.
16/06/20201 hour 15 minutes 43 seconds
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079 The United State of St Kitts and Nevis ft Nekirah Nicholls

George Floyd protests; lack of respect for Covid-19 Protocol; record breaking motorcade, Unity Party wins SKN Election, the need for Electoral Reform and much more. Nekirah Nicholls joins the show today to shed light on her observations of the local political campaigns, and the situation in New York.
09/06/20201 hour 48 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

078 Elections and Millennials ft. Patrice Renee Harris

Patrice Joins me to discuss the 2020 Elections 2 days before the Ballots are cast. We discuss aggressive politicians, why folks vote, and new outlooks on how some processes can and have improved.
04/06/20201 hour 6 minutes 40 seconds
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077 This is NOT a Political Post ft. De-Syl Nicoyan Hamilton

But it is! It's a Political Post Guys. De-Syl Hamilton joins me on the show to discuss the current political Climate in St Kitts.
27/05/20201 hour 25 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork

076 Control of Self ft Hakeem Samuel

Self control, getting back to nature and gratitude. Just a few thoughts shared by todays guest Hakeem Samuel as we explore the natural human spirit in response to the current situation.
28/04/202054 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

075 The New Normal ft Chev Rich and Brandon Rawlins

Brandon Rawlins and Chev Rich join the show via phone line to talk about the Panic Porn that has seemingly infiltrating the media and news sources during this pandemic. They ask hard questions: government emergency powers; lack of interest in public nutrition; heavy dependence on a future vaccine for Covid-19 and, exploring what a 'New Normal' could possibly mean and so much more.
21/04/20202 hours 10 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

046_COVID-19 TALKS_Apr16-7pm_with Nicholas Titley_1XTRA

April 16th, 2020 07:00PM Up to date info on the pandemic available at: Nic Titley joins me via phone line to talk about exercise during lockdown, long shopping lines, the effect of lockdown on our mental health and our thoughts on changes to make the system work even better.
17/04/20201 hour 55 minutes 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

074 Hush First Then Ask the Tough Questions ft Dentrecia Blanchette

Recorded March 19th, 2020 Dentrecia joins me via phone to discuss her Journey in communications and the vital importance of customer service. We also touch on Employee/Employer relations and the need for removing personal feelings from the equation.
31/03/20201 hour 47 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

045_COVID-19 TALKS_Mar28-10am_with Jeffrey Phipps_1XTRA

March 28th 2020 10:05AM PM has announced a state of emergency which includes a 7pm to 5am Curfew for 14 days starting immediately. See more information here: Jeffrey Phipps joins this update of COVID-19 Talks from New York. How has the response gone in New York? How do we feel about the measures put in place.
28/03/20201 hour 14 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

044_COVID-19 TALKS_Mar27-10am_with Pastor Andron Tucket_1XTRA

March 27th 2020 10:08AM Is COVID19 a way to show the world how far we've gone from God's Will? Has the Church failed at preaching the gospel in a balanced way? Pastor Andron joins this update of COVID-19 Talks on 1Xtra and sheds some spiritual light through his faith in Christianity on this Pandemic.
27/03/202049 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

043_COVID-19 TALKS_Mar25-3pm with Larry Vaughan_1XTRA

March 25th 2020 3PM Larry Vaughan joins this update of COVID-19 Talks on 1Xtra. We Talk about the first two cases and Critique the Economic Stimulus plan. Minister of State with responsibility for Health; Wendy Phipps Stated: - School Closure Timeline moved up to Wednesday March 25 (Originally Friday March 27th) - First Two Cases: 57 year old Female National and 21 year old Male National who flew in from New York on March 18th 2020. Both are in Quarantine.
25/03/202042 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

042_COVID-19 TALKS_Mar25-1pm with Dr Terrance Martin Jr_1XTRA

March 25th 2020 1PM Dr. Terrance Martin Jr. joins this update of COVID-19 Talks on 1Xtra. Wrap up of Prime Minister Timothy Harris Press Conference. More information here:
25/03/202038 minutes 58 seconds
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073 I Rebuke You COVID-19 ft Vern Evelyn

Covid-19 Memes, the Homeless’ plight, the overly religious, toilet paper madness, quarantines and pure fear, Vern and I discuss the CoVid 19 Pandemic, our thoughts on and its potent effects. We also Discuss it's effect on her business RYDE Elyte. Incowreckedness: The Spanish Flu Claimed 50 Million Lives not 200 Million as stated in the show.
24/03/20201 hour 20 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

072 SKN's Next World Champion ft Andre Huie

SKN Newsline owner and Entrepreneurial Media Consultant Andre Huie joins me on the show to talk about multitasking in journalism and the plethora of opportunities that exist in sports and sports tourism.
17/03/20201 hour 16 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

071 Tales of the Mom-trepreneur ft Kamilah Morris

Kamilah Morris would introduce herself as the "Pum Pum Doctor" but she is so much more. This Entrepreneur, Biologist, Real Estate Agent, Sugarista' and Nail Tech sheds some light on her experience with divorce, increasing rental costs in St Kitts and her son Mason being the backbone of her life. This is a realistic and honest view of the world from a perspective we might not regularly hear from. Was a pleasure hearing from her.
10/03/20201 hour 41 minutes
Episode Artwork

070 Liberal Mindset ft Khyla Brown

It's all about growth and evolution. Khyla joins me in the studio to talk about some of her lessons learned so far. An avid reader, Ms Brown is an entrepreneur and a social media influencer who frequently shares words of wisdom with her followers.
03/03/20201 hour 40 minutes 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

069 Power of Sound ft "Chabo" Chavez Hazel

Chabo is a popular music producer in St Kitts, whom I've known since highschool. He joins me for a casual convo about the music business and the growing music industry in the caribbean.
25/02/20201 hour 21 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

068 Popular Voices, Honest Politics ft Toni Frederick-Armstrong

Love, history, Radio, cats and Mangoland. Toni has to be one of the most easily recognizable voices in St Kitts and Nevis, today she speaks candidly about her thoughts on integrity, politics, journalism and cultural pressure.
18/02/20201 hour 37 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

067 Man and 'Ooman Story ft Melanin

The ladies from Melanin visit the podcast and shed light on 3 different uncomfortable love related situations. Special thanks to Kendra, Virgil and Paige for their interesting perspectives and thoughts.
11/02/20201 hour 22 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

066 Of Et·i·quette Importance ft Laverne Caines

Lavern joins me in the studio to talk of the social importance of dress code and etiquette training in helping us to make the right impression on the world Stage.
04/02/20201 hour 27 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

065 St Pauls to University with No Shoes ft Meshach Alford

Meshach tells us his story and how he went from not having any direction to carving his own path in life. His journey is choked full of Life lessons: the price of being true to yourself; stepping out in faith; the sacrifices of doing the right thing and truly trying to adapt to life's tough circumstances.
28/01/20201 hour 39 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

064 Brave Hearts and Blissful Tattoos ft Sharon Stevens

One of the biggest influencers in my life, Sharon Stevens, joins me today to talk about family, humanity, being brave and living life to the fullest. We also compare living in the US to the Caribbean and How it's not all its cracked up to be.
21/01/20201 hour 44 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

063 More Questions Than Answers ft MiMi Armstrong

Today Mims joins the show to help me answer questions submitted by fans of the show.
14/01/20201 hour 8 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

062 Muslim In the West ft ''Angel' Kenesia Jack (MUSLIMUA)

So happy to have Angel on the podcast to shed some much needed light on the religion of Islam. It's scary how much the western world doesn't know of this faith that seems to be associated with people who are judged negatively before ever having the chance to showcase the positivity of their humanity. Angel talks about the 5 Pillars, and how it ties the culture and the practices together in a Religion that means so much to her and 100s of Millions of other people.
07/01/20201 hour 32 minutes 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

061 Pageantically Acceptable ft Yarayni Morton & Mimi

Today, Yarayni Morton, Mimi and I talk openly about The St Kitts-Nevis National Carnival Pageant: ways to improve; why certain contestants would find it difficult to win; lack of incentives and the Ins and Outs of actually participating in what is an incredibly demanding competition. PS. Forgive my bad Math, I think you will get the point though.
31/12/20191 hour 54 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

060 Build Dreams, Kreate U ft Atiba Byron

T'was an Honour having one of the podcasts biggest supports on the show today talking about his architectural, business and now his passion for fashion. Frayko's Founder and CEO, Atiba Byron joins me on the show just in time for Christmas to share his views on business, goals and his ambition for a region wide fashion brand to rival that of Nike.
24/12/20191 hour 54 minutes 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

059 Colonizing Our Reparations ft Jeffrey Phipps

Joined via phoneline by my friend and fellow content creator, Jeffrey Phipps as we discuss reparations; our real caribbean history as it pertains to slavery and our global social position as the afro-caribbean diaspora.
17/12/20191 hour 53 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

1Xtra_EP41_Christmas, Consumerism and Christianity with Jeffrey Phipps

He's not into Christianity, but I asked Jeffrey Phipps how he feels about Christmas. Yeah for those who are deeply religious this is gonna be pretty challenging to listen to.
16/12/201923 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

058 The Non-Domestic Woman ft Kamilah Lawrence

'I don't cook and clean and all that traditional stuff, I use my brain and I run businesses and work behind the scenes.' Kam 'Saucy Wow' Lawrence is one confident and unstoppable woman. Listen in as we discuss her life at home, business, social and personal health and soca music. Kamilah says exactly how she feels unapologetically and without a hint of fear which makes for a knock you off your chair convo. Be Prepared.
10/12/20191 hour 24 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

1Xtra_EP40_PM Term Limits with Kamilah Lawrence

Should the Prime Minister position have a term limit for re-election?
10/12/20199 minutes 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

057 The Diamonds could be Rough ft Vikiesh Pickering

Vikiesh is in the studio sharing and inspiring through her story and her honest thoughts on Humanity. The Jewellry Artist talks about the lessons she's learned about love and looking inside yourself for healing.
03/12/20191 hour 34 minutes 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

1Xtra_EP39_They call them Gyal Clown with Vikiesh Pickering

Do we treat heart-broken men like they deserve the pain they're in? As a culture do we see sensitivity in men as a weakness? Vikiesh and I share our thoughts on a most recent viral post in St Kitts that explores some interesting points on gender inequality.
02/12/201928 minutes 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

056 Shut Up and Look at the Video ft Giddel Smithen (Tilt-Hat Visuals)

So why are films and visuals important in our modern times? Giddel and I explore, unapologetically, the status of our market and some of the difficulties in committing to video production full time.
26/11/20191 hour 35 minutes 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

1Xtra_EP38_Are Billionaires Good for the World with Giddel Smithen (Tilt-Hat Visuals)

What do you think of Billionaires existing in a world with homeless people? Is Christianity important?
26/11/201914 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

055 I Dance Therefore I Am ft Caresse Hanley

Caresse Hanley joins me on the show to share her experiences with Dance and her perceptions of the artistic community in St Kitts.
19/11/20191 hour 27 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

1Xtra_EP37_No Performing Arts Center with Caresse Hanley

What do you think about the fact that we still don't have a performing arts center in St Kitts?
17/11/20198 minutes 15 seconds
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054 Penis Pockets + Vagina Hands ft Jihan Williams

Jihan and I take a deep dive into a myriad of relationship issues and dysfunctions. When do you pack up and leave? Where does money come into play in a functional relationship? When do you tag your partner in? Are we getting away from men being just a penis and pockets and a women being just a vagina and hands?
12/11/20191 hour 38 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

1Xtra_EP36_Carnival Costume Loans with Jihan Williams

"What do you think" about Costume Loans?
10/11/201917 minutes 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

053 The Colour Human ft Yonik Brand

Yonik and I tackle the heavy topic of Colourism; the good, the bad and the ugly. We touch on the situation in Hong Kong and it's effect on big business in the west.
05/11/20191 hour 32 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

1Xtra_EP35_Kanye's Gospel Album with Yonik Brand

"What do you think about Kanye's new Gospel Album"
03/11/201916 minutes 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

052 Not Twins but Very Close ft Michelle and Justice Webbe

Michelle and Justice join me via phone call to talk about their close mother daughter relationship and the journey it took them to get to this point. We also touch on fitness and how it has impact Michelle's social media drive to inspire other to live healthy lives.
29/10/20191 hour 27 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

051 Summer Movie Matters ft The Transition (Mimi and Yonik)

Welcome back for Season 2 Guys The Transition talks about movies and controversies surrounding upcoming films.
22/10/20191 hour 1 minute 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

050 But Radio Stations Don't Pay for Music ft Grace Richardson

Grace and I deep dive into the current state of music rights and how they are seemingly disregarded in the caribbean landscape. We highlight the plight of Kittitian and Caribbean Artists and Musicians and what can be done to reverse some of the injustice and possibly bring some profitability and some much needed legislative action to the protection of the creators rights.
10/09/20192 hours 4 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

1Xtra_EP34_Give the Girl a Guitar with Grace Richardson

Grace tells me a little bit on how she got into music as a fetus.
08/09/20199 minutes 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

049 If You Hit Me, It's Over ft Jeville Connor

Jev and I talk about her entrepreneurship experiences at her nail salon, maintaining close relationships while busy; married men and their advances; and our hopes and dreams for love in the future.
03/09/20191 hour 50 minutes 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

1Xtra_EP33_Late Night Chicken, Coffee and Hangryness with Jeville Connor

Jeville and I talk about sleeping late, fast food and our fathers similarities and influences on our lives.
01/09/201930 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

048 Photography Complete with Tangents ft Garth Archibald

Today the ultimate Bro, Garth from CreativeOne Media, and I tell stories of the evolution of photography, clients we've loved and lost, and ways to survive in an ever competitive industry.
27/08/20191 hour 55 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

1Xtra_EP32_So you Knocked Down a Cock on Your Way Here? with Garth Archibald

Garth and i Discuss the most annoying animals that live in the city of our natural isle.
25/08/201917 minutes 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

047 Infertility to Rainbow Babies ft Cindy Herbert

Today my Gym buddy and I Cindy talk about cheaters and how men screw up the process; struggling with Infertility and raising two very different sons.
20/08/20191 hour 49 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

1Xtra_EP31_Difficulty in Finding your 80 with Cindy Herbert

Cindy and I Discuss the Difficulty in finding the one for you when you've had too many partners; the theory of comparison being the killer of joy.
18/08/201912 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

046 Doc I Need Some Business Help ft Dr Terrance Martin Jr

Is a house an Asset or a Liability? In this Episode we shine some light on different misconceptions and myths and get some financial advice on steroids. Dr Terrance Martin Jr unapologetically speaks his truth as he weaves through his thoughts on asset acquisition, Politics and Social Policy.
13/08/20191 hour 48 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

1Xtra_EP30_Take the Music to the World with Dr Terrance Martin Jr

Should it be Rucas H.E. and the Grandmasters Band? Dr Terrance Martin Jr talks about his perspective on the St Kitts Music Industry.
11/08/201918 minutes 34 seconds
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045 Anxiety Fueled Brush Strokes ft Sasha "the Artist" Herbert -

Sasha and I speak openly about her process, paint and sip, and her anxiety that can sometimes get in the way of creating.
06/08/20191 hour 40 minutes 55 seconds
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1Xtra_EP29_House Husbands Assemble with Sasha the Artist

Sasha and I go all in talking about Tyler Perry and her dislike for action movies.
04/08/201912 minutes 3 seconds
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044 17Year Old Bikini Pictures ft The Transition (Yonik+Mimi)

Today we've thrown the regular format out the door to adapt the Transition show format. Yonik Brand, Mimi Armstrong and Myself delve into Forever 21's diet bar Fiasco and a situation about a husband with Bikini photos of 17 year old girls. From 'Flip Flops and Hot Tops' to 'Situational Situations' it is guaranteed that you will leave this episode with a strong opinion.
30/07/20191 hour 38 minutes 41 seconds
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1Xtra_EP28_Opportunity Maximizers with Azilla Clarke

What are Opportunity Maximizers?
28/07/20192 minutes 44 seconds
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043 Kittitian Community Commentary ft Azilla Clarke

This is a no holds barred honest objective look at our culture: how our traditional values are being eroded; how some of them are actually very toxic and restrictive to begin with; how it affects the next generation and our current small community. Azilla's Background in Social work adds some much needed experience behind the thoughts expressed in this weighted discussion.
23/07/20191 hour 51 minutes 42 seconds
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1Xtra_EP27_When are the Vouchers Coming with Azilla Clarke

Azilla tells me about the interesting Nuances of Social Work in St Kitts.
23/07/201915 minutes 15 seconds
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042 Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Action ft Shelisia Glasford

Shelisia is a Hospitality Enthusiast from the great island of Nevis. She joins me in the studio to talk about making a real difference in the lives of people in our community through Vision Boards and Vision Board Parties. We also touch on the joys of giving back.
16/07/20191 hour 18 minutes 43 seconds
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041 Caribbean Creatives have Bills Too ft Azem Bailey

Azem Bailey joins me in the Studio to talk openly about the music business in St Kitts and the Artists that usually end up getting the short end of the stick.
09/07/20192 hours 3 minutes 8 seconds
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040 I Love Art But My Watercolour Set Sucked ft Lizca Bass

Lizca and I talk about SBA's, School life, Cartoons and the importance of art in our culture.
25/06/20191 hour 34 minutes 29 seconds
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1Xtra_EP26_DJ Khaled has no Musical Talent with Nick Rogers

Thief or Genius - Nick and I debate over DJ Khaled and his Presence in the music industry.
23/06/201944 minutes 56 seconds
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039 Food Rules From 2 Dudes ft Nick Rogers

Nick and I explore the deep topic of Food and Nutrition and try to debunk some myths about eating healthy, veganism and the flaws of the western diet. We share our findings and explore the root cause of some of the misconceptions.
19/06/20191 hour 46 minutes 53 seconds
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1Xtra_EP25_Gangs Wars and Broken Wings with Melanin

Melanin and I talk about Gangs, their wars, statutory Rape and much more.more
16/06/201929 minutes 54 seconds
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038 Time Zones and Dress Codes ft Melanin

Today we have the All Female Vocal Band: Melanin in the Studio as we talk about their time management techniques, want for unconventional dress codes, and dealing with their growing popularity as they inch closer to their St Kitts Music Festival Grand Performance.
11/06/20191 hour 2 minutes 59 seconds
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1Xtra_EP24_Melanin with Nerves of Steel with Melanin

The Ladies from the Singing Trio Melanin stop by the studio for a chat about the group and teaching in interesting situations.
09/06/201917 minutes 2 seconds
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037 Love And Life In Taiwan ft Leroy Anthony Johnson

Today I talk to Leroy Johnson, Kittitian national, now residing in Taiwan. We Discuss the culture, raising a family, missing home and working in a foreign land.
05/06/20191 hour 47 minutes 16 seconds
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1Xtra_EP23_Chicken Tea from Taiwan with Leroy Johnson

How is the Food in Taiwan for a Kittitian?
02/06/20196 minutes 8 seconds
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036 Game of Thrones Final Season with No Salt ft Tricia Mimi and Darion_SPO

SPOILERS: We LOVE Game of Thrones!! The Finale, Ehhhh!!! Lets Talk About it. Tricia, Mimi and Darion join the panel to discuss the ins an outs to the end of a long but still too short 8 season story.
28/05/20191 hour 53 minutes 45 seconds
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1Xtra_EP22_Kittitian Food could never be Bland with Tricia, Darion and Mimi

Tricia, Darion and Mimi join me in talking about the Drew Binsky Video about his Trip to St Kitts. We Touch on Tourism and Country Optics as well. Fun Times.
26/05/201947 minutes 51 seconds
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035 Love Languages ft Clilia Davis

Today I have Biology and Chemisty Lecturer Clilia Davis in the studio. We dissect Love and the 5 languages people understand when it comes to its execution and expression.
21/05/20191 hour 42 minutes 27 seconds
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1Xtra_EP20_Chemistry to Change the World with Clilia Davis

Clilia Talks about Changing the world with her sickle cell research.
19/05/201916 minutes 1 second
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034 Romeo Parris - Ancient Astrology and Symbols made of Stardust

Mr Parris went deep into the power of astrology in this episode. The ancient philosophies are now quite taboo in the western world. Rather than try to water it down with pseudo-science Mr Parris goes all in and explains his thoughts through simple language about religion and spirituality. This was a roller coaster ride - No Doubt.
14/05/20191 hour 57 minutes 48 seconds
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1Xtra_EP19_Origins of Language with Romeo Parris

Today I talk to Romeo Parris as he delves into language and its origins and misconceptions.
12/05/201916 minutes 15 seconds
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033 The Business of Entitlement ft Markysa O'loughlin

Honoured to have Markysa on the Show. She is local business person with so much insight to share and so much drive to succeed in our challenging economic climate. Today we talk about Business Strategy, the flawed outlook of Entitlement Culture and how to avoid certain pitfalls.
07/05/20191 hour 19 minutes 56 seconds
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1Xtra_EP18_It is not Contagious with Jason Davis and Mimi Armstrong

Jason talks with us about acceptance in the MSM and other sexual orientations.
05/05/201941 minutes 45 seconds
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032 Our Underwater Truth with a side of Mermaid ft Tricia Greaux and Darion King

Tricia Greaux is a walking talking ball of Mermaid energy. Today i join in convo with Tricia and Darion and get schooled on what happens under the sea. The war between the Plants and the Coral; the lack of fish in our waters and the real effects of pollution and Climate Change. One of my favourites talks for sure
30/04/20191 hour 42 minutes 20 seconds
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1Xtra_EP17_Oh my God they Killed Tom the Lobster with Tricia Greaux and Darion King

The Story of Tricia Greaux the Mermaid Marine Specialist.
28/04/201921 minutes 7 seconds
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031 Jumping out of a Perfectly Good Airplane ft Claricia Toya Belle

So I didn't believe she actually did this till i saw the pictures and just Wow! Claricia is her own brand of super hero and she lives everyday with a go-getter-refuse-to-quit attitude. Today we talk about the joys of pursuing your passion and reaching for your dreams regardless of what people think. We also talk about preparing for and jumping out of a plane at 18,000 feet.
23/04/20191 hour 25 minutes 54 seconds
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1Xtra_Ep16 Noah's Ark in the Suburbs with Claricia Toya Belle

If you ever hear a dog barking in the recording, Here's why.
21/04/20199 minutes 6 seconds
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030 [Panel] What the Heck is MSM ft Jason Davis & Mimi Armstrong

The sky is Blue, the sun will shine and Jason is Fabulous! On this episode, Jason Davis and the Beautifully intelligent Mimi Armstrong talk about MSM, Sexual health and the community that needs understanding and respect above all other things.
16/04/20191 hour 47 minutes 5 seconds
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1Xtra_Ep15 Keep the Dream Alive with Jason Davis and Mimi Armstrong

Often our jobs aren't anywhere close to the grand heights of our dreams.
14/04/201910 minutes 20 seconds
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029 The Full Fitness Fix ft Nicholas Titley

His calm demeanor tends to hide a myriad of accomplishments, amazing sense of humour and a remarkable drive to greatness: Nick Titley (Nick Fit) is a Fitness Specialist from St Kitts who has quite a bit to say about getting your body in tip top shape. Today we talk about fitness misconceptions, critique on government policy and share some good diet tips and Tricks.
09/04/20191 hour 41 minutes 25 seconds
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1Xtra_Ep14 Crazy Fit Nick Story with Nicholas Titley

The Story of How Nicolas Became Nick Fit
07/04/201922 minutes 28 seconds
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028 So Noah was a Drunk and I can't say Midget ft. Nikke Greene

Nikke has been there for me more times than i can count on my fingers and toes and she's one of my longest standing friends. Needless to say that means this episode is gonna spiral out of control real fast. Today we talk about church and its effect on us at this stage of our lives. we also touch on business and hair. Ps she's the best natural and loc hair specialist on the island
02/04/20192 hours 32 seconds
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1Xtra_Ep13 Seriously Happy Choices with Nikke Greene

The changing times through the eyes of two 32 year olds...
31/03/201932 minutes 35 seconds
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Ep.27_P2 All Men Don't Hug the Same [Panel] ft Khyle, Pastor Andron Tuckett, Dr Garfield Alexander

The #MarchofMen concludes with the Final Part of this 2-Part Panel Conversation featuring Pastor Tuckett, Dr Garfield and Khyle Marshall, as we talk more about hypermasculinity, parenthood for Men, what we adore in our Mothers, Christianity and the Gay Community.
27/03/20191 hour 22 minutes 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ep.26_P1 All Men Don't Hug the Same [Panel] ft Khyle, Pastor Andron Tuckett, Dr Garfield Alexander

The #MarchofMen concludes with the first of a 2-Part Panel Conversation featuring Pastor Tuckett, Dr Garfield an Khyle Marshall as they compare their thoughts on manhood, male identity, homosexuality, toxic masculinity, societal pressures and acceptance.
26/03/20191 hour 19 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

1Xtra_Ep12 Children Cost Much more than Money with Pastor Andron Tuckett

"Children are Dependents." Today we talk to Pastor Andron Tuckett about Fatherhood and being emotionally intelligent.
24/03/20197 minutes 56 seconds
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025 Go out on a Limb, that’s where the fruit is ft. Quasim Walker

Quasim Walker is a local Entrepreneur and Investor who just happens to be a past Classmate. Having been raised in St Kitts and New York City, Q shares his perspectives as today we talk about what we've learned about life, the business landscape and the concept of legacy. Strap yourselves in because this is gonna probably leave you with a lot to think about.
19/03/20192 hours 8 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

1Xtra_Ep11 Take Charge of your Mindset with Quasim Walker

Lessons about taking responsibility for your life's course.
17/03/201928 minutes 16 seconds
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024 Boldly Spiritually Balanced ft. Hakeem Samuel

Normally on the show we get quite passionate about any number of different perspectives on issues. We speak often of nuance topics and truths that need fighting for. My guest, Hakeem Samuel, illustrates the strength in being calm; being nonjudgmental and finding peace, departing from the struggle and using any part of your current circumstance to grow to be your strongest; and most importantly your most spiritually healthy self.
12/03/20191 hour 18 minutes 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

1Xtra_Ep10 Present Moment Focus with Hakeem Samuel

How powerful are you when you focus on the now?
10/03/201912 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

023 Gay, but Human First and Foremost ft. Khyle Marshall

Khyle Marshall is one of the most vocal and well known gay rights and gay lifestyle activists from St Kitts - Nevis. His energetic personality and raunchy facebook Live blogs have captured an audience, some of whom are entertained by his brutal honesty when dealing with current island topics. In this episode we interview his day to day persona Glenroy in this interview where I ask: “How was it like growing up gay in the caribbean?”.

This interview is guaranteed to challenge your thoughts as we explore his life as a human being first and his sexuality after.
05/03/20191 hour 30 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

1Xtra_Ep8 What was once Mine... with Sarafina Osborne

Can my best friend date my Ex?
03/03/20196 minutes 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

1Xtra_Ep9 Calm life in Vegas with Glenroy 'Khyle' Marshall

Is Vegas all it's cracked up to be?
03/03/201914 minutes 44 seconds
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022 Benefits of the Self-Aware Society ft. Klieon John

As Caribbean Entrepreneurs where are we dropping the ball. Today I talk to Creative Director, Writer and Film Director (Thats Director Squared)Klieon John about problems with the service Industry; self awareness; film and media and taking personal responsibility. Literally no topic is safe in this one.
26/02/20191 hour 58 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

1Xtra_Ep7 In the Beginning there was the Word with Klieon John

How important is it to use the right words when we communicate?
24/02/201911 minutes 50 seconds
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021 Peer to Peer Financial Foresight ft. Kerlyn Williams

Is Universal Basic Income on the horizon? For our first Skype conversation, I talk with Kerlyn Williams, A financial associate at a Hedge Fund located in the great state of New York about different timelines in life; financial benefits of marriage; lack of financial foresight in terms of retirement and the potential for venture capitalists in the region.
19/02/20191 hour 49 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

1Xtra_Ep6 Child-Driven Focus with Sahira David

1Xtra_Ep6 Child-Driven Focus with Sahira David by Stephen Smith
17/02/20193 minutes 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

020 The Family Matters ft. Sahira David

Raising a human being can be both a constant sacrifice and the most rewarding part of ones life. What if that same child can give you the focus and drive to do all the things you’ve ever wanted to do versus holding you back. In this episode I speak with Sahira David about her experiences being a mother as well as observations of broken homes; spirituality; higher standards in relationships and leaving a legacy.
12/02/20191 hour 46 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

1Xtra_Ep5 Daddy Love with Sahira David

How does a fathers love affect his children's development?
10/02/20196 minutes 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

019 How Social is your Media ft. Asha Padasha

019 How Social is your Media ft. Asha Padasha by Stephen Smith
05/02/20191 hour 54 minutes 11 seconds
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1Xtra_Ep4 Juggling Jamming And Judgment With Chavel Thomas

What Happens when you're a christian but you wanna play Mas? Chavel Tells us of his experiences dealing with his adventist conservative home not agreeing with his carnival pursuits.
03/02/201913 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

018 Go Fund Me ft. Judy 'Purple' Dupont

Lets have the realist most honest conversation about the struggles of Small Business. Let’s talk about the dark side, not making commitments, starting from scratch, leaning on faith, re-engineering the business model and desperately trying to make a profit. Judy talks unapologetically about her journey and what she’s learned along the way.
29/01/20191 hour 58 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

1Xtra_EP3 "Buju Out" with Judy Purple Dupont

So your not a fan of Buju Banton? Lets Talk about Drugs and Abstinence and being an Ambivert.
27/01/201910 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

017 Depression Through The Lens of Healing ft. Chavel Thomas

Split personas, bullying, social anxiety and acceptance; the topic today went psychologically deeper than I could’ve ever imagined. Art became an escape for renowned Antiguan photographer Chavel “Dot Chavy” Thomas as he talks about his process and his growth through the pain via his unique photographic style.
22/01/20191 hour 25 minutes 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

1Xtra_ EP2 "Look Boss The Train, The Train" With Fitzroy Edinborough

Loose Convo about Public Opinion and Government Transparency.
20/01/201923 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

016 The Female Covering [PANEL] ft. Ozelle, Mimi and Iantavian]

The ladies from the Nameless Podcast: Ozelle Martin, Mimi Armstrong and Iantavian Queeley were on the show today repping female empowerment; talking about the roles of women in relationships; John Gray cheating on his covering wife, Surviving R. Kelly; and cover ups in rape Culture.
15/01/20191 hour 57 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

1Xtra_EP1 GPS Relationships with Sarafina Osborne

Should I allow my boyfriend to track my movements? Lets talk about Rape, Politics And Small Island Housing: Why single people are at the bottom of the list for the government housing program.
13/01/201939 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

015 Save our Queens ft. Sarafina Osborne

Sarafina is definitely the embodiment of self confidence. Today we talk a little bit about her pageant journey which saw her, through sheer willpower alone, transform into her body and test her mind in amazing ways. We talk about molestation and cover ups in our small community; as well as insecurity in relationships.
08/01/20191 hour 41 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

014 With a Hint of Socialism ft Fitzroy Edinborough

Joined in the studio by my compatriot and brilliant technologically advanced friend, Fitzroy Edinborough, as we discuss the deeply misunderstood controversial topic: Socialism. We also delve head first into setting up businesses in St Kitts, social benefits, the students responsibility in learning and occupational liberation.
01/01/20191 hour 54 minutes 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

013 [2018] Wrap-Up and Projections

Happy New Year Everyone!! Here's a review of Episodes so far guys; favourite hot-takes and plans for 2019.
30/12/20181 hour 3 minutes 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

012 Crazy Kids A' Carolling ft. Tiana Smith + Tajal Smith

Santa Clause is Jeff Bezos!!! We’ve got your Merry Christmas; Christmas facts Happy Holidays wrapped up in a bow. The Younguns (Not so young any more) and I talk relentlessly on video games; our christmas traditions; bad new music; toxic relationships; trainers for the wealthy; sharing love and even a Song. It’s all fun before it gets deep. Warning: This is Loaded with Pop Culture references.
23/12/20181 hour 38 minutes 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

011 The Rooted History of Sugar Mas ft. Creighton Pencheon

Today I talk with cultural expert Creighton Pencheon about Carnival’s connection with the Catholic church; christmas sports origins; cultural politics; lose of musicianship; cultural infrastructure mistakes and much more. Discovering the roots of our carnival culture.
18/12/20181 hour 48 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

010 The Most Dramatic Way Possible ft. Kesha Adams

Kesha Adams takes us on a journey through college, screenwriting, the performing arts and the healing power of creativity. We travel through her stories in the most dramatic way possible.
11/12/20181 hour 34 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

009 The Black Caribbean Experience: Past and Present ft. Garfield Alexander

Lets talk reparations, weak communities, sugar daddy politics, history repeating itself, blue collar criminals and the black caribbean identity: Yep this show is a syringe loaded with empowerment. Dr Garfield Alexander is in the house and he’s dropping historical facts and commentary on being a caribbean resident when the world is at your doorstep.
04/12/20181 hour 36 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

008 Reporting Wrongs and High Level Cons ft. Alecia Daniel-Blake

How effective are our news stations and media houses at stamping out corruption? I started my career as journalist and I’ve always questioned the effectiveness and objectivity of news networks in the Caribbean. On the show today I talk to my friend and host of Morning Bush Tea, Alecia who has 20 years of experience as a reporter/writer, as we share thoughts on Investigative journalism, Politics, Agriculture and our Caribbean Community.
27/11/20181 hour 44 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

007 Cameras, Bills and Video Tape ft. Bjon Bass

Today I talk to fellow photographer and clothing brand CEO, B’jon Bass, about doing business in St Kitts. As Photographers we discuss our process and touch on issues that affect us and the Industry. B’jon has his own special brand of sarcasm so beware this touches some nerves.
20/11/20181 hour 23 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

006 They Be Lying... ft. Ginelle Thomas

In this episode I speak with Ginelle Thomas as we get to the bottom of what goes wrong in some relationships and Red Flags to look out for. We also share tales of broken hearts and the healing that follows.
13/11/20181 hour 20 minutes 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

005 Champions Just Know How to Win ft. Ozelle Martin

Ozelle Martin is not just a pageant coach; writer, carnival ‘mas Camp CEO, business owner and Lawyer, Nope, she is also a winner. Today we get a peep into the world of a Champion and hear her views on topics ranging from cellphone detoxes to rooting for the lakers; playing mas to coaching winners all while chasing her dreams. To call this episode interesting and inspirational is an understatement.
06/11/20181 hour 42 minutes 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

004 Egos Kill Monogamy ft. Naeemah

Naeemah and I go all in on relationships, marriage, religion and sex education on this no holds barred, psychologically fulfilling conversation that exposes so much nuances in caribbean relationships. Take it from me this will either have you begging for a part two or urging to share a rebuttal.
30/10/20181 hour 49 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

003 Overpowered Female Pheromones ft. Nick

My good friend Nick joins me today to shake things up with a different take on human sexuality. Are we really in a state of Denial? What are the deeper reasons why we find certain types attractive? Prepare for a controversial thought rollercoaster.
21/10/20181 hour 40 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

002 Let Children Play with their Education ft Latoya Rouse

Guidance Counsellor Latoya Rouse joins me in studio to talk about the Future of Education. We find out how far we might be from getting the very best education for our children.
16/10/20181 hour 49 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

001 The Big Apple for all its Worth ft. Mimi Armstrong

For the first episode I’m joined by Mimi Armstrong of Le Jardin Cosmetics. We talk about our trip to NYC and our take aways from it like: money, experiences, fast paced lifestyle, humanity and gentrification all in comparison to life in the Caribbean. Beware this gets very passionate. Check us out at
09/10/20181 hour 40 minutes 25 seconds