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English, Comedy, 3 seasons, 116 episodes, 4 days 2 hours 18 minutes
This is a show about putting dicks down your mouths brought to you by world's smartest and prettiest transsexuals. Welcome to NYMPHOWARS
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KNFW...I Don't See Women, Just Stacks of Canvasses

The time has come for Theda to get MARRIED!!!! Macy brings in a big time Hollywood makeup artist for the special day but will technical problems throw a wrench into the proceedings? Tune in to find out!
30/11/202351 minutes 36 seconds
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"Sue" Chef

Somewhere between Amuse Douche and KNFW comes this episode where Lisa Lampinelli stops by and gives us some of the old school insult/c*m sl*t comedy for which she became famous and has since given up. Subscribe to Apple TV+!!!
16/11/20231 hour 7 minutes 33 seconds
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Amuse Douche Vol. 2 #5 Dual Lipa Presents Ventriloquist

The gals chat about jail calls, Adele, and Twitter expression on this slightly longer Douche
10/11/202353 minutes 2 seconds
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Amuse Douche Vol. 2 #4: Cousin Stacy Taught My Class

Another Amuse Douche in the wall! We'll be back with full episodes November 15th and until then we're on Patreon every Saturday
02/11/202332 minutes 49 seconds
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Amuse Douche Vol. 2 #3: To Hell With Tap To Pay! (I'm Giving Blood Away!)

The gals talk tap to pay, Lydia Tar, and Spooktacular Frightober in this minisode coming at you a day late and a dollar(?) short!
26/10/202330 minutes 49 seconds
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Amuse Douche Vol. 2 #2 10/16/23

Another Amuse Douche during our absence from the main show. 
18/10/202324 minutes 59 seconds
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Amuse Douche Vol. 2 #1 : Toilet Coke

Episode 1 of the current Volume of Amuse Douches! A fun little wharp speed chat about movies, parties, and how badly we could use a newspaper for our snotty little noses!  Love ya! Come to C'mon Everybody 10/13/23 at 7:00 or 9:00
11/10/202336 minutes 20 seconds
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Our Little Announcement

Hey Y'all! We're taking a short break from October 4th (today) to November 15th (6 weeks from today).  We know that's a bummer, but Macy is finishing her record and Theda is finishing her movie and the last thing we want to do is to produce sub par episodes for you guys. We will continue to post weekly "Club Ellen" episodes on Patreon, and we'll do weekly "Amuse Douche" check ins on the main feed, but full KNFW eps will be back November 15th. We're sorry for the shock but it'll be better in the long run trust us! We love you so much, keep strokin, and say hi to Kathy when you see her!
04/10/202322 minutes 40 seconds
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KNFW...Philly Folsom

This week, the ladies are bummed they have to miss the sexy festivities at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, so they turn to the phones to get the scoop! Also the autumn rains are hitting the studio hard, so WHYY is trying its hardest to fundraise (without the help of Terry!)
27/09/20231 hour 6 minutes 2 seconds
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KNFW...What's Eating Leo DiCaprio?

In this ep, the gals get some high profile sponsors from arts and crafts to pop and punk! Macy tells a wild story of a sexual escapade, and Theda is dubious about an in studio guest
20/09/202352 minutes 41 seconds
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KNFW...How I Met Not Your Father

The terrifying diety/little kid Norman has found a creative way to get around SAG AFTRA and WGA strikes with a new NBC program.  Meanwhile the girls get ready for fashion week.
13/09/202358 minutes 59 seconds
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KNFW...The Private Tumblr Journal of the Antichrist

Talkin' bout TILLING your soil and TELLING your story! This week the gals chat about their new hobbies for a bit, then Ellen joins them in the studio to talk about her latest comedy special and her special new spirituality
06/09/20231 hour 5 minutes 5 seconds
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KNFW...Al's Booze Bus

This week, cash rules everything around our gals and they have ad reads up the wazoo! Macy gets creative from a Red Bull high, Theda likes drink over smoke, and Oscar Isaac just wants a little smooch.
30/08/202352 minutes 25 seconds
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KNFW...A Mongolian Lamb Collar On An Elegant Older Woman

This week the gals talk body hair, some fabulous phone plan perks, and talk to heart head Karol G (not THAT one) about her devotion to Normanism and vampirically sucking the life out of young men
23/08/20231 hour 3 minutes 19 seconds
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KNFW...The New Norman

This week the gals talk home intruders, big pharma, and the state of the world with a special guest appearance by a wholesome 12 year old kid named Norman who may or may not know the future of humanity. Long live the New Norman!
16/08/20231 hour 7 minutes 36 seconds
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KNFW...Before The Flapper With Caitlyn Jenner

The pirate feed catches our old pal Caitlyn on Terry Gross talking witch economies and getting groped by Louie CK.  Then it's Caitlyn's turn to put down the miniature helicopters and pick up the headphones as she takes over the decks of the legendary KNFW studio.  Hold onto your trucker hats! KNFW is back!
09/08/202356 minutes 24 seconds
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KNFW...After Hours...Ohr My God Sohr Much

We're still clockin in AFTER HOURS on the main feed for a few more weeks, and on this edition we talk Emrata & Troye, melancholy cock on Fire Island, and sucking out the truths of the universe. KEEP ON STROKIN THAT ****!!!!
02/08/20231 hour 20 minutes 16 seconds
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KNFW...After Hours...Baby I Swear It's Déjà Vu

Another After Hours Ep where we answer your calls to the best of our abilities. Today, Macy swears she's got psychic abilities when it comes to HBO Max (Just Max now), and Theda hints that her next project may involve LGBT hero Jake Cruise! Anything goes, baby...
26/07/20231 hour 6 minutes 52 seconds
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KNFW...After Hours...Nobody's Checking On Glints

Well hello, we've hacked our own pirate feed to bring you something in between our terrestrial radio program and our air cloud internet patreon show! This is just us kicking it in the studio after hours, practicing the art of conversation, talkin Beyonce, Mission Impossible, and being a glint in an eye!
19/07/20231 hour 8 minutes 42 seconds
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Full Length Patreon Episode: Ellen Project Hotline #13.2 aka 14

Well, the pirate bootlegger failed us this week and couldn't get ahold of the feed so Reba stepped in and uploaded a full length Patreon episode! Please enjoy and we will be back next week with a brand new KNFW!
12/07/20231 hour 5 minutes 11 seconds
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KNFW...Elbow Deep In The Heart Shaped Box

The gals talk death of the planet as told through a TikTok, hot new NYC restaurants, and even HOTTER NYC skater bros. Plus they snagged an exclusive chat with the queen of pop Madonna Louise herself.
05/07/20231 hour 14 minutes 51 seconds
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KNFW...Pobody's Nurtec

Macy exhibits some strange and disturbing new behaviors while Theda gets to the bottom of a hot new drug scandal. Also in the hour: pop songs are back, Terry's gone wild, and we don't really listen to the show, but we hear it's great! KNFW starts NOW!
21/06/202355 minutes 48 seconds
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KNFW...Plenty O Fish

The gals talk kink at pride and why "hammering" is all the rage before Theda gets a call from her mysterious new beau
14/06/202356 minutes 18 seconds
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KNFW...Give Him The Spear

Happy Pride!!! Target faces backlash, Fire Island is flourishing, and Terry's in one of her moods...take cover!
07/06/20231 hour 23 seconds
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KNFW...Ageism(nt) An Issue For Generation Z

The gals try some new inventions from some iconic sponsors and Madonna Louise calls in to clock us on our Padams!
31/05/202359 minutes 30 seconds
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KNFW...The Library of BBL

Macy recounters her strange trip to Sri Lanka with Mr. Beast, and then the gals explore a strange library Theda discovered underneath the studio, staffed by mysterious hooded strangers. One by one, they pull down the classics of world literature only to discover the book's contents have been replaced by a mysterious phrase..."Dua Lipa..." What could it mean? And how can they escape before it's too late?  
24/05/202356 minutes 39 seconds
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KNFW...Sexy Beast

Mr. Beast and Bacardi 151 present the Lamborghini and Ocular Surgery contest with WHYY Philadelphia! A classic radio contest with some colorful contestants and some wonderful prizes!
17/05/20231 hour 2 minutes 33 seconds
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KNFW...A Vision Of Hell

Lot's of big news today! Bud Light has finally switched over to wine bottles, Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum become sponsors, and we hear from Stefanie; a troubled young woman who just wants to be loved.
10/05/20231 hour 8 minutes 51 seconds
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KNFW...A Balm In The Palm

Budweiser and the ACLU might be suing the girls, but that doesn't mean it's not still a sorta fairytale with them! Macy gets too drunk, Theda tries to help, and an old friend pops out of the woodwork.
03/05/202350 minutes 49 seconds
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KNFW...Opening Up The Conversation

If there's one thing we need to do in this crazy, mixed up world today, it's TALK! The truck lovin' gals know that all too well...Jeffree Star stops by, Anheuser Busch sponsors, and Macy tells a chilling story describing how she spent the pandemic.
26/04/202359 minutes 50 seconds
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KNFW...Sh*tting Up

Theda comes back from her whirlwind romance with Sharon Stone to join Macy at the old KNFW studio. Macy has made a mess of things, but the girls clean the place up together and get back into the groove.
19/04/202356 minutes 54 seconds
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KNFW...A Rendezvous with Bunny

Theda sips champagne with her vermillion cusp the actress Sharon Stone on a balcony in Paris, while Macy struggles to find the patience to address her callers alone back in the KNFW studio. Fortunately Sharon has a radio extender tower on hand, and Theda is able to call into Macy and get some much needed advice on lesbian lovemaking. Meanwhile Sharon's trans kid Bunny needs some advice of her own, and she thinks Theda might be just the one to give it. 
12/04/202345 minutes 59 seconds
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Full Length Patreon Episode: KNFW After Hours...Madonna's Last Supper

The road is an unforgiving mistress and the gals had to sit this week out due to unforseen circumstances.  But here is a full length episode from their Patreon offerings!
29/03/20231 hour 27 minutes 43 seconds
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KNFW...Good Boy

Macy is dodging paparazzi because of her celebrity new beau and the gals have to navigate the complicated world of sexual politics.  
22/03/202352 minutes 2 seconds
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KNFW...Siphoning Cash With Grandma

Magic Mike's Last Dance disappoints Theda but thrills Macy, Barnes & Noble has a unique new business strategy and Macy's grandma has a stern message from beyond the grave.
15/03/20231 hour 41 seconds
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KNFW...Becky Has Two Toilets

In this broadcast, the two gals lament on the state of the world right now for a "certain kind of family", and Macy might be cursed by a neighbor.
08/03/202354 minutes 11 seconds
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KNFW...Milk Cheek

Oh, the horror! First the ladies talk filmmaking, then leering at the gym, then a quick detour into regional surgeries before a guest of unspeakable terror pops by. Patreon:
01/03/20231 hour 2 minutes 33 seconds
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KNFW...Sucking The Winner's Way

The gals find out how to rise to the top and fall to the bottom with the enigmatic, ephemeral "presence" of author and motivational speaker Leil Lowndes.  Dr. Buccal calls in to shed some light on his controversial new surgery, and a "Friends" reboot may be in the offing! 
22/02/20231 hour 8 seconds
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KNFW...Mrs. & Mrs. Smith

All MOVIES, all the time! The gals are talkin' Hollywood pitch machine today, churning out brilliant ideas on their own and listening to callers to hear what the people wanna see.  One thing's for sure, Andrea Riseborough is a comic to watch!
08/02/202356 minutes 54 seconds
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KNFW...Green Lights

The gals conjure a "Magic" film star via a combination of tantric chanting and liquid alchemy. The star appears to be "Dazed and Confused" but nothing is as it appears in this "Interstellar" journey. Check out for bonus episodes and for merch!
01/02/202345 minutes 40 seconds
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KNFW...Big Joe's Bakery

Theda can't get Macy to tell the truth about her new beau (or her new accent) and suspects she's joined a sex cult. A trucker calls in with big time tea about the nasty old jokester, James Franco. Robert Pattinson smells like crayons. All talk, all the time! And check out our new Patreon series "KNFW After Hours..." at
25/01/20231 hour 1 minute 38 seconds
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KNFW...Meet The Pirates

To the best of my knowledge, the gals discussed Bebe Rexha, and bestiality with lions, leopards, and whales. I'm so sorry but a lot of the transmission was cut off because I'm in a radio dead zone gosh darnit and I've only heard second hand from other friends that there was a great discussion about spindrift sodas, sadly lost to time forever. 
18/01/202331 minutes 55 seconds
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KNFW...The Power of Sia

The pop sensation Sia Furler crashes the studio to share some of her gift for song with us on the topics of the day. 
11/01/202358 minutes 18 seconds
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On this very special episode, Macy and Theda invite two guest representatives from the Catholic church to discuss what God means to them. Macy gets some dating advice for the New Year, and the gals discuss what's to come this season on Paramount Plus! Sponsored by Pirates...
04/01/202352 minutes 15 seconds
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KNFW...Getting in on the Ground Floor with Damien Hirst

The ladies touch briefly on holiday cheer but keep that to a minimum to make room for beauty and bloodshed. Macy wins the lottery, Theda gives an impassioned speech about piracy, and Barbie simply has no organs.
28/12/202236 minutes 3 seconds
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Macy gets married live on air to Bill's coiled up penis. 
21/12/202257 minutes 13 seconds
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KNFW...Devil's Bane

Why is life fun? It's fun because you hang out with your friends, you talk about this and that. Don't even worry what you're doing in life, just relax and enjoy the art of LIFE...With KNFW, in the morning. Ann Dowd is annoying us again. What else is there to say. 
14/12/202249 minutes 48 seconds
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KNFW...Coffee is Fierce, and Bath is C*nt

Theda discovers weekend. Macy pukes from Madonna. Jeanne Dielman tops the polls. Ann Dowd is up to her old tricks. Special visit from the lube ambassador herself okurm? Please, give me a break. I'm trying to live here. 
07/12/202255 minutes 18 seconds
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KNFW...Bones Deep

When I was thirteen, I had my first love There was nobody that compared to my baby, and nobody came between us nor could ever come above She had me goin' crazy, oh, I was starstruck She woke me up daily, don't need no Starbucks (Woo)* She made my heart pound, and skip a beat when I see her in the street and At school on the playground, but I really wanna see her on the weekend She knows she got me dazing 'cause she was so am
30/11/20221 hour 4 minutes 38 seconds
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KNFW...Don't Say Whey

Whether you're learning to drive, or learning to code, one thing is for sure...freedom of speech and comedy are back. Featuring the longest ad read in the history of the world from the little springy ring you know and love...caribiner (in collaboration with Huda Beauty). And callers *weigh* in on a crucial question -- just what does the word ____ refer to? ripped illegally from the airwaves and uploaded here every's KNFW.
23/11/202249 minutes 11 seconds
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KNFW...Tr*ck F*ck Tr*ns

When life comes at you fast, tend your own garden! It’s your favorite terrestrial radio transsexuals at it again with a little dash of introspection and a surprise pirate broadcast from California Courtney. As they say in Hollywood: Garfunkel and Oates will always be rich.
16/11/202256 minutes 6 seconds
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KNFW...You've Got A Lot of LOVE to Give

An exhausting diva call-in from all around the world. Detroit, LA, Dubai...these are just some the locales visited by our hard working listeners on the road. Lovers of the 90s will enjoy a trip down memory lane with one very special ex stripper and professional widow -- who calls herself the daughter of the witches that we couldn't burn..the one and only "Courtney" from LA...who has got a lot of love to give, if you know what I mean. 
09/11/202256 minutes 1 second
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KNFW...Better Share Claire

The gals are back at the KNFW offices and it’s back to long haul trucking business as usual! Theda recounts her time trapped in the clutches of meth cooking outlaws, Macy dates a therapist, and TD Bank has a green and white color scheme.
02/11/202252 minutes 5 seconds
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Amuse Douche #8 : I'm Zachary Quinto and I'm Reading Myra Breckinridge

This week, the gals talk star sightings on Fire Island, the lasting legacy of AHS, and Bjork's most shocking turn yet as Marilyn Monroe in Gentlement Prefer Organs!
26/10/202219 minutes 39 seconds
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Amuse Douche #7 : Gwen Stefani Has So Much Brush To Clear

It's hard to remember how it felt before we lived on the farm with our big husband! The girl's talk about Gwen Stefani, The Target Biodome, and the maudlin nature of present day press cycles.
19/10/202217 minutes 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Amuse Douche #6 : Bunny

This is a story about a girl named Bunny.  We're talkin Joker origin stories, big dolls, and Justin Long!
12/10/202219 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

Amuse Douche #5 : The 'Blonde' Vaccine

We're talkin' big steamin mounds...and I'm not talking about the movie "Blonde"! But we cover that as well, along with digital monkey pox inseminations, cookware, and Andrew Domenik's new employment program.
05/10/202217 minutes 30 seconds
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Amuse Douche #4: Shag Box

Care for a shag in the Shag Box? Just turn that dial straight to the BBC, mate! The gals chat about erotic talk, sharks, and future roles for Helen Mirren in this latest edition of Amuse Douche!
28/09/202216 minutes 42 seconds
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Amuse Douche #3 : The United States of Uncle Johnny

Why is Mare of Easttown so rundown? Is Guy Pearce actually Veneno? Who is this Uncle Johnny and is he in the room with us now? The answers aren't important...and neither are the questions! Join us on another exciting installment of Amuse Douche!
21/09/202219 minutes 33 seconds
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Amuse Douche #2 : The Triple Wack

We're still in our Amuse Douche era, sis! This time we talk Leo D, Wacky Tilda, and Tom Perrotta's opus "Little Children"!
14/09/202215 minutes 5 seconds
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Amuse Douche #1 : Societhée Collapsamet

Heyyyy...How y'all doin? We have a gap in programming because our schedules have been crazy, but we are filling the gap with these beautiful, flavorful bites called "Amuse Douche"'s! We'll be back soon with the wonderful world of KNFW.
07/09/202215 minutes 53 seconds
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KNFW...Candy Silculture

A woman's face is much like a canvas to makeup artist Scott Barnes, who learned about the joys of man on man sexual love while working with pop singer and actress Jennifer Lopez on a special technique Barnes refers to as "underpainting." Today on Fresh Air, I'll be speaking to Mr. Barnes about his new makeup product: yellow blush. My name is Terry Gross, and KNFW
31/08/202255 minutes 50 seconds
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KNFW...The Sex Lives of College Girls Whose Names Are Ann Dowd

Ann Dowd stops by and talks about a bunch of baloney. Scott Barnes, Fashion Week, Giardia, and a call from a girl whose boyfriend won't stop showing off. 
24/08/202252 minutes 29 seconds
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KNFW...The Secret World of Supercharged Clean Artistry

Just another day on the road. Well, what can you do? You can listen to KNFW, bootleg edition episode 3. The gals talk about this, talk about that, they even put their foot in their mouth a few times if you'll pardon the expression. Yes well of course there is some stuff about Billie Eilish, but that is because they are old road hogs. They don't know what is cool these days -- but you do, and what is cool? Is to listen to the Morning
10/08/20221 hour 7 minutes
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KNFW...The Secret World of Supercharged Clean Artistry

Just another day on the road. Well, what can you do? You can listen to KNFW, bootleg edition episode 3. The gals talk about this, talk about that, they even put their foot in their mouth a few times if you'll pardon the expression. Yes well of course there is some stuff about Billie Eilish, but that is because they are old road hogs. They don't know what is cool these days -- but you do, and what is cool? Is to listen to the Morning
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KNFW...My Baby's Got an Our Little Secret!

Another day, another drive! Don’t touch that dial, you long haul truckers, your safety is paramount! Our nation depends on the goods you carry and we couldn’t be more grateful. On this episode: Dick takes a fall, Madonna is the queen of “pop”, and Trucker Buck is hopelessly devoted to a big time gay star.
03/08/20221 hour 9 seconds
Episode Artwork the morning!

KNFW…in the morning! Long haul trucker radio for the flyover country! Theda Hammel and Macy Rodman from the 2010’s classic podcast “Nymphowars” are hitting the airwaves again. This time on TERRESTRIAL RADIO.
27/07/202248 minutes 13 seconds
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Ellen Has Still Got It

The girls hang out in Macy's room as she oils herself in unguents, chatting about Ellen's work in If These Walls Could Talk 2 and how they would update the franchise for today. Also mentioned, the planned Nymphowars hiatus for January/February, Patreon issues, and some surgery forecasting. Ellen does not have sperm. 
26/12/201849 minutes 26 seconds