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English, Finance, 3 seasons, 27 episodes, 13 hours, 4 minutes
Now, Then, Ten is a podcast series from Facebook IQ hosted by Meta VP, Nicola Mendelsohn. In Series 1, we spoke to the driving forces behind some of the world’s most influential communities, including Depop and Comic Relief, Charity: Water and Netflix. This season, Nicola will be meeting future shapers - the changemakers, innovators and risk-takers whose ideas are shaping the world of tomorrow. Together, they’ll explore the now - the pioneering work they’re doing today; the then - their past and influences; and the ten - what their industry will look like ten years from now. If you’d like to hear more from Facebook IQ, please sign up for our newsletter at
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Episode 8: The journey to Gymshark, with Ben Francis (Live from the Gymshark flagship store on Regent Street)

In this special episode, Nicola speaks to Ben Francis MBE, founder and CEO of the fitness brand Gymshark, from the Gymshark flagship store in London, England. Ben talks about what motivated him to found Gymshark, why he decided to take the leap and open a store, and how he continues to be inspired by the Gymshark community. He looks back on his childhood influences and forward to the future of ecommerce and the metaverse, considering how gymshark will continue to grow alongside new technologies. He also shares how the arrival of his twin boys has changed his personal and professional outlook, and how they’ve helped him to become more present.
6/27/202328 minutes, 59 seconds
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Episode 7: Not business as usual with Benoit Pagotto

Benoit Pagotto is co-founder of the hugely successful RTFKT Studios, a company focused on merging realities within the fashion and gaming space by creating next-gen sneakers and collectibles for the metaverse. Benoit has been involved in some amazing collaborations, with the likes of Japanese pop icon Takashi Murakami and blockchain artist FEWOCiOUS. In this episode, Benoit talks about his latest projects and what he looks for in a collaborator. He reflects on his early career and the impact of the Nike acquisition of RTFKT. And he looks to the future, talking about AI, innovation and his goals for the next 10 years.
6/20/202328 minutes, 26 seconds
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Motoring into the Metaverse with Allyson Witherspoon

In this episode, Nicola speaks to Allyson Witherspoon. Having worked as a marketer in the mobility sector for over twenty years, Allyson reveals in this episode that she has recently been promoted to global CMO of Nissan. As she looks towards this exciting new chapter, Allyson reflects on her career so far, offers advice to other women working in male-dominated industries, and shares the importance of not compromising on your priorities as a leader. She explains how emerging metaverse technologies will invigorate marketing in the mobility sector through the use of virtual and augmented reality, as well as touching on the electrification of cars and how evolving technologies will make driving even safer in the future.
5/30/202331 minutes, 11 seconds
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Episode 5: Entertainment and the metaverse with Lindsey McInerney

In this episode, Nicola speaks with Lindsey MicInerney. Named one of ‘The 30 Most Influential People in the Metaverse’, Lindsey is the founder of Black Sun Labs, a company helping other businesses to understand the emerging metaverse. Lindsey is also CEO of Sixth Wall, the digital arm of Mila Kunis’ production company, which explores the intersection of entertainment and web3 technology. A self-confessed nerd and tech futurist, Lindsey has launched multiple projects in the metaverse including Stella Artois, in an explosive partnership with ZED RUN, a crypto horse racing game during her time as Global Head of Technology and Innovation at AB Inbev. In this episode, she tells Nicola all about her incredible career spanning web3, crypto, and NFT’s and how she believes entertainment will be the force that drives the masses to enter the metaverse.
5/16/202335 minutes, 42 seconds
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Episode 4: Where art knows no bounds, with Gabe Gault

Gabe Gault is without a doubt one of the most exciting artists working today. His pieces defy definition, blending classical techniques with modern mediums and reimagining what it means to ‘create.’ Gabe has become a bona fide social media sensation thanks to videos that show him painting and designing in the metaverse as well as shots from behind the scenes at the Glass City River Wall, the largest mural in the United States. In this episode, Gabe discusses his artistic inspirations, his love for subverting the norm, and his creative ambitions for the future.
5/2/202324 minutes, 57 seconds
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Episode 3: The future of fashion is digital — and inclusive, says Alice Delahunt

Alice Delahunt is a force to be reckoned with. Having discovered a love for all things digital at a young age, her career path has been defined by forward-thinking and barrier-breaking decisions. In April 2022, Alice launched SYKY, a blockchain-enabled platform that will allow users to curate, trade and own digital garments. For Alice, clothes can tell a story — and she hopes SYKY will be the bank canvas upon which emerging designers can weave tales and find the freedom to express themselves. In this episode, we hear all about Alice’s impressive career so far, her exciting plans for SYKY and her predictions for the future of fashion. 
4/18/202341 minutes, 33 seconds
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Episode 2: Bringing luxury fashion into the metaverse with Gucci’s Robert Triefus

In this episode, we hear from Robert Triefus, CEO of Gucci Vault and Metaverse Ventures and Senior Executive Vice President, Corporate and Brand Strategy at Gucci, about how he is spearheading a quiet revolution in luxury fashion by combining the classic staples of Gucci with the futuristic technology emerging in the metaverse. Robert tells listeners about the evolution of the Gucci Vault, an experimental concept store, as well as Gucci Town, Gucci’s “Garden of Curiosities” and other groundbreaking projects. Plus, Robert and Nicola bond over their love for ’80s Manchester nightclubs and discuss how he holds on to a sense of “home” when his job takes him all over the world. 
4/4/202332 minutes, 48 seconds
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Episode 1: The NBA and NFTs with Spencer Dinwiddie

We're kicking off Now, Then, Ten season 3 with an incredibly exciting guest.  Any basketball fans out there will know Spencer Dinwiddie, point guard for the Brooklyn Nets, but they may not know about his thriving side hustle as a crypto currency pioneer. In 2019, Spencer made history (and ruffled a few feathers over at the NBA) when he became the first ever sports star to tokenize his contract. In this episode, Nicola hears from Spencer about what drove this decision and digs deeper into his fascination with the metaverse and the potential it holds.
3/21/202321 minutes, 35 seconds
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Introducing Now, Then, Ten Season 3

We have some exciting news for all Now, Then, Ten listeners: We're back! And for season 3, we'll be exploring the furthest reaches of the metaverse. Tune in to hear your host Nicola Mendelsohn, VP, Global Business Group, Meta, speak with thought leaders in this space, including a basketball star, a digital investment pioneer, the CEO of Gucci Vault and Metaverse Ventures and a groundbreaking VR artist. Each guest has made their mark in the metaverse. We hear how they did it and where they want to go next. Welcome back to Now, Then, Ten.
3/14/20231 minute, 35 seconds