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The Not Perfect podcast explores what it is to be human and how to thrive being human from the inside, out :) From mental health, physical health and soul health, this show dives into the science along with the spiritual to find out tricks, tools and wisdom to live life better. So many great things await each and everyone of us but despite how hard we try, sometimes it feels like we may never reach them. Not any longer. All change begins with awareness and learning, and that's the reason for this show - to bring you inspiring thought-leaders to share, teach and facilitate change. As the infamous Maya Angelou once said, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” The host is Poppy Jamie, Forbes 30 under 30 serial entrepreneur, TV Host, mental health activist, breath work instructor, Reiki healer, wellness journalist and founder of award winning mindfulness app Happy Not Perfect. Each week Poppy speaks to world experts, scientists, change-makers, psychologists, authors, nutritionists, human potential optimisers and futurists to uncover their research, teachings and advice. Join us on this mind, body and soul journey. Love, Poppy (find me on instagram as I'd love to hear from you @poppyjamie)❤️❤️❤️❤️ Hosted on Acast. See ( for more information.
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How to optimise your fertility with supplementation with Rhian Stephenson

In this week's episode, I have the privilege of interviewing Rhian Stephenson, a distinguished nutritional therapist, Naturopath, ex-athlete, and the visionary behind the acclaimed supplement brand ARTAH. With over a decade of experience in the health and fitness industry, Rhian seamlessly integrates knowledge from eastern medicine to Western nutritional science. ARTAH, her brainchild, emerges as an award-winning supplement brand committed to offering a holistic approach to health imbalances, covering areas such as gut health, hormone balance, metabolism, mood, immunity, fertility, energy, and sleep.I share my own experience of discovering ARTAH's Enhanced Fertility Supplement during my own fertility struggles. Having witnessed substantial improvements in my egg freezing journey, I attribute the positive results of my second round to the efficacy of ARTAH's supplements. As the conversation unfolds, we delve into the science behind supplementation, exploring its role in su
16/02/202445 minutes 46 seconds
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How herbicides are threatening our mental health, fertility and longevity with Dr Stephanie Seneff

In today's podcast episode, I'm thrilled to be joined by Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Renowned for her groundbreaking book, "Toxic Legacy: How the Weedkiller Glyphosate Is Destroying Our Health and the Environment," Dr. Stephanie Seneff has devoted the last decade to researching the profound impacts of toxic chemicals and micronutrient deficiencies on our health.Her primary focus is on glyphosate, a widely used weedkiller employed by millions of farmers and even common household gardeners under the brand name Roundup. Despite facing criticism, Dr. Stephanie Seneff delves into the scientific intricacies of her work, revealing how weedkillers can impact mental health, fertility, hormonal balance, and brain function. This interview addresses the alarming disparities in global regulatory approaches to glyphosate, prompting critical questions about its safety, especially in countries like Me
09/02/202446 minutes 24 seconds
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Does your microbiome have the potential to improve your mental health? with Dr James Kinross

Get ready for an episode that dives deep into an unconventional yet groundbreaking topic—the power of poo. Today, we're joined by none other than Dr. James Kinross, a renowned microbiome scientist and author of the bestselling book "Dark Matter." In this enlightening conversation, we unravel the extraordinary research and evidence behind the microbiome's influence on our physical and mental health.Dr. Kinross sheds light on the intricate world of microbiomes, emphasising their pivotal role in shaping health outcomes. We explore the exciting prospect of finding cures for diseases once deemed incurable, thanks to the latest advancements in microbiome research. A sneak peek into Dr. Kinross's bestselling book, "Dark Matter," where he breaks down complex scientific concepts into digestible insights. Delving into the surprising connection between our gut health and mental well-being, uncovering how the microbiome impacts our overall state of mind.This podcast is bro
02/02/202459 minutes 37 seconds
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Unlocking miracles amid life's challenges with David Ghiyam

Today's podcast features a truly special guest, David Ghiyam, whose impactful presence has left an indelible mark on my life. I've found myself repeatedly drawn to his reels on Instagram, absorbing the profound wisdom and guidance he shares. David is a spiritual teacher, dedicated to imparting the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah. What makes him even more extraordinary is his ability to translate these teachings into tangible success, co-founding a $1 billion company with his wife, Mary Ruth.David's inspirational journey extends beyond business; he actively applies his spiritual principles to help thousands globally on their personal growth journeys. In this episode, we explore the profound wisdom of Kabbalah and delve into the unconventional idea that hardship, challenges, and struggle may signify the imminent arrival of miracles. David's perspective challenges our common fears that difficult times only lead to more challenges, offering a refreshing outlook—something we all ne
26/01/202457 minutes 2 seconds
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The hidden factors impacting women's health with Dr Shazia Malik

In today's episode, I talk with Dr. Shazia Malik, a leading consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist based in London with expertise in reproductive medicine and surgery. Dr. Malik's impressive credentials include graduating with honours, pursuing advanced training in Cambridge, and gaining accreditation in reproductive medicine and surgery at the Distinguished University College Hospital in London. She has further honed her skills at renowned institutions like King's College Hospital and has emerged as an IVF consultant with extensive experience in reproductive health and fertility.Our conversation delves into essential topics that often remain unaddressed, shedding light on gaps in our understanding of women's health.Over the past year, my exploration of fertility has been fuelled by personal experiences and challenges, prompting me to uncover the often overlooked aspects of women's health. I've been continuously amazed by the gaps in our collective knowledge and
22/12/202342 minutes 14 seconds
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Awakening your sexual energy with Nikki Armytage-Foy

In today's episode, I am joined by Nikki Armitage-Foy, a renowned performance coach and the visionary founder of Electric Women. Nicky has been the guiding force behind numerous powerful women gracing stages and boardrooms globally. When Nikki was in her twenties, her well-oiled masculine approach to life was leaving her feeling depleted and feeling as if I she never doing it ‘right’. And as a release she over-ate, over-drank, over-shopped, spent way too much time in her head and felt disconnected from her body. In 2010, she did a visualisation where she ‘met’ her Electric Woman. She had a vision of a woman who emitted peace and power, she ran a successful business and had a full, happy and conscious life that she designed, true to her values. Nikki now supports women to 'meet' their own Electric Woman, to help them design their lives and access their true power.Today we delve into the behind-the-scenes role that Nikki plays—the secret ingredient in the su
15/12/202340 minutes 34 seconds
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Will more “success” truly make you happier? Emma Gannon discusses

Today I am thrilled to be speaking to Emma Gannon, a close friend and prolific writer, best known for her bestselling books and hosting the Ctrl Alt Delete podcast. Currently, Emma lends her thought-provoking insights to the Hyphen newsletter, where she delicately explores the nuanced aspects of life. In her latest masterpiece, "The Success Myth," Emma takes us on a journey to unravel the myths surrounding success and its purported link to happiness. It's a common assumption that a bit more success equates to greater happiness, but Emma challenges this simplistic formula. Throughout the episode, she guides us towards a new path—one that promises not just success, but profound fulfillment. It's a path that diverges from conventional ideas of success, offering a refreshing perspective.Emma doesn't claim to have all the answers; she's not a guru. Instead, she invites us to join her in an exploration, a thoughtful journey that challenges preconceived notions and encourages us
08/12/202343 minutes 37 seconds
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The future of fertility and how it affects us all with Professor R. John Aitken

Today I am joined by Professor John Aitken, who is a global leader in reproductive biology with over four decades of dedicated work. John has made groundbreaking discoveries that have revolutionised our understanding of male infertility and paved the way for innovative treatments. He's the author of The Infertility Trap that looks at the long term consequences of declining fertility globally. I read his book earlier this year and was shocked as I turned the pages. Never did I dream that birth rates dropping would be a serious problem, as I just assumed we were overpopulated as it was. John's research opened my eyes to a very real challenge we face, which is how are declining fertility and lifestyle choices will affect us all long term. And why? A very important conversation around this has to happen sooner rather than later if we want to change the direction.This interview with John was possibly one of the most eye opening chats I've ever had because it speaks to
01/12/20231 hour 14 minutes 29 seconds
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How to attract your soulmate and embrace abundance with Danny Morel

Are you on a quest for your soulmate or seeking to cultivate healthier relationships and abundance in your life, be it in your career, health, or personal connections? Look no further because today, we have an extraordinary guest who inspires millions daily to achieve just that. Joining me today is Danny Morel, a personal development coach unafraid to speak his truth and harnesses ancient wisdom to guide individuals towards their happiest lives. Danny curates private communities where he provides personalised coaching for those seeking positive transformation.As the host of the globally acclaimed Highest Self podcast, Danny shares profound insights on spirituality, attracting millions of listeners worldwide. With videos amassing millions of views, Danny's impact extends far and wide, resonating with a diverse audience. Get ready to dive into a conversation that promises to enlighten and empower. Danny Morel brings a unique blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary insights
24/11/202357 minutes 55 seconds
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What you need to know about fertility with Dr Helen O'Neill

Today's guest is Dr. Helen O'Neill, a distinguished lecturer in reproductive and molecular genetics at UCL. She is also the CEO and founder of Hertility Health, a pioneering company committed to providing women with accessible reproductive and fertility health data through convenient at-home tests. In this episode, we delve into a topic that often carries a weight of stress—fertility. Despite the initial hesitation to broach this subject, the belief in the power of knowledge to empower individuals on their healing journey takes precedence.Dr. Helen brings her expertise to the forefront, shedding light on the complexities of fertility preservation. The conversation delves into the importance of understanding fertility, and Dr. Helen shares valuable insights into why women's reproductive health has often been overlooked. Facing these crucial topics head-on, even when they evoke discomfort, is where true healing begins.Find Dr Helen: Hertil
17/11/202357 minutes 17 seconds
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Are we all playing the status game? with Will Storr

Welcome to the Unwind podcast, where we begin our new series with bestselling author Will Storr. Will is renowned for his captivating insights into society and human behavior, and his latest book, "The Status Game," is truly transformative.Throughout his illustrious career, Will has explored topics like irrational beliefs in "Will Storr vs. The Supernatural" and the perils of social media in "Selfie: How We All Became So Self-Obsessed and What It's Doing to Us." In this interview, we delve into "The Status Game," which offers a fresh perspective on human behavior by highlighting our inherent, often subconscious, drive for status. Will's revelations show that our pursuit of status significantly shapes our preferences and daily actions, making this book a truly influential exploration of the universal craving for status. Join us as we delve into the captivating world of human behavior through the lens of status with a brilliant author who will expand your understanding of h
10/11/202359 minutes 11 seconds
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Why influence and behaviour is contagious with Jon Levy

On this week's podcast, I'm interviewing Jon Levy, who is a behavioural scientist and New York Times best selling author known for his work in trust, human connection, belonging and influence. Jon specialises in applying the latest research on how humans behave and make decisions to transform the ways companies approach building brands, culture and overall strategy. But more than a decade ago, Jon founded the Influencers Dinner, a secret dining experience that brought together industry leaders and actually encouraged them to make their own DNA so they would arrive, be given the food and they'd all have to work together to actually make the experience. It has had a phenomenal impact. For the last two years, Jon has hosted thousands of the most brilliant brains in the world and brought them together to talk about how they can solve world problems. John's second book, You're Invited: The Art and Science of Connection, Trust and Belonging was released in 2021, and it
20/08/202344 minutes 16 seconds
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The healing power of grounding with Clint Ober

On today's Unwind, I'm speaking to an incredible man who has pioneered the grounding movement. This is the movement that has proven all humans benefit when connected to the earth, whether that be standing on the ground without shoes, swimming in a sea or river, or actually using grounding tools inside the home. Our biology actually changes when this happens.Today I'm speaking to the godfather of this area and the founder of the earthing company, Clint Ober, who began his career in the cable television industry in the seventies. In an age before the Internet, Clint helped pioneer the first ever cable modem and was deeply engaged with how electrics had to be wired to the earth to avoid interference. But in 1993, his health crumbled. Clint was told he would pass away soon until he was offered a miraculous surgery that was fortunately successful. Afterwards, he sold his life, bought a van and went traveling. He began to notice that nearly everybody was disconnected from the e
13/08/202336 minutes 38 seconds
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Is poor mental health a reflection of our environment rather than ourselves? with Jean M. Twenge

In this week's episode, we have an extraordinary guest, Jean M. Twenge, a distinguished professor of psychology at San Diego State University. Jean's remarkable research has led to over 180 scientific publications and seven groundbreaking books, including her latest work, "Generations: The Real Differences between Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Boomers, and Silence, and What They Mean for America's Future." Today, we delve into her fascinating findings and the profound implications they hold for society's mental health.In today's episode, Jean reveals thought-provoking insights into how our beliefs and mental health are influenced by the ever-changing world around us. Jean explains that mental health issues are not solely individual problems but, rather, environmental ones and how collective efforts could pave the way for a mentally healthier society.Find Jean Twenge: Website: <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" t
06/08/202348 minutes 54 seconds
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What is your Saturn return and how to navigate your cosmic coming of age with Caggie Dunlop

On the podcast this week, I'm speaking to Caggie Dunlop. She's the podcaster and author of Saturn Returns. Caggie has been a television personality for the past decade, and in the last few years she has turned her attention to bringing community and conversation to spiritual awakening and astrology. Caggie's debut book, Saturn Return, talks about the journey we all go through at different times of our life when things feel like they are falling apart or when life feels very tumultuous. Using astrology inspired tools and teachings, Caggie looks at how we can understand these moments with different perspectives one that understands that growth is often uncomfortable but absolutely necessary If we want to expand and enjoy our life in deeper and more fulfilling ways. I've known Caggie since I was 16 and it's been fascinating and awe inspiring to see her evolution and follow her curiosity into new areas. Her work feels so reassuring because it's true - we all go through these re
30/07/202349 minutes 50 seconds
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Can one thing transform your physical and mental health with Dr Michael Mosley

On today's Unwind, I am joined by the absolutely brilliant Dr. Michael Mosley. Dr Mosley is a best selling author, TV personality, science journalist and a global thought leader in the fields of health. Dr. Mosley has sold over 5 million copies of his number one international best selling book, The Fast Diet. And you may have come across his other extremely popular books including The Eight Week Blood Sugar Diet, The Clever Gut's Diet and The Fast 800 series. Dr. Mosley has a new book out called Just One Thing and it's packed full of the easiest tips in the world that help to improve your health, happiness and life satisfaction. Some of his just one things include dancing, eating chocolate and getting outside in nature and explains what impact they can have on your mental and physical health.Find Dr Michael Mosley: Website:
23/07/202343 minutes 37 seconds
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Meet the Soul Coach who can maximise your true potential with Gerry Hussey

On today's show, we are speaking to Gerry Hussey. Gerry is Ireland's leading performance psychologist and also in more recent times been coined ‘The Soul Coach’. He has been in the human health and performance Field for almost 20 years. He is transforming thousands of people's lives with his tools, teachings and courses and is now the author of Awaken Your Power Within. With amazing insights, life lessons, and powerful meditations&nbsp;Awaken Your Power Within&nbsp;unlocks the truths about how we experience the world and shows us how we can break free from unconscious, self-limiting beliefs, habits, emotions and thinking patterns to reshape and reclaim our inner world, enabling us to live as our truest and most powerful self. Gerry is also getting ready to release his second book, The Freedom Within. I've been following Gerry's work for a while now, so it is a complete delight to have him on the show.Find Gerry: Website:
16/07/202352 minutes 36 seconds
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Are hormones hiding the answers to better mental health? with Dr Jolene Brighten

My guest today is Dr. Jolene Brighten. She's a hormone expert nutrition scientist and global thought leader in women's medicine. She's a board certified in naturopathic endocrinology and trained in clinical sexology. Dr. Brighten is the author of Is This Normal A Non-judgmental Guide to Creating Hormone Balance, Eliminating Unwanted symptoms and Building The Sexual Desire You Crave. Dr. Brighten empowers women worldwide to take control of their health and their hormones through her website and social media channels. When I was reading Dr. Brighten's book, my list of questions grew and grew and grew. And I think this is a sign of the fact that we know so little about our health and we know so little about our hormonal health, because I think that we've spent years misdiagnosing ourselves. And I'm just so grateful for this book that she's written and the work that she does.Find Dr Brighten: Website: <a href="https://drbr
09/07/202350 minutes 2 seconds
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What are tiny traumas and how do they impact our mental health with Dr Meg Arroll

On today's podcast, I am joined by Dr Meg Arroll, the author of Tiny Traumas, which is a book that explores all the small cuts and scrapes that occur to our psyche that can actually have a huge impact on how we feel and how we understand ourselves. But often these small things we don't even recognise because they can cause us so much emotional hurt. But we shrug them off because they seem too small to think about. We often will gaslight ourselves for caring about such small incidences, but actually, over time, these small events can build up and really have an impact on how we feel. So instead of pushing down these feelings, Dr. Meg shows us a way to embrace them and become more psychologically healthy in the process.Dr. Meg is a chartered psychologist, a chartered scientist, an associate fellow of the British Psychological Society and has a Ph.D. in psychology. As Dr. Meg explains in her brilliant new book, life doesn't have to be full of tiny traumas weighing u
02/07/202348 minutes 52 seconds
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A kidnap negotiator's guide to better persuasion with Scott Walker

On today's podcast, I have a fascinating guest. I am interviewing Scott Walker, one of the world's most experienced kidnap negotiators. Scott Walker has resolved more than 300 cases using his negotiation skills. And for the first time, he's able to share his techniques. Scott spent 16 years as a Scotland Yard detective, engaged in covert counter-terrorism and kidnapping operations. He has written a fantastic book, a Sunday Times best selling author called Order Out of Chaos that contains his well thought through, tried and tested tips about how to be better at negotiating. It shares a new approach to succeeding when failure is not an option. And it's brilliant.I'm excited for you to have this interview because he really gives such practical takeaways and things that we can all use in our daily lives.Find Scott Walker:Website: ht
25/06/202345 minutes 30 seconds
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How family relationships can impact mental health with Nedra Glover Tawwab

On this week's Unwind, I'm speaking to the bestselling author, international speaker and psychotherapist Nedra Glover Tawwab. She is an incredible woman who has written books like Set Boundaries, Find Peace. And her latest book explores family relationships and how they impact mental health. Her book is called Drama Free, and it's a guide to managing unhealthy family relationships. I thought this subject is fascinating because there's often a lot of guilt that surrounds difficult family relationships because we feel like we should have harmonious ones. And so when they aren't harmonious, I think a lot of confusion can arise. And if you're someone who has experienced emotional neglect, absent parents, mental health struggles with siblings or other relatives, then I think you'll find this book really helpful because Nedra talks about these difficult issues in a compassionate way and gives practical advice and how you can take control of your own life.Find N
18/06/202336 minutes 5 seconds
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A personal note from Poppy

Wow I can't believe it's June already - 2023 is flying by! I just wanted to record a little personal episode before our next season launched to let you know about what I've been learning about myself this year. I've been trying hard to implement routines into my daily life and I can't tell you what a difference my new morning walk has made. Walking is the perfect way to reset, it gives you space to think, brainstorm and it allows you to start your day off on a positive note. I highly recommend it.We have some amazing conversations lined up which I can't wait for you to hear. I'd love if if you could please rate and review the podcast as it really does make a massive difference. I'd also love to hear from you so do let me know your thoughts and send me a message on Instagram @poppyjamie. Hosted on Acast. See <a style='co
14/06/202311 minutes 14 seconds
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Wisdom on rest and recovery with Tara Swart

On today's Unwind with Wisdom, we are relaxing with Dr. Tara Swart, who is one of my favorite neuroscientists and the bestselling author of The Source, a book that breaks down the science behind manifestation. Dr. Tara researches and teaches thousands of people around the world on how to achieve mental resilience and peak brain performance. Today we are talking about the power of rest and how it's an essential component in supporting our brain, our dreams, and helping us live the life that we want to that rest to something that we often feel so guilty about. Rest is something that we should prioritise, and when we don't do so, it hurts us so greatly.Find Tara: Instagram: @drtaraswart Tara's book: The Source: The Secrets of the Universe, The Science of the B
11/06/202328 minutes 46 seconds
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Mini Unwind: Be liberated in love with Mark Groves

On today’s mini Unwind, I have the one and only Mark Groves who is a world leading human connection specialist who helps you to nurture better relationships with others and yourself. Mark is the founder of the world’s first social emotional network, Mind that provides daily, live and on demand emotional wellness sessions.Mark&nbsp;hosts online courses to help you move past co-dependency, rediscover your wholeness, become a boundaries bad ass and heal and recover from heartache. Mark is a living light bulb shining and helping millions of people around the world find the love they want for themselves and for others.Find Mark:Website: @createtheloveCourses: <a href="http
04/06/202317 minutes 40 seconds
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Mini Unwind: How to understand and heal your trauma with Gabby Bernstein

On today's mini Unwind, it is a complete delight to say that we have one of the most pivotal spiritual leaders of a generation. It's the formidable Gabrielle Bernstein. She is a New York Times bestselling author, and she really was the pioneer that led this revolution around manifesting and understanding what it meant to use spiritual principles in your life to feel like you're in flow. I encourage you to listen to the full episode but in this short mini unwind, we touch upon her new book, Happy Days, that looks at her journey through recovery and how she overcame mental health struggles, feelings of inadequacy and imposter syndrome.Find Gabby:Website:&nbsp; @gabbybernsteinBuy her book:&nbsp;<a href="https://gabby
28/05/202312 minutes 3 seconds
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Mini Unwind: A simple tool to change your life with Mel Robbins

On today's mini Unwind, I am excited to say that it's the wonderful and formidable Mel Robbins. She is a best selling author multiple times over and she is one of the world's leading motivational coaches. in this episode, she teaches us what it means to have motivation and the tools to get that. Everything in life takes a little bit of motivation, whether that's motivation, just to get up in the morning, motivation to do tasks that we don't really want to do, or motivation to push ourselves in ways that we can expand and really appreciate all the things that life has to offer. Every time I talk to Mel or listen to her content, I leave feeling more revived, rejuvenated, and just more excited for life.Follow Mel Robbins:Website:&nbsp;;https://twitt
21/05/202315 minutes 24 seconds
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Mini Unwind: Listen to your deeper self with Deepak Chopra

I am delighted to introduce Deepak Chopra. He is a true hero of mine. He's written over 90 books. He inspires millions of people on a daily basis, and it was a complete delight to have him on the show a few series back. I highly recommend you go back and listen to the whole conversation between us but for now, enjoy this mini episode where Deepak shares some of his wisdom around money not relating to happiness and how he approaches spirituality.Find more information on Deepak Chopra:Website:&nbsp;;@deepakchopraWhere to find his new book, Abundance:&nbsp;https://ww
14/05/202314 minutes 17 seconds
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Mini Unwind: Emotions are not always intelligent with Tai Beauchamp

This week my guest is someone who is totally extraordinary and her energy fills an entire space with such positivity and empowerment. Tai Beauchamp is a motivational speaker, media personality, meditation leader, writer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and soon to be author. She set up morning mindset with Tai and has thousands tuning in several times a week to upgrade their minds in the mornings and it is honestly so refreshing.&nbsp;Find Tai:Instagram:@taibeau@morningmindsetwithtai@isbrowngirljaneWebsites:&nbsp;http://www.t
07/05/202317 minutes 44 seconds
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16: The price women pay to be "good" with Elise Loehnen

On today's unwind, I'm speaking with Elise Loehnen, who is someone I have admired for years and someone who inspired me to start this podcast three years ago. I first discovered Elise when she was hosting the GOOP podcast, and I absolutely adored her interviewing style, her delicate questions and the way that she mesmerised me by the sheer quantity of books she'd read and the nature of the conversations she held.Elise has been a great teacher of mine, and so when I discovered she'd written her very own book, I couldn't have been happier to invite her on this podcast because she is truly an incredible woman. Elise is now the host of her very own podcast called Pulling the Thread. She has co-written 12 books, five of which were New York Times best sellers and she's now written a brand new book that has had me spellbound for days. The book is called On Our Best Behaviour: The Price Women Pay to Be Good. And the book uncovers and unravels the seven deadly sins that h
30/04/202357 minutes 25 seconds
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15: Why "success" doesn't mean "happiness" with Jonny Wilkinson

Today I am thrilled to be joined by Jonny Wilkinson, a world leading sportsman, author, thought leader and podcast host. You may know him for securing England's Rugby World Cup glory in 2003. Jonny inspired millions and millions of young men in particular, and he was rightfully awarded many accolades, including BBC Sports Personality of the Year, a MBE, an OBE and the holder of the Rugby World Cup Points record.Jonny was the walking poster child of success, but courageously since then he has opened up about how the sparkling lights of those years were a facade in some ways hiding his troublesome mental health. And behind the scenes he suffered from perfectionism. He's been on an inspirational road to recovery and dived into the depths of personal transformation, spirituality and redefining his understanding of human potential and performance.Find Jonny: Instagram: <a href="" rel="noo
23/04/202354 minutes 17 seconds
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14: How to be happier, stop cravings and have more energy in 4 weeks with Jessie Inchauspé

On today's Unwind, I am joined by the amazing revolutionary biochemist Jessie Inchauspé or many of you might know her as The Glucose Goddess. Her first book hit the bestsellers lists across the world. Jessie has transformed the lives of millions of people with her small, easy hacks to help manage blood sugar levels. And at the end of March she's releasing a new book that puts all her wisdom into an easy to do plan. The book is called The Glucose Goddess Method. The Glucose Goddess Method has already been trialed and tested by thousands of people, and the results have been incredible. 90% of people are less hungry on the plan, 77% have more energy, 67% say they actually felt happier afterwards and 89% of people said that they have less cravings.In this episode I ask Jessie all about her new book, how blood sugar affects our health and her simple hacks we can incorporate into every day life to control blood sugar spikes and crashes.For more information on
16/04/202348 minutes 45 seconds
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Why are people more sensitive than others? with Andre Sólo

Today I am interviewing Andre Sólo, who is the author of Sensitive: The Hidden Power of The Highly Sensitive Person in a loud, fast and too much world. He's the co-founder of Sensitive Refuge, the world's largest website for sensitive people and has spoken about sensitive people and sensitive leadership at Google, Amazon and PayPal.As a sensitive person himself, Andre believes that the world needs more of what sensitive people have to offer. I'm so looking forward to interviewing Andre, because I'm gradually beginning to realise that there are many benefits to being sensitive after beating myself up about it for so many years. Andre's brilliant new book provides easy tools to help us navigate sensitivity, whether that be our own or help us manage the sensitivity of others, whether that be family members, friends, or even in the workplace. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I enjoy this topic!Find Andre:Book</stro
09/04/202350 minutes 22 seconds
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Bonus Episode: How to find 'microjoys' in everyday life with Cyndie Spiegel

On today's bonus episode of Unwind, we have the inspirational Cyndie Spiegel, who is the bestselling author of The Year of Positive Thinking that sold thousands of copies around the world. Cyndie is a world leading speaker on the subject of positive psychology and has written a new book to brighten our days even more. It's called Microjoys: Finding Hope (especially) When Life is Not Okay. We can all relate to those moments when life just feels overwhelming and finding hope can feel virtually impossible. And so this book is such a gift, every page is like a warm hug, and can help us all find a little bit of joy in everyday life. I'm thrilled to have Cyndie on the show today and can't wait to ask her how we can find genuine joy when rationally we know it's there, but subjectively we can't find it? Find Cyndie:Book:</
05/04/202349 minutes 44 seconds
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12: How to future-proof your memory with Dr Richard Restak

Today, I have an extremely special guest redefining what it means to be in the eighties. I am speaking to the neuroscientist, neuropsychiatrist, a professor, a New York Times best author. It's Dr. Richard Restak. The phenomenal Dr. Richard has written 20 books on various aspects of the human brain. He's pioneered a conversation on the mind for nearly 40 years. And he's back with a new book about memory. Losing our memory is one of our worst fears. And what's surprising is how little we generally know about memory. Richard's book will blow your mind with what you'll learn about how our memory works and inspire you to train your memory to be better so it looks after you for longer. Find Richard: Book: follow @poppyjamie
02/04/202335 minutes 53 seconds
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11: How to reprogram your subconscious mind with Dr Bruce Lipton

On the podcast this week I am speaking with the world renowned scientist and author, Bruce Lipton. Bruce is 78 years old and over his career has challenged the way the world understands the relationship between the mind, body and genetics. In the sixties, he discovered that genes were influenced by the outside environment. He noticed that genes behaved differently depending on what was happening around them. Up until then, it was thought that genes were destiny. This phenomena became known as epigenetics and Bruce has been one of the pioneering researchers and educators in this field for nearly 50 years. He has revolutionised the way er understand what causes our health outcomes and biology.Bruce is also a bestselling author and his books include The Biology of Belief and Spontaneous Evolution. These books have inspired a movement and encouraged people to rethink the way we understand the power of belief and the role in which consciousness shapes our liv
26/03/202335 minutes 37 seconds
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Wisdom and astrology breakdown for 2023 with Ambi Kavanagh

On today's special mid-week episode, I am speaking with one of my most treasured friends, Ambi Kavanagh. Ambi has been in my life for nearly a decade now, and she came into my life when I needed someone like her the most. She taught me how to meditate and she was the first person to introduce me to the idea of manifesting about a decade ago. So this interview means a huge amount because she's one of the leading astrologers in the world, as well as an author and she's about to launch a very special project, which I can't wait for her to tell you more about in this episode.Find Ambi: Website: big thank you to our sponsor: <a href="
22/03/202341 minutes
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10: The power of a good night's sleep with Dr Allison Brager

On today's Unwind with Poppy, I am thrilled to be joined by Dr. Allison Brager on the show for a very special sleep week episode. Dr. Allison is a neurobiologist with expertise in sleep and circadian rhythms. She not only contributes to sleep health research for the federal government, NATO, University Departments and the United States Army, but is also the author of Meat Head: Unraveling the Athletic Brain. Dr. Allison pioneers inquiry into holistic approaches to better sleep management, jetlag, recovery and performance enhancement. In addition to over 30 peer reviewed publications in flagship society journals, Dr. Allison has written op ed and column pieces for science and professional society bulletins and has spoken on a number of brilliant podcasts. It is a true honour to have such a leading voice in the sleep space on the show.In today's episode, we talk about the science of sleep and recovery and Allison provides us with a list of tips to implement into ou
19/03/202342 minutes 25 seconds
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9: The gaslight effect and how to recover from it with Dr Robin Stern

I am thrilled to be joined today by Dr. Robin Stern, the associate director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and the author of The Gaslight Effect, and the newly released The Gaslight Effect Recovery Guide. Dr. Robin has been educating people about gaslighting for nearly three decades, and her work has changed and saved the lives of thousands of people.In today's episode, Dr Robin explains how the Gaslight Effect works and how you can decide which relationships to walk away from. She also teaches us how we can "gasproof" our lives and how we can recover from a gaslighting relationship.Find more information on Dr Robin Stern: Website:
12/03/202340 minutes 7 seconds
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8: The emotional impact of IVF and social media with Camille Charriere

Today, I have one of the leading voices in the fashion industry, Camille Charriere. She's a go to style influencer for millions around the world and I'm very happy to say a wonderful friend of mine too. She's the epitome of chic, elegance and effortlessness. Camille has collaborated with some of the biggest brands in the industry and has defined a new aesthetic in many ways. She explores fashion, identity and being a woman in today's world with both subtlety and art.Camille's career started quite differently in the worlds of law and finance, but she sidestepped into the world of fashion with ground breaking success. She's now a contributing editor to Elle magazine and writes for other leading global publications. It is a true delight to have her on the show today to discuss the emotional impact of the IVF journey and the stresses of social media we all experience today.Find Camille:Instagram: <a href="https://www.instagr
05/03/202351 minutes 7 seconds
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7: How to be more intelligent in love with Vex King

Today on Unwind with Poppy, we are speaking with someone who you may be very familiar with. The global bestselling author, Vex King. Vex King is a leading voice in the world of personal development. He is the international bestselling author of Good Vibes, Good Life and Healing is the New High and has racked up millions upon millions of readers around the world. His new book, Closer to Love, is just spectacular. It has the ability to touch your soul as he unpacks how confusing love can be. Love can fail, and yet it can be beautiful and simple at the same time. I devoured the pages and it left me with so much food for thought, with questions like:What drives us into relationships?How can attachment work against love?What does it truly mean to do the self work in order to improve your relationships?Vex is able to really speak to your soul in such a delicate way that I'm sure, like me, you might be left a
26/02/202353 minutes 36 seconds
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6: The smarter (not harder) way to improve your health with Dave Asprey

Today we are unwinding with Dave Asprey, a man who has transformed the way the world understands health for over 25 years. Dave has been the leader of the biohacking world, educating us on hacks to improve our health, happiness, energy levels and overall performance. He's a New York Times bestselling author of Game Changers, Headstrong and The Bulletproof Diet. He's also the hit creator of Bulletproof Coffee, the host of the award winning podcast, The Human Upgrade Podcast, formerly Bulletproof Radio and the CEO of Upgrade Labs | Human Upgrade Center.In other words, Dave is a superhuman and the best bit about him is that he shares all his secrets to being superhuman. His latest book, Smarter Not Harder includes everything he knows about exercise, metabolism, biohacking and sleep. I devoured this book. Parts shocked me, parts reassured me and parts inspired me. One thing is for sure, I realised how misguided I have been when it
19/02/202344 minutes 26 seconds
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5: The rest that will fix what sleep doesn't with Saundra Dalton-Smith

Today's guest is Dr. Saundra Dalton Smith, or, as I like to describe her, the goddess of rest. Saundra has arrived into our lives at the perfect time to invite us all to take a much needed break. Along with being the goddess of rest, she is a board certified internal medicine physician and a work life integration researcher. As a physician, author and mother, she understands that life's demands can leave you feeling mentally overwhelmed, emotionally drained and physically tired. Who else can relate to that? I certainly can. In her new bestselling book, A Sacred Rest Recover Your Life, Renew Your Energy, Restore Your Sanity, she teaches us about the different types of rest might, what happens to the body when we rest and why this pause is so needed in our fast-paced society.Find more information on Saundra:Website: <a href="
12/02/202351 minutes 40 seconds
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4: The secret to supercharging your energy with Dr Molly Maloof

On today's Unwind, we have an extremely special guest, Dr. Molly Maloof. I have been counting down the days to speak to her about her new breakthrough book, The Spark Factor. The book is a bible for optimising health in so many ways. Dr. Molly is a world leading pioneer in the field of functional health and biohacking. She lectures at the medical school at Stanford University and has her own personalised medicine practice, helping CEOs, athletes and world leading professionals optimise their health and performance.Since 2012, this wonder woman has also worked as an advisor for more than 40 companies in the digital health, consumer, health and biotechnology industries. Dr. Molly is radically changing our understanding of health by sharing the latest breakthrough science in a way non medically trained people can understand, ensuring we have actionable tools we can all use to our advantage. In her new book, The Spark Factor, Dr. Molly generously shares all
05/02/202350 minutes 32 seconds
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3: Improve your sleep by blocking blue light and reducing alcohol with James Swanwick

On today's Unwind, I am speaking to James Swanwick, an Australian-American entrepreneur who's also an investor, speaker, journalist and former sports anchor. James is a sleep expert and co-founded the popular health brand Swanwick Sleep, which produces blue light blocking glasses to improve wellbeing and sleep quality. The company has sold hundreds of thousands of pairs of Swannies glasses, which are worn by pro athletes to leading professionals and recommended by some of America's top sleep doctors.James is a well-known coach who focuses on helping people to improve their lives and performance by reducing alcohol. He is the author of the 30 day No Alcohol Challenge and the creator of Project 90, an online program providing support and coaching for individuals who are looking to eliminate alcohol from their lives. He also hosts the very successful Alcohol Free Lifestyle podcast. In this episode, we're going to be talking about the power of blocking out blue light before s
29/01/202348 minutes 41 seconds
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2: The myth of normal and addressing trauma with Dr Gabor Maté and Daniel Maté

I am so unbelievably honoured to welcome Dr. Gabor. Maté and Daniel Maté to discuss their latest book, The Myth of Normal. Dr. Gabor Maté is a world renowned physician and trauma expert. He's written numerous bestselling books and changed the lives of millions. Through his pioneering work with addiction, mental health and trauma for over 30 years, his breakthrough work has helped shed light on the connections between physical and mental health and has influenced the way we think about and treat mental illness. Dr. Gabor's co-author is his son Daniel Maté, who was an acclaimed composer, lyricist and playwright amongst many other accomplishments.Together, they host workshops and help so many people. In this fantastically thought provoking and timely book, they draw your attention to the role that social and environmental factors play in mental health. This book shares extensive evidence detailing how the problems so many of us face are not individual, but a natural
22/01/202347 minutes 12 seconds
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1: Blue Monday made lighter with Yung Pueblo

On the first episode of Unwind with Poppy, I am honoured to be joined by Diego Perez, who you may know as the viral social media poet Yung Pueblo. Diego is a 3 x New York Times bestselling author whose books Inward, Clarity &amp; Connection and now Lighter have transformed millions of readers lives through their words, teachings and reflections.Diego elegantly weaves ancient wisdom with modern day examples to support people on their journey of self-healing. It is with true delight that I welcome this magical man on the show today, someone whose words have comforted me in times of need and inspired me to go within, expand and grow. He reminds us that personal transformation is possible. It may not be easy, and it may look wildly different to what you expect, but reminds us that no one needs to feel alone on the journey.Find Yung Pueblo: Website: <a href="" rel
15/01/202347 minutes 49 seconds
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Introducing: Unwind with Poppy Jamie

Launching 15th January. New Year, New Name. Unwind&nbsp;with Poppy Jamie is a&nbsp;podcast&nbsp;for when you want to destress, relax and allow your mind to untangle. The show includes interviews with world leading thinkers from mental health professionals, entrepreneurs, authors, influencers and change-makers who will provide listeners with an insight into their favourite books, life lessons, advice and life reflections.Follow me on Instagram @poppyjamie as I'd love to hear from you! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
14/01/202310 minutes 32 seconds
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NEW YEAR SPECIAL: Is psychedelic assisted therapy the future of mental health with Dr Brent Turnipseed

On today's show, I am interviewing Dr. Brent Turnipseed. He is the co-founder of Roots Behavioural Health, with the initial goal of making psychiatric care more accessible to Central Texans and he also serves as their medical director. Dr Brent is a board certified psychiatrist with a deep interest into innovative approaches to providing behavioral health care through the forms of psychedelic assisted psychotherapy. Dr. Turnipseed co-authored the first observational study for ketamine assisted psychotherapy and this is what today's interview is about - the science and research behind ketamine assisted psychotherapy.So is this the future of mental health care? Should we be cautious about it? What can we expect from ketamine therapy in the future? Who is it right for? And many more questions I have had brewing, waiting to interview such a pioneering figure in the field. I think we would all agree mental health care is problematic. The solutions are not currently working in
01/01/202348 minutes 5 seconds
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142: How to revolutionise your sleep with Professor Russell Foster

On today's show, I have the absolutely magnificent Professor. Russell Foster, who is one of the world's leading sleep and body clock doctors in the world. Professor Russell is a professor of circadian neuroscience at Oxford, and he has just written a true gift of a book that combines his decades of research and teaching to create a practical, easy to read, deeply informative book called Life Time: The New Science of the Body Clock and How It Can Revolutionise Your Sleep and Health. Perhaps the most surprising part of the book is that Professor Foster says there is no 'one size fits all' in terms of sleep. It's not helpful to think that everyone should be aiming for eight hours sleep a night, for example, or even that the holy grail is to sleep right through the night without waking up. In this episode, he explains sleep that you need is linked to your genetics and environment and can change over the course of your life. It's such a fascinating conversation and I
18/12/202243 minutes 47 seconds
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141: How to calm the chaos and make time for what matters with Laura Vanderkam

On today's podcast, I am interviewing the brilliant Laura Vanderkam, who is the bestselling author of several time management and productivity books, including her brand new fantastic book, Tranquility by Tuesday: Nine Ways to Calm the Chaos and Make Time for What Matters. This book couldn't have come at a better time. As we're moving into this time of year, I feel that everything goes awry and we feel we've got so much to do before the end of the year. So it was a complete joy when I knew Laura was coming on to this show to talk about how we manage that a bit better.Laura's work has appeared in so many different publications globally from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company and Fortune. She podcasts, she writes, she speaks and helps millions of people globally reclaim their time, life and fulfilment. I didn't actually think Wonder Woman existed until meeting Laura, but I couldn't wait to hear her secrets.<strong
14/12/202240 minutes 20 seconds
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140: Will Pearson on managing mental health while building Ocean Bottle

On today's show, I am interviewing Will Pearson, the co-founder and co-CEO of Ocean Bottle, a truly phenomenal entrepreneur who was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30, and one of Norway's top ten leaders under 30 for his work towards the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. After completing an engineering degree, Will spent a year working at sea in the Indian Ocean, where he experienced firsthand the effects of pollution on the ocean. His belief is that everybody should have the right to a clean environment and that business has a fundamental role to play in solving the challenges it has created. With experience in environmental impact and business strategy, Will has nurtured an obsession to create products and services that give more to the world and environment than they take from it. This led to the development of Ocean Bottle in 2018, a social impact brand with a mission to prevent 7 billion plastic bottles. In this episode, I spoke to Will about the h
11/12/202237 minutes 8 seconds
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139: Are you sacrificing your happiness? with Raj Raghunathan

On today's podcast, I have the brilliant bestselling author of If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Happy?. This book is a really juicy one and brings up a lot of food for thought that I think will resonate with a lot of you listeners. So I'm looking forward to speaking with Raj Raghunathan today. Raj earned his PhD from the Stern School of Business at New York University and is currently employed as a professor of marketing at the McCombs School of Business, the University of Texas at Austin. Raj's work juxtaposes theories from psychology, behavioural science, decision theory and marketing to document and explain intimate relationships.Raj wrote his book as a result of discovering that many of the smartest, brightest, most successful people were profoundly unhappy. Raj set out to find an answer to this problem, and extensively researched happiness not just of students and business people, but also stay-at-home-parents, lawyers, and artists, among others. His resea
04/12/202246 minutes 14 seconds
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138: Why embracing balance is essential to a healthy life with Jessica Sepel

On today's show, I'm joined by a supplement goddess, the amazing Jessica Sepel, who is a triple bestselling author and founder of JS Health Brand App and JSE Health Vitamins, range of supplements, skin care and haircare. Jessica's passion for supporting people's health and her knowledge and experience has allowed her to create a range with attention to every ingredient, quality and combination in order to care for you from the inside out.Jessica displayed a passion for supplements from a young age after watching both her grandparents take them daily, which led her to delve into the vitamin world and become incredibly interested in nutrition from the age of 15. After overcoming her own struggles with fad dieting to find balance and body love, Jess focused her life in cultivating holistic health. She's a driving concept behind JS Health, and she wants to develop formulas that target common problems to help bypass the overwhelming confusion of the supplement industry.<br
27/11/202238 minutes 35 seconds
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137: What you might not know about food with Professor Tim Spector

My guest this week is an absolute hero and legend in the medicine and nutrition world. I'm talking to Professor Tim Spector, who is a professor of genetic epidemiology at King's College London, Director of the Twins UK study and one of the world's leading researchers in gut microbiome.Professor Tim Spector is the Director of the British Gut Project and his research has transformed our knowledge of food and health. He's also the author of two books, The Diet Myth and Spoon Fed: Why Everything You Know About Food is Wrong. The amount he's done for furthering the understanding of health is so phenomenal. He could have already retired and never lifted a pen again. So that's why his new book is quite groundbreaking. It's called Food Is Life and his latest research is beyond excellent. I have never read a more comprehensive guide on the truth behind our food. His new book is really a food Bible, if you will. It discusses absolutely everything and look
20/11/202246 minutes 20 seconds
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Pop of Wisdom: The art of self-healing with Katie Brindle

Today, I am honoured to be joined by Katie Brindle, a Chinese medicine practitioner, a bestselling author and the founder of The New Method. Katie's book, Yang Sheng: The Art of Chinese Self-Healing, teaches readers how to harness this powerful natural healing system and how these techniques work brilliantly in modern life. My favourite principle of Yang Sheng is balance, and that means not being perfect, something we all know I'm a big advocate for. Katie is a proven example of the power of Yang Sheng to heal ourselves from the inside out. And I'm so pleased that she will be here to share actionable tips on how to bring these practices into your life and discuss the difference they can make to your mental and physical health.Find more information on Katie: Website: <a href="https://k
16/11/202223 minutes 24 seconds
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136: Move the body to heal the mind with Dr Jennifer Heisz

On today's podcast, I have the inspirational Dr. Jennifer Heisz who is an expert in brain health. She directs the Neuro Fit Lab, which has attracted over 1 million to support her research program on the effects of exercise for brain health. Dr. Heiss received a PhD in cognitive neuroscience and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in brain health and ageing. Dr. Heisz says research examines the effects of physical activity on brain function to promote mental health and cognition in young adults, older adults and individuals with Alzheimer's disease.Dr Heisz has also written a book called Move the Body, Heal the Mind where she reveals groundbreaking research on how fitness and exercise can combat mental health conditions such as anxiety, dementia, ADHD, and depression and offers a plan for improving focus, creativity and sleep. She also mentions that exercise's anti-inflammatory properties make it the most effective treatment strategy for those who are depressed and don't r
13/11/202243 minutes 18 seconds
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135: Change your thinking to transform your health with Max Lowery

Welcome to this episode with Max Lowery, who is becoming iconic in the fitness industry with his unique method of training the mind and the body for greater health.I can certainly testify to going through times in my life when I've had a fraught relationship with food, and we don't necessarily talk about these self-limiting beliefs enough. It's so easy these days to have an uncomfortable relationship with something we have to do to live. We're either told to eat this, not to eat that, or eat more of this. So I'm delighted to be talking to Max today about long term behaviour change and how we can work towards a healthier and happier life from both a mind and body perspective.&nbsp;Find more information on:&nbsp;Instagram:&nbsp;@max.loweryFollow Poppy:Instagram:&nbsp;@poppyjamieWe'd love to hear your thoughts on this episode, please email&nbsp;contact@notperfectpodcas
09/11/202236 minutes 24 seconds
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134: Why we need to take sleep more seriously with Dr Oliver Bernath

On today's podcast, I am interviewing a doctor who studied with the first sleep scientists in the world. Dr. Oliver Bernath began his career studying medicine at the University of Ulm and UCL. After completing his medical doctor thesis, he trained as a neurologist at the University of Chicago and completed fellowships at the University of California, San Francisco, in clinical neurophysiology. He trained in sleep medicine with the pioneers in the field in Chicago and then at the world's first sleep disorders clinic at Stanford University. Dr. Bernath holds U.S. board certifications in neurology, neurophysiology and sleep medicine. He led the Northern Californian Sleep Disorders Center in San Francisco and now sees patients at the NHS Sleep Clinic at Guy's Hospital in London. He also works alongside The Lanserhof advising patients on their sleep health. Dr. Oliver is truly brilliant. We were put in touch and ended up having the best conversation. I was able to fire all my
30/10/202244 minutes 58 seconds
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133: How to improve the brain-gut connection with Dr Naomi Middleton

On today's show I am interviewing Dr. Naomi Middleton who is a clinical psychologist and yoga teacher. Dr. Naomi has a doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Oxford and is a registered clinical psychologist. She has had over ten years experience working in the NHS and is currently the lead psychologist for functional disorders and pelvic floor health. Dr. Naomi specialises in gut and bowel health, eating behaviour, body image and helping people to adjust to and live well with long term physical health conditions. I've been fascinated by this area because for me my stress is first seen in the gut and I'm not sure if anybody relates to this, but when I'm stressed, the first thing that will tell me I'm stressed is bloating and constipation. So when I discovered Dr. Naomi's work, I was completely fascinated. I was just desperate to get her on the show to explain why this happens and teach us about why this connection is so relevant to our overall health and w
26/10/202247 minutes 54 seconds
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Pop of Wisdom: The health benefits of compassion with Dr James Doty

On today's Pop of Wisdom, I am joined by Dr James Doty, the founder and director of The Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University. He is also a clinical professor for neurosurgery at Stanford School of Medicine. Dr Doty is the author of one of my favourite books, Into the Magic Shop: A neurosurgeon's true story of the life-changing magic of mindfulness and compassion. I loved learning about the incredible benefits of compassion and wanted to share this snippet of our conversation! Listen to the full episode: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: <a href="
19/10/202211 minutes 47 seconds
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132: The healing power of intention with Lynne McTaggart

On the podcast today is Lynne McTaggart, an award winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers, The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond. Her work is so deeply researched and she finds mind blowing research that supports some of the most mysterious topics many dare to not even think about. Over the years, Lynne has been called a metaphysical rock star, the Madonna of the quantum world, the Malcolm Gladwell of the New Science, and even the Dalai Mama which is a favourite of mine. She is consistently voted one of the world's top 100 spiritual leaders for her groundbreaking work with consciousness and the power of intention. In this episode, I'm excited to really explore one of Lynne's most sold books, The Intention Experiment, to find out what intention truly is and the research
09/10/202243 minutes 20 seconds
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131: Making your home happier with happiness researcher Meik Wiking

On today's episode, my guest is the awe inspiring Meik Wiking. Meik founded the world's first Happiness Research Institute in 2013 in Copenhagen to better understand the impacts on human happiness, inform policymakers and ultimately improve overall quality of life for citizens across the world. The research combines qualitative and quantitative methods, studying thousands of people from multiple countries to provide insights on the level of well-being, happiness and quality of life. Meik is now the author of four books which have sold in 39 territories worldwide. Mike's first book, The Little Book of Hygge was an international New York Times and Sunday Times bestseller with over a million copies sold worldwide. Today we are going to be speaking about happiness and his latest book which was released earlier this week, My Hygge Home. As we're spending more time in our homes it's important that we realise the huge impact and influence it has over the way we
02/10/202239 minutes 47 seconds
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130: Hope, healing and the mind-body connection with Dr Jeffrey Rediger

On today's show, I have someone who has changed the lives of so many people. Dr. Jeffrey Rediger is a Harvard Medical School assistant professor, a board certified psychiatrist, a physician and the bestselling author of Cured: The Life Changing Science of Spontaneous Healing. He has spent 20 years researching people who have recovered from incurable illnesses. His book takes you through the journey of healing and shares stories that are so brilliant you are unsure if they are actually true. Dr. Jeffrey challenges the medical industry by highlighting research that often gets overlooked. His book, Cured, gave me true hope for anyone facing illness and disease because through his rigorous research, he clearly shows how healing can happen when the mind facilitates the body in doing so. I am truly obsessed with Dr. Jeffrey's work, his book and his continued research in the field of healing. I hope you enjoy today's episode. Find more information on
28/09/202240 minutes 52 seconds
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129: Why we fear desire with Charlotte Fox Weber

In today's episode, I am speaking to the wonderful psychotherapist, Charlotte Fox Weber. She is the author of What We Want, a book that takes you on a journey through 12 Universal Wants and Desires from love, power, sex, attention and takes us behind the closed doors of the psyche, an area we don't explore enough. I cried within 20 minutes of reading this book. Charlotte's stories are so relatable, universal and above all else, human. This book truly is a work of art. As a reader, you can identify with wanting and desiring normal things that most of us don't admit and the blocks we often face to truly get what we want. Find more information on Charlotte: Website: <a href="" rel="noopener noreferre
25/09/202244 minutes 49 seconds
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128: How to overcome toxic positivity with Whitney Goodman

Today I am joined by someone who leads with radical, honest content that challenges toxic positivity. I'm interviewing Whitney Goodman, an author and licensed psychotherapist who many feel is a breath of fresh air in this busy mental health conversation that can often promote unattainable positivity. She has a brand new book out called Toxic Positivity: Keeping It Real in a World Obsessed with Positive Thinking and this book really explores a lot of the B.S we see online. This idea that if you just think more positively, everything will become a possibility. I obviously love positive energy and I've interviewed some incredible people around the idea of manifestation but I love how Whitney brings nuance to this conversation. Whitney uses her own experiences as a therapist to show why these approaches can be extremely harmful to our mental health and alternatively suggests a more realistic and perhaps a more authentic way to move through life, heal and create an experience
18/09/202238 minutes 44 seconds
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127: Rediscovering your sex drive with Betony Vernon

Welcome to today's podcast with Betony Vernon, who is a bold and boundary defying sexual anthropologist, erotic jewellery designer and the author of the Boudoir Bible: The Uninhibited Sex Guide for Today. Her personal mission is to help women and men enjoy and share pleasure and her book encapsulates this mission, with a second book coming very soon which we'll hear about today. Betony's book, Boudoir Bible, is a comprehensive and instructional guide to a new sexual landscape, encouraging greater sexual expression that expands and challenges readers to experiment with new routes to pleasure. Betony is a clinical hypnotherapist and uses other tools like ribbons and restraint, to help women and couples break old beliefs and paradigms to discover greater sexual awakening. You might be aware already, but the festival FORMAT is happening in Arkansas, Bentonville from 23rd - 25th September. It's a brand new music festival launching that celebrates the arts and technology with i
11/09/202230 minutes 18 seconds
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126: Navigating the quarter life crisis with Satya Byock

On today's podcast, I am speaking to Satya Doyle Byock, the psychotherapist and bestselling author of Quarterlife: The Search for Self in Early Adulthood. I cannot say enough how much I enjoyed reading this book. It beautifully encapsulates those confusing and uncomfortable in-between years when you don't quite know if you're doing the right things. You may have expected to be a certain age when you get married or have a certain job, earn a certain amount of money but then your reality looks quite different to the plans, the dreams, and the expectations that you had for yourself.So if you've ever felt undecided or a bit disappointed that life doesn't look exactly how you thought it might, then I hope you will feel reassured after listening to this interview with an amazing author and psychotherapist.&nbsp;Find more information on Satya Doyle Byock:Website: <a href="" rel="noopener nore
04/09/202238 minutes 57 seconds
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125: Unpacking the science of lucid dreaming with Charlie Morley

Today's guest is Charlie Morley, a best selling author and teacher of lucid dreaming, shadow integration and mindfulness of dream and sleep. He has been lucid dreaming for over 20 years and was authorised to teach in 2008. Since then, he's written four books which have been translated into 15 languages and has run workshops and retreats in more than 20 countries. He's spoken at both Oxford and Cambridge universities, the Ministry of Defence, Mindfulness Symposium, the Houses of Parliament and the Mindfulness Association Annual Conferences. Charlie has been the lead consultant on scientific studies into lucid dreaming at both Swansea University and the Institute of Noetic Sciences. In 2009, he created the first lucid dreaming for therapist course and has trained a group of hypnotherapists, meditation teachers and therapists to use lucid dreaming with their clients. In 2018, he was awarded a Winston Churchill Fellowship grant to research PTSD treatment in military veterans
27/08/202239 minutes 8 seconds
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124: Digital self-care and online abuse with Seyi Akiwowo

Seyi Akiwowo was elected as the youngest black female councillor in East London at the age of 23, and it was when she experienced online abuse herself while in this position that she decided to set up a charity to help support women and marginalised communities in an ever changing online world. Now, Seyi creates toolkits, guides and workshops to help prevent the spread of online abuse.On top of the many lives Seyi has changed around the world, she's also a TEDx speaker and very active on Twitter. It is such an honour to invite this incredible woman on the show today to talk about her brilliant new book, How to Stay Safe Online. It shares all the tools you need to look after your mental health in an unstable online world that we're all part of. It's full of stats, insights and thoughtful advice we can all use on a daily basis to live happier and healthier online lives.Find more information on Seyi:Website: <a href="ht
20/08/202230 minutes 22 seconds
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Pop of Wisdom: Melissa Hemsley on why food makes us feel good

On today's Pop of Wisdom episode, I have the very lovely Melissa Hemsley, a chef, food columnist, best selling author, real food activist and sustainability champion who is passionate about spreading the power of a feel good food.Melissa is on a mission to make food as joyful as possible. She advocates for food that is wholesome, has nourishing potential with nothing wasted. She's written five bestselling cookbooks, including Eat Green, Eat Happy, and her latest book, Feel Good With One. Quick and easy recipes to bring a bit of comfort and joy into your kitchens and beyond.Find more information on Melissa Hemsley: Website: @melissa.hemsleyBook:
17/08/202225 minutes 25 seconds
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123: Healing past wounds for a better future with Donna Lancaster

Today's guest is Donna Lancaster, and she has been a pioneer in community healing for nearly 31 years. She is a facilitator, a coach and a therapist who is formerly the head of teaching at the Hoffman Institute UK and co-created the British Retreat, a six day transformational personal development experience.Donna's work has been featured in leading publications from The Telegraph, Psychology, The Evening Standard, Huffington Post and many, many others. Donna's groundbreaking work was featured in the Amazon Prime documentary called Loved, which followed 12 people during her life changing Bridge retreat as they take the leap to overcome grief and loss in their lives. Her new book, The Bridge: A Nine Step Crossing Into Authentic and Wholehearted Living, is such a gift to us all. Donna shares her 31 years of wisdom, and while you read it, you can feel that deep healing presence on every page. This episode is so heartwarming and I can't wait for you t
14/08/202247 minutes 28 seconds
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122: How raising your vibration can help you manifest with Mandy Morris

On today's podcast, I am joined by the international best selling author and teacher, Mandy Morris. Her first book, Love "It's How I Manifest" was a global success. Since then she's been featured all around the world, teaching millions how to create the life they want and shift out of limiting patterns. Mandy's science and love based methods for creating instant and lasting change has been researched, studied and taught by therapists and coaches in the Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, UK and the US. Mandy began her career counseling, studying psychology and also working in Norway, researching how psychosomatic health issues are created by thoughts, not environmental factors, and how individuals brain patterns can change through her communicative therapy methodology.She has just released her latest book, Eight Secrets to Powerful Manifesting: How to Create the Reality of Your Dreams which focuses on the tiny actions we can all do to help us co-create the liv
07/08/202240 minutes 8 seconds
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Think like an inventor: Meet the record breaking FOREO founder Filip Sedic

On today's Pop of Wisdom episode, I am interviewing one of the best beauty inventors in the world and of our generation, Filip Sedic. Filip is a Bosnian born Swedish inventor with more than 200 patents assigned to his name. He is the founder and CEO of FOREO, the record breaking Swedish brand reinventing beauty and wellness for better. FOREO's beauty tech designs deliver professional level treatments at home to build self-confidence. Filip's designs at FOREO have won over 100 design and industry awards and he's broken records with a FOREO product being sold every 3 seconds in 2017.I am not surprised the quality FOREO upholds and everything they do is obvious. You may have heard about the Luna range of facial cleansing devices. The naturally clean 99.5% of impurities from the skin fully. As a serial entrepreneur, he started his career in the car technology industry and moved into the telecom world. Eight years later, he transitioned into the beauty world, setting up his fi
03/08/202231 minutes 25 seconds
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121: Master your ego and change your life with Marcus Weston

Today, I am joined by a very special guest, someone who actually changed my life about 11 years ago. That is the spiritual teacher, Marcus Weston. He started his career in finance number crunching for Goldman Sachs until about 20 years ago when he realised his mission was to support pioneering leaders to be better and to create real change.&nbsp;This world desperately needs teachers like Marcus, and he has previously taught some of the most successful humans in the world, from business leaders to Heads of State to sports athletes. He draws from the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah to help expand consciousness, challenge thinking patterns and break open egos so that everyone can live the life they were meant to and deserve.Find more information on Marcus Weston:Website:
31/07/202245 minutes 23 seconds
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120: Why movement is key to keeping your brain healthy with Caroline Williams

A huge thank you to our podcast sponsor FOREO who have partnered with Current Body, the beauty device experts, to offer Not Perfect listeners an exclusive 20% off all FOREO products for the month of July. To claim your discount, head to Thanks again to FOREO!Today's interview is Caroline Williams, a best selling author, a science writer and writes for many leading publications globally, from the New Scientist to the BBC to The Times, Telegraph, Boston Globe and many more. Her first hit book, Override, looks at rewiring the brain, and her latest book, Move, delves into why we need to move our body to look after our brain. This book had me glued to it and it is genuinely a must read for every single person. I had no idea how much of a disastrous affect our sedentary lives are having on IQ, mental health and of course, physical health as we've become addicted
24/07/202240 minutes 13 seconds
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Pop of Wisdom: Challenges as lessons with Alice Liveing

I am thrilled to be joined by Alice Liveing for my first Pop of Wisdom episode. Alice is one of the biggest names in fitness in the UK and inspires millions daily with her content on social media, her Give Me Strength fitness app and through her three best selling books.Alice rose to popularity just over six years ago and has been very honest about her journey with fitness and health. Alice fills her content with honesty and authenticity as she tackles the truth around weight, working out and both mental and physical health. Alice has spoken openly about how so many of us try to shrink our bodies in the hope will fit in better, be more accepted and how destructive this can be for our sense of identity and most importantly, our health.Find Alice: Instagram: @aliceliveingGive Me Strength
20/07/202222 minutes 20 seconds
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119: A new approach to managing anxiety with Dr Ellen Vora

A huge thank you to our podcast sponsor FOREO who have partnered with Current Body, the beauty device experts, to offer Not Perfect listeners an exclusive 20% off all FOREO products for the month of July. To claim your discount, head to Thanks again to FOREO!On today's podcast, I am interviewing Dr. Ellen Vora, a holistic psychiatrist who is on a mission to break open old ways of treating mental health and instead offer an approach that considers the whole person and address the root cause. She spent nine years in medical school and then took it upon herself to research other methods of addressing mental health struggles that didn't seem to be getting fixed. Ellen learnt that there were more effective ways of thinking about the mind away from reflexively prescribing medication to suppress symptoms. She now takes a 360 approach when looking after patients,
17/07/202248 minutes 37 seconds
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118: The science behind a broken heart with Florence Williams

On today's podcast, I am talking to Florence Williams, a journalist, bestselling author, global speaker and podcaster. Florence writes for The New York Times, National Geographic, The New York Review of Books and numerous other publications around the world. In this episode, we're going to be talking about her latest book, Heartbreak: A Personal and Scientific Journey. It's brilliant and despite the title, it is in fact heart warming.This book is a must read for anyone processing heartbreak. Florence helps us to understand the true effect that heartbreak has on us. This conversation answers all of your questions like: why do we feel it so intensely? How can we move through it? How does heartbreak affect our health? Florence's speaks with such delicacy whilst using cutting edge research into human biology.Find more information on Florence Williams:Website: <a href="" rel="noope
10/07/202238 minutes 58 seconds
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117: Mental health made easier with Dr Julie Smith

I'm back with Season 11 and it is a total privilege and honour to have Dr. Julie Smith to kickstart the series. Dr. Julie has transformed the conversation around mental health and therapy in an extraordinary, groundbreaking, global way. Not only does she have 38 million likes on TikTok and growing for her videos that break down the tools and techniques around looking after your mind. But she's also the number one best selling author of Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before, which has been virtually the number one bestselling book all year, nearly 20 weeks of being the number one book in the United Kingdom.Dr. Julie is a clinical psychologist, online educator and owns her own private practice in Hampshire. She's devoted her career to learning everything she can about mental health and the intricacies of the human mind to teach and share with others for over a decade. Dr. Julie was sharing these vital tools and information with her clients, but decided to create onlin
03/07/202237 minutes
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REPLAY: Why playing more will improve your health and happiness with Dr Shimi Kang

We'll be back with Season 11 next week but I wanted to replay one of my favourite episodes which will encourage you all to play more in life!&nbsp;Dr Shimi Kang is an award-winning, Harvard-trained psychiatrist, best selling author and speaker on how to incorporate more play, passion and purpose into our lives. Dr. Kang has helped thousands of children, teens, and adults transform their lives through her books, TED talks and practice.&nbsp;In this episode we explore the science that shows living playfully will improve health, happiness and success. Dr Shimi Kang's personal mission is to spread the message that a balanced lifestyle with enough play and social connection is vital for human health.Please find Dr Shimi Kang here: follow Dr Shimi Kang on social: <a href="" r
26/06/202235 minutes 25 seconds
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LIVE: The impact of family on mental health with Julia Samuel

Hi everyone, as we have come to an end of Season 10 I wanted to give you a special live bonus episode which I recorded at a breakfast event for The Arts Club with the one and only Julia Samuel.&nbsp;&nbsp;As I’m sure many of you know, Julia has been one of my favourite guests on the Not Perfect Podcast, she is a leading psychotherapist and bestselling author of 3 books. In this episode, I quiz her about her new book called “Every Family Has a Story” which sees her turn from her work with individuals to sessions with a wide variety of families. She reveals how deeply we are influenced by our families and offers insights into how families can face changes together.Julia is so&nbsp; full of wisdom and every time we speak I come away feeling calmer and much more grounded. As it was during a breakfast event, you might hear some odd background noises so I’m sorry for that but do hope you enjoy it! Find more information on Julia:
19/06/202240 minutes 30 seconds
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REPLAY: Why thoughts are not facts with Dr Jessamy Hibberd

I wanted to replay one of the most popular episodes and it's from the very first season of the Not Perfect Podcast! Take a deep breath and dissolve into a conversation with Dr Jessamy Hibberd - a clinical Psychologist, speaker and bestselling author. In this episode we talk about her approach to happiness, managing the mind and dive into her fantastic book called The Imposter Cure. Imposter Syndrome is something many of us deal with to varying degrees and Dr Jessamy's cure is practical and very helpful for anyone wanting to move past these sabotaging thoughts.Please find the wonderful Dr Jessamy on Instagram: @DrjessamyYou can find her book here: love hearing from you so please email us at [email protected]. Hosted on Acast. See <a style='color:grey;' targ
12/06/202229 minutes 11 seconds
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116: How to navigate life as a highly sensitive person with Dr Judith Orloff

Today it is such an honour to be joined by Dr. Judith Orloff for the final episode of Season 10. Dr Orloff is the New York Times bestselling author of The Empath’s Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People. Her new book, Thriving as an Empath, along with it’s companion,&nbsp;The Empath’s Empowerment Journal offers daily self care tools for sensitive people.&nbsp;Dr. Orloff is a psychiatrist, an empath and is on the UCLA psychiatric clinical faculty. She synthesises the pearls of traditional medicine with cutting edge knowledge of intuition, energy and spirituality. Dr. Orloff also specialises in treating empaths and highly sensitive people in her private practice. As a highly sensitive person myself, I related to this book and all her work massively and have returned to it since first reading it. If you find yourself being sensitive to other people's feelings, absorbing the pain of others, and many other traits of empaths which will go on to further, then Dr. O
05/06/202234 minutes 15 seconds
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115: The power of love in reshaping our brain with Stephanie Cacioppo

I&nbsp;am so excited to introduce you to today's guest who is one of the world's most famous neuroscientists on the topic of romantic love. Dr. Stephanie Cacioppo. Dr. Stephanie is a professor of psychiatry and behavioural neuroscience at the University of Chicago, where she directs the Brain Dynamics Laboratory at the Pritzker School of Medicine.&nbsp;She's the first female president of the Society for Social Neuroscience, an international field dedicated to understanding how biological systems implement social behaviours and modern society. She's been named a rising star by the Association for Psychological Science, for her outstanding contributions to the science of psychology in the areas of research, teaching and or application. And she's won further awards for her research on the neuro imaging of love in clinical case reports.In her new book, Wired for Love, Stephanie tackles not just a science story, but also a love story. She shares revelatory
29/05/202236 minutes 5 seconds
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114: The life-changing power of gratitude with Angela Scanlon

This week I'm speaking to TV presenter Angela Scanlon, who you may have seen on television screens hosting shows for the BBC such as The One Show, fronting popular makeover shows like Your Home Made Perfect or you may have listened to her very own hit podcast, Thanks A Million. Oh and on top of this, she has just&nbsp;just released her first book, Joyrider: How Gratitude Can Help You Get the Life You Really Want.&nbsp;I read this book within days, laughing along with every page as she explores wellness with her own personal anecdotes and stories. Angela shares her own personal struggles with eating disorders, anxiety, post-natal depression, and generously shares the tools, techniques and teachings that helped her overcome all that she has gone through. Angela’s book is so deeply honest, and I relate it to so much of what Angela writes about. So if you've ever had these moments wondering whether you are enough, worked as hard as you possibly could in the hope it would take
22/05/202240 minutes 5 seconds
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113: How to balance your blood sugar and improve your mental health with Jessie Inchauspé

On today's podcast, I am talking to someone who has completely changed the way I eat and understand food, diets and conditioned beliefs. I am so excited to introduce you to Jessie Inchauspé, also known as the Glucose Goddess. Jessie is on a mission to translate cutting edge science into easy advice to help people improve their physical and mental health through diet, eating and education. Jessie has changed the way millions understand their diet and they are feeling like new people because of it.&nbsp;She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from King's College London and a Master of Science degree in biochemistry from Georgetown University. Her work at a genetic analysis startup in Silicon Valley made her realise that the key to good health is more influenced by food habits over genetics. In her first globally bestselling book, Glucose Revolution, Jessie shares her startling discovery about the essential role of blood sugar in every aspect of our lives, from
14/05/202240 minutes 45 seconds
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Wisdom Wednesday with MaryAnn DiMarco on tapping into your psychic gifts

On today’s show I have MaryAnn DiMarco who is a world leading psychic medium, author, healer and spiritual teacher. She’s the mentor for spiritual and celebrity influencers like Gabby Bernstein to Jordan Younger and other very famous names. MaryAnn is known for her ability to channel powerful messages from her clients, spirit guides, angels and loved ones who have passed. She translates those messages into practical guidance and advice for happier and more fulfilling lives.&nbsp;MaryAnn is currently working her way through a 5 year waitlist so to ensure as many people as possible can benefit from her work, she hosts virtual workshops on intuitive development. MaryAnn is the bestselling author of Believe, Ask, Act: Divine Steps to Raise Your Intuition, Create Change and Discover Happiness and excitingly has just released her latest book, Medium Mentor: Ten Powerful Techniques to Awaken Divine Guidance for Yourself and Others. I loved this book, it’s fille
11/05/202231 minutes 16 seconds
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REPLAY: The science behind why manifesting works with Tara Swart

I am thrilled to share one of my favourite episode's today while we take a quick one week break! Today's guest is Dr Tara Swart: a neuroscientist, medical doctor, leadership coach and bestselling author of The Source. Tara applies lessons from neuroscience and behavioural psychology to teach people to enhance their everyday lives and be better prepared to cope with stress and change.In this episode, we discuss the science of neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to grow and change throughout your life) and the significant role it plays in manifestation. Tara goes on to explain the 6 ways of thinking and provides tips on how we can rewire the brain’s pathways to create lasting positive changes in our lives.&nbsp;Tara is living proof that manifestation works and how we can train our brains to embrace any challenge. I hope this episode has as much of an impact on you as it did on me!&nbsp;Follow Tara on Instagram here: <a href="https://www.
08/05/202250 minutes 20 seconds
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Wisdom Wednesday with Anoushka Florence on feminine energy

On today’s Wisdom Wednesday I am joined by Anoushka Florence who is the author and founder of The Goddess Space. Inspired by her own spiritual journey, she went on a quest to create beautiful sacred spaces to support, hold and empower women. She’s worked with companies such as Facebook and Vogue and has travelled to some of the biggest festivals around the world to spread her intimate living room pop ups and honour her mission to bring people together in a special way. Anoushka draws upon her ancestral wisdom, her life experiences and the spiritual teachings she has learnt along the way. She has trained women worldwide on how to hold their own circles, committing to the deep intention of reclaiming the circle and restoring this ancient feminine practice.&nbsp;Her new book, The Women’s Circle, is so beautiful and I found it totally fascinating to learn about why coming together is so central to our history as a species and yet has been lost in the power struggles
04/05/202229 minutes 50 seconds
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112: Is your mental health making you messy? KC Davis explains

On this week's podcast, I am joined by KC Davis. KC is a licensed professional therapist, author and global leading speaker. She is the creator of the mental health platform Struggle Care, where she shares a revolutionary approach to self and home care for those dealing with mental health, physical illness and hard seasons of life. KC&nbsp;began her mental health journey at&nbsp;sixteen, when she entered treatment for drug addiction and mental health issues. After getting sober, she became a speaker and advocate for mental health and recovery.KC is now a speaker and advocate for mental health and recovery. Professionally, KC has worked most of her career in the field of addiction and roles such as a therapist, consultant and executive director. Building on her work and encouraging more self-compassion, KC devised the powerful practical approach that has exploded in popularity through her TikTok account @domesticblisters. The secret is to simplify your to-do list and to fi
01/05/202241 minutes 35 seconds
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111: The path to abundance with Deepak Chopra

Today’s podcast is with someone I admire so greatly. It is but a dream come true to have Deepak Chopra on the Not Perfect Podcast. The first book I read of Deepak Chopra’s was The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success in my early 20s and it was truly life changing. Deepak Chopra is a complete legend, he’s the author of more than ninety books translated into forty-three languages.He has changed the lives of millions of people through his literary work, his speeches, his app, his meditations, The Chopra Foundation and many more outlets. He has led the forefront of the health and wellbeing and consciousness movement. TIME Magazine described him as one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century.His latest book, Abundance, is truly brilliant. It was like a bath for my soul and mind. I genuinely finished the book feeling so much more abundant than when I started and the change happened just through the process of reading this book. The subject of mone
24/04/202247 minutes 21 seconds