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English, Social, 1 seasons, 5 episodes, 3 hours 11 minutes
A fun and judgement-free guide to Ramadan, for anyone with questions about the month of fasting for Muslims.
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5. From Zero to Zakat

Mehreen Baig is joined by Apprentice contestant Sohail Chowdhury and author of How to Make Money, Nafisa Bakkar, to talk about securing the bag… religiously of course! What is the importance of charity and are there any religious requirements when conducting business? They’ll be sharing their priceless words of wisdom in this financial guide to Ramadan.
22/03/202329 minutes 46 seconds
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4. 'I’m living a double life' - Spiritual Dilemmas

Actor Nohail Mohammed, content creator Salwa Aziz, model/film-maker Mariah Idrissi and Mehreen Baig have formed their very own group chat and are answering faith-based dilemmas. From how to resist the vape to navigating talking stages in Ramadan, they’re the friendship group you always needed!
22/03/202343 minutes 35 seconds
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3. Best behaviour please! We’re in a mosque

Where better to talk about the holy month than from a Mosque - a place buzzing with activity for 30 days straight. In this special episode recorded at Cambridge Central Mosque (Europe’s first eco-friendly mosque), Mehreen Baig speaks to podcaster and content creator, Kalo Kachar, and Akke Rahman, who is the first ever British Muslim to climb Mount Everest. They talk about what being on your ‘best behaviour’ means and what faith means to them.
22/03/202338 minutes 22 seconds
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2. Spiritual Gains, Not Physical

In Ramadan: are the dumbbells swapped for dates; squats for spring rolls, and cardio for night prayers? Professional boxer Hamzah Sheeraz and fitness enthusiast Abdul Fattah chat to Mehreen Baig about how they’re keeping up their physical gains in Ramadan - and when the best time is to get the all-important Eid trim?
22/03/202336 minutes 45 seconds
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1. Everything I Don’t Know About Ramadan

Can you have a shower whilst fasting? Brush your teeth? Go swimming? Mehreen Baig is joined by TikTok comedian Akafi Ali and content creator Farah Raja to bust all the myths you may have about Ramadan in this judgment-free episode. Some friendly faces like Greg James, Scarlett Moffatt, Jamie Laing and Vick Hope send in their Ramadan questions to the panel too.
22/03/202342 minutes 48 seconds