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English, Religion, 6 seasons, 63 episodes, 1 day, 18 hours, 16 minutes
A Christian re-examination of Revelation and the Pop Christian myths that have weakened our appreciation of God's Holy Word.
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Spotify screws audiobooks

This is a short video explaining why I might have to abandon "Spotify for Podcasters" as my host after they changed their terms of service.
2/29/20243 minutes, 18 seconds
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Qoheleth, Who Are You? (The Paradox of Fundamentalism, Ch. 4)

Ecclesiastes is one of the most disputed texts in the Bible. Should a fundamentalist care?
12/16/202332 minutes, 39 seconds
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Double-edged Sword (The Paradox of Fundamentalism)

What happens when we begin to examine the Bible with a critical eye? We love it, we believe in it, and we want to promote it as God's Word, but we can't always trust the "experts" who tell us why it's miraculously accurate, and we can even find contradictions easily (depending on our translation).
11/10/202347 minutes, 23 seconds
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Fundamentalism (The Paradox of Fundamentalism)

Where did the term fundamentalist come from? What does it mean? Do all fundamentalists Christians believe the same things? How do we explain all the differences between those who say they believe the same book? Those are the questions of this chapter.
9/29/202354 minutes, 1 second
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The Devil in the Details (The Paradox of Fundamentalism)

Is the Bible safe to read without help? Can it be dangerous if left to the ordinary person's own interpretation? Have we lost meanings, or worse yet, been tricked by the Devil into believing false things about it? In the first chapter of The Paradox of Fundamentalism, I explore this topic.
9/14/20232 hours, 4 seconds
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BONUS: Green World Order rising quickly

Let's take a moment to recognize the extraordinary world depopulation agenda happening already, following the religious pact made in the Vatican in October of 2021.
3/24/202213 minutes, 44 seconds