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English, Children-Kids, 1 season, 78 episodes, 9 hours, 59 minutes
Australian nature is full of strange, surprising and sometimes silly sounds. From cicadas that sound like sprinklers to moaning mutton birds, there are heaps of weird noises to discover. Join host and nature lover, Ann, as we use our ears to listen to the different sounds that Australian nature makes. Along the way we’ll find out some fun facts and train little ears to listen to the chorus of calls that make up the natural world around us.
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Squeaking Ghost Bats

Right now, Ann is in an ancient maze - Purnululu National Park. She spies a deep crevice and hears some very strange sounds coming from the dark inside. Are those... ghosts? 
4/29/20249 minutes, 21 seconds
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Hissing Rhinoceros Beetles

Ann is taking an evening stroll in Darwin when something lands on her shirt. It has horns, very sticky feet and is making a loud hiss. 
4/22/20248 minutes, 18 seconds
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Chattering Providence Petrels

Today, Ann is exploring an island way off the NSW coast. Someone is coming in to land – and not very gracefully. It’s a bird that has flown a very long way to be here. 
4/15/20249 minutes, 12 seconds
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Growling Green and Gold Frogs

Ann is enjoying spotting lots of birds in a special hide on the Tamar Island Wetlands, when she hears a song that is definitely not a bird. Someone is calling out while they bask in the sunshine, decked out in bright green with a gold stripe. 
4/8/20248 minutes, 29 seconds
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Crooning Gerygones

Ann is taking a break from her walk by a big, wide river when she hears someone singing a very pretty song from the eucalypts above. It’s showing off lots of different melodies. 
4/1/20249 minutes, 21 seconds
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Squabbling Little Red Flying Foxes

Down by a creek, Ann is filling up her billy to make a camp dinner when she hears a loud cry. But it’s not one someone, but lots of someones, just waking up and having their breakfast.
3/25/20249 minutes, 10 seconds
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Cooing Rock Doves

Ann is getting ready to swim in a pool in Adelaide, when – splat! Someone’s poo lands right near her foot, shot from a ledge just above her. 
3/18/20248 minutes, 34 seconds
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Bleating Tree Frogs

Right now, Ann is helping on her friend’s farm when she steps in some squelchy mud by the dam. There’s someone who loves the mud so much, they’re singing. 
3/11/20248 minutes, 20 seconds
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Meowing Green Catbirds

Ann's crossing a suspension bridge across a creek in the national park, when she hears a cat lost up a tree. She follows the loud noise to discover that it isn’t a cat at all. 
3/4/20249 minutes, 12 seconds
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Crunching Quokkas

Today, Ann is exploring Rottnest Island by bike. What was that rustling? There, munching away is a giant rat... Oh, wait. That’s not a rat, but the animal Rottnest is famous for. 
2/26/20248 minutes, 33 seconds
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Cracking Whipbirds

On the way to explore some ancient caves in Lamington National Park, Ann hears a whip crack. But, there aren’t any farms around here. There it is again – and this time, there’s an answer.
10/9/20238 minutes, 44 seconds
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Buzzing Houseflies

Ann is off to a birthday party but when she gets there she finds some unwanted guests – helping themselves to all the yummy food! Shoo!
10/2/20238 minutes, 7 seconds
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Lyrical Lemon-bellied Flyrobins

Before dawn, Ann is woken by a strange call outside her tent. Who can that be? As she tries to solve the mystery, the song changes.
9/25/20238 minutes, 12 seconds
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Laughing Northern Tree Frogs

It is the end of a hot day and Ann has been admiring some waterfalls in WA. Rumble! Crack! A storm is coming but after she slips in the wet she hears someone laughing in the tree above.
9/18/20238 minutes, 17 seconds
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Shrieking Sooty Owls

Ann has her head torch on and is off to discover animals that wake up when the sun goes down in the Blue Mountains. Soon she spies someone with big, round eyes and a heart-shaped face.
9/11/20238 minutes, 20 seconds
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Fanning Frilled Neck Lizards

It is late afternoon in Kakadu National Park and Ann is getting changed to have a dip to cool off. But someone who is famous for its fancy frill gives her a surprise.
9/4/20238 minutes, 14 seconds
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Flouncing Fur Seals

Ann is on a boat, wearing lots of warm clothes because it is very cold off the coast of Tasmania. She's snapping the sites with her camera, and spots a family making a huge racket on the shore.
8/28/20238 minutes, 50 seconds
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Caroling Currawongs

In the middle of Sydney, Ann is walking through Hyde Park to visit the Anzac Memorial. Along the way she hears a loud sound from the branches above as someone snacks on figs.
8/21/20237 minutes, 38 seconds
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Prattling Pelicans

Ann has her binoculars, checklist and a pencil – she's in full birding mode in WA. She soon spies a huge bird, preparing for a water landing.
8/14/20239 minutes, 34 seconds
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Thumping Red Kangaroos

It is early in the morning and Ann is on her way to walk around Uluru before it gets too hot. She is admiring the red dirt when she sees a red rock scratching itself. Hang on… that's not a rock, but the world's largest marsupial.
8/7/20238 minutes, 28 seconds
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New Noisy is on the way!

Hello sound detectives! It’s Ann here, and I’ve got some news for you. I’ve been hard at work tracking down some of my favourite Aussie nature noises, and I’m happy to say that we’re going to have ten brand new episodes of Noisy by Nature starting next Tuesday! 
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Snarling Saltwater Crocodiles

Ann is using her binoculars to try and spot someone who is very good at camouflage along the Ord River in WA. She's glad to be safe in a boat - as these animals have the world's strongest bite.
12/5/20228 minutes, 19 seconds
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Whining Mosquitoes

It's a lovely evening and Ann has set up her tent next to a nice peaceful lake at Mungo Brush in NSW. She's relaxing by the fire when the high-pitched buzzing of an uninvited guest ruins the mood.
11/28/20228 minutes, 32 seconds
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Hissing Carpet Pythons

Ann is hard at work on a farm near Glen Innes, helping to feed all the animals. She reaches for a hose to top up some water but - ooops! That is not a hose, but someone sunbaking.
11/21/20227 minutes, 32 seconds
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Blipping Masked Lapwings

Ann is finding a good spot on the sideline at an AFL match in Tasmania. Suddenly, some very vocal parents start making a bit of a racket.
11/14/20226 minutes, 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

Yawping Wombats

It is a hot day on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia, so Ann stops for a drink. Someone pushes through the bushes and starts using their jaws and their claws to work on their special underground house.
11/7/20227 minutes, 28 seconds
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Startling Crested Pigeons

Ann is trying to find the perfect picnic spot in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne/Naarm. Suddenly, an alarm goes off - but it isn't coming from a car or a building, but from some animals on the move.
10/31/20227 minutes, 50 seconds
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Tooting Mountain Frogs

As she hikes up through ancient Gondwana rainforest, Ann hears a rude noise. Then, she realises it's not someone feeling a bit gassy - but rather a parent getting cosy in an underground bedroom.
10/24/20227 minutes, 35 seconds
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Pipping Pied Oystercatchers

It is a warm, sunny day and Ann is off to the beach. On the sand, playing chase with the waves, a family is hunting for a seafood lunch - even trying to hammer open some shells.
10/17/20226 minutes, 33 seconds
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Rasping Common Garden Katydids

At a backyard barbecue in Brisbane, Ann sees an interesting shaped leaf – making a very funny noise. But, this leaf is actually an animal in disguise that can even change colour.
10/10/20226 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

Rumbling Southern Cassowaries

Ann is on the look out in Tropical North Queensland – for something blue. It lives in the rainforest, is related to the dinosaurs and has a very looooow call.
10/3/20227 minutes, 51 seconds
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Clever Sulphur-crested Cockatoos

We’re back with a brand new suBIRDban mini season of Noisy by Nature, featuring some of the feathered friends that thrive in our towns and suburbs. First up, we’ve got a cheeky and clever cockatoo who loves to open rubbish bins, looking for a snack.   
2/28/20228 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Greedy Seagulls

After a day at the beach, Ann’s stomach is growling for some tasty fish and chips. As she sits down to eat them though, a flock of white birds starts to get a bit too close for comfort. They’re trying to steal her chips!  
2/28/20227 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

Flitting Fairy Wrens

Ann’s mowing the lawn after a day in the garden and is about to be rewarded with some pretty superb visitors. Her garden is a haven for local birds, who love to visit after she’s cut the grass for a tasty, buggy snack.  
2/28/20227 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

Persistent Pacific Koels

Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night by a haunting bird call? It could be the bird featured in this episode. Ann’s awake at dawn to listen to all the native birds at her friend’s place, but there’s one visitor she wasn’t quite expecting.   
2/28/20227 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Raucous Rainbow Lorikeets

It’s time for an adventure, with Ann at the zoo! Our sound detective is on a mission, using her ears to try and find the elephants. But the hollering chimpanzees and a very loud native parrot are making it harder than it should be.   
2/28/20227 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Why do animals have spots, stripes and scales?

While you're waiting for new episodes of Noisy by Nature, Ann has something special for you! Animals come in all shapes and sizes, and colours and patterns! But have you ever wondered why? Ann camouflages with Dr Nij for a new episode of Imagine This, to figure out why giraffes have spots, zebras have stripes and chameleons change colour.
12/7/202114 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

Introducing - Nature Track

Whilst you're waiting for more episodes of Noisy by Nature, Ann has a new podcast for you. It's called Nature Track. Nature Track opens a window on the beautiful sounds of the Australian wilderness. There's no music or talking, so these long, uninterrupted soundscapes are the perfect relaxing soundtrack for homework, play or rest. Each unique track is carefully recorded on location in a different part of Australia by your favourite sound detective, Ann Jones.
9/13/20211 minute, 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

Noisy Yarns

Ann is meeting up with Rudi from Little Yarns for a bushwalk on Dharawal Country. Together they’re listening to Country and trying their best to copy the sounds of the loud locals – a whipbird, clicking froglets, a plover and something green that makes a surprising sound. Join in for a Noisy Yarn!
7/18/202110 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

Parading Little Penguins

Ann is on an island not far off the coast Victoria, walking along by the ocean at the bottom of some cliffs. There are lots of holes or tunnels in some of the grassy hills… What could they be?   They are penguin burrows! But where are the penguins? Ann waits patiently by the beach, and a little penguin pops up out of the waves and starts waddling up the beach. Oh and another one, and another one. It’s a whole penguin parade!
7/12/20218 minutes
Episode Artwork

Chorusing Froglets

Ann is in her friends’ backyard, creeping slowing around a pond, trying to hear who might live there. A currawong sings in the neighbour’s tree. Ann hears a little croaking sound. It gets louder and louder… And some other familiar croaks join in. It’s a croaking chorus, led by the common eastern froglet!
7/5/20217 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Soaring Wedge-tailed Eagles

Ann is strolling on Wadawurrung Country, listening to all of the different calls of small and medium sized birds. She’s comes to a lake when a then a strange sound floats in the wind. It’s sounds like like a cry, and it might be coming from waaaaay up in the sky. Ann looks up and sees Australia’s largest raptor - a bird of prey - the Wedge-tailed Eagle riding the thermals!
6/28/20218 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Grumbling Bettongs

Ann is on her way to a group bird-watching walk through the Tasmanian bush. There are so many nature sounds, a Tasmanian raven, a wattlebird, and was that flash of pink a robin? But Ann’s running late and can’t stop to find out – BUT WAIT that was a very strange sound. It was kind of a hissing or grunting sound. It’s a Bettong! Also called rat-kangaroos!
6/21/20217 minutes, 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bellowing Cane Toads

It’s night-time, and Ann is out with her torch listening really hard for frogs. But, there is another sound that is distracting her and It’s so loud that she will never be able to hear anything else. Ann spots the loud sound maker with her torch. It’s round, and brown with knobbly bits all over it, and two big bulging eyes on the top of it. Is it a frog? Oh no… it’s a cane toad, and they are a big problem for Australian wildlife.
6/14/20218 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

Cooeeing Eastern Curlews

Ann is walking along a muddy wetland, with some black and white birds standing out in the shallow water. Ann can hear insects, clicking crabs and some birds piping away when a skinny brown bird with a loooong beak flies down onto the mudflat. It’s an eastern curlew arriving from the other side of the world!
6/7/20218 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

Yipping Sugar Gliders

It’s the late afternoon and Ann is walking through a forest of eucalypts after having a picnic with her friends. Ann’s heading back to the carpark when suddenly there is a high-pitched ‘yip’ sound somewhere above! What was that… WOW a little animal flies from one tree to the next.. It’s a sugar glider!
5/31/20217 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bopping Bowerbirds

Ann is in a park near the ocean, when she sees something… very odd. It’s like the Sydney opera house, but made out of twigs! What could it be? It’s got lots of blue bits and pieces around it, plus a bit of onion skin and some flowers - they’re all scattered around like washing on the bedroom floor. AH! It’s a bower – that means a bowerbird must be close by.
5/24/20218 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

Howling Dingoes

Ann is camping in the desert. The sun is just setting when she hears some howling! Is it a dog? A wolf? How did it get out here in the middle of the desert? It must be a dingo! “OWWWWWWWWWW”. Hmm, are dingoes dogs? And are they an Australian animal?
5/17/20218 minutes, 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

Laughing Kookaburras

It’s early morning and Ann is walking along the Murray River, listening to the gentle sound of the water flowing past. Oh… it sounds like someone is laughing at that kangaroo? Or are they laughing at Ann? The laughing sound is coming from higher up in the river red gum, so it surely can’t be a person. What could be laughing, high up in that tree?
5/10/20217 minutes, 51 seconds
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Your Fantastic Frogs

You noisy nature narrators have been so busy that we had to make another bonus episode full of your nature noises. This time we’ve got croaking, bonking, ribbetting, mooaaaning and more – it’s your fantastic frog sounds! Keep sending us your awesome audio at ABC Kids listen, and we've got some great news too, a brand new season of Noisy by Nature will be out very soon.
4/28/20219 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Your babbling birds

We called and you answered! So many of you noisy nature narrators have been sending in recordings from all across the country, so here is our first bonus episode of your nature noises. From rainbow lorikeets to kookaburras, black kites to cockatoos, it's beautiful, babbling birds!
12/23/20209 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

Honking Ibis

This special season is all about our nosiest neighbours! The creatures and critters that have made a home in our cities, towns and suburbs. One bird in particular has been making a lot of noise, and a bit of a mess rummaging through some rubbish bins looking for food. It’s an Ibis, and now we know why it has the nickname, bin chicken.
10/2/20207 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

Croaking Green Tree Frogs

It’s a hot and steamy day, and after going to the pool Ann’s busting to get home to go to the loo. But when she arrives there’s something in the toilet! It’s green, with big yellow eyes… It’s a green tree frog. But it definitely doesn’t go galumph. Or ladedadeda!
10/2/20207 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

Cackling Brush-tailed Possums

After kicking the footy in the park, Ann hears a strange noise and spies something running along a tree branch. It’s fluffy, has a long brown tail and just jumped onto her friends’ roof! Do you know what it could be?
10/2/20207 minutes, 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

Squeaking Asian Geckos

Up in The Top End, Ann’s settling in for a relaxing evening when suddenly she hears not one, not two but lots of squeaking INSIDE her room. Is it a cricket? Maybe a mouse? Or something else that is camouflaged against the wall?
10/2/20207 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

Yammering Noisy Miners

Finishing off our special suburban sounds season, we’re outside for a spot of gardening. Ann’s doing some pruning and listening to all the birds in the trees, when all of a sudden a group of small grey birds start screeching. They are so noisy by nature, that noisy is even in their name!
10/2/20207 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Lend us your ears!

Frogs, ravens, cicadas... lend us your ears! While you wait for new episodes of Noisy by Nature, Ann needs your help to find out about the amazing nature noises in your very own backyard. Take a listen to find out more, and email your audio to [email protected]!
8/10/20201 minute, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

Quacking Frogs

Ann is squelching her way through a swamp looking for frogs. There's some tooting coots, splashing wood ducks, and some very squelchy mud. But wait… there’s some short low moaning sounds coming from the reeds. Yes, Ann’s found a moaning frog – it’s singing for a mate!
6/22/20208 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

Squalling Eastern Quolls

Ann is walking through some special woodlands, with the moon high in the sky. She is using her ears to try and hear a special mammal that lives here. Can you hear the song of a currawong that should be in bed? Oh... what’s that growly sound? Could it be... yes! It’s an eastern quoll, and it’s not alone.
6/15/20208 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

Chiming Crimson Rosellas

Ann is heading to the beach to fly her kite, but walking through the scrub she sees a flash of bright red. What could it be? Then, a beautiful chiming bird song calls from one of the trees. Ann knows just what it is! A crimson rosella, one of Ann’s favourite birds.
6/8/20207 minutes, 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

Whirring Crickets

It’s a perfect sunny day for Ann to watch her friends play cricket at the oval, and there are so many interesting nature noises to listen to. There are some magpies warbling in the gum trees, and dogs and bikes going past on the path - Ann is even listening to the barbeque sizzling. But wait… There’s a new sound coming from the ground. Oh WOW, there are crickets whirring at the cricket!
6/1/20207 minutes, 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

Peeping Microbats

On Ann’s friends farm, it's really dry from the drought. But if you use your ears you can still hear some of their sheep out in the paddocks, and maybe a kookaburra laughing as the sun goes down. As the birds go to sleep, Ann is getting ready to listen out for a secretive creature. It’s tiny, and furry, and flies! Oh, do you hear that “peep peep” sound. That’s it, that’s a microbat!
5/25/20207 minutes, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

Wooing Fruit Doves

It is so noisy in the tropical rainforest! Under the tall trees there are buzzing insects, chirping birds, and croaking frogs. There’s so much for Ann to listen to while she walks to a waterfall. Oh... There’s a strange “wakka-woo” sound coming from somewhere in the rainforest. Is it a person making a silly sound? No! It's a Wompoo Fruit Dove.
5/18/20207 minutes, 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

Growling Tassie Devils

The daylight is starting to fade, and Ann is nearly finished her hike in Tasmania. She's listening to tweeting rosellas and calling black currawongs when suddenly something runs across the hiking track making a wheezing, barking sound. It’s a Tasmanian devil! What on earth are they growling about?
5/11/20207 minutes
Episode Artwork

Bomping Emus

In the middle of the outback, Ann is using her ears to hear what animals live in the desert. Let’s listen to the whistling in the sky and the chirping in the the bushes. What is that unusual sound coming closer and closer? A huge bird is making that noise – the tallest bird in Australia! It’s an Emu, but it’s not making that noise with its mouth!
5/4/20207 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Gurgling Gliders

We’re on a camping trip in a forest of tall trees. The boobook owl is hooting so it’s time to get snuggled up in our sleeping bags for the night. What was that? It sounded like a laugh and a sneeze and a gurgle all rolled into one. Ann is going to investigate with her torch. There’s the creature making this funny sound, it just jumped from one tree to another. It’s a yellow-bellied glider!
4/27/20208 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

Warbling Magpies

It’s summer time in the city and Ann is at home, about to take the rubbish outside. Nature is right on her doorstep! Let’s listen to the cicadas humming, and the noisy birds screeching. What’s that pretty birdsong coming from the gum tree? A black and white bird is hopping along a branch, looking right at Ann. It’s a magpie!
4/20/20207 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

New Noisy by Nature is on the way!

Great news nature fans, Ann is back with some brand new episodes of Noisy by Nature from April 21st!
4/13/20202 minutes
Episode Artwork

Fluffing Elephant Seals

We’re on a teeny tiny island halfway between Australia and Antarctica. There are penguins everywhere and some big brown lumps on the sand making some weird noises. They’re elephant seals! And are they, are they farting?
9/1/20197 minutes
Episode Artwork

Hooting Boobook Owls

The evening is falling in a forest on the edge of the city. The forest birds have gone to sleep but the insects are buzzing noisily. Let’s take a walk by the light of the moon and listen to the leaves rustling underfoot. What was that? A baby boobook owl is calling out to its parents for breakfast!
9/1/20195 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

Singing Green Grocer Cicadas

It’s hot summer’s day, and Ann’s on a mission to find an icy pole after going for a swim at the beach. But, what is that racket? There’s a kind of buzzing, humming noise all around us and it’s LOUD. It’s coming from cicadas, one of the 250 different kinds we have in Australia.
9/1/20197 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

Screeching Black Cockatoos

We’re in Victoria on a farm with big trees, listening for a special bird. No, that baaaing noise is sheep. And that’s a magpie warbling, which is beautiful bird sound but not the one we’re after. Oh, hear that screeching? That’s the bird we’re after. A black cockatoo!
9/1/20196 minutes, 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

Grunting Koalas

What goes grunt in the night? Grunt, grunt, grunt. This nature noise is made by a very famous marsupial. You know that cute, fluffy Australian animal that loves to sit in a tree all day long and eat leaves… that’s right, the koala!
9/1/20196 minutes, 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

Moaning Mutton Birds

On a tiny island off the coast, there’s lots of wind and the waves are crashing on rocks. We’re waiting for a special visitor and they’ll arrive after the dark. All of a sudden, a seabird flies in, crash lands and starts MOANING! As if it stubbed its toe! It’s a mutton bird - and here come its friends.
9/1/20197 minutes, 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

Revving Motorbike Frogs

It’s late afternoon and we’re standing by a pond. There are dark clouds in the sky and it’s starting to rain. Good thing Ann packed her raincoat! Can you hear the raindrops hitting the surface of the pond? What is that other, strange sound? It sounds like a motorbike, but there aren’t any roads close by. That revving sound is the sound of a frog!
9/1/20196 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Tinkling Bell Birds

Have you ever been in a forest with lots of tall trees and heard a strange, tinkling sound? Like you’re surrounded by lots of bells, all ringing at the same time? This noise is made by a bird that’s hard to see with our eyes, because they’re so well camouflaged. So, let’s use our ears to listen to the beautiful sound of bell birds.
9/1/20196 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

Squabbling Fruit Bats

Night is falling in a local park and people are heading home to get their dinner. But humans aren’t the only ones that are hungry.  There’s a strange sound, a kind of shrieking, coming from the trees. What could it be? It’s flying foxes, more commonly known as fruit bats! They’re waking up and getting ready to go find some breakfast.
9/1/20196 minutes, 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

Mimicking Lyrebirds

What bird is the best mimic in the whole rainforest? They can confuse currawongs, trick kookaburras, and even sound a bit like a laser. Let’s head down to the rainforest floor underneath the tall trees, past the creek and around the waterfall to meet the best mimic of all: the lyrebird!
8/29/20197 minutes, 57 seconds