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Struggling to lose the last few kilos? Sick of hating your body or trying diets that don’t work? Wondering how to stop thinking about food all the time? The wellness world is full of dodgy ‘health’ advice. Dietitian and nutritionist Lyndi Cohen (aka The Nude Nutritionist) helps you eliminate those pesky diet rules so you can be healthy, without the wellness wankery. In this podcast, Lyndi and her co-host Jenna D'Apice talk about all things nutrition, share actionable strategies for ditching your weight loss diet, and inspire you to finally make peace with your body. From intuitive eating principles, self-care strategies, and doing our part in changing our society's definition of health, to what to do when you're constantly worried about gaining weight - we cover it all. Come join us and thousands of others on their journey to food freedom, be healthy and feel amazing! Have a question or topic you’d like us to cover? Email [email protected].
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89: How to talk to someone with an eating disorder

At just 12 years of age, Jaimee Krawitz struggled with an eating disorder and had no idea how to communicate how she was feeling to her friends and family. It's a tricky conversation for adults, let alone a child!  Jaimee is now a counsellor who has dedicated her work to transforming the dialogue around eating disorders. Because what should you say to someone with an eating disorder? What language is helpful? It is so important we take the time to find out, rather than saying nothing at all and adding loneliness to an already incredibly lonely time. At the core of her mission lies the belief that language can be a powerful tool to nurture understanding, reduce stigma, and promote positive mental well-being, specifically in the context of eating disorders among young people.Whether you're a parent, teacher, or healthcare professional, you're sure to find an abundance of practical tips to help you navigate these often ch
27/11/202328 minutes 47 seconds
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88: Weight loss and Ozempic. What you NEED to know. Worth it or too risky?

Have you been wondering about weight loss drugs? Have you read stories of celebrity weight loss and caught yourself thinking is ozempic actually worth it?Or better still...what is ozempic?Ozempic, a medication initially concocted for blood glucose control but remarketed for weight loss due to its surprising effect. This drug, is injected weekly and works by mimicking the GLP1 hormone and suppressing your appetite.So wait, what's the catch? Oh, there are some not-so-fun side effects...This episode is not a place where I will be shaming anyone who is considering weight loss drugs or have tried them in the past. But a place to remove the diet culture BS and give you the information you NEED, to be able to make informed choices about YOUR life. The world is changing rapidly, and I think this is only the beginning of weight loss medications. Now is the time more than ever to understand what it's all about, wo
20/11/202321 minutes 17 seconds
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87: I quit dieting, but I’m gaining weight. (Part 2)

After I recorded last weeks episode, I found myself texting Jenna. I realised we had so much more to say. Because let's face it, intuitive eating and weight gain is a murky topic.And we do not want to lose people back to diet land!If you have no idea what I'm talking about and you haven't listened to part 1, I highly recommend starting there to get the full context - head back to episode 86. Ever wondered how to make choices that honor your body and health without spiraling into restrictive thoughts? Have you quit dieting, but are gaining weight? Are you tempted to start another diet?This episode is all about continuing the journey of being the decision-maker for your own body, making choices driven by health and not weight loss.  It's time to challenge the diet mentality and embrace a life after restriction, calorie counting and 5am boot camps... unless you LOVE
13/11/202331 minutes 2 seconds
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86: I quit dieting, but I’m gaining weight. (Part 1)

Have you ever wrestled with the idea of intuitive eating, only to find yourself buried under weight gain concerns and that pesky voice in your head leading you back to dieting? Sometimes in the non-diet world, speaking about weight loss can be taboo.  Especially if people are on different stages of their own journey in rebuilding their relationships with food and their bodies.But I can&apos;t help but often think this is where we lose people back to diet land.This all kicked off again after I received an email from a lovely listener called Penelope - who says the age old statement &apos;I have tried and failed at intuitive eating, and each time returned to restrictive eating&apos;.Have you quit dieting but are gaining weight?What should you do next? Let&apos;s talk about the importance of checking in with our hunger and ways to create a healthier home environment without feeling deprived. <br/
06/11/202331 minutes 58 seconds
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85: Why French Women don't get fat: let's discuss

Ever wondered why French women don&apos;t get fat, despite their love of good food? Well you aren&apos;t alone. There was even a whole book about it.First published in 2004, &quot;French Women Don&apos;t Get Fat&quot; by Mireille Guiliano has been translated into 40 languages and sold over 3 million copies worldwide.This book is all about the French&apos;s unique approach to eating, which combines a love for satiating full-fat meals, an appreciation for their culinary heritage, a love of cooking and an untainted enjoyment of what they eat.Sound familiar? Focusing on satisfying foods? Cooking at home? Enjoying your food minus the guilt?Is it possible to enjoy food without guilt and still maintain a healthy lifestyle?This episode is more than just an exploration of French eating habits. It&apos;s another notch in our belt against diet culture, aiming for a healthier and more joyful relationship with food. So,
30/10/202312 minutes 50 seconds
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84: My anxiety breakthroughs! How I manage and thrive with anxiety 13 years after diagnosis

I was told by my doctor that I had clinical anxiety back in 2010 and the diagnosis came as a complete shock. But now, I can see that the writing was on the wall.For months, I had stopped wanting to socialise. When someone would text me asking to hang, I’d see it as a burden. Everything felt like a chore, I didn’t want to do anything.But I&apos;m happy to say, things have changed A LOT since 2010.The anxiety I was experiencing went from out of control, to manageable, to mild and now finally has disappeared. I knew something was finally different when instead of staring at the back of my eyelids, my brain racing like a treadmill on top speed, I fell asleep. No dread. No angst. No catastrophising. No over analysing. It was the first time in decades.And it wasn’t a one off either, but a succession of nights. The only other time my anxiety had disappeared was during my previous pregnancy, and here, pregnant with my second it was happening again
23/10/202332 minutes 4 seconds
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83: Are you eating TOO MUCH or NOT ENOUGH? You might be surprised by the results.

You often hear dieters say &quot;I really don&apos;t eat that much. I have no idea why I can&apos;t lose weight&quot;.  As a past dieter, I know how much I was very religiously sticking to my very few calories that I was allowing myself to have, eating very lightly and not getting anywhere. I would see these diets and meal plans and think &apos;how do people eat this much?!&apos;But the truth is diet culture BS has made it SO hard to even know how much you should be eating. Are you eating too much or not enough? You know it – and I know it – you can’t live your fullest life on an empty stomach. You’re meant for great things but you can’t reach your potential or live your best life when all you think about is food.Constantly worrying about how much you ate or whether you’re eating the ‘right’ things distracts you from all the important shit you were put on this earth to do! And we can’t have that, because the world needs what you’ve got to share.<br
16/10/202323 minutes 49 seconds
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82: Trying to lose weight for your wedding? Listen to this.

Planning a wedding can be a roller coaster of emotions, and not just because of the budgeting, guest lists, and venue hunting. Body image concerns and diet culture  often sneak into the process too. I remember the morning of my wedding so clearly. It was pouring with rain. I&apos;d just finished getting ready for my wedding. I&apos;d put on the veil. This is the moment I looked in the mirror for the first time. But when I saw my reflection, I felt so deeply disappointed. Despite months of meticulous planning, exercising, and curating, I didn&apos;t see the image of perfection I had imagined.But what did I do next?And what can you do to enter your marriage - or whatever your next life phase is - knowing you have so much more to give this world (and your partner) than your appearance?Grab your headphones, get comfortable, and let&apos;s get into it. Your journey to a confident, self-loving wedding planning starts now. <b
09/10/202330 minutes 17 seconds
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81: Are you over exercising or under eating? You can have too much of a good thing

They say you can never have too much of a good thing.And yes, there are a few things I believe this statement applies to: holidays, puppies and beach swims. But two things that can definitely be taken to the extreme are healthy eating and exercising.Don’t get me wrong – You only get one body, and it’s important to take care of it. But it is absolutely possible to go overboard with eating healthy and exercising, and you can end up doing far more harm than good.Sarah Liz King is an accredited exercise physiologist who has dedicated her career to promoting safe and effective exercise practices for individuals with disordered eating, eating disorders, exercise addiction, and hypothalamic amenorrhea.Ever wondered if stress can affect your period?If you haven’t heard of hypothalamic amenorrhea before
02/10/202328 minutes 49 seconds
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80: "My body hasn't changed. I just used to hate it and now love it" Maz's Real Story

Despite leading a glamorous life and having a successful career travelling the world interviewing rockstars, Maz Compton felt utterly disconnected and dissatisfied. Her solution? Ditch the booze and switch up her lifestyle.  Maz went from not being able to get through a few days without a drink to 8 years without a sip of booze. It all started when she took a break from booze and to discover what a hangover free few weeks felt like. It turns out, that was the best choice. It&apos;s not all about alcohol, though. Maz also opens up about her struggle with body image and self-esteem and how the pressures of being a household name took their toll.How did she break free? Well... Let&apos;s find out. Ps. Have you listened to this episode and are ready to learn to unwind and socialise without booze?Welcome to Booze Break. Jump over to the <a
25/09/202333 minutes 33 seconds
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79: Is your head filled with diet rules about alcohol? The truth from a dietitian

Chances are if you’ve been on a diet before – you’ve probably received some pretty dodgy advice when it comes to booze.“Eating is cheating”“Soft drink isn’t worth the calories”.“Juice has too much sugar, I might as well have wine”.I hope you can eye-roll with me at the above statements. But if not let’s scrap that and shake up how we think about alcohol.Let&apos;s flip the script on how diet culture influences our drinking habits. We&apos;ll debunk myths about sugar, explore global drinking norms, and break free from the usual rules.Ever wondered how booze affects your mental mojo? We&apos;ll dig into the science behind alcohol&apos;s impact on your brain, impulse control, and sleep. Ready to redefine your relationship with alcohol? I&apos;ve got some cool tips to help you cut back while boosting your self-esteem and food-fun balance.  Ps. Have you listened to this episode and are ready to learn to un
18/09/202327 minutes 10 seconds
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78: Welcome to Booze Break (and a healthier relationship with alcohol)!

Ready for a healthier relationship with alcohol?BUY BOOZE BREAK HERE! Ready to break the habit in 30 days and learn to unwind and socialise without booze?Welcome to Booze Break. An audio guide to break your booze habit. And I&apos;m giving the first episode FREE to our No Wellness Wankery community. Because let&apos;s face it - most of the advice we have ever been given to drink less has been rooted in diet culture. Is this you?You drink because…. well, everyone does! And ‘cause you’re not quite sure how you’d socialise without it.Pouring a glass wine after a busy (or fun) day has become a habit.A glass turns into a bottle more often than you’d like! You’d like to drink less for your health but you’d hate to become boring - or bored. Whether it’s forever or for just right now. This
16/09/202318 minutes 12 seconds
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77: I stepped on the scales and hated what I saw...

Diet culture tells you that scales are a must. But there&apos;s actually no requirement for you to step on the scale. Not at all.In reality, the act of weighing yourself might be stopping you from finding your healthiest weight.Have you ever experienced how encountering an undesired number on the scale can send you spiraling, sapping your motivation?Jenna was 8 years old when she was sent to her first dietitian to be put on a &apos;healthy eating&apos; meal plan, aka a diet. She spent the next 20 years dieting and is now thankfully coming out the other side. Phew!But are you ready for a reality check when recovering from dieting? Sometimes you do things that you know will help you, and sometimes there are things that you know will make you feel crap... and you do them anyway.Last week, Jenna stepped on the scale—knowing she might not like what she saw. But she did it anyway. Surprisingly, even though she hated the number and d
11/09/202313 minutes 6 seconds
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76: Forgotten meals, binge eating, struggling to exercise & boredom eating - Is ADHD impacting your weight?

Recently, a lovely client called Elizabeth reached out to me inside my Keep it Real program - a program to help people recover from binge eating disorder and stop emotional eating. She mentioned that she was struggling with binge eating and ADHD. She says she constantly forget that she is trying to ditch dieting, gets bored with exercise and struggles with impulse control.Did you know people with ADHD are more likely to struggle with binge eating disorder?But have you ever wondered why? Forgotten meals, binge eating, struggling to exercise, and boredom eating – if these things sound familiar to you. Listen up!I am so pumped to have Becca King join me for this episode. Becca aka @adhd.nutritionist is an ADHDer helping fellow adult ADHDers. Becca is a nutritionist and dietitian who will help break down the complexities of ADHD and its link with binge eati
04/09/202337 minutes 10 seconds
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75: Jess' Real Story "I want to forgive my thighs for not meeting my mum's expectations"

Does your mum make you feel bad about your body? Does she comment on your weight or tell you how much to eat?Your mum may never stop dieting. Or commenting on your weight. This is a sad – but important thing to realise – your mother may never change. Luckily, you can change how you respond to her comments – and see them for what they are, disordered eating and really crumby body image compounded over many years. Unfortunately, this is a concept familiar to so many people – including today’s guest, Jess Robinson. Jess is an award-winning British actor and celebrated voice artist. Yet behind the spotlight, she is battling with body image and diet culture. I was so excited to chat with Jess because she doesn’t shy away from vulnerability. We rewind to her upb
28/08/202334 minutes 17 seconds
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74: Is alcohol fuelling emotional eating? The link between booze, binge eating + weight

Have you ever wondered how your relationship with alcohol might be influencing your eating habits or overall health? Have you ever wondered if alcohol is fuelling your emotional eating? Maybe you&apos;ve already noticed the connection?It&apos;s time to unravel the link between booze, binge eating and your weight. The impact of alcohol is profound. And there are SO many  surprising ways alcohol can lead to anxiety, stress, emotional eating and restriction - a cycle that&apos;s all too easy to fall into. Has diet culture narrowed your focus purely on the calorie content of alcohol? Well, the bad news is the true impact reaches beyond just calories - it affects our sleep, hunger hormones, and gut health too.  But it&apos;s not all gloom and doom. Thank goodness! There is life with booze, a life without booze and even a life with less booze. As with all wellness (without the wankery), it&apos;s all about making inform
21/08/202327 minutes 6 seconds
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73: Should I cut dairy or gluten for my skin? Dr Thivi busts skin myths (Part 2)

If you’ve clicked on this episode, chances are you’re interested in skin health. So, before you press play, make sure you listen to part 1 of this conversation, and then come back.Welcome back, we are SO excited for more Dr Thivi deliciousness. Did you know that 90% of dermatologists and dermatology nurses are asked questions about food and skin health, but only 10% feel confident answering them? Dr Thivi discovered this in her clinical work as a dermatologist, so she decided it was time to go back to school. And for skin lovers, this is truly a match made in heaven. Dr Thivi Maruthappu is the UK’s first and only dual-qualified dermatologist and nutritionist who has developed the SkinFood approach for skin health. She has developed a holistic approach for taking care of our skin, minus any wellness wankery! In this episode, Ly
14/08/202323 minutes