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No Straight Path aims to humanize success from the Millennial perspective. The world often sees the shiny resumes, highlights shared on social media, and job titles associated with a person's LinkedIn profile. We rarely see the story behind it. And when we do, it's often in a memoir towards the end of someone's journey. The podcast aims to delve into the story behind the success with a closer to real-time approach. Because the podcast focuses on the Millennial perspective, many guests are mid-journey. We are capturing a snapshot of the work they've done thus far, while also discussing their hopes and dreams for the future. I'll speak with various guests about their definitions of success and how they overcame setbacks, navigated pivots, and found purpose. No one has a straight path in life. There are lots of twists and turns, which often leads to growth, understanding, and wisdom. My hope is that listeners leave the conversation inspired and with a more nuanced perspective of success.
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Taking Imperfect Action with Steph Taylor

Join us today for our live conversation at Podcast Movement with online business strategist, podcaster and speaker Steph Taylor. She helps business owners build profitable and sustainable online businesses that continue to grow even when they’re offline. She is also the host of Imperfect Action, a podcast where Steph uses her experience of building a million-dollar online business to help listeners as they navigate their journey. She provides mindset advice, actionable marketing tips and strategies to build a business that brings you more profit, more freedom and even more joy. Imperfect Action has over two million listeners, and Steph's work continues to inspire listeners all around the world. We learn all about Steph's inspiring journey as she navigated a number of challenges to build a business she loves. We also talk about her podcasting journey and the purpose behind her work. Tune in for another great story with lots of lessons learned! Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Step
29/11/202333 minutes 56 seconds
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Taking Small Bets with Henna Pryor

On today's episode of No Straight Path, Ashley interviews Henna Pryor, a highly sought after Workplace Performance Expert and an award-winning 2 time TEDx and global keynote speaker, author, and executive coach. Her clients call her their “secret weapon for impossible change,” an honor she wears proudly. She’s known for her science-backed approach to improving the performance, habits, and actions of hungry high achievers – in her fun, no-nonsense, no-jargon way – to move them from their first level of success to their next one.  We cover Henna’s interesting career path and dig into the work she’s doing with her best-selling book, Good Awkward, which was endorsed by NFL Quarterback Russell Wilson, former HBR Editor Karen Dillon, and received the rare Kirkus Star for excellence in writing. Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Henna Pryor Good Awkward Ashley Menzies Babatunde Ashley Menzies Babatunde on Instagram Hubspot Podcast Network Rate & Review: If you enjoy listening to No Straigh
22/11/202340 minutes 37 seconds
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Reflections on Life & Career with Ashley Menzies Babatunde (Part 2)

On this episode of No Straight Path, Ashley shares her reflections on life and career to celebrate her 34th birthday! She shares some of the important lessons she's learned on her journey thus far. She covers mindset, envy, purpose, authenticity, and kindness. Her hope is that these lessons help you as you work to achieve your version of success. This is the second part of a two-part conversation. Thanks for listening!  Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Ashley Menzies Babatunde Ashley Menzies Babatunde on Instagram HubSpot Podcast Network We the Urban  Glennon Doyle  We Wear the Mask by Paul Lawerence Dunbar  Achievement Network  Michelle Odemwingue  Balanced Black Girl  Kindness Article  Rate & Review: If you enjoy listening to No Straight Path, please make sure you write a review and rate the show. It helps other listeners find the podcast. You can rate and review the show here. Thank you! 
15/11/202327 minutes 49 seconds
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Reflections on Life & Career with Ashley Menzies Babatunde (Part 1)

On this episode of No Straight Path, Ashley shares her reflections on life and career to celebrate her 34th birthday! She shares some of the important lessons she's learned on her journey thus far. She covers mindset, envy, purpose, authenticity, and kindness. Her hope is that these lessons help you as you work to achieve your version of success. Don’t forget to tune in to part two next week. Thanks for listening!  Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Ashley Menzies Babatunde Ashley Menzies Babatunde on Instagram HubSpot Podcast Network Growth Mindset Article Rate & Review: If you enjoy listening to No Straight Path, please make sure you write a review and rate the show. It helps other listeners find the podcast. You can rate and review the show here. Thank you! 
09/11/202323 minutes 57 seconds
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Pursuing a Multi-Hyphenate Career with Justin Key (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of our conversation with our special guest for the Halloween Season, author and psychiatrist, Justin Key. He recently published his debut book with HarperCollins called The World Wasn’t Ready For You. In his book, Justin expands and subverts the horror genre to expertly explore issues of race, class, prejudice, love, exclusion, loneliness, and what it means to be a person in the world while revealing the horrifying nature inherent in all of us. Marked by its exceptional imagination and profound emotional impact, it presents a fresh and unforgettable voice in the realm of fiction. He’s been perfecting his voice over the past 14 years, backed by a truly inspiring story. Justin is someone who inspires the idea that multi-hyphenate careers exist and you can follow more than one dream. In this two-part interview, Ashley flips the script and digs deep into the way Justin thinks, the inner workings of his mind (especially related to the horror genre), and how he achieved hi
01/11/202331 minutes 26 seconds
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Pursuing a Multi-Hyphenate Career with Justin Key (Part 1)

This episode of No Straight Path features a special guest for the Halloween Season, author and psychiatrist, Justin Key. He recently published his debut book with HarperCollins called The World Wasn’t Ready For You. In his book, Justin expands and subverts the horror genre to expertly explore issues of race, class, prejudice, love, exclusion, loneliness, and what it means to be a person in the world while revealing the horrifying nature inherent in all of us. Marked by its exceptional imagination and profound emotional impact, it presents a fresh and unforgettable voice in the realm of fiction. He’s been perfecting his voice over the past 14 years, backed by a truly inspiring story. Justin is someone who inspires the idea that multi-hyphenate careers exist and you can follow more than one dream. In this two-part interview, Ashley flips the script and digs deep into the way Justin thinks, the inner workings of his mind (especially related to the horror genre), how he comes up with his f
25/10/202333 minutes 59 seconds
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Defining Your North Star with Isaiah Deporto-Plick

Switching careers can be a stressful and daunting prospect for anyone who is looking to make a vocational change, but it can also be a source of inspiration and a catalyst for growth and for finding your life’s purpose. Today’s guest, Isaiah Deporto-Plick is no stranger to change, as he’s jumped between various industries to finally land on a path that is truly aligned with his purpose. Aside from holding a BA Degree in political science, an MBA, and a Doctorate in Law, Isaiah is also the Co-Founder of Fuerza Ventures – a firm that provides support to new startup founders of color – and a Legal Counsel at SSM, a woman and minority-owned boutique law firm that offers big-law-quality services. We begin our conversation with a journey through Isaiah’s childhood, including the stroke and subsequent cerebral palsy diagnosis that changed his life from birth. Then, Isaiah explains what he learned from growing up with a chronic disease, an alcoholic father, and a very supportive mother, and ho
19/10/202329 minutes 28 seconds
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Learning to Live with Courage with Natalie Franke (Part 2)

What if it only took five seconds of radical courage to change your life? That is the bold idea underpinning Natalie Franke’s new book, Gutsy: Learning to Live with Bold, Brave, and Boundless Courage. In today’s episode, we continue our thought-provoking conversation with Natalie, a bestselling author, community-builder, neuroscience nerd, and mama bear for small businesses. Join us as we get into the details of her new book by exploring the importance of vulnerability, the power of making mistakes, and how a moment of radical courage can remind you of how extraordinary you truly are. We unpack how sharing your fears can lighten your load, why failing is proof that you’re showing up, and how reframing your relationship with failure has the power to lead you to places that chasing perfection never could. Natalie also shares her advice for anyone looking to be more gutsy in their own lives and provides key insights to help you lean into your courage. Tuning in, you’ll hear her thoughts o
11/10/202326 minutes 9 seconds
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Learning to Live with Courage with Natalie Franke (Part 1)

Joining us today is Natalie Franke, a best-selling author, community builder, neuroscience nerd, and mama bear for small businesses. She founded The Rising Tide Society (a game-changer in community building for entrepreneurs), which was acquired by HoneyBook in 2015. Now, at Flodesk, she continues to empower entrepreneurs globally. Her latest publication, Gutsy: Learning to Live with Bold, Brave, and Boundless Courage, is a remarkable book that motivates readers to embrace their inner courage. For the first part of our conversation with Natalie, we learn about her entrepreneurial journey, from her ambitious side hustle as a wedding photographer in college to the deep loneliness she felt when she lost that sense of community. She shares how she established The Rising Tide Society as a space where entrepreneurs and small business owners could foster belonging and why she continues to be a fierce advocate for small business owners and healthy competition. Natalie also opens up about what
04/10/202333 minutes 55 seconds
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Rising to the Occasion with Sarah Chen-Spellings

Our guest today is Sarah Chen-Spellings, an award-winning entrepreneur and investor. She co-founded Beyond The Billion, a global consortium of over 100 venture funds and investors committed to investing over $1 billion in women-founded companies. Sarah's extensive experience includes corporate venture capital within a $13 billion conglomerate, cross-border investments, and leadership roles in organizations like 131 & Counting and Lean In Malaysia, where she accelerates women into leadership roles and promotes women's participation in politics. In our conversation today, we delve into Sarah's remarkable journey, which began at the age of nine when she became a national TV host, setting the stage for an inspiring life trajectory. Her innate ability to rise to the occasion is evident as she opens up about her father's passing, a pivotal moment that led her to step into the family business at the tender age of 21 while navigating the depths of grief. Sarah draws inspiration from her emotio
27/09/202345 minutes 29 seconds
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Design Thinking for Change with Durell Coleman (Part 2)

It’s possible to work in social impact without truly moving the needle on the most pressing issues. But there are plenty of organizations that want to do more than add immediate value. These are the foundations, non-profits, and governments that DC Design serves. During Part 2 of our conversation with Founder and CEO Durell Coleman, we discuss the three primary methods DC Design employs to support those seeking to create change. Durell reveals the thinking process behind choosing to create a business rather than operating as a non-profit and talks about balancing family life and work. We also explore the challenge of giving the appropriate value to the opinions of others as you build relationships and further your career. Lastly, Durell shares some powerful advice for young entrepreneurs, reminding listeners that you can live your life as fully as you can dream of doing so. He then shares some practical advice on how to establish what you are most excited about doing. Don’t miss the se
20/09/202328 minutes 44 seconds
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Design Thinking for Change with Durell Coleman (Part 1)

Durell Coleman founded DC Design with the goal of addressing some of America’s most pressing social challenges through the design thinking process. He has since collaborated with global non-profits, large tech companies, and small businesses to fight against homelessness, mass incarceration, economic inequality, Black infant mortality and more. In part one of our two-part conversation, we explore Durell’s upbringing, which laid the foundation for his passion for creating change. Next, we discuss his mission to eliminate multi-generational poverty by truly listening to what people need and how the humanity he sees in people motivates him to advocate for them. He is a two-time alumnus of Stanford University and its Institute of Design (the Stanford He is an expert in multi-stakeholder, human-centered design; has been awarded the Jefferson Award for Public Service as a result of his work; and is one of the subjects of the PBS documentary: “Extreme by Design,” which is used as a
13/09/202330 minutes 41 seconds
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Leaning Into Joy with Les Alfred

There is no doubt about it: life is full of challenges that come in all different shapes and sizes. But when we approach those challenges with a joyful attitude and an open mind, the possibilities of cultivating prosperity (in every sense of the word) are endless. Les Alfred is the founder of the online wellness community and podcast, Balanced Black Girl. Her mission is to help others create nourishing habits that help them create necessary space to live their best lives. Since launching in 2018, Balanced Black Girl has garnered over 7 million downloads, has over 1,500 5-star reviews, and has been featured by Apple Podcasts and Spotify.  From a young age, Les was drawn to storytelling, which, combined with her personal experience of the transformative power of taking health and wellbeing seriously, is what inspired her to found a platform that focuses on sharing stories around mind-body health, habits, financial wellness, and self-care. In the style of a natural-born storyteller, Les c
06/09/202349 minutes 36 seconds
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How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Achievement with Ashley Menzies Babatunde

In the fast-paced society we live in, it’s easy to get caught up in the pressure to succeed. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to achieve success, the way you approach it can either have a very positive or very negative impact on your health and happiness. As someone who knows all too well what it feels like to overwork, I’ve come up with five strategies that have helped me find more joy, inner peace, and excitement about all aspects of my life, all of which I share with you in this episode. If you’re listening to this podcast, you probably place a high amount of value on achievement, so I really hope that you walk away from this feeling inspired to find work that you feel intrinsically motivated to do, stop setting unrealistic timelines, and celebrate the little wins!  Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Podcast Movement Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic Motivation: What’s the Difference?  The Good Enough Job The Enneagram Personality Test Ashley Menzies Babatunde Ashley Menzies Babatu
09/08/202323 minutes 22 seconds
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Unleashing Creative Leadership with Kaylin Cotton

Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce and they are moving into leadership positions across sectors. They possess the ability to navigate swiftly through changing circumstances, empathize with others, drive purposeful endeavors, and cultivate a culture of ongoing development. Today's guest, Kaylin Cotton, is a Los Angeles native dedicated to creative leadership strategies and pushing organizations forward with inclusive and equitable sensitivities. She has managed retail locations for Fortune 500 companies, led teams in retail and entertainment, and embraced millennial leadership. In the entertainment industry, she built brand guidelines and employed DEI communication strategies. Now, she manages HOORAE, Issa Rae’s dynamic media company known for pushing boundaries and making waves in entertainment. In our conversation, we uncover Kaylin's remarkable journey, exploring the challenges she faced, the lessons she learned, and the strategies she employed to shape the futur
02/08/202345 minutes 8 seconds
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Conscious Consumerism, Leadership, & Entrepreneurship with Ian Bentley (Part 2)

As we continue with the second part of our conversation with Ian Bentley, the Co-Founder, and CEO of Parker Clay, we delve deeper into his journey and the social enterprise work he and his wife Brittany are undertaking. You’ll hear more about Ian’s non-traditional career path and the family's decision to move back to the USA. Ian explains the concept of investing in relation to community, highlighting their unique funding effort through a Regulation A+ and crowdfunding campaign. He reflects on the personal growth he and his family experienced during their time in Ethiopia and the lessons learned about leadership, listening, and introspection. The episode concludes with Ian's heartfelt reminder to be kind to oneself. Tune in for a thought-provoking and inspiring discussion that is sure to resonate with anyone who is looking to make a difference in the world. Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Ian Bentley  Parker Clay  Invest in Parker Clay  Ashley Menzies Babatunde Ashley Menzies Baba
26/07/202316 minutes 33 seconds
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Conscious Consumerism, Leadership, & Entrepreneurship with Ian Bentley (Part 1)

Continuing in our entrepreneurship theme, today we speak with Ian Bentley, the co-founder, and CEO of Parker Clay. This brand showcases exceptional Ethiopian leather and craftsmanship while creating meaningful job opportunities for at-risk women in Ethiopia. Ian, driven by his business development background and desire for change, founded the company with his wife Brittany after adopting their daughter from Ethiopia. Parker Clay has since expanded to over 200 employees (80% women), between their office, warehouse, and flagship store in Santa Barbara, California, and their factory and leadership team in Ethiopia. In this episode, Ian shares his personal journey from growing up in LA to meeting his wife and starting the company together. He discusses the challenges faced by women in Ethiopia and the family’s decision to move there to address these issues. The episode also explores topics such as conscious consumerism and what being a B Corp entails. Ian shares insights on balancing busin
19/07/202335 minutes 53 seconds
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Creating Systemic Change in DEIB with Mandy Price

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) are issues of great concern across corporate America. Thankfully, we are witnessing a drive toward improving DEI in the workplace at a systemic level, and today’s guest is one of the frontrunners of this cause! Mandy Price is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kanarys, Inc., a technology company that is focused on using data analytics to provide the tools that organizations need to create long-term, systemic change around DEIB challenges.  Mandy grew up in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, and the segregation that she witnessed in her community (including the ‘white flight’ mass exodus of Caucasian people from her suburb) ignited a fire within her for creating a better life for all across all environments. Her parents ensured that Mandy always knew who she was and understood the world that she lived in, and her interest in the civil rights movement formed the basis of what would become a stellar career in improving the lives of many others.  In o
12/07/202339 minutes 26 seconds
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Curiosity, Failure, and Loving the Process with Dileep Thazhmon

Launching an all-in-one corporate spend and expense management platform for businesses and global markets is no easy feat, especially when you are a newcomer to the Fintech industry. But innovation can come from the unlikeliest places, and sometimes your outsider status can be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on how you look at it. Today on the show, we welcome Dileep Thazhmon, CEO and Founder of Jeeves, a Y Combinator company providing financial infrastructure for global startups, covering regions as diverse as Brazil, Mexico, Canada, the UK, Europe, and more. When Dileep first started Jeeves, he did not have extensive experience in the Fintech space. But he did have experience in starting — and running — an international company. And it was during that process that he recognized a problem that needed solving. In our conversation with Dileep, we talk about his entrepreneurial journey, the importance of failure, and why so many entrepreneurs start a company based on a problem th
05/07/202337 minutes 16 seconds
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Lessons Learned from Accidental Entrepreneurship with Ashley Menzies Babatunde

Every entrepreneur has a different origin story. For some, it’s a natural progression within their career, where they were always going to set out on their own, while others have dreamed of doing it their entire life and just needed the right opportunity. And for another set of people, it happens almost as if by accident. I never set out to become an entrepreneur, and in the beginning, it felt a bit odd calling myself that. My goal had simply been to make people feel seen and heard. But somewhere along the way, I found myself embarking upon my own entrepreneurial path and changing in ways I could never have predicted! Today’s episode is all about taking a step back and reflecting on the lessons I’ve learned on my accidental entrepreneurship journey, like how entrepreneurship can help you step into a better version of yourself and teach you how to give yourself grace. You’ll hear me unpack the benefits of starting your entrepreneurial endeavor as a side hustle, why you can’t understand
28/06/202328 minutes 42 seconds
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The Journey Back to Self with Tola Sunmonu-Balogun (Part 2)

Welcome to part two of our interview with Tola Sunmonu-Balogun. If you haven’t listened to part one already where we discussed her childhood, the loss of her mother, her podcast, how she finds balance, and so much more, go do so now! In this episode, we take a deep dive into her career, neutralizing her ego and separating herself from external accolades, developing boundaries at work, hating consulting and ultimately growing to love it, and so much more! Tola shares the importance of working with enthusiasm, why she feels anxious about work, and how she overcomes those feelings. Our incredible guest even shares who she really is with us before describing how her imposter syndrome shows up and how she plans on healing that part of her. Finally, Tola tells us how she is trying to figure out what her purpose is and why not knowing doesn’t scare her. This thoughtful, honest, raw conversation is one of a kind and you don’t want to miss out on it so tune in to hear from Tola and to be remind
21/06/202336 minutes 23 seconds
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The Journey Back to Self with Tola Sunmonu-Balogun (Part 1)

Today’s guest is the perfect example of someone whose path has had its twists and turns, even though it seemed linear. And her story, although more conventional than that of our usual guests, is just as important to be told. Tola Sunmonu-Balogun is a partner at McKinsey & Company in Nigeria, and she is here with us to discuss her journey to living a more authentic, peaceful, and fulfilled life. We hear about her adventurous childhood as an extrovert with a focus on being her absolute best, her ‘life with no borders’, how those things informed who she is today, losing her mother, her podcast, Return to Self, and what made her want to begin the journey of rediscovering her identity. Tola tells us about her mother and what she learned from her before delving into the traumatic sexual harassment experience she had. Our guest even shares the unconventional way she balances her high-pressure career with the rest of her life, her motherhood journey, and the love unlocked in her from having ch
14/06/202351 minutes 28 seconds
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Quick Tips for Podcasting with Ashley Menzies Babatunde

If you have a business and you want to reach a wider audience, or if you are looking for a creative outlet, or if you want to connect with like-minded people on a topic you feel passionately about, I highly recommend starting a podcast! Podcasting has changed my life for the better in so many ways, but it comes with its fair share of challenges. In this episode, I share the tools and resources that will help make your experience of starting a podcast as smooth as possible!  Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Affiliate Link for We Edit Podcasts HubSpot Podcast Network Affiliate Link for Shure  Blue Yeti Beats by Dre Ashley Menzies Babatunde Ashley Menzies Babatunde on Instagram Hubspot Podcast Network Rate & Review: If you enjoy listening to No Straight Path, please make sure you write a review and rate the show. It helps other listeners find the podcast. You can rate and review the show here. Thank you! 
31/05/20238 minutes 34 seconds
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The Good Enough Job with Simone Stolzoff

Particularly in American culture, productivity is seen as a measure of moral good, and subsequently, many people define their identity by the work they do. Simone Stolzoff is trying to turn this way of thinking on its head. Simone is an author, designer, and workplace expert from San Francisco.  Through his book, The Good Enough Job, Simone promotes the idea of separating self-work from output and treating work more transactionally. One of the central questions that Simone explores in the book is, “How do we pursue meaningful work without letting what we do for work subsume who we are?” In this episode, Simone shares the journey that led him to write the book, examples of how you can redefine your identity as more than just the job you have, and his vision for the future of work. This is the book I wish I had written, and I hope it changes your life as much as it has changed mine! ​ The Good Enough Job Simone Stolzoff Simone Stolzoff on Instagram Simone Stolzoff on LinkedIn Simone Stol
24/05/202344 minutes 44 seconds
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Five Tips for Career & Life Throwback with Ashley Menzies Babatunde

Drawing on insights from a handful of past guests, this throwback episode outlines five powerful tips for career and life as your host, Ashley Menzies Babatunde shared. Tune in to get inspired by advice rooted in real-life experience. Hear how understanding that things are often grey can help you adopt a growth mindset and even find more success in your career. Learn why freedom and work simply don’t co-exist and how making that distinction can enrich your life. This episode also explores the need to fundraise and appeal to donors and why you should accomplish the goals you want to achieve rather than focusing on what others expect of you. Tune in today to hear all this and more! Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: 33 Lessons for 33 Years of Life  Finding Fulfillment with Sabreena Merchant  You Can’t Lie to Yourself with Spencer Paysinger Part I  You Can't Lie to Yourself with Spencer Paysinger Part II  Becoming Your Best Teammate with Kristin Turner (Part 1)  Becoming Your Best Team
17/05/202316 minutes 50 seconds
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Navigating Motherhood with Ashley’s Aunties

Today we have a special conversation in honor of Mother's Day! Ashley sits down with her four aunties to talk about motherhood, family dynamics, their reflections on raising kids, leading with love, and so much more. We get to hear a little about each of the guests and their families and personalities before diving into some insightful questions and answers on learning from moments of loss, the power of maintaining faith, how being an aunty differs from being a mother, and some funny memories of their children! In such a close-knit family, there is a real sense of togetherness to go along with life's inevitable challenges, and Ashley's aunties talk about their experiences facing mom guilt, making time for self-care, and embracing new societal norms. Ashley also talks about the impactful conversations she had with her mother about acceptance and non-judgment, with her aunties weighing in with some beautifully succinct advice for the next generation of mothers! Join us to hear it all. L
10/05/202358 minutes 13 seconds
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Reclaiming Autonomy and Growing Joy with Maria Failla

Today, we are joined by Maria Failla to hear about her journey from Broadway to becoming a professional podcaster in the gardening space. Maria hosts the Growing Joy with Plants Podcast, which is the top Home & Garden podcast about houseplants and gardening in the world, and is the author of the book Growing Joy: The Plant Lover’s Guide to Cultivating Happiness (and Plants). Maria is evidently a natural-born leader and performer and she is dedicated to using her voice to help people cultivate joy in their lives through plant care. In this episode, we hear her astounding life story of achieving her lifelong dream, recognizing the toll it was taking on her sense of self-worth, and marching forth to reclaim her autonomy and sense of intuition. We learn about her pivot to the podcast and how it transformed her from plant killer to plant lady. Maria also opens up about how the pandemic steered her in a drastically new direction and shares the “exquisitely painful” process of writing her boo
03/05/202349 minutes 25 seconds
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Marrying Law and Machine Learning with Jack Xu

The evolution of AI will change our lives for good and bad, but today we’re focusing on the positive. We are joined by attorney-turned-entrepreneur Jack Xu to discuss the intersection between law and coding. Jack Xu holds a JD from Harvard Law School and a BS in computer science and AI from the University of British Columbia and after working as a patent attorney specializing in intellectual property, he set out to found PatentPal. In this episode, Jack shares insight into patent applications and explains how PatentPal uses generative AI to automate patent drafting. We learn about how his business-centric family culture informed him, as well as the role video games played in his language assimilation as a child. We discuss the way that technology is evolving, touching on the fundamental shift in people’s opinions of AI. Tune in to discover more about Jack’s remarkable entrepreneurial story from his pivot from legal practice to startup founder to the lessons he learned along the way, an
26/04/202331 minutes 6 seconds
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Finding Alignment with Your Values with Jordana Confino

Growing up, most of us will remember being asked what we want to be when we grow up, rather than who we want to be, conditioning us to base our identity on what we do rather than who we truly are and what we value. But focusing solely on achievement and prestige can lead you down a path of isolation that ultimately doesn't provide you with any of the happiness and satisfaction you thought it would. This was the position that today’s guest, Jordana Confino, found herself in. She had spent years tenaciously pursuing a prestigious law career, earning awards, and excelling at elite institutions, all while wrestling with intensifying feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and unhappiness. It was only once she decided to pursue therapy that she realized what her true values were and that she was living and working in direct opposition to them. This prompted her to learn everything she could about the principles of positive psychology and human motivation theory which she has used to transform her
19/04/202342 minutes 17 seconds
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Tapping into the Power of the Mind with Jelani Jenkins

Today, we have another inspiring episode about an athlete pivoting to a different world. Jelani Jenkins, a five-year NFL vet and certified mental performance coach, joins us to tell his story. In response to his challenges after leaving the NFL, Jelani founded Postseason, an app facilitating athletes’ journeys to growth, success, and fulfillment beyond sport. During today’s conversation, Jelani shares some of the blockages he overcame and how he works to help other athletes in a similar space do the same. We touch on defining and measuring success and explore the connections between Postseason and Jelani’s journey out of sports—identity challenges, community, and eliminating isolation through a platform made by athletes, for athletes. Jelani also shares advice for those transitioning from one career into another and for tech CEOs, all with a basis of embracing fear, tapping into the power of the mind and focusing on goals. Jelani weighs in on parenting, marriage, and maximizing the tim
13/04/202347 minutes 56 seconds
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Following your Joy, Passion & Purpose with Desta Tedros Reff

Desta Tedros Reff is a remarkable writer and director who has written for shows like Sorry for Your Loss, The Last Tycoon, The Purge, and Grand Hotel, and currently serves as an Executive Producer on the popular Amazon television reboot of A League of Their Own. Growing up as a Black, queer woman in the rural Midwest, Desta used writing as a tool to help her process her otherness and her passion for filmmaking revealed itself to her one summer when she found her grandparents’ video camera. Yet, she didn’t consider entertainment a viable career option until after she had graduated from Harvard Law School, turned down a prestigious position in the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau in favor of the Harvard Law School Documentary Studio that she co-founded, and spent several years in the Mississippi Delta working as a social justice advocate. All of this had an important influence on the way that Desta approaches storytelling and her dedication to bringing marginalized perspectives into the mainstre
05/04/202342 minutes 44 seconds
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Another Setback, Another Comeback with Ashley Menzies Babatunde

At one point or another in all of our no-straight-path journeys, we are bound to face setbacks, but that doesn’t mean we should give up on our dreams! To continue our celebration of the one-year anniversary of No Straight Path, I share some personal anecdotes from my journey thus far and tell the story of how one setback set me up for success. After encountering a major stumbling block in the Hubspot Creators Accelerator Program, I had to take my own advice: honor your feelings, put things in perspective, normalize the setback, and move forward. To take stock of my past accomplishments, I looked back at the first six months of the podcast and not only reinvigorated my passion for storytelling, connected more deeply with friends, and made new connections with guests but also started building a community of like-minded people whose values aligned with my own. I learned so much about self-affirmation, becoming my own best teammate, reframing my attitude, and reconnecting with my ‘why’ for
03/04/202333 minutes 18 seconds
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A Sustainable Approach to Building a Business with Laurelyn Harrig

In the age of social media, there’s a lot of pressure to gain instant virality online and appeal to a massive audience. But there are countless ways to achieve, measure, and define success. And it’s important not to underestimate the value that comes from growing your brand or business slowly and sustainably. Today's guest, Laurelyn Harrig is an entrepreneur, brand photographer, and strategist with a passion for supporting small, female-owned businesses. Over the past 13 years, Laurelyn has done the hard work of taking her photography business from being her side hustle (while working a demanding corporate job) to a full-time occupation. In our conversation, she recounts some of the biggest lessons she’s learned as a business owner and breaks down the five principles she recommends for growing sustainably while avoiding burnout — including setting boundaries and getting on top of your numbers. We also discuss the notion of having an impact, why you shouldn’t always monetize your hobbie
29/03/202338 minutes 37 seconds
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Lessons Learned After One Year of Podcasting with Ashley Menzies Babatunde

When you reach an important milestone, it’s natural to take a moment to reflect on what came before. It’s an opportunity to take stock of what you’ve experienced, how you’ve changed, and what lessons you have come away with after everything you’ve been through. Today’s episode is one such milestone, and marks the one-year anniversary of the No Straight Path podcast! It has been a year of wonderful interviews with truly incredible human beings, and I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who’s been on this journey with me. Since starting this podcast I have discovered a lot about myself, and in this episode, I take a step back and share the most important lessons I’ve learned over this past year. From realizing that even doing work you love will sometimes feel like work, to uncovering how monetizing your passions can come at a steep cost (and what it takes to find balance) it has undoubtedly been an enlightening journey. Doing this podcast has taught me a lot about my relationship with
22/03/202324 minutes 48 seconds
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A Side Hustle is a Form of Self-Love with Sterling Smith

During today’s episode, we have another entrepreneurial story to share with you! Sterling Smith is a software engineer turned startup founder and the mastermind behind, Sandbox Commerce, and Black Freelancer, the number one diverse platform for top-vetted talent globally. During today’s conversation, you’ll hear his story of turning a pain point into purpose, having experienced the challenges of being a Black freelancer first-hand. Hear highlights from his entrepreneurial journey, where he has developed perseverance through extreme challenges, fueled by deep relationships with his loved ones and a meaningful connection to his faith. He also gives us some insights into the new platform he is developing, Womxn Freelancer. Sterling hopes those with founding aspirations will follow an untraditional path, dedicating themselves to their passions to change the world. In closing, he teases us with a glimpse into his wild ambitions for the future before reminding us that enterp
15/03/202337 minutes 35 seconds
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Battling Inner Voices and External Pressure with Carl Tart

Joining us today is the incredible comedian known for Comedy Bang! Bang! and Party Over Here, Carl Tart, who tells us all about his non-traditional path to becoming an actor! In this episode, we hear all about how Ashley met Carl in elementary school, why Carl and his mom moved to Los Angeles, what his childhood and family were like, how his mom influenced his career, and much more! We delve into the realization Carl had about his purpose in life before he tells us about his interests in college and what pushed him into comedy. Carl even tells us why he struggled with what people would say about his career choice, why he started doing comedy secretly, how confusing inner voices can be, and his love for improv comedy. The acting and comedy industry is incredibly precarious and exceedingly difficult and today, Carl shares some of the challenges he has faced with us and how he overcame them. We discuss why you need to remove yourself from situations that aren’t good for you, why you shoul
08/03/202351 minutes 52 seconds
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Creating Impact Through Transforming Workplace Culture with Leanne and Al Elliott

The majority of people spend a large proportion of their lives at work, so naturally, workplace culture has a massive impact on every aspect of our lives. The power couple who are the guests on today’s episode are on a mission to make people’s lives better one workplace at a time! Leanne and Al Elliott, the realist and the dreamer, are living out their shared passion for creating a human-centered workplace culture through the founding of Oblong (a one-stop-shop for leaders who want to build a great culture) and the Truth, Lies & Workplace Culture podcast. During this episode, Al and Leanne talk about the unusual circumstances under which they first met, why leaders need to pay attention to generational differences, and their approach to enhancing engagement, well-being, and fulfillment in the workplace.  No Straight Path's One-Year Anniversary We are celebrating one year of meaning content, connection, and storytelling. If the No Straight Path Podcast has added value to your life, ple
01/03/202339 minutes 25 seconds
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Elevating Black Voices with Dupe Babatunde

Black businesses fail at an alarmingly higher rate than others, and Black voices are not heard nor valued as much as they deserve to be. These (in addition to her desire to find a husband) were the forces that drove my cousin, Dupe Babatunde, to found Black Social, a new social network for dating, business, and entrepreneurial networking.  During this episode, Dupe talks about her upbringing as the child of a Nigerian father and American mother, and how she reignited her innate qualities of passion and outspokenness that she lost touch with as she grew up. After being on the straight-and-narrow for nine years while she worked as a consultant for Deloitte, Dupe made the decision to carve out her own path, simultaneously taking on a new role at Amazon and becoming an entrepreneur, and although the journey is full of challenges, she wouldn’t have it any other way.  Tune in today to hear Dupe share the approach she is taking to fulfill her dream of celebrating and elevating Black voices, a
22/02/202342 minutes 35 seconds
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Listening to Your Inner Voice in Life, Love, and Business with Segun Babatunde

Today we are continuing our celebration of Black folks by centering Black love. Our host, Ashley Menzies Babatunde, defines Black love as sharing a journey of love, support, and comfort with someone else who understands how to move through spaces, institutions, and a society that wasn't built for you. With this in mind, she welcomes her husband, Segun Babatunde, onto the podcast.  Tuning in, you’ll hear about Ashley and Segun’s love story, Segun’s first impressions of Ashley, and how they both put out into the universe what they wanted in a relationship and the universe spoke back. Segun also shares more about his background, what it was like growing up bi-racial in two different homes with different cultural backgrounds and socio-economic statuses, and how this has informed who he is today. Segun opens up about the value of listening to your inner voice before he talks about his legal career, why he enjoys the story-telling aspects of being a trial lawyer, and the legal doctrine that
15/02/202340 minutes 23 seconds
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Navigating Love & Entrepreneurship with Two Fourteen Photography

In today’s very special ‘Month of Love’ episode of No Straight Path, you’ll hear from best friends, husband and wife, and dynamic duo behind Two Fourteen Photography, Virath and Krizelle Pum. What they started 12 years ago out of Virath’s childhood hobby has grown into a wildly successful business, replete with a team of photographers and videographers serving couples all over the world. While there were many difficult moments along the way, Virath and Krizelle chose to view these moments as opportunities to realign and reflect on the things that were most important to them, and ultimately decided to quit their full-time jobs to pursue their passion for photography. This has led them on an incredible entrepreneurial journey and a more fulfilling and intentional life together, which you will learn more about in today’s conversation. Join us as these high school sweethearts share their love story and offer some insight into when they started thinking about photography as a viable career
08/02/202327 minutes 22 seconds
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Building Safer, More Equitable Workplaces with Lexi B

To kick off Black History Month, we are speaking with a professional storyteller, thought leader, self-proclaimed freedom fighter, and leading Black voice in the tech community, Alexandria Butler (otherwise known as Lexi B). Considered one of Silicon Valley’s most candid and outspoken commentators, Lexi’s beliefs about how to build more equitable workplaces stem from her own experiences of working with some of the world’s most prominent tech companies, including Meta and Twitter. In 2017, these experiences also led her to create Sista Circle, a solidarity group and community dedicated to supporting the work of Black Women in Tech (BWiT). In today’s episode of No Straight Path, Lexi shares some of the ways that oral storytelling was engrained in her upbringing, how professional theatre classes prepared her to “tap dance for the masses” despite being introverted by nature, and the unexpected introduction she had to the tech industry. We also discuss what a fulfilling life looks like to L
01/02/202351 minutes 40 seconds
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The Power of Storytelling with Christopher Rivas

During today’s episode, we welcome our first visiting actor to the show! Christopher Rivas is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after multi-hyphenates - an actor, author, podcaster, and storyteller to watch. His goal is to create art that facilitates spaces of belonging, and he is deeply motivated by his own experience of finding connection through art.  Chris believes that we are all creatives in one way or another, and shares his story of pursuing his dream. He also reveals a pivotal moment in his life where he realized that the character of James Bond is based on a Dominican man, opening up a world of opportunity in his mind through the power of representation. His experience of being told by a public speaker that his heritage left him out of the conversation about race ignited a fire within to pave the way for others like him through writing, and that is how his work Brown Enough was first conceived. In his podcast series, Rubirosa, Chris gets real about assimilation and code
25/01/202330 minutes 22 seconds
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Reflections on Resilience & Social Impact with Jessica Salinas

Jessica Salinas did not have a blueprint. Growing up as a child of undocumented immigrants, experiencing childhood trauma, and being plunged into a new culture where she didn’t speak the language are just a few of the experiences that have made her who she is today. Her journey has also inspired her work to provide others with the support she didn’t know she needed when she was growing up. She is the Chief Investment Officer at New Media Ventures where she is responsible for developing the investment strategy, cultivating early-stage deal flow and portfolio management, building mission-driven partnerships, and leading the growth and direction of the investment team. Previously, she was a partner at an impact fund moving the world towards zero poverty, zero disease and zero pollution. Jessica was also the founding Social Impact Lead at Headspace and the founding Director of the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative Education Program. Jessica has a strong background in activism and
18/01/202341 minutes 9 seconds
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Upscaling Your Business & Life with Scott D. Clary

Many of us are in a place of reflection and planning as we embark upon the new year. Staying in line with this theme, today you’ll hear some practical (and tactical) advice for upscaling your life and business from an established creator and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others succeed. Scott D. Clary is the CEO of OnMi Patch, a transdermal vitamin patch company, the host of the Success Story Podcast, and the founder of a weekly business newsletter with over 100,000 subscribers. From startups to large organizations, Scott has worked with executives and entrepreneurs alike and has sold and marketed to some of the most iconic brands in the world. In this conversation, Scott encourages us to lean into the things that make us uncomfortable and shares his advice for taking a non-traditional career path, despite what others may think. Tuning in, you’ll gain some insight into a pivotal moment in Scott’s entrepreneurial journey. We discuss his secret to creating successful conte
11/01/202358 minutes 37 seconds
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Redefining Success with Ashley Menzies Babatunde

There are so many societal markers of success that it can be challenging to figure out what your definition of success is. When I was asked by the host of another podcast to unpack the word ‘success', I realized that my version of success is living a fulfilling life while doing impactful work. As we enter the new year, today I unpack my definition of success, what it means to me, and how I reached it. You’ll hear a bit more about my journey; how my over-achieving hustle approach to life made me exhausted and less interesting and how I realized I needed to redefine success when I became aware that my values were changing. I then break down my four-part version of what success looks and feels like to me. I explain what my values are now and how I adjusted my life to be one that is reflective of them. I believe that even just defining success leads to fulfillment so if you want a great start to the new year, tune in for some insight on why you too may need to redefine your definition of s
04/01/202332 minutes 41 seconds
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A Holiday Message from Ashley

The festive season and looming end-of-year deadlines can often feel like a mad dash to wrap up everything we hoped to achieve. Instead of rushing this week’s episode, I decided to honor my version of success in a healthy, sustainable manner by taking a break and spending the holiday with my family. So, even though we’re off this week, I wanted to take a moment to share my appreciation with all of our wonderful listeners. The No Straight Path community has been a beautiful and surprising gift, and I’m so grateful to every single one of you for joining me on this journey. Take care, and I can't wait to connect in 2023! Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Ashley Menzies Babatunde Ashley Menzies Babatunde on Instagram Hubspot Podcast Network Rate & Review: If you enjoy listening to No Straight Path, please make sure you write a review and rate the show. It helps other listeners find the podcast. You can rate and review the show here. Thank you! 
28/12/20223 minutes 53 seconds
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Embracing a Love-Based Mindset with Raha Francis (Part 2)

When we pay attention to the life that we want to lean into and how to create it, we realize that it’s all a bit of a delicate dance. No one knows that better than today’s guest, strategic advisor, dancer, and leader, Raha Francis. She shares many pearls of wisdom with us during part two of our conversation, including a deeper look at what it means to embrace a love-based mindset over fear and how to pay attention to yourself and lean into your light. Pulled from her own experience of pivoting between strategic, management consulting, and tiny tech roles, she shares how her current role as a strategic advisor for the Business Development Bank of Canada is aligned with her logical path as well as her internal path. Raha makes time each week to write down her ideas and prioritizes activities that help her to stay moving in the direction of her light. We touch on the delicate dance of practicality and creativity, why Raha is an evangelist for people listening to themselves, and what succe
21/12/202223 minutes 13 seconds
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Embracing a Love-Based Mindset with Raha Francis (Part 1)

Raha Francis is a writer and strategic advisor for entrepreneurs who has navigated several career pivots by paying attention to what makes her come alive. In her thoughtful newsletter, she writes about self-compassion, tapping into your inner child, and achieving a life well-lived by engaging in work and activities that help you come alive. Her career has encompassed working in intellectual and property law in New York City, moving into a management consulting role, and working in Canadian retail strategy and tiny tech startups. Today, she lives in Vancouver and works as a strategic advisor at the Business Development Bank of Canada where she focuses on empowering entrepreneurs. Starting our conversation, Raha shares why she marvels at her childhood and the combination of fear-based and love-based experiences that characterize it. We dive into what motivated her to pursue her studies at Harvard Law, and what the first ten years of her career were like before she questioned her ‘why’. R
15/12/202235 minutes 13 seconds
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Reflections from my Grandmother with Ashley Menzies Babatunde

They say love rules the world. Today’s episode is dedicated to our host’s grandmother, who’s birthday is on December 10. This episode honors Grandma Eula’s legacy, who was truly a woman ahead of her time. She questioned societal norms. She traveled. She went to church and marched in the streets for LGBTQ rights. She was disheartened by societal inequality, and she founded an organization to fight it. She shared her reflections with Ashley in 2019, and we are honoring her memory by sharing some of her words of wisdom. We kick off our conversation with Grandma Eula’s ‘Double Jeopardy’ story which illustrates her contagious sense of bravery. Hear about her personal values around family and giving back, climate change, and how we allow religion to affect ourselves and others. Grandma Eula provides her thoughts on politics and the importance of serving others. She also shares her views on music, criticism, happiness, and jokes. Join us to hear some valuable wisdom from Grandma Eula’s remark
08/12/202221 minutes 5 seconds
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Taking Early Risks with Memme Onwudiwe

Today on No Straight Path, we are joined by startup entrepreneur, Harvard Law lecturer, and metaverse mogul Memme Onwudiwe. Like many of the esteemed guests on this show, you can certainly call Memme a multi-hyphenate! He serves as Executive Vice President of Legal and Business Intelligence at Evisort, a legal tech AI company that he helped build via the Harvard Innovation Lab while in law school. Memme also teaches a course on innovation and entrepreneurship at Harvard with Evisort CEO Jerry Ting, and if that wasn’t enough, he is the co-owner of the African Museum of the Metaverse; one of the first multi-metaverse museums in the world.  Fascinated by legal issues around AI, space technologies, and innovation on the African continent, Memme is a digital nomad with a purpose. Listen in as we discuss why you don’t need to get good grades to make valuable contributions to society and Memme offers some insight into his entrepreneurial story, which was set in motion because he was recepti
30/11/202231 minutes 43 seconds
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Navigating Job Loss and Finding Clarity with Paola Soares

There is so much stigma around failure in our society. Today’s guest is on a mission to change how we think about it. Paola Soares is the host and creator of the Top 50 Apple Podcast in entrepreneurship, But First, She Failed. She is here today to share her inspiring story of navigating job loss, finding clarity, and working towards the life of her dreams. She is a former journalist whose favorite news stories were always profile pieces that helped and inspired. Today, she is taking her passion for storytelling to help women to redefine failure, while gaining clarity and confidence in their careers and businesses. We explore the impact of growing up in a diverse environment on your social skills and navigating the blow of being fired. You’ll hear Paola’s take on forgiveness, honoring our feelings, and moving forward, along with searching your soul to take the necessary action towards living in alignment with your values. She shares what motivated her to change her life, what she recomm
23/11/202236 minutes 40 seconds
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Education, Imagination, and Wellbeing with Darius White

A high school teacher by profession, Darius White is also a creative problem-solver, first-generation Stanford graduate, “what if” asker, and consultant on issues of equity and inclusion for our classrooms and professional workspaces. As a writing advisor, Darius has a gift for helping others tell their stories. He also serves as a board member for the San Francisco Education Fund, which supports students, their families, and the local public school system. In this episode, we have a fascinating conversation about Darius’ unconventional career choice, the impact that his grandmother had on him growing up, and his definition of success. We also dig into some important topics, including the state of our education system in the US and how we can better support our teachers, starting with giving them a voice. Thankfully, Darius is using his voice to effect change, and he uses his classroom and social media platforms to invite activists, advocates, allies, and educators into radical collabo
16/11/202233 minutes 53 seconds
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Five Tips for Navigating Career and Life with Ashley Menzies Babatunde

I like to use my birthday month as a time for gathering, celebration, and reflection, and this year I wrote a blog post about some of my reflections over the past 33 years of life. Today on the podcast, I want to share some of these insights with you because I believe they will help you navigate your no-straight-path journeys. As I discuss these five tips, I give examples of how they have played out in my life and in the lives of many of the guests we’ve had on this show. Tuning in you’ll hear about what I learned about trusting myself with my own life from Kristin Turner and how this relates to Mike Thomas’s “No Excuses” approach. I explain how understanding that things are not black and white will help you achieve an abundance and a growth mindset. I also talk about how we should navigate the fact that freedom and work rarely coexist, why it’s so important to balance hard work and rest, and why you should accomplish the goals you want to achieve (with an emphasis on ‘you’). For all t
09/11/202215 minutes 47 seconds
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Mental Toughness with Ros Gold-Onwude (Part 2)

Does the definition of success change as you grow older and experience more? Well, here to discuss just that and how she became mentally tough, is Ros Gold-Onwude. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to tune into part one of this conversation where we discussed how Ros’ family life shaped who she is today, her time as a basketball player, the lessons she learned, and what led her to sports broadcasting. We discuss Ros’ family’s reaction to her chasing broadcasting, how she handled the guilt surrounding potentially selfish life decisions, and what Ros is grateful for. She talks us through some of the highlights of her career including reporting at the Olympics, before telling us why the journey is way more important than the result. We also talk about the challenges Ros faced during the pandemic, how she always tries to move with grace, why she needed to separate identity from her career, and what her definition of success is. Finally, Ros leaves us with some advice about trying your b
02/11/202227 minutes
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Mental Toughness with Ros Gold-Onwude (Part 1)

You can develop mental toughness by working on life skills and pushing through hardships! This week is Ashley’s birthday week and in this episode, we are celebrating friendship, progression, and our journey! Joining us today is the accomplished ESPN sports broadcaster, Ros Gold-Onwude, to tell us how she stepped into her gift. Ros is also a basketball player, mentor for young women, advocate for mental health, and crypto-nerd who aims to use that space to create life-changing opportunities for minorities! You’ll hear all about Ros’ background, her incredibly strong mother, how she got onto her current career path, the difficulties and benefits of being a student-athlete, the life lessons we learned from sports, and how she overcame adversity. We also discuss how we inspire each other as friends and how Ros became mentally tough. Don’t miss this heartfelt conversation and stay tuned for part two! Rate & Review: If you enjoy listening to No Straight Path, please make sure you write a r
26/10/202234 minutes 26 seconds
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Navigating Sales & Entrepreneurship with Jason Bay

Sales may often be associated with highly outgoing and extroverted personality types, but today's guest has a slightly different story to tell. Growing up shy and introverted, Jason Bay, probably never envisioned himself starting a career and company based on cold outreach and customer conversations, and in this episode, we hear from him about how he accidentally fell into the sales field, and adapted his listening skills into a sales superpower. Jason is the Founder and CEO of Outbound Squad, whose mission is to help sales teams turn complete strangers into paying customers. In our chat with Jason, we get to chart the most important moments in his life and career thus far, from early jobs and childhood memories, to the events leading up to the founding of the company. Our guest shares some of the biggest challenges he has faced, how he uses his values to make big decisions, what it took to be courageous enough to start a business, and some great pieces of practical advice for the pers
19/10/202246 minutes 1 second
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Becoming Your Best Teammate with Kristin Turner (Part 2)

Welcome to part two of our conversation with wellness speaker and strategist, Kristin Turner! Don’t forget to listen to part one, where we learned about Kristin’s career, her fellowship at Harvard, and her thoughtful definition of success. Tuning in today, you’ll find out how Kristin made decisions in her career that aligned with who she is, how her sabbatical led her to where she is now, and why she doesn’t necessarily know what her ideal service is to the world, as well as when she felt happiest in her career and what inspired her dip into politics. We discuss how perspective helps you see what you’re capable of doing, even if you don’t believe you are, and the importance of contributing to building a world you won’t get to see. Kristin shares her take on why poverty is an issue that she desperately wants to solve, and we discover why she once took a full 365 days off work! You’ll also gain some insight into work she does with Emily’s List and why she isn’t all that concerned about k
12/10/202244 minutes 2 seconds
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Becoming Your Best Teammate with Kristin Turner (Part 1)

Welcome back to No Straight Path. We are very excited to be joined by speaker and strategist, Kristin Turner. Kristin is a self-proclaimed ‘recovering lawyer’ whose focus is now on advocating for wellness and social justice. She is also the deputy director of Women Vote! and has a passion for creating more equitable systems in society. Listening in, you’ll hear all about Kristin’s childhood, her unconventional parents and how they affected her future. She shares how she ended up at Harvard Law School, what derailed her away from her interests in negotiation, and how she figured out that she needed to be her best teammate through the loneliness of leadership. Kristin also shares how she came into her own voice as a leader, the anxiety she experienced after law school, and why she graduated without a job. We look into the importance of trusting your instincts and knowing what is right and wrong for you before discussing why timelines are fake and time is what you make it. Kristin also ex
05/10/202253 minutes 38 seconds
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From Setback to Comeback with Ashley Menzies Babatunde

In this solo episode, I do a deep dive into how to bounce back from a setback. At some point in our no-straight-path journeys, we all face setbacks and I believe that by sharing our stories and the lessons learned we can help others struggle less and soften the blows. Given the fact that many big companies have recently announced staff reductions and lots of people are facing job losses, in this episode, I use job loss to contextualize the issue, but it is relevant to other setbacks. Having failed the bar exam to become a lawyer, I have firsthand experience of how to overcome a setback, and today I am going to break down some practical tips on how you too can get through a challenge like this. From normalizing the setback and honoring the pain to ultimately believing in yourself again, I’ll give you helpful steps to get through this tough time. If there’s one thing I know it’s that your setback story can become your comeback story and I’m here to help you do it. So if you’re in a tough
28/09/202216 minutes 41 seconds
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Picking the Destination, but not the Journey with Dawn Dickson

In line with this podcast’s theme of navigating no-straight-path journeys, today we are joined by lateral thinker, Dawn Dickson! Dawn is a serial entrepreneur and inventor with over 20 years of experience in technology and business development. She has run six successful companies, including Flat Out of Heels and PopCom, and is a pioneer in crowdfunding as the first woman to raise over $1 million. She has received a number of awards recognizing her impact in business, including a feature on the Forbes Next 1000 List. In our very first live episode, we bring you a conversation with Dawn from HubSpot’s Inbound business conference. Tuning in, you’ll hear how Dawn’s entrepreneurial journey began in her childhood and how she came up with the idea for some of her companies. She also sheds light on investing, the barriers that exist for many people, and why crowdfunding is so rewarding. Dawn believes that the only reason she didn’t fail is that she didn’t quit. To hear about the many challeng
21/09/202230 minutes 49 seconds
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Law, Tech & Content Creation with Alex Su

This week, on No Straight Path, we are joined by the Head of Community Development at Ironclad, Alex Su (otherwise known as the LegalTechBro on TikTok), who has been taking the legal content creation world by storm! As a former attorney who now works at the cutting edge of legal technologies, Alex uses humor to make some pretty serious points about what it’s like to practice law and highlights some of the biggest issues facing the legal profession, from mental health to overwork, burnout, and more. Alex’s journey is not without its unexpected twists and turns and, in today’s episode, we dig into a number of No Straight Path topics, including major setbacks, highlights, and lessons learned. You’ll discover what drew Alex to the legal profession in the first place, how he realized that he was on the wrong path, and how he uses the lighthearted medium of social media to engage with a typically earnest legal audience. One thing that stands out about this interview is the key role that pers
14/09/202230 minutes 36 seconds
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Marrying Creativity and Business with Emily Thompson

Emily Thompson’s entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 18 when she bought her first business, a tanning salon. From the moment she stepped into the role of a business owner, she knew that was where she was meant to be, and since then she has built businesses ranging from online jewelry stores to website design agencies. Today, she runs Being Boss and Almanac Supply Co., both of which feed her passions for creativity and business in different ways. Tune in to hear Emily share the story of her upbringing (which was filled with experiences rather than things), one of the biggest setbacks she has experienced as an entrepreneur (and the valuable lesson it taught her), why it is so important to be flexible with your vision, and the benefits of a “business bestie.” Entrepreneurship is about the journey; be open to all the opportunities that life presents to you, and don’t forget to have fun along the way!  Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Emily Thompson on LinkedIn Almanac Supply Co
07/09/202238 minutes 16 seconds
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Achieving a Human-Centered Workplace with Dr. Sanja Licina and Maddie Grant

How can we achieve more humanity in the workplace? If this is something that you are passionate about, you have come to the right place! In this episode, we bring you an enlightening conversation with Dr. Sanja Licina and Maddie Grant on achieving a human-centered workplace. Dr. Sanja Licina is an organizational psychologist and the president of QuestionPro Workforce. She has dedicated her entire career to helping companies create cultures that employees love to be part of. Maddie Grant is the co-founder of Propel, as well as an expert culture designer and digital strategist, focusing on helping organizations unlock the power in their culture. She is also the author of a number of books including Humanize: How People-Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World, which was surprisingly ahead of its time when it was published over a decade ago. After covering Sanja and Maddie’s no-straight-path stories, we talk about creating systems to better support humanity in the workplace in spit
31/08/202227 minutes 57 seconds
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The Pivot with Ashley Menzies Babatunde (Part 2)

In the second installation of The Pivot, I unpack five of the most important lessons (there were many more, but I’ll get into those in future episodes) that I learned during the period of imbalance that preceded my decision to take a one-year sabbatical from my law firm job and pursue podcasting full-time. From asking for what you want to embracing your childhood qualities and giving yourself grace, tune in today as I share some of the lessons that helped me gain the courage and the confidence to change the course of my life. Thanks for being a part of this journey!  Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Ashley Menzies Babatunde Ashley Menzies Babatunde on Instagram No Straight Path on Instagram
24/08/202213 minutes 9 seconds
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The Pivot with Ashley Menzies Babatunde (Part 1)

Today is the first official day of my year-long sabbatical from law. I am going to focus my energy on being a full-time podcast creator! So, I thought this would be a good time to share how No Straight Path came to be. The combination of my passion for storytelling, my desire to help other people overcome their feelings of failure, and my mom’s encouragement all led me to the point I’m at today and I couldn’t be more grateful. I know how it feels to have the weight of a community on your shoulders, how it feels to fail when everyone expects you to succeed, and how it feels to lose all sense of balance. I also know how it feels to overcome setbacks, redefine self-worth, and take control of the journey that is life. In taking this sabbatical, I’m going after what I really want, and I hope you’ll join me to see where it goes! Here’s to you, mom. Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Hubspot Creators How Are You, Really by Jenna Kutcher Ashley Menzies Babatunde Ashley Menzies Babatunde on I
17/08/202220 minutes 43 seconds
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Pursue Your Dreams with Mike Thomas (Part 2)

Thanks for joining us for the second installment of our two-part conversation with Stanford graduate, NFL player, and active community member, Michael Thomas. As you learned in part one, Mike is one of the NFL Player Association’s most active players, a two-time NFLPA Community MVP, and an excellent storyteller. We ended on the incredible story of how Mike earned his reputation as one of the best Special Teams players in the NFL and, in today’s episode, we delve into his definition of success as he shares some of the lessons he has learned in his journey as an entrepreneur. Mike also speaks candidly about how his experience of loss has informed his perspective on life and how he was able to channel his grief into his philanthropic work. Tuning in, you’ll discover why Mike believes that consistency is key and how he implements the ‘No Excuses’ philosophy in his household. He also offers insight into the purpose-driven work he does through Camp Mike T and some of the valuable lessons he
10/08/202233 minutes 3 seconds
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Pursue Your Dreams with Mike Thomas (Part 1)

When they’re not using their athletic powers on the field, NFL players, like today’s guest, are finding ways to serve as superheroes for their communities. This week, we are joined by Michael Thomas, a fellow Stanford graduate and one of the NFL Player Association’s most active players, both on and off the field, having played with the San Francisco 49ers, the Miami Dolphins, the New York Giants, the Houston Texans, and the Cincinnati Bengals over the course of his decade-long career. Throughout his time with the NFL, Mike has always been an active community member, creating the Big Plays for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami, being named NFLPA Community MVP in both 2015 and 2016 for his youth mentorship initiatives, and hosting ‘Camp Mike T’ to expose kids to unique opportunities for financial literacy and college prep programs. He also formed part in the NFLPA’s 2018 and 2019 Externship classes, during which he worked closely with Representative Sheila Jackson Lee to learn more about
03/08/202242 minutes 50 seconds
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Internalizing your Compass with McKenzie Thomas (Part 2)

In the first of our two-part series on McKenzie Thomas, the Director of Operations, Ads & Business Products at Meta, we learned all about the twists and turns of her journey and how she stayed true to herself and her inner compass. In today’s episode we delve more deeply into the lessons she learned along the way. Tuning in you’ll hear more about McKenzie’s definition of success and the role of her values, integrity, and morals in it. As she is on the brink of motherhood and is about to go on maternity leave, she opens up about what her pregnancy has been like, how she feels about becoming a mother, and her refusal to change who she is as a result of it. She talks about some of the biggest challenges she has faced in her life, how she accepted that some things just weren’t meant for her, and why she believes that it’s so important to be open to things that you may not have imagined for yourself. Listen in today to hear more of McKenzie’s profound insights into the value of trusting you
27/07/202222 minutes 15 seconds
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Internalizing your Compass with McKenzie Thomas (Part 1)

The story of today’s guest epitomizes what this podcast is all about. McKenzie Thomas is the Director of Operations, Ads & Business Products at Meta, where her team is responsible for creating products and solutions that help millions of businesses reach their customers through Facebook, Instagram, and other Meta platforms. Her path to get to this point was anything but straight and, in this episode, McKenzie shares with us what her journey has looked like to date. Tuning in you’ll hear about her childhood, her early communication skills, and her career aspirations and how they led her to where she is today. McKenzie talks about her experience at Howard University and how attending an HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) gave her confidence and helped her succeed at a tough internship at Bloomingdales. She also discusses how a decision to defer Harvard Law School for a year to take a promotion went beyond the wishes and understanding of those close to her but ultimately
20/07/202239 minutes 57 seconds
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Success is Maximizing Happiness with DeRon Brown

Rather than defining yourself by your profession, define yourself by the positive impact that you can have on other people’s lives. Rather than defining success by the amount of money in your bank account, define success by how happy you are. DeRon Brown knows the feelings of burnout and denial all too well, but he has used every challenge that he has faced as a steppingstone to a brighter future. Today, DeRon supports the strategic development and ongoing management of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation’s investment portfolio and, although he took a paycut from his previous job, he has never felt more fulfilled! Tune in to hear about DeRon’s Southern-style upbringing, what drew him to the world of business, and what he loves about his work!  Key Points From This Episode: What DeRon’s upbringing in Virginia Beach was like. DeRon’s original career plans, and what led him into the world of business. Some of the biggest challenges that DeRon has experienced during his career. The realiz
13/07/202234 minutes 47 seconds
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What Success Feels Like with Jenna Kutcher

Just for a moment, forget the hustle mentality. Forget waking up at 5 AM to ‘get ahead’ and obsessing over your five-year plan. The pandemic has forced a cultural shift, causing many of us to reframe our perspective of what work is for, what work/life balance really means, and how we want to spend our time on the planet. Today, we speak to Jenna Kutcher, an entrepreneur who grew her business from local wedding photographer to million-dollar personal brand. As if running an award-winning photography business wasn't enough, Jenna branched out into social media, education, and podcasting and she recently published her first book, How Are You, Really?, a guide to soaking up the richness of your experience rather than relentlessly pursuing the tired cliche of “having it all.” She has enabled thousands of entrepreneurs to redefine success and chase bold dreams through her decade-long work as a leading online personality and educator and, in today’s episode, she wants to help you do the same!
06/07/202224 minutes 2 seconds
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Accidental Pivots with Cece Xie

Welcome to today’s episode with another inspiring guest. Cece Xie is a writer, lawyer, and content creator who has been featured in Business Insider, Bloomberg Law, and the ADA Journal. As an immigrant, Cece grew up thinking she was only good at one thing, and that was studying. This led her to Yale, followed by Harvard Law, before she worked as a lawyer in New York City. She began creating content in 2020 to help demystify the legal industry for ordinary people and to share wisdom from her years of balancing wellness with a high-pressure career. Her aim was always to help and inspire outsiders to carve out their unique path in the world, and this has led her to gain 450 000 followers across her social media platforms. Cece brings all of this together on her blogs, which tell the story of this journey, and more! Join us to hear from her today. Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Cece Xie Cece Xie on Instagram  Cece Xie on LinkedIn Cece Xie on Twitter Cece Xie on YouTube Ashley Menzies
29/06/202239 minutes 15 seconds
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Fatherhood & Career with the Menzies Brothers (Part 2)

As we bring you part two of our Father’s Day series, today our host Ashley Menzies Babatunde continues her interview with her dad Sydney and his three brothers Patrick, Marvin, and Eric, by delving deeper into their individual fatherhood stories. In this episode, we learn more about how they balanced fatherhood with their careers. Patrick talks about the good and bad decisions that he made, Marvin shares what he wishes he had done differently, and Sydney chats about the gratitude he had for Ashley’s mom Belinda. We hear about the support these fathers received from the mothers of their children and how it enabled them to focus on their careers. They reflect on their favorite parts of being a dad, the benefits of learning from those who came before you, the importance of surrounding yourself with a village, and the value of generally just being there for your kids. For all this valuable advice and some more charming family anecdotes from the Menzies, tune in today! Links Mentioned in T
22/06/202217 minutes 57 seconds
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Fatherhood & Career with the Menzies Brothers (Part 1)

In honor of Father’s Day, our host Ashley Menzies Babatunde brings you the first part of a two-part series on career and fatherhood where she interviews her dad and her uncles. Tuning in, you’ll meet the four brothers: Patrick, Sidney (Ashley's dad), Marvin, and Eric. Ashley gives us a brief introduction to each of the brothers, their careers, and the roles that they play in the family. You’ll hear about their childhood in the LA mid-city area where they were raised by Guyanese emigrants in the same home that Ashley grew up in. Although each of the brothers took a different path in life, they have a very strong familial bond that they have passed on to their children. In this episode, they reflect on their childhoods, what they learned from their parents, and how they have applied this knowledge in their own lives. You’ll hear how their parents instilled in them the values of responsibility, generosity, social responsibility, brotherly love, and accountability. You’ll also hear the sto
15/06/202233 minutes 17 seconds
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Navigating Periods of Imbalance with Ashley Menzies Babatunde

We all experience periods in our lives that are imbalanced. And when we try to do everything at once, it often leads to burnout. In this episode, we hear more about our host Ashley Menzies Babatunde’s personal journey. With her wedding two months away, her cases blowing up, and her passion to continue producing this amazing podcast, Ashley is entering a period of imbalance. Tuning in you will hear how, even though she is grateful for everything that is going on in her life, she is overwhelmed. She also talks about how when you are doing something you love and you are generally a high achiever, you are at an even higher risk for burnout, before breaking down her top five tips for getting through periods of imbalance without sacrificing your well-being. To hear how you can get organized, control the things you can control, get creative, outsource, and hold on to things that really matter in order to make it through what could otherwise be a very stressful time, tune in today!  Links Men
08/06/202211 minutes 54 seconds
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Success is Communal with Yvorn "Doc" Aswad M.D. (Part 2)

And we’re back for part two with Dr. Yvorn “Doc” Aswad: pediatrician, psychiatrist, activist, and aspiring author. This episode is filled with pearls of wisdom and inspiring new views on success, joy, and humor. In a capitalist society where success is intrinsically intertwined with individualism, Doc provides an alternative, championing the “tribe” and defining success as communal. In our conversation, Doc shares his thoughts on raising future generations to be communally minded amidst communal suffering and existential threats, and he explains why the most radical thing one could ever do is raise a healthy black family. Despite his hardships, Doc finds relief in humor, identifying it as his most vocal defense mechanism. Tune in to find out more about the four mature defense mechanisms as classified in psychiatry, the eternal source of joy, and how the only “have to” in this world is to live an abundant life. Sit back and prepare to be inspired! Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Dr
01/06/202220 minutes 9 seconds
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Success is Communal with Yvorn "Doc" Aswad M.D. (Part 1)

Today’s guest credits growing up as part of a large family in South Central Los Angeles with not only providing him with a sense of deep spirituality, pride, and belonging, but also for his passion for serving the medically underserved. Dr. Yvorn Aswad, also affectionately known as ‘Doc’, is a pediatrician, psychiatrist, activist, and aspiring science fiction author whose work centers on youth violence prevention, caring for those who are transitioning from the criminal legal system, and restructuring emergency mental health access to feel more therapeutic. Doc received his Bachelors from Stanford University, his M.D. from the Charles Drew University UCLA Medical Education Program, and he is currently a resident at Brown University in the Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry combined program. In part one of this authentic and candid conversation, you’ll learn how Doc’s upbringing and education informed who he is as a healthcare professional and an activist, what
25/05/202236 minutes 54 seconds
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Finding your Voice with Esther Agbaje

Esther Agbaje is not your stereotypical politician, fortunately! Her heart for people is so big, and through the work that she is doing, she is really contributing to making the world a better place. From a young age, Esther was drawn to the political sphere (she started writing letters to the White House at the age of 7!), and today she serves as the State Representative in the Minnesota Legislature where she focuses on advancing people-centered policies. Esther is a passionate advocate for tenants rights, police accountability, and the provision of safe places for young people. She was once told by a professor that she didn’t have a voice, but that couldn’t be further from the truth; Esther has given me hope for the future of American politics, and I hope you feel the same after listening to her story today!  Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Esther Agbaje Esther Agbaje on Instagram Esther Agbaje on Twitter Esther Agbaje on Linktree Ashley Menzies Babatunde Ashley Menzies Babatund
18/05/202235 minutes 44 seconds
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The Wrong Kind of Hard Work with Ashley Menzies Babatunde

Sometimes a job is hard because it’s hard and sometimes a job is hard because it’s wrong for you. In this solo episode, our host, Ashley Menzies Babatunde, revisits some of the pearls of wisdom dropped by guests in previous episodes in relation to this subject. Past guest Sabreena Merchant explains how figuring out this distinction took her longer than she would have liked, while a voice clip from Spencer Paysinger’s interview explains how he realized he was in the wrong job. Ashley also opens up about how this revelation has impacted her own career before breaking down eight questions that may help you realize if your job is hard because it’s hard or hard because it’s wrong for you. Tuning in you’ll hear about the importance of factoring in your own personality, the role of societal pressure, and what heightened anxiety or your inability to maintain a healthy lifestyle may be trying to tell you. To hear about some of the clear signs that your job may be hard because it’s wrong for you
11/05/202218 minutes 12 seconds
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You Can't Lie to Yourself with Spencer Paysinger Part II

Today we dig into part two of our conversation with Spencer Paysinger. Spencer was an American football linebacker for the New York Giants until 2017 when he pivoted to focus on film and television, writing, co-producing, and acting in All American, the TV series based on his life. In this episode, Spencer shares his thoughts on success, explains how he defines it, and elaborates on why, despite his fame, it’s so important for him to be able to walk down a street as a relative unknown. He opens up about his relationship with his wife, how they support each other, and how fatherhood has changed him. We also discuss the importance of knowing yourself, why that’s becoming increasingly more difficult in today’s world, and what he has gained from going to therapy. To hear some profound words on success, knowing who you are, and the life-changing potential of hobbies, tune in today!  Key Points From This Episode: How Spencer defines success. Why it’s so important for him to be able to wal
27/04/202224 minutes 49 seconds
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You Can’t Lie to Yourself with Spencer Paysinger Part I

Not only does Spencer Paysinger’s life story sound like a riveting television series, it was actually turned into one! Spencer was an American football linebacker for the New York Giants until 2017 when he pivoted to focus on film and television, co-producing and acting in All American, the TV series based on his life. He is also an old school friend of Ashley’s, and in this episode, we hear about some escapades from their past, as well as insight into Spencer’s character and interests growing up in LA. Spencer shares his almost fantastical tale of finding success in professional football, and eventually television, and opens up about the philosophies that guide him. Tune in to hear about how being true to himself at every step of the way opened up opportunities for him and led him to where he is today! Key Points From This Episode: Spencer Paysinger’s inspiring life story from football to television and beyond. Spencer describes his childhood, growing up in LA. His character and i
20/04/202247 minutes 10 seconds
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Finding Fulfillment with Sabreena Merchant

Sabreena Merchant spent the majority of her childhood and early adulthood doing things to make other people happy. She went to religious school instead of playing basketball on Saturdays and pushed through pre-med because her parents’ dream was for her to become a doctor. All of this left her feeling anxious and unsatisfied, so, a few years ago, when Sabreena was presented with an opportunity to explore a completely different career path (sports writing), she took it, and she has never felt more fulfilled! Some of the biggest lessons that Sabreena has learned from her life experiences so far include the following: it’s never too late to start something new, there are many different ways to be successful, and your happiness should be your number one priority! Tune in today to hear Sabreena’s story, which I hope inspires you to follow your heart.  Key Points From This Episode: An overview of Sabreena Merchant’s career as a sports writer. Sabreena shares what her upbringing was like.
13/04/202235 minutes 28 seconds
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Story Time with Ashley Menzies Babatunde

We’re back for another episode of No Straight Path, where there are highs, lows, and lessons learned. Today’s is a solo episode where Ashley unpacks the highlights and lessons learned so far, from historic moments regarding the Supreme Court to changing the mindsets that prove detrimental to the well-being of Black women. Ashley shares her personal experiences in the academic world and some of the micro-aggressions that, in hindsight, broke down her confidence and negatively affected her overall wellbeing, a lesson we should all take note of. We end off the podcast with why it’s important for you to take note of the things that light you up, so make sure to stay tuned for all this and more! Key Points From This Episode: A clip from Episode 1 that resonated with Ashley, which you can listen to at [0:01:37]. Why Ashley finds it historic to have a Black woman on the Supreme Court. Why compelling Black women to prove that they are worthy to occupy the spaces they enter is detrimental t
06/04/202216 minutes 1 second
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Success Is Not a Destination with Michelle Odemwingie Part 2

Welcome back to the second half of our conversation with Michelle Odemwingie! Today we dive a little deeper into Michelle’s career journey and what she has learned from being CEO of Achievement Network (ANet). We kick things off by hearing from Michelle about why authenticity has been integral to her success as a CEO. She describes how being honest about her process at work has helped her be a supportive leader, who invites collaboration, and why it’s such an enriching alternative to micromanaging your team. Hear how her experience as Chief of Staff at the same company benefited her as a CEO, particularly because of the depth of her personal relationships within the company. Later we unpack what it means to be a recovering perfectionist and the importance of embracing the fact that you can’t be good at everything. Michelle also reflects on the loss of her grandmother during the COVID-19 pandemic and what it has taught her about grief and how to spend the short amount of time you have o
23/03/202228 minutes 32 seconds
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Success Is Not a Destination with Michelle Odemwingie Part 1

There’s a reason why so many people who have had teaching posts via Teach for America describe the experience as one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of their lives. Not only are you solving incredibly complex problems in a classroom filled with students, but you are also operating within a deeply flawed system. For our first episode of No Straight Path, we are delighted to welcome Michelle Odemwingie, CEO of Achievement Network (ANet), to talk about her career journey, and how she discovered her passion for education. In our conversation Michelle reflects on her academic perfectionism from an early age, the anxiety it caused her, and how growing up in a suburban Texas town informed her decision to go to Stanford. We discuss how Michelle discovered her passion for education while at university, and the hugely formative role that Teach for America played in her life. Next, Michelle describes some of her biggest mistakes and successes as a teacher, along with the most im
22/03/202248 minutes 49 seconds
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Welcome to the No Straight Path Podcast!

Hello and welcome to the first taste of the No Straight Path podcast! This is the show in which Ashley Menzies Babatunde will be exploring the idea of success with special attention given to the areas that we so often gloss over. You can expect to hear interviews with an array of fascinating guests from many different fields and backgrounds, all with the unifying theme of honesty, process, and the hurdles that are common in all of our journeys. We hope that through these conversations, success and achievement can be humanized and that the myths of success can be made more nuanced. So thanks for tuning in, and we hope to see you back here for our first full episode! Key Points From This Episode: Our mission to unpack the process of millennial success.  The kinds of conversations we will be having with guests about challenges and achievements. Hopes for the podcast: inspiration, nuanced perspectives, and more.  Getting to grips with Ashley's 'why'; bringing more honesty into the con
15/02/20225 minutes 19 seconds