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English, Marketing, 1 season, 18 episodes, 6 hours, 12 minutes
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The Final Episode of No Sidebar … And the Start of Something New

Like all good things in life, this podcast has come to an end … kinda. As we close this season of the No Sidebar podcast, Darrell Vesterfelt and I talk about the future … specifically, the new podcast we’re starting together. In this 10-minute episode we discuss: The disconnect between the No Sidebar podcast and... Listen to episode
7/15/20159 minutes, 40 seconds
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The (Unfinished) Story of an Accidental Entrepreneur

A story of one creative who followed his passion and built a company without a business plan. In the journey of every person who wants to build a business online, there comes a point where you need to make a decision. Usually that decision is surrounded by fear, and in some cases that fear can... Listen to episode
7/1/201525 minutes, 42 seconds
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Why Clarity is Crucial to Becoming a Successful Digital Entrepreneur

How the Authority Rainmaker conference paved the way to a six-figure line of business for one attendee … In order to succeed in the business world, identifying and embracing your skills are crucial. Without them, you run the risk of creating a business that simply fails. In this 26-minute episode Darrell Vesterfelt and I discuss:... Listen to episode
6/24/201525 minutes, 50 seconds
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The Intersection of Minimalism and Running a Successful Online Business

Where business and pleasure mix in the life of an entrepreneur … Years ago Courtney Carver was working a day job where she felt unsatisfied and was putting in too many hours. It was affecting her life at home as well as her health. She decided to make some intentional decisions with her life —... Listen to episode
6/17/201521 minutes, 11 seconds
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Bill Kenney on Branding Your Business the Right Way

How a creative agency used a social media platform to build its empire. Whether or not we care to admit it, in today s world, looks are pretty much everything. The way we are perceived matters, and that s the bottom line. It s time to embrace this reality and start building your business around the idea that... Listen to episode
6/10/201540 minutes, 14 seconds
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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Growth of No Sidebar

An inside look at the why and what of the rebrand. When you experience growth of any kind, it s natural to make an assessment of the changes that might become necessary in order to scale properly. Such was the case with No Sidebar, and I thought it would be fun to share the experiences... Listen to episode
6/3/201513 minutes, 3 seconds
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Chris Brogan on the Business of Being Yourself

As cliché as it sounds, some of the best business advice you can get is simply … be who you are. It sounds impractical that in a ruthless world filled with corporations, venture capitalists, and never-ending competition, we re encouraged to drop our personas and keep things real. From being different, to taking risks, there s a... Listen to episode
5/28/201525 minutes, 12 seconds
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Paul Jarvis on Productivity and Growing Your Online Business

As creative entrepreneurs, we have a tendency to get stuck in the learning process, and fail to push the needle by taking action. Perpetuated by fear and criticism, the failure to launch a product can be crippling. We continually find ourselves spinning our wheels and getting stuck in a place that s completely avoidable. It s a... Listen to episode
5/20/201532 minutes, 23 seconds
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Are Productivity Articles Making You Unproductive?

A reaction to an article written by Paul Jarvis, entitled On becoming digital hoarders.” Our yearning to find information that will somehow magically fill some void in our life, continually leaves us unsatisfied. We are promised endlessly how to make our lives better, how to be more productive and how to get what we want.... Listen to episode
5/13/201511 minutes, 7 seconds
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How to Deal With Creative Block and Creative Envy

There are two things that consistently get in our way of being creative entrepreneurs — and with a little bit of intentional effort, they can both be avoided. If you re a writer or a designer, creative block and envy can easily limit your productivity. So what s the best way around this? It starts with being... Listen to episode
5/6/201524 minutes, 15 seconds
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Passion Projects, Clarity, and the Evolution of No Sidebar

As an online entrepreneur, I am learning just how crucial being agile is to running a successful business. There s absolutely nothing wrong with being involved in a personal project — especially when you re passionate about it — but continually keeping your audience in mind is always a good thing. Over the last couple months of... Listen to episode
4/29/201524 minutes, 56 seconds
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How Our Obsession With Greatness Kills The Ability to Do Good Work

The pressure to be great — well, so great that it cripples us — injects us with expectations that are typically unrealistic. We spin our wheels trying to write that epic post. But we have a tendency to measure ourselves up so inadequately to those we admire — so much so that, in the end,... Listen to episode
4/22/201527 minutes, 41 seconds
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The No Sidebar Guide to DIY Podcasting

In a world that is filled with ambitious online entrepreneurs, it s time to jump ahead and learn how to produce your own podcast. Audio is a great way to create content, and something I had never done before. There was a mystery around it — almost taboo in my own mind — that intrigued me... Listen to episode
4/15/201514 minutes, 41 seconds
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How Establishing an Online Persona Can Impact Your Business

Knowing how to position yourself is key to being successful. Those who get it right are great examples of what to do, and what not to do. What would you do if you only had one shot at writing your social media bio — if you were limited to saying all that you wanted to... Listen to episode
4/8/201518 minutes, 36 seconds
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How a Minimalist Design Made an Unexpected Impact on Book Sales

Understanding who is viewing your website, and why you should incorporate a natural flow of expected behavior that increases conversion. Once in a while you make a decision that affects your business and 100% of your revenue stream. Such was the case with Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist, except that he had someone else to... Listen to episode
4/1/201518 minutes, 41 seconds
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The Single Word That Can Cripple Any Online Entrepreneur

Fear is one of the dirtiest words in the English language — and something that every one of us faces. I ve been an online entrepreneur for eight years now, and I have said I am afraid an infinite amount of times. You d think that working on the Internet, where it s easy to hide and take... Listen to episode
3/25/201512 minutes, 20 seconds
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Digital Business, Authenticity, and the Freedom of Being Yourself

Why it s important to keep things real and how that helps set a firm foundation for your digital business. It s no secret that many of us struggle with who we are, and that validation is at the very top of our priority list. Social Media and the Internet make it really easy to wear a... Listen to episode
3/18/201517 minutes, 32 seconds
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5 Things You Need to Know About No Sidebar

How a book, a creative agency and some idle time turned into a life­changing way of doing things. No Sidebar is a phrase that is only a few months old. The ideas behind it, however, date back to the end of 2013, when I came a cross a book called Packing Light written by a... Listen to episode
3/3/20159 minutes, 21 seconds