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English, Personal stories, 1 seasons, 7 episodes, 1 hour 18 minutes
One day, a man grew tired of speaking to himself. And so a social commentary podcast was born.
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In his seventh and final episode, Lebbeus (now nghidimondjila.) speaks about advocacy, his name change and breaking free.
07/02/202111 minutes 40 seconds
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Clearly Not Enough

in his sixth episode, Lebbeus speaks on #ShutItAllDown.
12/11/202017 minutes 55 seconds
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is it your uterus?

Lebbeus speaks on the legalisation of abortion on demand in Namibia.
27/08/202014 minutes 11 seconds
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it’s not just entertainment!

In his fourth episode, Lebbeus briefly explores the relationship between mainstream media and rape culture.
24/06/20206 minutes 44 seconds
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not all men are trash.

In his third episode, Lebbeus talks about “not all men are trash”.
17/06/20209 minutes 10 seconds
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black lives matter, like john dalton.

Lebbeus discusses #BlackLivesMatter, racial inequality, white privilege and historical amnesia.
09/06/202013 minutes 42 seconds
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A World of Big Bad Guys.

In his debut podcast, Lebbeus explores the importance of individual activism.
03/06/20205 minutes 11 seconds