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English, Religion, 1 season, 12 episodes, 8 hours, 12 minutes
This podcast features episodes from the radio shows of Next Generation.Next Generation is a new and exciting youth- focused radio talk show that covers many interesting and fun issues. There is always a mini-sermon and a topic of the day. Next Generation serves to take a Christian stand for teens. Next Generation features call ins on sports and current youth issues. Topics of the day have included: Christians in today's culture, a Worship Special, a Baseball Preview, Global Warming, Terrorism, Political Corruption, the Academy Awards, a Superbowl Preview, choosing a College, the Path of America and other youth issues. Tune in to WNYG, 1440 A.M. or online at on Saturdays from 1:00 to 1:30 to hear a live Broadcast of Next Generation. Next Generation takes everyone's phone calls live during the show at (631)- 321- WNYG.
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Summer Special 2

In this episode we talk with Joe Infranco, Senior VP at the Alliance Defense Fund. Next Generation takes up the topic of: The American Worldview. There is also an interview with Matt Margiotta of Ninth Hour, a mini-sermon and a summer movie review.
8/18/20101 hour, 3 minutes, 18 seconds
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Summer 2010 special 1

The first summer special of 2010 features the mini-sermon, an interview with Chris Cox who is running for Congress and the topic: Stage one thinking- the long term impact of decisions.
8/4/201058 minutes, 57 seconds
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Summer Revival 2

Join us as we tackle our topic: The truth debacle : the perversion of reality. Special guest Jack Crabtree, executive director of Long Island Youth for Christ joins us with his insight. Sports and politics are also covered and phone calls are taken. Original airdate: July 25, 2009.
7/25/20091 hour, 5 seconds
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Next Generation Revival: Summer Series 1

In the first installment of the special series for the summer, we look at sports, insights into C.S. Lewis, politics, and the Culture War in America. Special Guest, Dr. Brown, President of Cedarville University joins us for an interview. The original air date was June 20, 2009.
6/25/200948 minutes, 5 seconds
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Year End Finale

In this special, one hour, year end finale to 2008, we give a preview of the new presidential administration. Then Mr. John Contes joins us for a historical perspective on our topic, moral decline among civilizations. Next Generation ends with a look at the latest movies. The original airdate was December 27, 2008.
6/22/200959 minutes, 45 seconds
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In the final episode of the season, we look at the importance of missions to christianity. A special section on technology is included. The original airdate was May 3, 2008.
6/21/200928 minutes, 49 seconds
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This week we explore the importance of technology in today's world and new technologies that are coming in the future. Special guest hosts are featured. The original airdate was April 19, 2008.
6/21/200931 minutes, 4 seconds
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Guns and Crime

We explore the often controversial issue of gun control and how it relates to crime. Sports and a mini-sermon are included. The original airdate was April 5, 2008.
6/21/200928 minutes, 39 seconds
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Political Corruption

This episode looks at the role of political corruption in our current political system from a historical context to more recent occurences. There is a mini-sermon and sports section included. The original airdate was March 29, 2008.
6/21/200929 minutes, 10 seconds
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MLB Preview

A preview of the MLB season 2008 with a sports expert. It all start off with a mini-sermon and the analysis kicks into high gear. The original airdate was March 22, 2008.
6/21/200929 minutes, 18 seconds
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The Path of America

This episodes looks at where America is headed in the future and reviews the picks for the academy awards. A special music review is included. Original Airdate was March 1, 2008.
6/20/200928 minutes, 35 seconds
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Academy Awards

This episode features a preview of the Academy Awards 2008 with a review and analysis of the films that were nominated. Gary Gaudio joins next generation in studio for his take. Original Airdate was February 23, 2008.
6/20/200926 minutes, 51 seconds