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English, Cultural, 1 season, 27 episodes, 18 hours, 44 minutes
Friends, 49-Year-Old Patrick and 33-year-old Joe recently found out both their wives are pregnant.  Do you think Joe an experienced stepdad and Patrick an experienced human are ready for the adventure? This weekly podcast will bring you along their journey as they live it together. Sonograms, Couvade Syndrome, gagging, finances will they have the stamina to handle it all? Joe and Pat would like to help other men navigating these waters too. This will be a resource for new expecting fathers everywhere. The countdown has begun.
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26: Henry Kennard

Cooper Joins us to discuss the scare he and his wife Brooke Went through with their son Henry. It's an important episode for awareness and how you need to be prepared at every turn. We also hear from Herman and the Hermits with their classic 60's song! 
2/9/202138 minutes, 32 seconds
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25: Gia Elizabeth

Gia Elizabeth Melillo has arrived and after a few week hiatus so is the New Year. Joe recounts the birth experience and how wonderful it was! Patrick and Joe have now entered a whole new world and are fully NEW OLD DADS! 
1/4/202146 minutes, 7 seconds
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24: Surprises All Around

Joe and Carrie are so close!  Literally less than a week. In a surprise appearance, Cooper is back to check in after last episode, his wife Brooke is still pregnant and the baby is really late! Devan also makes his final appearance as an only child. 
12/18/202042 minutes, 2 seconds
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23: New Dad Cooper Kennard

Welcome to the show a good friend of Patrick and Joe's Cooper Kennard. He and his Wife Brooke are expecting but they did NO fond out the sex of the baby, leading to an intriguing conversation. Joe and Carrie are still two weeks away and as the date get's closer for him and Carrie, will Cooper's insight help?  
12/9/202057 minutes, 47 seconds
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22: Violet Jean

They did it!  Angie and Patrick made it and Violet Jean has arrived! We are so Thankful and Patrick checks in his feelings less than 1 week after the baby is born. What a special episode and we are all so happy. ENJOY! 
12/4/202056 minutes, 41 seconds
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21: For Patrick and Angie the time has arrived!

No more trial runs, no more false alarms, Violet will be here. Before Patrick is officially a dad, Devan and Joe talk to him one last time. It’s a fun time to spend together as Patrick’s nerves are going fast and hard. Good luck to Angie and one last reminder about 5-1-1. 
11/20/202058 minutes, 36 seconds
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20: False Alarm?

The guys talk about week 34 and week 37 and a BIG event that happened. Nothing serious but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Also an appearance from the guys future selves. Will Violet be here next week?  
11/12/202046 minutes, 42 seconds
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19: Will You look?

Less than a month for Patrick and Joe’s baby is getting bigger by the week. Joe and Carrie had a walkthrough at their hospital so they know what to do (Joe especially) when the baby gets here. Also the question is posed that every dad should be prepared to answer… WILL YOU LOOK?  
11/4/202049 minutes, 50 seconds
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18: Are You Prepared, This is Your Final Warning

Nothing in life worth anything is easy… Especially Pregnancy. The Boys hit Week 32 and Week 35 and the daughters are right around the corner. It’s hard being a parent but it’s harder to teach life lessons to children. Also Patrick’s bag is packed but Joe still has some time. This trimester is so slow!  
10/27/202040 minutes, 15 seconds
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17: Getting Closer

Patrick's wife Angie is only 6 weeks away from Violet’s birth!  What an exciting day and the boys are starting to wonder if they will ever be ready!  
10/20/202049 minutes, 56 seconds
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16: New Old Dad Guest Jordan Gibson

Patrick's Brother-in-Law Jordan Gibson joins the boys for the podcast. Jordan's birthing story is something to be heard. Strap in this one is Joe's personal nightmare.  
10/12/202046 minutes, 52 seconds
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15: Back Together Again

As the girls' continue to progress the boys are together in person or another episode. The due dates are fast approaching and it continues to scare the New Old Dads.
10/5/202028 minutes, 11 seconds
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14: Gestational Diabetes and Football

Patrick educates us about gestational diabetes after his wife finds out she has been diagnosed with it. Joe and Carrie go for another check up and Covid ruins everything. Hey guy why are you still listening!  
9/24/202042 minutes, 4 seconds
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13: Girl Dad tips with Author and Dad Domenic Melillo

Joe’s Dad Domenic joins in on the fun for the podcast this week. Tips are important when trying to handle girls during Fatherhood. Domenic gives great insight on what he did as the father of two girls. It’s for sure a special episode when family can join.
9/17/202047 minutes, 56 seconds
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12: Onward towards the Future!

Soon to be big brother Devan kicks the show off as Joe and Patrick are back from a two week break. Things are moving along as Angie makes it past the second trimester and Carrie is just near the finish line. The babies are moving and so are the boys
9/2/202034 minutes, 41 seconds
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11: Names and Breast Milk

Be the Change in the world you want to see. The guys go through the things important when it comes to breast feeding and what the girls will name their grandparents. Its an interesting episode for sure. Weeks 22 and 25 are in the books! 
8/19/202042 minutes, 58 seconds
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10: The Dad Jokes Are Here

Patrick’s wife Angie reaches week 24 and Joe’s Wife Carrie is at 21 weeks. Big milestones for both. Some real-world advice from Joe about being a dad to Devan. Patrick talks about getting his mother involved in the Ultrasound.  A few dad jokes are dropped!  
8/12/202034 minutes, 49 seconds
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9: Ohhh We’re Halfway There!

Patrick and Angie hit 23 weeks and Joe and Carrie are at 20. Both couples have made it past the Halfway point, but is that a good thing?  They say second trimester is the best, we will have to see. Not to mention CHILDCARE dilemma! What will Joe and Patrick do! 
8/6/202030 minutes, 41 seconds
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10: Two for One: Horseplay Leads to No Play!

Joe and Patrick hit the mic again after a week break. There is a very good reason for the missed week and Patrick explains why. What will the baby’s Astrological signs be? It could be a huge hint on how they will deal with the girls as they get older!  
8/4/202036 minutes, 50 seconds
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8: What is Hydronephrosis?

Patrick and Angie find out their baby girl has what’s called Hydronephrosis. Joe gives updates on Carrie’s week 17 condition and the dads figure out how to keep their wives happy as they near the halfway point.  
7/13/202035 minutes, 45 seconds
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7: Placentas and Push Presents

There isn't much the guys DON'T talk about but this one is getting close to Patrick and Joe's limits. What will the new moms do when it comes to their Placentas? Find out on this episode of NODS.
7/6/202029 minutes, 14 seconds
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6: Meet the Ultimate Girl Dad Tim Griffin

This week Patrick and Joe get a little help from a man who has done it before. Tim Griffin, the PIO for a local fire department has five girls all under the age of 12. His insight is valuable and hopefully the guys listen. Patrick's Wife Angie is just hitting week 18 and Carrie Joe's wife is at week 15. 
6/29/202038 minutes, 28 seconds
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5: Two Girl Dads and Devan

BIG NEWS!  Joe and Carrie announce Baby Melillo is a girl!  Patrick and Joe now have something else in common. ALSO Special Guest Devan the Big Brother. Still more two trimesters to go. 
6/21/202036 minutes, 38 seconds
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4: This Pregnancy is Sponsored by the OG

Patrick and Joe discuss what week 12 and 15 look like. Patrick warns Joe the Morning sickness is nowhere near finished! 
6/8/202032 minutes, 55 seconds
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3: Patrick's a Girl Dad!

Week 11 and week 14 for the guys and we are well on our way through 2020, one of the craziest years EVER!  We talk about gas both natural and tear and open up about what's going on with our mental state.  
6/2/202031 minutes, 8 seconds
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2: Buying ALL the Supplies

This week Patrick and Joe figure out what not to say to their pregnant wives and also what to buy! Full baby protection mode initiated. Still more than 25 weeks away but getting closer every minute. Happy Memorial Day and may we always remember the sacrifices made. 
5/26/202043 minutes, 21 seconds
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1: HELLO WORLD We're Pregnant

Introduction to the two hosts of the New old Dads podcast. Meet Joe and Patrick. Hear about how they met and what to expect when expecting on this podcast. Old doesn't mean dead, it just means more experience. 
5/17/202045 minutes, 28 seconds