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English, Religion, 1 seasons, 8 episodes, 2 hours 58 minutes
In life, suffering is inevitable and for that we must be prepared. We’re Kate and Tamara. As wives and mothers, we understand that the Christian life is a battle and we assure you, it’s one worth fighting. For now, let’s just say there’s more than what meets the eyes. We’re exited to journey with you, as we share personal stories of faith, family, hope and healing.
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Receive Healing Through the Communion of Saints

If we want to reach God, the Father, we must go through Jesus. He is THE way. We all can agree on that. It can be difficult to build our relationship with Jesus, but we have help!  As Catholics, we believe that God gives us many different ways to reach His son, Jesus. He has gifted us with our spiritual mother, Mary, as well as with the Communion of Saints.  Are you calling upon the heavenly army that is willing to help you get closer to Jesus? 
15/04/202022 minutes 53 seconds
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When God Speaks, Using Unfamiliar Words

Have you ever received a message from God that includes unfamiliar words? Or, how about being overcome with tears during prayer or possibly getting goosebumps the moment you feel as if you’re getting a confirmation?    If you answered yes, this episode may be for you. If you answered no, well... it’s time you start experiencing these ways in which God speaks!  Thanks for journeying with us! 
29/03/202015 minutes 58 seconds
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When We Don’t Get Our Miracle

We all know that it takes GREAT faith to ask for miracles, and well... it takes even GREATER faith to continue our walk (towards God) when we don’t receive our miracles. Life is all about asking God for help and trusting Him with whatever His answer may be. 
26/03/202018 minutes 4 seconds
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Speaking Without Using Words

We’ve been talking about how God speaks to us, as His children. Now, we are going to start covering ways to LISTEN and pick up on what He’s saying.  Join us today, as we share some stories and talk about something that can put you on fast track when it comes to growing in faith! ...Adoration.  We’re currently in the midst of storm... are you listening? Better yet, are you responding?
21/03/202031 minutes 54 seconds
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Making A Conscious Effort to Dig Deeper

Ever notice how difficult things can get, once you make a conscious effort to dig deeper, spiritually?  You never know how God is going to choose to heal you and therefore, it’s so important to continuously grow in faith and learn to hear his voice. The story I share in this episode is one of my favorites. My deceased brother was truly at work, doing all he could to help heal me, thanks to God. 
14/03/202023 minutes 15 seconds
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God’s Speaking. Are You Listening?

When we’re busy, going about our day, it can be hard to hear ourselves think. Am I right? It’s can be harder to hear God speaking to us.  When we think about God speaking to His children, we may often think of biblical stories. ...But what we may not realize, is that God is talking to us just as much now as He has throughout time.  So, I must ask you... are you listening?
08/03/202022 minutes 9 seconds