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Never Sleep Alone

English, Social, 2 seasons, 14 episodes, 8 hours 54 minutes
Sex and dating expert Dr. Alex Schiller* teams up with celebrity guests to tackle wild questions from anonymous callers in this hysterically funny podcast that entertains, empowers and educates. As The New York Times says: “Dr. Alex is darn good at what she does.” Listen now! *Dr. Alex is not a real doctor.
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S2:E5: The Three Ts-Tounges, Toys, Teasing

Irene’s a size queen, Dr. Alex’s high school crush begs her for dirty stockings, and the panel bets on what he’s going to do with them. We learn what “Put it right by it hotdog bun” means, and Dr. Alex and Gang bang Greta give tips and tricks for getting endless pleasure from 4 inches or less. Dr. Alex urges Heather from Hawaii to stop dating the same dumb dudes, and in Why Shouldn’t I, Scott from Boulder tells Vanessa from Vancouver to hook up with gym dude while Dr. Alex advises against it and teaches us the KISS Principle- Keep Independent Sacred Spaces.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
21/07/202247 minutes 5 seconds
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S2:E4: Sugar Daddies and Sudden Ejaculation

Special Guest Sophia Spallino from the Englightened Podcast is about to have her first girl-on-girl sexual encounter this weekend and is seeking advice from Dr. Alex and the NSA Panel. Elliot from Baltimore wants to know if he’s too short to seem Fuckable on the apps, and Cory wants to know how to last longer in bed. Chef Dario teaches us how to make the perfect Martini, Chicago’s most sought-after escort returns to help advise a young woman who’s considering a sugar daddy, and Dr. Alex and the panel explore why good people get ghosted.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
21/07/202247 minutes 50 seconds
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S2:E2: Poppers and Pansexuals

Celebrity guest Nomi Ruiz returns to the NSA Panel as Dr. Alex teaches Hanna from Boston how to get the kind of dates she wants. Chef Dario debuts his new sexy segment “Doing It With Dario” and the doctor invites one of Chicago’s most sought-after escorts to teach Tim from Fresno how to communicate openly with his escort girlfriend.. Gang Bang Greta from Season 1 returns with an incredible update, and Will From WeHo gives a high-stakes sex term test to Pansexual Paul and Dr. Alex.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
21/07/202249 minutes 58 seconds
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S2:E1: Sex Parties and Scar Stories

On this episode, Dr. Alex, engages the help of celebrity guest Nomi Ruiz as she and the panel teach us how to get over a dry spell, how to be the hottest person at the hostel, and how to meet sexy strangers while traveling abroad. The doctor also gives some tough love to a lonely New Yorker, Nomi Ruiz teaches the importance of learning your body and staying in the moment during erotic encounters, Tom tells us the strangest place he ever had sex, and Chef Dario and Will From Weho perform the filthiest “Strangely Through The Phone” in NSA History.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
21/07/202247 minutes 22 seconds