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Netizens Unite! - Bite-size K-Pop News

English, Political, 1 season, 67 episodes, 2 hours, 59 minutes
A K-Pop podcast that brings you bite-size news five-days-a-week. Let us catch you up on the latest buzz of the Internet!
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Epik High Returns, EXO Celebrates 1 Million Sales, TWICE’s Individual Concept (10/23/17)

Epik High makes return with "We've Done Something Wonderful", EXO earns plaque for selling 1 million copies of their record, TWICE releases teaser images and info on upcoming album "Twicetagram" References: EXO’s “The War” Plaque - Epik High “How Is Far Away” & “Love Story” - Solar “Lived Like a Fool” -
10/23/20172 minutes, 18 seconds
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Apink Bomb Threats, EXO ‘Power’ Remixes, Taemin’s Squad Goals (10/20/17)

Apink receive bomb threats, EXO 'Power' Remixes by various DJs, Taemin shares photos of his closest idol friends. References: EXO 'Power' Remixes -
10/20/20172 minutes, 54 seconds
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NU'EST First Music Show Win, KARD mysterious post, TWICE celebrate 2nd anniversary (10/19/17)

NU'EST get emotion on their first ever music show win on M! Countdown, KARD post a mysterious photo on their Twitter account, TWICE celebrate their 2nd debut anniversary with a cute video to ONCE. References: KARD Twitter post -
10/19/20172 minutes, 56 seconds
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JBJ Debut, TWICE breaks records in Japan, BTS Collab with LINE FRIENDS (10/18/17)

JBJ debut with "Fantasy," TWICE's "One More Time" breaks records in Japan, BTS' BT21 characters collab with LINE FRIENDS hit the states References: JBJ "Fantasy" -
10/17/20172 minutes, 53 seconds
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Stray Kids Rep JYP, Crazy Fans Selling Idol Info, Heechul’s Super Junior Issue (10/17/17)

Stray Kids officially represented by JYP Entertainment, Sasaeng fans buying idol information from anonoymous source, Heechul's Super Junior opens up about comeback appearances References: Heechul’s Apology to fans - I.O.I “Very Very Very” -
10/17/20172 minutes, 26 seconds
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EXID Teases Comeback, Taemin’s ‘MOVE’ Comeback, NU’EST W’s Crazy Sales (10/16/17)

EXID teases comeback for upcoming release "Full Moon", Taemin makes comeback with performance video for "MOVE", NU'EST W breaks records by selling 200,000 copies as subgroup in 1st week References: TAEMIN “MOVE” -
10/16/20172 minutes, 18 seconds
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BTS wins 1st Triple Crown, T.O.P’s deleted Instagram post, Taemin Comeback (10/13/17)

BTS wins 1st ever Triple Crown, T.O.P’s deleted Instagram post after scandal, Taemin 'Move' comeback with 3 MVs References: BTS Music Bank Win -
10/13/20172 minutes, 55 seconds
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PRISTIN’s Kyla on Hiatus, SF9 calls you “O Sole Mio,” Jessica shades SNSD? (10/12/17)

PRISTIN’s Kyla on Hiatus for suspicious reasons, SF9 calls you "O Sole Mio" in new comeback, Jessica Jung blocks Instagram comments from SONES References: SF9 "O Sole Mio" -
10/12/20172 minutes, 53 seconds
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Jackson Claps Back at Rumors, SONES acting out about SNSD, BTS x VT cosmetics (10/11/17)

Jackson Claps Back at Rumors of him leaving GoT7, SONES acting out about SNSD members leaving, BTS x VT Cosmetics Collaboration References: BTS x VT Cosmetics Collagen Compact -
10/11/20172 minutes, 49 seconds
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SM Japan Statement on SNSD, JYP congratulates GOT7, NU’EST W Comeback (10/10/17)

S.M. Japan releases statement regarding SNSD members leaving group, JY Park congratulates GOT7 on newest release, NU'EST W makes 1st comeback as whole group since Produce 101 References: BTS “WINGS EP” - JY Park’s GOT7 Post - NU’EST W “Where You At” -
10/10/20172 minutes, 26 seconds
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Girls’ Generation Contracts, BTS ‘DNA’ All Over World, JYP’s New Group (10/09/17)

Girls' Generation's Tiffany, Seohyun and Sooyoung contracts end with SM Entertainment, BTS 'DNA' played on over 170 stations, JYP announces new group 'Stray Kids' References: Lee Min-ho “Song For You” - Stray Kids Teaser -
10/9/20172 minutes, 18 seconds
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GOT7’s ‘You Are’ Video, Lay Releases ‘SHEEP’ teaser, WANNA ONE Fans Controvery (10/06/17)

GOT7 release image video "You Are" featuring JB's vocals, Lay releases teaser for upcoming video "SHEEP", WANNA ONE fans call out sassing fan in YMC controversy References: Lay “SHEEP” MV Teaser - GOT7 “You Are” Image Video -
10/6/20172 minutes, 18 seconds
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US Radio Plays EXO, GOT7’s album meaning, ‘BTS COUNTDOWN’ (10/05/17)

US radio station 100.1 plays EXO "Power", GOT7 opens up about meaning of new album '7 for 7', MNET releases info on 'BTS COUNTDOWN' episode References: EXO on US Radio -
10/6/20172 minutes, 18 seconds
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BM's Neck Injury, WANNA ONE Disbandment Petition, TWICE Single Leaked (10/4/17)

BM of KARD suffers minor neck injury, Fans of WANNA ONE petition against their disbandment, TWICE's 'One More Time' single leaked online Reference: J.Seph dancing for BM -
10/4/20172 minutes, 41 seconds
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BTS on BBC Radio, SEVENTEEN November Comeback, IU Surprises Newlyweds at Wedding (10/3/17)

BTS "DNA" played on BBC Radio twice, SEVENTEEN confirms November comeback date, IU is a special guest at a couple's wedding Reference: IU Surprises Couple at Wedding -
10/3/20172 minutes, 48 seconds
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EXO on Party People, Pledis credits The Chainsmokers and Coldplay, BTS on MTV's TRL Rumor (10/2/17)

EXO takes over Party People, Pledis Entertainment credits The Chainsmokers & Coldplay, BTS on MTV’s TRL Rumor Reference: EXO on SBS Party People -
10/1/20173 minutes
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Topp Dogg Members Leave, SVT Hip-Hop Team Teaser, TWICE on 21 under 21 List (9/29/17)

Hansol, P-Goon, and Nakta leave Topp Dogg, SVT Hip-Hop Team tease image for "Trauma", TWICE ranks #18 on Billboard's 21 under 21 2017: Music's Next Generation List Reference: Billboard's 21 under 21 2017: Music's Next Generation List -
9/29/20172 minutes, 32 seconds
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BTS Launching ‘BTS Countdown’, NU’EST W Lightstick, PewDiePie and G-Dragon (9/27/17)

BTS announces launch of BTS themed M COUNTDOWN, subgroup NU'EST W releases lightstick, PewDiePie spotted at G-Dragon concert References: INFINITE “Request” - PewDiePie and G-Dragon -
9/27/20172 minutes, 18 seconds
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October Comebacks, ‘The Unit’ Mentors Line-Up, Jackson Wang Thanks Allen Iverson (9/28/17)

Anticipated October comebacks, 'The Unit' mentors line-up, Jackson Wang receives gift from Allen Iverson References: Jackson Wang with Allen Iverson - by=jacksonwang852g7
9/27/20172 minutes, 47 seconds
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INFINITE’S 6 Members, BTS BILLBOARD #1, HIGHLIGHT Comeback (9/26/17)

INFINITE moves forward with only 6 members in newest comeback, BTS takes number one spot on world albums chart, HIGHLIGHT prepares for their October comeback on their 8th anniversary References BTS Billboard Chart History - HIGHLIGHT's Comeback Poster - Apink "Only One" -
9/26/20172 minutes, 26 seconds
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Super Junior Comeback, GOT7’s New Album Tracklist, Steve Aoki & BTS Collab (9/25/2017)

Super Junior announces that they will make a comeback in November, GOT7 releases '7 For 7' album tracklist, Steven Aoki and BTS announce a future collaboration in the works References: BTS & Steve Aoki Collab Announcement - Ailee “Don’t Touch Me” -
9/25/20172 minutes, 18 seconds
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BTS First Ever Comeback Show, Lay Solo Comeback, Jo Kwon Leaves JYP (9/22/17)

BTS Successful Comeback Show, Lay Prepares for Solo Comeback, Jo Kwon Leaves JYP Entertainment after 16 Years References: BTS "Mic Drop" - BTS "Go Go" -
9/22/20172 minutes, 18 seconds
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U-Know Teases Comeback, BIGBANG Enlisting Spring 2018, Minho Wins Award In Indonesia (9/21/17)

TVXQ's Yunho teases "Drop" comeback, BIGBANG members G-Dragon, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri possibly enlisting together in 2018, SHINee's Minho wins special award in Indonesian Television Awards 2017 References: U-KNOW "Drop" Teaser -
9/21/20172 minutes, 49 seconds
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Seungri Dragged Off Stage, KARD’s YouTube Hacked, Chaneyeol ‘Ultimate Tommy Boy’ (9/20/2017)

Seungri dragged off stage during G-Dragon's concert, K.A.R.D's YouTube acccount allegedly 'hacked', Chanyeol of EXO called the 'Ultimate Tommy Boy' by Tommy Hilfiger Seungri’s G-Dragon Surprise - Chanyeol’s Tommy Hilfiger - Chen’s Birthday -
9/20/20172 minutes, 18 seconds
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BTS’s 24-Hour Record, GOT7’s Teaser, EXO’s Lay Scammed (9/19/2017)

BTS reaches 11th Most Viewed video in 24 hours of all time on YouTube, GOT7 releases their newest teaser for October comeback '7 for 7', EXO's Lay scammed out of money from agent References: INFINITE “The Eye” - GOT7 “7 for 7” Teaser - BTS “DNA” -
9/19/20172 minutes, 33 seconds
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BTS Releases “DNA”, 10 Million Views Broken, BTS “Surprise” Hot 100 (9/18/2017)

BTS releases music video from mini album "Love Yourself: 承 'Her'" entitled "DNA", "DNA" breaks K-Pop record by reaching 10 million views on YouTube in under 8 hours, BTS plans on "surprising" fans if they make the Hot 100 BTS “DNA” - Amber’s 25th birthday -
9/17/20172 minutes, 26 seconds
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TWICE Japanese Comeback, BTS 2nd “DNA” Teaser, SM Artists in “Final Life” OST (9/15/17)

TWICE "One More Time" teasers, BTS releases 2nd "DNA" teaser, EXO-CBX and SNSD in "Final Life" OST starring Taemin. References: TWICE "One More Time" Teaser -
9/15/20172 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

BTS "DNA" Teaser, BOBBY "I Love You" & "Runaway", Sunny & Henry collab for SM Station (9/14/17)

BTS release "DNA" Teaser, BOBBY drops "I Love You" and "Runaway", Sunny of SNSD and Henry of Super Junior collab with "U&I" for SM Station References: BOBBY "I Love You" - BOBBY "Runaway" -
9/14/20172 minutes, 50 seconds
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VIXX’s Leo’s Health, MAMAMOO’s Car Accident, G.NA Writes Fans Letter (9/13/2017)

VIXX's Leo rushed to hospital after stomach pains, MAMAMOO gets into minor accident enroute to Cheonan, G.NA opens up to fans on Instagram about absence References: G.NA’s Social Media Post - Secret “Poison” -
9/13/20172 minutes, 26 seconds
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BTS “Love Yourself, Her” Tracklist, ONF's Performance Video, Jiyoon and 4MINUTE (9/12/2017)

BTS releases full trackless of upcoming mini album "Love Yourself, Her", Newcomer group ONF releases performance video for "Original", 4MINUTE's Jiyoon talks about why 4MINUTE disbanded References: BTS “Love Yourself - Her” Tracklist - Unpretty Rapstar “Don’t Stop” - ONF “Original - Dance Performance” -
9/11/20172 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

BTS & The Chainsmokers Collab, 2017 MAMA Extended, BLACKPINK’s YouTube Top 25 (9/11/2017)

BTS and The Chainsmokers collaborate on the song "Best of Me", 2017 MAMA ceremonies extend dates to Vietnam, Japan and Hong Kong, BLACKPINK in Top 25 chart for YouTube References: BTS & Chainsmokers Collab Tweet - BTS “O!RUL81?” -
9/10/20172 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

TWICE filming Comeback, Yoona for SM Station, GOT7 "Turn Up" Unit Teasers (9/8/2017)

TWICE currently filming new comeback in Canada, Yoona releases "When the Wind Blows" for SM Station, GOT7 releases unit teasers for 2nd Japanese mini album References: Yoona "When the Wind Blows" -
9/8/20172 minutes, 33 seconds
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BOBBY Comeback, BTS "V" and "E" Concept Photos, Hoya Going Solo (9/7/2017)

Bobby from iKON upcoming comeback, BTS release "V" and "E" concept photos for 'Love Yourself HER', Former Infinite member Hoya going solo. Reference: BTS "V" and "E" Concept Photos -
9/7/20172 minutes, 54 seconds
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BTS “Love Yourself” Photos, GFRIEND Teaser, BigHit’s Blackmail (9/6/17)

BTS releases "O" and "L" photos promoting their "Love Yourself" comeback, GFRIEND releases teaser for "SUMMER RAIN", Big Hit Entertainment releases statement regarding blackmail BTS “Love Yourself” Photos - GFRIEND “SUMMMER RAIN” Teaser - BigHit Entertainment Statement - KARA “STEP” -
9/5/20172 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

BTS’s “Serendipity” Trailer, Taecyeon’s Farewell, EXO’s “Power” (9/5/17)

BTS releases "Serendipity" Trailer with Jimin, 2PM's Taecyeon says farewell after enlisting, EXO releases "Power" as part of album repackage References: BTS “Seredipity” Trailer - Taecyeon’s Tweet - EXO “Power” -
9/4/20172 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

U.S. Radio Stations plays BTS, Dreamcatcher “Sleep-Walking” Video, IU September Comeback (9/1/17)

U.S. Radio Stations plays BTS songs, Dreamcatcher Release “Sleep-Walking” Choreography Video, IU joins the list of September comebacks Reference: DreamCatcher "Sleep-Walking" Choreography Video -
9/1/20172 minutes, 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

EXO, BTS, B.A.P Comebacks, Jungkook Surprises ARMYs, Taeyang #1 on Billboard (8/31/17)

Most anticipated September comebacks, Jungkook surpises ARMYs will a cover of 2U, Taeyang's album ranks #1 on Billboard World Album Charts References: Jungkook '2U' Cover -
8/31/20173 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hoya Leaves INFINITE, WINNER Releases Japanese MV, GFRIEND Teases Repackage (8/30/17)

Hoya leaves INFINITE and Woollim Entertainment to purse dreams, WINNER releases Japanese music videos for "LOVE ME LOVE ME" and "ISLAND", GFRIEND teases their 5th mini album repackage References: B.A.P. “Crash” - Hoya’s Handwritten Letter - WINNER - “ISLAND (Japanese Ver.)” - WINNER - “LOVE ME LOVE ME (Japanese Ver.)” -
8/30/20172 minutes, 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

JYP Eliminates After-Hours, BTS’s Jungkook’s Athleticism, VIXX Plagiarized (8/29/17)

JYP eliminates after-hours to reduce employee stress, BTS's Jungkook competing in 2017 ISAC for bowling, BIT accused of plagiarizing concept from VIXX References: Super Junior "Mamacita" -
8/30/20172 minutes, 33 seconds
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T.O.P’s Mandatory Service, CL’s Heartwarming Letter, Yuri's Health (8/28/17)

T.O.P to complete mandatory service as public service worker, CL sends heartwarming letter to her fans about her absence, Source Music confirms GFRIEND's Yuri's health and worry of fans References: CL's Instagram Post - SPICA "Tonight" -
8/29/20172 minutes, 49 seconds
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VIXX Whisper Concept, Idol Star Athletics Championship, Ansel Elgort Meets BTS (8/25/17)

VIXX drops brand new Whisper concept, Idol Star Athletics Championship to feature K-Pop groups from each of the three major entertainment companies, Ansel Elgort meets BTS and posts his experience to social media References: VIXX Whisper - SISTAR "Shady Girl" -
8/25/20172 minutes, 26 seconds
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PENTAGON Comeback, EXO Eclipse Concept, SEVENTEEN "K-Pop Answer Time" (8/24/17)

PENTAGON teases new mini album with photo, EXO fans see the alignment of past and present eclipses with release dates, SEVENTEEN to host Tumblr's "K-Pop Answer Time" tomorrow References: PENTAGON Teaser Images -
8/24/20172 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

BTS Love Yourself 'Her' Release Date, PRISTIN Comeback, Jackson Wang Solo (8/23/17)

BTS new album Love Yourself 'Her' to be released September 18, PRISTIN return with "We Like," Jackson Wang first solo single coming soon References: BTS 'Love Yourself' Highlight Reel -
8/23/20172 minutes, 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

TWICE "TT" Hits 1/4 Billion, New Jay Park Feature, BLACKPINK Elle Dior (8/22/17)

TWICE "TT" hits 250 million views and breaks records, Jay Park teams up with Double K and Boi B of Show Me The Money 6 on "Reborn," BLACKPINK continues Japanese promotions with Elle Dior References: Reborn Project - BLACKPINK x Elle Dior -
8/22/20172 minutes, 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

EXO Repackaging, BTS Comeback, GOT7 Wedding Photos (8/21/17)

EXO confirm September comeback via "The War" repackaged album, BTS comeback date unconfirmed, Woman tweets GOT7-centric wedding photos References: GOT7 Wedding Photos -
8/21/20172 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

G-Dragon, Wanna One Success, Taeyeon Airport Incident (8/18/17)

G-Dragon donates 81.8 Million Won on his birthday, Wanna One's staggering success story, Taeyeon Jakarta Airport incident References: G-Dragon Story -
8/18/20172 minutes, 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

IKONIC Boycott, Dahyun Recovery, Wanna One on Weekly Idol (8/17/17)

IKONIC boycotts YG Entertainment merchandise, TWICE's Dahyun recovering from sprained ankle, Wanna One features on Weekly Idol References: Wanna One Weekly Idol -
8/17/20173 minutes, 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

Taeyang Comeback, Girls' Generation Charts #1 on Billboard, BTS Drops 2nd Highlight Reel (8/16/17)

Taeyang releases "Darling" and "Wake Me Up," Girls' Generation's 6th studio album charts #1 on Billboard World Album charts, BTS drops "Love Yourself" Highlight Reel #2 References: Taeyang "Darling" - Taeyang "Wake Me Up" -
8/16/20172 minutes, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

BTS "LOVE YOURSELF" Highlight Reel, BLACKPINK Fashion, Dean vs. Netizens (8/15/17)

BTS drops highlight reel as first part of "LOVE YOURSELF" series, BLACKPINK teams up with NYLON JAPAN and SHEL'TTER for special magazine covers, Dean shuts down netizen claims of plagiarism by DMing another producer References: BTS "LOVE YOURSELF" Highlight Reel - BLACKPINK Photos -
8/14/20173 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

TAEYANG x ZICO, BTS x Charli XCX, Jay Park Hits 2 Million (8/14/17)

TAEYANG features ZICO on upcoming solo album WHITE NIGHT, BTS and Charli XCX hang out in Seoul, Jay Park hits 2 million followers on Instagram References: BTS Tweet - Charli XCX Tweet - Jay Park Instagram -
8/12/20172 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

BTS "DOPE" Hits 2 Million Likes, Jessi "Arrived," #TWICE Goes Platinum (8/11/17)

BTS "DOPE" hits 2 million likes on YouTube as it approaches 200 million views, Jessi releases English-language comeback "Arrived," #TWICE goes platinum in Japan References: Jessi "Arrived" -
8/10/20172 minutes, 41 seconds
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Wanna One "Burn It Up," B.A.P Security Warning, BTS "Love Yourself" Poster (8/10/17)

Wanna One releases new song "Burn It Up," TS Entertainment releases security warning teaser for B.A.P, Jungkook features in a new promo for BTS "Love Yourself" References: Wanna One "Burn It Up" -
8/9/20172 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

Samuel "Sixteen," BTS x Major Lazer, VIXX's N Apologizes for Fainting (8/9/17)

Samuel Kim sells 30,000 copies of solo project "Sixteen" in the first week, Rap Monster and Jungkook feature in Major Lazer video on Twitter, VIXX's N apologizes after fainting at a recent concert References: Major Lazer Video -
8/7/20172 minutes, 49 seconds
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WANNA ONE Breaks Records, BLACKPINK 1 Year Anniversary, KOKOBOP Challenge Take Over (8/8/17)

WANNA ONE's "Energetic" breaks record views, BLACKPINK and BLINKS worldwide celebrate their 1 year anniversary, EXO's "KOKOBOP" turns into a viral challenge on the internet References: WANNA ONE "Energetic" -
8/6/20172 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

BLACKPINK Beats TWICE, BTS on NY Times List, #TWICE Rises to Top of Charts (8/7/17)

BLACKPINK's "AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST" surpasses TWICE's "TT" as the quickest K-Pop music video to hit 100 million views, BTS makes New York Times' "What Music Do Americans Love the Most?" list, #TWICE rises to the top of the Japanese charts after album sale hi-touch promo References: NY Times "What Music Do Americans Love the Most?" List -
8/5/20173 minutes, 34 seconds
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Girls' Generation 10th Anniversary, JYP Survival Show, Wanna One Sasaeng Fans (8/4/17)

Girls' Generation celebrate 10th anniversary with comeback "Holiday," JYP announce male survival show by Mnet, Wanna One has a sasaeng issue
8/2/20173 minutes, 4 seconds
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Wanna One "Energetic," Jessi vs. Haters, HyunA Helps a Pup (8/3/17)

Wanna One drop teaser for debut title track "Energetic," Jessi tells off her haters on live stream, HyunA takes to Instagram to help dog find rightful owner References: Wanna One Teaser - HyunA Instagram Post -
8/1/20172 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

Suzy Stays at JYP, WINNER Tracklist, Lorde x CL (8/2/17)

Suzy signs new contract with JYP, WINNER releases Our Twenty For tracklist, Lorde shouts out CL at concert in South Korea References: WINNER Images -
7/30/20172 minutes, 41 seconds
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BLACKPINK Joins TAEYANG, GFRIEND & BTS Choreo, GOT7's Jackson Strikes Back (8/1/17)

BLACKPINK joins TAEYANG for August 5 and 6 dates in Japan on WHITE NIGHT World Tour, GFRIEND speaks about sharing a choreographer with BTS, GOT7's Jackson takes to V Live to discuss netizens telling him to leave GOT7 References: WHITE NIGHT World Tour Dates - GFRIEND "LOVE WHISPER" -
7/30/20172 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

BTS Summer Package, BLACKPINK "As If It's Your Last" Hits 90 Million, Latest T.O.P News (7/31/17)

Big Hit Entertainment drops teaser video for BTS's third annual summer package, BLACKPINK "As If It's Your Last" hits 90 million YouTube views in record time, T.O.P relieved from his position as conscripted police officer References: BTS Summer Teaser -
7/29/20172 minutes, 56 seconds
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Yuri’s SNSD Teaser, BTS Reaches 7 Million Followers, EXO Wins 1st Place (7/28/17)

SM Entertainment releases Girls' Generation teaser featuring Yuri, BTS reaches 7 million followers on Twitter, EXO wins 1st place on Music Bank References: SNSD Yuri Teaser - EXO "Ko Ko Bop" Win -
7/26/20172 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Yuri's Foot Injury, GANGNAM STYLE Statue, TWICE's Nayeon Dates A Fan (7/27/17)

Yuri injures her foot ahead of SM Town shows and August Girls' Generation comeback, Statue dedicated to PSY's "GANGNAM STYLE" in South Korea, Fan "dates" Nayeon by bringing photos of her with him wherever he goes References: Yuri Foot Video - Nayeon Fan Article -
7/25/20173 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

SNSD teases Holiday Night, Heize and Jay Park Collab, NU'EST W "If You" ranks #1 (7/26/17)

Girls' Generation drop a teaser video for their comeback featuring Yoona, Heize and Jay Park release a new collab, NU'EST W ranks #1 on music charts for "If You" References: SNSD 'Holiday In' Teaser Video - Heize & Jay Park collab -
7/24/20172 minutes, 39 seconds
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EXO Breaks Records, #TWICE, New PENTAGON Video (7/25/17)

EXO breaks their own record by climbing to number 87 on the Billboard 200 Chart with "The War," TWICE has a strong Japanese debut with #TWICE, PENTAGON releases music video for "To Universe" for the fans References: TWICE "TT" (Japanese Version) - PENTAGON "To Universe" -
7/23/20172 minutes, 43 seconds
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BTS September Comeback, Taeyang World Tour, Sulli Bites Cat (7/24/17)

BTS confirms anticipated September comeback, Taeyang announces WHITE NIGHT World Tour with dates in North America, Netizens concerned for Sulli after video surfaces of her biting cat References: Sulli Video -
7/22/20172 minutes, 53 seconds
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EXO "The War," Idol School Mannequin Challenge, GOT7's Airport Troubles (7/20/17)

EXO "The War" off to a great start on iTunes, Idol School mannequin challenge for new "Pretty" MV, JYP upset over lack of privacy and protection for GOT7 while traveling References: Idol School Mannequin Challenge -
7/18/20173 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Jay Park Signs To Roc Nation, GD Loves T.O.P, BTS Creates Shoes For ARMY (7/21/17)

Jay Park signs to Jay-Z's Roc Nation, G-Dragon shows love to T.O.P on Instagram following MOTTE Tour show, BTS creates a shoe with Puma for ARMY References: Jay Park Photos - G-Dragon Tour Dates -
7/18/20172 minutes, 25 seconds