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English, Sports, 1 season, 10 episodes, 5 hours, 47 minutes
Your weekly dose of fierce netball chat hosted by England netballers Sasha and Kadeen Corbin and Betty Glover. Why can’t you run with the ball? Isn’t it a non-contact sport?
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The black dress is back, a bronze medal and the best World Cup ever?

Betty, Sasha and Kadeen head into the England camp the morning after their bronze medal match to chat to England captain Serena Guthrie, centurion Eboni Usoro-Brown and crowd favourite Rachel Dunn. We also analyse just how New Zealand came from nowhere to win the gold medal and we run through our favourite moments of the last 10 days in Liverpool.
7/22/201932 minutes, 47 seconds
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The Big Semi-Final Preview ft Jennifer Saunders and Denise Lewis

Kadeen, Sasha and Betty are joined by former England captain Sara Bayman as England prepare to play New Zealand in the World Cup semi-finals. We host a netball Q&A session ahead of finals weekend, Denise Lewis dons a netball dress after 32 years and Jennifer Saunders lets Tracey Neville know she's ready.
7/19/201927 minutes, 4 seconds
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England on fire and a NetBallers parents' evening

Kadeen, Sasha and Betty are joined by England's gold-medal winning captain Ama Agbeze to chat the Roses' unbeaten run at the Netball World Cup and discuss just how far captain Serena Guthrie ran against Jamaica. The girls also bump into some proud families at breakfast and we hold an impromptu parents' evening.
7/16/201926 minutes, 30 seconds
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England chants, Irish dancing and we all love Zimbabwe!

Sasha, Kadeen and Betty are in Liverpool to round-up the amazing opening weekend of the Netball World Cup as the girls get out and about with the Zimbabwe fans. We call in a friend to help write a new chant for the England supporters, Northern Ireland head coach Dan Ryan gives us an Irish jig and we discuss whether Australians are just confident or arrogant.
7/15/201935 minutes, 6 seconds
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The Big World Cup preview ft. Mentor, Housby and McCann.

With the Netball World Cup around the corner, Sasha, Betty and Kadeen are on hand to help you get familiar with the England squad as Geva Mentor tries to become a NetBaller and England's last-gasp heroine teaches us 'How to be Helen Housby'. We also chat Scotland, Northern Ireland and Sasha's five title contenders in Liverpool, and reality TV star Ferne McCann explains just why you should love netball.
7/8/201950 minutes, 3 seconds
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On the sidelines: Singing umpires, swaggy coaches and a dash to the toilet

Betty and Kadeen hold the fort this week after Sasha is called into the England camp as we discuss everyone and every antic on the sidelines. International umpire Gary Burgess joins the pod to help us count to three seconds and also explains his love of Tina Turner and the bleep test. Kadeen tells us about the time Sasha left the bench to go to the toilet, and how do you take on a men's netball team?
7/1/201942 minutes, 52 seconds
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Gameday: Pants, playlists and pre-match poos

Sasha, Kadeen and Betty chat all things gameday as we discuss pre-match naps, nervy stomachs and England's hairdressing salon. Kadeen also treats us to a special rendition of her pre-match playlist and we hear about the time the England girls finally became millionaires on a coach journey in Australia.
6/25/201941 minutes, 48 seconds
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Netball rage

Team-mates shouting at you? Umpires making the wrong call? Or defenders breathing down your neck? Sasha, Kadeen and Betty discuss your stories of netball rage as we learn about the time Kadeen swore on camera and when England shooter Rachel Dunn chased an umpire off court. The girls also chat to Radio 2’s Sara Cox about the dreaded pivot, and we discuss why there are so many serious knee injuries in netball.
6/18/201944 minutes
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What not to say to netballers…

Netball’s just basketball for girls. You’re too short to be a shooter. It’s a non-contact sport isn’t it? In the first episode of NetBallers, Sasha, Kadeen and Betty get to the bottom of some of the most common netball stereotypes. The girls are also joined by our first secret netball fan of the season, as we chat Tracey Neville, Love Island and acrylics.
6/11/201946 minutes, 30 seconds
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We Are #NetBallers

Your weekly dose of fierce netball chat hosted by England netballers Sasha and Kadeen Corbin and the BBC's Betty Glover. Why can’t you run with the ball? Isn’t it a non-contact sport? And isn’t it just for girls? Find us and get in touch using #NetBallers
6/7/20191 minute, 7 seconds