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Net Zero: the road to 2050

English, Finance, 1 season, 6 episodes, 2 hours, 32 minutes
A six-part series where we unravel some of the most interesting, critical and sometimes confusing ways New Zealand is tackling climate change, as the country attempts to get to carbon neutrality by 2050.Newsroom business editor Nikki Mandow wrangles topics like green hydrogen, farming emissions and zombie forests and talks to clever and interesting people on the cutting edge of change – until even she has a bit more of a clue.Produced by in collaboration with EY.
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How your home can save the planet

Our houses are contributing big time to climate change - just by being there. In fact they cause up to 10 percent of New Zealand’s total greenhouse gas emissions. But there’s some cool stuff happening to reduce the harm our homes cause – and even make them part of the solution. Listen to the final episode of the Net Zero: Road to 2050 podcast to find out more.
10/3/202225 minutes, 34 seconds
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When green is a dirty word

In the fifth of our Net Zero: The Road to 2050 podcasts, Nikki Mandow looks at how businesses are getting away with buying loyalty from eco-conscious customers with buzzwords that mean little – and how that’s changing.
9/18/202227 minutes, 34 seconds
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Green money and green washing

In the fourth of our Net Zero: The Road to 2050 ITALS podcast series, we look at how the power to reach our carbon emissions targets could be in the hands of the bankers.
9/5/202222 minutes, 48 seconds
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Tractor protests and hot air: Our greatest emitters put up the biggest fight

In the third of our Net Zero: The Road to 2050 podcasts, Nikki Mandow turns her attention to the most contentious sector when it comes to our climate change goals - agriculture.
8/22/202227 minutes, 11 seconds
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Zombie forests, carbon sinks and the ETS

Nikki Mandow explains how the Emissions Trading Scheme works, and why not all forests are equal when it comes to sucking up carbon – or qualifying for credits.
8/8/202223 minutes, 1 second
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Green hydrogen: How Team NZ tech is helping us power ahead.

Fast-track innovation from some of the world’s most innovative yacht builders and designers – at Team NZ – has helped New Zealand power ahead of the rest of the world in terms of developing green hydrogen technology and networks. Here’s how.Plus green hydrogen 101: what is it, what makes it green, and why don’t we just use electric batteries instead?
7/25/202226 minutes, 25 seconds