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English, Education, 1 seasons, 7 episodes
NCLEX prep for nursing students. Download review material at
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respiratory review

here's a review list to supplement studies for nclex and class. the books i used can be bought here : and online resource
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NCLEX Neuro review part 2

neuro-degenerative diseases ... assessment & nursing plan
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Neuro Assessment & Implementation part 1

part 2 and review sheet on next release
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Pediatric GI - assessment and interventions

Ok, Here's the Pediatric GI - assessment and interventions podcast.  Feed free to download the whole pediatric review sheet from this link:
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OB review part 2

rest of OB. GTPAL, Meds, Fetal HR monitoring don't know how to get rid of that clicking sound at the end ... but here's a link to the hard file something i said, that >1 pad / 15min = bad. this is very true. However, >1pad/hour should make the nurse concerned about post partum hemorrhage. So some facts below to help with differentiating test questions Post-partum HEMORRHAGE >500mL estimated blood loss on Vaginal birth is considered significant >1000mL estimated blood loss on Cesarian birth is considered significant steps to correct this include:   - assess and monitor for signs of HYPOVOLEMIC SHOCK and REMAIN WITH THE CLIENT   - massage the fundus if not firm and midline.   - notify the HCP &nbsp
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Peds assessment + metabolic

So included in this is the PDF for the whole ped overview/review
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OB Assessment - NCLEX review part 1

EDIT* first recording sucked and needed to be edited down. here is the replacement