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Sandra Jersby - OsteoThai Massage with the Elite Stretch Therapist of Los Angeles

Sandra Jersby is known as the Elite Stretch Therapist of Los Angeles.  Sandra’s unique approach to recovery is widely popularized amongst many, from professional athletes to novice exercisers. Her extensive knowledge, in several different recovery methods, has allowed her to adapt to each client with an individualized program geared to their specific needs. Visit Sandra on her website: and follow her on Instagram at: this conversation we discuss topics like:How she got started as a body work professional?Cranial sacral therapy and osteopathy.What Osteo -Thai  Yoga Massage is.Training for bikini bodybuilding competitions.The catalyst for her passion for bodywork.How to synthesize Thai massage into the modern day spa environment
11/04/20231 hour 1 minute 29 seconds
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Veronique Ory - Shine On and Off the Mat

Episode #101 - Veronique Ory - Shine On and Off the MatHave a listen to this informative and inspirational conversation I had the pleasure of having with Veronique Ory.  Visit Veronique on her website here: www.yogawithveronique.comAnd follow her on IG here: @veroniqueoryOriginally from Montreal, Quebec, and currently living in Vero Beach, Florida. Veronique studied theatre at Russell Sage College and discovered yoga as a way to calm her mind and feel good. With over 500 hours of training as a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance), she is inspired off the mat to create unique and creative yoga classes. Classes are tailored based on the setting, students, and inspirational themes. Her goal is to empower and inspire her students to shine their light. She offers precise alignment cues, as well as modifications for students who are healing a
31/01/20231 hour 11 minutes 15 seconds
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Isabella Nitschke - Ashtanga Yoga Malmö

Hit play and enjoy this inspirational discussion I had with Isabella Nitschke. Isabella is the director and owner of Ashtanga Yoga Malmo. She teaches yoga in the south of Sweden and has developed a tight knit yoga community that serves as one of the energy centers of the Swedish yoga landscape. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to speak with her about what her experience is like being a yogi, teacher and a pillar for her community.Visit Isabella on her website ashtangyogamalmo.seYou can find her on IG @ashtangayogamalmoand on FB Ashtanga Yoga MalmoThanks for listening to this episode. Check out: 👇New Student FREE Livestream Yoga Special ~ Try 2 Weeks of Free Unlimited Livestream Yoga Classes  at Native Yoga Center. <a href='
19/01/20231 hour 13 minutes 35 seconds
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Joseph Armstrong & Miami Life

Check out this conversation I had with Joseph Armstrong. During this conversation Joseph and I discuss topics like:Ashtanga Yoga and the role it has played in his lifeHis journey through recovery and how yoga has helped him to remain groundedHis thoughts and ideas about Pride Month and different ways we can build acceptance and compassion for everyonewhat it is like being the program director of Miami Life Center in Miami, FloridaVisit Joseph at josepharmstrongyoga.comAnd on IG at @josepharmstrongyogaJoseph Armstrong teaches yoga with feet planted firmly in tradition and gaze turned towards the future. His search for a more present and peaceful life first led him to the practice in 2008.  He hopes his practice allows him to be ever more loving and to exist gently.New Student Livestream Special ~
11/06/20221 hour 8 minutes 23 seconds