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English, Education, 1 season, 13 episodes, 8 hours, 8 minutes
Welcome to my podcast! I like to talk about random things you might be interested in such as music, tech, sports, current issues, relationship advice, etc...
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Becoming a Better You

In this episode, I explain 6 ways to becoming a better version of yourself. Adding these small things to your daily routine or being aware of your environment can really help you make a difference and improve yourselves in a better way 🙌🏼💙
11/2/20228 minutes, 21 seconds
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I just got Pickpocketed in Europe

It’s sucks to know that in this world, we can never let our guard down. After hearing some bad news, I felt low and came across two pickpocketers. I talk about my experience and what I did, as well as how could I have avoided this in the near future.
11/1/202215 minutes, 30 seconds
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I got hacked

What I’m about to share, is not something I’m proud of, but also is not something I’m ashamed of. Think of it like getting into a car crash, it can happen to anyone but you still need to be super careful 😅
10/24/202211 minutes, 22 seconds
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Step Outside the Box

Life is short, it’s time to be a bit adventurous. As someone who studied in 3 different countries, Spain hits different. I talk about my experience as someone who studies outside and being one of the only Bahraini’s in Madrid there’s pros and cons
10/23/202210 minutes, 43 seconds
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Abused Society ft. Keeping Up With Abbas

In this very special episode, Abbas shares his past experience of getting bullied and has now channeled that into a fashion brand.
11/18/202047 minutes, 1 second
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5 COVID Trends in Bahrain

Bahrain has changed a lot since the pandemic, mostly in a good way. As people are finding creative ways to be productive.
11/15/202029 minutes, 28 seconds
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Gamer's Guide (Console Edition) ft. Mohammed Hamada

The next gen consoles are here! And we're comparing the new PS5 and the Xbox Series X. Listen to find out which console is right for you!
11/8/202059 minutes, 53 seconds
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Behind The Bag ft. Corrupted Format

This is a special episode as we take a look at the Bahraini group "Corrupted Format" and their thoughts on how this all started with creating "The Bag" and future projects.
10/31/20201 hour, 20 minutes, 55 seconds
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Techtober Talk (Smartphones) ft. Anas

In this episode we take a look at all the different phones that have been announced and released during the pandemic.
10/29/20201 hour, 27 minutes, 34 seconds
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Nass vs. COVID-19

In this episode, I share my past and present experience with COVID and what's it's like having it and how am I affected from the virus today
10/22/202028 minutes, 18 seconds
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Manchester United/Chelsea 1999-2020 XI ft. Mahmood

Mahmood and I formed our starting XI of our favorite teams. Hand selecting players that played for our clubs since we were born.
8/9/202041 minutes, 8 seconds
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Ranking Astroworld ft. Isa & Nizar (2 year Anniversary)

The boys and I go in depth on our rankings of Astroworld. Seventeen songs from bottom to top. ITS LIT!!
8/9/20201 hour, 7 minutes, 33 seconds
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8/8/202022 seconds