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English, Comedy, 2 seasons, 107 episodes, 5 days, 8 hours, 27 minutes
Buckle Up for some bull s**t. Hello and welcome to the gayest hour of your week! We see you, sitting there wondering why two flawless narcissists think they should be talking into a microphone at you every week? First of all, thank you! And we are SO glad you asked! We met our Junior year of High School and have been sistas ever since. The only thing we care about more than ourselves is each other and BEYONCÉ. Every week hear us talk about a lot of wild s**t we know nothing about all in a haze of smoke, drink, mirrors and glitter! Yes we're doing ok why does everyone keep asking that?! Can't reiterate enough that we really have no idea what we're talking about so occasionally we'll convince someone who does to have a kiki. Every episode also features our producer Leif. He's white and straight so don't worry about him! You should take us extremely seriously and do everything in your power to make us SCARY famous. Oh and if you don't like us we'll die. K? You're welcome!
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Cowboy Narcisistas Pt.2

Your faves are BACK this week!! You know Cowboy Carter was too good for one Ep. Get into the kiKiiiiiii!!! This ain't a podcast... this a Beyoncé Podcast. Rate! Review! Subscribe! Follow us on social media @thenarcisistas and visit
4/15/20242 hours, 39 minutes, 29 seconds
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Cowboy Narcisistas Pt.1

You know The Narcisistas had to come back to discuss a MASTERPIECE!! ACT ii is OUT and WE CLAPPIN! Didn't think we had words... but we have A LOT. Stick around for Part ii next week!! This ain't a podcast... this a Beyoncé Podcast. Rate! Review! Subscribe! Follow us on social media @thenarcisistas and visit
4/8/20242 hours, 7 minutes, 20 seconds
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Renaissancé World Tour... Twice!

The Narcisistas went to the RENAISSANCE WORLD TOUR (twice!) and they have some thoughts... Beyoncé is actually a really talented performer!! LISTEN TO THIS EP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT for more and as always BUZZ BUZZ B*TCH!
8/25/20231 hour, 34 minutes, 34 seconds
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The Narcisistas talk Succession finale!! The ACTING! The WRITING! The FILMING! The Awards season is SHAKING! LISTEN TO THIS EP! Then Rate! Review! Subscribe! Follow us on all social media platforms @TheNarcisistas and visit for more! 
6/6/20231 hour, 25 minutes, 35 seconds
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Jury Duty with your best Judys

The Narcisista's TV Series continues and this week we watched JURY DUTY on Freevee!!! This is now a James Marsden Stan pod so watch that show! LISTEN TO THIS POD! Rate! Review! Subscribe! Follow us on everything and visit for more info!
5/2/20231 hour, 12 minutes, 47 seconds
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(where's the) BEEF: S1 Recap

The Narcisistas watched BEEF on Netflix Season ONE and they have THOUGHTS for THOTS!! LISTEN to THIS EP! Let us know what you thought of the show!! Then Rate! Review! Subscribe! Follow us on ALL Platforms! Visit for more info!! 
4/24/202353 minutes, 31 seconds
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Drag Race S15 RUcap

Your Narcisista's are BACK... rolls?!?! Listen up as we recap the TOOTS and BOOTS of Season 15 of RuPaul's Drag Race! Rate! Review! Subscribe! Follow us on all socials! Visit for more HUNNY!
4/19/20231 hour, 16 minutes, 58 seconds
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Dre was RIGHT: Swarm Recap

Surprise! Once again changing the game with that DIGITAL (podcast) DROP! You know they can't make a horror show about a pseudo BeyONCÉ and us not RING THE (podcast) ALARM!!! THIS IS MAJOR SPOILER ALERT WARNING!!! We talk all things Swarm! Watch it now on Amazon Prime!! THEN LISTEN TO THIS EP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! SUBSCRIBE! FOLLOW @thenarcisistas! VISIT and as always BUZZ BUZZ B*TCH!!!
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Narcisista's Renaissancé

Your FAVE girl group is BACK baby!! Wil and Court can't stay on hiatus when the QUEEN is releasing music this good! We talk (scream) about all things Beyoncé's new MASTERPIECE: RENAISSANCE!!! LISTEN TO THIS EP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! SUBSCRIBE! FOLLOW! @TheNarcisistas
8/9/20221 hour, 49 minutes, 50 seconds
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THIS B*TCH: Miley Cyrus Pt.7

Court is inappropriate and Wil is living for it! Calm down gays it’s THIS B*TCH MILEY CYRUS PART 7!!! Last time we left off our country bumpkin royalty tried “just being MAGA!” But she’s YOUNGER NOW so let’s get into it! How did Miley do the Reverse Don Lemon? Can Ru Paul just FRACK OFF?! From a beautiful Marriage to a painful Divorce this episode covers it all up through this STUNNING NEW ERA! Plus! Sobriety! Adam Sandler! Howard Stern! Billy Joel! EPIC performance slays! The MULLET! A devastating fire and the Insta deletion heard around the world!!! LIVE! LAUGH! LOVE! LISTEN TO THIS EP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! SUBSCRIBE! FOLLOW!   Podcast: Instagram Twitter Website   Hosts: Wil Cope Instagram Twitter Courtney Maginnis Instagram Twitter Website
1/18/20211 hour, 36 minutes, 38 seconds
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THIS B*TCH: Miley Cyrus Bonus w The Good The Dad & The Ugly

11/29/202057 minutes, 43 seconds
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THIS B*TCH: Destiny’s Child Pt.6

Wil is proud of how hard we worked to cover how hard DC works, Court does NOT love Whales and Leif is FULFILLED! We’re Millennials giving you content in funny voices! That’s right it’s the FINAL This B*tch Destiny’s Child! The girls are back in the studio because of friendship… and owing Columbia 2 more albums! We cover the track by track story of Destiny Fulfilled and the LEGENDARY Live performance run of this Era! Lose My Breath has it all... business, pleasure and TRUTH! Beyoncé is such a Miranda and Leif is such a STEVE! Which video has Kelly’s wig almost as problematic as the words she is saying?! All that PLUS... MTV! BET! Wetten, dass..? BA DA BA BA BA We’re Lovin It! AND OF COURSE… The 106 & Park fall heard around the Internet! The World is better because of Destiny’s Child! LISTEN TO THIS EP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! SUBSCRIBE! FOLLOW @thenarcisistas! VISIT and do White people taste like HAM?! 
11/9/20201 hour, 17 minutes, 38 seconds
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THIS B*TCH: Destiny’s Child Pt.4

Wil is the whale interview because the group has improved, Court spelled Bootylicious wrong and we can send Leif her luggage! We’re married but this is the most important day of our lives! It’s THIS B*TCH DESTINY’S CHILD PART 4!! Destiny has been destined and we pick back up in ‘00 with DC3 and the iconic Charlie’s Angel collab! A whole boardroom full of women?! This really is the future!! We cover all the hits from Survivor to Bootylicious to the Remix and all the Making the Videos in between! Plus! The Grammy’s! Lance Bass! Camo! Carmen a Hip-Hopera! George Bush! It was cool to be wild in the early 00’s! LISTEN TO THIS EP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! SUBSCRIBE! FOLLOW @thenarcisistas! VISIT and sorry Meryl but Beyoncé could do Kramer vs. Kramer!!
10/26/20201 hour, 19 minutes, 58 seconds
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THIS B*TCH: Destiny’s Child Pt.3

Wil is SO SO SO SO Good at stepping on Court’s vocals and Leif couldn’t care less! This is all for our haters!! It’s THIS B*TCH Destiny’s Child PART 3! We pick back up in ‘99 and we must say... CGI is a THEME! From the girls first #1 single to the importance of the DC Hair variation we cover it all!! How Kandi and the girls changed R&B and how Mathew’s scheming made tensions rise to the eventual SPLIT heard round the world! New members including our criminal justice ANGEL and the DESTINY that didn’t make it! Plus! Jumpin Jumpin! Bug a boo! Say My Name! Pagers! 50 Cent! Beyoncé’s notes! AND The Spring Break meeting of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s man-pris! HEAT UP YOUR GLUE GUN AND LISTEN TO THIS EP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and don’t TRY IT we’re UNSTABLE!
10/19/20201 hour, 32 minutes, 52 seconds
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THIS B*TCH: Destiny’s Child Pt.2

Court’s jealous at Solange’s wedding, Wil is all “Thank You DOT MP3” and Leif RUINS it for us! It’s THIS B*TCH Destiny’s Child part TWO! Girls Tyme has fallen apart and like SCAR in the NIGHT Mathew rises to power! Add Miss Letoya and CANNONBALL they’re Destiny’s Child! We cover all the No No No’s before No No No! From the name change and Elecktra records to Columbia records and some dirty deals. Let the drama begin! The girls first single, their debut album and their first hit!!! And a GAGA connection?! Baby’s first GAG!!!! Plus! Cassette tapes! Missy! Timbaland! Wyclef! Jermaine Dupri! WayLAWN Jennings! We are learning so much!! Wait... SEX SELLS?!!! GET ON THE BUS AND LISTEN TO THIS EP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and just FYI in the 90’s it was all about a seminar!
10/12/20201 hour, 36 minutes, 17 seconds
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THIS B*TCH: Destiny’s Child Pt.1

Wil is a Virgo perfectionist and that is NOT a popular trait, Court’s AOL E-Mail account is hacked and Leif is Emotional about his Bills Bills Bills! That’s right it’s the moment you all have been waiting for... THIS B*TCH DESTINY’S CHILD!!! From the early beginnings as the Hip-Hop Rapping GIRLS TYME we talk Beyoncé, Kelly, LaTavia, Nina, Nicky and Ashley! We also cover all the girls early management from Andretta and Lonnie to Mathew Knowles and our favorite comedian Mama Tina. If you need a copy of your contract... my dad works for Xerox!! From Bootcamp and Headliners to the girls ultimate performance... at Star Search... against USPS’s own... SKELETON CREW. PLUS! We explain paper usage to Gen XYZ! Wil gets cancelled and Court becomes a woman that’s right y’all our best years are behind us!! LISTEN TO THIS EP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and where do the girls go from here?! TUNE IN NEXT MONDAY FOR Destiny’s Child PART TWO!
10/5/20201 hour, 33 minutes, 25 seconds
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EPISODE 164: Summer Jamz Pt.6

Will is Black Parading Black-owned businesses and Court is yelling at Tina to delete her Instagram posts! Who’s trying to colonize these Gift Bags?! It’s barely still summer but we’re STILL talking Summer Jamz! We start back up in 2016... before the epic VMAs and before the world ended (election night). We reminisce on Chico’s ICONIC Star Wars collab and look forward to Courtney starring in the new movie “Bring it On: Sucks to be a Teen!” Plus! A Post Malone analysis! Sia! Desiigner! Drake! Kendrick! Normani! Rihanna! Rihanna! Rihanna! Call the Maginnis Book Of World Records it’s the longest Episode in Herstory! So LISTEN TO IT! THEN RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and could you be Whiter than a Yankee Candle?!    narcisistaspodcast, thenarcisistas, podcasts, comedy, brainmachinenetwork, songofthesummer, summerjamz, Beyoncé, PostMalone, Rihanna, Drake, Desiigner, Kendrick, Normani, Bringiton, KidsBop, Trollz, StarWars, Blackownedbusiness, summerjams
9/17/20201 hour, 40 minutes, 22 seconds
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EPISODE 163: Summer Jamz Pt.5

Wil doesn’t see his notes applied and Court is Slosha Fierce! That’s right we’re not looking forward to these last two episodes! From the Summer Jam version of `Baby it’s Cold Outside’ to so much Kidz Bop content this is a ROUGH time! We give Miley some things, cover the Macklemore time and we ask Nelly... WHY?! Plus! Daft Punk! Sam Smith! John Legend! Calvin Harris! Rachel BEEN Platten! Cups for the kids even though they can’t feel their FACE?! Iggy is WHITE?!! Cue the patented... White people suck! White people suck! Go ahead and BOOGIE WOOGIE THEN LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and join us next week for a much needed cultural shift!!  
9/10/20201 hour, 15 minutes, 9 seconds
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EPISODE 162: Summer Jamz Pt.4

Wil is going back to the south and Court spent $30k on vocal lessons! That’s right y’all we’re  back this week talking Summer Jamz! Pull out your Durag calendar because we’re starting back up in 2010! We cover the little known LA/NYC rivalry, shade the Midwest, Utah and all of Europe and reveal who our favorite Flat Earther is!! We don’t have KIDS and we hate to BOP! Plus! Christian Katherine Perry! Adele! LMFAO! Nicki! Rihanna! fun! Flo Rida! Janelle Monáe! Carly Rae! So much singing this episode! Was this the change Obama was talking about?! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and the Ice Cream Truck returns with the song of the summer every summer! 
9/3/20201 hour, 22 minutes, 34 seconds
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EPISODE 161: Summer Jamz Pt.3

Yup yup yup!! Wil is the H&M bop and Court is a New Yorka! Get us outta here! It’s Summer Jamz part THREE! We start off with some listener reccs then pick back up in 2007! Get ready for more nostalgia because we try to get “Rubberband Man” in the Songwriters Hall of Fame! We also give Mr. Worldwide his roses and call our salon because it’s time for THE RIHANNA BOB!! We REALLY like Rihanna BUT who can’t we can’t stand?! I mean.... Why the Plain Tees gotta be WHITE?! Plus! T-Pain! Avril Lavigne and the Maroon 5’s! Christian Katy Perry! Sound the Gaydar it’s Lil Wayne! Jesse McCartney is Kids Bop READY! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and tune in next week for the 2010’s where we just become cranky old B*TCHES!!!  
8/27/20201 hour, 36 minutes, 42 seconds
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EPISODE 160: Summer Jamz Pt.2

Wil is watching GARBAGE with the queen and Court is fake pregnant! It’s Summer Jamz PART TWO! Taking you all the way back to when Summers were Summer-ing! We kick it off in the year 2004 so hope you have the computer tower technology to download these songs because... we got fingered to all of these! A Hollaback Girl breakdown & the song that truly made an entire generation of gays lose their mind. PLUS! How to not PHUNK with our spirit! Greys Anatomy! Juvenile! Hooba! Stank! Mariah! Rihanna! Rihanna! Rihanna! Put dipping it low on your To Do list, leave your panties on the cafeteria floor and LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and this ones for the Willenials! 
8/20/20201 hour, 22 minutes, 26 seconds
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EPISODE 159: Summer Jamz Pt.1

Wil is at the 2000 Source Awards considering Nelly while Court popped a titty out and it hit the ground!! That’s right y’all were talking SUMMER JAMZ!!! This Ep is fulfilling... but also we’re old! We cover the top Summer songs from 2000 to today! What songs did we dry hump in a basement to and what were the most important homosexual defining moments in our life?! Hey now... don’t be racist Smash Mouth! We talk ALL our early 00’s faves PLUS Creed and Matchbox 20! If it’s not in Spider-Man we don’t want it! Quick question... is Eve a bigger girl?! We’re no longer looking for this photograph thank you very much! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and grab your Capri pants because O-Town is at Dominos!! 
8/13/20201 hour, 20 minutes, 34 seconds
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EPISODE 158: Black is King

Wil is Mood 4 Eva because he doesn’t have time to argue EXCELLENCE. Court is the Butler because Beyoncé’s Butler BEEN White!!! Today is a REGAL Ep because we’re talking the masterpiece that is BLACK IS KING!! Just one question... HOW does THIS B*TCH keep elevating?! A powerful celebration of Black beauty, a love letter to the motherland and a FEAST for The Hive. The FASHION! The OPULENCE! The REFERENCES! From Touki Bouki to Blue Man Group it’s all there! Solange’s influence, inserting Blackness in historically White spaces, the Beauty and importance of Brown Skin Girl and so much more! Our Bootylicious business woman just keeps giving us The Gifts!!! Be your own Beyoncé y’all and LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and the Royal pu$$y is clean y’all!   
8/6/20201 hour, 10 minutes, 56 seconds
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We have a sexy and sad Ep for you today! It’s all bad news! Wil is FREEDOM FREEDOM WHERE ARE YOU... because he voted for Trump.  Court is prepping for the big drop... but the drop is just her mental health! Today we are talking #FREEBRITNEY baby because FREE BRITNEY!!! This Ep is a rundown of the conservatorship. When it started, why it’s still happening and who is involved. We’re not gonna SPIRAL like everyone thinks we are OK?! From 5150 holds and self cut bangs to being a dementia queen (?!?!) it’s all sorts of F***ed up!! A lack of emojis tip, an old white man named Wallet, leaked voicemails and letters. Plus! Her specific angle and FLAIR for Instagram, chunky highlights and KFed of PoPo Zow fame! It’s 2020 for those of you losing track! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and QUARANTINE TIP the salt from your tears will curb your snack cravings!
7/22/20201 hour, 17 minutes, 50 seconds
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EPISODE 156: HOT T*TTIES: This Simulation SUCKS

~*We recorded this episode days ago and want to say Rest In Peace to the beautiful and immense talent Naya Rivera*~   It’s Back to Beyoncé y’all! Court realizes Jorts are rude, Wil is hiatus Bey and Leif is in his bunker! It’s a HOT T*TTIES y’all and the news is PACKED! We talk Mariah’s new book, the mental taxation of social media in Quarantine and Beyoncé’s Italian heritage! Issa me! White Yoncé!! Big Sean is a bitch, Kanye is running for president and we really wish our reptilian overlords would just chill so everything could be about Paris! Plus! The Will and Jada entanglement.... I mean could you imagine having sex with someone born in the 90’s?! Keyisha Cole tease, Hamilton and there was NEVER an Ice Cream truck!!!! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and I’M GONNA PUKE!  
7/16/20201 hour, 9 minutes, 52 seconds
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EPISODE 155: THIS B*TCH: Lil Kim Pt.6

The finale Ep to Lil Kim the QUEEN BEE!! We cover it all from ending beef from the 90’s to plastic surgery to finally getting the honor she deserves!!! It’s a real Bad Boy Girls Cruise Episode so get your celebrities to go UNDERCOVER and please for the love of Biggie don’t do the accent!!!! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and yes it’s LADIES NIGHT AND OUR RHYMES IS TIGHT!!
7/10/20201 hour, 30 minutes, 14 seconds
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EPISODE 154: THIS B*TCH: Lil Kim Pt.5

Up top we just gotta say BEYONCÉ!!! BEYONCÉ BEYONCÉ!!! Black is King and the fragile White Karen of the group can’t take it!! Wil almost rolled her ankle and she’s sitting down!! But it’s THIS B*TCH Lil Kim Pt. 5 so let’s get back into the OTHER Queen Bee! Court is putting her lighter up and Wil wants War so it’s a HOT start to say the least! Kim’s on her independent artistry dropping mixtapes but when NOTORIOUS drops we get into the drama surrounding! Also a Dancing with the Stars SLAY! Suburban moms getting their whole gay life! A Formal apology from Court! Wil dancing in a wig on YouTube! A Plastic Surgery breakdown and the rise of Nicki Minaj! The real TEA behind the beef... Pink Friday VS Black Friday VS Court’s new mixtape Casual Friday! To top it all off we give a Summer SQUAL! Does someone get struck by lightening?! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and let your LIBERAL wig fly!!!  
7/2/20201 hour, 24 minutes, 22 seconds
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EPISODE 153: THIS B*TCH: Lil Kim Pt.4

Black Lives MATTER!!! The Narcisitas are fresh from a Drunk AF Juneteenth so Wil ain’t gonna drink no MO but actually bartender could you give him ONE MO!? Court is countdown to QUARANTINE lockdown baby. A quick THANK YOU to Beyoncé before we jump off right back into THIS B*TCH LIL KIM PART 4!!! We officially are counting down to the lockdown so we start by talking The Naked Truth! Some Scott Storch tea EW and the new BET Awards for the Big Bang fans!! Welcome to Brooklyn... and also Ridgewood Queens y’all! Our Trinidadian Queen serving Business Casual, day-to-evening at all times HOE. We live! With appearances by Marc Jacobs! Kat Williams! Dirty Debbie! Jack Black! Lauryn Hill! Plus Kim’s arrival to prison and the legendary VMA to Grammy comeback! Let it Go! (NOT Frozen)LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and if you don’t got a Marley shirt... what’s ur problem?!  
6/25/20201 hour, 11 minutes, 17 seconds
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EPISODE 152: Black Lives Matter

Hey Narcisistas. We take a break from covering feminist icon Lil Kim and just have a conversation. Talk through some emotions... talk through some actions. Maybe not our funniest Ep but definitely one of our most important. Listen if you can, maybe share with a friend? Our lines of communication are open! DM us! Text us! Call us! Facetime us! LETS TALK!! LETS KEEP THIS CONVERSATION GOING. We love you all so much. SO MUCH. BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!
6/11/20201 hour, 33 minutes, 29 seconds
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EPISODE 151: THIS B*TCH: Lil Kim Pt.3

Wil sent a white dude named Courtney a kite with his panties attached so you know it’s time for THIS B*TCH LIL KIM Part 3!! A Diva titty jiggle that cemented her stardom AND being a Wilhemena model storming the runway?! Being a HOE is ITTTTTT!!! From Kim’s first album without Biggie to the soaring confidence and stardom of La Bella Mafia we have no CHOICE but to STAN! The iconic videos alone! A Method Man Hall Pass, Underwear Ads as a baby gay and Mary J. Blacked Out! It’s all about Vagina based choreography y’all! Sisqo! Baby Kanye West! David LaChapelle! The Willenium! Our dream 6-way call! LADY MARMALADE!! Plus the Foxy Brown beef that led to a shooting and eventual jail time for the Queen Bee!!! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and SURROUND yourself with HOMOSEXUALS!
5/28/20201 hour, 29 minutes, 17 seconds
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EPISODE 150: THIS B*TCH: Lil Kim Pt.2

Wil is a Sk8r boi, Court is freeing the titty and Leif? Leif is finally FREE!! Lil Kim is the Holy Ghost and GOD is woman people!! Bout to start a Narcisistas Only Fans it’s THIS B*TCH LIL KIM PT.2!!! Where Brooklyn at!!?? From Biggies meteoric rise to fame to Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s debut album with Lil Kim’s as the standout we get into it all! The kids don’t know that we are a soundtrack family and Puffy is our BEST friend! We talk the FEMINIST MASTERPIECE that is Lil Kim’s debut album HARDCORE! You all goin to Dunkin?! Well here’s my pu$$y. We also get deep into the young reckless toxic love between Biggie and Kim, a life changing decision and the tragic loss of Kim’s mentor, lover and best friend. PLUS! Faith Evans beef, ghostwriting and the original MISSY ELLIOT ICONIC ladies anthem!! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and honestly should we get BOTOX?! We love you Kim!!!    
5/21/20201 hour, 19 minutes, 53 seconds
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EPISODE 149: THIS B*TCH: Lil Kim Pt.1

It’s time to give the QUEEN her things and MORE!! Ladies and Gentlegays we present to you.... THIS B*TCH LIL KIM!!!!!!! Wil used to be scared of the d***, Court loves cartoons and Leif... well Leif’s smoking drugs! Let’s get into it!! The IMPACT of Kimberly Jones is wild. She brought Sexy back while being a 4’11” tough feminist Diana Ross loving fashion icon! Gloria Steinem WISHES!!! What we don’t talk about enough is how she overcame abuse, neglect, and homelessness. She did everything she had to do to survive even if that meant FIGHTIN B*TCHES! Grab her Vaseline cause THIS B*TCH is a Rebel!!! We cover the start of her rapping and the meeting of one  Notorious B-I-G!!!! This is just the beginning!! Part 2 out NEXT WEEK! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and when this quarantine is over we’re going to SMOTHER you all in our T*TS!!!   narcisistaspodcast, thenarcisistas, podcasts, comedy, brainmachinenetwork, thisbitch, quarantine, lilkim, queenbee, bedstuy, newrochelle, feminist, DianaRoss, GloriaSteinem, abuse, Brooklyn, rap, femalerapper, toughgirl, homelessness, biggie,
5/14/202057 minutes, 19 seconds
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It’s the thousandth day of Quarantine so we did our gay homework!! Court is confused by bad reviews, Wil is giving Naughty Girl and Leif took Single Ladies for granted! That’s right our ACTRESS FIRST series continues because we watched BURLESQUE!! Moulin Rouge WISHES, Chicago COULD NEVER, Carmen a Hip-Hopera... WAS BETTER. We had never seen Burlesque so up top we ask WHAT IS OUR PROBLEM?! The Wigs ALONE! Who needs continuity when you’ve got Stanley Tucci and Alan Cummings!!! You can tell a rich gay wrote this movie because it’s all about AIRSPACE LADIES!! Xtina is EVERYTHING even if she twerked with her shoulders and the lack of Oscar buzz for Chad Michaels is homophobic!! WE ARE REFRESHINGLY RAUNCHY SO LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and I’m just gonna write this Postcard... OH RIGHT NOBODY LOVES ME!!!
5/7/20201 hour, 2 minutes, 21 seconds
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EPISODE 147: THIS B*TCH: Lady Gaga Pt.7

It’s the FINALE of THIS B*TCH LADY GAGA!!! What a journey we’ve been on with this effortlessly talented ITALIAN American ITALIAN!! Strap on your bubble dress girls cause we’re all fragile today! Joanne! Fibromyalgia! Oprah! Vegas! A STAR IS BORN!!! YAS GAGA get that OSCAR B*TCH!! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and wash yo damn hands!!!
5/1/20201 hour, 23 minutes, 26 seconds
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ReRelease: THIS B*TCH: Rihanna Pt. 3

Originally Aired 8/21/2018:  It’s the FINAL installment of the Rihanna x The Narcisistas THIS B*TCH series so to the Rihanna files we go! Courtney is cracked out in a YSL coat and her urban friend Wil is thickkk because the food is BOMB so let them lead the wayoncè through 2012 Ri to present day diva mogul. She gave us the strip club anthem, worked out some demons with Eminem, gave us BBHMM complete with a movie, titties and blood! Just when you think it couldn’t get any better she gives us the most “Rihanna” Rihanna hit of all time WORK! Anti! Fenty Beauty! Wild Thoughts! It’s all genius… but most importantly… the LOOKS! We go through the looks!!! The CFDA  Fashion Icon outfit ALONE is everything this podcast represents, team titty, nude illusion, smoky eye and Swarovski Crystals! We died and then were brought back to LIFE by the effortless original chic that is this b*tchhhhhh! If you like what you hear then suck our cockiness and while you’re at it make sure to rate, review, subscribe and visit for more! DON’T FORGET to come out to our LIVE show March 3rd!
4/23/20201 hour, 26 minutes, 20 seconds
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Girls!!!! We missed you!!! Check in up on it with your Narcisistas before we get back to businA$$ as usual in an UNUSUAL WORLD next week!! Beyonce appearances! Home remodeling! Alcoholism! TV!! Whoever said Whites don’t have culture didn’t watch TIGER KING!! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and LADY GAGA PT.7 out NEXT WEEK!
4/23/202059 minutes, 48 seconds
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ReRelease: This B*tch: Rihanna Pt.2

Originally Aired 2/14/2018:  Oh NA NA… Rihanna that B*TCH! The Narcisistas are BACK with part DEUX of our Rihanna “This B*tch” series! We can’t get enough of this woman!! She’s been through it all and now she’s transformed herself to be the beacon of light we all needed (with a little help from our friends at Doritos) From the David Guetabutt collab to the full head of RED HAIR. THE HAIR! THE RED! She might not be the only girl in the world but she’s certainly the most influential. We didn’t drink coconut water until RiRi told us to! We partied hard in the Loud era because RiRi told us to! British people had never even been to the Carribean until RiRi sent them on her Navy!!! We all wanted to be pretty bondage, Grammy owning, Chart topping, Britney Spears collaborating, trend setting, ribbon puking, don’t give a f*** Rihanna so let’s TALK ABOUT IT! If you like what you hear make sure to rate, review, subscribe and visit for more! Next week is the final chapter of our Rihanna story so soak up that island lite sun babies!
4/16/20201 hour, 19 minutes, 48 seconds
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ReRelease: This B*tch: Rihanna Pt.1

Originally aired, 02/08/2018. The “This B*tch” series continues with the one and only… her Army is the Navy… the Island Princess herself MISS ROBYN RIHANNA FENTY!!!! OH YA YA YA! The Narcisistas have SO much to say on this Part ONE of THREE episode series about our beautiful gift from god! Beyoncé is the sun, Solange is the moon, Mariah is the wind and RIRI IS FIREEEE! She is the ORIGINAL street style icon… from literally selling clothes on the streets of Barbados to serving us early 2000’s Def Jam satin halter dress REALNESS this icons hair tells the whole story. From Military Tomboy to accidental Beauty Queen to getting Christina Milian’s leftovers to her big break with “Bring it On: All or Nothing” it’s the beginnings of our generations legend queen! Who needs Neyo’s vocal lessons when it’s really about THAT BOB!!!! Don’t forget our FIRST LIVE SHOW is coming up March 3rd in Brooklyn! Oh and because we run this town make sure after you listen to rate, review, subscribe and visit for more ELLA ELLA AY AY AY!
4/9/20201 hour, 27 minutes, 41 seconds
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ReRelease This B*tch: Mariah Carey Pt. 2

Originally Aired: 1/18/18.  It’s part deux of our deep diva dives with the elusive chanteuse herself Miss Mariah Carey! We are covering Mariah from 2001 when she was reborn a Virgin records artist to present day NYE legend. TRL takeovers, Precious makeup touch-ups and Glitter dreams, call your senators folks this b*tch needs to be running the country! Courtney’s fully dunked in the tub, Wil is getting these dusty hoes together and Leif is SMASHING everyone! Listen we all know Jermaine Dupree is a witch and Nick Cannon can run around a pu$$y but we reveal some facts you may not know about the queen of Christmas! The episode ends with an EXCLUSIVE kiki with Dick Clark NYE production coordinator, Miss Tara Turner!! From Mimi Drew Carey to Irish girl group sensation Bewitched this episode is almost as legend as Mariah herself. Take a listen! If you like what you hear please rate, review, subscribe and visit, www.narcisistas.comfor so much more!
4/2/20201 hour, 36 minutes, 1 second
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ReRelease THIS B*TCH: Mariah Carey Pt. 1

Originally Aired 1/11/18 :  Look in the sky! It’s a Butterfly! It’s a Rainbow! No it's gift from God MARIAH CAREY! Ladies and Lambs it’s our first EVER THIS B*TCH DIVA DEEP DIVE! Naturally the first diva we chose is legendary vocalist Mariah Carey! Me and Mariah go back like well let’s just say NOT Mekhi Phifer’s hair piece in 8 Mile. The girls did their homework this week and we’re bringing you all the Mariah TEA! Our first EVER Mariah check in (sorry Bey)! Wil is feeling like he went from gutterbutt to NYE, Courtney is a titty, Beyonce is the universe and Leif is the new Carson Daly! What a journey this episode is! We all know Mariah is our most viable democratic presidential nominee for 2020 but did you know Mariah suffered from stage fright early in her career? Well until she slayed MTV’s Unplugged From dealing with racism as a child to serving white fish at the top of the charts Mariah Carey’s Cinderella story is nothing short of iconic. Reminisce on all EIGHTEEN number ONE HITS and take a second for that career defining moment when she said, back off Tommy I wanna talk about cum!” When you believe in miracles you can achieve and guess what stick around because next week is PART II of our Mariah Carey special episode!! If you like what you hear please rate, review, subscribe and visit www.narcisistas.comfor so many more charms for your bracelet!
3/26/20201 hour, 14 minutes, 24 seconds
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EPISODE 145: THIS B*TCH: Lady Gaga Pt.6

Hey SISTAS (sisters if you White) Mercury is in retrograde and we’re drunk so buckle up! Wil is FASHION because you gotta live your fantasy, Court is hosting SNL cause she does comedy and Leif needs to eat a dang burger! It’s Gaga PART 6!! Where were we... ARTPOP?! We discuss all things Artpop even if Gaga doesn’t remember! Where’s the justice Alaska?!! Blackout is arguable FOR SURE Britney’s best album and hey Cheek to Cheek is no SELF-TITLED but how about a SNL slay, A Thanksgiving special slay, A Julie Andrews slay, A McSteamy McDreamy slay and an American Horror Story... you guessed it SLAY! From Yo-Yo Ma to Gucci Man... Gaga got range! The G.U.Y. WIGGGG, Andy Cohen/Warhol and a Donatella friendship that warmed our hearts. Plus a heavy discussion on underlying pain, a devastating breakup and trauma. Is it Kesha or Ketchup we told you we had ROSÈ! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and don’t forget the whites took away DISCO!
3/19/20201 hour, 7 minutes, 53 seconds
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EPISODE 144: THIS B*TCH: Lady Gaga Pt.5

Court is TELEPHONE cause Bloomberg sucks, Wil is Stupid in Love with Gaga and Leif’s look is made of coffee filters!! It’s THIS B*TCH LADY GAGA PT.5!! The PEEYAW is back because the people demanded it so let’s jump right in! From Judas (I’m your holes Jesus) to Edge it Glory (the video that started Coronavirus) all we can say is You and I is our favorite Pink song!! We’re horny for a cornfield and Gaga’s new man so WHO’S A LESBIAN NOW!?! OMG and the VMAS! Britney and Jo Calderon introducing Blue Ivy?!! GAG! Tony Bennett is a Pan Sexual? Black people love mermaids?! It’s called RANGE people!! This episode gives all the “Je Ne Se C*NT” that we love from Gaga! You gotta live your fantasy! Plus! Bill Romance! Gaga Thanksgiving! Coyote Ugly! The Simpsons! A Zara soundtrack! Applause! A life altering hip injury and a very unfortunate conversation about R Kelly. Ugh... LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and BTW IT’S HARD TO BE FUNNY!!
3/12/20201 hour, 16 minutes, 37 seconds
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EPISODE 143: THIS B*TCH: Lady Gaga Pt.4 w/ Pamela Ross

Will is on the Edge of Glory, Court is the meat dress (NOW) and Leif is putting together a computer...? It’s Lady Gaga THIS B*TCH Part FOUR! Joining us in the studio is hilarious comedian Pamela Ross! Pamela is working security in the bubble dress giving ICONIC Gaga the good witch! We pick back up in 2010 after QUITE a 2009! Gaga collapses from exhaustion and then THIS B*TCH never slows down! The Telephone video that disintegrated our panties, an Elton John Grammy performance for the ages and apparently Edge of Glory is not NOT about edging!! We learn what to do when your gay acts up, reminisce on Ryan Seacrest trying to not OUT himself during Alejandro and we BOOM KAT talk the team change! Susan Boyle, William Hung and THE EGG! So much about the EGG! Plus! The Madonna beef, the tragic death of Alexander McQueen and a heartbreaking Whitney tribute. We end with the Born the Way video and.... do we really need anymore whites?! Stick around for PART 5 next week but first LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and Jesus is Black y’all!!  
3/5/20201 hour, 8 minutes, 31 seconds
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EPISODE 142: THIS B*TCH: Lady Gaga Pt.3

Oh my GAGA it’s Part TROIS This B*tch LADY GAGA! Wil doesn’t remember Artpop but lives for Jewels and Drugs, Court is quite a LOOK in an unstable platform and we’ll circle BLACK to Leif! We pick back up the series in 2009 one of the biggest years in Gaga HERSTORY! Everyone’s Team Gaga in 2009 (Katy Perry wishes) and because we love LOVE we spend some time talking... The MEN. From Lüc Carl to Matthew Perry(?) shoot off your undies and grab a PBR because it’s a whole THING! From the VMA’s that ended the Kanye collab tour to the music FILMS that shifted the culture and made all the girls STEP UP we cover so much this Ep! The Rolling Stones cover! SNL! The HBO Special! Paparazzi! Ke$ha! Move over Lindsay Lohan Fire Tits are the NEW Fire Crotch! Plus the impact, the revolutionary vision and the legacy that is ALEXANDER MCQUEEN. Is that The Little Mermaid? No it’s BAD ROMANCE. PS! The CLAW is from LIAR LIAR... give Jim Carrey her things! Oh yea AND we get cancelled by the Polio community! YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and check out our podcast The Narcisistas! That’s N-A-R-C-I-S-I-S-T-A-S-YAS!
2/27/20201 hour, 8 minutes, 25 seconds
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EPISODE 141: THIS B*TCH: Lady Gaga Pt.2

Court’s got a headband over her bangs all nostalgic for coke, Wil is like DA DA DO DO DOOP the world sucks and Leif is like call me DADDY! It’s THIS B*TCH LADY GAGA PART TWO!! From Grace Jones to Andy Warhol we cover appropriation vs. appreciation people! Appropra-WHA?! This is a college course now! This Allie the Ally is so hipster it hurts so you better give rock n roll hands while you crack a White Claw because her hits keep coming! Just Dance, Poker Face, Disco Stick, Paparazzi and a Wale collab that brings us all the way back! The climb to #1! The Fame! American Apparel! Donny Wahlberg and the Blue Bloods! Pussy, cat, and dolls! Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt! Perez Hilton! Yea Gaga BEEN gay! Boom Kat! We like to celebrate black history month in March SO YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and you gotta STAN JESUS y’all!  
2/20/20201 hour, 14 minutes, 34 seconds
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EPISODE 140: THIS B*TCH: Lady Gaga Pt.1

Wil’s all freaky Madea HORNT up, Court is Versace butch realness and Leif is out here in a thong all over some guy he doesn’t know! That’s right MONSTERS it’s THIS B*TCH LADY GAGA PT.1!!!! We’ve got complicated feelings on Gaga and Wil’s black ass can’t read so let’s get INTO IT! This Italian NYC girl is from Italy Italian she’s Italian! She was also a music prodigy with a stripper piano teacher. I mean... we have no choice but to Stan people! From conspiracy theories (we’re Gaga Birthers) to showing up to the all boys school to be the doll we cover IT ALL! Meeting her first gays, writing her first songs and her first big break... all while we’re over here beating off! I’m sure you know Gaga was the weirdo hipster bitch Method acting in biology but did you know she was on MTV’s BOILING POINTS?! This show is important people!!! Plus some heartache, pain, trauma, and the Wild Wild West! YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and legally speaking PATTI LUPONE must see you perform!!  
2/13/20201 hour, 3 minutes, 44 seconds
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EPISODE 139: THIS B*TCH: The Oscars

It's the 139th Annual Episode of The Narcisistas! Court has the tiniest lil peepee, Wil is trying to get this white institution to LISTEN and Leif showed up late with his own Champagne! It’s THIS (stupid) B*TCH... THE OSCARS! We all know the only thing WHITER than the Oscars is Court’s family reunion but do you know the history of the Oscars and who votes?! This is basically a Schoolhouse Rap for Oscar Bait!!! We’re here to give you all the Oscars tea from La La Land to Moonlight! The Oscar statue is 13.5” long so good luck sitting on it!! Do the dropping ratings have something to do with all the WHITE MEN?! Post HUMMUS nominations how do they happen?! Plus! Meryl! Audrey! Edith! Lupita! YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and stay on the tip of your d*ck for our new movie BLACKED OUT WHITE NOISE!  
2/6/20201 hour, 19 minutes, 37 seconds
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Court is Obsessed because white women are coming for her, Wil is gone with the wind Ivy Park x Adidas fabulous and Leif is Bigger because we’ll he got BIGGER! Get ready for a lot of pedophile jokes today people because we watched EROTIC THRILLER... THE BOY NEXT DOOR!! The pedestrian wigs ALONE! While Beyoncé was making Lemonade JLo made this Classic SPF (steamy pedophile flick). Let’s just say it’s a REALLY good CSI Miami episode directed by Tyler Perry where JLo plays a white woman AND an ethnically ambiguous detective! Screaming at the range! Notes On A Scandal wishes! Y’all remember when your BFF got murdered because you had to get some 19 year old D**K?? Classic! From veil thin innuendos and Epi Pens in the eye to a Grandpa up-skirt... The Boy Next Door has it all! WATCH THIS MOVIE! You could get it for $4 at your local WaWa DVD bucket but you should spend $100! Don’t be sober! THEN LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and Leif out the partition back up you’re the oldest man on Tik Tok!
1/30/202047 minutes, 27 seconds
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EPISODE 137: Celebrity Power Couples feat: Mara Wiles 

Wil hasn’t showered and he’s horny for his own talent, Court is greasy and she’s doing a photoshoot and Leif... Leif is missing the Anaconda bit! Men! This episode we brought in a 4th to keep things spicy! Ladies and Gents from the Significant Others pod comedian Mara Wiles! Mara is looking for a momager while she slams her boobs against the wall! Today we’re talking Celebrity POWER Couples! The tea is scalding and plentiful B*TCH! Weiner and Huma! Goldie and Kurt! Kelis and Nas! Britney and Justin! Ryan Seacrest and whoever SHE is! Factually speaking every celebrity is a WITCH or a LIZARD person! IMAGINE a world where Jay and B got divorced?! Wait is there a reason Jay-Z is on the minute man remix!?! You gotta hate the same things, know each other’s love language and hey money’s not an issue when you’re broke! PLUS! Celebrity couples you forgot about and a Cher impression for the ages! Oh yea and Wil’s into kids! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and make sure you get your ILLUMINATI PROMO CODE!  
1/23/20201 hour, 12 minutes, 13 seconds
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EPISODE 136: EnGAYged feat: Josh Rodriguez 

Court is Feyoncé because white women ruin everything, Leif is End of Time because JLo is finally over and WIL... WIL liked it... so he put a RING ON IT!!!! We have Wil’s fiancé Josh Rodriguez in the studio with us today! Josh is Lay up UNDER ME because... we don’t be going out like that!! You guys won’t believe the Ep today...Wil is gay... Josh is gay... they’re perfect for each other!! The bachelorette is Nashville!! The beautiful couple runs us through the enGAYgement of a lifetime including some PAJAMA DRAMA!!! We talk the wedding plans, autumnal palettes, Paris proposals, Tyler Perry and THE BLACK WEB (no whites allowed!) most importantly they answer the question burning in everyone’s mind... WHICH ONE WEARS A DRESS?!!! Get yourself a spray tan and LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and don’t forget to FLICK your boss in the CLIT!  
1/16/202050 minutes, 2 seconds
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EPISODE 135: THIS B*TCH: Jennifer Lopez Pt.7

Courtney is plunging right into her own.. self, Wil’s got his edges laid at the VMAS and Leif... yea Leif is ANACONDA again. It’s the FINAL JLo Episode y’all! From movies and hashtag commercials to Grammy controversy and performing for a dictator the JLo story never stops! We cover the DEALS on DEALS on DEALS, her EROTIC thriller, lesbian fight club, the Drake situationship and so much more Pitbull! Big BOOTY certainly was a CHOICE! Hello NBC?! KNOCK KNOCK! It’s an ethnically ambiguous cop! PLUS the even more Hispanic West Side Story that is her romance with A-Rod! A bad Motown tribute, the return of the green dress and OMG HUSTLERS!!! JLo is the ICON who gets it DONE!!! Who’s the rude Spanish b*tch NOW baby!!? LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and don’t forget to USE your sexual POWER to RUIN men’s LIVES!!   narcisistaspodcast, thenarcisistas, podcastS, comedy, kiki, brainmachinenetwyork, thisbitch, thisbitchseries, jenniferlopez, jlo, JenniferLynnLopez, actressfirst, boynextdoor, hustlersmovie, hustlers, arod, motown, marcanthony, versacegreendress, pitbull, 
1/9/20201 hour, 30 minutes, 26 seconds
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EPISODE 134: THIS B*TCH: Jennifer Lopez Pt.6

Wil is hustlin like Ramona, Court is Mrs. Hairloss Worldwide and yes... LEIF IS ANACONDA! It’s Part 6 Jennifer Lopez so let’s get LOUD Y’ALL! We left THIS B*TCH in a lull so let’s get into a new record label, a new album and new sound effects from Leif! Plus... you can’t have two queer powerhouses on one show so American Idol loses Ellen and brings in this generations (sober) Paula Abdul... Jennifer Lopez!! From High Fashion Melina vids to commercials for Blackberry this b*tch never stops working! The On the Floor comeback! A love triangle with Jada Pinkett Smith! A devastating divorce! The door locking at the AMA’s! The first world tour! It’s all about sustainability people! Grab all 14 JLo fragrances and LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and it’s not for anyone girl it’s a FIAT!!
1/2/20201 hour, 2 minutes, 53 seconds
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EPISODE 133: Diva Christmas Moments

Wil is making sugar cookies with his butt, Court knocked over the tree and Leif is STILL Anaconda!! That’s right folks we’ve been doing the pod for 40 years but we’re home for the HO-lidays... it’s a very special DIVA CHRISTMAS MOMENTS episode!! From Ebony Scrooge to an Aspen Christmas fantasy we cover all the XXXmas cookie tea! Everyone is the same age as the director of A Christmas Melody aka our favorite pornographic Folgers commercial! A Royal weighing! Sis Kirkpatrick! Bloopers! Rudolph! The Smiths (not the band Leif ew!)! And of course get ready for us to take on Serial Season 5: FARRAH’S STORY!!! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and remember all we want for Christmas is a tiny bite of a potato chip!!
12/24/201956 minutes, 24 seconds
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EPISODE 132: THIS B*TCH: Jennifer Lopez Pt.5

Court is very Jennifer Love Hewitt, Wil is a glossy eye and a little girls hairdo and Leif is feeling his Jon Voight fantasy... that’s right it’s THIS B*TCH Jennifer Lopez PART 5!!! From a Pepsi commercial that’s better than The Cell to the Latina Monster in Law reveal you must check out our new movie Kill Bill 3: For Colored Girls!! We all stopped caring about TRL when we were getting fingered behind our high school BUT we cover all the JLo music from this time including JLo feat LL ANDDDD LL feat JLo!! The beginning of the Marc Anthony relationship, Latin Albums, Dance Life and a new vocal range! Sorry... NO HABLO B*TCH! Marc Anthony is an alleged coke boi who gets songs from his dreams... YOU KNOW WE STAN! From JLo to JLaw & JHud every race gets a J!! El Cantante! Pregnancy! Twins!! Chris Angel! This pod is... funny??? Ah Gay people will listen to ANYTHING! SO LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and you can always fall back on being WHITE!!
12/19/20191 hour, 4 minutes, 55 seconds
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EPISODE 131: THIS B*TCH: Jennifer Lopez Pt.4 w/ Luiy Valdez

Wil loves his papi, Court peaked in the early 00’s and Leif is the ANACONDA BIT AGAIN! It’s Part 4 MISS JENNIFER LYNN LOPEZ!! Joining us in the studio today is not fellow Latin icon LUIY VALDEZ!! Luiy and his taco flavored kisses talk with The Narcisistas about his introduction to JLo on the far far away island of Puerto Rico. From waiting for tonight in the jungle to landing amongst everything white (including the people) we can’t figure out... What is MTV hiding?! PLUS! What happens when the Pop Princess of PR gets with PR Royalty himself Marc Anthony? Well... it gets weird! From OVER EXPOSURE to the Get Right controversy you gotta admit One Thing is the turkey anthem!! A Puerto Rican Day Parade SHADE, the Madonna slippery slope and a surprise appearance from the Dance Again Barbie! YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and don’t forget Beyoncé is the Marilyn Manson of pop music!!!
12/12/20191 hour, 2 minutes, 53 seconds
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EPISODE 130: THIS B*TCH: Jennifer Lopez Pt.3

Wil’s got a GREAT wig on, Court’s love don’t cost a thing and Leif’s talent built the Anaconda Franchise! Everyone’s grooving and vibing on this one cause it’s THIS B*TCH JLo Part 3!! We left off in a very gothy cute moment so let’s pick back up with the official start of JLo!! The release of her 2nd album JLo (JHo if you nasty) and movie The Wedding Planner (a Virgo’s dream) made her have the #1 everything in the country! So what do you do when you’re on top?? Grab Ashanti’s vocals and Mariah’s sample and REMIX IT with the guy from Fyre festival!! Oops! It’s a shady Episode and a BAD time for women y’all! From controversy and a new marriage to the What’s Goin On All Star tribute we cover it all! From the BLOCK to Mogul status you better not slip up and fall for a white man! BENNIFER! GIGLI! WET SEAL! Grab your little gloves for your palm pilot, get up the Bubba Gumption to LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and don’t worry Heterosexual street meat is EVERYWHERE!
12/5/20191 hour, 12 minutes, 41 seconds
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EPISODE 129: THIS B*TCH: Jennifer Lopez Pt.2

Will is eating dinner on a TV tray alone, Leif is Jon Voight in that snake movie and IS COURT FUNNY?! That’s right y’all it’s PART TWO of THIS B*TCH JENNIFER LOPEZ! So much to cover this episode from Tommy making women of color white to how women just need to start killing men!! Pop music is a dirty game baby! We give all the TEA from Anaconda to Antz this actress first is Outta Sight!!! But most importantly this episode we get to... THE MUSIC!! She wrote on the 6... on the 4 so let’s talk about it! JLo got Fat Joe and Big Pun so who cares about some unknown vocals!? Remember when we though the world was gonna end?! Grab your metallic cargo pants and your lava lamp and help us reminisce on these Y2K anthems! PLUS! Puffy, a jail stint and a GREEN DRESS that changed the internet.. YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and whether you BUSINESS CASUAL or GLAM HOOD you have our LOVE! 
11/28/201946 minutes, 31 seconds
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EPISODE 128: THIS B*TCH: Jennifer Lopez Pt.1 w/ Christina Galston

Will is REAL as hell, Court is getting LOUD and Leif is cinematic masterpiece ANACONDA! That’s right ladies and gentleman it’s PART ONE of our THIS B*TCH JENNIFER LOPEZ series!! Joining us for Pt.1 is hilarious legend CHRISTINA GALSTON! Christina estoy aquí for the QUEEN of Puerto Rico baby!! Christina has had ENOUGH so let’s get into it. From Jenny’s Bronx beginnings to her Fly Girl breakout moment we cover it all! From Rosie Perez TEA to Janet Jackson’s ABS this episode will turn you gay before you get pregnant!! Her first marriage, her first acting roles, her legendary ambition and other tales from before it was cool to have A$$! The Narcisistas and Christina are the Neapolitan Ice Cream of comedy and one of them has their pubes braided too tight! We end this episode crying and singing over the masterpiece that is SELENA!! F*** YOLANDA!!! There’s so much JLo to talk about people! Representation matters! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and make sure it don’t smell like earring backs! Part 2 out next week!!
11/21/201952 minutes, 53 seconds
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EPISODE 127: Diva Conspiracy Theories LIVE!

Wil is GHOST, Leif is CRAZY and Court got PUNKED! That’s right it’s a LIVE NARCISISTAS Y’ALL! We’re talking DIVA Conspiracy Theories and the wigs are flying clean off! Who did Beyoncé murder and what does S Club 7 have to do with it?! Beyoncé has how many “CHILDREN”?! All that’s important is that Keanu Reeves is immortal and the earth is FLAT! Some AMAZING guests join us to help take down the elite’s narrative... Ashley Hamilton is a deflated belly in the elevator and she serves us an Avril Lavigne conspiracy that TORE a family apart! Marilyn Monhoe is Crazy in Love and LATAVIA joins us in the crowd! Pranav Behari is Party cause he dripping SWAGU... and also cause Taylor Swift is a Satanist and Jon Benet Ramsey is actually Katy Perry! Mini Horrorwitz is Schoolin’ Life cause... JUSTICE FOR 4! Lady Gaga is a murderer and The Illuminati is REAL!! YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS EP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and OPEN YOUR EYES SHEEPLE!!  
11/14/20191 hour, 10 minutes, 21 seconds
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EPISODE 126: Wedding 

Wil is stanning for his White girl fave HALO, Leif is fired cause women do it better and Court IS BEYONCÉ!! That’s right it’s the Mrs. Salengo World Tour!!! Courtney Maginnis Salengo talks us through her wedding day and let me tell you there’s NO slacks around here! From being too Crazy in Love to care where the flowers go to getting the state involved you’ll be able to feel that bridal glow in your Bose noise cancelling headphones! If the top bunks a knocking... you might believe in heterosexual love again!! PLUS Wil’s “speak to your manager” moment and an in-depth discussion on if you can hear Demonic possessions from First Class! Beyoncé sold us Single Ladies with a ring on, Nicki tries to steal some marriage shine and a surprise DIVORCE bomb that leaves us shook! From Guns and Roses to Counting Crowes PLEASE don’t like white people music around us! YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS EP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and NO WE WILL NOT START A SUBLIME COVER BAND WITH YOU!  
11/7/201955 minutes, 1 second
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RERELEASE: EPISODE 10: Courtney feat: Casey James Salengo

In honor of NYC Pride this weekend we have our first straight white male, Casey James Salengo (Comedy Central Half Hour)! He's also Courtney's BF (I know we can't believe Courtney dates a straight guy either!) We compare professional Wrestling to Vogueing balls and shade the entire Met Gala. The subject this week is Courtney but listen and ask yourself, would Casey clearly rather be inside Wil? We end the first of this two part episode with our NEW game, What Gets You Harder?
11/5/20191 hour, 7 minutes, 3 seconds
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EPISODE 125: Divorce Feat: Mara Marek

Wil is like “um... Race to Witch Mountain my love?!” Court is skinny and pissed and Leif... LIKES COSTUMES! That’s right it’s another monumental episode of The Narcisistas! The subject today is DIVORCE and our guest is like WHY ME?! Ladies and Gentlegays joining us today is hilarious comedian and podcaster MARA MAREK!!! Mara is showing us her nice tits and talking with us about her 3 marriages and 7 engagements! This icon shares her endless wisdom with us... how to keep all the rings until the cops get involved, fat cokeheads doing it all and how to properly share fitness tips with your ex’s new wife! From billionaires and dumbasses to that time she was married to... what’s his name? This episode has it all PLUS! What’s her relationship vibe now, loving yourself and finding the humor in your KIDNAPPING. If Merril Lynch STAYS selling you oil than YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS EP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and don’t forget YOU CAN SHAVE A SOUL PATCH!
10/24/201952 minutes, 41 seconds
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EPISODE 124: Didn’t Cha Know?!

Wil got the GREEN LIGHT so he quit that B*TCH, Court is an underwhelming Duane Reade WITCH and Leif’s fired! Okie Dokie PEEYAW Y’all it’s another DIDN’T CHA KNOW episode of The Narcisistas! We don’t know EVERYTHING but what we do know will Eve and Gwen Stefani BLOW YA MIND! No shade to our Mormon listeners but Tom Cruise is a pocket gay! Gosling a Backstreeter? A world with only black Carter’s?! Did BRITNEY cause 9/11!!!??? I’m white look at my box braids! From pop culture conspiracy theories and pop star paranormal activity to the Hollywood walk of SHADE we’re gonna need to start a revolution after this one people! Plus! Big Willie Style! Baha Men! Korn! Snoop Dogg in a white setting! Norman Bates! Simon Cowell and so many more Drag Icons! YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS EP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and we thought Ellen was into the OTHER kinda Bush!!!!!  
10/17/201955 minutes, 50 seconds
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Court's pregnant(?!), Leif’s wondering about threesomes in the Carter household and Wil’s like don’t try me life I’ve got a good wig glue! We’re RICH presenting and it’s another episode of THE NARCISISTAS! Today we’re talking THE FASHION INDUSTRY and who better to have on than return guest, Wardrobe Stylist and fashion ICON... SEQUINE LEE! Sequine is in Paris with a chopped bang because life is all over the place and we’re like hold up is that scripture? We talk his beginnings in fashion, the never ending freelance lifestyle and styling for people who wanna be BEYONCÉ but ain’t even FLAVA FLAV! GAG!!! From the good parts of Fashion to the I QUITS we talk it all! Plus we discuss the lack of inclusivity and diversity in the industry. Gucci blackface and rich white Republicans ain’t diversity y’all! Call up your girls from Sister Act cause everything is ghetto until white girls do it!! We end this amazing episode with a hilarious round of What gets you Harder?! Who’s Danny Devito and WHAT is Brandy Melville?! YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS EP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and WHO invited the only BLACK PERSON in the room?!
10/11/20191 hour, 5 minutes, 21 seconds
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EPISODE 122: THIS B*TCH: Ariana Grande Pt.6

Court has lemons comin at her from all angles, Wil is gonna get well soon and Leif is all Aereola’d out! Whether you plan on having a Christian Girl Fall or a Sad Girl Winter you’re gonna be all caught up on Miss Grande because it’s our FINAL Ep in the This B*tch Ariana Grande series!!! Ariana is the blackest woman in the room and she has no more tears left to cry so let’s get into IT! Pop a Benadryl to help you with your SNL allergy cause we get very detailed into the Pete Davidson romance! Pete is an off-colored Eminem but hey we Stan White legends who love Black things! How dare you minimize my TAB... I mean self worth!! So much to cover in this one! New Music! New sound! Pam & Tommy! Court & Casey! God is WOMAN?! Chun Li... that’s not right!! From Vertigo to full ethnic ambiguity it’s like Courtney to Wil in 10 years! PLUS an Aretha Franklin groping, the tragic death of Mac Miller and the breakup with Pete but don’t worry this story has a happy ending. We gotta say THANK YOU NEXT to her first number one! A HIT TOUR! An earth shattering Patti Labelle quote and her new man!! LISTEN TO THIS EP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and F*** you James Corden!!!!
10/3/20191 hour, 18 minutes, 13 seconds
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EPISODE 121: THIS B*TCH: Ariana Grande Pt.5

We start this one off with some LOVE for the Grandmas and a small but beautiful moment for comedy legend and queen GMA! Ariana gives us some hope and Court makes one of her signature DUMB JOKES! Put your pups on a private jet and let’s get into PART FIVE of THIS B*TCH ARIANA GRANDE!!! We got a new album coming cause these b*tches NEVER stop working! From Halloween Scream Queens to the TRUE meaning of XXX-Mas! You don’t go to Christina for the 8 Counts! The MAGINANATORS missed the PEEYAW! So a very big PEEYAW to the Dangerous Woman era! A Saturday Night SLAY, the Pete Davidson chemistry and WHICH song is BABY SHARK for the GAYS!?!! Make it Audrey Hepburn meets slutty but NOW! The charts love Ari so she can’t stop breaking records! Zoolander is a plane movie! Mac Miller! Hairspray LIVE! Fallon rumors! ALL the VEVO views! We love dick on this pod! Stay in your lane Aereola! She getting browner and blonder so lets LEAN into the URBAN aesthetic! Plus like a burning car in the middle of the highway we discuss the shocking Manchester bombing. We start this pod sad... so why not end sad! The silver lining??? Stevie Wonder STANS Ariana Grande!!!! Also he could GET IT! YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS EP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and wash your face no matter how drunk you get!
9/26/20191 hour, 4 minutes, 12 seconds
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EPISODE 120: THIS B*TCH: Ariana Grande Pt.4

Wil’s ACTUALLY thoughtful and heartfelt while Court is fake as F**K... no wonder Leif has the GIFT to be GAY! It’s part FOUR ARIANA GRANDE THIS B*TCH! We pick back up in 2014 and THIS B*TH has 3 songs in the Top 10 and two #1 albums within one year... so go ahead and sit your dainty ass on a stool and let’s get INTO IT! She’s shifting from bubblegum pop to a darker 90’s influence so look out for OOKIE SPOOKIE matted locks Canadian icon The Weeknd (all the white women are wasted from the waist down). The Aesthetic is soo right (unlike Katy Perry x Party City)!! ALSO Who isn’t trying to bang Santa?! From the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to Cloverfield the Music video we cover it all! PLUS! Big Sean! Cat Ears! What happens when cuffing season gets UNCUFFED?! We end by throwing is allllll the way back to 1776 when we licked a donut! Get ‘Merica back on your side by doing celebrity singing impressions people!!! THEN LISTEN TO THIS EP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and remember SEX is all about FLEXIBILITY!! Part 5 out NEXT THURS!
9/19/201938 minutes, 21 seconds
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EPISODE 119: THIS B*TCH: Ariana Grande Pt.3 Feat: Tracey Carnazzo

You got me walkin side to side because CHIVALRY is DEAD! That’s right people it’s PART 3 THIS B*TCH ARIANA GRANDE! Court is trying to be Rihanna, Wil is about to step on a neck and Leif is werkin too much! The heteros strike again!! Let’s cut the CHIT CHAT because our guest today is a LEGEND. The one and only TRACEY CARNAZZO joins us!! Tracey is Ari’s red hair because she’s simply BROKEN. It’s all a big MOOD! BRITNEY said it best when she just SHAVED her head people! It’s a wild episode so buckle up and get ready to fist fight your grandma (the one with the great A$$)! We discuss Ariana’s influences from Mariah to Rachel Dolezal... she’s black l’m black we’re all BLACK! I’ve got Raven Simone’s DNA swab! PLUS! How long are you REALLY gonna wait for Kid Rock to finish smoking crack? Tracy and Leif scissor and which one of us cut our own Hannah Montana bangs?! It was back when Fyre fest was just a twinkle in Ja’s eye!! From Total Ariana Live to 106 and we haven’t gotten there yet this Ep is one of our best! Miss Grande’s strong POV, forgetting what she recorded and a 9/11 sunglass story that will make you weep! Tracey finishes this one off by laying out the Ariana and Pete TEA so you MUST LISTEN TO THIS EP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and make some NOISE if you left prom to blow a guy to ~*fOoLiSh!*~
9/12/20191 hour, 9 seconds
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EPISODE 118: THIS B*TCH: Ariana Grande Pt.2

Wil is a dangerous woman but the kids still love him because he can sit on a D**K, Court is over here licking donuts for her wedding diet and Leif is BANG BANG cause it’s a hot boi summer baby!! That’s right everybody it’s THIS B*TCH ARIANA GRANDE PART TWO!! The year is 2012 and we weren’t even born yet but the girls on Victorious sure were!!! From an emotionless Emotions cover to the MAC MILLER kiss heard around the internet you know Nickelodeon was holding on for DEAR LIFE! Too bad Court is basically the next Austen Mahone! BUY our memoir it’s called LISTEN TO THE GAYS!!! We cover the making of her debut album that brought out all the 90’s R&B legends... I mean sure some of it was trash but so are the old episodes of THIS POD! Before she was the most followed woman on Instagram she was an American apparel catalog with 166million views that Billbord didn’t seem to know! OOP! Plus! A Beyoncé GAG that could be a choking hazard! Big Sean is our priest!? A Spanglish album no one asked for?! Oh and come on Italians! You already got Snooki!! It’s time for us to school some adults cause the children already know! If you on your Suit & Thai food you’re gonna love this Ep! SO LISTEN UP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT www.narcisistas.comand don’t forget BRITNEY would’ve been SHERYL if she has the money!!!!  
9/5/201958 minutes, 3 seconds
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EPISODE 117: THIS B*TCH: Ariana Grande Pt.1

And a very first ENGAGED PEEYAW to all our listeners out there! Wil is tweeting about Normani because she wrote the song, Court is a child bride engaged to a successful comedian and Leif is greedy BUT he LOVES his MOMMY!!! That’s right ladies and gentleGAYS we are kicking off another THIS B*TCH series with... ARIANA GRANDE! You’re not going to believe what year ol’ GRANDE AEROLES was born... let’s just say we were smoking cigarettes by then! We go all the way back to the beginning of her journey... her parents were CEOS and she was a weird deranged goth child! We know! We STAN!!! From Prep school and the French Horn to the Florida Panthers (who for the record we DO NOT know) all the way to a big time move to Los Angeles to be on... BROADWAY!! We have all the scalding hot TEA that made this donut licker who she is today! One day you’re using the internet to research 9/11 the next DING DONG Nickelodeon’s here! Court is known in most circles for her LIGHTLY DIVERSE group of friends, Wil is THE CHILD DETECTIVE and our tiny baby sex doll has a voice to bring the HOUSE DOWN! From the YouTube covers that made her a household name to the first single that had us looking for Jordan Sparks! YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS EP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and come back next week for BIG NIPPLES PT.2!!!  
8/29/20191 hour, 13 seconds
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EPISODE 116: CalexicoED Feat: Dave Vendley

There’s a SPICY SEXY energy for this one people!!! Wil’s got her Jesus say YES braids, Court’s got alcoholic family FLAVA and Leif is actually Dax Shepard! Hold onto your wigs cause it’s a LEGENDS ONLY pod today!! Joining us in the studio we have co-owner of Calexico and stunning bad b*tch... DAVE VENDLEY!! Dave is falling down at the Super Bowl but still snatched and figuring it out! So many things to talk about with our guest so we start from the beginning! How the “genius” behind Calexico was actually that they were just broke! Ew! From the beginnings of the business fighting in Street Cart gangs and bringing back women to his room full of FREEZERS. Yikes. To googling “How to run a business” the story of Dave’s journey is incredible!! Oh yea and we can’t have a Dave Vendley Ep without talking of his white rapping days PLUS shit going down with Cappadonna from Wu Tang! Dave’s kinda like the Tony Robbins of starting businesses so he serves some scalding hot advice tea for you ENTREPRENISTAS our thurrrr!! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better we end this one with a freaky round of WHAT GETS YOU HARDER!! From Fred Durst’s Jazz night to Kid Rock’s dirt bike collection this guy might be our first NON PEDOPHILE! You can catch Dave pretending he’s not drunk at all CALEXICO locations! You also cannot MISS THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and COURT’S GETTING MARRIED ON A DISNEY CRUISE!!!
8/22/201946 minutes, 19 seconds
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EPISODE 115: Mrs. Salengo Feat: Casey James Salengo

We’ve never been so moved by straight love y’all!! Wil is Blue Ivy hittin the choreo, Court is SINGLE LADIES cause DUH and Leif is calling Courtney fat!! Take a hint b*tch!! We talking ENGAGEMENT so naturally our guest today is the funniest... sexiest... BIGGEST man alive Casey James Salengo aka MR HUSBAND!! A true GAG! They gettin married!! We get the behind the scenes breakdown of the LEGENDARY engagement! Edges are still on the floor of The Bowery! From Casey hiding behind that curtain to trying not to die he really pulled it off y’all! How’s the wedding planning so far?! Well not to be DRAMATIC but they’re getting matching Bugs Bunny tattoos!! Listen we don’t need napkins at our wedding it’s going to be a Beyoncé vs. Bruce dance party! They’re both gonna gain so much weight! Can you still do drugs when you’re married? What is Courtney’s 4?! Was the proposal actually between a sunset cruise or Trump’s second inauguration?! Did Casey only date dudes before Courtney?! If you haven’t sent us money you’re not invited!! We’ll send you a Thank You card! The origins of Courtney and Caseys love and how a Power Cobra Clutch makes women melt. Big DADDY big DAY!!!!!!! He’s gonna wear her tits as a scarf SO U BETTA RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and no SNIFFIN at The Strip Club!!!
8/15/201952 minutes, 52 seconds
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RERELEASE: EPISODE 67: New York City Feat: Tom Delgado

Joining The Narcisistas in the LOUVRE... I’m sorry The Brain Machine recording studio this week is Comedian, Film Maker and NYC Historian Tour Guide.. TOM DELGADO!! Let’s get into it! Wil is APE$HIT recycled hair-dos commanding the room EFFORTLESSLY, Court is getting Jay-Z together but in a lipliner because she found HERSELF, Leif misses the Obamas but they’re busy dancing at OTRII and Tom is singing HALO at a Singapore Hospital because The Narcisistas are SICKening! This week the subject is NEW YORK CITY and thank goodness because the bone structure is CORRECT! We teach Tom to EAT, take a moment for our HOTNESS, throw some European shade and find out why Court spends every morning at the top of the Empire State Building! “Pull over for the Picture!” and other hot Tourist Tips so you don’t get the $hit beat outta ya! We cover wild celeb sightings (was that William DaFoe arguing with a woman in Chinese?!) and we answer questions like... are New Yorkers mean? Here’s a hint... NO! But they will take a shit on 10th Ave! We talk NYC’s brand, how it’s changing the city, where so much of the public’s tax money is going and a LOT of other smart stuff! DELGADO for MAYOR! Get involved on a local level people! This might actually be the most factual pod in Narcisistas HERstory! So listen up if you want to hear all about The Big Apple including Lindsay Lohan’s Pu$$ at PLUM, SJP singing Beyoncé and Steven Tyler feeling her beat! We ALSO end this Ep with a tough round of our favorite game WHO’S YOUR DIVA?! Shoutouts to NY natives for not caring about Brandy!! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT for info on our NEXT LIVE SHOW!! August 30th at The Footlight!! We love y’all!
8/8/20191 hour, 14 minutes, 43 seconds
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EPISODE 114: THIS B*TCH: Taylor Swift Pt.4 w/ Harry Hill

Wil is Wildest Dreams because he’s simply blown away by the bone structure of our guest and Court is the CATS trailer because... what the F**K! It’s our LAST Episode of the Taylor Swift THIS B*TCH era!! We had to make it a legends only Pod so joining us today is Swiftie and ICON HARRY HILL!!! He’s BACK on the pod but the real question is WHO is in the suitcase!?! When did our sweet Harry become a Swiftie? Is it what happens when you get burnt out on Bangerz? It’s ALL the Gaggedy Anne Tea including Harry’s thoughts on THE alleged queerness! PLUS! THE Social Media clear that SHOOK the world! Suing for $1! The Kimye drama! The BRAVERY of messy hair! AND... you know there’s more records to break!! ANYWAYS It was nice to see black people in End Game! Everything from Reputation (including the POWER of a rain show) all the way up to today’s Lover era! It’s very Pets 2!! And I am TELLING YOU... I’m not seeing Cats!! How do we feel about Taylor now? Did we convert?! Are we Swifties?! GUESS YOU HAVE TO GRAB A VODKA DIET COKE AND LISTEN TO THIS EP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and for the record... there is room for everyone... including MEGAN TRAINOR!!   narcisistaspodcast, thenarcisistas, podcasts, comedy, kiki, brainmachinenetwork, thisbitch, thisbitchseries, taylorswift, taylor, taylorswift13, reputation, lookwhatyoumademedo, youneedtocalmdown, me, lover, thearcher, harryhill, swifties, veryharryhill, bangez, rainshow, karliekloss, kimye, Grammys, femalecomedians, catsmovie, dorky
8/1/20191 hour, 4 minutes, 9 seconds
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EPISODE 113: THIS B*TCH: Taylor Swift Pt.3 w/ Emily Winter

Wil is LOOK what you made me do, Court is ACTUALLY getting paid and Leif is just putting his fingers in Court’s mouth! Unbelievable! Joining us today on the pod is writer, comedian, actress, ANGEL... EMILY WINTER!! Emily just got married in a rainbow dress (Taylor wishes) so she’s too busy looking at pictures of herself to worry about Leif being a ghost! This is Episode 113 that was recorded on the 13th... The Taylor Swift energy is ookie spookie in THIS B*TCH Pt.3!! Last time we left Taylor we had one foot in the queer theory so let’s jump back in! Taylor’s rich and skinny and pretty... and she’s still the only DIVA who’s a DORK! We cover all the BOPS, the Guinness world records and that HIPSTER that pissed her off! This era of Taylor is giving full white woman fantasy so let’s give the basic b*tches their anthem! Frap-A-Chin-o’s! Plus a Tim McGraw Grey’s Anatomy moment! The 1989 era was pop perfection so it was hard to hate T.Swift... but we find a way! The problematic message of Bad Blood and the racial blind spots are a little tough for 2.2 billion views girl! Ugh but The Blank Space video is SO GOOD!! And that STUNNING True Detective intro?!! We can feel the unsubscribes! Let the dorks rise!!!! The Grammys! The VMAS! The AMAs! The CMAS! The POWER! Come on DICK! Show us your TWAYLOR! Next week is PART 4!! LISTEN TO THIS EP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and come on! You can find one black person in Africa!
7/25/20191 hour, 2 minutes, 57 seconds
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7/22/201945 minutes, 3 seconds
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EPISODE 112: THIS B*TCH: Taylor Swift Pt.2 w/ Hattie Hayes & Sarah Kennedy

Wil fell right on her face in a platform, Court is up against a bunch of LEGENDS, and Leif (after an offensive circle back) is lifting up queer artists! That’s right people it’s PART TWO of our THIS B*TCH TAYLOR SWIFT series!! Joining us today are the hosts of the Taydar podcast and COMEDY ICONS Hattie Hayes and Sarah Kennedy! Hattie is (b*tch) sitting the hell down looking wistfully while Sarah is at an NBA game with Karlie gettin drunk! You might want to get out your whiteboards for this one... The Swifties are detail oriented! From contractual 3 month boyfriends (Joe Jonas? Never heard of her!) to the scathing BOPS that follow we cover it all with these Tay Tay experts! Record breaking album sales! Valentine’s Day! SNL! Track #5! Valentine’s Day! The number 13! Making a music video in Powerpoint! Valentine’s Day! Look we don’t want to burn down a bank but we cover a lot of conspiracy theories including the INFAMOUS Kanye interruption with some behind the scenes tea! We gonna let you finish but THE ILLUMINATI IS REAL! PLUS... THE BIG TAYLOR REVEAL THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!! It’s all in the pronouns people!!! LISTEN TO THIS EP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and do you guys ALSO get Google alerts for Taylor Swift gay?  
7/18/201959 minutes, 26 seconds
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EPISODE 111: THIS B*TCH: Taylor Swift Pt.1

A very YEEHAW PEEYAW to all our listeners this Episode is the ultimate GAG! The Narcisistas are kind of like The Notorious B.I.G. of not liking Taylor Swift... so welcome to THE THIS B*TCH TAYLOR SWIFT EPISODES!!! We’re here to give her her things AND to call her a$$ out! In this polarizing time let’s meet the other side and hear the other perspective. Wil’s got Bad Blood cause it was poisoned by alcohol, Court is full blown Blank Space crazy and Leif is under the bus and we’re hitting reverse! It’s Easter every night at The Swift home so let’s go Swifties!! This Ep is as dicey as toilet paper in your thong at a Pride party! From humble stock broking Christmas tree beginnings to finally getting onstage and showing them how good your life is this one really couldn’t get any whiter! Shania and Faith in the 90s!! Could you die?! Wait she’s an Abercrombie model?! Well grab Austin the actor move to Tennessee! We track the million little baby steps (on a marble floor) that made Taylor into one of the highest selling artists of all time. An ICONIC walk away from an RCA record deal and right into a publishing house... You can not take away the song writing from THIS B*TCH!! She privileged AF but YEEHAW PEEYAW she smart as hell and look what happened to JoJo!! PLUS! Which of The Narcisistas put the CUNT IN COUNTRY?! Rock of Love: The Island Edition! A couple of Rascals! Brunettes EW! THE ACCOLADES! THE RECORDS! The White Beyoncé?! Yikes! Don’t come for us Swifters we’re getting all our issues with the 1% out!! THE GAYS AND TEENAGE GIRLS RUN MUSIC SO LISTEN TO THIS EP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and when you hear Tim McGraw I hope you think of NELLY!!!  
7/11/201949 minutes, 30 seconds
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EPISODE 110: Mid-Year Check-in Up On It! 

Court is the Best Thing you never had... AMERICA and she won’t come to your July 4th party on SHROOMS (this time). As the CEO of Cadillac Records Wil is the BOSS of her own time and Leif’s soccer inspiration... now that’s Beyoncé. This show is like FUBU but also for white people!! Ladies and GentleGAYS... the straights will always disappoint you so it’s just an Episode with the BOYS (Courtney’s BOOBS). We’re CHECKING IN UP ON ourselves! From the most important things we have going on (Lance Bass’s Instagram) to the most mundane (the 2020 Presidential election) we cover it all! From reprioritizing our time to some corporate fashion TEA the real question is YOU EVER SEEN A BIRTH?! It’s July 4th so everyone is gettin some PEEYAW fireworks plus some HOT word play! We’re having an existential crisis at all times cause our brains are RUDE AF but where we are on our New Years resolutions?! You better dial 911 cause Court fisted a candle! Edit this out the ELITES are starting a revolution! Seriously though do you have Mushrooms cause The Lion King comes out so soon! Whether you’re fluid or full on gay you’re gonna wanna LISTEN TO THIS EP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT AND anyone listening... what’s YOUR deal!?
7/10/20191 hour, 45 seconds
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EPISODE 109: THIS B*TCH: Missy Elliott Pt.4

Wil has a post cum clarity, Court is the Miley of the group and Leif is LOSING CONTROL!! Ladies and Gentlegays it’s the FINAL Episode in our Missy Elliott THIS B*TCH series!! You’re gonna wanna join in on this jerk off party because just when you think you couldn’t be more obsessed with someone... THE MISSY ELLIOT STORY. It’s like Nicki Minaj... but better! She’s better! This Ep we cover everything from This is NOT a Test until today! Sure UFO’s are real but not as real as the Carter/Missy threesome! Cedric The Entertainer skits should be a LAW! From Jessica Alba’s masterpiece HONEY to 1,2 Step you GOTTA wire fight Tommy Lee! We give you all the OOKIE SPOOKIE scary realness including the diagnosis of Missy’s Graves’ disease. Fantasia is a MOOD! Since we Stan a QUEEN who Stans our QUEEN we talk Beyoncé! Fuck Frozen! Step Up 2: Lost in NY! A Jazmine Sullivan GAG! From Danity Kane to Michelle Obama we truly talk it all! We EVEN give Katy Perry credit where credit is due! Super Bowl Missy! Check out our new label Microwave Records! K-pop is BUILT on MISSY! We know we’re professors! Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson! Lizzo! Doctorates! Hall of Fame! MONUMENTS! She needs to run for office! MISSY 2020!! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and PUMPKIN! Read your book! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH MELISSA!
6/27/20191 hour, 19 minutes, 33 seconds
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EPISODE 108: THIS B*TCH: Missy Elliott Pt.3

Wil doesn’t want Court’s man cause he got it like that, Court believes in things that aren’t real and Leif is in the songwriters Hall of Fame! That’s right ladies and gentleman it’s Part THREE of our MISSY ELLIOT THIS B*TCH series!! We’re talking Missy! Obama not Visage!! We pick back up with smash hit Lady Marmalade (vule vuku she avec PEEYAW!) and dive right into the album Missy made to remind you that she F**KS! You Gen Z’ers wish you knew about hidden tracks! From Beyoncé hood-rat cosplay to some production Tea Time you KNOW Missy videos went above and BEYONCÉ! A Big PEEYAW to anyone who’s ever gotten fingered in a hot tub! Back or FRONT! A Cribs episode for the ages! Who’s Babyface?! What’s Papa Roach?! Pootie Tang! Carly Simon & Garfunkel! And of course our beautiful angel Aaliyah! Missy Elliot we couldn’t possibly love you more! Crash your car into the side of a grocery store because we also got Mona Scott Young! Work it! Adidas Couture! Fighting Temptations! Japan TEA! THE 2003 VMA KISS! Comedy queen Missy Elliott says if you got a big (weiner)!! Trina taught us everything we know and Howard Dean got us into comedy! There’s still more HITS to come people!! Missy PART FOUR out next week! This career is LEGENDARY!! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT NOW F**K OFF!   narcisistaspodcast, thenarcisistas, podcasts, comedy, kiki, brainmachinenetwork, thisbitch, thisbitchseries, missyelliott, missy, missymisdemeanor, VA, 757, oneminuteman, michelleobama, workit, songwritershalloffame, monascottyoung, aaliyah, workit, adidas, trina, ladymarmalade, gay, lesbian, femalecomedians, narcisistas
6/21/20191 hour, 9 minutes, 15 seconds
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EPISODE 107: THIS B*TCH: Missy Elliott Pt.2

Wil’s deep in Lemonade, Court can’t have no MINUTE man and Leif is making his own lane... to be a doctor! It’s PART TWO of our THIS B*TCH MISSY ELLIOTT series!! We pick back up with our rapping, singing, dancing, producing, feminist icon with her first #1 album! Do you think she just told friend of the pod Mariah to meet her at daddy’s house?! From hanging up on Whitney to getting Janet to come crawling back we’re just like SOCK it to us b*tch! I mean who WASN’T a Millionaire by ‘97?! From Cousin Skeeter to Lilith Fair this b*tch had ALL the squirrels calling Dr Doolittle! YIKES! You thought there was gonna be a Sophomore slump? Ha! THIS B*TCH is Missy! Wil’s gay origin story and a squirt for Space Cowboy we’ll never get over the genius of this Supa Dupa Fly visionary mastermind. Get ur freak on? Nicki WISHES! From white face to black face what is our favorite Missy video?! PLUS Ja Rule (of Fyre festival)! Did Missy plan 9/11? Either way she had the GALL BLADDER to plan a Lady Marmalade remake! Give her her things people!!!!! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and don’t act like you weren’t BORN when Kingdom Come came out!!! Part THREE of Missy Elliott out next week!
6/13/20191 hour, 4 minutes, 45 seconds
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EPISODE 106: THIS B*TCH: Missy Elliott Pt.1

No one even notices Court is at the VMAS, Leif is WORKIN IT and Wil is that B*TCH b*tchhhhh! A very tiny PEEYAW to you all! It’s PART ONE of our Missy Elliott THIS B*TCH series!! We call her Melissa and YES she’s a Cancer! From very dark very humble tough beginnings in VA this LEGEND has always been a shining light! As a child being the class clown covering up the genius she always knew she was destined for superstardom and we know THIS B*TCH wasn’t wrong!!! Explain yourself Janet Jackson! We cover all the career beginnings from her girl group to meeting Timbaland to blowing Jodeci’s wigs ALL the way back! It’s a MISDEMEANOR what a quadruple threat THIS B*TCH IS!! From SWV to angel Aaliyah she shaped all the 90s R&B we love! How a pivotal Effie moment led to the perhaps one of the most ICONIC visual clap backs of all time. Plus some much needed Mary J Blidge wisdom and a little peak into Black lesbian love! The Puffy verse that changed everything and the full control record deal that really wait for it... SHOOK THE TABLE!! PEEYAW!! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and get ready for the MISSY TAKEOFF next week in PART TWO!!   
6/6/20191 hour, 7 minutes, 57 seconds
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EPISODE 105: MASCULINITY feat: Mike Abrusci and Diego Lopez

Court ain’t eatin anything healthy and you can SUCK on Wil cause Leif is basically a flying stage malfunction! It’s another hot episode of The Narcisistas and our guests today would be terrible gays! From the A LITTLE TIME podcast it’s Mike Abrusci and Diego Lopez! That’s right it’s a podcasting Mount Rushmore! Diego is a Solange attack and Mike is 6-inches cause we’re all OVERESTIMATING. Let’s get into it! Today’s subject is MASCULINITY and we shoulda scrapped this one from the top! Someone call Jim Carrey cause we’re The Masc. Mike wants to breastfeed and Diego hits children! MASCULINITY! From working around the prison that is masculinity to the weight of toxic masculinity... this must be why men are so strong! We keep the pedophila to a minimum because were trying to be progressive but honestly... kids are sluts and women are the problem! We talk the need to take gender out of items, the differences in cultural masculinity and should we get Masculinity neck tattoos?! It’s an extremely offensive episode people! PS... Extortion is VERY Masc. We end this wild episode with a rousing round of What Gets You Harder?! How do we get Rihanna to spit in our mouth?! What’s a hand job YES?! What would happen if Court’s man died in a freak cottage cheese accident?! All the important questions answered! Pull out your DADDY SADDLE and LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and COME TO OUR NEXT LIVE SHOW JUNE 14th AT FRIENDS AND LOVERS BK!   
5/29/201959 minutes, 5 seconds
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Wil is FEELIN himself so... CARRY ON! Court is like F*CK my life... PRETTY HURTS and Leif is worried Bey won’t like him! It’s another Episode if The Narcisistas baby! This one is a special HOT T*TTIES episode and we are POPPIN OFF! A lot has been going on in the news so let’s get INTO IT! First things first a correction from our ROBYN episodes... oh and BTW no more corrections or we’ll find out where you live!!! Gossip Girl vs Girls it’s all white foolishness! We check in with all our THIS B*TCHES! We love you Britney! Rihanna DOING the THINGS even when people are CAUCASITY AF! A Mariah Vegas residency?! PLUS the hunt for Nicki’s eyebrows! We talk Met Gala 2019, parachute day in elementary school and Trading Spaces! Oh the CAMP of it all! It wouldn’t be a Narcisistas Ep without checking in with B.. Adidas collab! Homecoming! Lion King! MORE Grammys! Damn she WHITE TRASH! Would you eat an apple? Abso-FRUIT-ly not! Plus Wil gives the biggest POP OFF of all... a Game of Thrones pop off! You know the GOAT is a GOT girl! Full moon is out this week and now you can’t get an abortion because WHITE people SUCK!! Everything sucks right now but TRUST Female Rap will save everything! Megan thee stallion! Tierra Whack! Lizzo! Wil wants to be straight!  You can be a straight man bottom?! Is chewing on balls a thing?! 15 minutes?! I don’t have that kind of time! This one certainly fizzles out at the end! SO LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and COME TO OUR NEXT LIVE SHOW JUNE 14th AT FRIENDS AND LOVERS BK!  narcisistaspodcast, thenarcisistas, podcasts, comedy, kiki, brainmachinenetwork, poppinoff, hottitties, hottopics, popculture, rihanna, Mariah, Beyoncé, cardib, nickiminaj, homecoming, metgala, camp, femalerappers, megantheestallion, GOT, gameofthrones, tierrawhack, gay, lizzo, femalecomedians, narcisistas
5/23/20191 hour, 4 minutes, 46 seconds
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EPISODE 103: THIS B*TCH: Robyn Pt.2

Court is a FUN BOP that peaked in 2013, Don’t F**KING tell Wil what to DO also Leif is indestructible! Ladies and Gentleman it’s PART TWO of our ROBYN THIS B*TCH series!! We pick back up our ROBYN journey in 2005 with the start of Konichiwa records and get ready for some VULGAR spoiler alerts! Did Ciara eat Wendy’s?! Is Kelly Clarkson actually Kelly Osbourne?! From URBAN influences to William Hung this one is a wild ride! How Electro-pop Robyn on her Jill Scott poetry writing has you drunk dancing through devastating lyrics. PLUS the undeniable indestructible Robyn influence on mainstream pop music! From Be Mine & Piece of Me to Sexual Eruption... we never had a mini fro do it for us like that! What’s the best thing Lena Dunham has done in her career? We’ll give you a hint... it involves a song as big as Court’s pu$$y! Of COURSE Wil is Karamo! Oslo isn’t just an insta filter it’s in Norway! Body Talk gives us so many sing alongs and new sound bites oh and Wil is a LIAR! From the lowest low to the sweetest HONEY she’s an ARTIST FIRST people! We should all be more like ROBYN!! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! TELL A STRAIGHT ABOUT ROBYN AND GET A GAY TO VISIT!!  
5/16/20191 hour, 14 minutes, 35 seconds
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EPISODE 102: THIS B*TCH: Robyn Pt.1

Court is only pretty some of the time, Wil has gotta get himself together and Leif is a power bottom to Batman!! It’s another episode of The Narcisistas! Everyone needs to hold onto their wigs... we watched a Closed Caption doc so it’s basically a book... ladies and gentleman our THIS B*TCH series continues with... ROBYN!!! You might know her as Shonda’s ghost writer (which she is not) but you may not know what a rebellious punk rock bada$$ B*TCH she is!! From writing her first hit at ELEVEN to carving out her own unique path in the music industry PLUS her legendary influence on POP we cover it all!! How her genius songwriting makes you focus on rather than forget the pain cause EFFIE we all got pain! Court even pretends to know what a bridge is! From GRAMMIS to GRAMMYS... I need a boat! Some Britney scalding hot tea and what had Lori Beth Denberg saying CHECK PLEASE! Rihanna’s shirts are too sheer to visit the children! YES the music industry is TRASH to women but don’t worry cause Robyn is THAT B*TCH so you can’t miss THIS B*TCH! ALSO a lot of offensive jokes about Sweden! A little something for everyone! Time to give one of the best songwriters of our generation her things!! Stick around for PART TWO next week! Sorry about the SOFT SIS! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and try to figure out where Sweden is on a map!  
5/9/201957 minutes, 9 seconds
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EPISODE 101: Hoe Sh*t Pt.2 feat: Christina Galston

Our GOOD friend Wil is feeling petty cause the FWT dvd got him in an old gay STEW. Court almost $hit her pants but it made sense cause Deviled Eggs are the Devil’s Eggs! Oh and Leif is HOMECOMING because he’s really going places... have you guys ever eaten an apple?! Our guest today is the one and only CHRISTINA GALSTON!!! Please excuse all bloody edges The Narcisistas are just back in the HOE-bit baby!! That’s right we talkin HOE SH*T and Christina doesn’t care about us falling at 106 & Park so this episode has to be scrapped! None of our exes look alike but they will all go through our phone... it’s just Metro PCS though! She might just be playing house on Fajita Wednesday’s but saying she’s not ride or die?! She rode on the tile for you!!! We talk Christina’s new man, his Matilda chocolate cake dick and ticklish TOES! Spoiler... Court’s still white! White people suck! White people suck! We end this iconic episode with a Rainforest Cafe level round of WHAT GET YOU WETTER?! Who’s Marshall Law?! Ashanti needs a break! What margarine should you rub on your titties?! I’m not allowed to have tequila... sorry Migos! LISTEN When a Publix worker finds you in a ditch you gotta charm your way outta it and if Rihanna is coming over... she’s gonna leave a kiss mark on your couch! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and DON’T COME AT ME with those BIG NIPS like those CHILDREN AREN’T DEAD!
5/2/20191 hour, 31 seconds
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100 B*TCH!! That’s right we’ve all spent roughly 100 hours WASTING our life so let’s CELEBRATE! Wil is OBSESSED (trying to attack a white woman) because this Pod brings out the crazy! Court is don’t F**K with ME I know I’m loud and I know I’m cancelled! Leif has 99 problems and our THIS B*TCH series is one! Ladies and LADIEZ it’s our HUNDRIFF Ep and boy have 2 years gone by SO SLOW! We celebrate 100 by recapping all 100 Eps of The Narcisistas like some sort of LOUD GAY PRISON! From a Molly hangover on day ONE all the way to PEEYAW! Hold on to your TAINTS because it’s been a wild ride! This episode gives you all the behind the scenes TEA... wake up and call your senators Wil’s therapist is DEAD! A Whitney haunting, Casey and Courtney’s relationship, doing Ayahuasca and crack, all our gay black witches... MAN TIME IS WEIRD!! From Cum towels and blow jays to Wil’s rap and Court being a wigger all we can say is... Build a WALL!!! The beginnings of our ICONIC This B*TCH series (Mariah! Rihanna! Cardi! X-Tina! Onika! Britney Jean!) to ALL the HOT TITTIES... you’ll be like “these kids are funny!” I mean the WIGS ALONE! Most importantly we recap our coverage of Carmen a Hip-Hopera, the BITE, Beychella, the Witchcraft, Everything is Love, OTRII and more BECAUSE WE’RE A MOSTLY BEYONCÉ BASED PODCAST!! BUZZ BUZZ BABY!! CALL HER MOM & CALL ME MA’AM! THEN LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT www.narcisistas.comand thank you from the bottom of our hearts for listening and again THANK YOU FOR BEIN A B*TCH!!
4/25/20191 hour, 3 minutes, 26 seconds
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EPISODE 99: 420 BONUS EP w/ Will Winner

Wil is Christmas in GLITTER trying to get that Vitamin D, Court is beautiful but kinda f**ked up and Leif is having a meltdown!! It’s one of our best today people! Whenever you’re feeling pasty you wanna get near our guest because he will give you a GLOW... ladies and gentleman the hilarious Will Winner! Will is SOLDIER cause if ya STATUS ain’t HOOD... here’s a Lil Wayne verse that doesn’t rhyme!! The topic today is 420 and boy is this studio SMOKEY! We’re celebrating HARD and we never felt cooler! From 420’s origins (there’s always a STEVE!) to a tough discussion on if WEED is an Aries or a Taurus. Hitler sure was holding down the WHITES! WEED (or 6 Sauvignon Blancs) brings out your truth and real personality the rest is a performance people! From the first time we smoked weed to what our weed in the shower Beyoncé song is we ask the important questions! You think they’ll LEGALIZE it?! Murder we mean!! Who’s our hottest leading men? From Idris to Brink... who’s WET in their LA LA LAND?! PEEYAW! Will 4 PREZ! He pooped his pants on the Meat diet! We end this Ep with a HOT round of “What Get’s you Harder” and yea Kathy Griffin could get it... I mean you’re not gonna F**K A CARTOON!! He loves what he loves! Joe Dirt 2! Atlanta Trap! Farting! Friend of the pod ANDY WARHOL! LISTEN TO THIS EP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN is DADDY DOWN! 
4/20/20191 hour, 13 minutes, 29 seconds
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EPISODE 98: CUM w/ Remy Kassimir 

Wil is SPEECHLESS and ready to SIT on a D, Court is a stanky bitch but you think it’s SNATCHED and Leif... Leif is GROSS. It’s another HOT episode of The Narcisistas and Omari hardwick is short you can TELL!!! Our guest today is a pretty COOL person... from the HOW CUM podcast... REMY KASSIMIR! Remy is PARTITION because yes she’s been in the car for 1 1/2 hours but ALSO... she’s covered in cum! Of course she F**KS she’s a Virgo! AAAAH I can’t believe this episode is almost over! Today’s Ep is all about CUM! But first! A Keenan and Kel story and an INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT orange soda discussion! Remy was in her late 20s and had never CUM... until she did and then she was like wait... what about my POD?! We talk female sexuality and how we need to be better about speaking up and saying what we want! ALSO... Do they teach clit rubbing in UES private schools? From the Womanizer, Harry Potter, keeping up with the Courics and how we NEVER met a maid we liked this Ep is one of our most fun and informative!! We end with an amazing round of “What Gets you Wetter”?! From Dirty Girl privilege to how to BOTTOM when you’re on TOP it’s all so good! The end of this Ep is like the last day of camp! SO LISTEN TO IT! THEN RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT www.narcisistas.comand REMEMBER you have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyoncé!!  
4/18/201958 minutes, 24 seconds
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EPISODE 97: SUMMER BODY w/ Bruna Petrillo and Chrissy Cox 

Wil is so florescent under these new LIGHTS, Court isn’t cursing but it’s written on the LOOK, Leif is 1+1 equals THE NARCISISTAS and joining us today are legends from the “What the FOH” pod it’s Bruna Petrillo and Chrissy Cox! Bruna is feeling DIVA cause there’s NO passengers on her plane and Chrissy is RUNNIN the world cause uh BUH BYE CORPORATE! It’s another HOT episode and today we’re talking SUMMER BODIES!! We’re a little tardy to the party so it’s an unbutton your top button kinda recording!! We talk to the girls about what their workout routines are and how they stay motivated! From feeling intimated on modeling shoots to not being able to bend over to tie your shoe the secret is to FEEL YOURSELF BISH!! A workout revenge narrative, crying in the corner at yoga and getting a friend to hold u accountable for... MARGS? Getting blown in a steam room and why you can’t do ANAL after a kids birthday party!  Speaking of that... Wil schools you on the curve to doing ANAL and what’s in a BOTTOMS diet?! I’ll we can tell you is you can’t eat deep dish pizza if you’re trying to catch a buzz! Drag is fun and important! OF COURSE LIL DICKY IS FROM PA! KANYE! Why the Kardashian’s might get our time this season! Oh and could you stick these white roses up my ass?! This episode has it all including a great round of WHO’S YOUR DIVA in a not so safe space... Beyoncé in Lion King! Amanda Bynes!! Anderson Cooper! And more!! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and a very happy PEEYAW to you!
4/11/20191 hour, 1 minute, 13 seconds
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EPISODE 96: THIS B*TCH: Britney Spears BONUS EP w T.Kyle and Bradley Stern

Court is ‘07 VMAS cause she’s giving and everyone’s like GIMME MORE, Wil is intimidated because... it’s RIHANNA and Lei-Fed can’t tell if it’s a Drag Queen or Derrick Barry! Ladies and Gentlegays we’re giving you a BONUS Episode of This B*TCH MISS BRITNEY SPEARS! Joining us on the pod are skinny legends and hosts of the incredible podcast IT’S BRITNEY BITCH! T.KYLE and BRADLEY STERN!!! T.Kyle thought he was balding but he’s just half asleep and Brad is delivering but the only people watching are in Turkey! It’s a jammed packed episode full of so many important discussions on the Britney journey. As Beyoncé took a Dreamgirls corner Britney took a pu$$ out corner and BOTH are IMPORTANT let’s get into... From H&M peacoats for K-Fed to Lohan crack drama to GAY on GAY stuff that ricocheted us out of the closet! Look it’s Britney! She’s not a sex robot she’s a dork who has an ear for music!! A Justin Timberlake shutdown, Janet’s cute jewelry, LARRY!!!!!!! and some PIPING HOT Saddam Hussein TEA! From Dream within a Dream to VEGAS we cover it all and of course we take a moment for T.Kyle’s Drag Britney SLAY. Yes her kids are annoying but also she should be PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!! We end this LEGENDARY episode with round of WHO’S YOUR DIVA?! From Ashlee to Heidi it was actually Hilary Duff who stopped Hate Crimes so... LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and PINK!!! Get down from that chandelier!!!   narcisistaspodcast, thenarcisistas, podcasts, comedy, kiki, brainmachinenetwork, thisbitch, britneyspears, britney, itsbritneybitch, britneyjean, britneypod, britneyarmy, pieceofme, workbitch, legendsonly, seeyousoon, mumuse, buygloryonitunes, tkyle, gay, JanetJackson, bushwic, whatgetsyouharder, gaycomedy, somewhatgirls, queenofpop, narcisistas
4/4/20191 hour, 20 minutes, 1 second
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EPISODE 95: THIS B*TCH: Britney Spears Pt.6

You wanna party in France?! Well get out your EAR BUDS people! Wil came to tell a fortune teller... NO THANKS, Court is NOT a lawyer but she DOES hang with BRIAN FELLOWS and Leif forgot because he’s in the moment! Let’s conclude this journey that has been Miss Britney Jean Spears!! Brit has had the enthusiasm of a Dollar General employee trying to get home to eat a sandwich so why NOT put her on the  X-FACTOR?! Alongside Demi Demi MOORE/LAVATO, Pop Princess Simon Cowell and one of the Kardashians (several faces ago) Brit GIFTS us with GIFS! From a desert announcement that made her puke to Work B*tch turning around the American economy (thanks for nothing OBAMA!) we cover it all! INCLUDING the SCANDAL of the century! Where’s Robert Muller!?! Bring out the BACHELORETTES it’s VEGAS BABY! We might have been borderline blacked out but what we DO recall is a giant guitar! FIRE performances, ICON status, a $10,000 painting and a couple of hormonal a$$holes she calls children!! Buy GLORY on ITunes and while you’re at it LISTEN TO OUR THIS B*TCH BRITNEY SPEARS SERIES! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and go ahead and deuce on it BUT DON’T flush... PEEYAW!  
3/28/20191 hour, 20 minutes, 16 seconds
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EPISODE 94: THIS B*TCH: Britney Spears Pt.5

Wil’s pu$$y is hangin outta his f**kin because behind the scenes the team is a mess!! As the team Court is feeling HUH?! Oh and our Leif is at PRIDE and he forgot where he is!! It’s Part FIVE of THIS B*TCH BRITNEY SPEARS! The year is 2010 and we’re doin this very METHOD! We all know things get complicated when Brit is a brunette but do we all know 2010 was the second breakdown?! The conservatorship remains even though she’s gone above and BEYONCÉ the call of duty. From a Disneyland haircut and a trash engagement we’re like where’s the new Lady Marmalade?! Court’s visual album drops at midnight! Wil wants a song featuring Meryl Streep!! AS IF the fire music wasn’t enough she gives Glee their highest ratings AND gives us LIFE on Twitter “Good Morning America it’s Britney Braxton”! GAG! Grab grandma’s yellin juice and get ready because this episode is an adventure of the FRUGAL QUEEN HUMBLE LEGEND she’s a WET SEAL type of B*TCH! PEEYAW! We LOVE you Britney!! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and if Britney asks you to pour milk on your face... just pretend you get it!!  
3/21/20191 hour, 8 minutes, 41 seconds
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EPISODE 93: THIS B*TCH: Britney Spears Pt.4

Wil is like “Gaga is an interesting artist”, Court is like “power of the mind y’all lol” and Leif is dropping his first single for Schitt’s Creek! TOTE it or TOOT it it’s an Oscar B*TCH! It’s also THIS B*TCH BRITNEY SPEARS PART FOUR!!! Our only friend is Britney so let’s get into it! It’s ‘08 which is actually after ‘07 so don’t call it a comeback! So much HOT TEA like WHO in Britney’s life probably has a mullet? From A How I Met your Mother slay to Neyde Spears you’re like it can’t get better... BUT THEN! Britney (COLON) For the Record! Hold on to your CHEESY GRITS gals! We discuss the heartbreaking and raw look at this iconic rebellious character acting pop superstar! And it’s just prep for the CIRCUS so bring out PEREZ! Can a lady get a word?! At 26 the WOMAN(izer) had 2 kids while WE were on coke! Brit closes the year with a number one album for 9 weeks! SO YEA... there’s a lot to talk about!!! All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT WHEN LEIF FINISHES!!  
3/14/20191 hour, 9 minutes, 56 seconds
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EPISODE 92: THIS B*TCH: Britney Spears Pt.3

Grab your T*TTIES everybody and start thinking YOUNG cause it’s PART THREE of THIS B*TCH MISS BRITNEY SPEARS!! Wil keeps looking better, Leif is K Fed and Court is going for a stint in JAIL! We’re NOT crazy!! We start this one off in the year 2004 with a surprise wedding and an ICONIC Pepsi Super Bowl commercial with the PILLARS of pop! From the gender bias in the music industry to the insane paparazzi culture of the early 00’s to the knee injury that kicked off the CHAOTIC era this episode covers it ALL. An examination of the Janet/Britney overlap, JUICY COUTURE, and the start of the Britney rebellion... this Episode will have you like “HUH?! I wanna watch SPUN!” Don’t forget about the smash hit “Po Po Zow”... it got our Wil out to the club in a tie and braces! Email your ex and tell him he ruined your life! K-Fed! Confetti! Umbrellas! A House of Blues Tour! LO-LV LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! We wrap this one up in 2007 with a VMA performance that shocked a nation and the release of BLACKOUT aka Keri Hilson’s best album! If you’re GAY IN AMERICA THEN LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and REMEMBER! Aliens are real so CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES!  
3/7/20191 hour, 14 minutes, 51 seconds
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EPISODE 91: THIS B*TCH: Britney Spears Pt.2

It’s time for PART DEUX of our Britney THIS B*TCH series!!! Wil is helping us out of the recession, Court is in FRANCE (but like it’s Orlando) and Leif is glowing from the bad lighting! We “kickoff” (see what we did there) this Ep with a legendary Super Bowl halftime performance with a couple of country ICONS (Nelly and Mary J) and it’s a wig snatching whirlwind from there! Relive all the important Brit moments of the era with your Narcisistas! From gAstronaut Lance Bass to a page full of Backstreet shade you will get your WHOLE early 00’s life! The VMA’s! Crossroads! The Joy of Pepsi! Wil’s Dream within a Dream nightmare! Austin Powers! Oprah! Gay kissing! Britney’s back hurt from carrying the nation! AND she had no Kelly and Michelle!!! All this PLUS a fact that will have you saying “I would riot but I’m too drunk to move!” Ahem... of course we talk about the JT breakup... cry US a TRASH river! We’re horrible to women! We’ve come a long way from Dear Diary though! So if you a STAN like ROSIE then LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT! We might not be “SOAP” people BUT we believe David Blane’s MAGIC is REAL.  
2/28/20191 hour, 4 minutes, 4 seconds
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EPISODE 90: THIS B*TCH: Britney Spears 

THIS EPISODE IS SO IMPORTANT. Wil is not a girl... not yet a woman... he’s SO YOUNG! Court is Bey at Brit getting her WHOLE life and OOPS! Leif sporadically combusted again!! We are SO MISTY and we’re NOT going to apologize we’re OBSESSED with Britney Spears! Ladies and Gentlegays it’s the beginning of our THIS B*TCH SERIES: BRITNEY JEAN SPEARS! From Brit’s Southern Baptist beginnings to The Mickey Mouse Club and an iconic Star Search performance shes always had the “X-FACTOR” and even the devil himself (Lou Pearlman) couldn’t get his hands on THIS B*TCH! How some Toni Leftovers (our new drag name) kicked off the career of one of the most iconic divas of all time! Thank GOD we got Baby instead of Sheryl for the YOUTH! Wil was like I’m Gay! Court was like I’m going to be this for Halloween twice! Yes we have abs and we can’t get enough of the MAGNITUDE of sex appeal this LEGEND has! Everyone is a pedophile but don’t worry... It’s October somewhere! From Dear-Diary to Chair-Ography we cover it all from this TRL topping icon and we gotta tell ya... DOO DOO brown never looked so good! This is just the beginning people!! Stay tuned next week for more Britney THIS B*TCH! LISTEN TO THIS EP! THEN RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT because you KNOW you couldn’t even do HALF that in Sketchers!!  
2/21/20191 hour, 3 minutes, 17 seconds
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RE-RELEASE: EPISODE 22: Hoe Sh*t feat: Christina Galston 

Said lil b*tch you can't f**k with us if you wanted to cause we got the one and only Miss Christina Galston in the building! From the top of this episode we are reading rights and spreading the truth! Christina has one of the most powerful Beyoncé check up on its to date and provides us insight on this episodes topic... Hoe Sh*t. We talk Hoes, Hoe Sh*t and F**k Shit. The definitions are shady and the talk is real. Court and Christina almost had a threesome and Wil and Cristina would f**k for some Chick-fil-A. That's right everyone we're all loose in the booty here on the Narcisistas! On top of our wisdom and wild stories we reveal the true meaning behind Bootylicious... We can only wonder if Kelendria and Tenitra know?! We end with possibly our wettest round of "What Gets you Wetter?" yet! Christina's kids eat free at Bob Evans and as Leif points out Christina gets like a Crocodile Mile in the studio thinking about it! You can't miss this episode! Listen up and please for the love of Beyoncé subscribe, rate, review and email us! More info at
2/14/201957 minutes, 23 seconds