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In a world where being vulnerable is often considered weak, it would be refreshing to hear an authentic and honest story from some of our heroes. Cari Champion will ask some of the greatest in sports and entertainment to remove the veil and get Naked. Being Naked on this podcast means describing life-altering circumstances and events that helped shape who you plan to become. There is a difference between what the public sees and what is real. There is a difference between the champion you see on and off the court. Your favorite celebrity isn't always ready to perform at will. Naked with Cari Champion invites your hero to tell their whole story.
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NAKED REPLAY - STYLES P - Health x Hip Hop

Styles P's name is synonymous with the Lox, New York, Hip Hop, and now a healthy lifestyle. Styles didn't grow up vegan/plant-based, but after making small changes over the years, he adopted the lifestyle to transition his health, mind, and energy intentionally. In this episode, Styles elaborates on how he ventured into creating healthier options in the neighborhoods that need them most.  Connect: @StylesP @CariChampion    Learn More: Farmacy For LifeSee for privacy information.
5/20/202445 minutes, 45 seconds
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UPDATE: Amanda is currently on The Unlikeable Tour Is Amanda Seales misunderstood or just an unfiltered unapologetic loud voice, and you have to be informed on the topics before you can understand her critiques?  Seales is a Comedian and Common Sense Specialist and the creator of Smart, Funny & Black Radio. She gained her notoriety after making the radical decision to move across the country from New York to California and within four months was cast in HBO’s Insecure as Tiffany Dubois, she also explains how this character came to life. As she continues to grow her online community and within the public eye, it’s not without a little backlash but we have a feeling, she won’t go quietly into the night…in fact, she might just get louder and louder and LOUDER. Get informed: Connect: @CariChampion @AmandaSealesSee for privacy information.
5/13/20241 hour, 2 minutes, 49 seconds
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REPLAY:JOCELYN BIOH - A New Generation of Theatre

Highlight: Jocelyn Bioh received five Tony Award nominations for her play, Jaja’s African Hair Braiding Shop. Broadway is evolving. With artists like Michael R Jackson, Jordan E Cooper, and our guest today, Jocelyn Bioh, Broadway is becoming a home for our stories.  As a Harlem native, Bioh was inspired to tell the story of the women we all have encountered, if/when you've ever visited Harlem. The women who feed the neighborhood's economy and provide a quintessential need. Every person who has visited a salon, deeply understands that getting your hair braided; is a well-rounded experience, perhaps even spiritual. Bioh shares this never-been-told intimate transformation with her audiences on Broadway! The play, "Jaja's African Hair Braiding" is now on Broadway with its 2nd extended run till November 19th.   Learn More: Jaja's African Hair Braiding Get Tickets! Connect: @CariChampion @JJBiohSee for privacy information.
5/6/202431 minutes, 26 seconds
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Introducing: Conversations with Unc, Hosted by Lil Duval

Conversations with everyone’s favorite Uncle Lil Duval, features casual and in-depth talks about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness amongst new and old celebrity friends. Unlike his work on stage, Uncle Duval taps into a more serious and sensitive side to give life advice, answer any question his guests may have and simply offer words of encouragement and a reminder to never forget to laugh. Welcome to Conversations with Unc, hosted by Comedian Lil Duval. Listen here and subscribe to Conversations with Unc, Hosted by Lil Duval on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts!See for privacy information.
4/5/20241 minute, 4 seconds
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Introducing ACross Generations with Tiffany Cross

Hi, Naked with Cari Champion Fans! We want to share a new podcast with Tiffany Cross that we think you'll love - ACross Generations About the show: Tiffany D cross leads ACross Generations, a plainspoken and candid conversation with Black women from different stages in life. Each episode convenes a seasoned elder, a middle-aged, and a younger Black woman to discuss a single topic ranging from changing perspectives on sex to what you wish you knew about money in your 20's to the collective state of our womanhood in these contemporary times. Their unique perspectives through regulatory, provocative, and introspective dialogue that can only come from the safe space that is created by Black women regardless of age. By delving into subjects that affect Black women across generations, this podcast provides a space for commonality, familiarity, honesty, insightful and sage discussions that ween the audience on the oracle that is Black womanhood by broadening perspectives and deepening understanding through wisdom, wit, laughter, tears, and joy. Listen here and subscribe to ACross Generations with Tiffany Cross on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts!See for privacy information.
3/12/20243 minutes, 19 seconds
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Introducing: Woman Evolve with Sarah Jakes Roberts

In a world of mixed messages, the Woman Evolve Podcast is blending faith with contemporary culture and keeping it all the way real! Host Sarah Jakes Roberts and guests will revolutionize the airwaves with down-to-earth convos that’ll edify every aspect of the woman. This show has a distinct way of defying boundaries and reaching those who are seeking to make peace with their past, maximize their present, and unequivocally evolve. We’re calling out all of our homegirls and a few good fellas to tap in weekly! Listen here and subscribe to Woman Evolve with Sarah Jakes Roberts on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts!See for privacy information.
1/23/20241 minute, 13 seconds
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AMBER RILEY - Born Necessary

Before we get into the summary of today's episode. Cari announces her forthcoming show, "Speak Easy" scheduled to air on CNN Plus this Spring! We are excited and looking forward to sharing more details soon! Today's episode highlights Amber Riley, singer, actress, and humble trailblazer. Amber walks us down her path to stardom, the beginning, and her goals moving forward!Share your story with us @nakedwithcarichampionFollow @carichampion @msamberpriley Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.comSee for privacy information.
2/21/202232 minutes, 19 seconds