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English, Religion, 1 season, 9 episodes, 31 minutes
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Attitude towards negative emotions

ATTITUDE TOWARD NEGATIVE EMOTIONS When what usually considered negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, fear... arise, you should recognize Awareness - the ground of their arising - right there and then, and see those emotions as inseparable from this ground nature. They are, in fact, the beautiful radiant of Awareness. Instead of trying to push these emotions away, or doing some practices to transform them, you leave them as they are with an attitude of appreciation toward this display of Awareness. Like the appreciation you have when watching the shooting stars or meteor storm falling in the sky at night, their falling make the sky more lively and beautiful. Except that you are not a person watching them from afar, but are the sky-like Awareness, enjoying the display in and of yourself.Having an attitude of appreciation toward negative emotions as the sky appreciate its meteor storm, will make sure that their occurring will not harm your practice, but in reverse, enhance your recognition of Awareness. It will build up the confidence to stay as who you are - intrinsic Awareness - and happily enjoy the show even in difficult circumstances. As Milarepa once sang:"Happy am I as things whirl around me.The more things appear the happier I become,For free am I of passions rising and falling"So I recommend this to all of my beloved friends.Love youTrong Suốt
3/3/20223 minutes, 48 seconds
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Freedom from life and death

FREEDOM FROM LIFE & DEATHThere is only one thing that can be free from life & death. That is Awareness.No matter how hard you use your mind, you can’t be free from life & death: no thought is ever able to break free from it. In the same manner, there is also no body that is free from it.The body is no doubt affected by life and death, while thoughts always continuously arise and disappear. Yet, Awareness is naturally free from life & death without any effort.Hence, if you want to be separated from life & death, you have to realize what you really are. If you realize that you are Awareness, you will naturally be separated from life & death. Otherwise, no matter how smart and capable you are, your body will die and your mind will dissolve. The circle of life will definitely lead you to a situation where your body is decayed and your mind is sluggish.So, what is enlightenment in one lifetime? It means that you realize what you really are, what the truth is about yourself and the world.At that moment, you are considered separated from life and death.Trong SuốtQuoted from the talk "Doing nothing in the realization that everything is Awareness". Hanoi 28/08/2021.
2/28/20223 minutes, 18 seconds
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EMPTY AND RADIANT AWARENESSAs soon as you wake up, an army of thoughts will attack you. “I have to go to work!” “I am late!” “I need to take the kids to school!”... If you realize immediately that there is nothing but a great lie that the mind is creating right now, you will not be deceived by any of these thoughts. But if not, they will become the fleas and flies, covering your eyes and your face. If you fall into them, you will be drowning in despairing darkness.In fact, all of your worry, regret, doubt, fear, pain, the stress to practice Dharma, the remorse of forgetting to practice Dharma, and all of the spinning thoughts you are experiencing right now are this empty Clarity, nothing else.Don’t try to avoid them, don’t suppress them, don’t apply any antidote on them. Instead recognize them as the radiance of emptiness.The magic is, when you see the negative emotions and thoughts as this luminous empty radiance, none of them can harm you anymore. In reverse, they will be the food for Clarity to shine even brighter, just increase the realization that everything is non-dual with empty Awareness.
2/9/20223 minutes, 8 seconds
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LIVING IN LIFE, IT’S IMPORTANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU REALLY AREIf you are ‘this person’, you suffer. In whatever story anyone here tells of himself or herself, there is always something that makes him or her suffer. If there is nothing that currently makes him or her suffer, then there must be something that potentially will make him or her suffer. To be an ‘I’: it is always to be full of sufferings.But if you are Awareness, you are free from suffering. Awareness enjoys the suffering. It does not suffer because it only experiences and observes the suffering, but does not suffer itself. So, living in life, it’s important to know what you really are.You will not be able to heal your own wounds if you still think you are ‘this person’. It’s impossible! How could you heal if the wounds have already happened? The deep wounds have already been carved. If you lost an arm, how could you heal yourself? The healing act itself confirms that “I am wounded.” When you try to heal your wound, it’s no different from saying you are wounded. How could you heal yourself if you are telling yourself that you are wounded?When you realize you are not ‘this person’, then you will be free of all wounds.❤,Trong Suốt(Quoted from a talk in October 2021. Translated by Duc Doan)
2/2/20223 minutes, 50 seconds
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YOU ARE THE SPACE FULL OF AWARENESSWhen you are aware of thoughts taking place, you are no other than the space where they take place. Yet, you are not the creator of thoughts. You mistakenly believe yourself to be the creator of that heap of thoughts and feelings, and then suffer from that point on till the end of your life.When will you be free from suffering?When you are not the creator of thoughts, not the sufferer of thoughts. You are simply the space where thoughts come and go, like how space is aware of winds coming and going. They come and will go - simply that.You are always aware, despite the madness or the sobriety, the positive or the negative thoughts taking place. Just like how space is always aware of what is happening within it, if they come, you are aware, right away. When you accept the truth that you are just the space where thoughts come and go, you will be free from suffering, from depression, and from ignorance.You may never run out of problems, just like how space is never out of winds. The problems are not your creation but the creation of causation. Like an engulfing flood that can never be stopped. What matters is: when problems come, are you the unlucky character suffering them or the space where they take place?If you are not aware of them, then you believe yourself to be the sufferer. If you are aware of them, then you are the space where they happen. Space only has one role: to be aware.The more you are aware of thoughts, the more you feel you are the space where they take place, like winds blowing back and forth. Yet, you are never ever harmed by them.You will have a new attitude to thoughts: you will not be afraid of them. Before, you were afraid and looking for a way to exterminate them. Now, you understand thoughts coming and going are just a result of causation. And you yourself are space, so they cannot affect you.When someone scolds you, you feel sad, hurt. What really happens?Space is aware that there is a thought “I feel hurt” within it. But is space itself hurt?Emotions or thoughts all appear in space and disappear in space. Thoughts cannot affect space in any way. You are space full of awareness!Your life has suffered countless tremors, countless arrows and bullets, yet, now sitting here, is your mind by any means hurt? Or is it still as bright and radiant as usual? Has the space where thoughts of suffering and pain took place been affected? The thoughts have changed, but that space where they take place remains the same!The contents in the space change, but does the space containing the contents change? The room can be re-decorated in many ways, but does the space of the room change? Does the space that one billion years ago contained dinosaurs and now contains humans change?Awareness gradually gives you the experience that you are space. All you need to do is be aware.(Quoted from the third talk on Depression, Hanoi, July 13 2019)
2/2/20226 minutes, 49 seconds
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LIBERATION BY RESOLVING THAT EVERYTHING IS THE DISPLAY OF AWARENESSThe more firmly you are resolved that everything is the display of Awareness, the more liberated you are from regrets, blame, worries, confusions, etc.Liberation because of this simple truth: Awareness creates all and you absolutely have no control over anything. You absolutely do not appear in this story to worry, to fear, to control, to regret.The ‘I’ is also just the display of Awareness.This body & mind is also just the display of Awareness.Since the belief of an ‘I’ is just the display of Awareness, what is there to fear?The 'self' is just the display of Awareness.'No-self' is also just the display of Awareness.The key of this method is to be resolved that everything is the display of Awareness: the 'I', body & mind, evils, ignorance, etc. Even ignorance is not to be afraid of!The truth is that everything here, including this ‘I’, is the display of Awareness. The ‘I’ neither has any role, nor does it control anything. Awareness creates absolutely everything!Since this is all the display of Awareness, how could it be bad?Beautiful, perfect: all scenes are fine!❤,Trong Suốt(Quoted from the talk on the meditation practice "Ah turns out this is Awareness displaying the scene..", 05/09/2021, Hanoi. Translated by Hồng Vy)
1/28/20222 minutes, 58 seconds
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Your life is the gradual revelation of The Great Perfection: This wonderful and flawless Awareness is unfolding itself, little by little.In this marvelous unfolding, there are scenes of suffering.When you identify yourself as 'this person', that suffering becomes 'my suffering' 'which I bear', and that suffering becomes real suffering.If you do not identify yourself with 'this person', then that suffering is just that of a film. All that is just film watching: Awareness is simply watching the film it projects.It's just suffering, but one side bears this suffering as an 'I', the other side watches it as a spectator.That's simply the difference, as joy and pain, happiness and sorrow keep unfolding.Trong Suốt(Quoted from the talk "The two key points in practicing No-self", 4 Dec 2021. Translated by Duc Doan)
1/25/20222 minutes, 16 seconds
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When your mind is truly tranquil, the waves outside no longer have any significance.But a tranquil mind is not a mind without thoughts. It is a mind that has experienced the truth, and no longer sees anything as real.True tranquility means that nothing is worth thinking about. And even thinking or not thinking is also OK.Because a truly tranquil mind has gone beyond thought.Once a mind is tranquil, when waves roar outside, it’s still completely okay, and even death is not worth being afraid of.Because there is nothing that is really harmed or that really dies.Trong Suốt(Quoted from talk after  watching the film “Legend of the demon cat”, Da Nang, Nov 1 2018. Translated by Duc Doan)
1/25/20222 minutes, 16 seconds
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Be powerless to see the truth

BE POWERLESS TO SEE THE TRUTHIf you want to progress in your practice, you must go through numerous times when you feel like you are powerless to do anything whatsoever - Awareness does all.You are unskilled at the practice; you are frustrated. But, can you control that frustration? That frustration is granted by Awareness!Enlightenment is granted - then how is frustration not granted?Awareness is the author of both ignorance and enlightenment. It creates your ignorant circumstance. Suppose you are enlightened later, then it’s Awareness that creates that enlightenment. Awareness is the author of both: it’s not true that you are first ignorant, then you practice well and become enlightened. All the highest spiritual paths - Dzogchen, Zen Buddhism, Taoism, original Christianity - state that enlightenment is given, not caused by your effort. They no longer say if you try hard enough you will attain enlightenment, because you have no role at all in this performance.Therefore,The experiences of powerlessness are very precious. They reduce the delusion that you can intervene with this life, this practice. Be content with your unskilled practice.Be powerless to see the Truth.If you still feel that you can intervene with this life, with this practice, then you are moving away from the Truth.(Quoted from the talk “Openness - 1 of Awareness’ 4 melodies” - Hanoi, 21/08/2021. Translated by Duc Doan)Facebook:
1/24/20223 minutes, 27 seconds