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et busy Nailing It! This is Stephanie, and welcome to the all new and improved, Nailing It Podcast, the series where I will help you nail down the details that will give structure to your business. I'm so excited to finally get back and talk about business, mindset, digital marketing, and strategies and tactics which you can deploy into your business straight away. And the best thing about this is it's going to be a FREE audio experience for all business owners who want to nail their business! This series is all about application and speed. I'm all about practical, solid advice for small business owners. And so that's what I'm going to offer you: The Nailing It Podcast – by yours truly. I hope that you hit subscribe and you come along with me on future episodes of this podcast.
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How do I get 5 star reviews for my trade business

Stephanie and our Google guru Ryan sit down to talk all things Google Review: why real 5-star (and 4-star) Google Reviews matter, when and how to ask for reviews – including advance notice of a forthcoming TradiesGo tool to take pressure off your staff – and why automation is your friend when it comes to reviews. Want to boost your review rating on Google? Book a free 20-minute growth strategy call at right now!
02/11/202327 minutes 42 seconds