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English, History, 2 seasons, 27 episodes, 8 hours, 44 minutes
Slavic folktales are the oldest and most abundant in the world. Countless centuries of folklore, myths, and legends were passed down through many generations. We are a family of many different beliefs and cultures, but we all share one thing in common: our love for magic and monsters! Follow me on this epic journey to unearth the secrets our culture hides, and together we will discover the legends that shaped Eastern Europe.
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S02E07 Forest Creatures of Croatia

The forest is mysterious, yet enchanting. For thousands of years, ancient civilizations have looked upon the evergreen woodlands as a magical place for healing, foraging, and revere as sacred ground. Throughout our history, since ancient times, it has been a magical place that awakens the imagination and hides the world of amazing, magical beings. Nature has always been an ally of men, satisfying our different needs. Starting from spiritual ones such as peace, tranquility and silence to material ones such as firewood, food source, tools and weapon materials, or simply – shelter. Myths and superstitions of the ancient Slavs represented nature in a different way from that of the modern world in which we live. Today, the forest still hides an amazing world in which plants, animals, trees and numerous mystical creatures continue to play an essential role, which, at least in Slavic oral traditions, have been especially important and influential since ancient times evoking both fear and respect.We are the last ones who can still remember these times. We spread the knowledge acquired over hundreds of years, developing skills and being a link between the past and present. Once upon a time, the world of forests was no less mysterious than that of the oceans, thick and impenetrable, as stories of strange encounters made their way around the campfire. This is one of these stories. A story about magical creatures of Croatia’s forests and fields. Host: Karmen FodrekMusic: Darren CurtisSupport the show
3/1/202217 minutes, 22 seconds