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MySwimPro Swimming Technique & Training Podcast

English, Water sports, 7 seasons, 72 episodes, 13 hours 14 minutes
MySwimPro is the number one fitness application for the fastest growing sport in the world. Since 2014, we have been on a mission to help swimmers of all levels live happier and healthier lives through swimming. Today, swimmers in more than 150 countries use MySwimPro’s award-winning mobile and wearable apps to access personalized swim workout plans, training plans, educational drills and videos, advanced analytics, and to log and track their progress. MySwimPro is accessible on iOS and Android smartphones and wearables, and is free to get started.
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Beginner Sculling Drills to Improve Your Feel of the Water

Perfect your stroke technique and maximize muscle engagement with these sculling drills!
10/08/20207 minutes 46 seconds
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Why You Should Always Swim with a Buddy

While it’s perfectly ok to swim solo, having a swim buddy can make your experience much safer and more fun, especially in open water!
20/07/20206 minutes 8 seconds
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Open Water Swim Workout for Sprinters

Sprinters: Let's hit the open water! Fares and Bordy run through a 1,000-meter super sprint workout and find some crazy stuff at the bottom of the lake!
02/07/20207 minutes 11 seconds
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MySwimPro Founders' First Swim After Quarantine

After more than 12 weeks out of the water, MySwimPro’s co-founders Fares Ksebati, Michael Allon and Adam Oxner met up at Lake St. Clair in Michigan for their first open water swim since quarantine began. Follow along as they ease back into their swimming routine!
22/06/20203 minutes 38 seconds
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How to Improve Your Backstroke Rotation

Perfect your backstroke rotation with one of our favorite drills!
16/03/20207 minutes 30 seconds
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How to Swim Smooth Freestyle

Learn how to swim smooth, efficient freestyle in this workout! 
09/03/20206 minutes 37 seconds
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How To Breathe In Freestyle - Paddle Drill

Today's workout is all about improving your breathing when you swim freestyle! Warm Up 1x 200 Free 4x 50 Kick 4x 25 Drill Six Kicks 1 Stroke Drill Set (2x) 2x 25 Drill Paddle on Head 1x 100 Free Bilateral Breathing Main Set 4x 50 Free Descend 1-4 With Fins 1x 200 Free  
10/02/20206 minutes 7 seconds
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4k IMX Pro Challenge | Workout of the Week

The IMX Pro Challenge is designed for swimmers looking to take their training to the next level with a healthy injection of stroke work. The phrase IM Xtreme comes from the competitive swimming world signifying a focus on being a well rounded swimmer by training and competing in the Individual Medley (IM) events. Warm Up6x 100 Free1x 300 Kick8x 50 Drill IM Order

Main Set (3x)
1x 200 IM
4x 100 FrIM
4x 25 IM

 Cool Down
6x 100 Pull
03/02/20207 minutes 15 seconds
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USRPT Beginner Swim Workout - 30 Minute Ultra Short Race Pace Training Set

This week’s workout is for beginner swimmers who are interested in short, but FAST swim workouts – also known as Ultra Short Race Pace Training (USRPT). This style of training is perfect for those who want to compete in shorter events, such as the 100 Freestyle, 50 Freestyle, or 50 Butterfly. Warm-Up: 1 x 200 Freestyle 8 x 25 Kick (OPTIONAL: try to keep your full body underwater as you kick, breathing every few seconds) Main Set (3x times): 4 x 25 Freestyle 1 x 50 Freestyle Cool Down: 6 x 25 Freestyle  
27/01/20208 minutes 47 seconds
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How To Improve Your Underwater Dolphin Kick + Free Workout

The fastest way to move through the water is with a perfect underwater dolphin kick in a tight streamline position. You should practice this every single time you push off the wall after starts and turns! Warm-Up: 1 x 200 Freestyle 2 x 50 Backstroke Pre-Set: 4 x 75 Freestyle (10-15m Underwater Flow Drill) Main Set (3x times): 1 x 100 Freestyle 2 x 50 Freestyle Cool Down: 4 x 50 Freestyle _  
17/01/20208 minutes 15 seconds