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English, Finance, 1 season, 6 episodes, 3 hours, 4 minutes
Personal finance expert Tammy Barton, shares life changing money stories and looks at how money can transform every aspect of daily life.
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When money becomes a family problem

In this episode, Tammy interviews Krystal and she talks about how her parent’s struggle with debt impacted her family relationships. Many of us don’t get taught about money at a young age and the importance of managing it. This inspiring conversation sheds light on the power of taking control of your finances, learning from the mistakes of others and choosing to pave your own path when it comes to money.
7/4/202329 minutes, 50 seconds
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Starting over: A candid conversation about finances and relationships with Davo

In this episode, Lauren ‘Davo’ Davidson talks about how she went from being a travel agent to a thriving radio host. Davo shares her struggles with a long-term relationship breakdown and the shame she felt about how she was managing her money that saw her enter the payday loan cycle and living pay to pay. Feel inspired and motivated to chase your own dreams as you listen to this heartwarming story of how Davo’s courage to start again allowed her to finally find her feet and achieve her life passion. Tune in now!
6/20/202337 minutes, 7 seconds
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From drowning in debt to financial freedom

In this episode, Valerie opens up about the work injury that left her on WorkCover with only 80% of her income, which led to a domino effect of personal and financial struggles and the toll it took on her relationships, particularly with her two daughters. She shares candidly the difficulties she faced, which included a gambling addiction, as a result of her financial position and the regret she felt for not being the mum her daughters deserved.After joining MyBudget, she was able to turn her financial position around and create a brighter future for herself and her family. Join us as Valerie shares her inspiring journey to achieving financial freedom. From her experience with refinancing to progressing her own career in finance. From Valerie's inspirational story, discover how managing your money can literally transform your life and repair important family ties.
6/6/202329 minutes, 55 seconds
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Escaping financial abuse: How Dana said ‘I deserve better’

In this episode, we speak with Dana, a mum of two, who shares her incredible story of overcoming financial abuse to create a better life for her family. Dana's determination to break the debt cycle and take control of her finances is truly inspiring. Join us as we hear how she used budgeting to transform her life and live the life she deserves. If you or anyone you know are in a similar situation, please do not hesitate to reach out to: 1800 Respect National Debt Helpline
5/23/202339 minutes, 27 seconds
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Overcoming business and financial setbacks with Shane Michael Hatton

Hear how Shane Michael Hatton, a leadership expert, overcame unexpected financial setbacks and found the support he needed to thrive. Shane shares his insights about the importance of identifying personal strengths and how seeking support from others when needed can be empowering. Tammy and Shane also discuss how removing shame from talking about money can be incredibly transformative. Money is something that affects all of us, yet so many people feel embarrassed or uncomfortable discussing it. By removing shame from the conversation, we open up our minds to possibilities and opportunities to learn from others.
5/9/202348 minutes, 8 seconds
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Welcome to MyMoney MyStory

Join personal finance expert Tammy Barton as she shares life changing money stories and looks at how money can transform every aspect of daily life. Tune in to MyMoney MyStory and discover inspiring tales of success and how you too can take control of your finances.
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