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My Spear Weighs Heavy In My Hand.

English, Old Time Radio, 1 season, 7 episodes, 5 hours, 26 minutes
My Spear Weighs Heavy In My Hand is a fantasy fiction podcast by Jack Anderson. Mastanab has become separated from his people and thrust into an unfamiliar land far from home. Now he must find them again though killers, ghosts, and monsters stand in his way. Look out for new episodes every Friday.
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Part 7 - Forty Thousand Flayed Souls.

So near and yet so far, Mastanab, Yasmin and Babu must fight for the Glass, though an army stands in their way...
2/19/202149 minutes, 59 seconds
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Part 6 - Inundation.

Mastanab, Babu and Yasmin find themselves in Obek, is salvation in sight, or just out of reach?
2/12/202148 minutes, 28 seconds
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Part 5 - Paradise.

Mastanab, Yasmin and Babu find respite and rest, but still they are hunted...
2/5/202151 minutes, 48 seconds
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Part 4 - Long Live The King.

Mastanab and his companions must flee again, pursued by an enraged and deadly warrior...
1/29/202142 minutes, 5 seconds
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Part 3 - Flight.

Mastanab, Babu and Yasmin flee the bloodshed in Imphobek to the city of Obekush, but danger waits for them, and follows hot on their heels...
1/22/202147 minutes, 36 seconds
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Part 2 - Two Years Later.

Mastanab has built a life for himself in a foreign land, but nothing lasts forever, and nobody is ever truly safe...
1/15/202159 minutes, 14 seconds
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Part 1 - The Desert.

The war is lost, the people are broken, their homes destroyed. Is there hope across the desert?
1/15/202126 minutes, 56 seconds